West Coast Earthquake Dream

Jan has given me permission to forward this very powerful earthquake dream, if I will be sure to ask people for intercession. I am going to paste Jan's comments below. I have seen many warnings/dreams/ visions of a West Coast earthquake or tsunami - or both...This one was still a shocker. It encompasses, at the very least, Washington, Oregon and California.

Jan lives in Tacoma, WA which is just slightly south of Seattle.

Judy Curmi

February 3, 2012

Rick Joyner's prophesy pleaded with people to pray. I would say yes to sending the dream out if there were a closing statement pointing to the hope of our God to hear our pleas for mercy on the lost. On the church...a plea for repentance to come upon this West coast and across our land. Because judgment is surely on its way....so is revival. I just pray it doesn't take a disaster to bring repentance to the degree that is needed to turn this nation around and bring revival.

Jan J


I had a dream last week that was so real and violent regarding the West Coast being shaken that I want to forget it. But I can't. I know it was a call to prayer...or more like deep intercession.

In brief, the dream was about an earthquake that was headed towards my little North End part of Tacoma, coming from the North. Yes, I could feel it coming and with it came massive waves that overtook the coastlines so far inland that I could not see the end of them once they swooped over the land. I seemed to be immune to the destruction. The water did not touch me. I scrambled to save as many as I could. Running ahead of the water to warn people and gather them to higher ground. I ran along the Washington and Oregon Coast and as I ran I warned people. I pointed out towards the coastline and as soon as I pointed, giant walls of water appeared, coming straight for us. There was a short lull in the disastrous waves where myself and several others built a quick log raft with a canopy atop it. We began to settle down and think we were safe and that the worse was over, but no...another quake and then more waves. Parts of the land were caving into the water. Houses disappearing before my eyes, right into the water!

Then I saw myself in an aerial view traveling down the coast of California at a high speed. Warning everyone along the way to get out from the pathway of the quake that was coming NOW! And as I warned, the quake would appear with its consuming waves...disaster, screaming disoriented people, houses even exploding with the force of the quake.

I went to help people move to higher ground. A woman was heading down the hill towards me & I told her she was going the wrong way. She said her favorite movie was on and she couldn't miss it. She would catch up with us later. I knew she had lost it. She was soaking wet and was wearing a bath robe. I wondered why she was wet and no one else was....then a man who was racing to escape the water behind us, got further and further behind. He held his heart and began to collapse into heart failure due to fear and terror. I was emotionally overcome at what I was witnessing and had to wake myself up out of the dream! So real.

I am so thankful you sent this from Rick Joyner. I am on alert now and awake! Will be serious and diligent in intercession. I will pass on the urgent call to prayer to everyone I know who prays!!!!

God Have mercy on us....save the lost Lord! Wake us up and draw the lost to You, oh God! Have mercy!!!


Jan J