Captain Sir John P. Williams,
C.M.G., O.B.E.

Captain Sir John P. Williams was born in Wales in 1896 and went to sea on the old "square rigger" ships at the age of 14. He later moved to Melbourne, Australia and settled there where he became a self-made man of some importance. He had interests in stevedoring, freight, sea salvage, engineering, gold mining, cool stores, paint manufacturing and farming. From 1956 to 1971 he was Chairman of the Australian Coastal Shipping Commission.

He was also a member in good standing of the prestigious "Melbourne Club" which is thought to be one of the three Melbourne clubs which supplied local membership for the Australian branch of the "Round Table Society".

What is not widely known is that he was also a member of a multinational group of scientists, engineers and industrialists coordinated by Drs. Edward Teller and Andrei Sakharov. Their objective was to set-up a world government (based on their western model of civilization) using their suppressed, secret technologies to defeat an alien invasion they knew was coming. Unbelievable? You don't know the half of it.... BUT you can if you wish by reading my book, "The Cosmic Conspiracy".

Sir John was my supervisor when I was recruited by Dr Edward Teller's western "Illuminati" organization. I was sent to Sir John by Dr. James R. Maxfield in 1971 as evidenced by the copy of the letter of introduction Dr. Maxfield sent to Sir John (see it in "The Cosmic Conspiracy").

-Stan Deyo