Jericho, a Predictor?

February 15, 2021
Holly Deyo

Stan and I started watching the TV series 'Jericho' a week ago at several people's urging. Uncanny parallels to what's happening today are unmistakable.

The disturbing opening scene shows a little boy staring, transfixed, by a nuclear blast. We wished they hadn't used this scene because when something this anomalous happens, our natural urge is to stare. Jericho unfortunately gives a subliminal message, look! This is something not to do as it can cause eye damage.

Video: For the most part testing nuclear weapons above-ground on U.S. soil stopped in the early 60s, but not before over a thousand nukes were detonated. Captured here in May 1953, is a 15 kiloton blast conducted at Frenchman's Flat, Nevada. For point of reference, Little Boy detonated on Hiroshima was close in size at 12-18 Kt.

In Grable's detonation seen here, vehicles instantly incinerate. Trees jerk back and forth in an obscene dance. A test home vaporizes. Other vehicles tip over like Tinker toys. Debris blows hundreds of feet as a horrifying shockwave rolls across Earth's surface.

This one-off experiment used an 85-ton cannon named Atomic Annie. Just 5,000 yards away across from the Nevada Test Site 3,000 military personnel watched. The U.S. government built 20 more of these cannons, which were sent to Europe and Korea. Eight remain today, but exactly where they are remains unknown as they were shifted around to keep their location secret.

The Plot

The story of Jericho begins with a nuclear attack on Denver, which is what the little boy watches. How could such a thing happen? After the Soviet Union fell, neglected military and the satellite republics started selling their nuclear stockpiles on the black market. (This isn't hard to believe because when Russia's dilapidated nukes started leaking radiation, the U.S. and 7 other G-8 countries pledged $20 billion for clean up because Russia was too broke to do it.)

In Jericho's story, the CIA implements Operation Project Red Bell with the objective to obtain the deadly material 'at any and all costs.' However, a shipment of this fissile material is intercepted on way to the Department of Energy's storage complex in Oak Ridge, TN. Jericho's story begins a few years after this.

Who would do this?

According to the plot, groups of "domestic militia, anarchists and religious fanatics" – terrorists that would never ordinarily collaborate on any level – came together for these unthinkable attacks. The only thing that connected them was a desire to take down the U.S. government.

Comment Insert: Last Summer, what took place unabated, undeterred and sanctioned by some Progressive mayors and governors? Anti-government riots. Antifa and Black Lives Matter extremists perpetrated over $2 billion in damages in Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, Kenosha, New York and others. This number vastly underestimates the true cost of losses as 75% of the businesses attacked were under-insured and 40% had no insurance. Anti-Trump news outlets spouted that their actions were due to hating President Trump, but they've had nothing to say when it continues into President Biden's term. The common denominator is hatred of the U.S. government.

Domestic terrorism on multiple levels is becoming so common, the Department of Homeland Security, established right after 9/11, has switched its attention to terrorism fomented on American soil. This pivot focuses on "a growing threat from domestic actors – such as racially and ethnically motivated violent extremists, including white supremacist violent extremists, anti-government and anti-authority violent extremists, and others."

Present day anti-government sentiments are underscored when the White House wants the National Guard be kept at the Capitol till Fall.

The planks are in place for a real-life Jericho. All it needs is a spark.

That spark might be fueled by something as simple as COVID-19 fallout, no pun intended. People are angry at lockdowns, vaxx initiatives, mask mandates, being lied to by those in charge and watching politicians do as they please while ordering constituents into home-style prisons. This is not to overlook the resulting economic turmoil of businesses going bankrupt due to nearly a year of forced closures and stay-at-home orders. Frustration grows at teachers unions making kids 'attend school' via remote 'learning' and mental illness surfacing when people are forceded into months-long isolation – some resulting in suicide. Anger festers when thousands of people died unnecessarily, especially in New York City because they were stuck into COVID-infested nursing homes. This is compounded when no legal provisions exist for removing the perpetrator(s) from political office. Victim's loved ones have no recourse except to suck it up.

Globally people are beyond livid at the Chinese Communist Party who unleashed this hell on the world. They confined sick people in Wuhan, but allowed those infected to travel the world, spreading death and misery. In cahoots with China, stood the World Health Organization, who the U.S. funds at $500 million a year. Yet the WHO lied to our faces, said there's nothing to see here while China scarfed up the PPE worldwide.

People have had it and that's just one scenario. Plenty of other 'sparks' exist.

Image: Jericho's nuked cities. (Wikipedia)

Jericho's nightmare scenario was orchestrated by someone, likely American, with deep pockets and wide connections. Somebody maybe like a George Soros who has a bad habit of destroying countries' economies and sowing national discord and promoting divisiveness?

In total, twenty-three 20-kiloton nuclear weapons are detonated from Seattle to Miami though 2 more were supposed to go off in Columbus, OH and New York. Ohio's was intercepted and the man who was supposed nuke New York had a change of heart.

These were ground-detonated nukes so people still had power. Then 3 weeks later, compounding their shock, a huge nuke detonated overhead. Immediately power extinguished over the U.S. when the resulting EMPs (electromagnetic pulse) fried most electronics, except for really old vehicles. This rendered these cities powerless and they were thrust into darkness. It's too bad people didn't have EMP Shields on their homes, businesses and vehicles because life would have been nearly normal. But with no electricity, no power, especially heading into winter as the Jericho story begins, it brought even more challenges and misery.

Show flaws

Characters in the town of Jericho, cut off from the rest of the U.S., have an endless supply of booze, bullets, candles and obviously, toilet paper as no one is seen running out into corn fields for husks.

Jericho was chosen as a rallying point because of its endless salt, good agriculture, an unpolluted water source and supposedly an optimal location likely free of fallout. Reality check. Wind flows can and do change day-to-day depending on meteorological factors. Over the years, FEMA produced 2 fallout maps showing wind direction sweeping radiation particles into completely different areas.

Further along in the story, to generate power they erect a very small windmill, maybe 20 feet high with thin plastic-looking blades. It resembles nothing remotely close to what is seen on wind farms that stretch hundreds of feet high. Today's Vestas V117-3.3s are about 575 feet tall and those off-shore of Rhode Island are nearly 600 feet high. They are dwarfed by GE's Haliade-X that stands a mighty 853 feet. Jericho's is a fly speck by comparison and only put out about 1,500 watts of energy – enough to power 15 - 100w light bulbs while the windmill turned. When the wind stopped, they were done. Yet they show it lit businesses, plus it was supposed to power their City Hall for 3 hours and medical center for 6. Right.

One thing Jericho did get right is the chaos that followed. People experienced shafting when bartering, and a tug-o-war for months over food, fuel and a single generator. However with fuel running out, the genny would soon be moot. Throughout the show a common thread surfaces of every man for himself versus generosity of spirit.

Something really creepy and prophetic is seen halfway through the first season, when pallet loads of food are parachuted into the U.S. from China. Equally alarming is the discovery that the China food was dropped from Vietnam-era Russian-made airplanes. (In reality, there is a very disturbing alliance between China, Russia and Iran – all of whom would be happy to see America neutered. China and Russia already have nuclear arsenals and Iran is reportedly just "weeks away" from one. Shall we meld crazy Kim Jong Un into the mix?)

In Jericho during previous weeks and throughout the first season, roving gangs and greedy people steal supplies, especially food, medicine and fuel. When another hundred survivors literally walk into Jericho that had to be fed, it further depletes dwindling stocks of anything consumable. As the China pallets are discovered in fields, people are elated to see a safety net from starvation. Just as quickly, smarter people realize parts or all of it might be poisoned. Do they eat it or not?

15 years ago, writers put into focus that China is America's enemy and we see that more clearly every day. Think China's intentional poisoning with COVID-19. Inside pallets of food are flyers that read CHINA IS YOUR FRIEND – Do Not Fight.


If you're in the mood for reality-as-entertainment, consider watching 'Jericho'. It may help you see pitfalls in your own preps and what you can do, while we're still able, to fill in those gaps.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Holly Drennan Deyo is the author of four books: bestseller Dare TPrepare (6th ed.), Prudent Places USA (4th ed.), Prophetic Perils: End Time Events Revealed and Garden Gold (2017 ed.) Please visit she and her husband's website: and their FREE Preparedness site:

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