NEOs, Comets, Asteroid and Meteor Links

Updated October 22, 2001

1908 Siberia Explosion - reconstructing the 1908 Tunguska explosion from eyewitness accounts.

Antarctic Search for Meteorites (ANIMATE) - program which recovers meteorite specimens from the Antarctic acetate.

Asteroid and Comet Impact Hazards - from the NASA Amass Space Science Division.

Asteroid and Comet Threat - asteroid, comet and meteorite news updates, feature article on "asteroid hunters", threat assessment, very big website.

Astronomy On-Line: The Leonids - good page for kids

Barringer Meteor Crater - meteors and impacts. Games, science, and history.

Comets, Culture, & Currency - direct social and physical impact of comet debris during the holocene and long term impact of rationalizing such phenomena.

Cosmic Collisions - what would happen to us if a large asteroid smashed into the Earth? From the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. Good page for older kids

CTH 3D Comet Impact Simulations - what would happen if a comet the size of the largest fragment of Comet Shoemaker-Levy that crashed into Jupiter in 1994 were to strike the earth? Find out here. Interesting gif and animation depictions.

Deadly Impact - interactive site by National Geographic dealing with four known or suspected asteroid impacts on the Earth.

Earth-Crossing Asteroids - Images and animations of Earth-crossing asteroids, why do we study them, impact hazards; Scott Hudsen's NASA-sponsored page.

Impact Cratering on Earth - in English or French; site covers identification, hazards and photos
Impact Site - meteorite photographs.

Leonids - includes history and how to observe

Leonid '98 Meteor Outburst Mission - a Multi-Instrument Aircraft Campaign (MAC) to view the storms from an airborne platform; news, links, photo gallery, comet news, Leonid News, impact hazard to spacecraft, history, and more.

Leonids 1998: Will the Lion Show Its Fangs? - compilation of technical and popular information on the Leonid storms for both the satellite community and the layman.

Leonids: King of the Meteor Showers - a look at past shows through the years, and expectations for the future from Sky & Telescope.

Meteors, Meteorites and Impacts by Bill Arnett, Tasmania.

Meteorite Central - site offers meteorite information, educational articles, a mailing list, chat room, and meteorites for sale, more of a lighthearted look at meteors.

Meteors - Norwegian Astronomical Society - how to observe meteors, where to report them, picture files, upcoming meteor events. Site is in either English or Norwegian

Minor Planet Center - The NEO Page lists links for NEO Confirmations, Ephemerides and orbital elements for currently observable NEOs, dates of last observation of NEOs that have not been seen recently, complete list of dates of last observation for unusual objects, lists of known NEOs (including listing of the larger potentially dangerous objects), NEO orbit diagrams, close approaches to the earth and more


NEO Near Earth Objects News - semimonthly publications from David Morrison of NASA Ames Research Center

Near Earth Object Program - NASA

Planetary Society for NEO News
- research and discovery, science behind the latest media releases, films, and events about comets and asteroids.

NEAT Project - Near-Earth Asteroid Tracking - project to autonomously search for near-Earth and Earth crossing asteroids using a computer controlled telescope, a CCD camera and some NEAT software. Information on New Discoveries, Two New Potentially Hazardous Near-Earth Asteroids, Bogus Images and catalog of asteroids

ODAS - European NEO research on search for asteroids and comets, with special emphasis on NEO's

Probability of Collisions with Earth, The - by Calvin J. Hamilton

Scientific American: Bang and Splat - a supercomputer anticipates the catastrophic impact of a giant comet.

Scientific American: Double Whammy - an asteroid striking land would be catastrophic, but the damage might be far worse if it crashed into the sea.

Scientific American: Ground Zero - Scientific American senior writer W. Wayt Gibbs joins the expedition searching frozen Greenland for the remains of a meteor

Small Comets - A series of spectacular images produced by cameras on NASA's Polar spacecraft have confirmed that Earth is being pelted by thousands of small comets each day.

Small Comets FAQs - University of Iowa

Spaceguard Canada - information on Current Unusual Objects, Sample orbital reductions, New Comet co-discovery, Current supernovae.

Spaceguard Australia - excellent informative site on Risk of impact, Predicting a collision, NEO News, NEO Web Links, Tsunami, Books, and more

Spaceguard United Kingdom - meteorites in the news

Spaceguard United States - deals with asteroid/comet impact caused tsunamis

Tunguska - interesting graphics and some text

Tunguska Meteorite Expedition 1908-1998 -jubilee edition for advanced scientists

TASS (The Amateur Sky Survey) hopes to construct low-cost drift-scan cameras (equipped with CCDs) which could be operated by amateurs around the world to monitor bright objects (including NEOs) across a large section of the sky. Its home page is very rich and includes (among many other documents): including latest status report, detailed information about hardware and software design, with sample images, pictures of TASS hardware, collection of Technical Notes, digest of data available through FTP

Tycho Brahe Expedition 1998 - the Expedition is searching for the giant meteorite that hit Greenland on December 9, 1997. Images and text are transmitted via satellite daily and posted to this site (also in Danish).

UESAC (the Uppsala-ESO Survey of Asteroids and Comets) is a search for previously undetected comets in the vicinity of Jupiter; it is described in two papers (paper 1 and paper 2, from the home page of Gonzalo Tancredi)

Understanding the Leonid Meteor Storms - understanding these events is important because of the effect they have on the estimated 500 satellites in orbit.

WWW Astrolinks - links for Monthly Sky Event Calendars, Amateur Astronomy Groups with Informative Web Sites, Magazines, Periodicals, and Newsletters, Astronomy and Science News, Observatories (w/important comet and meteor work), Organizations and more

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