December 10
Miracle Light: Can Lasers Solve the Energy Crisis?
Apple Expels 1,000 Apps from Store after Developer Scam
December 8
Internet Worries Mount
How to Shut Down the 'Net: A Guide for Repressive Regimes
Google - From Friend to Foe?
Nothing's Fair About the Fairness Doctrine
Bill Would Give President Emergency Control of Internet
December 7
Google Expands Tracking to Logged Out Users
Solution: Use Ixquick
December 4
Google Expands Plan to Run Own Internet
U.S. Approves First “Ethical” Embryonic Stem Cell Lines
Solar Panel Costs 'Set to Fall'
December 2
Just Slap "Neuro" Before a Word and Goofy Guesswork Becomes Respectable Science
Windows 7 Users Hit by 'Black Screen of Death'
...How to Fix It
How Your Brain Will Betray You in a Court of Law
November 27
Blind Man Fitted With 'Bionic' Eye Sees for First Time in 30 Years
November 25
New Blackout Hits Rio's Glitzy Beach Neighborhoods
'Godfather of Spam' Going to Prison
November 20
Cyber Warfare 'Now a Reality' with United States and Russia Armed
Widespread Delays in Wake of FAA Computer Issue
Secret CCTV Cameras Fitted INSIDE People's Homes to Spy on Neighbors
November 16
Bacteria Glow Near Landmines
November 11
Brazilian Blackout Put Ten of Millions in the Dark
November 10
When the Lights Go Out
Russian Hackers Penetrate Pentagon Computer System in Cyber Attack
North Korea’s U.S. Cyber-attack
California Decision Could Limit HDTV Choices Nationwide
November 9
Cyber Attacks Caused Brazil Power Outages – U.S. Unprepared
Feds’ Smart Grid Race Leaves Cybersecurity in the Dust
November 6
Laser-Powered Robot Aiming for Space
November 5
Rise of Stealthy Traffic Cameras Fuels Disgust
November 4
Tiny Microscope Sees Brain Cells in Moving Rats
November 2
NSA to Build $1.5 Billion Cybersecurity Data Center
Soon, the Biggest Thing Since WWW
Web Could Run Out of Addresses Next Year, Warn Experts
October 30
EU – Internet of the Future
October 29
Babies – No Men OR Women Needed
October 27
Internet Unable to Handle H1N1 Web Traffic: GAO
Internet Could Get Clogged During Flu Pandemic
Obama Putting $3.4B Toward 'Smart' Power Grid
Mind Your Tweets: The CIA Social Networking Surveillance System
October 26
Obama Offers Millions in Muslim Technology Fund
Windows 7 Security May Leave PCs Vulnerable to Attacks
October 23
FCC to Draft Net Neutrality Rules, Taking Step Toward Web Regulation
October 22
Report: China Expands Cyberspying in U.S.
October 21
Taser Issues Advisory on Use of Stun Guns
Big Brother Britain: £380 a MINUTE Spent on Tracking Your Every Click Online
Apple Magic Mouse Wows Without Wires, Wheel
October 15
First Black Hole for Light Created on Earth
SuperStation Would Unite US Grids
Scientists Develop 'Brain-To-Brain Communication' System
Be Sure Your PC Can Take Windows 7
October 14
Energy Generation Idea
October 13
'Nuclear Threat' to Power Grids
Solar Power Outshining Colorado’s Gas Industry
October 8
Cybersecurity on Exhibit: Defending the US
October 7
Cremated Bodies to Power Air-Con in Taiwan
US to Export Riot-Roasting Raygun
October 6
Apple Mac Ownership Climbing Fast, Study
October 5
Extremely Invasive Body Scanners Being Installed at All Major U.S. Airports
DHS to Hire Up to 1,000 Cybersecurity Experts
Ride Along Ares I-X Flight Test
October 2
Trapster – Speed Trap Sharing System
Review – video
Did Apes Descend from Us?
Dino Eggs Found in India
October 1
Aussie Power Grid Threatened by Virus
World’s Oldest Human-Linked Skeleton Found
September 29
Vortex Cannon! - Bang Goes the Theory Preview – video
September 28
Could Government Control the Web in a Crisis?
Study Examines ‘Out-of-body Experiences’ – video
September 22
Immortality Only 20 Years Away, Scientist
September 21
New Trojan Virus Poses Online Banking Threat
FCC to Unveil Open Internet Plan
September 17
Panel: Electrical Grid Vulnerable to Terrorist Attack
Japan Scientists Create 3-D Images You Can Touch
September 15
US Navy to Conduct Massive Atmospheric Experimental Tests
DHS to Review Report on Vulnerability in West Coast Power Grid
September 14
Animal, Plant Fossils Not Necessary for Crude Oil; Supply Not About to End
September 12
The Chip is at the Tip of the Needle
September 11
Mark of the Beast Tech?
September 10
Mice Levitated in Lab
'Liposuction Leftovers' Converted to Stem Cells
A Skull That Rewrites the History of Man
September 4
As Internet Turns 40, Barriers Threaten Its Growth
'Telepathic' Microchip Could Help Paraplegics Control Computers
August 30
Computers Help Decode Ancient Texts – This is what Stan wrote about in The Vindicator Scrolls in 1989.
August 28
Bill Would Give President 'Emergency' Control of Internet
Russian Scientist Claims to Photograph Souls
August 27
In Pursuit of ‘Weather Modification’
GM Monkeys with DNA of THREE Parents Raises Hope of Eradicating Incurable Diseases
Forget Swine Flu - Could We Cope with a Plague of the Undead? Scientists Ponder the Threat of a Zombie Attack
Death Calculator Predicts Your Odds of Kicking the Bucket
August 25
Fears Over New Wireless Police Taser Gun
August 24
Artificial LIfe Will be Created 'Within Months'
August 18
Hacker Accused of Massive ID Theft
DNA Could Become Building Blocks of Smaller, More Powerful Microchips
Giant Rat-Eating Plant? Let's Call It Attenborough
August 17
Obama: Every Move You Make, I'll Be Watching You Online
Russian Hackers Stole American IDs for Attacks
August 16
Businessman: US Must Heed EMP Terror Threat
'Hidden Portal' Concept Described: First Tunable Electromagnetic Gateway
Scientists Invent Kitchens That Clean Themselves
August 12
'Crisis Satellite' Returns First Images
U.S. Web-Tracking Plan Stirs Privacy Fears
August 11
Scientists on the Brink of Creating Computer with Human Brain?
August 7
AP: Airspeed Systems Failed on U.S. Planes
Congressman Wants Government GPS in Cars
uly 31
Electrical Infrastructure Not 'Hardened' Against Pulse Attack
Scientists Favor Fake Volcanoes
Scientists Drill a Mile into Active Deep Sea Fault Zone
uly 29
Terrorists Could Use Internet to Launch Nuclear Attack: Report
The Future of Cyber Security: What Are the Rules of Engagement?
uly 28
Barcode Replacement Shown Off
uly 27
What a Shock: Your E-Passport Isn’t Secure After All
uly 26
Scientists Worry Machines May Outsmart Man
Huge Telescope Opens in Spain's Canary Islands
Biggest, Baddest Optical Telescope Finds Home Atop a Hawaiian Volcano
uly 23
U.S. Lacks Defense From Nuclear Pulse, Official Says
uly 22
World's Largest Telescope to be Built in Hawaii
Earthquake Prediction Closer to Reality
uly 20
Cashless Society with Implanted Microchip by 2017 – video
uly 16
Hackers Stole Data During Last Week's Cyberattacks
Satellites Can Spot Tsunamis, US Study Finds
Hurricane-Calming Technology? Bill Gates has a Plan
uly 15
Huge Earthquake Strikes Single Building in 'Shake Test'
Upcoming Military Robot Could Feed on Dead Bodies
uly 14
North Korea's Cyber War
Snooping Through the Power Socket
uly 13
Ex-IBM Employee Reveals TV Abandoned Analog Band to Make Room for RFID Chips
Chips in Official IDs Raise Privacy Fears
Experiments with RFID Tags Hidden in Credit Card
Super-Slow-Motion Pictures Show Soap Bubble Bursting in Stunning Detail
uly 8
NKorea Behind Sweeping Cyberattack of White House, Pentagon, Wall Street
The 'Thinking Cap' Is Invented
uly 7
Darpa's Handheld Nuclear Fusion Reactor
June 26
How to Get Windows 7 for Free
June 24
Gates Creates Cyber-Defense Command
June 22
Air Force Secrecy Quashes Solar Farm
NASA Prepares to Bomb the Moon
June 19
Terrorists Recruit for Cyberwar, Official Says
NASA's New 3-D Airborne Radar to study California Quake Faults
June 16
Cash to Become Extinct as Chips Take Off
Study Maps Potential Vulnerability to Heat Waves
Transparent Solar Cells Made for Windows
June 15
Oceans Charge Up New Theory of Magnetism
June 14
Cybersecurity Lawmaker: Power Grids Vulnerable
June 9
Astronomers Find New Way to Measure Cosmic Distances
June 8
Flexible Solar Power Shingles Transform Roofs From Wasted Space To Energy Source
June 6
NYPD Seeks Way to Let Guns 'Talk' to One Another
une 4
'Terrorists' Successfully Hack Obama's Blackberry
Microwave Missiles: High-Energy Weapons in the Air Force
une 3
U.S. Grapples With How to Retaliate in Cyber-Attacks
May 28
Green-Glowing Monkeys Have Green-Glowing Babies
Key Senator Calls for 100 New Reactors in 20 Years
May 26
Obama to Create Internet 'Czar'; Broad Mandate
How Much Is Your Identity Worth?
May 21
Why Ida Fossil Is Not the Missing Link
May 19
GPS System 'Close to Breakdown'; Network of Satellites Could Begin to Fail in 2010
The Second Industrial Revolution
May 13
China has Developed Its Own Operating System for Cyber War with U.S.
May 9
EU Wants 'Internet G12' to Govern Cyberspace
May 7
US Missile Data Found on eBay Hard Drive
Risky NASA Mission Aims to Revive Hubble
The Foot That May Prove 'Hobbits' Existed
"Service Learning" through Soviet Brainwashing
May 5
Report: North Korea Operating Cyber Warfare Unit
April 30
Hypersonic ‘WaveRider’ Poised for Test Flight
April 28
U.S. Plans Attack, Defense in Cyberspace Warfare
U.S. Regulatory Czar Nominee Wants Net 'Fairness Doctrine'
April 22
Hackers Stole Data on Pentagon's Newest Fighter Jet
Doctor Claims to Have Cloned 14 Human Embryos
April 17
Weather Experts Weigh Climate Engineering
April 14
Report: China, Russia Top Sources of Power Grid Probes
April 13
America’s Unprotected Back Door: the New Terrorist Threat
Hackers Reportedly Have Embedded Code in Power Grid
When the Power Grid Shuts Down – Why You Should Care to Prepare for Disasters Emergencies
Science of Forecasting Earthquakes in Its Infancy
Conficker Worm Hits University of Utah Computers
April 10
Sabotage Suspected in California Phone Outage
How I Prepped My House for a Generator
Obama Looks at Climate Engineering
Cardboard Cooker Wins Global Climate Change Competition
Psychic Persuasion: Exploring a New Concept
April 8
U.S. Electrical Grid in Penetrated by Russian and Chinese Spies
Wiring a  Home  Generator for Emergencies
Pentagon Spends $100 Million to Fix Cyber Attacks
Bug Eats Electricity, Farts Biogas
April 6
Sen. Murkowski Asks for US Volcano Network
Robot Scientists 'Can Think for Themselves'
Death on the Net
April 4
Moving Big Rocks – video
April 1
What is the Threat of Nuclear Terrorism?
Scientists Cable Seafloor Seismometer into State Earthquake Network
New Theory on Largest Known Mass Extinction in the History of the Earth
Xcel Energy Looking for 'Smart-Grid' Volunteers
March 29
North Dakota Hams Help to Head Off River Flooding
March 27
Ice That Burns Could be a Green Fossil Fuel
March 24
Astronomers Discover Galactic ‘Freak'
March 22
How Enormous Batteries Could Safeguard the Power Grid
Australian Internet 'Blacklist' Prompts Concern
March 20
The Conficker Worm: April Fool’s Joke or Unthinkable Disaster?
March 18
Fury as Shell Cuts Back on Renewable Energy
Did Obama Allow Human Cloning?
The Orange Tree Is Texting -- Again
March 17
£75M Lightning Conductor Is Testing the Eurofighter's Mettle
March 8
Smart Grid: Government Spying Targets Rural America
February 12
US, Russian Satellites Collide in Space
National Defense in Cyberspace – Gov'ts Around the World are Preparing for a Future of War
Scientists Read Minds With Infrared Scan: 80% Accurate
FAA Says Hackers Broke into Agency Computers
Darwinism? Only 4-in-10 Buy It
February 4
Dog Bleeds to Death After "Routine" Microchip Implant Procedure
February 3
Using a Generator Safely Will Save Your Life
Animal-Human Clones Don't Work, U.S. Company Finds
January 25
Mystery Virus Hits 15 Million PCs Around the World
Trojan Hidden In iWork ‘09
January 23
Obama Administration First 100 Days to Promote Antigravity Tech
NASA Hacker Claims Peek at Anti-Gravity Projects
January 21
Windows Worm 'Could Be Used to Steal Credit Card Details'
More German Biodiesel Plants Face Closure in 2009
Satellites May Be Used to Find Water in Drought-Ravaged Africa
January 19
Let's Spend on Broadband and the Power Grid
New Devices Aim to Disable Cell Phones While Driving
January 14
Groups File FTC Complaint Over Cell Phone Privacy
January 13
Rooftop Solar Systems Fall; Tax Incentives Increase
'Moral Reasons' Halt Stem Cell Research Funding
January 12
Flying Car Prepares for Test Drive

January 10
Islandwide Power Blackout Caused By Multiple Lightning Strikes

Non Mayan-2012 Science Stuff!
January 9
NYPD Wants Tech to Disrupt Wireless Communications