Stan's Dream/Vision of 1996

Below is a copy of an email Holly sent out to all those folks who are on our private mailing list. I published this dream back in the Feb 1996 WATT's News (a printed newsletter) when it happened. At the time I could only email it to certain groups; as I was on the Compuserve network and did not have access to the regular Internet. So, we have never put it up on our internet web sites before. There was a 200-mile wide meteor shower over the California coast on the 8th of March of 1998. Maybe it was the one I saw in my dream/vision of 1996.

However, the dream showed me seeing the event from a spot in the southwest USA near some mesa-like formations; and until May of 2001 we were not living in such a place. Maybe the meteor shower I saw over northern California in the dream below is yet to come. The coming Leonid shower of 18 November 2001 may give the display I saw in that dream/vision.

The time of day that I saw in the dream/vision is correct for this Leonid Shower. The viewing place is correct. The density is predicted to be similar. Time will tell...

- Stan Deyo


Date: 10 March 1998
From: Holly Deyo <>
Subject: It Begins NOW

Hi Everyone,

I know, I know, we're littering your mailbox with another letter which promises to be a long one, but it is important. In our Open Letter to the Building Community members, we said we'd let you guys know first any information that came our way of importance. Something arrived this A.M. that we feel compelled to share. For those of you, if there are any, who do not believe in visions and prophesy, feel free to hit your delete button now. For the rest of you, grab a cup of coffee and read on with an open mind.

Stan has had confirmation (unsolicited) that the time of Earth changes has been set in motion. When you've visited our main website, have any of you wondered where the "It Begins NOW" came from? It has to do with a vision Stan had February 1996 which he published at that time both on our website and in WATT's News, a newsletter he used to have time to write.

Now I don't get visions or any of that fancy stuff and upon hearing others having these gifts, the initial reaction was both one of healthy questioning and also wishing I had the gift. One part of me said, "Wow, that's really neat!" while the other half said, "What's your proof?"

Stan is one of those blessed with the gift. He does not get visions often and they used to only involve himself or his immediate family. Two years ago, they moved into the realm of other countries, other people. He used to dream or see things that were only important to him like a split from his first wife or his son falling from a tree and other things as well. The dream of the first wife's departure prepared him emotionally for the split and the foreknowledge of his son being hurt gave him enough time to build a safety device into the tree. Greg did fall from the tree a week later, but the safety ropes Stan had time to put in place saved the leg. While Stan does not get visions all the time, they have NEVER NOT COME TRUE. Not once, not ever. The final clincher for me was that Stan "saw" me becoming his wife before we even met. At the time, not only did we not know each other, but we lived 12,000 miles apart both involved in very different lives. We share a part of our personal story so you understand to a better degree what we are about tell you.

In the dream where Stan "saw" me right down to where I lived north of Denver, he also "saw" the physical sign that would indicate the main events for our times have been put in motion. The reason I mention our personal involvement here is to offer you "proof" of his dreams' validity. It is an event he dreamed and it came to pass. More importantly to the rest of you is the remainder of that same vision. His dream/vision unfolded like this...

Extracted from Stan Deyo's "WATT's News" newsletter of 29 February 1996

Earlier this month, my son, Joshua, and I had a dream vision about very similar events on the exact same night! This was quite unusual for Joshua and fairly rare for myself. I am sure our dreams that night were concerning the beginning events of the time of great tribulation on Earth as spoken of by John in the Book of Revelation.

I got up that morning having just experienced one of those rare, personally prophetic dreams I have had from time to time over the last 27 years. They always show me my future and sometimes that of other people that I do not know personally. This dream was the very clear and most eerie of all....

Still excited by this dream/vision I went in to wake my sons to tell them of this marvelous thing. Nathan was the first one I woke to tell it to. The following is what I told him:

"I was somewhere in the air over a large mountainous area covered in large pine trees. It was during the pre-dawn darkness; and I could just make out the terrain beneath me. I was facing about due east and ahead of me in the air was a strange, living thing. It was small and almost embryonic. It was still unfolding its wing-like attachments like a butterfly emerging from the pupa state. Its golden body was still not polished and had rough edges to it as though it were still developing. A bright, warm light like that of the Sun made its body sparkle; but the light source was not visible.

"Its movements were somewhat clumsy like a new puppy trying to stand erect for the first time. And, it held a small trumpet in its mouth with one hand and it was blowing a single note which left the trumpet like a spinning smoke ring of bright gold and shot down to the Earth below into the forest of pines to my left (the North). He would blow a note down into the forest and wait; then he would aim the trumpet at a different spot in the forest and blow another single, golden ring into the trees.

"I wondered at this small creature. It was obviously trying to signal or locate someone below. I asked out loud, `What is he doing?... (I felt it was a he)' And, a man's voice spoke to me from behind and above my right ear; and the voice said, `He is searching for his helper, his mate who is like he is...'

"I was sad for him, for there was no answer from the woods below. Then I saw a small golden, ring-shaped object zooming back up at the creature in a graceful arc from the pines to the North. Somehow, I knew it had come from above the Air Force Academy, near Denver, Colorado to the North of the creature's position. The golden ring struck the creature; and he glowed brighter; and there was joy from the creature; for he had found and merged with the helper there hidden away in the forests. As it glowed brighter, its body grew larger and it seemed wiser and authoritative.

"I moved closer in the air to the creature to see more of its face.... and to see his helper who had somehow become a part of him when the golden ring struck him. As sort of expectant awe gripped me as I felt the creature's powerful presence. I was not sure I wanted to look into his eyes; yet I found myself being drawn toward the being like a magnet.

"Then, just as I was about to see its face from a just a few feet away, my body rotated to the left and I rolled into the creature's own body. It was like putting on a suit of armor. I became the creature and looked through its eyes at the world below and to the west... and I was enlightened somehow to a new understanding of what was about to happen below and what would be happening to me as well.

"I found myself landing to the south and west of the piney forest in the mountains where the golden ring had come from. I landed and was standing in a somewhat desert region like Arizona with those funny, flat-topped buttes; and I was in a large cleared area filled with strange, one-man tents with people inside each of them. An eerie, yellow-pink light like those found in large parking lots next to shopping centers illuminated the scene.

"As I looked at the tents arrayed before me, I realized these people were known to me - but at a distance... They were like an army of special people. Their tents were made of a cocoon-like web that encased them in sort of a womb-like sleep. Each person was laying on a fold-up cot. By each one on a cotside nightstand was an alarm clock which had already gone off - BUT each had overslept their alarm. One by one I reached through the web into them and shook them to tell them it was time to awaken for they had overslept. I collected these sleepy-eyed folks in front of me; and then told them it was time to prepare themselves for what was to come at the dawn.

(I assumed it was to be 'dawn' because I could see a faint light over the California coastline. However, in retrospect, the Sun usually sets in the West - not rises; however, if that were the case, then why were there alarm clocks which are normally set for early morning hours?)

They were facing west toward California. There were only a few hundred of them. Then, somehow, while looking at them, I knew it was time; and I turned my back to them and looked to the skies of the west over California. Shooting stars began to fall... first came small, faint traces then the downpour became greater like a curtain... Some had small flames attached to them. Excitedly, I cried out loud, `Look! Look!... it has started!... THIS is the time... We must awaken the others and prepare them! Tell them,

With this, I awoke like I had been shot from a cannon into consciousness! After I had finished telling Nathan my story, I went to wake Joshua. To my surprise he greeted me with the announcement that he had just had a "really neat dream." By this time, I was all ears, believe me! He related his story to me while he dressed for school... in between putting his shoes on and combing his hair... so matter-of-factly... that I was spellbound.

"Dad, I saw grandma's house but it wasn't where it belonged. It wasn't here in this country. It was somewhere else at the base of some mountains with lots of trees on them. They were to the right and rear of grandma's house. And there was another very old-timey house closer to the mountains and an old man came from that house and said to me that we must stay at grandma's house there to warn the people... And then I saw a large volcano erupting in the mountains. There was a lot of, like, flat land between us and the erupting volcano. It threw sparks into the air."

Well, the hair on the back of my neck stood out like stickers I've got to tell you! I remarked aloud, "What do these dreams mean? What DO they mean?" Nathan then told me, "Dad, it's simple. Those cocoon webs you saw are the Internet WEB that you use to communicate with your friends in other countries. The cocoon was showing that, although they were camped out waiting for the event to come, that they had fallen asleep and had slept through their first warning. Then you reached through the web to awaken them. Perhaps your flying form was just showing that you were a special messenger and that you had another one like yourself you were awaking as well..."

---- end------

Yes, Stan and I did meet, merge our lives and marry (the golden rings); and, yes, we did visit the Hopi in Arizona, both events were predicted in his vision. The meteor shower had yet to be fulfilled and now it appears it has been.

While we have known that a meteor shower would indicate big events would begin with that sign, nothing had made itself known. Sure a fireball in Colorado or Arizona has occurred or a small meteor here and there, but nothing of great magnitude. This morning in Stan's email came the following report from a list to which he doesn't subscribe. It reports the following "king of all meteor showers" right where Stan saw it occurring in his vision - California. Here is the report:

Meteor shower that stretched from Sacramento to Monterey
Weekend News Today
Source: Nando Times

Mon Mar 9, 1998 -- The sky was filled with flaming objects falling to the ground on Sunday night. AP reported that traffic slowed to a halt on Interstate 80 in Northern California and police were flooded with worried calls about a possible plane crash. Not to worry -- it was a 200-mile swath of meteors Sunday night. "It was just getting dark and everybody was facing that direction just as the sun was coming down," Coast Guard Lt. Alan Tubbs said. "It was the king of all meteor showers." The U.S. Coast Guard contacted Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, which confirmed the meteor shower that stretched from Sacramento to Monterey.


You know where we're going with this message. It is twofold and part involves all of you. In his dream/vision after Stan saw the meteor shower and is waking everyone up, this group of people is also helping to get the message out. We strongly feel you are those people. Now we aren't asking you to be missionaries or anything of the sort, but we do feel your part is to share the information that major events are soon upon us, that they are beginning now. You must know this too or you wouldn't be a part of the Database. Not everyone will listen, but some will and for those that are just coming into awareness, you may save their lives. For each of you, discussing these times with folks will be different. Each will find your own approach. Maybe some will think we're all crazy and refuse to acknowledge the times in which we are living, but even if only 2% listen to you, you WILL have made a difference.

On a personal level, if getting your life right with God has been stuck somewhere on a back burner, NOW is the time to do it. Not tonight, not next week, but now. We are not saying these things to make you hysteria, but to impress the need to get priorities in line. Whatever you've been "planning on doing" toward survival and emergency supplies, if funds permit, do it now. Make lists of your personal priorities, where gaps exist that need to be closed and plug those holes. If you haven't said "I love you" enough to your spouse or kids, do it now. If you haven't mended fences where hurts exist, do it now. This is not to say live life in a panic, but it can certainly mellow tempers and hopefully put events and relationships in their true perspective.

May GOD Bless you all in these troubled times ahead,
Holly and Stan Deyo