Flood Links

Updated August 21, 2002

Of all the tricks in mother nature's weather bag, the deadliest in the United States today is flooding and flash flooding. Over the past 30 years, flood waters have claimed an annual toll of nearly 140 lives in the US. - NOAA



Current River Conditions - NOAA map

Dartmouth College Flood Remote Sensing Page is the site for a terrific global flood mapping atlas with clickable grids.

National Weather Service's Office of Hydrology (OH) and its Hydrological Information Center offer much information on floods and other aquatic disasters. Besides information about the various components of the office, the OH site offers current and historical data including an archive of past flood summaries, information on current hydrologic conditions, water supply outlooks, as well as an Automated Local Flood Warning Systems Handbook, Natural Disaster Survey Reports, and other scientific publications on hydrology and flooding. The site also provides information and order forms for the office's video on the dangers of Low Water Crossing. The Hydrological Information Center subsection describes the mission of the center, provides much additional information on flood impacts, and offers extensive flood impact data on deaths and economic losses.

Real-Time Water Data - USGS map

Rivers Above Flood Stage - current and historic flooding

USGS Water Resources of the United States - Mapping of US national water conditions by month or by day