Pine Gap: America's Australian Mystery

(The Joint Defence Space Research Facility near Alice Springs)



Pine Gap (a) 1978

Pine Gap (b) 1978 

Pine Gap (b) 1978 




Pine Gap 1979 

1977 Article 1 p1

1977 Article 1 p13


1977 Article 1 p14
1977 Article 1 p15
1977 Article 1 p16

1977 Article 2 p1 1980 Article 1 p1 1980 Article 2 p1 1977 Article 3 p1

Penthouse Article p63

Penthouse Article p64

Penthouse Article p65

Penthouse Article p66

Penthouse Article p67

Penthouse Article p68

See what Stan Deyo said about Pine Gap in:

The Cosmic Conspiracy

Supplied by my friend, Bert Cramer.
High Res Aerial photograph (2.1Mb)

Rancher Bert Cramer Working His Land
At Temple Bar Station Next To Pine Gap

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