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Illegal Alien Population by State
Illegal Immigration Costs U.S. $113 Billion a Year, Study Finds
FBI Stats

20 Illegal Immigrant Facts

DEC 30
California Issues 806,000 Driver's Licenses to Illegals in 2 Years
NYT Gushes Over Churches Offering ‘Sanctuary’ to Migrant Felons
Obama Admin. Giving Tax Money to Deported Criminal Illegals – $50K Went to El Salvadorans Alone
Mexico to Defend NAFTA Using Border Security As Leverage, Top Aides Say
5 Border Security Priorities For Trump In His First 100 Days
Every 33 Seconds an Immigrant Is Added to U.S. – HOLLY NOTE: No wonder Obama said last week that it was 'inevitable' America would become 'browner'
Last Great Opportunity For U.S. Population Stabilization
DEC 29
Cotton: Trump Earned 'Clear Mandate' To Stop Illegal Immigration
DEC 23
Obama: It's 'Inevitable' U.S. Is Getting 'Browner' – 'The Latino Community in America Is Going To Grow'
Obama Ditches Registry Focused On Immigrant Men From Muslim Countries
DEC 22
Mexico's Ambassador to the US: Apply for US Citizenship Now
DEC 21
Border Patrol Seizes $3M From 2 Cars In Calif.
'Refugee' Resettlement Accelerates In Obama's Final Months – Admissions of Syrians, Somalis Ahead Of Last Year's Pace
Stealth Invasion: America 'in Middle of World War III' – Trump's Call for 'Extreme Vetting' Of Muslim Refugees Won't Stop Dire Threat
DEC 20
Migrant Family Apprehensions Up 230% on Border
Illegal Immigrant Arrested for Murder 10 Years Later
Partly Funded by Taxpayers, Los Angeles Plans $10M ‘Legal Fund’ for Illegal Immigrants 
California Push To Cover Illegals Under ObamaCare May Fail
DEC 19
Report: 820,000 Criminal Illegals, 84% With Felonies, Serious Misdemeanors
Total Border Apprehensions Up for 5th Straight Month
Border Patrol Agent Assaulted, Shoots Alleged Attacker
Illegal Aliens Rally for Sanctuary for Aliens, Muslims, LGBTs
DEC 16
Illegal Migration Hits New High In November As Families Surge Across Border
1.5% of Haiti's Population Has Migrated to Mexico in 8 Months – Destination: America
"Not Sending Their Best": World Map of IQ Drop Due to Immigration
Pueblo, Colorado PD Arrests 20 in Mexican Drug Gang, Still Searching for 5 After Major Drug Bust
Immigrants Rush To Apply For Citizenship Before Feds Raise Application Fees
Advocates Want Obama To Pardon Illegal Immigrants And Drug Offenders
DEC 15
Trump Armed with $100 Million in Sanctuary City Leverage
Mexican Townsfolk Kidnap Drug Boss' Mom, Demand Loved Ones
"Sanctuary Cities" Involve A Fundamental Rule Of Law Issue
‘Illegal Immigrant’: Banned from USC Final Exam
DEC 14
Mexico Finds 2 Border Tunnels Leading into US
Somali Refugees in the U.S. – Terrorists Have Families Too.
Big Business Pressuring Trump To Abandon Pledges Of Mass Deportation
San Francisco Hopes To Hire Lawyers For Illegal Immigrants – video
DEC 13
The Other Terror Threat: ISIS Wants To Destroy the US, This Group Already Is
Sanctuary Cities: The Costs To Taxpayers
Australian Immigration Official Talking with Trump Aids to Preserve Obama's Onerous Secret Refugee Deal
Fake News: UK Guardian Publishes Border Story Riddled with False Claims – Actual Numbers From U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Indicate The Opposite
Pregnant Honduran Tried for Birthright Citizenship but Didn’t Reach U.S. Border – HOLLY NOTE: One has to hope the anchor baby issue will be reexamined once Trump is in office.
Related: Defining ‘American’: Birthright Citizenship and the Original Understanding of the 14th Amendment
Related: Practicing Constitutional Attorney: Constitution Doesn’t Mandate Birthright Citizenship
Cartel Kidnaps 3 Off Tourist Bus at Tex-Mex Border
DEC 12
ICE Spends $100 Million Ferrying Illegal Immigrant Children Around U.S., Watchdog Says
'Secret' Refugee Resettlement Transforming America – 'If They're Not Assimilating, Then We're Creating A Huge Trojan Horse'
Time To Rescind 1965 Immigration Reform Act
Fearing Trump Crackdown, "Dreamers" Advised To End Travel
Mexican Drug Cartel Leader's Son Arrested In Western State
Sheriff Clarke: US Must Enforce Its Borders Under Trump – video
DOJ: Illegal Immigrant Accused of Killing Two in Ky. Hit-And-Run Deported 8 Times
Immigration Hawks Buoyed by Trump Choices for DHS Secretary, AG
Mexican Senators Beat Trump Piñata, Chant Gay Slur
USC Professor Bans Students From Using The Phrase 'Illegal Immigrant' On Exam
Border Patrol Agents Bless Trump’s Pick for Homeland Security Secretary
Overcoming Treason In America – Traitor Obama’s Recent Order To Stop Drone Surveillance Of Our Boarder
Flood of Illegals: Now 2,000+ Every Day!
Trump 'Work Something Out' With Dreamers
California Bill Aims to Ban Police From Notifying Feds About Immigrants
Sanctuary Cities Undermine Cause Of Immigration Reform
Judge Andrew Napolitano: Are Sanctuary Cities Legal?
Revealed: Tens of Millions Lavished on Hidden Costs of Immigration Industry
Maryland Univ. Students Outraged After President Defends Illegal Immigrants in Spanish
Long-awaited Canada Border Bill Moves Ahead in U.S. Congress
Mexican Cartel Manufactured Grenades in Texas, Say Police
…Kills Teen, Dog, Others – graphic
Trump Handed 'Trigger' To End Sanctuary Cities
Obama Administration Fails To Vet Immigrants Against FBI Databases, Approves Citizenship
Human Smugglers Engage Texas Cops in High-Speed Chases
Feds Seize $1.9M in Meth, Weed at Border
Sherri Papini Abduction Likely Work of Mexican Sex Traffickers – Underscores the Dangers of America’s Porous Borders
Mexicans Fret Over Coming Immigration Changes Under Trump Administration
Will Obama's Secret Refugee Deal Survive The New Admin? Details Are Classified
– HOLLY NOTE: These people are coming from Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan, mostly male, and were offered asylum in several other countries. – video
Border Patrol Grapples With Sudden Surge of Migrants
Photos of the Incoming Flood from Just 1 Small Area…
Paul Ryan Is Alluring, Funding And Protecting Illegals, Disregarding Americans
Mexican Rancher Finds Human Remains Near Texas Border
Feds Open Another Holding Facility for Migrant Flood at Border
Border Patrol Agents Warming Burritos, Babysitting For Illegals, Chief Says
Graham to Roll Out Extension Of Obama Immigration Program
Ohio State Attack Renews Calls for Refugee Reform
NOV 30
Grounded Phalanx Operation Nabbed 110,000 Illegals At Border
Obama Released 6,051 Unaccompanied Illegal Alien Children Into American Communities In October
OHIO STATE ATTACK: Twitter EXPLODES on John Kasich For Opening State’s Borders To Refugees
NOV 29
Push on to Pardon All 11 Million Illegals, Expand Sanctuary City Network
Exclusive Video: Breitbart Texas Catches 43 Illegal Immigrants Crossing Border, Interviews Them
Cartels Flood Remote Border Sector with Migrants, Overwhelm U.S. Agents
Texas Governor To Ban, Defund Sanctuary Cities
DHS Overwhelmed by Green Card Catastrophe
NOV 28
Trump's Welcome Stand On Illegal Immigration
Legal Immigration Also Lawless Under Obama: Green Cards with False Info, Sent Twice, Missing
Memo to Emanuel and De Blasio: More Americans Than Ever Want Illegal Felons Deported
Human Smuggler with Chinese Immigrants in Mexico Trying to Beat Trump's Wall
Border Patrol Agents Bust Child Sexual Predator, Murderer
Border Patrol Agents Assaulted at Texas Border
NOV 25
Obama Fast-Tracks Plan to Take Muslim Migrants Rejected By Australia: Congressmen Demand Answers on 'Secretly Negotiated Treaty'
Central Americans Surge North, Hoping To Reach U.S. Before Trump Inauguration
Mexican Illegal Accused Of Murder, Kidnapping Baby While Living In US
Illegal Sexually Assaults Girl, 12, Over Dozen Times – Honduran Man, 33, Met Victim At Church
NOV 24
Trump's Battle Against Illegal Immigrant Sanctuary May End At Church Steps
Mexican Cement Company Offers To Build Trump His Wall – HOLLY NOTE: Hmmmm, what's wrong with this idea: 1) not hiring an American company and workers, 2) using foreign-made product, 3) they might build in tunnels or intentionally use faulty materials and workmanship
Former Mexican Diplomat: Actually, Trump Could Easily Force Mexico To Pay For The Wall
NOV 23
Lawless Border: Obama Admin Abruptly Cancels Drone Flights
Immigration Activists Launch Attack on SPLC
NOV 22
Thousands of Green Cards Have 'Simply Gone Missing' – HOLLY NOTE: This is essentially a "free pass" for terrorists and illegal immigrants to stay in our Country.
Sanctuary Cities Risk Losing DOJ Funds in 2017, Texas Congressman Says
Illegal Immigrants Pose As Families, Tell Tales Of Woe To Gain Entry to U.S.
Hidden Ipsos Poll: Public Strongly Backs Donald Trump's Plan To 'Pause' Legal Immigration
NOV 21
State Officials Mistreat Girl, 5, Raped By Muslim Migrants
Report: Obama Shuts Down Border Aerial Surveillance Program
Haitian Illegals Pouring into U.S., Exploiting Obama Policies
No Sanctuary for Dems' Immigration Lawlessness
Obama Halts Amnesty Push in Court; Bows to Trump 
Gregg Jarrett: Will Donald Trump Channel Ronald Reagan to End Sanctuary Cities?
GRAPHIC: Mexican Cartels Continue Murder of Rivals in Fight for Border State
NOV 18
Sanctuary City Mayors Prepare For Clash With Trump Administration – HOLLY NOTE: These are just 21 of 300 sanctuary cities mapped in Prophetic Perils
Mother of Son Killed By Illegal Blasts Sanctuary Cities – video
Dems Demand Obama Pardon 750,000 "Dreamers" But Only Congress Can
Rio Grande Border Patrol Nabs 500 Illegals – A DAY – HOLLY NOTE: And this is just one sector; there are 19 others.
Border Patrol Union Welcomes Trump's Wall as 'Vital Tool'
Central American's Pouring in Near Yuma
New Center South of El Paso to 'Process' Influx
Border Family Pleads for Help, Illegals Walking Right into Their Home: "…We’re Pretty, Pretty Afraid of These People Crossing Constantly."
3 Pakistani Men Apprehended in U.S. at Arizona Border — Hair Died to Blend, ‘Spoke Perfect English’
Sen. Tom Cotton: Trump, Congress Need To Reduce Immigration
Haitian Illegals Released From Crowded Jails into the US as Space Runs Out
65 Countries Have Erected Border Fences as Governments Try to Stem the Flood of Migrants – 4X as Many as When the Berlin Wall Was Toppled
NOV 17
Sanctuary City Mayors Prepare for Clash With Trump Administration
Mother of Son Killed By Illegal Blasts Sanctuary Cities – video
If Trump Sticks to His Immigration Plan, America Will Be More Secure
Bishops To Fight Trump's Illegal Immigration Crackdown
NOV 16
Law to Build U.S. Border Wall Already Passed – Funding for Secure Fence Act of 2006 Has Been Blocked
Illegals Demand Obama Issue Mass Pardons, Last-Ditch Effort to Stop Trump Deportations – HOLLY NOTE: This headline made me sputter, scream a little. Illegals don't have ANY rights. Period. See my article Since When Do Illegals Have Rights?
NOV 15
Top Trump Immigration Adviser Predicts Immediate Change
LAPD Will Not Help Deport Immigrants Under Trump, Chief Says
Agents Brace for Pre-Trump Border Surge – Supervisors Will Now Resist Obama Directives to Stem Rush
Emanuel Tells Illegals Chicago ‘Always Will Be A Sanctuary City’
NOV 14
Report: 3 Million Votes in Presidential Election Cast by Illegal Aliens
Trump Pledges To Deport 2 To 3 Million Criminal Illegal Immigrants
Illegal Aliens Who Signed Up for Obama's Executive Amnesty Could Be First to Face Deportation
President Trump: This Is My Country and I Want Immigration Fixed Before We Become the Next Europe
Trump's Wall To Include Fencing? – video
January in the Streets Group Planning to ‘Disrupt’ Immigration Raids Under President Trump
150 Extra Border Agents Sent to South Texas
Philadelphia May Be Ground Zero in Coming Battle Over Sanctuary Cities
Defeated Arpaio Has No Regrets About Immigration Crackdowns
NOV 10
Another Election Surprise: Many Hispanics Backed Trump
Immigration Hits Record 43.3 Million in 2015
H-1B Employer Maps: Dependent, Willful Violator, and Debarred – Thousands Prefer Alien Workers to Americans
POLL: Most Hispanics Back Deportation, Want Immigration Cap Cut In Half
Illegal iMmigrants Vow To Defy Trump, Call On Obama To Halt Deportations
COPS: 10-Year-Old Girl Found Dead In Well Killed By Illegal
Criminal President Obama Encourages Illegal Aliens to Vote – Promises No Repercussions – video
Hillary Amnesty Tax: $15,000 Per Household: $1.29 Trillion to Finance Infrastructure, School, Welfare, Other Costs Of Illegals
Report: East Texas Child Murdered By Previously Deported Illegal Alien
Cartel Smugglers Lashing Out in Desperation at U.S. Authorities Near Texas Border
Mexican Cartels Using U.S. Election as ‘Marketing Tool’ to Bring More Illegals to Border
Mexico Preps Emergency Financial Plan for Trump Victory
How Many Undocument Immigrants Work in Your State? Check Out This Map
Leaked Images Show More Illegal Border Crossings in Broad Daylight
Housing Crisis for Influx of Unaccompanied Alien Minors
2 U.S. Soldiers Charged for Alleged Human Smuggling Near Texas Border
I Own A Ranch In Arizona - Illegal Immigrants Are Destroying the Land and Killing the Livestock
Report: 1 New Immigrant for Every 2 U.S. Births in 2015
Coyotes Eat Corpse of Dead Migrant in Texas, Remains ‘Scattered’
At A Time Of Ambivalence To Immigration, Attorneys Gather in Tijuana to Help Those Desperate to Enter U.S. Legally
America in Decline Part III: Immigration
OCT 31
Border Blown Open, Illegals Flood In; Feds Hide Numbers – 'Worst We've Ever Seen' – Agents Accuse Feds of Covering Up Record Border Detainee Numbers for 2016 Election
OCT 27
Feds: 275,000 Born To Illegals In One Year, Would Fill City The Size of Orlando 
Spike In Immigrants Illegally Crossing Into US Ahead Of Election
Border Patrol Agent: Admin Treats Illegal Crossings 'Like a Traffic Ticket'
Protesters Block Upper Level of George Washington Bridge
Immigration Protest Shuts Down Upper Lanes of George Washington Bridge During Rush Hour
OCT 26
Migrants Arriving At Border Soar 10-Fold Under Obama: 23 U.S. Cities On Board With Obama's U.N. Agenda For Migration
On Patrol with the US Border Vigilantes Where Donald Trump Dreams Of Building His 2,000-Mile Wall – HOLLY NOTE: No wonder illegal immigration is blowing up. Check this existing "border fence" where people can simply just walk around it.
Hillary and Weaponized Immigration – How International Terrorists Would Turn Clinton's "Compassionate" Immigration Proposals Against Us
OCT 25
If Hillary Reaches The White House: You Get This…
Study: The Costs of Immigration
How America's Outdated Immigration Laws Hurt The Economy
Immigration Lawyer Accused Of Bribing Federal Agent Cuts Deal
OCT 21
19-Year-Old Muslim Migrant Rapes 90-Year-Old Grandmother Coming Home from Church
Hillary Clinton Embraces George Soros’ ‘Radical’ Vision Of Open-Border World
OCT 20
Wikileaks: Podesta Says It's OK for Illegals to Vote With Driver's License
Illegals Seeking Asylum Up 900%, Get Social Security, Welfare, School Loans
You Knew It Was Coming: Hurricane Matthew Amnesty
OCT 19
Why Hillary and Her Wall Street Donors Don’t Want Trump’s Wall
30 Illegal Immigrants Found Inside Tractor-Trailer in Salton City: Border Patrol
Record Number of American Homes Not Speaking English: Nearly 65 Million Residents in the U.S. Now Speak Foreign Language At Home
OCT 18
Illegal Immigration Up 23% Over Last Year: Number of Families Enticed By Lax Enforcement At All-Time High
Illegal Border Crossings By Central American Families Spike Again
OCT 17
Wikileaks Reveals – Hillary Clinton to Goldman Sachs: Americans Who Want to Limit Immigration Are ‘Fundamentally UnAmerican’
Newt Gingrich: Hillary's Dangerous Dream Of Open Borders
OCT 14
U.S. Agents Nab Previously Deported Sex Offender Trying To Sneak Across Border
Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio to Face Criminal Charges
Chairman Chaffetz Opener - Criminal Aliens Released by the Department of Homeland Security – video
OCT 13
Immigration Lobby Sues To Resume Obama’s Deportation Amnesty
Most Senators Who Defected Backed Obama Amnesty Push
No Amnesty for 2 'Treasonous' Open-Borders Republicans
Immigration Watchdog Makes 1st-Ever Dem Endorsement Against Those 'Undermining Trump'

California Town Now Less Than 10% White
OCT 10
Border Cops: U.S. Election Driving New Immigration Crisis
D.W. Ulsterman’s Take On The Illegal Immigration And Deportation Issue
Cost of Illegal Immigration By State
Supreme Court Rejects Rehearing In Obama Deportation Amnesty Case
Elites Framing Immigration Issue Don't Feel Its Impact
Immigrant Smugglers Tell Illegals to Get to US Now, Because Trump Wall Is Coming
Border Report: Illegal Immigration Set To Break Record, VIP Smuggling Offered
Now We Know How Many Illegal Aliens Really in U.S.
Report: Saudi Immigration To US Has Exploded Since 2010 – HOLLY NOTE: Bet the 9/11 families are thrilled to hear this.
'Family Unit' Apprehensions Up 97% on U.S.-Mexico Border; Unaccompanied Children Up 52%
Debunking the Biggest Immigration Lies
Illegal Alien Gang Violence Terrorizes Long Island Town
Illegal Immigrant Families Crossing Border At Record Pace in 2016
“Migrants” Bring In Rare Diseases, Excessive Demands
Illegal Who Killed 12-Yr-Old Girl Was Obama Amnesty Recipient with Prior Drug Arrest
Mexican Nationals Arrested In Tennessee On Child Rape Charges
Libertarian Author Calls for Pause in Low-Skill Immigration
Mexico Says 7,800 Haitians Crossed Through Country This Year in Bid To Reach the US
Dangerous Plans Hatched by Obama and UN for Refugee Resettlement
Dangerous Plans Hatched by Obama and UN for Refugee Resettlement
National Academies: Immigrants’ Integration Is Slowing
Study: Immigration Shifts $500B in Wages Away from Americans
…Immigrants Cost State and Local Taxpayers $57.4 Billion Per Year – HOLLY NOTE: Isn't the pushed narrative that immigration improves the economy?
NY Dreamer Suing Government to Implement Obama Immigration Relief Heads to Court
Feds Mistakenly Grant Citizenship to at Least 858 Immigrants with Security Concerns – Were Supposed to Have Been Deported…
The Atrocity in St. Cloud and the Continuing Somali Immigration Madness
Almost 100,000 Somali Refugees Admitted to US Since 9/11; 99.6% Muslim
In Africa, the U.S. Military Sees Enemies Everywhere – flashback
Border Agents Warn Of Increasing Illegal Immigration From Cuba
Trump Says Clinton Would ‘Effectively’ Abolish U.S. Borders
Rising Illegal Immigration Reported on Univision, Telemundo
Under Secretary Clinton, US Permanently Resettled 31000 Somali Migrants
Trump: Not ‘One More American Life’ for Open Borders
U.S. Immigration Policy Is Senseless
DHS Accused Of Sitting On Damning Border Report As Immigration Issue Drives Presidential Race – Won't Be Released Until After Elections
An Illegal Immigrant Sexual Predator Terrorizes Austin, Texas Had Previously Been Deported 5 Times
Cuban Invasion: Immigration Highest Ever, Deportations Lowest
Sanctuary Jurisdictions Protect Nearly 12,000 Criminal Illegal Immigrants in 19 Months
On Trip to US, London Mayor Says Immigrants Shouldn't Have to AssimilateHOLLY NOTE: We've seen how well this worked in France and Germany.
The Elephant In The Classroom: Mass Immigration's Impact On Public Education – What Every Parent and Taxpayer Should Know About Immigration and the Public Education Crisis
Mexico Wants A Border Wall To Stop Immigration From Central AmericaHOLLY NOTE: Isn't this rich when they send their poorest, least educated up here.
Undocumented Students Rally For Free College and University Tuition
ICE Not Notified Of Accused Cop Killer's Previous Arrests
What the Bible Says About Borders – Part 3
Illegal Immigrant Held After Killing 12-Year-Old Girl
Illegal Immigration Surged In August, Illegal Families Set For Worst Year On Record
PBS Introduces Lesson Plan To Indoctrinate Students Against Trump Immigration Proposals
Illegal Central American Immigration Surges Again at u.s. Border
Australia, “in Danger Of Being Swamped By Muslims,” Calls For Ban On Muslim Immigration, Mosques And Burkas
Who Really Benefits From Immigration Reform?
SOUTHCOM Raises Alarms on Sunni Extremists Infiltrating U.S. Southern Border
20 Illegal Aliens In Horrific Crimes in 2016
Border Patrol Chief: 7,542 Agents Assaulted Since 2006; 30 Died in Line of Duty Since 2003
Middle-America Hit with Staggering Immigration Surge
Germany to Women: Wear Sneakers To Outrun Migrant Rapists
Yes, Immigration Hurts American Workers
‘Welcoming Cities’ Scheme Comes To A Town Near You
What the Bible Says About Borders – Part 2
Hate America? Millions Ready To Take Your Place
Illegal Immigrant Deported Twice Charged With Stabbing Md. Teen 40 Times
What the Bible Says About Borders – Part 1
Mexico Helping Unvetted African Migrants to U.S. Border
Citizen Sanctuaries, Not Sanctuary Cities
Is Immigration a “Top Priority” for Americans?
Multiculturalism: Dismantling Western Culture - Hillary & Merkel
How To Turn America Into a Third World Garbage Dump
Mexico Senator: Take Back Land From U.S. If Trump Wins
Illegal Immigrants Make Up Rape And Sex Assault Claims 'To Stay In The U.s. Longer'. Series Of False Accusations At Detention Centers Are 'tactic To Beat Deportation'
Is a 13ft Wall REALLY Going To Stop All These People Reaching Britain? New Images Of The Jungle Reveal The Huge - And Ever-Growing - Scale Of The Calais Migrant Problem
Taking Page From Trump? UK Building 'Big New Wall' To Stop Illegal Immigrants
The States Gaining And Losing The Most Migrants -- And Money
“OBAMA SAID IT WAS OK TO COME”: Stunning Report From Our Open Border – video
Feds Spend Another $10 Million To Register Immigrant Voters: 'New Americans' Strategy To 'Institutionalize' President's Open-Borders Policies
Study: Low-Skilled Immigrants Are Replacing Low-Skilled Native-Born Americans