A Peak Inside the Prophecy in the News Conference

July 25 - 27, 2014

Holly Deyo

July 30, 2014

Dear Friends,

Stan and I'd hardly walked in the door and were pelted with questions about the conference. So I'll shelve the shirts waiting to be ironed (yeah, twist my arm on that!) and explain a bit. First, it was thrilling to hear 23 gifted speakers all gathered in one venue. Many are my personal heroes. The fact that most shared similar viewpoints and conclusions about End Times and prophecy was very encouraging and uplifting to Christians. In the 5 days we were there, not a single person exchanged a cross word or look. If they did, we didn't see it. In fact, there was a LOT of laughter filling the auditoriums and hallways, and peppering private conversations. People left their purses and briefcases unattended. When speakers left their booths to present or go to meals, books and DVDs were covered just with tablecloths and no one bothered a thing. It reminded me of days mostly gone by when people left keys in their cars and their front doors unlocked.

First, many thanks to Prophecy in the News who treated the speakers like royalty. They were beyond gracious and Gary looked positively worn out by Monday. He had to be dragging anchor. Not only was he speaking, he organized a great deal of the conference in tandem with Bob Ulrich. Seeing to the accommodations of 23 speakers and spouses (and some brought their kids), transportation, meals, equipment requirements and needs, not to mention overseeing setting up everything was a massive undertaking.

Lecturers spoke simultaneously in 4 rooms, which assures we too, will be purchasing Prophecy in the News' DVDs. It never failed that people you just had to hear were lecturing at the same time. Fortunately our booth was positioned right by the doors of the main conference room so we could pop in and out as time permitted. With everyone limited to 1 hour in order to get in all 23 speakers' multiple lectures in 3 days, Stan had to leave a LOT of material on our editing room floor. However, in addition the the PITN DVD's, Stan will be making his own DVDs, so you'll get the full benefit of everything he discovered and presented at conference plus much more.

Speakers rotated so everyone presented at least once in the main ballroom, which accommodated a huge number of listeners. In his second lecture, which PITN didn't advertise as much – Solomon, Satan and Seduction Stan he discussed Solomon's Satanic background, who the Antichrist might be and how Christians and unbelievers alike may be seduced by him in the coming Great Deception.

I knew would be killer – and it was! Word got around before the event. Held in the 2nd largest room, the Aspen Leaf, it was standing room only with people filling the side areas not made for seating as well as piled on the stairs, leaning against the walls and seated on the floor.

Some of the material in the Solomon lecture, while it didn't repeat anything of the first presentation, it was helpful to have heard Quest for Eden. After the Eden lecture, when Stan first revealed the location of this magnificent place, the one recurring comment we heard from attendees was how it made sense especially after seeing all the evidence laid out logically and in such detail. When we got home, Stan had an email waiting from a woman saying she'd heard his lecture via livestream and she literally works right next to the Garden of Eden and never knew it! She was blown away!

Set to music that Robert Pepino scored just for Stan's presentations made it impossible not to be covered in goosebumps when Stan revealed the location. It wasn't hard to visualize God walking there 6,000 years ago. That's pretty amazing to wrap your head around…

Besides all the wonderful speakers, we met some delightful women – you know, the women behind their men. Two of my favorites were L.A. Marzulli's wife, Peggy, and Carl Teichrib's wife, Leanne, and of course Sharon Gilbert, who was also a speaker. You know how you just click with someone? That's how it was with these ladies. Unfortunately, Sharon and Peggy sat pretty far down the hall from our booth, but Leanne's table was right beside ours so we got to gab — a lot! She's the kind of person, Carl too, that you wish lived right next door. But Manitoba is pretty far away! Peggy, Leanne and I could have gotten into a bunch of 'trouble' had time and circumstances permitted. <grin>

Paul MacGuire, who is a personal friend as well as impactful lecturer, his table was across from ours. It all fell together perfectly that we shared several meals along with his friend, Jeff from Alabama, and Avi Lipkin, a gifted, insightful speaker from Israel. Avi's way of giving lectures is much like Stan's – a whole lot of 'meat' interspersed with humor. The night the conference closed, the 5 of us spent that evening in the Marriott's cafe, away from the conference's hectic demands and exchanged many ideas and information. Avi's insight on Israel was certainly eye-opening and his perspective from someone in the thick of it. His time on the road is coming to a close this year and he will be going home to his family in Israel. He will be back to present at Chuck Missler's conference in Coeur d’Alene, ID this October and it may be a last chance to hear him.

Bill Koenig and I began exchanging letters while we still lived in Australia some 17 years ago and this was the first time we'd heard him in person. If you get a chance, you need to read his book Eye To Eye. Brought 'Eye' back from the conference and it's sitting on my desk – just waiting for the ironing to be done. Bill wrote the definitive book on consequences of coming against and trying to divide Israel. His material is insightful and the detailed conclusions irrefutable.

L.A., well, what can you say. He's L.A. His messages are so listener-friendly and the material riveting. We've heard him speak many times and he never fails to capture his audience with boundless energy. He always had a giant smile splitting his face while literally running to his next obligation. We can't wait to see what DNA tests from a tooth reveal about the skulls he saw in Peru. They surely don't look human…

We hope at some point, you've had the privilege to hear Dr. Tommy Ice. He is and always has been at the forefront of Christian prophecy and he presented his wide-ranging lectures in very 'chewable' bites. While much concerning today's news and current events is dismal and dim, his message about End Times, the Blessed Hope, tribulation and the coming of our Lord was very encouraging.

If you can't wait, Stan will share some of his lecture material this coming Tuesday on Doug and Joe Hagmann's program. It was amazing the number of conference attendees that are Hagmann and Hagmann fans! Stan shared that at least 95% of the people he talked with between lectures are Doug and Joe daily listeners!

From Stan to Stearman, from L.A. to Ice, from Cris Putnam (yes, he really does look like Superman) to Carl, this was a intensely uplifting, wonderful conference. It is our hope you were blessed to attend and if not, the DVDs will be available in 3 - 5 weeks. —Holly