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Stan guests with Doug Hagmann on The Hagmann Report, August 9, 6 pm MT. Watch.

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Stan guests with Pastor Paul Begley August 11, 4:00 pm MT. Listening link coming.

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Song of the Day stand alone song today because the music and video are that good. Videos compared to when they were first done have come a long way. Bobby Bones revealed that some 3 minute vids cost a million dollars to produce. This might be one of those.
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Stan guests with Doug Hagmann on The Hagmann Report, August 2, 6 pm MT. Watch.

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3rd Victim of DC Lightning Strike Identified As Los Angeles Man
Monsoon Rainfall Set To Continue This Week In The Southwest
Flood Threat To Return To Inundated Ohio, Tennessee River Valleys
Mysterious Sinkhole in Chile May Be Over 600 Feet Deep
Flash Flooding Strands 1,000 People at Death Valley National Park
Atlantic System Could Become A Tropical Depression This Week
Heat Relief To Slowly Overtake The Steamy Northeast
4th Set Of Human Remains Found In Drought-Hit Lake Mead As Man Says Second Body His Drowned Dad
Astounding 'Alien-Like' Clouds Are Spotted In The Sky Above Melbourne Airport - So What Exactly Are They?
Carrie Underwood: Ghost Story – HOLLY NOTE: Stand alone video today because the song and video are that good. Videos compared to when they were first done have come a long way. Bobby Bones revealed that some 3 minute vids cost a million dollars to produce.
'Grease' Star Olivia Newton-John Dies After 30-Year Cancer Battle
99 Relatable Things That Only Preppers Will Understand
Report: Navy Says Sailors Can Use Whichever Locker Room Suits Their Gender Identity
DOJ Confirms FBI Is Raiding Trump's Mar-A-Lago Home, Former President Calls It 'Political Persecution'
Mark Levin: America Cannot 'Take Its Eyes Off' Of Foreign Adversaries
Trump’s Candidates Winning Primaries, But Concerns Loom For November
ACTION ALERT: American Sovereignty Threatened by NATO Incursion – US Must Withdraw from NATO and Reclaim the Norfolk Naval Station
Leftists Overdo Hive-Mind Discipline, But Conservatives Could Use a Little More
Liz Cheney Calls DeSantis a 'Dangerous' 2024 Candidate as GOP Senator Avoids Saying He'll Back Trump
Guilty Plea Likely Outcome In Hunter Biden Case, Legal Experts Say
Gen. Mark Milley Feared Trump Would Try To Use The Military To Stay In Office After 2020: Report – Milley Has Voted To Fight Trump 'from The Inside'
Victims Blame Soros-Backed Prosecutors For Crimes in US Cities
One Million Fentanyl Pills Seized At Arizona Border In One Week
Contaminated: The Fentanyl Crisis In St. Louis
CODE RED China ‘Convinced It Needs To Hit US With Pearl Harbor-Style Surprise Attack’ to Win War Over Taiwan, Expert Warns
Food Supply THREAT: If California Cuts off Water to Farms, ALL of America Will Face Food Shortages
Zaporizhzhia: Real Risk Of Nuclear Disaster In Ukraine - Watchdog
POLL: Growing Numbers Of Hispanics Are Becoming Weary Of The Democratic Party’s Mass Migration Agenda
Over 300 Haitian Migrants Make Landfall In Florida Aboard Makeshift Vessel
ACLU Tells Feds Not To Work With Texas On Arrest Of Illegal Immigrants
Why Rainwater Is No Longer Safe To Drink
Pay Attention To What’s Happening To Dutch Livestock Farmers
Netherlands to Shut Down 11 200 Farms To Meet Climate Goals
Rubio on Democrat Spending Bill: "There Isn't a Single Thing In This Bill That Helps Working People"
Senate PASSES Biden-Backed $740 Billion Reconciliation Bill With No Republican Support
Why Is No One Using the Inflation Reduction Act's Actual Name? – HOLLY NOTE: Just as we aren't politically correct to call COVID-19 Wuhan Flu.
Chevy Offers Bolt Owners $6,000 to Waive Right to Sue Over Battery Fires (Update)
Vulnerable Democrats Suggest Support For Manchin-Schumer Bill Could Be In Jeopardy Over Energy Fee