A Snow-Induced Food Shortage

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update from Millennium-Ark reader:

Hi Holly -

We live in western Johnson County KS (west and south of actual K.C., Mo, but still in the immediate metro area). The reports about the rush on the grocery stores etc. with the some of the products being empty are accurate. We stopped Wednesday night to pick up some more yogurt and something off the deli so we didn't have to cook when we got home. The bread aisle is right across from the milk case – it was pretty well wiped out. A co-worker mentioned that she had a similar experience at a different store. The first thought in my head was – this is exactly what will happen if a banking crisis or other disaster hits. People aren't prepared for supplies to be short. Thanks so much for posting the article today about building the one year food supply. Good info to have – I've shared with family.

God bless the both of you - Lori Hendry in Frigid Olathe

updated January 8, 2010

The Kansas City, Missouri, school district has been closed all week due to cold weather. It's been about zero at night here and that's too cold, so says the district. Then the rest of the schools in the area have followed suit and many are already called off for Friday due to actual snowfall in the area and a high temperature on Friday of minus two degrees.

Now that snow is really here, here's what the bread aisle at the Big V Country Mart in Smithville, Missouri, looked like Thursday evening during the after work rush.