Two Visitations from Jesus!

Sept. 20, 2002
Judy Curmi


Craig has been our handyman for over 3 years. He was spending some time in jail for two old DUI's. When I visited him recently he told me Jesus had told him "We are in the [Biblical] End Times". We need to get ready. He apologized to me because he said he had thought we were nuts when we talked about being in the End Times, but we were right. People need to get ready and prepare!


Our 86 year old mother had a dream early in the morning on September 19th. This was such a powerful dream that our mother was crying when she told it to Rosie. She said Jesus told her He was coming back soon! He was coming back much sooner than people expected and most people would be caught totally off-guard and unaware.

He is going to defeat sin and sin will be no more ˆ ever again. Never again will sin defeat us. The light is going to defeat the darkness. Light and truth will come and win forever.

People need to make a decision as to where they stand and which side they choose to be on. Do they want to stand with Him in His light ˆ or do they want to choose the darkness? Fence sitting will not be allowed. People need to make a decision NOW because TIME IS VERY SHORT AND MOST PEOPLE ARE NOT PREPARED. They are making the wrong decision!