Electric Generator Owners, Read This!...
12 October 2001

New Product:
Generators should not be run without a load on them. Usually a 40% load on them will avoid excessive wearing on the cylinder(s) which leads to reduced power output. Diesel generators should be run with a minimum of 40% loading on them. For a 5KVA generator, this would mean a 2KVA load - like a two bar electric heater.

To assist you in determing which items should be running or drawing power when you have your geerator set running, you need a device to tell you how much power each load in your house is consuming at average and at peak power consumption. Such a device is called a digital power meter.

For those of you who have purchased or about to purchase electric power generators, you should try to get one of these digital power meters to help you determine your loads on the generator. You can also determine which items can be switched on together and not overload the gen set.

We have just purchased a model 20-1850 digital power meter for our farm from Brand Electronics in the USA. They have them for 110/240 vac power; so they can be congifured for both American and Australian power supplies. It's worth a look and certainly worth the effort.