Special Warning:
DHS Knows an Economic Collapse Is Coming
and That People Are Not Prepared

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The following notes are from Private Investigator, Douglas Hagmann, who has a confidential contact within Department of Homeland Security. Doug writes, "Here are the notes I took during the early morning conversation I had with my DHS source 'Rosebud.' People need to understand that our own government KNOWS what is coming and is not only NOT telling the American people, but (they are) preparing for the worst."

After transcribing Doug's notes, I phoned him and went through the material line by line with him making sure each line was correct as some words were in Doug's own "shorthand" and some weren't clearly written. He verified everything to be accurate.

We've all seen things sent around the Internet and by the time they end up at your computer again, there's been some variation. While the change was likely inadvertent, it was nonetheless changed. This material is so important and it's critical none of Doug's words is altered or lives could be lost.

Doug's scanned pages of his notes were also included at the bottom of this page as backup documentation to what he actually wrote. It is hoped that when people read this and begin sending it around that these will be included as well. —Thanks, Holly Deyo

May 4, 2012
Douglas J. Hagmann
Hagmann Investigative Services, Inc. and Northeast Intelligence Network