Night of Alaska Earthquake Sounds

January 7 2013
Debra in Alaska

Holly...just thought I would find out if anyone reported hearing sounds anywhere the night of the 7.7 ? I was in high desert country Oregon and began hearing waves of sounds like a male choir "Gregorian" harmonics...went to room where my husband was ...asked if he turned on music.

...he had not.

Went back to the same room where I had heard the music...but now it was a waving hum...almost mechanical sounding...opened the was really cold...tried to fix a location, but it was pretty much just "there". As I listened though, it seemed to change to different harmonics...a higher engine-like sound, the lower hum... sometimes (wow) something like a shofar...and every once in a while the choir sound again. At first, about 11:30 pm Pacific time...the waves seemed to move from northeast toward southwest. They would be intermittent... making me think I was just imagining them...but then they would come again. This went on for an hour or so. Later I began hearing the sounds again.

But they seemed to kind of swirl around in the sky and ground...very strange... Like a cosmic concert.

For the last hour or so...around two to three thirty a.m. The waves and engines shofarlike sounds and choir...seemed to move by my hearing senses from the southeast to the northwest.

I have seen videos of the earth sound mysteries and concluded that I was hearing them myself...reminded me of Psalm nineteen...the heavens declare...also..."the earth is YHVH's and the fullness thereof" and "the whole earth is groaning for the manifestation of the sons of YHVH on the face of the earth." .....

Funny, it must have been because it was so late, but I never thought about the possibility that I was hearing the earth possibly ramping up and through an earthquake. I cannot say I ever felt any part of a physical movement, that would have clued me in quickly...but I certainly witnessed with my hearing that something was very unique about the sounds in the night...

I put it together the next morning when I saw your report. I believe I heard all the things your video of lateral and vertical waves documented...I do not know how, or why...or if anyone else heard anything like it...but the earth sang a song of some kind, or else there was a different kind of powerful wave of some kind that was almost audible .

OR...Abba had something to say...Which, no matter what true.

Again...I am wondering if anyone else heard big sounds that night?

Thank you! A sister in Yeshua

We are the witnesses of things saints and angels have longed to is time to know Him, and seek to be His Light...

Blessings to you and Stan