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NEWS for NOVEMBER 14: National Spicy Guacamole Day

At Least 6 Hurt As Bullets Fly In California, Suspect 'No Longer A Threat': Officials
Islamic Malaysia Says Its Army Is On Standby Waiting For The Signal To Invade Jerusalem And Take It From The Jews
Deadly Arctic Blast Breaks Records Set More Than 100 Years Ago
Venice Is Being Flooded By The Highest Tide In More Than 50 Years
'Within a Whisker of the Apocalypse'; 85% of Historic City Underwater
Record Cold Temperatures Across Ontario, Canada
Lightning Strikes Likely To Spark More Fires As Thunderstorms Forecast For Tinder-Dry Queensland
2 Australians Charged Wtih Lighting Fires During Total Ban
Parts of South Island, New Zealand 'Snapping Back To Winter' With 0C Morning – HOLLY NOTE: Since Northern and Southern Hemispheres are reversed, they would be just 5 weeks from Summer.
Fed Chairman Powell Says Unemployment, Already At 50-Year Low, Could Go Lower
IDF hails Gaza Operation Of 'initiative, Subterfuge And Surgical Precision' – 450 Rockets Fired At Israel In 2 Days – Iron Dome Foiled 90% That it Targeted
Gaza Rocket Slams Into Old Age Home In Ashkelon, Injuring Woman
Tenuous Calm Holds After Israel-Gaza Ceasefire Broken By Rocket Fire
Tony Evans Becomes First African American to Publish Study Bible, Commentary
‘Without Any Respect For God’: Catholic Bishops Denounce Violent Attacks On Churches in Chile
Church Vandalized With Satanic Graffiti After Pastor Protests Drag Queen Story Hour
Top 10 cIties Where Most Generous Christians Live: Barna Study
'We Will be Violent Against the Unbelievers': Erdogan Hints Syria Invasion Really Islamic Holy War
It Looks Like the Star Witnesses in Trump-Ukraine Impeachment Effort Just Torched The Democrats' Narrative
Evangelist Franklin Graham Calls Impeachment Hearing ‘a Day Of Shame for America’
Grills Amb. William Taylor During Impeachment Hearing – HOLLY NOTE: Video reveals clearly what a farce are these impeachment hearings. Jordan nails his hide to the barn door and finishes by commenting "and you're their star witness?" Taylor smiles almost like he agrees with Jim Jordan at the absurdity of his position. This was so good, we watched it a couple of times.
Rand Paul: Whistleblower Eric Ciaramella Is A Material Witness And Must Testify
Schiff Lies Yet Again, Claims To Not Know Who The Whistleblower Is
Deval Patrick Is In, and He May Have an Obama Edge – HOLLY NOTE: This is really disturbing. Obama has clearly shunned endorsing his own former VP Joe Biden. Looking at how thoroughly Obama train-wrecked this country, anyone that is Obama-linked, is considered his 'buddy,' a member of Obama's inner circle, presents serious concerns for Conservatives and Christians.
William Barr Says FISA Report Release Is 'Imminent'
Company Co-Founded By Nancy Pelosi's Son Charged With Securities Fraud
New Impeachment Czar Will Glue Together Unwieldy White House Strategy
'They Haven’t All Been Released': Meadows Rips CBS Reporter For Claiming She Has Read Every Deposition
Ruth Bader Ginsburg Misses Oral Arguments Due To Illness – HOLLY NOTE: Looks like President Trump may soon have to nominate a 3rd Supreme Court Justice to the bench.
Reckoning Coming For Adam Schiff For Impeachment Inquiry
Trump Needs To Stop Playing Small Ball
Nancy Pelosi’s "Gift" to Republicans
CAIR’s Goal: 30 Islamists into Congress
The Thought Zone: unSANitary Francisco – A Dangerous Situation Can Get Worse
Half of Europe's Nearly 5 Million Illegals Have Ended up in Just 2 Countries, Germany And the UK – HOLLY NOTE: Gee, they have just 5 million? That new Yale/MIT study says there is really 22-29 million illegals here. Maybe they want some of ours?
Pedophile Ring with Over 500 Young Victims Discovered
Iran Caught With Uranium Particles at Undeclared Facility, Nets Spike
Nearly 700,000 in Germany are Without Permanent Housing, and Over 60% Are Migrants
More Than 600 Children 'Recycled' By Migrant Smugglers At Border: ICE
ICE Captures Illegal Alien Released From Philadelphia Custody Despite Detainer For Criminal Offenses In Rape, Unlawful Contact With a Minor – HOLLY NOTE: We often wonder how these bleeding heart cities and counties would feel if released criminal aliens then raped and murdered their daughters, their wives, their mothers and sisters… This is unconscionable as many news items have reported on their subsequent criminal activity after release. How is it that criminal illegal aliens are set free while Americans who commit the same crimes are held for trial – as it should be.
EXCLUSIVE: Border County Medical Examiner’s Office Overwhelmed with Dead Migrants
DACA Protesters in Country Illegally Promise to Stay in U.S. Regardless of High Court Decision
Bottom Line: Do Illegal Aliens Matter More Than American Citizens?
AOC Slams WH Adviser Stephen Miller As 'White Nationalist' After Recent Report, Calls For His Resignation
Chad Wolf Sworn in as DHS Chief, Names Ken Cuccinelli As Deputy
Ken Cuccinelli Gets Transfer from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to DHS
Trump Has Big Plans For Hero Dog That Helped Track ISIS Leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, Report Says
Darling Puppy, Narwhal, Has a Tail Growing Out Of His FOREHEAD
Giant Ape That Lived Two Million Years Ago, Stood 10Ft Tall And Weighed 1,316 Pounds Is Closely Related To Modern-Day Orangutans But NOT Humans, Study Finds
Superbugs On The Rise? New CDC Report Finds Threat Has Increased From Previous Report In 2013 Luke 21:11
Fears Of Pneumonic Plague Outbreak After 2 Diagnosed In China – Hospital On Lockdown
Pope Francis: World Government Must Rule U.S. ‘For Their Own Good’