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URGENT: War Drums from Iran intensifying!

A state of clear and present danger exists everywhere in the United States and for her overseas citizens. The probability of a nuclear attack on the United States homeland demands urgent safety measures be put in place for EMP events.

The company (EMP Shield), which Stan Deyo and Tim Carty founded three years ago is a certified government contractor. For now, we can make about a thousand EMP shields per week available to the public. For consumers who have HAM radios, solar power, wind power or generator power on their property we will mark their orders as highest priority. However, we will still allocate 70% of our production to the rest of the public.

Jan. 5, after President Trump took out that terrorist, Soleimani, Iran's leaders began threatening nuclear paybacks. U.S. pundits theorize Iran would most likely attack these 6 major American cities. Still other experts feel they and sleeper cells may attack rural America. Fact is, right now, no place is safe and all locations throughout America need to prepare for an EMP attack.

We have offered huge discounts in order to protect as much of the alternate energy providers as we can before America is hit. Since 2018 our company is in frequent communication with key government agencies like the U.S. Department of Homeland Security who listed us in their February 5th, 2019 EMP Resilience Report.

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While we are not at war with Iran, they are at war with America – and it has ramped up considerably. New IDF Intel Assessment: Iran Could Have Enough Uranium for Nuke by Spring Do your part to protect our infrastructure – your home and family.

U. S. Patent No.: 10,530,151 B2 — Date of Patent: Jan. 7, 2020 and


Clear and Present Dangers: Both the Sun and nuclear weapons can produce EMPs – Electro-Magnetic Pulse. These are major threats to people everywhere around the globe. Holly and I installed an EMP Shield in our home to protect the electronics and to prevent a fire at the breaker box when the next EMP hits. We suggest people who have back-up generators to protect them as well so they will have power for electrical devices and vehicles. It could make your home a vital hub for news and reconstruction in the neighborhood.

On Nov. 22, 2017, our EMP Shield received accreditation from Keystone Compliance LLC (Pittsburg), which is an officially recognized testing lab for the Dept. of Defense. 2018 and 2019 test results are available here. The EMP Shield is easy to install. Download simple 2-page instructions here. If you're unfamiliar with the EMP threat, watch Stan's video. He is co-inventor of the EMP Shield. Email Stan or phone him 719-547-9100 with any questions. When ordering either online or through Stan, SAVE $50 EACH unit! Enter this code for your discount: deyo-shield. Be sure to scroll down and hit APPLY to activate your discount. NOTE: If you have any trouble using Stan's discount code, contact him and he will personally assist with your order.

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NEWS for JANUARY 17: National Bootlegger’s Day
Hot Blob in Ocean Killed a Million Birds
Washington's Snoqualmie Pass Buried Under 6.7 Feet of Snow in 6 Days - Nearly 10 Feet Since Jan 1st, 11.8 at Stevens Pass
Storm to Explode Into Bomb Cyclone Offshore Of New England Before Eyeing Canada
There Is So Much Snow In Idaho Right Now That It Almost Buried a Fuel Truck
Despair and Destruction in Cobargo, NSW: 'Most People Are Running Dead'
A Burnt-Out Town Issued a Plea For Help, And Australians Responded In Droves
Supercell to Descend on Australia: Severe Thunderstorms, Flash Flooding, Hail and Tornado Warnings Issued for Monday
Now a Mega Dust Storm Races Through Australia
Hundreds of Thousands of Fish Dead in NSW as Bushfire Ash Washed Into River
…Largest Rainfall In Months Expected Over Weekend
Donald Trump’s ‘Hire American’ Policy Gets More Jobs for Americans
Markets Surge to New Record on Trump Trade News! Up Nearly 267 Points – Investors Ignore Crazy Pelosi’s Sham Impeachment Scam
Senate Passes New North American Trade Deal, Sending It to Trump
“USMCA and US-China Trade Deal is Over $2 Trillion in Bi-Lateral Trade – 10 Percent of Our Economy!” – Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross Cheers Trump’s Historic Trade Deals
Nolte: The China Trade Deal and 22 Other Times Trump Made Fools of the ‘Experts’
10 Senators Who Voted Against USMCA
White House Scrambling To Roll Out Stimulus Plan, Tax Cuts During 2020 Race
GAO Found Barack Obama Broke the Law in 2014 and Put US Lives in Danger – But No Calls for His Impeachment
How The Rich And Powerful Bribed Rappers To Promote Crime And Violence Before Establishing Private Prisons
The Secret Meeting That Changed Rap & Destroyed a Generation| Krayzie Bone Reads Anonymous Letter
Sanhedrin Meets With Representative of ‘Ten Lost Tribes’: Launches Efforts to Return Them to Israel Isaiah 11:11-12
Multiple Prophetic Events Are Converging With Israel In 2020
Are We Witnessing The Prophecy Of Joel Begin To Unfold Before Our Eyes?
Top Democratic Senator Warns FBI Against Giving Republicans Records From ex-DNC Consultant
A Swarm Of Asteroids Will Be Barreling Past Earth TODAY Up to 27,500 Mph
Openly Gay ‘Teacher of The Year’ Kneels For Anthem As Trumps Attend NCAA Championship Game
Report: FBI, ICE, Department of Education investigating Ill Wind Omar
Republican Muslim Refugee Dalia Al-Aqidi Announces She’s Running Against Ilhan Omar
'This Is the Modern Rome': Joe Hockey Reveals Plans for a Future in the US – HOLLY NOTE: This is one of the most insightful editorials on how other countries view America.
Justice Dept. Investigating Years-Old Leaks and Appears Focused on Comey – Intel Assured That Hillary Clinton Wouldn't Be Prosecuted in the Email Probe
Senator H.L. “Bill” Richardson, Political Maverick and Gun Owner's of America Founder, Passes Away at 92
Democrats Block Resolution Supporting Iranian Protesters
Red Flag: Denver Man Gives Up Guns
Judge Denies ‘Red Flag’ From Woman Who Filed Against CSU Officer – HOLLY NOTE: Next week we'll feature a shocking 2-part audio revealing just how dangerous and insidious the Red Flag law truly is.
Denver Getting Serious About Restricting Property Rights
Prosecutor Role Could Put Adam Schiff On Hot Seat
Marsha Blackburn Demands Democrat Presidential Contenders Recuse Themselves from Sham Impeachment Trial
Tucker Carlson Ponders a Virginia Boogaloo Against 2A Assault: ‘Is There Going to be Some Pushback?’
Burst Capillaries In Jeffrey Epstein's Eyeballs Suggest Murder
Georgia Election Shows Signs Of Tampering
HARDBALL: Rand Paul Warns That He Will Call for Vote to Subpoena Hunter Biden and Ukraine Whistleblower
Establishment Republican Senator Remains Silent on Senate Primary in Kansas, Kris Kobach is the Only Choice for Immigration Patriots
If The Democrats Lose in 2020, They'll Try to Destroy the Country – HOLLY NOTE: How does that differ from what they're doing now?
Proud Boys Smeared by NYPD at Congressional Hearing Against Anti-Semitism and Domestic Terrorism – The NYPD Under Mayor Bill De Blasio Is Against the Bill of Rights
Fiscally Conservative Groups in Washington D.C. Bail on Turncoat Congressman Justin Amash
The Iran Swamp Creatures of the USA Pt 1
IRANADA - Iran International Swamp Pt 2
Trump Issues New Rule Ensuring Prayer In Schools Is Protected
Pope Francis Doesn’t Understand Islam
Watchlist: 260 million Christians Persecuted In 50 Worst Nations
What We Are Witnessing Now Is Only a Prelude To What Will Come in the Tribulation
Life After Death What 1,000 Near Death Experiences Can Teach Us About ‘the Man of Light’
It’s Time For Christians to Get Off Their Knees and Fight Back
2 More Australians Stripped Of Citizenship For Islamic State Links
Meghan Markle ‘May Never Return To Live In Britain’ As Staff Are Axed From Frogmore Cottage
Italy: Post-Salvini Leftist Govt Considers Amnesty for 700,000 Illegal Migrants
Powerful Magnetic Explosion '3 Times Closer Than Normal' Discovered on Earth's Doorstep – STAN NOTE: Be sure to click the link addressing Coronal Mass Ejections and Their Increasing Threat Moving Forward. Variations in intensity of Solar wind can cause explosive disruptions to the Earth's magnetic field, which can cause localized EMPs. It's known that EMPs can be caused by CMEs and solar flares on the Sun...

Recently, it was discovered such disruptions can be caused by sudden increases in the velocity of the solar wind. These 'disruptions' are called re-connection events in the Earth's magnetic field. They can produce EMPs on the Earth - even on the side facing away from the Sun. In short, that means 'lights out' unless you're protected. See Violent Solar Storms Are Happening Closer to Earth Than Anyone Thought Was Possible and Coronal Mass Ejections and their Increasing Threat Moving Forward
Rouhani: Iran Enriching More Uranium Than Before 2015 Deal
Alert Issued for ‘Iranian Nationals Armed With Explosives’ at Mexican Border
O’Keefe Drops Part 2: Bernie 2020 Organizer, “There Are Things More Important Than the Rule of Law in US” – Secret Service Notified Over Trump Assassination Concern
Virginia Gun Rally Fails As Judge Upholds Firearms Ban
Illegal Alien from Canada Allegedly Planned Attack at Virginia Gun Rally
REPORT: Chaos Begins as 2,000-Strong Migrant Caravan Pushes Past Honduran Police into Guatemala
NO SWIMMING! ‘We Build The Wall Inc.’ Constructs FIRST EVER Border Wall On Rio Grande River – HOLLY NOTE: For decades 'experts' said it couldn't be done. All it took was political will, but it couldn't be found on either side.
ICE Acting Director: ‘Recycled’ Children Part of Human Trafficking on U.S. Southern Border
Bill de Blasio Defends Freeing Illegal Alien Charged in 92-Year-Old's Murder: 'It Is Right to Hold the Standard'
Senators Urge DHS Chief Wolf: Do Not Import More H-2B Foreign Workers
Globalist Organization, the CFR, Calls for Massive Welfare State Alongside Mass Migration
Trump Administration Asks Court To Force Denver Officials Into Giving Up Information On Immigrants – HOLLY NOTE: Short-sighted Denver is protecting 4 illegals wanted for homicide, child abuse and strangulation assault. Yeah, these are real keepers.
Border Patrol Agents In California Arrest Teen Boy With Drugs Strapped To His Body
DHS Requests Assistance From Pentagon to Build 270 Miles of Border Wall to Combat Drug Smuggling
33 Migrants Apprehended After Failed Smuggling Attempt in Texas Border Town of Laredo
Mexican National Pleads Guilty To Illegally Entering US 8 Times – HOLLY NOTE: DHS needs to find out where this illegal repeatedly entered the U.S. and plug this hole ASAP.
Border Patrol Agent Assaulted by Smugglers During Migrant Rescue in Texas, Says Union
Mexico Says It Will Block Migrant Caravan En Route to US From Honduras
170 People Sickened At Yosemite National Park After Likely Norovirus Outbreak
Large Homeless Camp Causing Health Hazard Near Denver Capitol Due to Massive Rat Infestation
US Issues Travel Alert Following Spread Of Deadly Virus
700 + American Doctors Given Over $1M Each From Pharma To Push Drugs & Medical Devices
Crystal Geyser Water Bottle Company Admits To Illegally Dumping Dangerous Arsenic
Report: British Police Allowed Underage Girls to be Raped Over Fears an Investigation Would be Racist