Obama Orders Military to Prepare for Spring Food Riots

HOLLY NOTE: Please read the following with open eyes. While the general information is true, the author takes great leaps (see title) to form possibly incorrect conclusions.

Natural disasters hammering countries mentioned below are correct and many are ongoing. Besides impacting lives, homes and infrastructure another disaster casualty is massive crop loss.

What I take issue with in this article is the leading premise that Presidents Nicolas Sarkozy and Obama met solely to discuss probable food riots and that Obama has ordered our military to prepare for same.

Information from the Financial Times indicates that the meeting primarily focused on reforming the international monetary system. Nowhere in the FT article is food mentioned.

However, an APF article indicates that the pair would discuss soaring food prices and again, stabilizing world currency. The main aim was to lessen the US dollar's central role in the global economy and give greater weight to rising economies – specifically China, India, Brazil and Russia according to the NY Times.

Anther discussion point was the Middle East mess, but nowhere in these two articles is food riots mentioned – or even 'food' for that matter. They were to hash over commodities in general, which does include food. So, food riots appear to be a tangential discussion, not a central one.

Over the past decade US relations with France have severely deteriorated from the once cozy state when they gifted us with the Statue of Liberty. It appears that with Obama's statement “We don't have a stronger friend and a stronger ally than Nicolas Sarkozy and the French people” he is making strides toward repairing relations.

Another facet of their meeting was a discussion of global economic imbalances. Understandably, the "have nots" want what the "haves" enjoy and discussion along these lines is yet another attempt to hustle along the New World Order. Let's level the playing field, make the world one large pot of brown instead of colors and ethnicities of distinction as God designed. This blending is definitely on Obama's socialist-leaning agenda.

Those things aside, our military has been conducting drills to deal with social unrest. We posted a news item on Unified Quest 2011 late last year. This is a year-long war games series that look at a variety of concerns and how to deal with them, including:
  • “large scale economic breakdown” inside of the United States
  • how to maintain “domestic order amid civil unrest”
  • and ways to deal with fragmented global power and drastically lower budgets

Clearly, the U.S. government is making contingency plans to deal with a worst-case, all-out-collapse scenario of not only the economy, but our social and political systems.

The war gaming, according to reports, began in 2008 at the onset of the economic crisis. Planners aren't just from not just the US, but around the globe, may have been aware of the dire possibility of economic collapse even earlier.

This push toward military involvement in civilian control didn't originate with Obama, but came into full force under the George W. Bush with the "John Warner Defense Authorization Act of 2007". Though its contents has faded from many of our memories, this landmark legislation has shocking parameters, not just implications. If you want a refresher, see Bush Moves Toward Martial Law.

So while much of the information below is correct we may not agree with the initial premise. However, IF we have an ugly spring-summer weather-wise, it could have a devastating impact on our food supply. Food prices are already soaring globally, primarily due to weather-related issues and another slam on reserves could make availability rather grim and very, very expensive.

January 13, 2011
European Union Times

A grim report prepared by France's General Directorate for External Security (DGSE) obtained by Russia's Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) states that president's Obama and Sarkozy have "agreed in principal" to create a joint US-European military force to deal exclusively with a Global uprising expected this spring as our World runs out of food.

According to this report, Sarkozy, as head of the G-20 group of developed Nations, called for and received an emergency meeting with Obama this past Monday at the White House wherein he warned his American counterpart that the shock rise in food prices occurring due to an unprecedented series of disasters was threatening the stability of the entire World and could lead to the outbreak of Total Global War.

Just last week French Prime Minister Francois Fillon underlined that one of France’s top G-20 priorities was to find a collective response to "excessive volatility" in food prices now occurring, a statement joined by Philippe Chalmin, a top economic adviser to the French government, who warned the World may face social unrest including food riots in April as grain prices increase to unprecedented highs.

The fears of the French government over growing Global instability was realized this past week after food riots erupted in Algeria and Tunisia and left over 50 dead. So dire has the situation become in Tunisia that their government this morning rushed in massive amounts of troops and tanks to their capital city Tunis and instituted a Nationwide curfew in an order to quell the growing violence.

The United Nations, also, warned this past Friday that millions of people are now at risk after food prices hit their highest level ever as Global wheat stocks fell to 175.2 million tons from 196.7 million tons a year ago; Global corn stocks are said may be 127.3 million tons at the end of this season, compared with last month's USDA outlook for 130 million tons; and Global soybean inventories will drop to 58.78 million tons at the end of this season, from 60.4 million tons a year earlier.

Robert Zoellick, president of the World Bank, further warned this past week that rising food prices are "a threat to global growth and social stability" as our World, for the first time in living memory, has been warned is just "one poor harvest away from chaos".

Important to note about how dire the Global food situation has become is to understand the disasters that have befallen our World's top wheat growing Nations this past year, and who in descending order are: China, India, United States, Russia, France, Canada, Germany, Ukraine, Australia and Pakistan.

From China's disaster: 2010 China drought and dust storms were a series of severe droughts during the spring of 2010 that affected Yunnan, Guizhou, Guangxi, Sichuan, Shanxi, Henan, Shaanxi, Chongqing, Hebei and Gansu in the People’s Republic of China as well as parts of Southeast Asia including Vietnam and Thailand, and dust storms in March and April that affected much of East Asia. The drought has been referred to as the worst in a century in southwestern China.

From India's disaster: A record heat wave and growing water crisis in India are forcing politicians to consider implementing user fees and other measures to conserve water. Sri Lanka's President Mahinda Rajapaksa yesterday instructed ministers and officials to prepare a strategic plan to face an impending food crisis as there were signs that the World is to confront a food shortage by next April.

From Russia's disaster: (10% of total World 's output, 20% for export) they were hit by the highest recorded temperatures Russia has seen in 130 years of recordkeeping; the most widespread drought in more than three decades; and massive wildfires that have stretched across seven regions, including Moscow.

From France's disaster: The French government lowered their wheat crop forecast by 2.7% over last year due to drought and cold weather.

From Canada's disaster: Record setting drought has affected their main grain producing provinces in the Western part of their Nation.

From Ukraine's disaster: (the World’s top producer of barley and sixth biggest of wheat) hit as hard as Russia by fire and drought to the point they have halted all their exports of grains in 2011.

From Australia's disaster: Fears of a Global wheat shortage have risen after the Queensland area of Australia was hit by calamitous flooding. Andrew Fraser, Queensland’s State Treasurer, described the floods as a "disaster of biblical proportions". Water is covering land the size of France and Germany. It is expected to reach over 30 feet deep in some areas in coming days.

From Pakistan's disaster: Floods have submerged 17 million acres of Pakistan’s most fertile crop land, have killed 200,000 herd of livestock and have washed away massive amounts of grain and left farmers unable to meet the fall deadline for planting new seeds, which implies a massive loss of food production in 2011, and potential long term food shortages.

Not only have the vast majority of our World's top wheat producers been affected, but also one of the main grain producing regions on the Planet, South America, has been hit by disasters too where an historic drought has crippled Argentina and Bolivia, and Brazil, that regions largest Nation, has been hit with catastrophic floods that have killed nearly 400 nearly 500 people in the past few days alone.

Even the United States has been hit as a catastrophic winter has seen 49 of their 50 States covered by snow causing unprecedented damage to their crops in Florida due to freezing weather, and record setting rains destroying massive numbers of crops in their most important growing region of California.

And if you think that things couldn't get any worse you couldn't be more mistaken as South Korea (one of the most important meat exporters in Asia) has just this past week had to destroy millions of farm animals after an outbreak of the dreaded foot-and-mouth disease was discovered.

To how horrific the Global food situation will become this year was made even more grim this past month when the United States reported that nearly all of their honey bee and bumblebee populations have died out, and when coupled with the "mysterious" die-off of the entire bat population in America means that the two main pollinators of fruit and vegetable plants will no longer be able to do their jobs leading to crop losses this report warns will be "biblical and catastrophic".

Chillingly to note is that after meeting with Sarkozy, Obama began implementing his Nation's strategy for keeping the truth of this dire events from reaching the American people by ordering all US citizens to have an Internet ID so that they can be tracked and jailed should they begin telling the truth.

And so today, as agricultural traders and analysts warn that the latest revision to US and Global stocks means there is no further room for weather problems, a new cyclone is preparing to hit Australia, brutal winter weather in India has killed nearly 130, and more snow is warned to hit America, and we're not even two full weeks into 2011… may God have mercy on us all.