Pigs from Hell Still Fry Like Bacon

“If either of these Colorado state senators is defeated, billionaire Mike Bloomberg’s already flailing Mayors Against Illegal Guns will be revealed as having very little actual political clout. MAIG’s defeat in Colorado might doom the brief resurgence of the gun control movement that erupted post-Newtown.” bearingarms.com

Photo: Senator Angela Giron (left) and John Morse (right) are facing a historic recall in Colorado.
Colorado State Senate

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September 3, 2013
Holly Deyo

The headline screams: Ken Salazar Visits Pueblo in Support of Sen. Giron. Visit or not, furious Coloradans have marched two senators in front of the proverbial firing squad in an historic recall election.

There is little coverage on the pro-recall side of this issue unless you read national Fox News. Everyone else covers ONLY the 'get rid of their guns' aspect. Not even local papers grant unbiased ink space.

Two leading state Democrats,
John Morse and Angela Giron, are directing massively restrictive gun laws not endorsed by Colorado residents. A liberal opposition quartet is spearheaded by NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who donated $350,000 of his personal funds to thwart the recall, billionaire philanthropist Eli Broad who donated $250,000; The Brady Campaign and Gabby Gifford's husband who arrived on Colorado's doorstep to bray his opinion though he lives in New Mexico. (Mind your own state's business, people). See the NY Times: National Gun Debate Hits Close to Home in Colorado Recall Vote. One Pueblo group backing Giron raised $239,400 in one week for a total of $825,400 and another group for Morse raised $52,000 in 7 days totaling $658,230. Real fear this recall will succeed is evidenced as vitriolic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL), Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) and the group Organizing For Action are now chiming in.

Gifford was granted a pass even when Colorado residents were barred by state Senator John Morse to speak their wishes. This little puss, John Morse, admits he doesn't read his emails, especially those he considers 'toxic' – those who are against his viewpoint. Morse even referred to gunowners as "a sickness from our souls" in this video.

Photo: Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL)

So like in Australia, politicians are striking while the issue is lava hot twisting truths this way and that. After Australia disarmed its citizens, we saw where that got them. More crime, more murders, more violence and its citizens are left bare and vulnerable without self-protection. The big difference is that only the criminals currently have guns. Now with clear heads, Australians have buyer's regret for turning over their firearms. We know; we saw; we lived there during the Sept. 30, 1997 gun recall.

HOWEVER, in an extraordinarily short amount of time, Colorado grass roots groups gathered more than 16,000 verified signatures to recall Morse and Giron since they no longer choose to represent their constituents. This is an unprecedented shift back to voter control and 'we the people'. People are fed up with these spineless twits and sick to the eyeteeth of liberal B.S. – and that includes Obama. This is a shot across the bow – a warning – to NOT interfere in the 2nd Amendment affairs of Americans and that of our Constitution.

Watch out liberals as Americans are watching Colorado and we will NOT be circumcised from our rights. You can't be voted in on one platform then turn around and stab your voters in the back. You do, you pay politically. That is exactly what Morse and Giron did. People are really fed up as shown in this NRA video on Colorado's historic recall: Your Voice Your Vote, Our Freedoms.

Ours is not a wealthy county, but we will will pay the expected $300,000 for the recall election. It is that important. To all southern Coloradans, voice your stance Sept. 6 -10. Voters are asked to use paper ballots as they are less easily manipulated by the opposition. Emphasizing the concern for honest polling, last night we were contacted by Pueblo County to help monitor this recall. Proponents expect more jerry-rigged elections.

VOTE your voice and get rid of these people who will disarm you and leave you vulnerable – and most of all, ignore the wishes of those who voted for them.

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