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Stan guests with Doug Hagmann on The Hagmann Report, June 21. Watch, Hour 2.

Stan guests with Hrvoje Moric on The Hrvoje Moric Show, June 1, 6 pm MT. Listen.

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2 New Sources for EMP Threats Recently Discovered: Variations in the intensity of the solar wind can cause explosive disruptions to the Earth's magnetic field which can cause localized EMPs. It's known that EMPS can be caused nuclear blasts overhead, as well as CMEs and solar flares on the Sun, BUT recently it was discovered such disruptions can be caused by sudden increases in the velocity of the solar wind. These 'disruptions' are called re-connection events in the Earth's magnetic field. They can produce smaller, localized EMPs on the Earth — even on the side facing away from the Sun. See Coronal Mass Ejections and Their Increasing Threat Moving Forward and Violent Solar Storms Are Happening Closer to Earth Than Anyone Thought Was Possible.

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Australian Patent No.: 2019206390 B2 — Date of Patent: June 10, 2021

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Tropical Rainstorm to Drench Eastern Texas
Strengthening Tropical Rainstorm to Slam into Nicaragua
Watches And Warnings Issued For The Caribbean
Swarms of Earthquakes Getting Stronger Near Small SC Town: ‘It’s Got to Be Causing Damage’
Heat, Humidity to Return in Northeast Before Holiday Weekend
Desperate Amid Drought, Italian Archbishop Prays For 'Gift of Rain'
Storms to Rumble Over Western US into Independence Day
Record-High Temperatures Set to Scorch Alaska to Start July
4-Storeys High Floods, NO Warning For Dam Water Release/10 Provinces In Southern China Are Flooding
Scientists Find Source Of ‘Blob’ That Killed Millions Of Birds, Fish
No Food Shortage Coming in US, But Reforms Needed
Stefanik Bill Prevents Foreign Adversaries From Targeting US Agriculture Industry Amid Global Food Shortage
Move Over Burgers, Chicken Tops The List Of Favorite Grilling Foods
Drought and Triple-Digit Temperatures Result in Disaster For Farmers
Thousands of Dutch Farmers Block Roads In Protest Against Emissions Targets
Tim Scott, Ben Carson Condemn Left’s Attacks on Clarence Thomas, Conservative Blacks – HOLLY NOTE: Justice Thomas is probably the most decent and consistently Conservative judge on SCOTUS. There is no sewer the Left isn't happy to wade into if it suits their purposes.
Scientists Are Trying To Clone Jesus Christ From DNA – But Is This Right? – HOLLY NOTE: The first question that comes to mind is how do they even know it's His DNA? Their technique is to gather cells, but over the centuries lots of people have handled the Shroud of Turin. Seriously doubt God would let this come to fruition under any circumstances.
Clueless About Nature? 1 In 4 People Don’t Know Caterpillars Turn Into Butterflies
'If You Value Your Life ... Shut The F*** Up': CRAZY MAD TikToker Threatens White Women Over Roe Reversal
Unhinged Climate Activists Glue Their Hands on Van Gogh Painting in London to Protest Global Warming
Bone Appétit: 2 in 3 Dog Owners Regularly Cook Meals For Their Pet
Adorable Baby Cow Tries To Drink The Cat
NATIONAL BIPARTISAN DISSATISFACTION: 85% of Americans Say the Country Is Headed in the Wrong Direction
Update: Supreme Court Limits EPA in Curbing Power Plant Emissions
Alleged Intruder in Critical Condition After 93-Year-Old Homeowner Opens Fire
Biden Wants a Filibuster Carve-Out — But Only For Democrats – HOLLY NOTE: This is called cheating to get your way.
Democratic Senators Manchin and Sinema WON'T Back Changing Filibuster To Codify Abortion
Supreme Court to Hear Republicans' Bid to Increase State Authority Over Election Laws in Case With Massive Implications for 2024
US To Significantly Increase Military Presence In Europe To 'Defend Every Inch Of Allied Territory'
Florida Judge Blocks Governor Ron DeSantis’s 15-Week Abortion Ban
At Least 90 Lawmakers Became Foreign Agents After Exiting Congress Since 2000, Study Finds
Tucker: The Biden Admin Has Criminalized American Politics
Trump Takes Credit For Florida Governor Ron Desantis' Surge in Popularity and Doesn't Rule Him Out as a Potential VP If He Runs For President in 2024
'UNFINISHED BUSINESS': Kellyanne Conway Says Trump Will Run Again, 'I Know He Wants To'
Michelle Obama Is Running for President in 2024
Losers Weepers
The Dobbs Leaker Accomplished Nothing But Accenting The Left’s Contempt For Democracy
Norway Is Tracking What Everyone Buys, And Biden Wants To Follow Suit In The United States
Liz Cheney Tries to Salvage Her Imploding Committee (With a Little Help From ABC's Jon Karl)
Travelers Brace For Worst July 4 Weekend Getaway EVER: More Than 1,000 Delta Pilots Picket at Airports and 75,000 AA Passengers Have Had Flights Canceled
Beavis and Butthead Skewer College Activists over ‘White Privilege’: ‘We’re Subverting Existing Paradigms’
I Know You're Tired Of The Pronoun Stuff, But I Thought It Was Important To Tell You People Are Now Identifying As Literal Birds – HOLLY NOTE: Most likely birdbrains.
Disney Can't Stop: Series Features a Robot Getting Tampon Advice From a Trans Man – HOLLY NOTE: At what point did America lose its grip on sanity?
NATO Adopts New Strategic Concept Directed Against Russia - Nuclear War Getting Closer
If We Keep Escalating This Conflict, The End Result Will Be A Nuclear Cataclysm
We're In BIG Trouble... (And It's About To Escalate)
MEP Warns: 'EU is Planning the Africanization of Europe'
Poland Completes $360M, 18ft-high Metal Wall Topped With Barbed Wire Along 115 Miles Of Its Border With Belarus After EU Warned Lukashenko Could Stage a 'Hybrid Attack'
Supreme Court: Biden Can End Trump-era ‘Remain in Mexico’ Immigration Policy
Chip Roy: Supreme Court 'Got It Wrong' on Biden Immigration Ruling
SCOTUS Ruling on 'Remain in Mexico' Disappointing Because It Worked: Chad Wolf
Multiple Migrants Killed In Texas During Human Smuggling Attempts At Southern Border, One Caught On Video
Border Patrol in Rio Grande Valley Nab 2 Sex Offenders, 9 MS-13 Gang Members
Furious Texas Sheriff Drives 4 Illegals Back to Mexico Himself After Border Patrol Agents Refused to as Chaos at Border Escalates
Florida Supreme Court Approves DeSantis' Petition to Impanel Grand Jury On Illegal Immigration
Illegal Immigration Still Getting Worse, Most Voters Say
SCOTUS Delivers Blow to ‘Remain in Mexico,’ But Court Battle Continues
Dr. Zev Zelenko Who Saved Thousands of Lives During the COVID Pandemic – Passes Away After Long Battle with Cancer
Scientists Are Testing The First Ever Treatment For Broken Heart Syndrome
Omega-3 Power: Eating More Salmon or Tuna Can Slash Alzheimer’s Risk in Half!
New Superbug Found In Pigs Has Ability Jump To Humans
This Pain-Relief Implant Eventually Dissolves In The Body, Eliminating Need For Meds
Smell of Desert Rain May Be Good for Health
Biden Takes Aim at America’s Largest Oil Field, Threatens to Stop Production, Sending Gas Prices Soaring
Oil Is Likely to Hit $200 A Barrel Under the Disastrous G7 Plan to Cap Russian Prices, an SEB Analyst Says
Biden: Americans Could Pay High Gas Prices 'for as Long As It Takes' To Drive Russia Out Of Ukraine – HOLLY NOTE: Bring it, if that's what it takes to drive Democrats from the House, Senate and the White House. Small price to pay compared to them continuing to butcher America.
U.S. Slouches Toward Recession… Bidenflation Drags Down Income, Spending
The 7 Step Process That Will Usher in the Great Reset
Exclusive – President of Guatemala: Buying Oil from Venezuela ‘Nourishing the Devil’…Shades Biden?
BIDEN EFFECT: Granite City Steel Mill that Reopened Thanks to Trump Economic Policies Will Lose Up to 1,000 Jobs Under Joe Biden
Australian Bank Collapses With Thousands of Customers Told to Withdraw Money IMMEDIATELY Before All Accounts Are Closed on Tuesday