Large Glowing Ball Crashes in Sweden

Mysterious "Ball of Light" Puzzles Swedish province of Värmland

"The whole house shook"

December 11, 2012

What is it that has struck in Värmland County?

SOS, police and the air rescue center has received calls from concerned Värmland citizens after a ball of light is said to have exploded in the evening.

It lit up the sky and flew over us, then we heard an explosion, says Jessica Berg.

Jessica Berg was out walking with a friend when they were surprised by the strong lights.

Calls have come from Stöllet, Ekshärad, Karlstad and Forshaga.

All have seen a mysterious ball of light which then struck down - followed by an explosion.

They say they have seen a sharp blue glow, then a sharp orange ball strike, says Leif Svensson, duty officer at the Värmland police.

Surprised by the strong light

The sky was completely silent when it flew over us. Then it hit ground near Klarälven river somewhere. Then we were struck by the sound, like an echo after an explosion, she says to Aftonbladet news paper and continues:

It was mysterious. Nasty mysterious.

Several readers have contacted the Aftonbladet news paper about the event.

I heard a bang and the whole house shook, said a witness in Vansbro.

24-year-old Sandra was sitting in her apartment in Karlstad city looking out the window when she saw something plunge from the sky.

At first I thought it was fireworks, but much to large for that and it just never went off, I thought maybe it was a comet, for it looked a bit like a ball. It had a red and yellow light around and after it, she says, adding that she had seen shooting stars before, and this is not at all like that.

This was really different and much larger. It looked as if something falling from space in a film like Armageddon or something. I do not know how to describe it I have never seen such a thing before, says Sandra.

No airplane accidents has been reported.

Police have received several calls about the phenomenon and also SOS has been dialed.

We do not know, but it may have been part of the meteor shower, says Leif Svensson, duty officer at the Värmland police to TT.

We can not do much other than direct incoming calls to the Air Force.

Also, the Naval and air rescue center has been alerted about a light phenomenon in the sky from the Värmland county region.

There are two people who have dialed in observations and it should have been seen from the air traffic control tower at Karlstad Airport. One woman spoke of a really big explosion, says Jonas Sundin, deputy incident commander.

But there are no airplane accidents. It's probably some kind of meteorite.

At 1:00 on Wednesday morning readers from Sodertalje, Stenungsund Kungalv, Karlstad, Vansbro and other surrounding areas had contacted Aftonbladet news paper with eyewitness accounts.

And we have also heard that people on the West Coast and even in Finland have made observations, says Leif Svensson to TT.

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