Why the Pope Really Wants to Flood America With Illegal Aliens

El Paso Bishop: Trump Border Wall Is ‘Monument to Hate’

October 15, 2019
Holly Deyo

This is what happens when you have 'leaders' who live in a cloistered world, away from real life. Priests/cardinals/bishops/popes don't have families, aren't supposed to have sex with women let alone with little boys or men, enjoy up to 8 years of postsecondary education and master’s degree tuition-free, and live in a shielded world where most things are provided. And from them Catholics are supposed to take practical advice? Advice is best given by those who have life experience.

The current socialist pope, who lives to criticize America and Americans, lives a luxurious lifestyle, bejeweled, bedecked and magnificently robed up. It was maybe 4 decades ago on an episode of 60 Minutes, Mike Wallace gained unprecedented access to areas that held the Vatican's treasures not before seen by the public. Gold, paintings, jewels, priceless art, books and manuscripts, sculptures, ancient treasures, unimaginable wealth – eye-staggering riches that made your eyes bleed, yet they prevail upon parishioners to give, GIVE, GIVE so they could 'help the poor.'

In 1965, Vatican wealth was estimated to be up to $15 billion. That was over 5 decades ago. Imagine how that fortune and investments have multiplied since then! "The Vatican has big investments in banking, insurance, chemicals, steel, construction, real estate. … Unlike ordinary stockholders, the Vatican pays no taxes on this income." (Time, 1965)

They have enough billions to go a long way to help 'fix' the poor yet they ask for more money. If they truly cared about the poor, they could have sold off their shocking wealth and distributed same to the needy around the world.

Then came exposure of their rampant sexual abuse that ruined countless decent people's lives, scarred them for life, and then hid those priests' sins for decades, moved pedophiles around to different locations where no one knew of their past deeds, protecting them – until they did it again – never calling them to account until these last few years when sex abuse scandals ballooned too big to conceal. No wonder more than 1/3 of Catholics are considering leaving their church.

Former Father Jonathan Morris, who after 17 years left the priesthood earlier this year, addressed the issue of perversion within the Catholic church in a Fox News interview. He asserted that if priests were allowed to marry it still wouldn't alleviate to enormous tide of homosexuals within that religion. You have to wonder what's up with that?


This might give insight on why the pope is so outspoken promoting no borders and rampant illegal immigration. During a Sept. 2017 60 Minutes program, "former White House senior strategist Stephen K. Bannon was described by [host] Charlie Rose as “a good Catholic.” How then, Rose wanted to know, does Bannon feel about church leaders criticizing President Trump for ending a program that allows nearly 800,000 undocumented young people to live and work in the United States?

“'The Catholic Church has been terrible about this,” Bannon said. “The bishops have been terrible about this.”…

Bannon charged that Catholic leaders, who have been among the most vocal critics of the Trump administration on matters of immigration, have been unable “to come to grips with the problems [rampant sexual abuse] in the Church” and so “they need illegal aliens to fill the churches. That’s — it’s obvious on the face of it.”

"Plus," he continued, the Catholic leaders 'have an economic interest in unlimited immigration, unlimited illegal immigration.'” So there you have it. (Washington Post, Sept. 2017) With nearly 4 in 10 Catholics considering leaving that faith, they' need warm bodies to fill the pews and coffers, and illegal immigrants will do.

Priests have ruined tens of thousands of lives and then hid that abuse, yet the socialist Pope thinks people want to hear anything he has to say about borders and how we run our country? He should read Dr. Michael Savage's spot-on observations in borders-language-culture.

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