Devaluation of the US Dollar

February 6, 2011

I have prayed and pondered about this dream/vision I had in January 2010. I  sent it to a couple of prophets to discern also, before I decided to send it out to others.

At the time the dream came, we were very busy tying up loose ends at our job, training new people and taking care that we had done all we could do to make the transition easy.

I was also busy getting things ready for the trip back east to finish the assignment, God had sent us to do. So when this dream came, I didn't pray it through to ask the Lord what he was trying to show me. At the time I assumed it meant something totally different than what I have come to believe it really means.

While fasting two days a week a for a few weeks now, the dream keeps coming back to me. I feel there are some who may need to hear what He showed me, to decide some things about their finances. I humbly put it out there for your discernment.


We were staying in a room/motel, not sure. But across the street was a bank. We were in a very large city, but I don't know which one. I J-walked across this narrow two way street to cash a $2000.00 dollar check. The street had no traffic going either way, but there were a few cars parked along the sides of the street.

The teller cashed my check and she acted like she knew me. I did not recognize her. I did not see her face. But she told me she would like to walk back with me to say hi to Larry.

We started to J-walk back across the street and I happen to look towards the left of me, up to where the stop lights were. I saw two teenage couples, dressed in prom clothes. The girls had on long gowns and the boys were in tuxes. They were waiting for the lights to change so the could cross the street. Again I saw no traffic on the street at all. No people walking along the street either. We walked across and went in the room.

Suddenly I looked at the cash in my hands and saw that I only had $300.00. I had lost $1700.00 along the way.

So we Immediately turned around retraced our steps, back across the street to the bank, looking along the way to make sure I hadn't dropped. Again, we saw no traffic, or people walking on either side of the street. When we got inside the bank, we were told the money is gone. End of dream.

I have come to believe the Lord was showing me the devaluation of the US dollar and at that rate, it would close to 85%. The teens I saw in prom dresses, may be the season in which this will happen. Our Grandchildren's proms are the last of May, but I was not shown a day, or a year.

Again, I put this out there for you to pray about and discern for yourselves. I struggled with giving what I saw, out, but, I sense that there are those this may be for, as a warning of what is soon to happen. 

In His Always And Most Capable Hands,