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On Nov. 22, 2017, our EMP Shield received accreditation from Keystone Compliance LLC (Pittsburg), which is an officially recognized testing lab for the Dept. of Defense. 2018 and 2019 test results are available here. The EMP Shield is easy to install. Download simple 2-page instructions here. If you're unfamiliar with the EMP threat, watch Stan's video. He is co-inventor of the EMP Shield. Email Stan or phone him 719-547-9100 with any questions. When ordering either online or through Stan, SAVE $50 EACH unit! Enter this code for your discount: deyo-shield. Be sure to scroll down and hit APPLY to activate your discount. NOTE: If you have any trouble using Stan's discount code, contact him and he will personally assist with your order.

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NEWS for NOVEMBER 19: Women's Entrepreneurship Day

Nothern California Power Shutoff for Wednesday, Nov. 20
Climate Crisis: Record Warm And Record Snow In The Same Day Anchorage: Unprecedented Pink Salmon Pre-Spawning Die-Offs: Record-Breaking Heat in Australia: Record Rain Mumbai
Photographer Captures Picture of Stunning ‘Ice Ball’ Phenomenon on Finnish Beach
Grand Solar Minimums Marked by Violent Volcanic Activity
Indonesia’s Mount Merapi Spews Ash Columns Over a Half-Mile High
'The Only Superstar Is Jesus,' Says Kanye West During Sunday Service at Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church
‘There Has to Be Something Outside Us’: Prominent Agnostic Podcaster Admits Openness to Jesus
Chick-fil-A Fans Outraged after Company Caves, Halts Donations to FCA, Salvation Army
Americans to Religious Organizations: Stay Out of Politics
American Bible Society Ships out 10,000 FREE Bibles to Kanye Fans as Requests Exceed Expectations
Pope Francis To Followers: Koran And Holy Bible Are The Same
Muslim Twins Convert to Judaism, Join IDF
Pope Considering Adding ‘Sin Against Ecology’ to Church’s Catechism
Is He Worth? (SATB Choir)
Your King In In Danger From His Own Associates. Treason – HOLLY NOTE: Someone send this in last week and we should have posted it then, but it fell through the cracks. You have to wonder if this is what happened to President Trump this weekend.
The Fulfillment of the Fascinating Dead Sea Prophecy Has Begun
Two Young Girls Raise More Than $5,000 To Buy Thanksgiving Meals For Families In Need
Generous Donors Supply Shelter With Dog Food After Learning They Were Completely Out
Schumer Warns of Chinese-Made Over-the-Counter Medications
Third Case Of Plague Linked To Black Death Found In China After Hunter Eats Wild Rabbit
UK's BoJo: All Migrants Must Pay for NHS on 'Day One' as Wait Times for Patients Soar
UK Govt Admits Foreign Labor 'Depresses Wages' as Corbyn Promises Immigration Rises
The Media Are Missing the Biggest Story Since the Fall of the Soviet Union
Finally! IG Michael Horowitz Will Testify About FISA Report to Senate on December 11th
Judge Ken Starr: Impeachment Inquiry Is a ‘Coup D’etat’ by House Democrats, Not Like Watergate
Pompeo Just Reversed Another Major Obama Administration Policy on Israel
White House Official Sues Politico, Targets Schiff’s Role In Impeachment
Tomi Lahren Thanks Democrats After Trump Fundraising Surge
Colorado Rancher Convicted In Killing of Fiancée Kelsey Berreth, 29
Oklahoma Walmart Shooting Leaves 3 Dead, Police Say
California Democrats Start Asking Some Uncomfortable Questions About Kamala Harris’ Campaign
Congress Shouldn’t Get Paid Until It Does Its Job. Why This Bill Is a Great Step.
Jeffrey Epstein Accuser Alleges Sick Sex Assault By Woman Before Rape By Him – HOLLY NOTE: The question that keeps surfacing is where were her parents? Going to Epstein's ranch was not a school field trip. It was a planned rape-fest. This child was 15 and a virgin at the time. Afterwards Epstein told her to take the evening to go cry and process the rape.

How did she explain getting a $5,000 check from Epstein for a 3-day visit? Again, where were the parents? Not to conflate 2 issues, but this girl was one year (or less depending on birth date) from the age at which Democrats think children are wise enough, can think critically enough, be worldly and knowledgeable enough to vote. What are they thinking?
Jeffrey Epstein Accuser Claims He Hid Pinhole Cameras To Monitor ‘Private Moments’
Top House Republican Demands Information From ABC on Killed Epstein Story
Boom! Here's the Soros Connection to Trump's Impeachment
The Thought Zone: EXISTENTIAL THREATS – Isn't That Phrase a Little Overused?
Pete Buttigieg Takes Flak Over 2017 Pic At Holocaust Memorial
Booty's Campaign Just Made His Problems With Black Support Much Worse
Buttigieg Scores 0% With Blacks in Today's South Carollina Quinnipiac Poll – Other Bottom-of-the-Barrel-Scrapers Include Bennet, Bullock, Castro, Delaney, Gabbard, Klobuchar, Messam; Booker, Yang, Williamson and Patrick Right on Their Heels
4 Colorado Ski Areas Nominated As Best In North America
Their Agenda Until Elected – HOLLY NOTE: Every American has only to look back at how the Obama Admin rammed through ObamaCare. No one will ever forget Pelosi announcing, “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it." What is that if not completely revealing massive egos and their playbook. That Democrats can't speak honestly and openly about their campaign platforms, what they believe in and how they want to run the country should be a mighty flashing warning sign.
EMAILS AND ETHICS – Jason Chaffetz: Tlaib’s Money Issues Test Dem Claim ‘No One Above The Law’
Kavanaugh Accuser Christine Blasey Ford Receives ACLU ‘Courage Award’
Nearly 80,000 Immigrants Approved For DACA Have Arrest Records – Including Arrests For Violent or Sexual Offenses
Illegal Alien Allegedly Killed Vietnam Veteran Day Before Veterans Day
Previously Deported Illegal Alien Accused of Killing Father of 3 in Drunken Hit-and-Run
Pew Research: 6-in-11 Americans Want More Deportations of Illegal Aliens
EXCLUSIVE: Chinese Migrants Apprehended, Smuggler Arrested
Border Patrol Agent Shoots Russian Migrant After Being Assaulted
Steve Hilton: Public Support Of Immigration Depends On Government Control Of Immigration
Defense Witness: ‘Sleep Deprivation’ Caused Illegal Alien to Confess to Murdering Mollie Tibbetts – HOLLY NOTE: And this caused him to say he had her bloody body in his trunk, voluntarily take police to the corn field and show them when he left her abused, stabbed-to-death body? It seems getting off on technicalities should have limits and not be able to neutralize a crime as though it never happened.

If a person commits a crime, whether he or she was read complete Miranda rights at the get-go, and for a second time at the site of Mollie's rotting corpse, this illegal alien admitted he committed her murder.

Any more, it matters less if someone commits a felony, but whether or not they can afford a smart enough lawyer to twist laws in the criminal's favor.
Border Crisis! Fentanyl Produced in China Transiting Through Mexico Is Killing Americans
Gregg Jarrett: The 'Resistance' on Steroids
Carl Bernstein Declares: House Could Impeach Trump for Tweets
American College of Pediatrics Reaches Decision: Transgenderism Of Children Is Child Abuse
Dozens Of People Stop Traffic On Busy Highway To Rescue A Dog
Entire Raccoon Posse Shows Up After Homeowner Feeds One
GOTTA SEE IT: Dog on Skates Puts on a Show At Golden Knights And Flames Game
Animal Shelter Finds Dog Protecting 4 Kittens And Keeping Them Warm
Dogs Help Rescue a Cow Trapped In Water
Food Prices to Skyrocket in UK as Floods Ruin Crops, Winter Vegetables and Delay Planting
Bolivia Crisis: Food And Fuel Shortages As Death Toll Mounts
Trump To Bestow His 1st National Medal of Arts to Hollywood Legend Jon Voight
WALSH: Colin Kaepernick Is A Conman, Not A Football Player