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DEC 31
Southern Cal. Earthquake Swarm – This is only a small portion of the activity currently in progress. See the list. 2016 is going out with a shake, quiver and bang.
Volcano Activity Strengthening Around the World
New England Digs Out from Heavy Snow as New Storm Brews in the West
DEC 30
Reports: FEET of Snow Blanket New England
Rare Coast-to-Coast Cold Snap to Engulf Lower 48 Late Next Week
DEC 29
Blizzard to Bury New England Under 2 Feet of Snow
Experts: Nevada Earthquakes Would Have Caused Fatalities and $1+ Billion in Damages If They Hit Just 90 Miles North
100% of US Warming Is Due to NOAA Data Tampering
First Week of 2017: Record Cold, 48 States Going Below Freezing
'Mini Ice Age' Coming in the Next 15 Years
5 Dead in 30-Car Pile-up; Freezing Fog Claims First Victims as UK Temperatures Plunge to -8C
Congo Floods Leave 50 Dead
Putin's Crumbling Empire: Towns and Cities in Russia May Collapse Due To Thawing Permafrost
DEC 28
Shallow Twin 5.7 Earthquakes Strike Cal-Nevada Border – HOLLY NOTE: We warned about the Mammoth Lakes swarm underway 2 weeks ago on Dec. 14. It's no surprise that 5.7 temblor struck close by, but two of the same magnitude 4 minutes apart is a bit unusual. Especially when on of the many aftershocks was a 5.5 hitting about an hour later.
5.9 Earthquake Strikes Near Fukushima
Supervolcano Near Naples Appears to Be Nearing Eruption
Mexico's Colima Volcano Erupts, Making 1.5 Mile Ash Plume
Alaska's Bogoslof Volcano Back Under High Alert After Another Eruption
…Blows 3 times in a Week
Central Crater Costa Rica's Turrialba Volcano Rose Over 30 Feet in Last 2 Years
Peru's Sabancaya Volcano Roars to Life
Kansas Tornadoes On Christmas Day
Storm to Unleash Up to a Foot of Snow, Strong Winds in New England
So Much Freezing Rain in Ontario and Quebec Has People Skating on the Streets
Britain Basks in 2nd Warmest Christmas Ever; Scotland Hammered by Winds Up to 95mph
Shallow 3.3 Quake Strikes Near Malibu, Calif.
Freak Rains Turns Australia's Uluru (Ayers Rock) into Waterfall
…6 People Missing
Romania Earthquake: Strong Tremor Felt in Bucharest, Bulgaria and Moldova
DEC 26
Wicked winter Weather Plagues Great Plains
Christmas Day Blizzard Causes Road Closures, Power Outages Across Plains
21,000 Homes Lose Power…
Detroit Suburb Sinkhole Could Worsen, State of Emergency Declared; Residents Evacuated
7.6 Earthquake Shakes Chile
After Large S. America Quake, Forecast Areas Hit, New Areas on Watch – video
Northern Arizona Covered in a Foot of Snow
The Arctic Is Showing Stunning Winter Warmth, And These Scientists Think They Know Why
Meanwhile in Siberia: What Happens When Boiling Water Poured Into -50°C Frost
DEC 23
Christmas Weekend Storm To Deliver Nasty Present To Half of U.S.
Europa: Dangerous Blizzard, Significant Snowfall Coming – video
Christmas Severe Weather Episode May Threaten Lives from Texas to South Dakota
When Snow Shoveling Goes Bad – video
Warnings as Victorians Set To Roast Through Christmas Heatwave
Cyclone Could Strike on Christmas – video
DEC 22
Earthquake Swarm Under Mount St. Helens
6.5 Earthquake Rattles Northern Australia
Snow Falls In Sahara For First Time In 37 Years
Santa Face Spotted in Cloud over England
DEC 21
Naples' Supervolcano 'Reawakening'
Pilots Report Eruption Of Bogoslof Volcano; Warnings Issued
Rare Thundersnow Hits Hawaii's Tallest Volcano
Creating Earthquake Heat Maps—Temperature Spikes Leave Clues In The Rock
Lighthouse in Michigan Completely Freezes, Creates Spectacular Sight – video
For Sunlight Lovers, Today Is the Shortest Day of the Year It Only Gets Better From Here
Obama 'Fired Top Scientist To Advance Climate Agenda'
Global Warming Activists’ New Target: Meat
DEC 19
Bitter Cold Front With Arctic Air Moves Across Plains into Midwest 
…Reached as Far South as Texas
67-car Pileup on I-95 Leaves 2 Dead, Dozens Injured
Arctic Cold Not Done Yet
Flood-Stricken Historic Town Mulls Federal Buyouts Again
China Chokes Under Pollution 'Red Alert'
Mysterious Metallic Sound in the Mariana Trench Finally Identified
DEC 17
3.9 earthquake Strikes Papua New Guinea : Residents Flee To Hills, Tsunami Threat Passes
DEC 16
Snow, Ice, Brutal Temperatures to Grip the Midwest and Northeast
Real Time Chill Map
Oregon's Largest City Paralyzed By Rare Snow Storm
Mild Weather Pattern To Squash White Christmas Chances Across US
Huge Tear on Ring of Fire Could Lead To Catastrophic Earthquakes & Tsunamis
DEC 15
NASA Scientist Warns Earth Is Due for 'Extinction-Level' Event
5.0 Earthquake Strikes Near The Geysers, CA Is Strongest In Decades
Swarm of 120 Earthquakes Reported at Mt. St. Helens in a Week
Winter Storm To Create Messy Travel Along 1,200-Mile Swath Of Central US
What the Polar Vortex Looks Like From Space:
Global Warming Alarmists Will Hate This New Study
26,000+ Scientists Rally in San Francisco to Stand Up For Science
Huge Hole In The Ocean Floor Near Australia Could Cause Catastrophic Earthquakes And Tsunamis
DEC 14
Dutchsinse: Mammoth Lakes, CA Swarming – video
Atmospheric Levels of Methane, A Powerful Greenhouse Gas, Are Spiking, Scientists
Antarctic Ice Sheet Study Reveals 8,000-Year Record Of Climate Change
Highest Wave In History: UN Confirms Six-Storey-High North Atlantic Wave Is A Record Setter – HOLLY NOTE: Hmmmm. Maybe they should look at this: Garrett McNamara rides 90 Foot Wave With Gopro Cam
7 of the Biggest Volcanic Explosions to Rock Earth
DEC 13
Whiteout Conditions To Ensue As Feet of Lake-Effect Snow Blast Parts of Northeastern US
Australia's Hottest Night Since 1972: Freak Heatwave Smashes Sydney and Melbourne Records
DEC 12
Heavy Snowfall Makes Road Conditions In Cleveland A Nightmare – video
…More than 1,200 Flight Cancellations at Chicago O'Hare – video
Colima Volcano Erupts 4 Times Overnight – video
Cool Time Lapse Video Of Kilauea Lava Lake – video
Sydney Set To Sizzle In 2-Day Heatwave
Queensland's Bureau of Meteorology Issues Storm Warning, Massive Shelf Cloud Rolls Overhead 
Dangerous Wintry Weather Arrives On Roads Across The Country
Winter Weather Wallops Northwest While Icy Cold Freezes Plains, Midwest
Polar Vortex Redux? U.S. Forecasters Say It Could Hit Next Week
Dutchsinse on M7.7 Megaquake Hits West Pacific -- California Struck By Large M6.5 – video
Montreal "First Snow" of the Year Creates Back to Back Accidents – video
Solomon Islands 7.7 Earthquake Quake Prompts Tsunami Alert
6.5 Earthquake Strikes Off Coast of Northern Calif., No Tsunami Warning Issued
Disruptive Snow To Sweep Over Midwestern US This Weekend
No Way Out! Wall of Snow Slams NDakota
Blizzard Shuts Down Nearly 300 Miles of Major Interstate in North Dakota; Brutal Cold to Follow
Temps Plummet 40ºF Below Average – Live Map
How to Survive the Snowpocalypse: Advice for Vancouver from the Rest of Canada
Authorities Charge 2 Teens in Gatlinburg Wildfires
Frantic Rescue Effort As Indonesia Earthquake Death Toll Nears 100
Seismically Active Katmandu Region In Store For Larger Earthquake
Frigid Air To Grip Midwestern, Northeastern US into the Weekend
How Cold Is It? Live Chill Map
15 Strange Things That Happen In Cold Weather
15 Strange Things That Happen In Cold Weather
Chicago Breaks 1940 Snow Record
Huge Salmon Swim Across Flooded Streets in Washington – video
70-Mile-Long Crack Opens Up in Anatarctica
Torrential Rain Strands 1,000 Tourists on Indian island
Increased Earthquakes Show Ecuadoran Volcano Is Restless
Chile Raises Alert Status as Earthquakes Appear Near Cerro Hudson
Slowing of Earth's Spin Revealed in Ancient Astronomers' Tablets
San Antonio Deputy Dies After Vehicle Plunges Into Huge Sinkhole
Massive Rift in Antarctic Ice Shelf Spotted in NASA Photograph
Government Quietly Admits Weather Modification
Arctic Air to Invade Majority of US This Week – 20-30º BELOW Average
Brutal Cold Coming From Alaska, Spreading Coast to Coast – HOLLY NOTE: Click this link to see how far temps will drop in your area. At 7:15 this morning, frigid air had already hit Fairbanks, AK, where it was -28 but had not arrived in Denver, where it was a balmy 42. Today where we are in Colorado, it will be nearly 60ºF and by Wed., 40 of those degrees will disappear. Just a reminder, make sure any outside pets may need to be brought inside if they've not yet acclimated to winter.
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Record Rainfall Completely Submerges Galveston County, Texas – video
Erupting Geysers, Dramatic Waterfalls, Epic Fjords Captured in Drone Footage
Hawaii's Big Island Set for Major Freeze as More Than 2 Feet of Snow Is Predicted in Early Winter Storm
Twister Outbreaks Are Getting Bigger. Scientists Don't Know Why.
Death Toll in Tennessee Wildfires Rises to 13 as Recovery Efforts Are Underway
At Least 10 Killed In Smoky Mountain Wildfire – video
Some Residents Will Be Allowed to Return to Their Gatlinburg Homes
Shallow 6.3 Earthquake Strikes Southern Peru
Oklahoma Faces a 40% Risk of a Major Earthquake in 2017
2016 Atlantic Hurricane Season Ends as Deadliest In Over 10 Years
After Fire, Comes Flood: Israel Braces For Heavy Storms And Rains
Southern Plagues: Drought, Flood, Fire and Now Killer Storms
Tennessee Officials Say Wildfires That Left 7 Dead ‘Likely To Be Human-Caused’
As Residents Flee, Thousands Of Volunteer Firefighters Face Grueling Battle With Southern US Blazes
Dollywood to Give $1000 Per Month To Families Who Lost Everything In Wildfire
Frigid Air Mass Building In Alaska, Poised To Spill Into Lower 48 Next Week
NOV 30
Alabama Tornado Slams Church and Daycare Center; Weather Kills 5
Tragedy In TN: "It's The Apocalypse" – video
Australian Heatwave: Queenslanders Warned to Prepare For The Worst
Life and Death Following Great Barrier Reef Bleaching
Groundwater Helium Level Could Signal Potential Risk Of Earthquake
NOV 29
At Least 3 Dead in 'Unprecedented' Tenn. Wildfires; 250 Hotels, Homes Destroyed
State of Emergency: Resort Towns Evacuated, National Guard Deployed…
Sherry White shared with us: "Highway 411 through Mountains is closed. Fourteen thousand evacuated. At least 100 structures or homes destroyed. One 16 story hotel and an apartment complex. Chalet Village may be completely gone too. This is not a day light report so I'm sure it's going to be much worse. So far no deaths, only a few injuries.
Eagles Evacuated from Sanctuary in Pigeon Forge…
Employees Evacuate Ripley’s Aquarium…
Inches of Rain To Douse Eastern US This Week
New Data Indicates Record Highs In Global Temperatures May NOT Be Due to Man-Made Emissions – HOLLY NOTE: Stan and I've always maintained that climate change is a normal, natural cycle. Activities on Earth can't be the cause of the warming seen on Mars, Jupiter, Neptune, Neptune's moon, Triton and Pluto. Scientists are reluctant to saying full stop that its totally Sun-caused, but more are leaning that way because carbon-emissions on Earth can't affect these other bodies.
Biggest Exposed Fault On Earth Discovered
Fault Curvature May Control Where Big Earthquakes Occur
NOV 28
Severe Storms To Sweep Over Southern US With Flooding Rain, Possible Tornadoes
Major Storm To Erupt Over Central, Eastern US This Week
The Most Dangerous Severe Threat in Nearly 2 Months
Geyser Eruptions in New Zealand Town Rattle Residents
Japan's Giant Sinkhole Is Sinking Again
NOV 25
5.6 Earthquake Shakes Japan Two Days After Fukushima Tsunami
Large Aftershocks A Possibility, But There Are No 'Urgent Warnings'
Bonfire Creates ‘Smokenado’ During Thanksgiving Celebration – video
NOV 24
7.0 Earthquake Strikes Off Nicaragua, Tsunami Alert Issued
Otto Slams Nicaragua, Costa Rica
NOV 23
Winter Weather Could Hamper Holiday Travel
Hurricane Otto to Hit Central America on Thanksgiving
NOV 22
Winter Storm Argos: 6 Dead, 40 Inches of Snow
Tropical Storm Otto Nears Hurricane Strength; Forecast to Make Very Rare Thanksgiving Hurricane Central America Landfall
At Least 14 Injured When Strong Quake Hits Near Fukushima Disaster Site
5.7 Aftershock Breaks NZ Road
Tremors Rattle Hawke's Bay as 'Silent Earthquake' Shunts East Coast After NZ's 7.8 Quake
NOV 21
Earthquakes: Reckoning With 'The Big One' in California – and It Just Got Bigger —For years, scientists believed the mighty San Andreas – the 800-mile-long fault running the length of California – could only rupture in isolated sections. But a recent study by federal, state and academic researchers showed that much of the fault could unzip all at once, unleashing a rare, singular catastrophe. As many as 3.5 million homes could be damaged in an 8.3-mag. quake along a roughly 500-mile portion of the fault – compared with 1.6 million homes damaged if only the northern part of the fault were to break, or 2.3 million if the southern piece ruptured. Damage to homes alone could total $289 billion, compared with a previous range of $137 billion on the southern portion of the fault and $161 billion in the north. MORE
6.4 Earthquake Strikes Argentina
New Zealand: Large Areas Were Devastated By Earthquake
NZ Quake "Moved Mountains" – HOLLY NOTE: Excellent video and photos of New Zealand's 7.8 temblor. New Zealand one of the most stunningly beautiful countries we've visited. Unfortunately the geologic conditions responsible for its dramatic beauty that it's also one of the most dangerous.
…More Than 4000 Aftershocks in 7 Days
Earthquake Risk: Spotlight on New Zealand
New Zealand Equivalent of USGS: Tsunami Caught Us By Surprise
Earthquake Heroes: Ambulance Volunteers Go Beyond The Call
5.0 Quake Strikes Near Canada's Prince Edward Islands
102 Million Trees Die In California's Drought
NOV 18
Blizzard Conditions to Sweep Midwest, 16 Inches of Snow, 60MPH Wind
Temperatures to Plummet This Weekend
Current Wind Chill Map
First Major Snow Likely To Blame For Fatal Crashes in Colorado
Weakening Polar Vortex May Yield Longer, Harsher Winters in North America
NOV 17
Relentless Smoke Spreads Fear at Edge of Wildfires Raging Across Southeast
Wildfires in NC Affecting Air Quality
7 Houses Evacuated In North Yorkshire City After Huge Sinkhole Appears
74-Year-Old Woman Desperately Clings to Clothesline to Keep From Falling In
NOV 16
Thanksgiving Outlook: Stormy Pattern May Cause Delays as 48.7M Americans Prepare to Travel
Storm to Deliver Accumulating Snowfall to Parts Of Western US into Wednesday Night
12 Ways To Prepare Your Home Ahead Of Winter
Can Woolly Bear Caterpillars Predict How Harsh Winters Will Be?
New Zealand's Earthquake Was So Powerful the Sea Floor Exploded Through the Sand – Lifted Seabed Over 8 Feet
Aftermath: Fears For Wildlife Along Devastated Coastline
CoreLogic: California Homes At Risk Of Earthquake Increase 126%
Mystery of London's Deadly Fog Solved: Acidic Haze Killed 12,000 in 1952
NOV 15
NZ EQ Day 2: Evacuations, Flooding, Buildings Closed – HOLLY NOTE: Lovely Kiwis can't catch a break. They hadn't fully recovered from the devastating Feb. 2011 Christchurch quake when this one hammered them. Pray for them.
Related: NZ's Latest bIllion-Dollar Earthquake's Won't Compare with Christchurch – HOLLY NOTE: Especially for a physically small nation, $45 billion is a staggering cost. It would be anywhere, but this is truly financially painful.
Hundreds Still Stranded…
Fleet of International Warships to Help Out With Quake Response
A Look At Wildfires Burning In Parched Southern States
Brisbane, Australia, Walloped By Strongest Storm In 30 Years
NOV 14
Tonight's Supermoon Is Already Having Major Impact on Earthquakes:
'Destructive' Tsunami Waves Hit New Zealand's South Island Following 7.8 Earthquake
…Rocked Whole Country
…Tsunami Up to 15Ft High – Residents Flee
At Least 2 Killed
3 Cows Stranded on Patch of Land After Powerful NZ Earthquake
Scores of Aftershocks
Mystery Lights in Wellington's Sky During Earthquake
6.2 Earthquake Hits Northwestern Argentina
5.2 Quake Rattles Southwest Alaska
Massive Downpour Followed By Big Temblor – Wellington Residents Recovering After Enduring a Month of Rain In 24 Hours
Evacuations Issued, States of Emergency Declared as Wildfires Ravage Drought-Plagued Southeast
NOAA: Tornadoes See One Of Quietest Years Since Records Began
NOV 11
Drought Intensifies in Southwest and Southeast
Firefighters from Across U.S. Battle Appalachian Wildfires Fueled By Drought
NOV 10
State Dept. Announces 'Aggressive Acceleration' Of Climate Rules
Snow and Floods Bring Travel Chaos To Britain With Flights And Trains Cancelled As The Country Is Covered In A White Blanket That Could Reach 8 Inches Deep
Could We Survive A Nuclear Winter? Shocking Video Reveals The Black Skies, Global Famine And 'Killing Frosts' That Could Wipe Out Millions
The Wave That Sunk Atlantis: Deadly Santorini Tsunamis in the Late Bronze Age May Have Been Driven By Lava Flow
Giant Hole Opens Without Warning in Middle of Japanese City
Massive Volcano Appears to Be Filled With Water
5.0 Oklahoma Earthquake Shakes 6 Other States
Series of Earthquakes Shake Parts Of North-Central Oklahoma
2 Small Earthquakes Shake NJ Sunday
3.1 Temblor Rattles No. Colorado
Rare M5.2 Earthquake Hits Near Halls Creek, Western Australia
Italy Struck With Tornado And Powerful Storm – At Least 1 Dead
Central Italy Facing ‘Real Risk Of Another Quake’
Priest Blames Italy Quakes on Gay Civil Unions, Undeterred By Vatican’s Scolding
Records Are In Jeopardy For Latest First Freeze in the Midwest
Southeast Drought Setting Records
NSW Bushfires: Firefighters Battling Dozens Of Huge Blazes Across State
World's Largest Telescope Relocates to La Palma After Outrage In Hawaii Over Plan To Build On Sacred Mountain – HOLLY NOTE: This is the sister island to the one that suffered 10,000+ earthquakes in late 2011. Scientists worry that it could slam a 600 ft. high wall of water into North America's East Coast. If the Cumbre Vieja volcano blows again, the fear is that the precarious north face of the mountain will slide into the ocean and generate this mammoth tsunami. Not sure this was a clever place to relocate an expensive telescope… For more on this Prudent Places USA: Mother of All Tsunamis – La Palma & How Big, How Soon?
Related: La Palma Mega Tsunami – video
Southern California's Salton Sea Experiences 2nd Earthquake Swarm in 2 Months
Italy Earthquake Made Ground Move 27 Inches, Scientists Reveal
Is Rome Really on the Brink of a Catastrophic Earthquake?
Will Rome’s Volcano Erupt After The Recent Tremors?
Scientists Can't Figure Out Where Mount St. Helens' Heat Comes From
Next 'Little Ice Age' Already Here, Scientist Claims It Started At End Of 2015 – HOLLY NOTE: Sunspots or not, we're setting heat records in Colorado – 20º above what it should be for this time of year. The veggie garden is still going strong when normally it would have been put to bed last month. NOAA predicts much warmer-than-normal temps through January 2018.
More Than 1,100 Tremors Bedevil Central Italy Since Sunday's Quake
Dog Leads Rescuers To Another Dog Buried Alive In Earthquake
4.5 Oklahoma Earthquake Also Shakes Arkansas, Missouri and Texas
What A Lava-Ly Spot! Hardy Photographer Camps On An Active Volcano To Capture Stunning Photos
OCT 31
6.6 Earthquake Rocks Italy – Strongest In 36 Years Topples Buildings
Why Are There So Many Earthquakes in Italy?
Experts Warn of 'Larger Aftershocks' In Wake of Italy's Devastating Earthquake
Ruapehu Rumbling Draws Attention
OCT 27
Italy's 'Unending Nightmare': Historic Churches And Homes Are Brought To Rubble by TWO Powerful Earthquakes - Just Months After Same Region Was Shattered By Massive Shake That Killed 300 – HOLLY NOTE: Amazing photos of devastation called "apocalyptic"
OCT 26
Central US to Face Return Of Flood Risk, Thunderstorms Today
OCT 25
NOAA: U.S. Completes Record 11 Straight Years Without Major Hurricane Strike
OCT 24
Early Taste of Winter as Northeast Sees First Snowfall
How Quickly a Flash Flood Can Become a Tragedy – video
OCT 21
6.6 Magnitude Quake Hits Japan
Hurricane Matthew Was A 1-In-1000-Year Disaster for North Carolina
Awesome Volcanic Showtime at Klyuchevskaya Sopka in Kamchatka
Super Typhoon Kills At Least 8 in Philippines
Typhoon Batters Hong Kong As City in Lockdown
UN: With New Climate Scheme, “Green Transformation Unstoppable”
OCT 20
Super Typhoon Haima to Slam Philippines In Second Storm In A Week
…Now Eyes China
Bulusan Spews Ash for 2nd Time In A Week
Great Barrier Reef Obituary Goes Viral, To The Horror Of Scientists 
2 Fault Lines Under San Francisco Bay Connected, Could Produce Major Quake, Study Says
EPA Chief: 'I'm Not Talking To Climate Deniers'
OCT 17
Rare Double Tornado Strikes Oregon Coast With 130MPH Winds
128 Houses Damaged, 1/3 of City's Trees Destroyed, No One Injured: But Long Clean-Up Ahead
Hurricane Matthew Estimated To Have Caused More Than $1B in Damages in North Carolina
6.4 Earthquake Hits Northwest China, Tibet
6.9 Earthquake Strikes Off Papua New Guinea
5.2 Quake Rattles Northwestern Greece, No Injuries
Venezuela Hit By Earthquake Sparking Fears Of Landslides And Flooding In Crisis-Hit Country
Largest Earthquake In Kansas Caused By Fracking
VOLCANO WARNING: Italian Authorities Launch Evacuation Plans for Mount Vesuvius Eruption
How Climate Change Triggers Earthquakes, Tsunamis And Volcanoes
Bulusan Volcano Erupts Anew, Residents And Aircraft Warned
Global Deal Reached To Limit Powerful Greenhouse Gases
OCT 14
Northwest Onslaught: 103MPH Wind Gust Felt, Strongest Storm Still to Come Including Remnant of Typhoon Songda
Major Hurricane Nicole Unleashes 120-Mph Winds In Rare Strike on Bermuda
Budding Typhoon To Strike Philippines Before Eyeing Southern China, Vietnam
U.S. Weekend Severe Weather
Megadrought Risks in Southwest Soar
OCT 13
'Extremely Dangerous' Hurricane Nicole to Make Rare, Dangerous Strike on Bermuda
Track Map
'Get Out Now': NC City About to Flood – Crisis Far from Over: Death Toll Rises to 20, Thousands Evacuated
PHOTOS: Everything Matthew Destroyed
How You Can Help the Victims
Hurricane-force Winds, Flooding To Slam Northwestern US Through The Weekend
Goldman Sachs: Hurricane Matthew Damage in US $10 Billion
OCT 10
Matthew Leaves 19 Dead Across Four States
887 Water Rescues Reported in North Carolina
Hurricane Matthew Creates 'Record-Breaking' Flooding
Haiti Buries 1,000 In Mass Graves
Scientists Find New Signs of Earthquakes in California
Earthquakes Can Penetrate Deeper Than Originally Believed
The Big Quake
Horrors Left By Hurricane Matthew Become Clear in Haiti
Haiti To Get In Excess Of US$20M Following Passage Of Matthew
4 Years Later, Last Evac Orders Lifted At Louisiana Sinkhole Site
Japan's Mount Aso Volcano Erupts After 36 Years
…Sends Ash 7 Miles Into The Air
Matthew's Assault: One Small Shift West Could Spell Greater Destruction; 107MPH Gusts, Life-Threatening Storm Surge Incoming
4 Four Dead in Florida…
1+ Million Without Power in Florida
Travel Chaos: 3,800+ Flights Cancelled, Trains Suspended
Shelter Map
Parts of Fla. May Be Uninhabitable for 'Weeks or Months,’ Weather Service Says
Deadly Matthew to Blast East Coast This Weekend – video
Storm Claims 800+ Lives, Experts Predict The Number Will Rise
Aerial Footage Shows Devastated Haiti Villages
Matthew's Jaw-Dropping Stats: Nearly 250 Miles Wide, a 2,000-Mile Journey, And It's Not Over
Hurricane Nicole Forms Off Bermuda, Could Be Absorbed By Matthew As They Cross Paths
Matthew May Loop Back Toward Florida, Bahamas for Second Hit
Hurricane Matthew Grows To Category 4 Storm
MILLIONS URGED TO EVACUATE: Hurricane Matthew Strengthens As Destructive Storm Eyes US Coast
At Least 102 Dead
Florida's Gov. Haley Updates On Evacuations, Preps for Matthew
Florida Governor: “This Storm Will Kill You”
Mandatory Evacs in Georgia, Interstate Closed
Latest Forecast for the U.S.
Counties Expected to Be Affected By Hurricane Matthew
GOES Satellite Spots 3 Storms Close Together
Hurricane Matthew Kills 69 in Haiti
Devastation: Aerial Footage Shows Haiti Villages Leveled
Colorado's Beulah Hill Fire 50% Contained; Some Evacuees Returning Home
8 Homes, 6 Outbuildings Destroyed, 400 Firefighters on Scene
Deadly Hurricane Matthew: 1.1 Million Ordered to Evacuate Ahead of Potential US Strike
Best Track Maps
Eerie Face Spotted on Sat Image as Matthew Makes Landfall in Haiti
National Guard Activated in Florida
Earthquake Risk: New Fault Discovered In Earthquake-Prone Southern California Region
Panic On Tenerife As 100 Mini Earthquakes Prompt Fears Of Volcanic Eruption
Colima Eruptions Cause Evacuations in Mexico
Climate Change Remedies Could Spark … War! Feds Issue Another Warning On How To Avoid Future Calamity
Florida Governor: Prepare For Direct Hit
Hurricane Matthew a Catastrophic Haiti Strike; Hurricane Warnings Expanded to Northwest Bahamas; U.S. Impacts Ahead
…Could Be Another Killer
…At least 4 Dead
Fishermen 'Took Risks to Feed Their Families,' Official Says
Beulah, CO Evacuation Still In Place After 3,000-Acre Wildfire Destroys 7 Buildings – HOLLY NOTE: This is just 35 miles southwest of us in foothills of the Wet Mountains. We were just there Friday picking up pinecones and checking the aspens' early changing colors. Last night from our back deck we saw flames shooting up.
…Evac Updates
Typhoon Chaba to Create Dangerous Conditions In SKorea, Japan This Week
Hurricane Matthew Less Than 24 Hours From Catastrophic Haiti Strike; Hurricane Warnings in Jamaica, Cuba and Bahamas
…Could Dump Up To 40 Inches Of Rain
Spawns Waterspout in Jamaica… – video
6 Years Later After Devastating Earthquakes, Tens of Thouands of Haitians Still Living in Tents – flashback
Former Haitian Senate President: Clintons Exploited Haiti Earthquake ‘to Steal Billions of Dollars from the Sick and Starving’ – flashback
Deadly Landslides Hit Southern China In Typhoon Megi's Wake
St. Louis Ham Radio Operators Practice Response To Major Earthquake
SEPT 30 – OCT 1
Major Hurricane Matthew Poses Severe Risk To Lives in Caribbean
Extremely Dangerous Matthew Beginning to Turn Toward Jamaica, Haiti
Track Map
Incredibly Rare 'Sprites' Seen Above Hurricane Matthew – video
Earthquake Advisory Issued for Southern California
Surviving the 'Big One'
Mexico's Colima Volcano Erupts, 3 Hamlets Evacuated
Major Flooding Swamps North Carolina Homes, Destroys Roads, Leads to Water Rescues; Cumberland County Dam 'Caving In'
Flash Flood In Ontario Strands Motorists, Swamps Basements
High Water Wreaked Havoc In Three States
Superstorm Unleashes Havoc Across Australia
Japan Prepare Its Citizens For Possible Major Earthquake
Tropical Storm Matthew Near Hurricane Strength in the Caribbean Sea; Jamaica, Hispañola, Cuba, Bahamas Threats Next Week
Track Map
…Forecast Is Eerily Similar to Hurricane Hazel’s in 1954
US Winter Forecast: Frequent Snow To Blast Northeast; Freeze May Damage Citrus Crop in South
Slideshow: Massive Wall Of Dust Hits Phoenix
Persistent Rain To Raise Flood Risk In Part Of Northeastern US Late This Week
1,100 Tourists Evacuated As Volcano Erupts in Indonesia
Visiting Quake Researcher Shares Research, Warning on San Andreas Fault System
Japanese Government Releases Devastating Earthquake Simulations For Predicted Disasters
Loma Fire Looks Like Volcano Erupting Above Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk’s Giant Dipper
Nearly 200 Earthquakes Hit Salton Sea Amid Quake Swarm
Should We Worry?
Iowans Prepare for 2nd Largest Flood Event In Cedar Rapid History – video
As Maine's Drought Deepens, Homeowners With Shallow Dug Wells Get Desperate
As Drought Grips Iran, Farmers Lament Loss Of A Way Of Life
Massive Typhoon Hits Eastern China, Taiwan, Killing 5
South Australia Blacked Out and Crazy Hail Hits in ‘Worst Storm In Decades’
More Rain to Pound NSW's Disaster Flood Zone
Argentina Lost 12% Of National Flock To Severe Drought and Volcanoes
Monster Volcano Katla Keeps Clearing Her Throat, A Large Earthquake Hit Yesterday
Mount Barujari Erupts, Tourists Flee
…Eruption Sparks Search For Hundreds Of Tourists
Ash Cloud Delays Flights Between Australia and Bali
Guatemala's 'Volcano Of Fire' Erupts
More Than 100 Earthquakes Hit Salton Sea Amid Quake Swarm
Large Earthquake Swarm hits Southern California -- Salton Sea Volcano – video
Mexico's Colima Volcano Erupts With A A Towering Cloud Of Ash And Pyroclastic Flow – video
Indonesia Raises Danger Status As Activity Of E. Java Volcano Escalates
Iowa Flooding: Thousands Evacuate Cedar Rapids
Central NSW Flooding Declared A Catastrophe
Typhoon Megi Landfalls in Taiwan; Over 120 MPH Winds, 30+ Inches of Rain Measured
Rare EF-1 Tornado Rips Through Building in Utah – video
Residents Evacuate Cedar Rapids Homes Ahead Of Flooding
Call for Sandbagging Help…
Flood Summary: Evacs, Sandbagging, Schools Closed
Animal Shelter Offers Safe Haven…
Earthquakes Rattle Southern Oregon Coast
5.6 Quake Hits Eastern Romania As Seismic Activity On Rise
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…Was Strongest Recorded In State -USGS
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