Protesters, Rioters and Anarchists

Photo: Building on fire in St.Paul May 29, 2020. (Credit: Hungryogrephotos)

Holly Deyo
July 28, 2020

I want to convey this with the utmost delicacy, compassion and respect possible… Police protesters have been taken over by Antifa, Marxists and anarchists. Period. They are being used. Their message that began with George Floyd's murder has been completely obscured and overridden, because roving mobs of America-haters have attached themselves to this cause in hopes of blending in. That said, these protests have been non-stop for 2 months. How much, how longer is enough? People have gotten the message – or the won't. How much longer do they plan to walk the streets, not work or attend classes? Do something productive? Frankly, it's getting boring, and people are tuning out as they see their cities destroyed.

Photo: Vehicles on fire during a riot in Washington, D.C. on May (Credit: Brett Weinstein)

We aren't experiencing that here in our little burg – yet. However it has started to appear in Colorado Springs, 45 minutes away, with idiots – not George Floyd protesters – blocking a few roads on main thoroughfares. They've been shutdown quick-smart. Even in the Democrat strong-hold where we are, people keep and bears arms and LOTS of ammo. The Make My Day Law stands, gay Democrat governor or not.

Protesters' messages have been heard around the world, but now they are doing more harm than good. If people don't sufficiently differentiate protesters from rioters, residents in these hellishly Democrat-run cities will likely turn against protesters because they are sick of their beautiful cities, businesses and normal life turned upside down – being destroyed by their drum-beat.

Photo: A man stands on a burned out car on Thursday morning as fires burn behind him in the Lake St area of Minneapolis, Minnesota (Credit: Lorie Shaull from St Paul, MN)

We don't even want to say 'Black Lives Matter" because it is mostly an anarchist message. Cretins, rioters, anarchists, America-haters, Commie-Marxists. Good people are afraid to go out even in daytime. Buildings are burning, people are being shot, beaten and harassed. Businesses looted and Federal buildings pillaged, defaced, destroyed. At least 29 people have died mostly from gunshots as of July 5 and over 14,000 arrested as of early June. Police officers killed this year have surged 28% and we're only halfway through 2020.

Photo: Anti-police graffiti at the Utah State Capitol Building, May 29, 2020 during the George Floyd protests. Airman of the 151st Security Forces Squadron answer the call of Utah Governor Gary R. Herbert, to provide an extra layer of safety and security in response to demonstrations and rioting at the Utah State Capitol, as well as, the Salt Lake City and County Building. (US Air National Guard photo by Tech. Sgt. Joe A. Davis)

Anarchists are armed with automatic weapons in a few instances, handguns and longarms with many magazines, professional-grade fireworks and Molotov cocktails, power tools, bats and clubs, frozen water bottles, sledgehammers, tasers, sling shots filled with ball bearings, bricks and rocks, axes, spray bottles filled with bleach and urine, and hockey sticks PLUS lasers that have left 3 police officers with permanent retina damage. They are firing all of the aforementioned at police and those they perceive 'aren't with them.' Rioters in Portland set on fire a Federal building WITH Federal agents inside who were protecting that building. When these Federal employees were forced out, anarchists attacked them. These riots are what Democrat House Judiciary Comm. Chairman, Jerry Nadler, called yesterday "a myth." He must think people around the world don't watch the news and see that their actions tearing the country apart.

Photo: The interior of the Cub Foods grocery store at 2850 26th Avenue South (Minnehaha Center) in Minneapolis, Minnesota, following both 'peaceful' protests and property damage and looting in the wake of the police killing of George Floyd. (Credit: Tony Webster)

This rioting has got to stop. The infection is spreading. Protesters should cease demonstrating – at least for a while – and let police arrest these anarchist-Marxist crazies because protesters' messages have been drowned out anyway.

Pete Hegseth talked with police officers in Portland a few weeks ago and they said property damage had exceeded $23 million back then. How many more millions by now? Now multiply that by every city that these riots are ruining. All I can say is that these Democrat governors and mayors had better NOT come for taxpayer dollars to repair what they were too p-weak to defend.

Photo: Black Lives Matter protests in Seattle (Credit: Kelly Kline)

Does this resemble the America you know and loved 6 months ago? When Stan and I were invited to Hopi Nation in 1996, the son of the Prophecy Keeper shared that America would be destroyed from within and that the red man would take in the whites, in order for them to survive. Not so far-fetched sounding now is it… Christ's enemies are fomenting.

Photo: Riots in in Oakland, CA (Credit: Daniel Arauz)

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