December 31
Cleric Accused of Inspiring Ft. Hood, Christmas Attacks Alive
Taliban Takes Credit for Killing 8 Americans, 5 Canadians
Unlike 9/11, Partisanship Has Worsened after Christmas Attack
Gingrich: Obama 'Underestimating' Difficulty of War Against Terrorism
5 Americans to Face Pakistan Terror Charges
Mailman to Deliver Aid in Case of Anthrax Attack
December 30
Somali Arrested at Airport with Chemicals, Syringe
U.S. Had Early Signals of a Terror Plot, Obama Says
...'Systemic Failure'
Obama Says 'Catastrophic Breach' Led to Bomb Plot
Terrorists Aloft over America Skies, AWOL Obama Aloof in Hawaii
The Legitimacy of Profiling
Identify Your Enemy
December 29
Underwear Bomb Revealed as Terror Suspect Warns More Attacks Coming
Muslim Cleric Linked to Ft. Hood, Northwest Terror Attacks
Rash of 2009 Homegrown Terror Plots Ends ‘Denial’
Tom Ridge: Terror Suspect Doesn't Deserve 'Full Range' of Rights + video
December 28
Al-Qaeda Determined to Succeed, Analyst Says
25 British-born Muslims are Plotting to Bomb Western Airliners
79% Say Another Terror Attack Likely Within Year
Fretting: Nearly 2 of 3 Expect Terror Trials to Spark Attack
Jet Bomber 'Did Not Act Alone'
Warning Over Jet Attack Suspect Was ‘Very Thin'
Napolitano: System Failed
25,000 Passengers Hit by Delays at British Airports
Can We Start Saying 'War on Terror' Again?
Academic Liberalism Is a Danger to Life
December 26
Alleged Nigeria Terrorist Umar Farouk Abdulmutall Tries to Explode Northwest Airlines 253 to Detroit
Feds: Terror Foiled on Flight to Detroit
Passengers Thwart Attack
Hoekstra: Air Terror Try Hints at a Larger Plot
Detroit Metro Threat Draws Comparisons to Shoe Bomber
Expert: Beef Up Airport Security
December 24
Fort Hood Shooter Asked About Killing Americans in 2008: Report
Fort Hood Denial
At Fort Hood, a 'Sense of Sorrow' Clouds Holidays
Fort Hood, Hasan and the Warning Signals
Ft. Hood-Linked Imam May Be Dead, Yemen Says
5 U.S. Muslims Ask for Asylum in Pakistan in Name of jihad – Pakistan Court Says No
Anti-Muslim Backlash
December 16
Chilling New Video: How to Slit Throats
Mystery as Lockerbie Bomber Reported Missing
FBI Forming Special Squad to Assist With 9/11 Trials
December 15
Gitmo Detainees Will be Moved to Illinois
December 14
Homegrown Terror on the Rise in 2009
Bullets for Terrorists?
Muslims in 21st Century America: Home Grown Terrorism
Arrests Fuel Fears of ‘Homegrown Terrorism’
Notable Homegrown Terrorism Plots
Official Says Terrorists Have Been Arrested on Border
National Security Breeches Include Discovery of Bombs and Missiles
Afghanis Caught with Genuine Mexican Passports Bought in Mumbai
African Muslims from Terror Watch Countries Obtain Mexican Passports in Belize
Al-Qaida Operative Nabbed Near Mexican Border – flashback
Panama Warns al-Qaida Near Canal – flashback
Have Terrorists Crossed U.S. Borders Illegally? Critics of Border Crackdown Say No. They Would be Wrong.
Breaching America: Examining Illegal Immigration from the Muslim World
Gingrich: I'm Deeply Worried – video flashback
Order Drafted by White House Could Be Used to Send Gitmo Detainees to Illinois
3 Detained U.S. Hikers to Face Iran Trial
December 11
The Road to Jihad: How Were 5 Americans Turned to Terror?
No Deportation Order for Americans Detained in Pakistan, Official Says
Experts Say Muslim Radicals Gain Traction in U.S.
Homegrown Muslim Extremism Growing in U.S., Say Officials
December 10
Pakistan: Americans Admit Jihad Plan
5 Missing Americans Probed for Terror Links
Pakistan Reportedly Detains Five D.C.-Area Muslims on Suspicion of Terror
Engineering Jihad?
U.S. Announces New Strategy for Biological Weapons Convention
December 9
Terrorists Inside U.S. and Planning to Strike, Says DHS Secretary
Online Posting Tells Terrorists How to Get Through Airport Security
December 7
Radical Islamist Group Bent on Destroying America
U.S. Attorney Defends Decision to Scrap Awlaki Arrest Warrant
December 4
Security Incident Aboard AirTran Flight 297 Suggests Terror “Dry Run”
Bin Laden is Not in Pakistan, PM Tells Brown
December 2
One Year of Jihad in America
International Officials Knew 9/11 Was Brewing
November 29
'This Was a Terrorist Attack': Bomb Derails 130Mph Russian Train Leaving 26 Dead, 100 Injured
Senate Report: Bin Laden Was ‘Within Our Grasp’
November 25
FBI Swoops in to Halt Return of 'Muslim Mafia' Documents
November 22
Lawyer: 9/11 Defendants Want Platform for Views
200 Web Sites Spread Al-Qaida's Message in English
November 20
Hasan E-Mail to Radical Imam: 'I Can't Wait to Join You' in the Afterlife
Senators Say Fort Hood Shooting Was Terrorism
Pentagon to Probe 'Internal Weaknesses' Behind Fort Hood Shooting
Questions Regarding the Ft. Hood Massacre
Al Qaeda's Message Spreading Through English-Language Sites
Senate Panel Notes 'Red Flags Galore' in Fort Hood Incident
Americans Expect Islamic Terror Strike within 6 Months
New York, Terror Trial Capital of the US
November 15
Iran Slams U.S. Moves to Seize Muslim-Owned Properties
5th Avenue Skyscraper Center of Iranian Mystery
November 13
U.S. Moves to Seize Skyscraper, Mosques Tied to Iran
Major Hasan: Soldier of Allah; Many Ties to Jihad Web Sites
Fort Hood Shooting Suspect Sent Money to Pakistan, Texas Congressman Says
Ft. Hood Shooter Did Not Act Alone
Death Sought for 9/11 Plotters
November 11
Some Reluctant to Cite Muslim Faith
Fort Hood Suspect Had 'Disgusted Look' in January Video, Expert
Afghan Taliban Celebrate Massacre at Ft. Hood
60% Want Ft. Hood Shooting Investigated as Terrorist Act
November 10
Ft. Hood Suspect Warned of Muslim Threat within Military
Ft. Hood Suspect Warned of Threats in Ranks
Jihadi Denial Syndrome Reaches Epidemic Proportions
Obama Ignores Terror Threat at His Own Peril
Fort Hood Attack Was Terrorism
November 9
Ft. Hood Shooting: Texas Army Killer Linked to 911 Terrorists
Lieberman: Ft. Hood Attack Could be Terror
Hasan Told US Military Colleagues: Infidels Should Have Their Throats Cut, be Beheaded and Have Boiling Oil Poured Down Their Throats
Shooter Tried to Contact Al Qaeda Terrorists, Officials
Radical Muslim Hails Massacre
Did Hasan Radicalize Others at Fort Hood?
Hasan – a Guided 'Stealth Weapon' Aimed at America...
The Threat of the "Muslim Mafia"
British Spies Help Prevent al Qaeda-inspired Attack on New York Subway
November 5
12 People Killed and 31 Wounded in Fort Hood Shooting
November 2
400,000 Names on FBI Terror Watch List
November 1
Nuclear Expert's Death Plunge 'Not Suicide'
October 30
Passports Linked to 9/11 Found in Pakistan
October 29
Clinton Warns Pak About Nuclear-Armed Terrorists
October 27
Two Chicago Men Arrested for Alleged Terror Plots Overseas
October 22
Terror Cases Share Desire to Kill Americans
October 21
Mass. Man Charged with Alleged Terror Plot to Attack U.S. Shopping Malls
October 20
Dozens of Westerners Attending Terror Camps
D.C. Muslim Group's Shocking al-Qaida Ties
October 16
Hill Terror Front Group Investigated by FBI
'Now We Have Proof' Jihadis Infiltrating D.C.
October 15
Does al-Qaida Have Key to Unlock Pakistan Nukes?
While U.S. Debates Afghanistan Policy, Taliban Beefs Up
October 14
Nuclear Scientist's Scheme for Oil Refinery Explosion
October 12
Big Bang Scientist 'Admits Plotting Al Qaeda Atrocity'
October 11
Nuclear Terror Suspect is Top Physicist
October 9
Nuclear Researcher from Top European Lab Arrested for al-Qaeda Links
Dirty Deal on Dirty Bombs
October 5
FBI Director: Al Qaeda-Linked Somali Group Could Attack U.S.
Dying for Islam
October 1
FBI Watching for ‘Homegrown' Terrorists
September 29
Al Qaeda Bombers Learn from Drug Smugglers
Official: 3 Accomplices in NYC Terror Plot Known
September 28
Cops, Deputies Warned Again About Right-Wing 'Terrorists'
September 25
North Carolina Terror Suspects Indicted on New Charges – Target: US Military
FBI Arrest 29-year-old as He Tried to Blow Up U.S. Court
Dallas Terrorist Tried to Bomb Downtown Skyscraper
Terror Threat the 'Most Serious' Since 9/11 Attacks
Men Vanish After Taking Photos of Philly Subway System
Stings are Chilling Evidence of Homegrown Terror
September 23
U.S. Bomb Plot Probe Shows Greatest Security Fears
Terror Probe Widens in U.S.
Al Qaeda Predicts Obama's Fall by Muslim Nation
Town Asks ‘What is That Terrorist Doing Here Anyway?’
September 22
Authorities Eye Stadiums, Hotels, Storage Centers in Colorado Terror Plot Probe
After Terror Arrest, Alerts Issued to Cops Nationwide
Cops, Feds Ransack Queens Storage Sites for al-Qaeda Bomb Materials
Evidence in Colorado-NYC Terror Investigation Might be Sealed
Islamic Rally on Capitol Clouded by Organizer's Terror Ties
Al-Qaeda Threatens 'Rude Awakening' for Germany
September 21
Terror Suspect Researched NYC Sites
September 17
FBI Set for More Anti-Terror Raids in Queens; Fears of Madrid-style Subway Bombings
September 15
Revenge Threat after US Kills al-Qaeda Terrorist
New York Homes Raided in Terrorism Probe
September 14
New Bin Laden Tape Calls Obama 'Powerless'
President Obama Extends 9/11 National Emergency
September 11
Al Qaeda 'Determined' Foe Despite Losses
Coast Guard Says Incident on Potomac During 9/11 Ceremony was Training Exercise
September 9
Hezbollah Found to Have Chemical Weapons
September 8
Is Another 9/11 Set to Unfold?
The Man Who Predicted 9/11 Airing on History Channel
Huge 600lb Bomb Found Planted in Northern Ireland
Al-Qaeda Targeting Germany for 'Next 9/11' – Within Weeks
Terror Attacks on Hotels Surge Since 9/11
Liquid Bomb Plot 'Terror Banker' Still Walking Free in London as Yard Chief Accuses U.S. of Rushing Investigation
Inside the Terror Plot That 'Rivaled 9/11'
Mass Murder at 30,000 Feet: Islamic Extremists Guilty of Airline Bomb Plot
September 4
Al Qaeda-Linked American Terrorist Unveiled
Website Says to Carry bin Laden "Present" to Muslims
August 31
British Gov't OK'd Lockerbie Deal
August 26
Terror Suspect Hates Australians, Court Told
August 24
Poll: 82% of Americans Oppose Decision to Release Lockerbie Bomber
Anger Over PM Brown Bomber Silence
August 18
No-Warrant Terrorism Raids Proposed
August 11
6 Kuwaitis Held in Plot to Attack U.S. Base
3 Terror Attacks on Pakistan Nuke Sites
August 6
Carolina Jihad Suspect Talked of Domestic Attacks
August 5
FBI Agent: Boyd Spoke of Jihad in America
NC Terror Suspects Had Arms, Ammo, FBI 'Playbook,' Agent Says
Eighth Terror Suspect Named in North Carolina
Terror Touches Australia
Jihadists Find Global Somali Communities Ripe for Recruiting
July 31
Wake up Call to America! The Third Jihad is Here!
July 29
FBI, DHS Warn Police on Homegrown Terrorists
July 28
U.S. indicts 7 in N.C. for Alleged Terrorism Plot in Israel
July 23
Bin Laden Son Reported Killed in Pakistan
American Charged with Giving Al Qaeda NYC Subway Info
July 19
Group Reportedly Linked to Al Qaeda Holds First U.S. Conference
Soldier Held in Afghanistan is 23-Year-Old Idahoan
Mexican Agents Headed for U.S.?
July 18
Taliban Releases Video of U.S. Soldier Captured in Afghanistan
July 14
Recruiting for Jihad Openly in Windy City Suburb?
Review Planned for U.S. Terror Alert System
July 13
CIA Had Secret Plan to Destroy Al Qaeda
July 8
U.S. Warns of Multiple Al-Qaida Plots
Congress Rips 'Outrageous' Security Breaches
June 22
Al Qaeda Says Would Use Pakistani Nukes on USA
NY Times Reporter Held 7 Mos. by Taliban Escapes
June 12
Terror Drill: 'New York, You Have a Problem'
June 11
Report: Drug Cartels, Terrorist Organizations Cooperating
Terrorists' 'Right to Remain Silent?'
June 10
Crash Probe: Passengers on Air France Jet Had Terror Links
June 8
Group Linked to Al Qaeda May Have Killed Minnesota Man Recruited in Somalia
June 4
British Man Beheaded by Al Qaeda Terrorists
June 3
Bin Laden Issues 'Revenge' Tape
Al Qaeda Eyes Bio Attack from Mexico: Seeks White Militias as Allies
May 28
Islamic Death Threat Targets U.S. Radio Host
May 21
FBI Arrest 4 in Alleged Plot to Bomb Bronx Synagogues, Shoot Down Plane
'Stinger Missiles'...
...Revenge for U.S. Action in Afghanistan
Synagogue Members in Shock
Obama in Gitmo Pickle
Guantanamo Detainee to Be First Tried in U.S.
1 in 7 Freed Detainees Rejoins Fight, Report Finds
May 14
Obama Importing Terrorists
April 17
DHS-funded Video Warns of “Seven Signs of Terrorism”
Private Terror Probe: 50 Mosques in 50 Days
April 10
Al-Qaeda Terror Plot to Bomb Easter Shoppers
April 9
Taliban Using U.S. Firms to Host Web Sites
Al Jazeera's Presence on PBS Alarms Some
April 4
American Jihadist Calls for Holy War in New Video
Analysts: Taliban Leader's U.S. Threat Credible
Taliban: We're Behind US Shooting Attack
April 1
Taliban Threatens "Amazing" Attack on White House
March 29
Hezbollah Uses Mexican Drug Routes into U.S.
March 27
Terror Inmates May be Released in US: Intel Chief
Bin Laden Planning New Attacks
March 24
Terrorists Travel Freely Around Our Country
E-mails from an Enemy
March 13
FBI Concerned Homegrown Terror Threat Growing
March 11
Somali-Americans Recruited for al-Qaeda-Linked Group
Officials: New Taliban Chief Once at Gitmo
Terrorist List Hits 1 Million
February 26
Wake Up Homegrown Jihad: Frightening Glimpse into US Terrorism Training Camps – video
Kuwaiti Prof: 330,000 Dead From 4 Pounds of Anthrax
February 17
Plot to 'Blow Up Transatlantic Planes With Liquid Bombs was Directed from Pakistan'
February 10
Australian Wildfires Could Fuel 'Forest Jihad' Terrorists, Experts SayAustralian Wildfires Could Fuel 'Forest Jihad' Terrorists, Experts Say
Islam Group Urges Forest Fire Jihad - flashback
February 2
Could Ecoterrorists Let Slip the Bugs of War?
January 28
New Terrorist Threats Worry German Officials
January 27
Al-Qaida and the Plague
U.S. Army War College Publishes Apologia for Hamas
Ex-Guantánamo Inmates Return to Militancy in Yemen
Exclusive: Most FSM Readers Agree: Obama’s Policies Less Likely to Keep America Safe
January 25
Al-Qaeda Ramps Up Anti-Obama Rhetoric
Two ex-Guantanamo Inmates Appear in Al-Qaeda Video
January 23
Al Qaeda Chief Was Released by U.S. from Gitmo
Al-Qaida: Britain, U.S. Face Attacks Over Gaza
January 22
40 Al-Qaeda Terrorists Dead After Exposure to the Plague: Report
Al Qaeda Bungles Arms Experiment
Al-Qaeda Cell Killed by Black Death 'Was Developing Biological Weapons'
Biden: You Can Expect A Terrorist Attack If Obama Is Elected – flashback
Exclusive: Obama to Close Terrorist 'Black Sites'
Anthrax Fear Evacuates WSJ Offices
January 4
Female Bomber Kills 35 at Baghdad Shrine
India to Give U.S. Mumbai "Evidence" Against Pakistan