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Written by Stan Deyo
First Published in 1989
6-1/2" x 9-1/2", 254pp; Paperback

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Table of Contents

The Remembrance Scroll
The Cover Scroll
The Eden Scroll

The Mystical Stimulus
In a Flash: "The Garden of Eden
The Rivers of Aden
The "Pishon" River
The "Gichon
The "Chidekel
The "Euphrates
The Garden of Aden
Other Related Factors

The Time Scroll

Setterfield on: The Septuagint Chronology
To Shrink an Epoch
The Adjusted Chronology of History
Lengths of Years
The Earth Expands and Changes Orbit
Noah's Flood Details

The Atlantis Scroll

The Road to Atlantis
Dating Considerations
The Location of Atlantis
Geographical Clues
The Mediterranean Region
The Atlantic Region
The Saudi Peninsula Region
The Pillars of Heracles at Gades
The Fertile Plain
Poseidon's Palace and the Atlantean Metropolis
Geological Clues
The Quarry Stones
Atlantean Energy Consumption
Archeological Clues
Was Dilmun Atlantis?
Elephants and Cattle in the Region
Evaemon and Minoa
Poseidon's Treasure
Biblical and Botanical Clues
Plato's Account Versus HaTorah
Noah: the Atlantean Boatbuilder
The Judgement of Atlantis
The Last Days of Atlantis

The Platonic Document: Plato's Timaeus and Critias Debates
The G.E.M. Scroll (Gravitic, Electric and Magnetic Phenomena)

The Cathedral of Physics
The Armstrong Tubes
Summarised Observations
The Mechanics of Electric Power Exchanges
Summarised Deductions
Tornadic Evidence of the Armstrong Phenomenon
Our Own Tests With the Armstrong Phenomena
The Welder's Clues
The "Coke Ring" Effect
The Holt Paper
The Spinning Curls of Gravity
Lord Kelvin's Electrodynamic Clue
Dr. Jefimenko's "Free" (or very cheap) Energy Motor
Dr. John Trump's Experiment
The Curious Capacitor Phenomenon
An Atmospheric Energy Pump

The Mysteries Scroll

Dreams and Visions
Will Death Be the End of You?
The Seal Dream
The Bride's Dream of Rapture
UFO Situation: Update
UFOs - The "Majestic Twelve" Document
UFOs - The "MAJORITY 12" Document
The UFO Intelligence Games
Terrestrial and Cosmological Events
The Mysterious Ozone Layer
Changes in the Earth and the Sun
Prophetic Mysteries on Earth
Russian Invasion of Israel?
Is America Mentioned in Prophecy?
A Warning to Jews in America
A Warning to the Sons of Noah in America
As It Was in the Days of Noah....
UFOs Over Megiddo?
Anti-christ: The New Nimrod?
News Items from Israel

Information Exchange
The Index

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