Frying, Dying Times

December 3, 2012
Holly Deyo

We've noticed the same thing as Ron describes in his report of dynamic drought. Two weeks ago, 12 red lettuce plants spontaneously popped up in our raised beds and soon they'll be big enough for salads. This is really "off" as it's nearly Christmas and the veggie gardens were put to bed for this year in October.

A couple of months ago, we got another surprise. Among the onions sprang up a tomato plant. At 10" high, its roots had already sunk deeply past the rodent guard mesh in the bottom of the raised bed. It was anybody's guess if it would survive the transplant. Here it is, 2 months later in the kitchen, with over 160 tomatoes on board and more coming. Garden Gold's Super Soil recipe certainly works miracles!

Stan and I live in the high desert. Technically it's considered 'semiarid', but this part of southern Colorado gets just shy of 12" of rain a year. To date, with 2012 nearly over, we've seen just 4.66" of the wet stuff, making it the 2nd driest-ever November in Pueblo's history. It's so dry, area lawn companies have advised residents to continue watering their yards twice a week. Besides the obvious that the grass could die from thirst, these abnormally harsh, dry conditions invite bugs that destroy lawns.

That horrible drought Colorado saw in early 2002 is threatening to repeat. When people in Beulah, CO turned on their faucets, literally, not a drop of water came out. Stan and I drove there in March 2001 and nearly weekly since. When we saw their pitiful water reserves that first year, Stan warned the water director they needed to install adequate water storage – quickly.

They didn't listen and people were in a huge bind within mere months when their wells also dried up. Trucks from Pueblo hauled water to this town 45 minutes southwest of our community. Panicked people bought and installed large water tanks and left them in their front yards for easy refilling. This drought was so terrible that it made international news. We are well on the way to seeing these conditions again. Thankfully for Beulah residents, the very next year they installed a half-million gallon water tank.

Last week, local news anchors ran a story addressing out current devastating drought. Utility companies stated they will decide in March whether or not to impose water restrictions. Pueblo Reservoir, which is 5 minutes away from us, is a large recreational lake with 60 miles of shoreline. It supplies drinking water to both Pueblo and Colorado Springs. This lake is in tough shape – just 50% full. When we should be thinking of a white Christmas and snow, Wednesday will hit 70ºF. It's like when we lived in Australia where climate is upside down compared to the northern hemisphere. While those on the 'top side' made snowmen and had snowball fights, in Australia we wiped off sweat, hit the beach and BBQed Christmas dinner. For us transplants, it was really hard to get into the winter frame of mind of frozen noses, building snow forts and knowing hot chocolate would thaw our stiffened limbs.

It's not just in Colorado. Some degree of drought encompasses more than 60% of the US. Doesn't this tell you something? Admittedly, I'm no math genius, but this map certainly looks more extensive for drought than just 60%. Look at how much of this massive drought overs our food belts.

Not only are we being hit agriculturally, financially and in our bread basket, drought literally sucks the spirit and will out of everything and everyone. On top of this, the world is challenged by – and this is another major blow which affects every American – by higher food prices, scarcer product, smaller packaging for the same or higher cost, and greater dependence on genetically-modified food that nets a higher yield but with deadly consequences.

OK, it's not as attention grabbing as an earthquake or a massive tornado. Drought is the big quiet killer. It sneaks in silently and snakes its deadly tentacles around everything you depend on while most people are completely oblivious. When they finally wake up, people see water is in short supply, crops are decimated, food prices have skyrocketed; herds of goats, sheep, poultry, cattle and hogs – in other words, all protein-meat supplies have been culled. These conditions generate a very serious scenario.

We plead with you to begin your own preps. In answer to a question we are asked many times each week, it is never too late to start preparing until you are 'toes up'. A part of something is better than all of nothing.

It is Biblically prophesied that a major famine is on our doorstep. What is happening today, right now, in the headlines, is a big DOT on the "I" of End Times prophesy. Those who are awake understand where we are and prepare accordingly.

We would encourage every person, Christian believer or not, to listen to Rev. Irv Baxter's Coast To Coast AM's audio on Dec. 2 regarding Biblical prophecy addressing where we are, this day, this moment.

First and most importantly, friends, prepare spiritually and secondarily, do so on a physical level.

These things, as Ron warns, spell tough times ahead. Prepare your homes, your families, as best you can. Please use our FREE prep info. It's yours for the downloading.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Holly Drennan Deyo is the author of four books: bestseller Dare To Prepare (6th ed.), Prudent Places USA (4th ed.), Prophetic Perils: End Time Events Revealed and Garden Gold (2017 ed.) Please visit she and her husband's website: and their FREE Preparedness site:

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