Businesses Terrified at the Thought of President Pocahontas

Elizabeth Warren Could Be America's Wrecking Ball

October 29, 2019, Updated November 1
Holly Deyo

Kamala Harris, who was once a rising Roman candle, is now a fizzling firecracker. Make that a dud. She's been exposed as a liar and a faker, and people are fed up. Harris continues her meteoric drop with the latest Quinnipiac poll showing her at 5%, plummeting from 15.2%. She's earned that loss and captured the moniker of Most Dishonest Senator. Consider these recent headlines:

Voters have turned their collective back on Harris for the ridiculous policies she'd put in place as president and her profound record of lying. So what's the alternative? Possibly…


Wrong-way Warren, too, has major problems. So much so that she'd better watch her step for also coming across as inauthentic, fake and a liar. Take for instance that home video of her speaking into the camera to her voter groupies saying, "Hold on a sec. I'm going to get me a beer". It's so in your face that Friday night Tucker Carlson commented, "Wherever there is Elizabeth Warren, there is falseness. Fake is who Warren is."

Adding to her bad rep, are years-long, oft-repeated lies of being Native American and getting fired for being "visibly pregnant," where she was busted in this video by her own words.

Last October she exposed her own lying after taking a DNA test that revealed she was
just 1,024th Native American. It was only then she finally deleted a tweet boasting Native American heritage and was forced to admit she's not a 'person of color'. This was particularly egregious because she used her fictitious non-white minority status to gain employment at prestigious Harvard. Last year, even her home town paper, the Boston Globe, warned Lie-A-Watha Don't Run in 2020.

Another Warren lie is that she claims to be a capitalist, yet she promised to ban ALL fracking on Day 1 as president. This would effectively kill off the entire U.S. oil and gas industry while simultaneously wiping out millions of jobs. Here's a wake-up for Lizzy, 2/3 the U.S. electrical grid is powered by fossil fuels. What would she do on January 20, 2021 - immediately put 220 million Americans in the dark? You can read more ill-conceived Democrat-proposed policies here: The Wrecking of America… How Democrats' Socialist Schemes Will Bankrupt the Country. These are concerns every American must keep in mind at the voting booth.


Additionally, Warren continually dodges how she'd pay for her multi-trillion-dollar programs like Medicare-For-All. No less than 17 times, Warren was asked point blank if middle class taxes would go to up and she deflected every time. There is simply no way this will work financially; experts have done the math. See this analysis on The Wrecking of America.

UPDATE: On November 1, Elizabeth Waren finally revealed the staggering cost of her Medicare-For-All plan. $52 TRILLION! This simply isn't plausible – or believable. Financing Bernie's and Warren's healthcare plans was exposed to bankrupt the country when they were 'only' going to cost $30 - $36 trillion and every wealthy person and business were taxed into oblivion and out of existence. Even then this would only pay for HALF. How gullible do they think we are? Of course she wouldn't tax middle class America because the country would cease to exist! Apparently Elizabeth Warren will say anything to get elected.

Warren only specifies how to pay for a little over $15 trillion. The other $37 trillion is sprinkled with Democrat fairy dust. Every penny taxed in the U.S. only puts $4 trillion into IRS coffers.

She mentions "deep cuts to military spending and payments to doctors and comprehensive immigration reform." The first takes us back to Obama-type national INsecurity. The second will drive even more doctors from the healthcare industry than did ObamaCare and its endless paperwork. The 3
rd rung will likely import many more foreigners – most of which we can't afford even now.

Yes, Lizzy this is another one of your disastrous plans, one that's disengaged from reality. This is reminiscent of Lizzy Borden… Instead of taking an axe to her parents, Warren would murder America's economy.

Like Kamala Harris, Warren has zero relationship with the truth and once again Media Scramble to Cover for Elizabeth Warren's Serial Lies. The terrible policies Warren would like to implement as Commander-in-Chief, which are so far-radically left with no way to pay for them, are a testament to Democrats' pie-in-the-sky break with reality and ignoring mainstream Americans.

We'll give Bernie this: at least he admits everybody's taxes would go up, but here's the thing. He keeps trying to sell his Medicare-For-All saying people will have no co-pay, no doctor visit bills, no prescription costs, BUT taxes will go up drastically. In fact, it would put Americans in THE HIGHEST income tax bracket in the world.

With all those taxes, even after a decade of sucking everybody and every business dry, it would pay for only half of the needed $32 - $36 trillion. When the next decade of Medicare-For-All begins, undoubtedly expenses will go up, so maybe the new cost would peg $40 - $45 trillion PLUS there's that $16 - $18 trillion to pay from the first decade. This is a no-win scenario.

At least with doctor and hospital bills, you can negotiate payments and lower the entire bill and put them on credit cards to spread the pain – for a while. With IRS you're done-in-1. Every April you're going to have to cough up a load of cash. While IRS is relentless on tax collection, creditors can be sympathetic. Taxes due can't go on credit cards and there's no negotiating with IRS. So Bernie's Deal-of-the-Decade is more like the Screwing-of-a-Century.

Here's the bottom line irony: Democrats used to center their campaigns on middle America and the working class, putting civil service before personal wealth. That role has utterly reversed since the Clintons. Democrats are now the party of the ultra-rich, the out-of-touch, the elite; and go into politics in order to become rich.


Yesterday, the S&P 500 hit an all-time record high amid trade optimism with the Dow right on its heels closing at over 27,000. This is even more remarkable when in October, it's historically been a month of sell-offs. Think Black Monday that saw a 23% drop in one session. Businesses are optimistic with 60% of companies beating earnings estimates and 60% surpassing revenue estimates.

Unemployment under Obama could do no better than 4.7%. Under Trump it's at 3.7%. Unemployment for blacks, Asians and Hispanics is at all-time lows, and as of September 2019 it's never been better for blacks and Hispanics. For young people, it's the lowest in 52 years, and for women, unemployment is the lowest in 65 years. The number of people working now is the greatest in America's history and people in economically disadvantaged countries want a piece of the American pie. Also as of August 2019, a record number of people – 157,878,000 were employed. According to the BLS, every group for unemployment is doing well: adult men (3.4%), adult women (3.3%), teenagers (12.6%), Whites (3.4%), Blacks (5.5%), Asians (2.8%), and Hispanics (4.2%).

President Obama, after 8 years, is credited with creating 8.9 million jobs – with the caveat below. In President Trump's first two years he created more than half that number at 4.7 million. We'll see what the other 6 years bring.

OBAMA CAVEAT: The majority of the jobs Obama produced were low-paying part-time positions. He ran off great deal of manufacturing companies with over regulation. Obama slapped on so many regs it strangled business growth while simultaneously tying up established companies in red tape. During their first 22 months in office, GW Bush added 465 regulations. Obama burdened businesses with another 647 and Trump just 229.

More meaningfully, since Obama's departure, Trump has removed more regulations than any president in history. For every new regulation passed, Trump removed 22 his first year in office and in 2018, he exceeded his campaign promise of removing 2 for every new one. Once unhampered, businesses took off and are moving back to the U.S. Obama said, paraphrased, get used to it; it's the new normal.

One other thing people forget is that Obama adjusted the full-time employment work week from 40 hours down to 28. He did this for 2 reasons:
1) He could (falsely) claim he'd created more full-time jobs than what was true.
2) It forced employers to provide ObamaCare for what had been the part-time employee. This broke the financial backs of many small- and medium-sized businesses.

So let Democrats utter all the nonsense they choose on this being Obama's economy like they did Friday in Trump Economy Surges and Biden and Obama Hog The Credit. Those who read facts know this is Trump's doing.


Trump's phenomenal economic boom would break if Elizabeth Warren gets into office.

Financial expert Stuart Varney warned last month, Warren's "Accountable Capitalism Act" Would Be a "Socialist Takeover of American Business" and If Warren Really Understood Native Americans, She'd Know Socialism Doesn’t Work.

This leaves Progressive with a worrying dilemma evidenced in this headline of 5 days ago:
ROGRESSIVES' PANIC: Democratic Leaders Anxious Over Lack Of Viable 2020 Candidates. Their top 3 presidential candidates all have optics problems. Sanders is seen an the angry, old white guy. Warren can't stop lying and getting caught – plus she will ruin America financially. (Ditto Sanders.) Biden, the gaffe-master, has Ukraine and Romania skeletons rattling; the questionably unethical actions of his son Hunter; and the perception, if not fact, that Old Joe's slipping mentally.

Small-to-large business owners do not want Warren at the helm for all of the above-listed reasons and more. They know she would crush America's entreprenuralism, break their economic backs and turn this bright nation into something hideously unrecognizable – something much worse that what Obama brought.

Democrat donors warn their party that if they nominate Elizabeth Warren, they'll either back President Trump or sit out the vote. Either way Trump lands another victory.

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