El Nino and La Nina Links

Updated November 7, 2001

Tutorials and Impacts
Historical Data


Children of the Tropics: El Nino and La Nina - basics anatomy and video of El Nino

California Resources Agency California Environmental Resources Evaluation System (CERES) disseminates information and links for information on everything from the physical phenomenon of El Nino to its potential economic impacts.

El Nino South Oscillation (ENSO), The - John L. Daly -excellent graphic and text information

El Nino and the Southern Oscillation: A Reversal of Fortune - comparative study of "normal" condition vs. El Nino. Tutorial with graphics

El Nino on-line - basic tutorial and meteorology guide from the University of Illinois including economic and weather impacts

Environment Canada's Green Lane - El Nino and Canada

FEMA - "El Nino Loss Reduction Center" Web site includes much information about mitigating El Nino hazards, as well illustrations of the phenomenon itself, news releases, and many links to additional information on El Nino available through the World Wide Web.

Glossary - from the University of Washington

How Prepared Are You for El Nino - what is it, current news and forecasts, how to prepare and links

Impacts - USA and Other Countries
- comprehensive information and link areas

Imapct and Climate Variability - impacts for Australia

NOAA El Nino Home Page - "What Is El Nino (ENSO)? - information on El Nino and La Nina, their impact and SST anomaly maps

NOAA's El Nino Theme page -

What is El Nino? - USGS site, its history and impact including mapping for landslides and debris

USA Today's latest El Nino News

USGS News and Information on El Nino - El Nino's effects including flooding, mudslides, coastal erosion, coastal hazards and climate

World Meteorological Organization



Current State of the Tropical Pacific - current vew from space, related research at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO) primer, experimental dynamical seasonal prediction, image and animation archive in 6 languages

Current State of the Tropical Pacific - NOAA-CIRES Climate Diagnostic Center

El Nino Watch from Space - NASA scientists study seasonal-to-interannual climate anomalies, such as El Nino, which have far reaching ecological and economical impacts. This home page provides updated information on NASA's contribution in monitoring the evolution of El Nino and its climatic consequences.

FNMOC, US Navy - Sea-surface temperatures, satellite photos, and wave heights. Their El Nino-La Nina pages are under Oceanography

Forecast Graphics from Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Forecast From NOAA -

Forecast Links - multiple sites


1997-98 El Nino/Southern Oscillation (ENSO 97-98) - Compiled by Dr. David Duffy and Dr. Peter J. Bryant

Climate Canary IV Report - compendium of media climate news, June 23, 1998; Covers Period August 1, 1997 through June 15, 1998, compiled by Alan C. Schroeder and Dave Bassett; long and very worthwhile, eye-opening material. Well-documented information on the costs, impacts and disasters associated with the last major El Nino.

Scripps Institution of Oceanography - Experiment climate prediction center with pictures and information including a three dimensional look at the El Nino of 1997/1998