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Today's Ugly Weather Forecast
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Second Earthquake in a Month Shakes Northern Colorado
Analyzing Alaska's 7.9 Harmless Megathrust Earthquake
7.2 Quake (and Multiple Aftershocks) Strike Off Kermadec Islands
Dangerous Tornado Touches Down Near Indianapolis, Destroys At Least 3 Homes
Severe Weather Forecast: Hail, Wind Threat Continues; Stronger Late-Week Threat Looms
East Coast Surfers Ride Large, Chaotic Swells Stirred by Tropical Storms
Live: Old Faithful Geyser Webcam

California Drought Turning Central Valley Farmland into Dust Bowl
... Calif. Beekeeper Stung By Honey Bee Shortage – You Could Be Next
Drought Could Make This California's Worst-Ever Fire Season
Reno Forced to Tap Water Reserves
NKorea Drought Brings Back Fears of Widespread Famine
Could There Be a Hawaii Ashpocalypse on the Horizon?
Is Earth's Magnetic Field Getting Weaker? Dramatic Dips Spotted Across the Western Hemisphere Could Damage Satellites
Unsupported Climate Alarmism over Average Summer Temperatures – Another Dose of Climate Hysteria from a Government-Funded Entity? You Don't Say.
More Proof U.S. Temperature Data Is Manipulated
'It Was Like God Dragged 2 Fingernails Across the Land': Terrifying 200mph Twister Duo Levels Nebraska Town Killing 2, Leaving 16 People Critical
Rare and Deadly: Twin Tornadoes Rip Through Nebraska

Swarm of Earthquakes in Alaska Puzzles Scientists
Indiana Taking Part In 8-State Earthquake Drill
Earthquake Insurance Becomes Boom Industry In Oklahoma
2 Earthquakes Rattle Oklahoma
OKC Residents Clean Up After 4.2 Quake
New Mexico Wildfire Forces Evacuation of Navajo Communities
UK: After Wettest Winter, Now We're Facing Massive Drought
Europe's Most Active Volcano, Mount Etna, Erupts

Alaska Volcano Observatory Is Having Busiest Volcano Season To Date
Supersonic Tumbleweeds, Human 'Bullets' and Winds Faster Than an Atomic Explosion: Video Reveals What Would Happen If Earth Stopped Turning
MAY 20
Wild Wyoming Cloud Wows Weatherwatchers
Huge Sinkhole Opens at Tenn. Football Stadium

San Francisco Due for Shake-Up – Study Earthquake Cycles Suggests a Coming Period of Greater Seismic Activity in Bay Area.
Peru Experiences 3 Earthquakes in 1 Day
World's Largest Volcano – in America – 'Primed" and Overdue for Eruption
El Salvador Evacuates 1,000 People Near Volcano
Mega El Nino Developing, Already Stronger Than 1997 at This Time of the Year
Impacts of El Niño and La Niña on North America
Melting Antarctic Poses Risk of Volcanic Activity, Study Shows
Floods Affect Over 1 Million in Balkans, Destruction 'Terrifying' – Heaviest Rains and Floods in 120 Years
MAY 13
6.8 Earthquake Hits off Panama
Eruption Leads Scientists to Biggest Undersea Volcano, Magma Accumulating Beneath Yellowstone and Mount St. Helens
300 Earthquakes in TX County Since December – HOLLY NOTE: It matters little to victims if a destructive quake were fracking-induced or due to seismic stress.
Strong Earthquake Shakes Buildings, Caves Roofs in Mexico City
Oklahoma Temblors Skyrocket: Average: Just Two 3.0 and Greater Quakes per Year. Last 6-1/2 Months: 183 — After Record Number of Earthquakes, Concerns That a Damaging Quake Is Coming
Yellowstone Volcano Conspiracy: Eruption's Coming and Feds Know
…Australia Agreed to House Casualties
Experts: 100 Dead, 1000s of Walking Wounded, and No House Safe If a 5.5 Earthquake Hit Brisbane
Dioxide Measured at Hawaii's Mauna Loa Volcano Reaches Worrying New Levels
Our Wacky Weather Is Nothing Compared with the Havoc Created By a 19th-Century Volcano
Rare Earthquake Warning Issued for Oklahoma – HOLLY NOTE: This morning was weird. When I opened the doors to let in the cool Colorado morning, sweet air, it wasn't even yet light. Normally birds are singing for a mate by 5a.m., checking for worms and gathering twigs and debris for nest building. This morning was so eerily quiet that I nearly woke Stan. No breeze rustled and no one was about. It was like a day-time page out of Omega Man. Everything was silenced. Then this article pops up on Live Science. Probably just coincidence…This morning was weird.

When looking at this map, this is something to consider. Blue quakes listed as "past week" are anything over 60 minutes old this very day. Red quakes are anything within the last 60 minutes. Even 1 minute longer and they roll over into the 'week (blue)' category. Ditto for Yellow quakes. Any temblor even 1 minute past 7 days, rolls over into the 6 months listing. While this is a decent map to get a handle on current activity, how really recent they are is a bit deceiving.

Never in the nearly 2 decades of following seismic activity have we ever witnessed anything like this. Is this just a whole like of fracking going on? Check here for another Oklahoma earthquake map.
Wild Weather on the Rise – HOLLY NOTE: While we can argue the merits of the Sun, man or just natural cycles affecting climate, it's hard to ignore that extreme weather events are increasing.
Magma Rising in Washington State's Mount St. Helens Volcano: USGS
APR 16
Hundreds of Earthquakes Strike Central Idaho, Rattling Nerves
Detroit Snow Breaks Records, Topples Power Lines, Creates Flooding Risk
Landslide Destroys Cottages in Quebec
Flood Waters Expected to Rise as More Rain Coming to Ottowa
Air Pollution in Asia Impacting Global Weather Patterns
Tropical Cyclone Ita Shatters Some Hopes and Homes in Queensland
APR 15
Nicaragua Quakes Spur Fears of Big One
Helicopters, Planes, Firefighters Struggle to Contain Chile Wildfires That Have Killed 15, Devastated 2,000 Homes and Left 8,000 Homeless
Strong 6.9 Earthquake in the South Atlantic Ocean
Detroit Snow Record Falls: 133-Year-Old Mark Broken By Unusually Snowy Season
Severe Weather Blasts Southern Mississippi, Ransacks Trailer Park
Winter Weather Makes Encore, Sets Records
WWI Soldier's Grave Restored That Was Swallowed By Sinkhole
Cyclone Ita's Damage to Queensland Sugar Cane to Cost Millions
Minnesota Town Home to Sinkhole Capital of the U.S.
APR 14
Record Cold to Replace Warm Stretch Across East
Deadly Fires in Chile Kill 8, Leave 3,000 People Homeless
Ubinas Volcano Erupts, Emergency Evacuations May Be Ordered
Nicaragua Quake Killed 1, Injured 200, Destroyed/Destroyed Over 300 Homes
Afghan Quake Leaves at Least 4 Dead
7.5 Earthquake Strikes Off Solomon Islands, Second Big One in Hours
7.6 Temblor Strike Near Solomons, Triggered Large Waves
Another Quakes Shakes Idaho – This is after a 5.1 struck this state a couple days ago
Yellowstone Volcano: Next Earthquake to Set Off a Volcanic Eruption?
Yellowstone Magma Bigger than Scientists Thought
Dangerous Earthquake Zones in America
Wyoming Mudslide: Rain, Snow Could Trigger Slide
APR 11
Disaster Declared in Cooktown as Severe Tropical Cyclone Ita Threatens to ‘Wipe Out’ Town
Over 100 Earthquakes Reported in Last 2 Weeks in Washington, Oregon
Los Angeles Quake Raises Fears of the Big One
Earthquake Near Challis Biggest in Idaho Since 2005
7.3 Powerful Earthquake Hits Near Papua New Guinea
6.1 Earthquake and 5.1 Aftershock Shake Nicaragua's Western Coast
6.0 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Chile
Active Earthquake Movements in the Ring of Fire
4.1 Quake Shakes Oklahoma Thursday
Tsunami Awareness Month, and Chilean Earthquakes
“Take Every Earthquake as a Drill,” Warns Caltech’s Dr. Kate Hutton
'Shakeout' Earthquake Drill Planned For April 17
New Surge in Activity, Strombolian Explosions at Tungurahua Volcano
Congo's Nyamulagira Volcano to Erupt Soon
Mystery Remains Over Why Queensland's Condamine River Is Bubbling
The Church of Climatology: From the U.S. to the UK to the Vatican, Global Warming Now Literally Part of Religion
APR 10
Mysterious Rumbling Along Coast Wasn't Earthquake, Experts Say
Washington Mudslide Update: Death Toll Increases to 36
Is There More Than One Tornado Alley in the US?
Severe Tropical Cyclone Ita Upgraded to Cat 5: Emergency Groups Kick into Gear: Hospitals Evacuated
199 Years Ago... The Largest Eruption in Known History and the "Year Without a Summer"
A Hitherto Unknown Supervolcano About to Erupt? – HOLLY NOTE: Numerous people sent in this story, but it appears no one bothered to check its veracity. First, fact check: Are There volcanoes in Sweden? If it existed, it's a water thing, not a land-based crater, let alone a supvervolcano. Then look at the proposed impact site map. Nothing there. So its likely more bogus info propagated around the Internet with people parroting people and doing no due diligence. So does it exist? Doubtful.
Volcanoes All Over the Ring of Fire Are Erupting Right Now – Is the U.S. Next?
Volcanic Island Gulps Another Near Japan
ODOT Concerned About Earthquakes' Effect On Oklahoma Bridges
Lightning Kills More Than 60 Cows in Chile
Mobile Home Destroyed After Being Thrown 20 Feet in the Air By Tornado While the Family Was Still Inside
Mississippi Tornado Confirmed: 8 Injured in Covington County; Girl's Body Discovered
Flooding in the South Swamps Birmingham, Atlanta; Child Found Dead in Mississippi, 1 Dead in Georgia
Death Toll in Washington Mudslide Rises to 33
Solomon Islands Flash Floods Kill at Least 19 People, 40 People Still Missing
Flood-ravaged Solomon Islands Survivors Now Contending With Disease
78% of USA Below Normal Temps Since October
Larry Taylor Blog
4.0 Earthquake Felt in Oklahoma Sunday Morning
Record Quake Activity Rocks Oklahoma
Essential Services Being Re-Established in Chile After Earthquake
More Aftershocks Hits Western Australia – Country Overdue for the Big One
3.1 Shakes New Madrid Area of NW Tennessee
Ecuador Volcano Spews 6-Mile Ash Column
Hot Mantle Drives Elevation, Volcanism Along Mid-Ocean Ridges
Experts Say Buffalo Stampede Did Not Predict Earthquake
Earthquakes, Mudslides Can Happen Anywhere So Prepare
Severe Weather: Tornado Damages Homes in Southern Mississippi, More Severe Weather, Flash Flooding Possible Monday
No All-Clear After Chile Earthquakes
Washington Monument to Reopen Following 2011 Earthquake
If This Terrifying Report Doesn't Wake You Up to the Realities of What We're Doing to This Planet, What Will?
U-Yen Speech, Earthquake Watch

Scientists Hysterical With Doomed-Earth Forecast
Severe Weather North Texas: Tornadoes Spotted, Damage, Injuries Reported
Damaging Storms to Strike Cleveland to Atlanta Friday
Louisiana's Bayou Corne Sinkhole Eats Well Pad. People Next?
UK Chokes on Toxic Smog as Pollution and Saharan Dust Cloud Cloaks Britain
Severe Weather Outbreak Threatens Plains, Southeast; Tornado Confirmed in St. Louis
7.6 Aftershock Strikes off Coast of Chile
Scientists Assure Us That the Recent Earthquakes on the Ring of Fire Are Not Related
Dozens Evacuated In Peru As Volcano Rumbles To Life
Washington Mudslide Update: Death Toll Rises to 30
New Satellite Image Shows True Scale of Devastation Caused By Washington Landslide
Storms, Quakes, Weak Heliosphere
6 Dead, Residents Evacuated After Quake Strikes Off Chile's Coast
Yellowstone Volcano Eruption in 2014? Are Animals Fleeing Park As ‘an Alert’?
Thursday Tornado Risk Zone Spans 1,000 Miles, Population of 40 Million
The Rise of DIY Tornado Shelters
Death Toll From Washington Mudslide Hits 29
Health Warning as Smog Soars to a Dangerous High Across the Country: People with Heart and Lung Problems Told to Avoid Exercise
Early Springs Are Killing Baby Deer Because the Young Leaves Needed By Their Mothers to Produce Milk Have Already Gone
Dinosaur Tracks Dating After Extinction Found on Stromboli Volcano
Magnitude 8.2 Earthquake Strikes Off Chile, Sparks Tsunami
Hundreds of Aftershocks From 5.1 Earthquake
Victims' Families of Mudslide That Killed at Least 24, Caused $10 Million in Damage Need Money for Funerals
What Would an Eruption of the Yellowstone Supervolcano Look Like?
12 Signs That Something Big Is Happening to Earth’s Crust Under North and South America
Great Earthquakes, Water Under Pressure, High Risk
Tornado Threat Returns to Southern Plains This Week
Giant Hailstorms, Heavy Rain Kill at Least 16 People in China
More Than 10,000 Snowploughs Called to Action in Moscow
Freak Storm Provides Possible Preview of Hong Kong’s Extreme Weather Future
Drying May Spread to a Third of Earth
World's Smallest Volcano Discovered in Colombia
It’s Global Warming The Movie and We’re All In It
IPCC’s Doom-and-Gloom Global Warming Apocalypse Is Political Theater, Not Real Science
Pruden: Flatulent Cows and the Global Warming Hysteria
Psychology of Spring: The Season of Hope, Warmth
MAR 31
Yellowstone National Park Hit By 4.8-Magnitude Earthquake After California Is Shaken By Major Tremor
Biggest Quake in 34 Years…
Quake Swarm Hits Yellowstone
Oklahoma Earthquakes: Ongoing Swarm Produces State's Strongest Quakes of 2014
Watch Swarm of Earthquakes Erupt in L.A. Area
7.5 Quake on California Fault Could Be Disastrous
Experts Warn 18,000 Could Die If Long Overdue Earthquake Hits LA
Is California Overdue for Big Quake?
Oregon Quake Swarms at Mount Hood, Sinkholes, Loud Booms, Shaking, Landslides
A Megathrust Quake Like Alaska’s 9.2 Will Hit Seattle
Tornado Damages Homes in Northern California

Blizzard to Close Out March Across the Plains
Tornado Threat Returns to Southern Plains This Week
It Was March Misery In Frigid Northern, Eastern USA
Sydney Hit By Golf-Ball Sized Hail
MAR 29
5.1 Earthquake Rocks La Region; Minor Injuries, Homes Damaged
Quake Hit on Fault That Caused Deadly 1987 Whittier Quake
Study: Southern California Isn't Ready for Major Earthquake

Nearly 100 Recent Earthquakes Reported in Swarm Near Mt. Hood Volcano – Considered "Non-Worrying"
MAR 28
Tree Damage, Flooding After Storms Slam Alabama
Early Spring Tornadoes Destroy Homes, Barns in Missouri
Houston, Nashville in Path of Friday Storms
Nor'easter Blasts Eastern Canada with Wind Gusts Over 100 MPH and 18 Inches of Snow
Unbelievable Moment 2 Weathermen Are Blown Away During Outdoor Shot in 100MPH Nor'easter That Thrashed Canada
USGS: Quake Didn’t Trigger Oso Mudslide
Mudslide Toll Expected to Jump
Great Alaska Earthquake Remembered, 9.2 Tremor Shook State, Triggered Tsunamis 50 Years Ago
The Coming Paradigm Shift on Climate
MAR 27
Incredible Moment Boy, 4, Is Plucked From Mud That Destroyed His Home in Washington Landslide – His Family Are Still Missing
Earthquake Detected Near Mudslide Site
High Winds Tragedy: 2 Firefighters Dead, at Least 16 People Hospitalized as Boston Fire Department Battles 9-Alarm Blaze
Where the Drought Is Most Painful: The Plight of Half Road
British Columbia Not Ready For Catastrophic Earthquake
Disasters Caused $140 Bn Losses Last Year: Swiss Re
NWS Prepares for Gulf of Mexico Tsunami
MAR 26
Death Toll in Washington Mudslide Rises to 24 with Dozens Still Missing: Hope Fades As Rescuers Recover Two More Bodies
Geologists Warned About Washington Landslide 15 Years Ago: Before And After Shots Clearly Show Lethal Geography
Oso Slide Family Dog Rescued

More Snow Takes Aim on Great Lakes
Unseasonably Early Dust Storm Hits Phoenix Area
Galveston Bay Oil Spill: Wildlife Damage Expected to Get 'Much Worse'; Channel Partially Reopened
No Tsunami After 6.5 Quake South of Fiji
New UN Climate Report Casts Doubt on Earlier Extinction Predictions
MAR 25
Number of People Listed as Missing in Washington State Landslide Rises to 176
Spring Blizzard to Graze Eastern New England, Slam Canada
One of the Coldest Winters in 20 Years Shatters Snow Records
Polar Vortex — or Ice Age?
Drought Kills 20,000 Animals in Casanare, Colombia
61-vehicle Pileup Closes Minn. Bridge Almost 2 Hours

Chileans Worry Over String Of 300 Quakes In North
Dissent Among Scientists Over Key Climate Impact Report
March 2014 Tornado Drought May Set Record
MAR 24
18 People Missing After Huge Mudslide Wiped Out Home and Kill at Least 8
9 Earthquakes Hit Oklahoma in 24 Hours
6.1 Quake Strikes Off Chile
Deep Freeze Means Rise In Great Lakes Water Levels
Spring Blizzard Threatens to Swipe Eastern New England
Kongpop U-Yen on Space Weather Induced Natural Disasters

MAR 21
Three Earthquakes Recorded in Oklahoma Today
6.7 Earthquake Strikes Off India's Nicobar Islands
Massive Storm Uproots 150-Year-Old Tree
Icelandic Volcano Hekla Is Starting to ‘Bulge’ With Magma Amid Fears Major Eruption Could Happen Within Days and Hit Air Travel
Spring Outlook: Stubborn Cold Hangs in Midwest, Elevated Flood Threat
Rain, Fog, Ocean Currents Hamper Flight 370 Search
Drought and Wind to Bring Fire, Dust Storm Threat to Plains Thursday
MAR 19
Winter Won't Quit: Snow Spreads to Great Lakes, Northern New England
Chill to Follow Wednesday Snow in Midwest
Terror as Women Swallowed By Waist-Deep Mud in Kent
Southern Coloradans Look for Ways to Battle Tumbleweeds – HOLLY NOTE: Most Western states are in this same boat. It's not just that they are unsightly, but thousands of tumbleweeds in ginormous clumps post great safety risks. A local news station stated yesterday that if we experience another hot dry year, (which NOAA predicts) tumbleweeds will pose a "disaster", not just be a menace. Our county is now seeking a grant to purchase equipment to corral and destroy tumbleweeds, to help dig out people and places. When you drive down Hwy 50 either east or west, these things roll across the highway in great 'families'. Immediately your eye-brain thinks because they are tan and moving quickly, a rabbit or prairie dog is crossing and the first instinct is to swerve. That causes accidents. My girlfriend and I hike around Lake Pueblo 3x a week. Half of our trail involves deep drop-off chasms that lead directly into the lake. When tumbleweeds obscure vision, easily she and I, or our 4 dogs, could end up in the lake simply because we lost sight of footing. So no, none of us in the West are too happy with Russian thistles. (Do you think this was a Russian plot?) Just kidding. Don't send emails! Though they were first imported from Russia to help combat erosion and now, as with many imports like Obama, we're sorry they're here.
Tumbleweed Takeover: Homeowners Fear Fire Hazard
Expert: Louisiana Sinkhole Still Growing but Shows Signs of Stabilizing
Iceland's Hekla Volcano Could Blow Soon, Claims Scientist
MAR 18
Earthquake Near L.A. Could Be 'Foreshock' for Bigger Shake
Is 4.4 Jolt an End to Los Angeles' 'Earthquake Drought'?
…Wake-Up Call for Residents to Prepare
What Will Happen When The ‘Big One’ Hits California?
Large Earthquakes in the L. A. Area
Over 100 Aftershocks Rock Chile Following 6.7 Temblor
3.3 Earthquake Near Choctaw Shakes Awake Some Oklahomans
Swarms May Indicate Imminent Volcanic Eruption
Winter's Not Over: Up to 12 Inches of Snow Possible
Major Wind Storm Roars Through Southern Idaho
Greenland Glaciers Melting Faster Than Thought, Raising Sea Level Rise Fears
Seeds of Climate Change: Western Wildflowers Blooming Longer
MAR 17
Multiple Earthquakes Rattle Chile, Prompt Tsunami Evacuations
7.0 Earthquake Strikes Off Chile's Pacific Coast
6.5 Earthquake Strikes Northwestern Peru
4.7 Quake Strikes Near Los Angeles
…Quake Fear Grips L.A.
L.A. Quake Drives News Anchors Under Desk

Second Quake in a Week Hits Kansas
3.5 earthquake hits San Diego Area
Ohio's Earthquake Average Since 2010 Has Risen
3.9 Earthquake Strikes North of Los Angeles
Snowstorm Leaving 4 to 8 Inches in Washington, D.C. Area
Winter Won't Quit: Snow, Wind Return to Rockies, Northern Plains, Upper Midwest – HOLLY NOTE: This is not the case for southern Colorado as it's supposed to by 76º today.
Severe Weather Threat St. Patrick's Day in the Sunshine State
Extreme Turbulance Forces Canada-Mexico Flight to Make Emergency Stop in Montana
Texas Lakes Hit Record Low Levels as Drought Deepens
Homes Still Without Power After Ferocious Storms Batter Sydney
Brazilian Island Experiences Worst Drought In 50 Years
MAR 14
Potent Threat of Monster Quake Off California's Northern Coast Greater Than Researchers Thought
Japan Hit By 6.3 Earthquake
Idaho Avalanche Buries State Highway 21 Under 60 Feet of Snow
Deadly Winter Storm Wallops Midwest, Northeast
Snowiest Winter on Record in Portions of Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana
Storm May Bring Severe Storms to South, Snow to East
MAR 13
US Having Its Coldest 6 Month Period Since 1912
Huge Tract of Australia in 'Biggest Ever Drought'
5.1 Quake Recorded About 250 Miles off Oregon
Flurry of Earthquakes on Anniversary of 9.0 Kobe Earthquake
2014 Forecast: Severe Storm and Tornado Threat to Spike Later Than Usual
MAR 12
Snowstorm to Evolve Into a Blizzard in New England
Haboob Sweeps Through New Mexico and Texas
Montana Flooding: Flooded Rivers Recede, Leave Homes Damaged
California Drought Bare: Photos Show How Reservoir Is Almost COMPLETELY Dry as NASA Is Brought in to Help with the Crisis
California's Worst Drought in a Century Forces Ranchers to Sell Their Cattle as Green Grazing Pastures Turn Brown
MAR 11
Sun Affects 1,000 Years of Climate Variability
Despite No Temperature Growth Over Last 17+ Years…
Senate Holds All-Nighter on Global Warming
Illinois to Maine to Face Winter Storm: Up to 18 Inches of Snow Ahead
Hundreds Trapped in Montana Community
Ice Jams Cause Flooding in Montana and Wyoming
Great Lakes Ice Cover Peaks at 2nd Highest Level on Record
Chance of Larger Calif. Quake in Next Week
Possible Epicenter of Frost Quake Found in Calgary Schoolyard
4 Earthquakes Shake Northeast Ohio
MAR 10
6.9 Earthquake Strikes 50 Miles Off California's Northern Coast
More Quakes Rattle Oklahoma
5.8 Earthquake Rattles Southern Mexico
Oklahoma's Most Powerful Earthquake Cause Determined
Spring Flooding Ramps Up With More Rain for Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Washington
Killer Bees Attack California Woman, Inflict More Than 1,000 Stings – Condition Unknown
Scorching Heatwaves, 'Angry' Summers Will Just Get Madder, Scientists Warn
Ben Davidson on Climate and the Variable Sun

Forecasters See El Niño Ocean Warming This Year, Could Mean Fewer Hurricanes, Food Crop Losses
Regional Nuclear War Would Still Wreak Global Climate Havoc, Study
New Report Warns of “Cascading System Failure” Caused By Climate Change – HOLLY NOTE: Climate change is just another term for global warming, but don't let that put you off the importance of this article. Those that wish to further suck our wallets dry and implement more crushing EPA (Obama) regulations are all on-board with this agenda, discounting natural warming and cooling cycles. That said, regardless of the cause, we all have to deal with the fallout. 'Fallout' includes even wilder climate extremes and worsening weather, destroyed crops and possibly, an extensive power outages. This would affect every single aspect of our lives and definitely more threatening than any terrorist attack. It's the premiere reason we recommend everyone have a generator.
When Will Yellowstone Blow? Supervolcano Threatens to Wipe Out Much of North America
Great Barrier Reef Faces 'Irreversible' Damage
'Rock Snot' – the Grossest Climate Change Effect
Frequency of Flooding Across Europe May Double by 2050
Snow and Ice Leave 9 People Dead, Thousands Without Power
Pennsylvania Outages Could Last for Days
Snow to Snarl Travel in Rounds for Midwest, East
Britain Braced for NEW Atlantic Storm to Batter Beleaguered Coast This Weekend with the Biggest Waves of the Winter
Ice Cuts Power to More Than 400,000 in Philly
Second Wallop: 32 States in the Path of Another Wild Storm
Frigid January Cost Air Passengers $2.5 Billion
Great Lakes Water Levels Are in Unusual Decline
Yellowstone’s Supervolcano Belly Rumbling – HOLLY NOTE: OK, somebody needs to wrap their head around reality here. If you go to Yellowstone's seismic listings, in the past week there have been 30 quakes. This is somebody blowing smoke where there's no even a match. They are MICROquakes, nearly too small to even register, certainly not big enough to be felt. Stan and I have monitored earthquakes for 2 decades. This is entirely normal. A non-event. It if were otherwise, we would put out a warning. This is nothing more than swatting a fly compared to being invaded by aliens.
Britain's Battered Coast: Railway Tracks Destroyed, Businesses Flooded, Homes Evacuated as Hurricane-Force Winds, Giant Waves Sweep In
Further flooding in Irish City as River Lee Bursts Banks
Climate Change Threatens to Cause Trillions in Damage to World's Coastal Regions
1/4 of Slovenian Households Without Power Amid Cold Snap; Massive Winds Damage 40% of Country's Forests
Iran Snow Cuts Power to Nearly 500000 Homes
USDA Creating 7 New 'Climate Hubs' to Help Rural Areas Adapt
California Drought Worsens
California’s Two Largest River Basins at Near-Record Low Water Levels
19 More Volcanoes in Indonesia Raised to Alert Level Status
New Indonesian Volcanic Eruption Halts Search
…Displaces People, Buries Crops
6.1 Earthquake Hits Indonesia
Midweek Winter Storm to Sock More Than 2 Dozen States
Winter Storms to Raise Flooding Risk in Midwest, Northeast
REPORTS: Snowstorm Delays, Cancels More Than 2,600 Flights Across Northeast
3.9 Earthquake Rattles Kansas
Aftershock Compounds Earthquake Damage to Greek Island

Europe Floods, Winter Storms Leave Damage Behind; Another System Arriving Soon
Alaska's Arctic Icy Lakes Lose Thickness
Sinabung Volcano Kills at Least 16 as It Spews Ash, Gas, Lava 6,500 Ft into the Air
Ecuador's Tungurahua Volcano Blows Multiple Eruptions 6 Miles High
29 Water Agencies Serving 25 Million People across California Told to Expect NO Water Deliveries Due to Worsening Drought
Strange Booms & Trumpet Sounds, Wanaque UFO, GMOs, & Economic Inequity (starts 38:23 min. in) 
New Flood, Storm Warnings for the England's South as Days of Heavy Rain Are Set to Cause More Misery
Punxsutawney Phil and AccuWeather Call for More Winter
Blame the Groundhog: 3 Snowstorms Will Pound Most of Nation This Week
6.1 Earthquake Strikes Greek Island, Injures 16
3.9 Quake in Cushing Area of Okla.
3.1 Shaker Rattles So. Calif.
Strong 6.5 Earthquake Hits Between New Zealand’s North Island and Tonga
Spain: “It Was Like a Tsunami”
30 Ft. Sinkhole Swallows Volkswagon in Driveway
JAN 31
Snowstorm to Hit Kansas City, Chicago and Detroit
PREPARE NOW: Winter Storm Maximus to Bring Snow, Ice to Over 30 States Through Monday
The Big Thaw Begins for the South After Winter Storm Leon: State-by-State Impacts
Bank of Oklahoma Disaster Drill to Disrupt Banking
Debunked: Fake Snow, Burning Snow. – HOLLY NOTE: Thank goodness someone came forth with a decent response to this video. Stan has been inundated on the topic. I don't know what he wrote back to people, but water melt from snow depends greatly on whether or not the snow is powder (great for skiing, stinks for watering the land) or a wet snow. If it's powder, water is so minimal, upon heating, it can simply evaporate into the air.
Queensland Facing Fewer, But More Intense Cyclones
314 Years Ago Sunday, a Megathrust Earthquake Devastated the Pacific Northwest … Ready for Another? 
JAN 30
Atlanta Still at a Standstill in Wake of Winter Storm Leon; Drivers Begin to Retrieve Abandoned Cars
Blame Game Starts as Forecasters, Politicians Fight Over Who Is at Fault after Thousands Were Stuck in Cars for Days and 15,000 Children Forced to Sleep in Schools
Winter Blast Brings Acts of Kindness

Winter Storm Maximus to Bring Snow, Ice to Over a Dozen States, Including Drought-Plagued California
Southern England Endures Wettest January Since Records Began - But It's Snowing in Birmingham
North Queensland Pounded as Cyclone Dylan intensifies
Volcanic Activity in Guatemala Prompts Evacuations
Parched State: Rain Stays Away as NSW Towns Record Their Driest Summer in Years
Incredible Picture Captures Dazzling Lightning Display Over Tower Bridge
Heavy Snow Collapses Romania's Jewish Theater
New Mexico Town Buried By Tumbleweeds – HOLLY NOTE: Stan and I have burned, bagged, stomped, tromped – and yes, cussed – these wretched weeds for the last 8 months. Tumbleweeds are Russian Thistles, which we're sure is a Russian conspiracy to drive us all mad! They were imported in the late 1800's to curb land erosion and like many non-Native plants, there are unintended consequences. Though this story focuses on what's happening in NM, many western states this year – and last – are dealing with this stickery menace in never-before-seen proportions. These plants spew seeds wherever they "tumble" just waiting, dormant, like a nasty vampire seeking moisture. IF the West ever gets rain again, there will be a massive tumbleweed epidemic as their seeds are nearly impossible to kill. They have the stamina of bear's breath. Indestructible! If you don't 'bus your own weeds' because we live in a windy area that blows from every direction, they come back to visit! It's weed karma.
JAN 29
Forget Global Warming, Worry About the Magnetosphere: Earth's Magnetic Field Is Collapsing and It Could Affect the Climate and Wipe Out Power Grids
Winter Wallop: Rare Storm Belts Deep South with Freezing Rain, Snow
Stranded: It's Like a Frozen 'Zombie Movie'

Hundreds of Students Remain Stranded in Atlanta
Atlanta Residents Still Seeking Route Home
Resources for Stranded Motorists
Spring Outlook: Six More Weeks of Winter to Grip Half of US
Wind & Snow Set 'Rollers' Moving Across the Midwest
Drowning in Misery: Homes Flooded for a Month, Vast Tracts of Farmland Wrecked, Lives on Hold... All Because of Staggering Incompetence
JAN 28
Once-in-a-Generation Winter Storm Descends on Deep South
Leno: It's So Cold…

Valdez Avalanches: 'We Haven't Had to Deal with Anything Quite Like This Before'
Ice Dam Delays Clearing…
New Deluge to Hit Saturated Britain as Rain, Wind, Snow, Freezing Conditions Sweep Across Country
Los Angeles, Brace Yourself for a Bigger Earthquake: Scientists Predict
Quake in Heart of New Madrid Seismic Zone Rattles Kentucky, Stirs Concerns
Kansas Residents, Scientists Note an Increase in Earthquakes and Wonder If Fracking Is to Blame
Yellowstone Supervolcano, California Manmade Earthquakes

Mt. Sinabung Erupts in Spectacular Fashion

Again! Massive Fudging on Global-Warming Temps
20-Foot Sinkhole Swallows Woman's Driveway... and She's Afraid It Could Take Her House Too
Massive Sinkhole Shuts Down Busy Atlanta Road
Landslides Causing Hawaiian Islands to Slip-Slide Away
JAN 27
How Many Will Die in the Madrid Earthquake?
Seismologists to Colorado's Fracking Quakes
New Fault Line in Texas -- Man Made Earthquakes, Volcanic Plumes

2 Strong Earthquakes Shake Up Greek Island of Cephalonia, Felt in Athens
People Run Out in the Street after 6.1. Quake Strikes Java
Global Map Predicts Giant Earthquakes
Next Polar Plunge Could Be Winter's Coldest
South Braces for Freezing Rain, Sleet and Snow
Cold Weather Causing Massive Propane Shortage

Super Bowl Weather Extremes: The Wettest, Hottest, Coldest and Windiest
Freak Electrical Storm Batters Half the Country: Incredible Pictures Emerge of Ferocious Lightning and Giant Hailstones
'Swallowed Alive': Collection of Sinkhole Horror Stories

JAN 25
New Madrid Fault Zone Could Spawn Huge Quakes in Midwest, South – HOLLY NOTE: This is a 180º turnaround from what USGS scientists stated a decade ago. They said then the New Madrid quake zone was 'dead' – no danger. Maybe this explains why FEMA has totally geared up their preps in and around the entire Midwest in the last 2 years.
Source of Galapagos Volcanism Not Where Scientists Thought
Midwest Buried Under Record-Threatening Snowfalls
Alaska to Florida: Topsy-Turvy Weather to Persist
U.S Braces for Coldest Month of the Century
Rare Unusually Cold Arctic Air Cripples US Travel – Somewhere in Each of the 50 States Temps Hit Below Freezing

As Ice Melts, Polar Bears Switch Diets to Survive
Australian Heatwave Brings The Invasion of the Sand Fly
English Village Cut Off for Weeks By Flooding Warned of Weekend Deluge
Professor Creates Bizarre Sculpture from Ice and Cows' Heads to Promote PEACE
JAN 24
Whiteout Horror: 3 Killed, 22 Injured in Deadly Pileup
New Winter Wallop
Snow, Local Blizzard Conditions to Sweep Great Lakes Saturday
Snow, Ice Wreak Havoc on Travel in Texas and Louisiana
New Video Shows Eruption at Kilauea's Lava Lake
2 Earthquakes Strike Near Guam; No Tsunami Alerts
50 Foot Waves Pound Hawaii's North Shore
Swell That Produced Huge Waves in Hawaii to Hit California Coast
What's with This Wacky Weather? Hot Is Cold and Cold Is Hot
New Climate Data Rigging Scandal Rocks US Government
JAN 23
Snow, Ice, Frigid Temps Tighten Grip Across Country
Dangerous Wind Chill
Bitter Blast to Beyond Super Bowl into Next Week
It's Colder Than Alaska!
Snow, Ice Take Aim at Houston, San Antonio
California Is Experiencing Its Worst Drought in More Than a CENTURY... With No Sign of It Ending Thanks to an Offshore High Pressure 'Ridge' That Baffles Scientists
50-Foot Monster Waves Crash Into Hawaii's Beaches
Magical Glow-in-the-Dark Beach
JAN 22
Freezing Winds Spell Nightmare Commute in Northeast, Mid-Atlantic
Bombogenesis the Latest Winter Weather Event to Wreak Havoc
Deep Freeze in Midwest, Northeast to Be Prolonged
The Worst Drought in California's History Is Happening Right Now
Slowing of Atlantic Currents Could Bring Changes in Europe's Climate
Texans Angrily Protest Fracking After 30 Earthquakes Hit Town
Ball Lightning Seen in Nature for First Time
JAN 21
Storm Bringing Cold Air and Up to a Foot of Snow Set to 'Go Bananas' Across Northeast
Deep Freeze in Midwest, Northeast to Be Prolonged
Hundreds of Flights Canceled in Advance…
Propane Shortage Adds to Winter Woes
Philippines Flood That Affected Nearly 600,000 Leaves 40 Dead; 3,000 Sick in Butuan Ctiy
30,000 Displaced By Deadly Floods in Indonesian Capital
China’s Dirty Emissions Creeping into the US - Study
L.A.'s Air is Getting Dirtier: The Drought Impact You Haven't Heard About
9 Nations or Territories Set All-Time Heat Records in 2013
Acid Snow Falls in Korea
JAN 20
Severe Quake Rattles New Zealand's North Island
…Interrupts Greyhound Race on Live TV
4.4 Earthquake Rocks Southern California
4.4 Quake Felt Across Large Parts of Southern Italy
Strong Quake May Leave 700 Dead in Philippine's Navotas City
Dangerous Cold Heads Back to Midwest, Northeast
Toronto Issues Extreme Cold Weather Alert
Chemtrail Explodes Over San Diego

California Gov. Declares Drought Emergency
California Hit by Drought Emergency, Wildfires and Unemployment
Tulsa's Drought Is Affecting Farmers Statewide
Cold Blast Sweeps Back In, Blamed for Derailment
Four FEET of Rain Floods Philippines, Displaces More Than 100,000 People
Drought Continues to Kill Livestock in Parts of South Africa
Australia Plagued by More Than 90 Wildfires
Warming Pacific Means Extreme El Niños Could Hit Twice as Often: Study
At Least 2 Dead, Hundreds Evacuated After Major Floods in French Riviera
Sweden's Snow and -40C Freeze Wreaks Traffic Havoc
US Virgin Islands Unveils First-Ever Tsunami Evacuation Maps
JAN 17
Firefighters Gain Upper Hand as Blazes Tear Through California Mountains
2 Earthquakes Hit Southern California
11 States Declared as Disaster Areas
Severe Turbulence Injures 5 Crew on United Flight
Antarctic Glacier Uncontrollably Retreating: Study
Polar Vortex to Reinforce Extremes: Frigid East, Dry West
Arctic Air Threatens Ice Build-Up on Niagara Falls
Spectacular Volcanic Eruption Includes Lighting Storm
Recent Rumblings from Volcanoes in Central America Not Likely to Affect Costa Rica
Guatemalan Lava Flow Sparks Evacuations
Researchers Solve Mystery of Super Volcanoes
JAN 16
Wildfires Stoke Fears Across California
Santa Ana Winds Threaten to Worsen California Wildfires and More

Snow Pounds Storm-Weary Minnesota

La. Sinkhole Danger: Officials to Reveal Methane Gas Concerns
Woman Struck Dead By Lightning on Beach
Australian Open Halted Because of Extreme Heat
Sea Ice Cracks Causing Toxic Mercury Buildup in Arctic Air
Reclaimed Sewage Could Quench Parched Southwest
Inhofe: 'Fewer and Fewer' Senators Buy 'Global Warming' – Democrats Push Carbon Tax, Set Up Climate Task Force
Beijing Air Pollution at Dangerously High
JAN 15
Piece of Polar Vortex to Bring Another Surge of Cold Air
Norwegian Bay Froze So Quickly It Caused a ‘Fishapocalypse’
25,000 Flee as Indonesia Volcano Keeps Erupting
A Never-Before Seen Supervolcano Eruption Would Be Terrifying
55 Earthquakes in 40 Minutes Hit Northern California

4.4 Earthquake Shakes Los Angeles Area
Faults May Emit Earthquake Warning Signs
Victoria Buckles Under Unrelenting Heatwave, Threat to Power Supply
Dry Lightning Sparks 256 Fires Amid Heatwave
500 Flying Foxes Die from Heat Stress
Massive Trough Deeper Than the Grand Canyon Found 4-1/2 Miles Under Antarctic Ice and Invisible from the Surface
JAN 14
Americans Warned of Imminent, Deadly Meteor Strikes
Volcanic Bulge Called Key Clue to Volume of Ash
The Mysterious Booms Cover Up Exposed!

Tourists Line Up to Scale Frozen Waterfall in China
Ice Quakes Hit Wisconsin: Deep Booms Heard in the Middle of the Night
Floods Hit South Philippines; 20 Dead, 13 Missing
JAN 13
Severe Storms Wreak Havoc on East Coast

Weather Improves on East Coast But Many Still Without Power
Apt. Building Under Construction Blows Over

Santa Anas Bring Fire Danger, Near-Record Warmth
Signs of Another Arctic Blast Coming, Including Glancing Blow from the Polar Vortex
Global Warming 'Pause' Isn't What Climate Change Skeptics Say It Is
'Fewer and Fewer' in Senate Buy Global Warming
Kurt Schlichter: Climate Change Scammers' Worst Week Ever
6.5 Shakes Puerto Rico, Causing Minor Damage
Puerto Rico Quake Jolts Louisiana Sinkhole
4 Years After Earthquake, Many in Haiti Remain Displaced
Cyclone Ian Brings Widespread Destruction to Tonga Islands
Heatwave Spreads from West Australia to Deliver Record Heat to South-Eastern States
52 Homes Gutted in Perth Blaze, 1 Dead, 4 Missing People Found – HOLLY NOTE: This is where Stan and I lived before moving cross country to Victoria
Extreme Heat to Increase Victoria's Fire Risk
…May Cancel Australian Open
Heavy Snowfall Cripples Life in Nepal's Hills
JAN 11
Nearly 2 Feet of Rain in 24 Hours Hits Florida's Palm Beach County
Mt. Sinabung Volcano Erupts 24 Times in 1 Day
JAN 10
Ice Jam on Delaware River Prompts Flood Worries
No 'Polar Votex' Here: Record Heat Grips Australia Killing Thousands of Animals
Deep Freeze May Have Cost Economy About $5 Billion
5.1 Earthquake Rattles Cuba, South Florida
Earthquakes in Past Day Hit Right By Where Mysterious Booms Have Been Reported in the News Recently!

Environmentalists Want to Put Global Warming 'Warning Stickers' on Gas Pumps
Ocean's Huge Hidden Waves Explained
Chile Authorities Issue Health Alerts After Forest Fire Smoke Blankets Santiago
Toronto Alone Says Ice Storm Cost Them $106 Million
FEMA Monitoring Extreme Weather, White House Says
Extreme Cold Weather Freezes US Fuel Supply
Niagara Falls Freezes Over
Now for the Big Freeze: Soggy Britain to Be Hit By Sub-Zero Temperatures This Weekend
Kilauea's Pu'u 'O'o Eruption Still Going After 31 Years
Tumbling Temps, Plunging Profits: 'Polar Vortex' Could Cost Economy Billions
Record Cold Blamed For 21 Deaths Nationwide
Arctic Temperatures Ease, but Leave Deadly Results: State-by-State Impacts
Water Main Break Plus Bitter Cold Freezes Cars to the Ground
Alaskans Offer Tips on Surviving Below-Zero Temps
California Drought: Catholic Bishops Pray for Rain
Grandson of Vail Mountain Founder Killed in Backcountry Avalanche
Giant Wave Surfers Flock to Southwest France
Striking Footage of the Black Swell That Hit Europe
Waves Cause Fear on Oahu's North Shore
Coldest Morning in DECADES: Half the US Wakes Up to Record Freezing Temperatures as Polar Vortex Cripples America
Thousands Without Heat During Historic, Life-Threatening Cold
Frigid Temps Threaten Blackouts on Texas Power Grid
500 Passengers Spend Night on Stranded Amtrak Trains
JetBlue Halts Flights at 4 Airports as Freeze Takes Toll
Roads, Schools Closed as Big Storm Hits Western New York
Winter Storm Hercules Forecast Larger Than Perfect Storm
Lake-Effect Snow Will Continue to Lash Great Lakes
2013: Australia’s Warmest Year on Record
Earthquakes and the Solar System

Bizarre Earthquake Lights Finally Explained
Giant Sinkhole Swallows Up Brazilian Neighborhood House as Terrified Inhabitants Look on in Disbelief
27ft Waves Wreak Havoc As Extreme Surfers Defy Warnings to Ride Swell
Giant Sinkhole Swallows 7 Houses in Brazil
– PLEASE turn your sound to mute for the first couple of seconds. This pastor is so off-putting and over the top as to annoy all but the deaf. He may have seriously good info, but his presentation smacks of junk or Jerry Springer. Even as a fellow Christian, this guy is hard to take.
Indonesia Volcano Erupts 77 Times in 24 Hours
Mutant Super Rats IMMUNE to poison invade british homes to Escape Flooded Sewers and Underground Burrows
Arctic Monday Commute for 140M Americans 'Polar Vortex' Barrels Across Half the Country Causing Coldest Temperatures in 20 years and Canceling 2,500+ Flights
Bone-chilling 'Polar Vortex' Freezes Trains' Engines
Coldest Air in 20 Years Aims at Nation's Heartland
Thousands Without Power in Sub-Zero Temps
State-By-State Impacts
Canada Is So Cold Residents Are Experiencing Loud Booms Caused By 'Frost Quakes'
Preparing Your Pets for Bitter Cold – HOLLY NOTE: Today, while I'm working on news, I asked Stan to search PetSmart and Petco to find sweaters – with hoodies and boots – for our doggies. It's not about having fashion statement dogs (cringe, we've never done that), but if they have to hike to a safe place in the middle of frigid weather like America is experiencing now, their bodies would suffer greatly. While Kelpies are hardy animals, yesterday, Stan, the doggies and me curled up in front of the fireplace, read and watched movies. They are no longer geared to weather bad weather, so to speak, nor are we. We've all gotten soft in the abundance of America. Please consider protection for your 4-leggeds.

Something Like This for Your Dogs – Pet Life Metallic Tangerine Dog Parkaand Boot Suggestion
Icy Roads in Colorado

Extreme Winter Weather (starts 39:40 min. in)

'$1 Too Much': Al Gore's 'An Inconvenient Truth' Sold at Steep Discount
Britain Braced for More Flooding as Rain, Winds and Tides Lash Coasts
Giant Sinkhole Reported In Peak District of Derbyshire, UK
Rescue Saga: US Ship Heads to Free 2 Trapped Icebreakers in Antarctic
Earthquake Rattles Los Angeles Area
Sinabung Volcano Erupts 50+ Times in 1 Day: Indonesia’s Danger Zone Extended
Mystery Object Blocking the Giant Tunnel Boring Machine Finally Identified
So Cold Exposed Skin Will Freeze in 15 Minutes: Hercules Dumps 22 Inches of Snow on East Coast as 4,000 Flights Are Grounded and ALL Schools Closed in New York, DC and Boston
At Least 9 Killed
Cold Weather Preparedness
Towns Under Water, Roads Collapsed and 500 Flood Alerts: Storm Chaos as Massive Tidal Surge Sends Monster Waves Crashing into Britain's Coastline
How Mysterious Orbs Could Be Used to Predict Earthquakes: Scientists Link Strange Lights to Movement in the Earth's Crust
Rescue Ship Sent to Retrieve Stranded Antarctic Voyagers Now Stuck in Ice
Frozen Out: 98% of Stories Ignore That Ice-bound Ship Was on Global Warming Mission
Quakes Make La. Sinkhole Rapidly Gulp Levee, New Action Taken
Pictures Show Terrifying Moment a Young Family Were ENGULFED By a Huge Wave
Sea Change: The Pacific Ocean is Dying
'A Real Mess': Up to 100 Million Face Mammoth Winter Storm
Another Snowstorm Looms for Chicago, Detroit
Dangerous Cold in Midwest Expands to Northeast
Just How Chilly?
Earthquake Hits in Southern Iran, 1 Dead, 12 Injured
Highest-level Flood Warning Issued Ahead of Huge Tidal Surge Predicted to Hit Britain's Coastline
The Sinkhole That’s Eating Louisiana
Lightning Strikes Killed Fewer Americans Than Ever in 2013
Photographer's Parting Shots Before Mt. Saint Helens Killed Him