Pine Gap
As Discussed in The Cosmic Conspiracy

PINE GAP, Central Australia 1978
(paraphrased from: The Cosmic Conspiracy Millennium Edition pp.23-25)

Nestled in a shallow little valley at the southern foot of the Macdonnell Ranges about twelve miles by air from the dead centre of Australia is one of the modern wonders of the world. The apparent, surface entrances to this super-technological retreat are located in the vicinity of 23 degrees 48 minutes south by 133 degrees 43 minutes east. It is one of the top three of several very-secret, U.S. Government -financed 'bases' in Australia.

The Pine Gap facility as it is informally known, is officially called the Joint Defence Space Research Facility; however, Australians refer to it as "Pine Gap" or just "The Gap". The CIA codename for it is "Merino".

The Pine Gap facility has had several functions. Its original function was to execute research and development of space defence technology. The primary responsibility for the facility has been controlled by the U.S. Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA ) located in the U.S. at 1400 Wilson Blvd., Arlington , Virginia 22209, in the Architect Building.

During the early stages of the establishing of Pine Gap, the Director of DARPA was Stephen J. Lukasik. Key members of his staff were

a) Kent Kresa - special assistant for Undersea Warfare Technology and director of tactical technology,

b) Lawrence G. Roberts - director of information processing techniques,

c) Eric H. Willis - director of nuclear monitoring research,

d) David E. Mann - director of strategic technology, and

e) Lt. Col. Austin W. Kibler - director of the human resources research division .

Pine Gap has what is believed to be the deepest and straightest 'water bore' in Australia drilled beneath it. The bore is at least 28,000 feet deep (5.3 miles). This bore can also be used as an underground "antenna" for very low frequency electricity broadcasts. As Pine Gap is supposed to be involved in both upper atmospheric and sub-surface research, it is quite feasible, if for no other reason, that the 'bore antenna' could be used to tune a gigantic 'standing wave' field around the entire planet!

Such a system might easily be tuned to frequencies from, say, 9,000 cycles per second to 14,336 cycles per second. Enough to set up a resonating, electric field to an altitude of 250 miles above the earth! However, this possibility will be explored in a bit more detail in Chapter 4 of
The Cosmic Conspiracy.

It is also rumoured that Pine Gap has a very large nuclear facility used to power its enormous 'transceiver.' Other rumoured projects include high-voltage, high-energy plasma accelerators (possibly for use in new methods of power generation), a 'death ray' or plasma cannon, and even specialized power broadcasts to partially fuel 'electric submarines' as far away as the Indian Ocean. It is almost certain that the earlier version of Pine Gap's VLF (very-low-frequency) transceiver which was located at the North West Cape near Exmouth Bay in Australia was used to transmit very powerful undersea electric currents to U.S. submarines which trailed long antennae behind them. It is also known that electricity transmitted in this way can be 'strong' enough to recharge on-board 'high-voltage batteries' known as 'plasma-dynamic storage cells.'

The Nation Review - a national Australian newspaper, had some interesting things to say about Pine Gap in their May 17-23 issue of 1974:

"The Pine Gap research facility near Alice Springs has managed to keep secret , until now, one of the most unbelievable research projects in the world."

"The United States has been carrying out continuous research into
electromagnetic propulsion (EMP for short) at Pine Gap since it was established in 1966.... Nixon (former U.S. President ) last year announced 1975 as a target date for the completion of the project. At that time it was to relieve the petrol crisis ."

"I understand that last minute flaws in the design and operation of the EMP vehicles have probably put the completion date back by four years". Security aspects of the EMP project have included hypnotic and post-hypnotic keys implanted in personnel prior to their acceptance into the project. It is likely, however, that this technique has been replaced now that it is known that a side effect of LSD and other hallucinogenics is to remove partial hypnosis effects."

I (Stan Deyo) wrote to The Nation Review seeking additional information from the author of the previous article, William H. Martin. A reply was sent by his secretary which sought more information than it gave. Apparently, 'William H. Martin' was a nom de plume. No further dialogue was attempted.

According to several eye-witnesses, white disks about 30 feet in diameter with 'U.S. Air Force' markings have been ferried into Australia inside large, military air transports, which have landed at one or the other of the two airports servicing Pine Gap. Other eye-witness reports have seen these same air transports unloading incredible amounts of modern furniture, food, and other provisions which one would ordinarily expect to see in a very plush hotel. Could it be that located nearby to the
obvious Pine Gap facility in an underground, man-made city of multiple levels is the real 'Pine Gap facility'?

Could it be that Pine Gap is also a so-called 'bolt-hole' to be used to shelter key U.S. personnel in the event of a natural weather catastrophe or a full-scale nuclear attack like a Noah's Ark ? ... One does wonder.

Should anyone doubt the degree of orbital surveillance that is possible today; a 1973 press release about one of Pine Gap's other functions should convince him. The release said that Pine Gap and its sister station in Guam supported photographic satellites as part of what is known as Operation Big Bird. Each 'bird' weighed eleven tons; was fifty-feet long by ten-feet wide; could scan the entire surface of the earth every 24 hours; and could vary its altitude from 100 to 200 miles for 'close-look' photographs of 'interesting areas.' Whenever ground control instructed the 'bird' to take a 'close look' or 'high-resolution' photograph of some strategic area , a huge Perkin-Elmer camera would be used by the 'bird' to take a low-altitude photograph of the objective. The resulting pictures would be so sharp that objects of only twelve inches across were identifiable. The 'birds' as well as the early-warning satellites of Programme 647 used infra-red sensors and films. It is almost certain that the Russians have equivalent systems in operation...(is 'big brother ' at home tonight?').

A similar station to Pine Gap is located in the Transvaal, South Africa; but it is difficult to obtain much information about it. Most of the employees there are disguised as U.S. consular employees (I think, however, that twelve hundred consular staff is a bit excessive). My sources reported the station was located near a place called 'Krugersdorp' or 'Koedespoort?'. It is, apparently, also linked to another VLF station at the South Pole, possibly 'Operation Deep Freeze.' Is it not a strange coincidence that the two 'grids' mentioned by Capt. Bruce Cathie have 'poles' located at the South Pole, too?

Some of the major contractors and suppliers for the Pine Gap facility have been Collins Radio, TRW, Ling-Tempco-Vought (L.T.V. ), McMahon Construction and I.B.M. It is also rumoured that there are 'super IBM computer systems' on a floating platform - 'down the well' underneath the facility.

A VLF power transceiver, and 'electric flying machines' are not so hard to believe. Remember, L.T.V. is an aerospace company formed as a conglomerate of electronics and aircraft manufacturing subsidiaries. IBM has, also, long-ago developed mammoth computers with super-cooled, crystalline, main-memory units . These computers can recognize both voice and visual patterns. Their main-memory sizes are said to be in excess of 2,000,000,000 bytes (characters)! Is it not possible that there have been some secrets which the 'invisible government ' of planet earth has kept from its subjects? Remember, there were over 100,000 people working on the Manhattan Project to produce the first A-bomb. Did that secret escape in time to help the Japanese...?

A compass centred on Pine Gap and extended to Perth will, when scribed about the Pine Gap centre, form a circle around Australia which roughly intersects the following areas: Perth, the VLF transceiver at Exmouth, Brisbane, Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne (along the Mornington Peninsula) and an area just off Cape Otway between the Cape and King Island.

Incidentally, Darwin and Adelaide fall on a circle around Pine Gap with a radius of some 800-odd miles while the previously mentioned areas fell on a circle of some 1200-odd miles. The Department of Transport (formerly called the Department of Civil Aviation ) lists Pine Gap as 'R233' on the navigation maps for the area. 'R233 ' is listed as a restricted air space reserved for space research ...(i.e. do not fly over the area as shown on the map). The 'R233 ' space is a circle around Pine Gap with a radius of five nautical miles.

If one plots the antipode (opposite point on the earth's globe)to Pine Gap, one finds the point lies in the Atlantic Ocean just east of the "Bermuda Triangle." In the case of the Exmouth Base in western Australia which also used a huge Tesla Coil-type transceiver, its antipode was directly in the "Bermuda Triangle."

-Stan Deyo

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