Keeping Evil at Bay,
But the New World Order Will Have Its Day, Pt 3

February 20, 2020
Holly Deyo



Notably, the Pope is at the forefront doing his best to shame people and countries into taking more and more immigrants to the point where their home countries will completely empty of inhabitants and the problems they fled will come with them. Uncontrolled, unlimited immigration is overrunning civilized Western nations. That is the NWO goal. Level the playing field and turn the world into a global Race of Tan where humanity is one yucky blob of indisguishability.

In 1975 Lobsang Rampa (pseudonym for Cyril Henry Hoskin) wrote about the Race of Tan in Twilight. As a New Ager and someone open to the New World Order, universal equality and all the rest, he penned:

Just think of this; get all the white people, the yellow people, the red people, the black people, and any other colour or shade you can scrape up, get them all to inter – marry, and look at the result. What would the colour be? Tan, of course. And so we can get the Race of Tan when we get all the peoples of the world inter – marrying because in those days colour will not matter. It doesn't matter in Brasil [Spanish spelling] nowadays. It is one place on the face of this Earth where the black man and the white man work side by side with no thought whatever of colour. I have a very soft spot for Brasil because they are doing well, and it is one of the coming countries. They will be the first to produce citizens for the Race of Tan.

The cancerous call to take in ever more foreigners, automatically dilutes a nation's culture, language, values, history, morals and heritage. As of 2015, at least 350 languages are spoken in the U.S. Since most illegals don't assimilate, it further rips apart any country. Divided, a house can't stand, which is the focal point of globalists. When a nation is weak and poor, it's much easier to bring in the New World Government. The massive welfare surge needed to pay for overwhelming immigration, illegal and legal, ends up beggaring wealthy nations. Consider that illegal aliens in the U.S. already cost taxpayers $135 BILLION every year when American citizens rightfully complain about an exploding deficit that currently tallies $23 trillion. In the face of this, we need to give illegals more rights, privileges, healthcare, public assistance and money than our veterans? Our citizens? Hopefully Americans will wake up and see the insanity, the unfairness of this…

Planting the seed deeper, the UN warned a couple weeks ago "the world needs to prepare for ‘millions’ of climate displaced" persons. Guess where they'll be funneled? They will try shaming wealthy countries into accepting millions of foreigners, saying we're racist if we resist. To best-off Western nations this is one of the largest wealth redistribution schemes the world has seen and America's Leftists are fully on board.


This is another inescapable avenue beggaring western nations. Since 1980 the U.S. has sustained 258 weather and climate disasters where damages reached or exceeded $1 billion every event. Most went above totaling $1.75 trillion. That's 8% of the entire national debt. Don't see much reported about how bad Canada's weather issues are, but then again, they're used to freezing their backsides off or the UK's, which leaves Australia.

Australia is another story. The Conversation reports that this fire season has dealt them a $100 BILLION blow. That is only one segment of Australia's disasters. In the last few months, they've been pounded by catastrophic wildfires, drought, 111ºF temps, ash rain, dead crops and farm animals, dust storms the size of the UK, golf ball-sized hail and flash floods.

Poorer nations don't stop to think that if they destitute formerly well-off countries through unending immigration, continual wars and expected foreign aid, who will bail them out when disaster hits?

America always comes to everyone's aid – America is always at the forefront of giving and helping. No other country has the means, the heart or will to do this. When America is neutered as prophesied, worldwide is the lament: who will buy our stuff? Then, too late, people will see they killed the golden goose. For the first time, they will be on their own.


The third leg arrives when the next depression hits. Most people will not survive it. People committed suicide by the scores during the Great Depression and Americans were much more self-sufficient back then. It lasted a decade and in just 2 of those years, 40,000 Americans took their own lives. When the next recession (13 since the Great Depression) or God forbid, a depression ensues, the desperate will be even more ready to take the number.

People are being eased into taking chips as thousands of Swedes have replaced cash and credit cards with a chip in their hand. It's not just a few thousand. According to one chipping company so many are lining up for it, they can't keep up with demand and cash is nearly extinct.

Amazon too, is boarding that sinking ship. Prophecy News Watch reports that that mega-company is in the early stages of turning your hand into a credit card. "Mastercard, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo and Synchrony Financial have also expressed interest in working with Amazon on the new technology. Mastercard coincidentally just certified the first contactless biometric payment card from Thales Group that uses fingerprints. The certification is a key milestone for the introduction of biometric cards to a larger market and serve major banks demands for commercial roll outs in 2020." (source)

Photo: Chips currently in use.

Guinea pig Edgar Pons is quite thrilled with his RFID chip. He told Reuters "It is super, for me, very useful, because I have an automatic house." What you never hear addressed is that when some thief wants your bank account and he has zero compunction about chopping off your hand or holding your hand at gunpoint to the ATM machine.

In 2017 Wisconsin-based Three Square Market implanted 80 of its employees with rice-size chips. This tech company plans to debut a GPS-enabled microchip to track dementia patients. You, too, can be chipped just like your 4-legged furry family member.

These baby steps are right in line with the UN as it is their plan to have everyone biometrically ID'ed within just 10 short years.

Once again the UN is at the forefront, trying to organize a universal currency. "José Antonio Ocampo, former United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs, believes the IMF and SDR could be utilized to form a one-world monetary system. He outlined this proposal in a Project Syndicate piece, titled 'Time for a True Global Currency.' It essentially echoes the same sentiment behind the 31-year-old Economist article: The world needs an international monetary system and one-world notes in a global economy.

"Moving forward, says Ocampo, the IMF could be turned into a fully-financed institution that runs its own paper money scheme. This could be achieved by considering the undeposited SDRs that countries hold. Either during bullish times or throughout an economic collapse, the IMF could proceed to issue SDRs to the tune of $300 billion annually. Central banks would then exchange their reserves for SDRs." (source)

Now during the Trump boom economy when more Americans than ever enjoy good and prosperous living, people are increasingly dependent on technology and less skilled to the point of self-sufficiency helplessness. Two weeks ago news came out that 2 in 5 Americans can't fix anything without Google. Now factor in how secular the world has become and the U.S. in particular. As we drift from God and the Bible, people will be more willing to take a chip just to eat and pay bills.


An evil plan has nearly been accomplished in 'the land of the free and home of the brave'. Satan's people have inserted and immersed our colleges, universities and churches in Communism – the very thing that would vanquish Christianity and freedom. Once America's foundations were solidly infiltrated, it was time to take it to the core of our Country – government. We are witnessing at this very moment, overtly avowed Socialists taking over the Democrat party, jerking it so far left that moderate Dems have whiplash.

Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and to a quieter degree, Pete Buttigieg, all have agendas vastly far from mainstream Democrats and it has fractured their party. Buttigieg has been accused of flip-flopping to appear moderate and has been promoted as such, but he is anything but moderate. Buttigieg wants to:

Since Buttigieg has had trouble running even his small Indiana town, it's hard to believe Americans would vote for him as president, but he is the 'shiny new object.' Elizabeth Warren's socialist star appears to fade as maybe she was caught in one too many lies. Political consultant and policy advisor Karl Rove observed that the 2 most likely presidential candidates are avowed Socialist Bernie Sanders pitted against a charisma-challenged Capitalist billionaire Michael Bloomberg. Bloomberg is so uninviting he's paying social media influencers to make him look cool. That's desperate.

High schools have removed Civics and American History from the curriculum. Kids no longer have that core knowledge of what it means to be an American, what our Founding Fathers imagined. They don't know that from the time of the American Revolution forward nearly 1,500,000 soldiers died to give them the freedoms they rebel against. Worst of all, they have zero undrstanding of socialism, of what's taking over not just America, but the world.

Whoever thought America would see a socialist Senator, let alone one running for president. That's how far Communism has made inroads here. This is a heads up to every American to see what would be the final transition of America into the NWO's hands. Reglion. Money. Government. That completes the Trifecta for the New World Order.


Wait one… America has a reprieve. Donald Trump. From the start when the President announced his 'America First' agenda he became a massive obstacle for various groups implementing their own agendas. Global elites, 'citizens of the world' rather than Americans, European leaders, Socialists, China-Russia-the-Middle-East minus Israel, most Democrats, the Deep State and entrenched members of Congress are still furious at President Trump's win. They saw 3 years ago Obama's America-derailment was about to change.

When elections results were announced and Hillary Clinton saw she'd failed, not just herself, but furthering the NWO plan, she muttered to Barack Obama "Mr. President, I'm sorry". She knew immediately the country was going to be righted on a more moderate course and repealing some of the onerous legislation Obama, et al, had thrust down America's throat. Moreover, global leaders saw the new President as a huge brake on propelling the U.S. headlong into Socialism, abandoning the Constitution and her sovereignty, curtailing open borders and reversing Obama's stance that America's best days were behind us. He and other globalist wanted to weaken the U.S. economically, spiritually, militarily, physically. In short, gut the Country of heart and hope.

President Trump pledged to re-strengthen this nation and he has done so by:

  • Rebuilding the military that Obama decimated leaving us ripe for attack
  • Restoring Christian values
  • Protecting religious freedom
  • Signing Right-To-Try legislation
  • Removing the much-hated ObamaCare individual mandate penalty
  • Bringing back manufacturing and corporations that had moved plants and factories off-shore
  • Implementing tax cuts and removing more red tape than any other president
  • Removing 8 job-killing regulations for every new 1 adopted, saving American households $3,100 per year. (Trump had promised to remove 2 for every 1)
  • Pulling U.S. troops out of treasury-depleting endless wars
  • Restoring the Constitutional right to pray in public schools
  • Recognizing Jerusalem and moving our embassy to Israel's capital
  • Creating over 7 million jobs and lifting every single group to its best prosperity and lowest unemployment in over 50 years. For veterans, disabled Americans, those without high school diplomas, blacks, Asians and Hispanics unemployment has reached all-time record lows
  • Women's unemployment is at a 71-year low
  • Passing criminal justice reform
  • Making the U.S. nearly energy independent, saving American households $2,500 per year in lowered electric bills and savings at the pump. For the first time since 1957 the U.S. is a net natural gas exporter
  • Axing the economy-killing TPP and NAFTA, and replacing them with bilateral trade agreements
  • Setting a new GOP standard supporting the unborn
  • Stopping taxpayer dollars going to colleges and universities that spread anti-Semitism
  • Confirming 191 Federal judges including 2 Supreme Court judges
  • Creating Space Force, the 6th branch of the Armed Forces
  • Lifting over 10 million people from poverty
  • Securing $6 billion in NEW funding to fight the opioid epidemic
  • Providing more affordable healthcare options
  • Withdrawing the U.S. from the jobs-killing Paris Climate Accord
  • Withdrawing the U.S. from the horrible, one-sided Iran Deal

These achievements, including many more, were accomplished in the face of Democrats' fierce, partisan and self-serving Resist Movement. Likely the President will be re-elected this November and we'll have about 4-1/2 years pushing back and holding back the New World Order. However, this demonic multi-armed entity is so massive and worldwide, at some point they will regain the upper hand. This is Satan's domain and the anti-Christ, as prophesied in Revelation 13:7-8, 12 and 16, will have his day instituting his one world government, one world religion and one world currency. President Trump and Christians are just standing in the way.

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