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Updated 14 January 2005


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Recent Quakes List:
USA Seismicity Map - clickable map takes you to any region

California and Nevada - map and event listing
Long Valley Caldera - map and event listing
Los Angeles -map and event listing
San Francisco - map and event listing

Utah - University of Utah, map only of last 7 days

Canada - USGS text list and interactive map
Europe - clickable map
Mexico - map and text (in Spanish) - Servicio sismologico Natcional
New Zealand
UK Earthquakes text - and map from the British Geological Survey listing for the last 30 days

Global Seismicity Map - clickable map takes you to any region
Global Listing - provided by the National Earthquake Information Service (NEIS) of the USGS
Global Listing - Alternate site to above

Canadian National Earthquake Hazards Program or Canadian National Earthquake Hazards Program - site written in English and French including maps, hourly and monthly reports, seismic zoning in Canada and more

Department of Earth & Atmospheric Science, York University: Maps.

Geological Survey of Canada - National Earthquake Hazards Program for Western Canada. Maps and data on Recent Earthquakes, History of Large Earthquakes, Seismic Hazards and Publications

Lithoprobe Seismic Processing Facility, Canada: - national data archive centre for all deep crustal reflection and refraction seismic data acquired under the Canadian National Geoscience Project, Lithoprobe.

Southern Ontario Seismic Network (SOSN): - seismicity map and list of recent events and world events list

United States (primarily, but not limited to)
Albuquerque Seismological Laboratory Albuquerque, New Mexico - This office installs and maintains a global network of seismograph stations, collecting and distributing the data produced by these stations. In addition, they develop, test, and evaluate a variety of seismic instrumentation.

Association of Bay Area Government (ABAG) - Contains resources related to hazardous materials problems in earthquakes, liquefaction, dam failure, and various California-specific information. Includes earthquake hazard maps and animation.

California Seismic Safety Commission (SSC) - Investigates earthquakes, researches earthquake-related issues, and recommends to the Governor and Legislature policies and programs needed to reduce earthquake risk. This site includes an earthquake loss-reduction plan, a list of publications, a list of commissioners/staff, legislative proposals, dates of currently scheduled meetings, a list of earthquake damages in areas of California and related web site links.

Caltech's Seismological Laboratory - record of the day, shake maps, finger servers, maps of California/Nevada and recent worldwide events

Carleton Univ. Earthquake Locator - Lists recent earthquakes and locates them via the Xerox PARC Map Viewer.

Earthquake Data at NGDC (US National Geophysical Data Center) - NGDC analyzes technical data on earthquake hazards; has searchable database

Earthquake Intensity Database - on-line from NOAA database contains damage and felt reports for over 22,000 U.S. earthquakes from 1638 to 1985.

Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI) - national, nonprofit, technical society of engineers, geoscientists, architects, planners, public officials, and social scientists; includes in-depth reports of past large earthquakes.

Earthquake Information (UC Davis) - Provides information on current seismicity plots including maps and reports, a list of newsgroups and other resources.

Earthquake Information (USGS in Menlo Park, CA)- run by the USGS, Geologic Division which provides information on the latest quake occurrences, online and off-line resources, hazards and preparedness and studies of earthquakes, California and Hawaii plots.

Earth's Interior & Plate Tectonics - overview of the interior layers of the earth and how they relate to plate tectonics.

Geologic Hazards - Earthquakes of the Central United States - Maps of the Western State Faults, Earthquake Publications, Paleoseismology Page--Fossil Earthquakes, National Earthquake Information Center (NEIC), National Seismic Hazards Mapping Project, Albuquerque Seismological Laboratory, Neotectonics--deformation in the earth's crust, Engineering Seismology

Long Valley Caldera Home Page - USGS long and short-term look including recent quakes, monitoring data and info on "Living With a Restless Caldera".

Modified Mercalli Scale explained in terms of general effects

National Earthquake Information Center Golden, Colorado - world data center

National Strong-Motion Program Menlo Park, California - Recent Events and Studies, Ask a Geologist, Surfing the Internet for Strong-Motion Data

New Madrid 1811 - 1812 Earthquake Factsheet.

New Madrid - Uncovering Hidden Hazards in the Mississippi Valley.

Northern California Earthquake Data Menlo Park, California - latest quake information, FAQs, studying Earthquakes, Hazards and Preparedness

Northern California Earthquake Data Center - from U.C. Berkeley

Pasadena Field Office Pasadena, California - Current Earthquake Information, Current GPS Monitoring, Ground Motion Shake Maps, Did you feel it?, Northridge Earthquake Research Products, Online Publications & Downloadable Data Sets

Seismo-surfing the InterNet - lists known Internet type connections where original seismic data or seismic research information is available. Includes several other indexes to related fields.

Significant Earthquake Database - on-line database from NOAA contains information on more than 5,000 destructive earthquakes from 2150 B.C. to the present.

Southern California California Earthquake Center - current and historical seismicity, maps and event listings

Syzygy - Jim Berkland's earthquake prediction newsletter, earthquake predictions and articles

Tectonic Plates - what causes earthquakes, excellent overview of plate tectonics; lots of images enhance the educational experience.

University of Nevada Reno, Seismological Laboratory - investigates earthquakes and their effects in Nevada and eastern California. Topics include: recent earthquakes, earthquakes in Nevada and around the world, about earthquakes, about the Seismo. Lab, research projects, preparedness information from NESC


Australian National University, (RSES Seismology) presents local and global seismicity maps

Seismology Research Centre - Australian Earthquake News, World Earthquake News, Australian Earthquake Maps, Introduction to earthquakes, Melbourne - site has maps of currents earthquakes divided by state and listing of local and world events

Earthquake Research Institute at the University of Tokyo: - in English or Japanese information on the Sakhalen and Kobe quakes and the Unden volcano

Geological Survey of Japan - fault maps and photos, ground water changes after Kobe quake

New Zealand
GNS Seismological Observatory, features latest New Zealand earthquake report from the Institute of Geological & Nuclear Sciences Ltd. The most recent world earthquakes and the largest earthquakes in the last week.

U of Bristol Earthquake Engineering Research Centre: - information about earthquake engineering

British Geological Survey, Global Seismology Research Group

Edinburgh, Scotland (very slow for US users):

EARTHQUAKE NOTIFICATION FROM USGS - sign up for three different tpes of earthquake notification from NEIC