The Coming Anarchy

Dec. 24, 2010

Good afternoon everyone,

Many years ago the Lord showed me that a time was coming in America where every single mall, every store, and every single market would be guarded by armed contractors of the Department of Homeland Security that will have the federal authority to shot to kill and standing orders when it can be used. People will be told when they can shop and they will have the electronic equivalent of a ration card. If for any reason you go to your assigned store at the wrong time or the wrong day you will be shot and killed. There will be no arrests. If you go to any other store you will shot and killed. If you attempt to talk to the officers you will be shot and killed.

This will be instituted to try to stop the breakdown of the American social order in our cities and to slow down the inevitable eruption of anarchy in our streets. It will not work. Within a very short period of time all of the stores will be closed and the government will seize everything, or at least will attempt to seize everything. The flow of consumable goods into the cities will be terminated. It will get bad, worse, and then unimaginably horrible.

Warfare will erupt in the streets. Armed gangs will be everywhere and they will kill without thought. Within a few days people will be hunted for the meat on their bones.

We are not far from this. If you live in the cities, get out of them asap.

This is going to be an extremely harsh winter across most of the planet. Even in the Southern Hemisphere where it is now usually Spring, Winter has returned with a vengeance. Consider this – a couple of days ago Mammoth, CA, had 14 feet of snow and 164 mph winds. And winter has just started.

A few years ago the Lord also told me that a time was coming when the crops just won’t grow. He said that fruit trees and vegetables would start out growing normally, producing an abundance of flowers that are the start for all fruits and vegetables, but the flowers would not produce crops. Combine this with world wide food shortages and 2011 is going to be a very bad year.

Make sure you have your food storage and the means of preparing it in place. Also make sure you have water storage and filtration. Ask yourself this – what happens to the water supply in cities when the waste treatment plants shut down and sewage overflows? Does pestilence ring a bell. At the very least there will be cholera and a few other not so nice micro organisms. Did you know that there is a cryptosporidium that cannot be killed by chlorine and carries a very high mortality rate.

Considering how bad this winter appears to be, I am remembered of that verse in the Book of Revelations that says, “Pray that your flight be not in winter.”
For that reason get you and your families prepared to go on short notice, so that if the spirit says go you are ready to wise servants of the Lord.

Also remember that Planet X is getting closer.

I wish to remind everyone of what the Lord told me this past March: Thus saith the Lord: “When you see the destruction coming upon you stand still and see the salvation I have prepared for you.”

Get ready for bad times and miracles. Isn’t it amazing how the two frequently go hand in hand.

Your brother in Jesus Christ,