Corn Crisis Explodes into Corn Disaster

soybeans next target

July 9, 2012
Holly Deyo

Adding to a mountain of other challenges, "corn disaster" is not what we need to hear. Life is tough enough. After weeks of drought and days of blistering 100+ temps, corn is succumbing to these tortures. Soybeans are next in line. No way can crops withstand such harsh onslaughts of dry, blast-furnace conditions. Fields like this one, right, are becoming prevalent, not the exception. This is America's bread basket.

Photo: Dead cornstalks lay in a field in Indiana's northern Vigo County. This drought has scorched thousands of acres of cropland in the state and throughout the Corn Belt, hurting farmers and raising corn and ethanol prices. (Jim Avelis / AP)

"According to Agricultural Meteorologists, you can't raise a corn crop with less than an inch of rain over six weeks, combined with 100-degree and higher temperatures. However, these conditions have taken place in much of the southern corn belt through the week of July 4, 2012."Record Heat Wave Resulting in a Corn Belt Disaster, AccuWeather, July 8.

This "rain map" below shows that most places in corn growing areas – and throughout the U.S. – received much less than minimally acceptable moisture. AccuWeather states that even though these areas have seen severe droughts dating back to the Dust Bowl days of the 1930s, much of the Corn Belt never put in irrigation. That is simply mind-numbing! For those of us in the high desert, it is like breathing. If you don't do water, nothing survives. So in the Grain Belt, it's up to God, and He alone, whether or not we have corn – and other crops. There are no words for this kind of short-sightedness. Farmers may not be able to afford it now, but they should have done it when they were in tall cotton, so to speak.


The last time growing conditions even approached this level of devastation was the 2007-2008 floods that ravaged farmland from North Dakota south through the Gulf. However, today's circumstances are much worse. At least then crops had a bit of a chance.

Image: Look at the drought maps of last year compared to this. Roughly 3/4 of America is experiencing severe dryness. If we don't get water – a lot of it and soon – more crops besides corn and soybeans may fall.

Since high temps and drought hit right during pollination time, corn plants are either producing NO corn or else runty ears. Many farmers are already turning their crops under and making silage for animals.

"Silage" for those who haven't experienced it firsthand, is a crop gathered into one area and allowed to ferment, translate that to "rot". It stinks beyond most publicly acceptable words. Silage is considered a low-grade feed and only used in less than ideal circumstances. When traveling through rural Greeley, CO, there were certain areas where it was best to breathe through the nose because silage was so offensive and penetrating that even with car windows rolled up bile threatened to erupt. Imagine what it was like living on those farms! My husband used to say it was a side-product of brown-gold. Rubbish! It was more like black gag.

These headlines tell the story with no pretty words softening the impact.

"Drought conditions are becoming dire in the central corn belt, with corn and soybean conditions deteriorating fast in the central corn belt states of eastern IA, ILL, IND, OH, KY, and TN such that crop conditions are taking significant drops each week." Central Corn Belt Drought Getting Dire, Agriculture, July 6.

"Fears are rising that grain crops in the core of the U.S. Corn Belt – the top corn-producing region in the world – will suffer big losses that are already causing farmers to plow up fields in other regions of the belt, agronomists and traders said last week. Iowa and Illinois – which produce about a third of all U.S. corn and soybeans – are threatened by the harshest heat wave in more than half a century. Blistering temperatures, combined with little rain, are stressing corn during pollination, the key growth stage."Drought, Heat Killing Corn Crop, Columbus Dispatch, July 6.

"Already, the corn crop is down 20 percent from last year and the concern is that it will deteriorate to match the 1988 "monster drought" losses of 30 percent."
Record Heat Could Lead to 'Monster Drought', Christian Broadcasting Network, July 6.

"Corn stocks are in serious trouble in the Midwestern United States as summer temperatures soar and rainfall fails to meet farmers expectations. With less corn production in the world's highest-production growing areas, world food prices are expected to soar alongside the thermometer this summer."Corn Harvest in Midwest Threatened by Drought, Sweltering Heat, Global Post, July 6.

"The worst drought since 1988 has gripped a large portion of the Midwest, shriveling corn yields and producer profits. The drought, along with extremely high temperatures, extends into the Mid-South and has been particularly damaging to dryland corn production in west Tennessee. The drought and heat could not have come at a worse time, according to grain analyst Richard Brock, with Brock Associates."Midwest Drought Could Persist, Meteorologist Says, Delta Farm Press, July 6.


The tandem hammer of drought and heat have already taken a toll on this year's corn crop over a large part of America's Corn Belt. Not much has escaped. As summer continues, expect other crops to fail or be severely damaged. This is just the beginning.


Remember Revelation's 3rd and 4th Horsemen of the Apocalypse? It is the prophecy of famine and horrendous inflation so severe people haven't enough money to buy food.

Revelation 6:5-8: "When He (Jesus) broke open the third seal, I heard the third living creature call out, Come and look! And I saw, and behold, a black horse, and in his hand the rider had a pair of scales (a balance). And I heard what seemed to be a voice from the midst of the four living creatures, saying, A quart of wheat for a denarius [a whole day’s wages], and three quarts of barley for a denarius; but do not harm the oil and the wine! When the Lamb broke open the fourth seal, I heard the fourth living creature call out, Come! So I looked, and behold, an ashy pale horse [[a]black and blue as if made so by bruising], and its rider’s name was Death, and Hades (the realm of the dead) followed him closely. And they were given authority and power over a fourth part of the earth to kill with the sword and with famine and with plague (pestilence, disease) and with wild beasts of the earth. "

We are seeing the early warning signs as God never levies punishment without due warning. It is the last bit of time for people to repent and fix their lives.

This not something we relish, not if we really think this through, consider how hard it will be... realize what an excruciatingly painful time this will be. Most of us wish we could be like Dorothy in OZ, click our heels and just go to the other side, but it doesn't work that way. There is a whole lot of ugly to go through. This is when spiritual, mental and physical prep come in.

So many fellow Christians whoop and holler saying "bring it on", but I'll wager they haven't looked at pictures of people actually starving, individuals who resemble living skeletons. It is a shocking sight. How would you feel if this were your baby? Your child? You would do nearly anything to alieve their pain. So do what you can now, while you can, while there is precious little time. And when that time comes, remember charity to others as God will remember our actions. Bet on it.


Farmers in a 14-state area face crop failures again. Some will see financial ruin, which ultimately must be passed onto the consumer and worse, these farmers may be out of busines. Larger consortiums may escape with fewer bruises. Worldwide, people will feel this devastation as so many depend on our Nation's exports.

It's not just this year's crops that are at risk. It's the small farmer who is most likely not to use GMOs, who goes to the expense to farm organically, who has your best interests at heart. He will feel the $$ pain first and sharpest, and succumb fastest. He has no choice and few options. Support your local farmers' markets and CSAs – Community Supported Agriculture! Find yours!

This corn crop disaster was first seen from Kansas to the Ohio Valley. In the last few weeks, drought and heatwaves spread northward from portions of Nebraska and Iowa to southern Wisconsin. This is impacting nearly all of our Nation's Corn Belt.


Since 75% of grocery store products use corn as a key ingredient, expect food prices to skyrocket. Corn is also a staple in many fast foods. Corn is in ethanol and the main food source of chickens. In addition to this, maize is in many things that aren't obvious like adhesives, aluminum, aspirin, clothing starch, cosmetics, cough syrup, dry cell batteries, envelopes, fiberglass insulation, gelatin capsules, ink, insecticides, paint, penicillin, powders, rugs and carpets, stamps, talcum, toothpaste, wallpaper, and vitamins. That's just for starters...

Expect dairy, poultry, beef prices to rise and every product that contains corn syrup. The list is nearly endless.

This is a huge heads up for you to purchase corn-using products NOW before these conditions reflect in grocery goods. It will be a narrow window of opportunity.

The other scary thought is how many contracts the U.S. government has entered into obligating us to sell this precious grain to other countries. When I inquired about this obligation during the 2008 crisis, no one had an answer and said I'd have to contact a U.S. grain lawyer. Because circumstances have not been this dire for 80 years, no one really knows, or they aren't saying, lest they scare they pants off Americans in yet another arena. Government's mantra is keep us fat, happy and above all – ignorant. Those of you who listen to Steve Quayle, Alex Jones, Coast To Coast AM should have a huge heads up on what's going on. Pull your head out of mainstream news; ignore the plush-lined hammer pounding the message of "everything's OK, no worries." Anyone, anyone not understanding this is sniffing the fumes of our demise and not sensing truth.


Right now the stock market is undergoing massive downswings. Double ditto for precious metals. At this point, let me say that Stan and I do NOT sell precious metals and only want the best for our readers so we can freely voice our opinion. Looking at this situation, the stock market is artificially propped up and the metals market is likewise suppressed. At some point, these two arenas will collide and it will be fatally ugly for those buying into every day NYSE/Dow charts thinking everything is OK. It's not. We are in death throes or normal. Don't be fooled.

Factoring in that your retirement, investments and financial life-lines are basically screwed, you need commodities, HARD assets. This means tennis shoes, food, water purification, make-up (yes, men get off my back, it's a morale booster and who wants to look at "ugly"), medications, food, fuel, gardens and better yet, alt. energy, greenhouses, seeds, tobacco and booze for barter, toilet paper and TONS OF OTHER VALUABLE resources. We're concerned, friends, that we're getting down to the wire. You MUST prepare. Shortly "normal" life will not be recognizable. This is hard to visualize, yet it is on the horizon. I know it in my gut and my gut would rather be on a white beach sliding into azure waters, playing in the surf.


With respect to food, bypass the idea that you can store up a wad of wheat, a ton of rice and bins-full of beans and skate off free and happy. Someone has sold you a load of manure. More likely they smelled your backside. Eating mountains of wheat and beans will make your stomach REALLY sick. It will give you gas beyond description and all of your family members will wish you banished.

If it's your normal diet, that's a different story. Most of us eat a variety of food, not just wheat, beans and rice. Shoveling these goodies down your cake hole (aussie-speak) would be a nasty, ugly shock to the body. It will rebel. Family and friends will stay away, FAR away, because frankly, you'll stink to high heaven and your guts will hurt. Your butt will be an ignition device waiting for the slightest spark. Got it?

There's truly an easy solution; it's ridiculously simple. You need to know how to cook basic stored food items that tastes truly great and using stuff you should have already stored. You'll be dining, not eating to survive. You don't need fancy prepared entrees, because frankly, they'll likely contain lots of sodium, GMOs, soy and/or a ton of fat for flavor. This stuff will kill you – just at a slower pace than a tornado. In times when things are really, really tough you don't want ill health to deal with, just BETTER health because you'll not be glued to the computer and watching Reality TV. Your buns will be hoisted, moving, fat-burning, muscle-building and productive. This means steering clear of the aforementioned crummy food.


Food fatigue is a frequent issue when people take hamburger, chicken or any other daily ingredient and don't change it up. After a number of feeds on this same thing people would rather STOP EATING altogether than shovel down the same stuff for one more meal. This is a common problem among the older generation. They simply tire from eating "dog food".

So where do you find these "straight" foods? One of the best sources is Mountain House. Freeze Dry Guy was THE FIRST dealer ever for this line and has been in business with them for over 3 decades. From them you can purchase a myriad of nothing but chicken, beef, pork, fruits, veggies, plus tons of desserts, bakery items, etc. They also sell prepared meals, but you already know my drum on those. They're great when you want something totally easy and different, but we prefer to add our own ingredients. Freeze Dry Guy also sells glutin-free, vegetarian and pet foods. We wouldn't leave out our 4-leggeds for anything and Freeze Dry Guy makes sure you have plenty of food for them too.

Another GREAT resource is
Honeyville Grains. We stumbled on them quite by accident and they are amazing. In addition to an Internet presence, they also have brick-and-mortar stores here in the West and Southwest. They have wonderful supplies in a ton of categories. Now dress these foods up via spices and you've got it made. You'll never know you're cooking "survival food'! It's your food game plan.


At this point I must share a story with you about one of the largest Internet food retailers. You'll see their ads on many alternative news sites. In fact one can scarcely get away from them.

Last summer, we wanted to replenish our wheat stocks and it was during the time when wheat was at a premium. There'd been yet another crop disaster and wheat took the biggest hit. When I went to their site, I put a number of buckets of wheat into the shopping cart. Imagine my surprise/dismay, when a notice popped up saying wheat couldn't be purchased without buying 1 YEAR'S WORTH OF FOOD. Do you smell rip-off?

I sent a letter to both the CEO and Customer Service. Heard nothing back from the CEO and received a message from Customer Service saying they'd sell me the wheat IF I bought a year's worth of food. Gee, bloody, thanks, but no thanks! Don't need more food. Their reasoning was that to defray the shipping cost, I had to buy the year's worth of food. I wrote back saying I knew the shipping was high, but had been storing food for years, didn't need more – only wanted the wheat.

Nobody likes being "worked". Besides, the cost of shipping is on us, not them.

Hadn't been to their site for 2 years and yes, they'll still got their hard sell for a year's worth of food going – and no, you still can't have the wheat without a big purchase..

In a completely tone deaf mode, the Customer Service rep continued to push the year's worth of food in yet a third email. I asked if she didn't read my messages that we had enough food – just needed the wheat and that I thought their pushing the year's worth of food was pretty shoddy.

Last she tried to placate me with a FREE $250 Patriot Pack AND she'd go ahead and sell me just the wheat. This was her response:

Hello Holly,

We appreciate your business and thank you for your prior purchase. We have reviewed your previous order and read your comments. You placed an online order, wheat which weighs 222 lbs., the shipping charges for the carrier on wheat value at 119.50 is currently 92.58 as you can see most consumers would not choose to pay shipping of this rate to value of the product, generally in locations such as, southern states, back east the shipping can be double the value of the wheat. This is why we suggest (first) that customers try to get wheat locally or add to a 1 year supply as the weight minimums for palletized freight are met getting the best possible value on shipping. Please remember that with a phone call to our customer care associates we do our best to accommodate customer requests or to help out in any way possible it is likely that we could find a local wheat supplier. We strive for customer satisfaction, we can offer you our new product being advertised on C2C the (Patriot Pack) at no charge. Please respond and advise. —Shelly

This was my response:

A. You should give a customer the option to pay or not pay that shipping.
B. There is no hard red winter wheat available here.
C. You still aren't hearing me, we don't need more food. At the time, we just needed the wheat and thanks to the LDS folks that need has been fulfilled.

I am not looking for freebies, but do think your business practices leave a lot to be desired.

Holly Deyo

We did not accept their offer of the FREE Patriot Pack and won't be doing any business with them.

In the meantime, Honeyville Grains had ample supplies of freshly packed wheat without the B.S. and sales pressure. This was now about the 3rd exchange with Customer Service and my patience was thinner than gold on vermeil jewelry. What a load of nonsense. I told her to keep the Patriot Pack – and the wheat – as Honeyville had happily supplied our needs.

In the interim, we've purchased quite a bit of freeze dried meats, veggie, fruits, etc. from Honeyville Grains so my opinion of them is as good as Mountain House aka, Freeze Dry Guy. Both are great and honorable, trustworthy. I'd say we have equal amounts from both companies.

These others can go pound sand.


And last, people tend to forget that freeze dried and dehydrated foods require water and heat to reconstitute. These kinds of foods should comprise about 2/3 of your stored foods. The remainder should be allocated to canned items and frozen foods, with the barest minimum in MREs. MREs are so laden with sodium and fat, they aren't healthful for most Americans. They are generally geared to military personnel who burn calories like fuses lit at both ends. Keep these for bugout bags only.

Every person, every single person who has his or her own supplies should understand and know how to pack and store food. Food companies may not always be in business, the Internet may go down, you might hit on a great bulk foods buy, maybe you want to store foods companies don't provide and BECAUSE YOU SHOULD NEVER EVER DEPEND ON ANYONE BUT YOURSELF. Know how to pack your own.

Dare To Prepare not only gives you several methods for how to store your own food for long term insurance, but says it in detailed, easy to understand terms. Just follow the simple instructions and you'll be as good as any professional packer – at half the price! For example, when putting in the oxygen absorbers, they need to be added according to altitude, size of the bucket and weight of the foods stored. Use too many, they bucket can explode. Use too few and the food will rot. Put the packet on top, in the middle, on the bottom of the bucket – what? What else should go in my stored food and why type of bucket can I use?

For canned and boxed goods, Dare To Prepare also unravels mystery dating codes that manufacturers and stores like to use so they can sell out of date foods. Good for them, bad for the consumer. "Dare" also explains what food and water are OK after a nuclear event, how to clean it properly, how to make it safe and how to make a garden viable again.

We are now at a crossroads friends, the like of which we've never seen.

We MUST prepare our family, help our friends and be ready for those who have done or can do nothing. It will be a whole lot easier on frayed nerves if bellies are full with tasty meals.

Just keepin' it real....


© Holly Deyo, 2012,