Are We Ripe for the Killshot?

Monster Sunspot Dominates the Sun's Face

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"Godzilla" Sunspot AR2192 Causes Internet & Power Outages Worldwide 10-22-2014

Holly Deyo
Oct. 23, 2014, updated Oct. 25

For Maj. Ed Dames fans, below is a partial transcription, just the meat of his latest interview, Oct. 21, 2014.

I am still undecided about the veracity and reliability of remote viewing. It's not something this author has tried or has had the time or inclination to attempt. Dames and other remote viewers report that while their information is often accurate (depending on whom you believe), their biggest stumbling block is pinpointing timeframes correctly. They can only 'date' viewed events as being before one thing and after another, but no specific dating like July 10, 2015 is possible.

Remote viewers state it is a disciplined skill requiring considerable practice and that it doesn't rely on psychic abilities. Dames himself says he is about as psychic as a rock. So occasionally when Maj. Dames is on Coast To Coast AM, it raises the question again, just how is this accomplished?

Let me take a left turn here…

Many Christians have posed the question, how can God logically know who will be in the Book of Life without our destinies being predetermined? Good question. Stan adheres to the thought that even God obeys the laws of physics. Besides love, God is order. For order to be maintained, God must obey the laws He Himself prescribed and set in motion.

When events in scripture seem logically impossible to our wee minds, it's simply because we don't know everything there is to know about these laws – and God's mind. For example, when we read about Moses parting the Red Sea so tens of thousands of Jews could walk through while the water was held aside, it sounds like magic. It doesn't realistically seem possible except as a power allowed Moses from God.

However, reading this account in Hebrew explains so much more rich detail by the very nature of this language than reading the Bible in English. By comparison, if the Old Testament in Hebrew were translated into English, it would take roughly 35 of the same-sized books to accommodate everything. So it's safe to say, a LOT is inadvertently left out of what we read in 'pale' English.

When reading this account in Hebrew, the Red Sea story is demystified and is in accordance with physics. Perfect harmony. It makes it no less miraculous, but underscores that more often science and the Bible are not at odds.

So how does God know what we are going to do before we do it and yet we still have free will? Let this author, at risk of sounding immodest, attempt to answer this by first posing a question.


How many times have you heard that time is not linear? If one event doesn't precede or follow another, then what? That is precisely how we earthlings know that Christmas follows Thanksgiving, July comes before September, 5 a.m. arrives before 9 p.m., and birth must come before death. Many people claim on Coast and on other programs that events actually occur simultaneously. This concept is apt to make one's eyes cross. It was very hard to wrap one's mind around non-linear time until Stan illustrated it like this:

Picture a massive circle and on this circle is a little dot. Lots and lots of dots. Countless dots. Each dot is an event or a person. One dot is the birth of Christ. Another dot is WWII. A third dot is the break-up of Pangea. Another dot is the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. More dots fill the circle representing every person ever born and every event that's transpired. Now picture God standing over this circle. He can see every person and every event at once. He need only cast His mighty eye to any location on the circle and see exactly what's happening down to the smallest quark – and smaller.

In this manner, He has a bird's eye, er uh, God's eye view of all.

So maybe this is similar, though on a human level, as to what remote viewers do. This is not in any way to infer that man has God's power, but perhaps this is an acceptable explanation. The big difference is that God can change events. Man can not except through prayer though even that is still by God's choice.


One last thing… When Stan and I were first invited to meet with the Hopi in 1996, they shared about a time coming when the Sun would get so hot, unbearably hot, they would live for a time underground in their kivas. These dwellings have already been prepared with adequate food and water and if anyone is skilled at the art of survival, it is our Native brothers and sisters. Though they were shunted off by government onto the worst dirt possible, they adapted.

They shared other things too, about a coming civil war and chaos. Keep these things in mind when reading Dames' interview. There is an eerie echo here…

A blistering, terrible Sun is also prophesied as one of the worst judgments in Revelation 16:8-9: Then the fourth angel poured out his bowl on the sun, and power was given to him to scorch men with fire. And men were scorched with great heat, and they blasphemed the name of God who has power over these plagues; and they did not repent and give Him glory.

WARNING: Before reading the following transcript, know that Dames' message is very disturbing and possibly very close.


Transcribed by Holly Deyo, plus additional commentary

NOORY: Coming up, Ed Dames. Some call him Dr. Doom. We're going to be talking about his remote viewing, what he has seen, what he is seeing. Next on Coast To Coast AM.

I'm George Noory, looking forward to 2 hours with Major Ed Dames. Of course, foremost, remote viewer. He is a decorated military intelligence officer, he is one of the original members of the U.S. Army's prototype remote viewing training program. Now, he is the executive director for the Matrix Intelligence Agency, which is a private consulting group. Major Ed Dames, back on Coast To Coast! Always a pleasure!

DAMES: George, the pleasure is mine.

HOLLY NOTE: In the interest of time, I'm cutting to the chase, ignoring their start-up chit chat and the Q&A session at the end.

NOORY: Ed, when you were on with me several months ago, we were talking about the missing Malaysian jet the 370 flight, which is still missing. You did say you believe, based on your remote viewing that it did crash into the sea, but that it was taken by the captain. Let's go review that a little bit. Did the captain take it to hijack it and take it somewhere and he just crashed? What do you think happened?

DAMES: No, no, it isn't thinking. It is a recreation using R.V. skills of the events that went down, the same thing I did years ago for Coast To Coast with Egypt air flight 990. The captain originally meant to hijack the plane and take it to Somalia, but things didn't go quite right. So he did shut off the oxygen and he did have a struggle with the co-pilot. The co-pilot overcame him, but it was too late. Hypoxia and cold. Frigid cold. Just physiologically the co-pilot couldn't regain control of the aircraft and it went straight into the water direct west of Myanmar. It's not in the Indian Ocean.

NOORY: And they've resumed the search again… I don't know why they don't take your map and just start looking in that region.

DAMES: We're still, uh, it'll be a little bit longer, perhaps a year before remote viewing at the professional level is actually accepted by the authorities. I'm doing some things now with the FBI and that'll bolster credibility of Matrix Intelligence Agency in using these things. But like I said, the Russians are starting to resurrect the program that they abandoned for the same reasons that the U.S. abandoned the program and the U.S. is going to come back as a tactic of desperation, as well as other countries, and use us too. Especially MIA as keeper of the keys.

NOORY: The big story, of course, is that uh, that you have been talking about with us, Ed, over the years, is the Kill Shot – something from the Sun. One of my concerns is that we need to protect the power grid from either an EMP attack or a solar X-flare and I just noticed that there is a sunspot on the sun obviously, looks huge and they say it's got about a 20 - 30% chance of popping out an X-flare. Tell us a little more about about the Kill Shot.

HOLLY NOTE: This is how Sun looks (image below) on Oct. 25. Sunspot 2192 is roughly 87,000 miles across, which would take 11 Earths to fill. It has rotated where it points slightly off a direct hit to Earth, but still straight enough to cause worry. This would be a bad time for it to fire off a massive flare and CME, as Earth is still in the crosshairs. Per Oct. 25: "Huge sunspot AR2192 poses a growing threat for X-class solar flares.

LOTS OF SOLAR FLARES: Solar activity is high. In just 4 and a bit days, from Oct. 20 to Oct. 25 early morning, giant sunspot AR2192 has produced 38 C-class solar flares, 11 M-class flares, and 3 X-flares. This image below shows the powerful X-3.1 eruption on Oct 24, which caused a brief but strong blackout of HF radio communications.

HOLLY NOTE: Check the giant snake-like 'rip' in the Sun's surface, upper left. continues: "Interestinngly, none of the X-flares from this active region has so far produced a major CME. As a result, Earth-effects may be limited to the radio blackout. The primary effect of the flares has been to ionize Earth's upper atmosphere, causing a series of short-lived HF radio communications blackouts. Such blackouts may be noticed by amateur radio operators, aviators, and mariners.

"NOAA forecasters estimate an 85% chance of M-class flares and a 45% chance of X-flares on Oct. 25.

AR2192 is the biggest and most active sunspot seen in over 20 years. It's so large – now about as wide as planet Jupiter – people can see it at sunset when the sun is dimmed by clouds or haze.

Sunspot 2192 as captured by Sergio Castillo on October 24 in Corona, CA.

DAMES: Well, it's been almost 20 years on C2C where I've been saying that this is coming, that the thing coming is a discontinuity in terms of human cultural evolution. It's so big that it renders war and rumors of war and epidemics moot. It eclipses all that in terms of its ramifications in human evolution. And that's the Sun going on a rampage. It's one of the reasons I wanted to be on your show tonight. It isn't about ebola, it isn't about image 370 (referring to the Malaysian flight). It's about this. That sunspot – your listeners can go to your website and see what's being called a 'monster flare', a 'behemoth'. I have never observed a more serious, or perhaps larger sunspot that's more threatening than 2192 active region 2192. It still has 7 more days to transit. It's already produced X's. Three hours ago, it produced an M8 and it's absolutely going to produce X-flares this week. I'm saying I believe that this is probably the beginning of Killshot sequence – a sequence over time of massive solar flares in conjunction with a decaying Earth's magnetic field – magnetosphere decaying rapidly, which means even an M-class flare will be equivalent to an X-class flare and an X-class flare will be a killer in terms of communication satellites and power grids.

By the way, while we're on the subject, an EMP, yes, in terms of military technology or in terms of technology itself, communications and otherwise, it is a serious thing if we and other nations use a weapon, an EMP weapon – and we've got them and other nations do – against grids, uh, power grids, but they're not going to take down massive power grids. They're going to disrupt very sensitive electronics. EMPs. There's a lot of misunderstanding about these things amongst the public.

NOORY: Well, if these are strong, strong possibilities, and we've got a trailer upon the Coast To Coast AM website, Surviving the Killshot, how many people do you think – and we're coming up to the break, Ed, so we'll talk more about this when we come back – but with the Killshot, are talking about the possibility of millions and millions of people perishing?

DAMES: Absolutely. Hundreds of millions for reasons that we can discuss. It's not just the Sun as we found out years afterward, about 4 years ago, it's the results of Fukushima, plus the Sun plus Mad Max scenarios plus all the (unintelligible).

NOORY: We'll be back in a moment. More with Major Ed Dames and his R.V.

Commercial break.

NOORY: Welcome back to Coast To Coast AM. We're going to spend a lot of time talking about the Killshot and Surviving the Killshot. In fact, Major Dames has an announcement that has not been heard any place else. Ed in looking back at some of the past discussions, you said that you don't think that there's going to be Presidential elections in 2016. You still hold that?

DAMES: Yes, I think martial law will be declared or something worse – martial law as an adjunct to something worse and I think that will be uh… probably either a Killshot or economic collapse, or both concurrent.

NOORY: You know I always ask you, do you still stand by what you said in the past. You never change. You always stand by what you say.

DAMES: Well, in R.V. as I've said before, if we as professional remote viewers can discern an event ahead, especially big events, it already exists in time. It's a fait accompli. It already exists so of course we stand by it. What I'm saying, these massive solar flares, over the years, the sequence I've given the appellation "Killshot" – this present sunspot and the ones behind it – appear to be the beginning of the end in terms of – I mean there'll be a new beginning at some juncture. I don't know and I've been asked this quite a bit – how long the sequence will last, months, years or whatever. I honestly don't know, but it's going to really damage our communications tremendously and our infrastructures tremendously. It will be the secondary effects that do the most damage to human beings.

That means no transportation, gas pumps don't work, communications are down – not all over the Earth at once, but point by point by point by point, the ancillary damage will cause the starvation of a lot of people worldwide. I mean in the developing countries now you've got starvation occurring so it's going to be the same old-same old there or worse, if it can get worse. For the developed countries we're on 'terra-incognito' and it's a brave new world. Yes, millions and millions of people will bite the dust.


DAMES: What I've been predicting will probably start in 2014. Now it looks like it's starting. I'm going on the road one more time. That's it. One more time to talk about this behind closed doors because of the sensitive information. I can't talk about in terms of sanctuary locations – I'll do it one more time in December and in January 4 cities and that's it. And then I have to take care of my own.

NOORY: Las Vegas, Orlando, Philadelphia and Portland. Right?

DAMES: Right. Portland on the 6th of December and Baltimore, Orlando and Las Vegas in January and then I say "sayonara" or awhile.

NOORY: Well, I hope you come back because if you're gone that may mean we all may be gone!

DAMES: No, that's not true. I'm going to provide as much threat management, warning and protection information so people can outrun or avoid these dangers like I'm going to be able to do or be overtaken be overcome by them. We need to prepare for a very significant paradigm.

NOORY: Absolutely. Are you still concerned about North Korea, Ed?

DAMES: Yeah, I am. Uh, I am. I'm very much concerned about them because as a former soldier, you know there's 28,500 U.S. troops over there, not that I'm not caring about South Koreans… in fact I have a South Korean contract right now and I'm mapping the location of undiscovered tunnels, DPRK tunnels that can transport a regiment to a division an hour from North Korea to the South.. Four have been discovered since the 1970s. I'm mapping the rest and also for my client I'm mapping the locations for all the North Korean nuclear devices, not the devices themselves, but the weapons. My client wants me to provide these to both the South Korean and U.S. governments and I will.

NOORY: But you think North Korea could launch a nuke you said this year and the year's almost over.

DAMES: Yeah, but they're not going to launch it. What I'm saying is I believe they will use it. What they'll do is they'll either truck it somewhere into one of those tunnels and my guess is although the guess is supported by a little bit of intel, that if we attack across the border God forbid any war like that, for lots of different reasons that they will pop, uh… if we counterattack across the border, they'll put that – one of the devices in one of the tunnels and pop it. Another device under the sea to stop any U.S. nuclear subs from getting close to the North Korean coast line. That's my guess. We won't know until we finish our study.

NOORY: The big story over the last month is where is their leader and he popped up last week for just a little bit…

DAMES: With a limp!

NOORY: I think he's been displace. I think they're just letting him hang around.

DAMES: Well, lots of countries have puppet figures. (Chuckling) Some of them are close to home. But exchanges of fire, those perennial exchanges of fire – South Korea shot at a North Korean patrol that got too close to the demarcation line, the DMZ, and the word was on the street yesterday from the North Koreans that they will retaliate and I quote "using unpredictable measures".

NOORY: Why are you so concerned and with reason – this is a rhetorical question – with Fukushima?

DAMES: Fukushima is THE most catastrophic manmade disaster in recorded history.

NOORY: Well, they're not saying anything about it anymore…

DAMES: It reminds me of the UFO phenomenon. I could use other examples but if the leadership of a country can't do anything about something, it doesn't say anything about it. That would telegraph the idea that the leadership is not in control, and so, they say nothing. The truth is, Tokyo is preparing to move their entire populace to another country. I won't go into the details now, but Myanmar is one and there is another country too because the government of Japan realizes that northern Japan is finished. The genetic damage alone to northern Japan will be catastrophic. It will be like Chernobyl or Fallujah in terms of birth defects. But the genetic damage to the rest of the planet starting with the Pacific Coast are equally catastrophic cumulatively over the years. It can't be solved. I lived near Chernobyl when I lived in Ukraine and they're running out of funds to recap that.

NOORY: That was a disaster! Gez…

DAMES: Fukushima has put out 4 times that amount of radiation and it's non-stop. It's not capped so I can't over… there's no way to over-emphasize the eternal danger of Fukushima and the effects it will have on this planet. One of the reasons I want contact with higher intelligence is – I think without that it is imperative that we're going down as a species.

NOORY: Is there anything we can do about that?

DAMES: That's what I'm saying. I believe there is nothing we can do. We have to call out to a higher intelligence to lend a hand. That is my firm belief.

NOORY: Well, we might be up a creek on that one then.

DAMES: I think there's some hope for some people for survivors. I will talk more about that when in those cities. People interested in more information can go to That link is up there.

NOORY: Tell me, are you giving away a free DVD? What are you doing?

DAMES: I hate to use the old term but 'shooting our wad' in terms of providing as much as we can as fast as possible to people vis-à-vis all the things I've talked about on Coast To Coast over the years though the attendees of the closed door (conferences) will still have to sign a non-disclosure agreement because of the very sensitive information.

NOORY: Yeah, you don't like them talking about what you're telling them, do you.

DAMES: No, no, no, no because it endangers them, George. It would endanger me, if I talked about where I was going and what I'm doing. But it would endanger them after they receive information critical to the survival of themselves and their family and loved ones, it would endanger them to put that out there to the public, to the people that didn't care until the last minute. But anyway, we have a special booklet, a DVD and a map that we give only to the attendees.

I would encourage you to come to one.

NOORY: I wanted to come to the Vegas one in January, but I'm gonna be in Denver on that date.

DAMES: George, I'll just come and sit down with you. We'll have a coffee klatch and brief you in private.

NOORY: Well, why don't you just do one in L.A? We'd be huge!

DAMES: You know what? I did not pick these cities.

NOORY: Who did?

DAMES: The Learn RV products guys based on people who are interested in what we do and have been perennially.

NOORY: Or St. Louis… We could always match up there. Some place…

DAMES: Uh, St. Louis is too close to the New Madrid fault.

NOORY: It is right there. It is right there! (chuckling) I want to get back into surviving the Killshot. Take a quick look for us Ed, into the future. What can you tell us about what's going to happen? I mean, no presidential elections…

DAMES: Well, I'll give you one really grim thing.

NOORY: That's why they call you Dr. Doom.

DAMES: Roger… The cause of Fukushima is just one thing. The cause of Fukushima, I mentioned this before, it isn't just – I'll talk about the Sun in a minute – Fukushima itself will render almost the entire Pacific Coast of North America, including Canada, sterile for all intents and purposes and very dangerous. So people will have to start migrating inland, but the problem there is because of the Killshot.

There's going to be rapid weather changes. The core of the Earth is changing rapidly. Yes, there will be a lot of effects in the Earth's atmosphere, but people do not realize the flux that exists between the Sun and the core of the Earth. That changes more than anything Earth's weather and that will change very, very rapidly.

One of the huge changes will be drought. Extreme drought, which is beginning to happen already in California.

NOORY: It sure is. It's horrible.

DAMES: We're talking starvation. Starvation.

NOORY: And wars!

DAMES: Well, the wars we could talk about forever. But a point will be reached where… Years before, we knew that all these warring parties look up in the skies in this unprecedented atmospheric effects, what we now believe is that these unprecedented atmospheric effects are essentially aggravated solar activity – auroras – not just simply far South, but very, very active. In fact, we think based on research we did in the past, that the Chinese idea of the dragon, the electrical currents in the air, is sort of like this that this may have happened before, perhaps 11,500 years ago is our guess.

And that eclipses all the priorities, the geo-political economic priorities, not economic so much, but the political priorities and the ideologies. People go home. They just go home.

NOORY: We predicted if the grid goes down from either an X-flare or an EMP, it could be years before it gets back up.

DAMES: Yeah, if any particular grid goes, they're not all going to go down at once and some will never go down. The ones that are stretched out over long wide spaces, they will. They will under the right circumstances and the right circumstances are happening real soon, watch the solar flares from (sunspot) 2192 as a harbinger of what's coming real fast.

When the grids go down, we're looking at easily no less than 6 months, but probably 2 years. A lot can happen in terms of Mad Max scenarios.

NOORY: Oh, my gosh. It sure can. And that's how we're gonna get hit. We're gonna get hit from all different angles.

DAMES: It's a confluence of events as I've said many times. It's happening now. I'm just gong to lay it out on the line folks and they exit stage left for awhile to take care of (unintelligible).

NOORY: Well, let's look at it. You're in St. Petersburg, let's assume the power's out there, too, those winters are pretty darned cold, Ed.

DAMES: Oh yes they are, but Russia has a whole lotta gas and a whole lotta energy. That's how they make their living and the people there in St. Petersburg are extremely civilized. It's a very civilized city. Visit there. Look at it. It's not like Oakland, Atlanta, St. Louis, Chicago, Detroit, New York. Uh-uh. Or Paris. It's not like that.

NOORY: Have you run into Vladimir Putin out there?

DAMES: No, only tangentially because I volunteered to help on the terrorist thing. As I said on your show years ago, there was a man on my hit list, Basaith (sp?) was his name, the architect of the best land massacre. The best land massacre was the Russian event where terrorists, Chechnya terrorists, daisy-chained a bunch of grenades and blew up a bunch of kids.

NOORY: In a school. I remember that. Tragic.

DAMES: I'm going to help the FSB on this one.

NOORY: The fact that you're in Russia, are you there because of family?

DAMES: Yes, yes, mostly family. But I'm growing fond of them. I mean, they were my threat, my so-called threat for so many years during the Cold War. I spied against them, but I became quite respectful in the process as well. As I said on your show, Putin, yeah, he's an oligarch and he's a dictator, but there's one thing he has that we don't see in this neck of the woods, this man loves his country. He loves his country.

NOORY: He's obsessed with it.

DAMES: Well, he's obsessed with power like any dictator would be but that is connected also with his love for his country.

NOORY: Who is his right hand man? Medvedev… or however you pronounce it.

DAMES: They play good guy, bad guy. They play good cop, bad cop. Putin has an acceptance rate of like 83%.

NOORY: Does he really? That high?

DAMES: Yeah, 83%.

NOORY: Geez… compared to our President here.

DAMES: Yeah, like 23% last count.

NOORY: Why is he such a hero there?

DAMES: Because he's a hero. Yeah. He's a leader.

NOORY: There's some unrest there, isn't there?

DAMES: Oh yes, there's unrest in every country, demonstrations. An artist cut his ear lobe off 2 days ago.

NOORY: Yeah, I heard about that.

DAMES: …in Red Square.

NOORY: He's a little nutty.

DAMES: But the entire nation is extremely conservative. They have… you have… I think some of the Edgar Cayce's prophecies are very, very interesting vis-à-vis Russia. Edgar Cayce predicted Russia would take the reins in terms of Christianity in the new moral world and things like that. Interesting days and times…

NOORY: Ed, we had a mini-shuttle that came down this week, the X-37B. What do you think that craft is being used for?

DAMES: George, I can't talk about that because I was involved in things like that and it's very, very classified and I just can't comment.

NOORY: Oh really?

DAMES: The same with biological warfare. I can tell you many, many things and answer many questions for you about the BW weaponization and these kinds of things, the Treaty of 1972 and how the Russians found loopholes in that – all that – but there are a lot of things that I can't talk about because I was right in there and you know… it's still classified.


DAMES: And that particular shuttle is one of them.

NOORY: This cancelling of the election Ed, I just saw a story today where there is another person making a prophetic guess that there's not going to be a 2016 election. It's mind-boggling.


NOORY: Ed, are you with us?

(Dames appears to be absent.)

DAMES: Roger. Actually I was taking a look at this sunspot again. I'm watching it quite closely.

NOORY: It's getting bigger.

DAMES: It's not just getting bigger. It will stay about the same size, but the damage it can cause and there's a likelihood that it may, as enormous as it is and facing right at us, as I mentioned, it's one of the biggest, most threatening sunspots I've seen in 15 years of observation. Actually more, because lined right up on its backside of the Sun are its kin. So that's why I'm saying – I'm going to put my neck on the line – we all knew as professionals that 2014 was the beginning and this 'guy' not only augers in, but ushers in, the Killshot sequence.

NOORY: Well, as I was saying while you were out looking at the sunspot, course, wherever you may be, you couldn't see the sunspot. It's dark now out, Ed.

DAMES: Yeah, well, the Internet can see everything.

(NOORY chuckles)

DAMES: I look at NASA's website…

NOORY: You're not alone. Some other people are saying that there may not be an election in 2016. I find that mind-boggling.

HOLLY NOTE: Dames says his comment on no election was only an educated guess, not something remote viewed.

End of transcription.

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