Confirmation of the Chinese/Russian Invasion

April 10, 2011
Prof. Steven (last name withheld)

Shalom Stan:

May the God of Abraham bless you and yours. As I recently listened to one of your most recent radio interviews via the link your wife posted on your website, you were talking about the Hopi and what they believe will happen in the near future. You mentioned our country devolving into civil war, of a sort, and then our country being invaded by external forces - probably Chinese/Russian.

When you said this, the hair on the back of my neck stood up and a cold chill passed up and down my spine.  Now I am a professor of engineering and a retired U.S. Air Force regular officer - not some kook. But, I feel compelled to share with you a prophetic (I believe) dream I had fifty years ago when I was ten years old, growing up in my small town in southern Ohio along the river. 

As I listened to you speak, this dream flashed back into my mind exactly as I dreamed it fifty years ago! Considering that I have had thousands of dreams over my lifetime, don't you think it unusual that I remember ONE SINGLE DREAM from the age of ten in such detail? I do. That's why I feel it was prophetic. I know the Good Lord came to many of the old Hebrew prophets via dreams although I certainly don't classify myself with those blessed individuals. This is the only prophetic dream that I have ever had.

Now, on to the details, and I will offer a bit of validation to you also. In my dream, I was standing out in the street in front of the house I was raised in. There was gunfire and explosions all around, I could smell the odor of burning homes and actually feel the heat from the burning houses. I could see some of my adult neighbors fighting back against the Chinese soldiers with home-owned shotguns, pistols and rifles. Sadly, there were just too many Chinese soldiers and they were systematically killing my neighbors. I could hear the women screaming as their husbands were gunned down. A Chinese soldiers ran right beside me and I could see the Chinese insignia on his uniform. He was yelling something in Mandarin Chinese.  

NOW for the scary part, Stan. I still get cold chills over this. Because the Chinese soldier was right beside me, but apparently could not see me, I was looking right at his assault rifle. I remember that it looked strange and modernistic at the time - even unusual. Now as Vietnam vet and gun owner, I can tell you that I am very familiar with most all commie assault rifles and pistols and I even own a few.

If you check on the internet, you can easily find a picture of the recent Chinese army QBZ-95 bullpup-type assault rifle.

Stan, this is the exact rifle I saw in my dream vision when I was ten years old so many years ago - even though it was not invented yet and the concept of a bullpup-type rifle had not been developed! I can only conclude the this is a clever way that the Good Lord has used to PROVE the validation of my dream from so many years ago. He must have put it in my mind, so many years ago, so that I would now validate the timing of my prophetic dream.  

Based upon the above, I must conclude that the events you spoke about, concerning Hopi prophecy, will happen in the near future. The Chinese QBZ-95 is now standard issue for their full-time units. That is the one I saw at the age of ten even though it looked strange and futuristic and would not be invented until years later. I am dead certain.

Well, I felt that I would share this strange experience with you. The Lord truly does work in mysterious ways. Why He would have sent a dream vision to an ordinary ten-year old boy in the Midwest fifty years ago and then that boy would remember that particular dream for the rest of his life and have it flash back into his mind while listening to Stan Deyo speaking on an internet radio show is indeed interesting.

Hard days are coming, brother.

God Bless
Prof. Steven (last name withheld)