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DEC 31
Obama: I Won't Leave on Jan 20
Obama Unleashes 3,853 Regs, 18 for Every Law, Record 97,110 Pages of Red Tape
Border Patrol, Boy Scouts, Vets, Cops to Lead Trump Inaugural Parade
Could 2017 Finally Be The Year of the Constitution?
DEC 30
White House on Defense After Being Exposed as Architect of Anti-Israel U.N. Action
Ralph Peters: These 6 Words Describe Obama's Mideast Policy – video
The U.S. Ministry of Propaganda Is Now Official
Russia Warns of "Proportional Response" to Obama's "Paranoia"
"Grizzly Steppe" - FBI, DHS Release "Report" on Russian Hacking
Obama Ignores Evidence Russia Didn’t Hack DNC, Podesta 
Russian Hacking & Hillary Clinton's Hypocrisy
What is Henry Kissinger Up To?
California Democrats Legalize Child Prostitution
Sinkhole, Gas Leak Force Evacuations in Pennsylvania City
Scott Brown Started His On-Air Fire Bombing of John Kerry Saying, ‘With All Due Respect,’ So It’s Alllll Goooood – video
Colorado Dumps Presidential Caucuses For Primaries – Delegates Now Bound
‘Pronouns Matter!’ University Hands Out Pins With Preferred Pronouns to Students
Office Pool 2017: A Quiz for the Coming New Year
The 10 Worst Communication Fails of the 2016 Election
Waterford Crystals Installed High Above Times Square
Preparing for New Year's Eve in Times Square
DEC 29
Russia Spanked, 35 Diplomats Expelled
Blue Lives Lost: Dramatic Rise in Police Officers Gunned Down in Line Of Duty in 2016
Chicago Averaged 2 Homicides a Day In 2016
How the Crackdown on Patriots Will Occur: "Dissent Will Become Unthinkable"
Trump Blasts Obama ‘Roadblocks’ As Power Transfer Turns Increasingly Hostile
Debbie Reynolds Dead: Heartbroken, 'She Wanted to Be With Carrie'
Hillary Hacked (Up) the Election
Delusional, Defensive Obama Can’t See a Legacy In Tatters
Hawaii Cafe to Trump Supporters: ‘You Cannot Eat Here! No Nazis’
Obama Claims Another 1.6 Million Western Acres As National Monuments
Time for Trump's EPA Pick to Rein in the Agency
1 in 3 Americans: Obama Probably Born in Kenya
Fury as Charlie Sheen Says Trump Should Be Next Celebrity to Die – Social Media Calling Him 'Scumbag' and 'Useless Cockroach'
Quotes From Charlie Sheen's Interviews Reveal He's Unhinged – video
DEC 28
Thankfully, Obama to Exit the White House
Conrad Black: America’s Returning Greatness Will Force Canada to Up Its Game – HOLLY NOTE: This Canadian-born millionaire and former newspaper publisher truly gets it. He sees the big picture that Trump envisions for America, while other foreign papers are still busy replicating tiresome MSM vitriol. They're jumping on the anti-Trump bandwagon not even giving him a chance or benefit of doubt. It truly is becoming a harsher, meaner world – another sign of End Times.
Report: Democrats Lost More than 1,000 Seats Under Obama
'F**k You. Go To Hell': Georgetown Prof Loses It on Muslim Trump Voter
Infantile Rage on the Left
Shock Poll: Most Americans Excited for the Start of Trump Era
Divider-in-Chief: Obama Leaves Nation More Divided Than Bush
The Prospects for Trump’s Agenda in 2017
Commissioner Silver Urges NBA to Disrupt Trump White House
The U.N. Gets KRAUTHAMMERED: Trump Should ‘Turn It Into Condos’
WWII Veteran Has Medals Replaced 50 Years After They Were Stolen
Children 'Purposely Starved By Their Parents for Months' Found Near Death Covered in Bruises and Filth
DEC 27
Now Carrie Fisher Has Died – HOLLY NOTE: 2016 will go down as one of the worst years for celeb deaths. This year's list is entirely too long. :-(
'Confident' (Delusional) Obama: President Says He Could Have Won Third Term – HOLLY NOTE: Thank goodness for the 22nd Amendment!
Obama Might Not Keep His Mouth Shut During Trump's Presidency
'Obama Doesn't Know How To Leave White House with Dignity'
Lifelong Democrat Sounds Off on U.N. Israel Resolution, Said 'What Obama Did Was So Nasty, He Stabbed Them (Israel) in the Back', Appalling Obama 'One of the Worst Foreign Policy Presidents Ever' – video
Giuliani Charges Obama with Being 'Lackadaisical' on Terror; Lt. Col. Peters on Obama: He 'Praises Islam, Ignores Christians, Blame Israel' – video
Trump to Fill 100+ Judicial Vacancies, Reshape Courts
Donald Trump's Christmas Dog Whistle
Nearly 50 Shot In Chicago Over Holiday Weekend
Professor: 'All I Want For Christmas Is White Genocide'
A Loser's Malice: What's Behind Obama's Attacks On Putin
POWERGRAB: Obama Signs Bill Federalizing All Media – video
Related: Buried Inside the 2017 NDAA Is a Little-Known 'Disinformation' Provision – and Obama Just Signed It
Mega-Regions: What If We Redrew State Boundaries Today?
Where You Absolutely Don't Want to Be "When It All Turns Ugly" 
The CIA-Media-Academia Axis
Make Way for the new Yasser Arafat, Barack Hussein Obama
Glenn Beck Heading to the Left? – HOLLY NOTE: Don't know what happened to this commentator. There was a distinct change when he went all in for Ted Cruz, campaigning for him, and then had to wear mega-egg on his face. After Cruz pulled out, Beck ranted for a week non-stop on his program about Trump. It was time wasted when he could have promoted his 2nd choice. Beck then jumped the shark, this time for Gary Johnson, who didn't he know what Aleppo was – and he wanted to be President. Again major embarrassment when Johnson continually self-exposed how uninformed he is. Then Beck began singing the praises of Mark Zuckerberg after meeting with him and some of Zuckerberg's team and cited a lot of progressives as wonderful, definitely abdicating his former very conservative position. Shortly afterward I switched him off because it's hard to see a good man go off the rails. Apparently we weren't the only ones to notice…
DEC 26
Obama Evades Congress, Stretches War Powers in Precedent for Trump
'Midnight' Specials? Flurry of Obama Actions Revives Fears of Last-Minute Regulations, Agenda
Gingrich: Obama in 'Desperate Frenzy' to Leave Legacy
Obama’s White House Christmas Message Full of BS and Lies – Thank God It’s His Last One
Is California Splitting Away? Group Believes California Should Form Its Own Nation
Trump Cheered at Christmas Eve Church Service – video
Falwell: There's 'Good Spirit in America'
Millionaires, Drug Dealers And Senators Caught Using Food Stamps
Colorado Town's 'Topless Barber' Charged with Bigamy, Violating Bond
DEC 23
Trump Team Working Right Up to Christmas – Latest Sign That Trump Plans To Do Things Differently Than His Predecessor
Beach Boys Mull Trump Inauguration Performance Invite
Canada Says Only 28 Americans Have Applied for Trump-Related Refugee Status
EPA Steamrolls Auto Industry To Rush Out New Regs
Husband and 'Wife' Harass Ivanka Trump on JetBlue, Get Booted From Flight
Russia Hack Story Collapses - Even Mainstream TV Like CBS Are Ripping it Apart
Historical & Structural Reasons for Skepticism of CIA Claims: Remaining Agnostic on Claims of Russian Hackers
‘Oppression Olympics’: Students of Color Conference at UC Irvine Descends Into Chaos
Trumpocalypse? Suddenly Liberals Are The Ones Stockpiling Food, Guns And Emergency Supplies
Obama: I Can’t Pursue Reparations Because It’s Politically Infeasible
Why Hillary Clinton Is Still Losing Supporters – Regrets: Trump Voters 1%, Hillary Voters 4%
DEC 22
Right-Hand Woman: Conway Picked For Trump Counselor Post
Trump’s Team: Who’s Who
Trump Convenes Pentagon Brass 'to Bring Costs Down'
‘Legacy’: 10 Ways Barack Obama Broke the American System
Newt: Obama Legacy ‘Is Going to Disappear Within a Year’
Walmart Drops Black Lives Matter ‘Bulletproof’ Clothing
Jon Rappoport: My Position on Donald Trump
NC Gov. Blames Left for Leaving "Bathroom Bill" Standing
Teachers Who Sexually Abuse Students Still Find Classroom Jobs
Anti-Trumpers Plan Permanent Protest Near WH: Activists Say Aim Is to Ensure The President-Elect 'Doesn't Succeed' – HOLLY NOTE: Imagine what these people could accomplish if they put their energy into doing something productive. Shouldn't they even give Trump a chance?
Taxpayers Billed for Zombie Macbeth, Plays About ‘Privilege’ – $595,000 Spent on Drag Queens, Gay Choruses, Cowboy Poetry
Clinton Attorney Blasts James Comey's "Extraordinary Impropriety" In Seeking Warrant
Mysterious Manhattan Military Flyover Was Trump Rescue Exercise: Sources
DEC 21
Obama Uses Executive Authority To Ban New Atlantic, Arctic Drilling
4 Obama Regulations Trump Can Undo Right Away
Media Blackout On Obama’s Last-Minute Civil Rights Appointments
The Coming War on Electoral College, Voter Integrity
O'Reilly: The 'Hidden Reason' the Left Wants to Abolish Electoral College – video
Washington State To Punish Faithless Elector – HOLLY NOTE: Based on Congressional salaries and perks, a thousand dollar fine isn't much of an incentive to keep their word. They actually have to want to do the right thing.
How Obama Has Single-Handedly Decimated the Democrat Party
Rudy Giuliani Makes The Case For Protecting The Homeland "You Have No Right to Come to the United States; That's a Privilege" – video
Globalization and Sovietization of America
Man Found Beheaded Behind N.M. Walmart; Police Seek Suspect
DEC 20
Donald Trump Seals Electoral College Victory, Officially Becomes 45th US President
Related: More Electors Mutiny Against Hillary: Three Cast Votes for Colin Powell, One for "Faith Spotted Eagle"
Paul Craig Roberts Warns "Only A Counter-Coup Can Save American Democracy"
Obama Grants 231 Pardons And Commutations, The Most Ever In Single Day
Military Expert Reacts To South China Sea Controversy – video
Obama Rushes Out 11th-Hour Regulations Targeting Coal Mining
…Pardons 78 Inmates, Shortens 153 Sentences
Date Set for Session to Undo North Carolina 'Bathroom Bill'
Countries Where People Trust The News Most And Least
California to Ban AR-15s Jan. 1
DEC 19
It Is Done! President-Elect Donald Trump Secures Victory In Electoral College
First It Was the Russians, Then the FBI, Then Fake News, Now Dems Throw Huma Abedin, 'Inner Circle' Under Bus for Clinton Loss – HOLLY NOTE: This is just 1 reason people – and countries – have lost respect for Obama. Nothing is ever his fault. Everybody appreciates a heart-felt mea culpa. Too, people don't want to continue Obama's delusions and onerous policies, let alone put into office someone more corrupt than any past President. Hillary lost because of Hillary. Period.
Republicans to Repeal Many 'Midnight' Regulations Enacted By Obama
Fed. Judge Denies 2 Democrat Electors Who Wanted to Vote FOR Trump
With Electoral College Set to Vote Today, Americans Show Little Support for Revolt
UK Parliament's Nigel Farage Slams 'Disgusting' Push for Electors to Go Against Trump – HOLLY NOTE: Farage calls a spade, a spade, without the typical British reticence. – video
Obamas Escape to 70º Hawaii, Last $5M Vacation, Bringing Their Travel Tab to $90M
Judge Jeanine Rips Michelle Obama — 'Since When Did 'Hope' Rise and Fall With You?' – video
It's Official: Clinton's Popular Vote Win Came Entirely From California
How to Settle a Presidential Election When the Vote Is Too Close to Call – humor
The Moral Depravity of the Obama Administration
Gutfeld Skewers Anti-Trump Celebs: Do They Know Martin Sheen Wasn't Actually Pres.? – video
7 Cavers Rescued in Southern Indiana
Farrakhan Sees A New Opening For Black Separatist Message
The Birth of a Narrative – 'Fake News' Didn't Become A Problem Until Nov. 11
L.A. County Email Hack Exposes Personal Data of 750,000 People
DEC 16
WikiLeaks Figure Says ‘Disgusted’ Democrat Leaked Clinton Campaign Emails
After $85 Million In Family Travel, Obama Looks Forward to 'Decent Vacation'
Voters Oppose Clinton Pardon By 3-1 Margin
Loud-mouth Liz Leads Doomed Bid to Force Trump to Put His Business in a Blind Trust - or Be Impeached
Huge Problem With Scheme to Steal Presidency: Last-Ditch Effort to Keep Trump out of White House Hits 1 Massive Snag – HOLLY NOTE: For those of you who want to stop this ridiculous push of electors being threatened to switch their votes, contact your electors and encourage today, URGE them to remain faithful. Electors vote Monday. Go to Electors For Trump and drop them a polite "reminder" vote to keep their word.
Cops to Trump: Save us – Calls on New President to Combat False Narratives About Police
Election Facts Vs. Fiction: Misleading Stats Surface – video
Ready to Go Outlaw – video
Sheriff's Probe Finds Obama Birth Certificate 'Fake' – Years of Forensics Investigation Confirmed 'Birther' Suspicions
Mitt Romney Fires Back at Harry Reid: ‘Good Riddance’
Dylann Roof Guilty on All 33 Counts in Federal Death Penalty Trial
The Birth of Christ And The Birth of America Are Linked
Feds Sue Sterling Heights For Rejecting Mosque; Call Move Anti-Muslim
DEC 15
America Held Hostage By Flyover States – HOLLY NOTE: That's rich. Last I checked, ALL of interior U.S. is part of America. Not just L.A. and New York. "Life" doesn't begin and end on both coasts. Prudent Places USA shows there are better and safer place to reside.
The Conspiracy to Shut Down Truth, Donald Trump, and the American People
Ind. Town's Entire Police Force Quits
Obama Ranks 48th on Forbes List of World's Most Powerful People – HOLLY NOTE: This is truly a sorry commentary when even NKorea's crazy leader Kim Jong-Un is ahead of Obama.
Leonardo DiCaprio’s Dad Bod Makes Splash – HOLLY NOTE: Yet women are supposed to look perfect – always. Not seeing it here for sure. Looks like some ab and quads work are much needed. Let's sum it up like guys would on gals: Scrawny arms, bird legs, no pecs, limp gut, did I miss anything? Ok yeah, brain dead on climate change.
Politico Fires Writer After She Suggests Trump Is Having Sex With Ivanka – language warning
Report: Muslim Woman Admits to Fabricating NYC Subway Attack
Colorado School District to Allow Teachers to Arm Themselves
It’s Official: Marijuana Is Legal in Massachusetts
Reclaiming the Bill of Rights
DEC 14
Clinton Campaign Aide's Typo Allowed Hackers To Access John Podesta's Email Account
Judge Napolitano Says It Was the NSA, Not the Russians Who Hacked DNC – flashback
Hillary Clinton Attack Dog Says She Was ‘Poorly Advised’ By Her Campaign
White House: Iran's Nuclear Marine Vessels Don't Violate Deal
Hannity: Dems Firing Up Their Fake Moral Outrage Machine
6 Days, 6 Georgia Officers Shot
40 Electors Demand Russian Interference Briefing Before They Vote
Harvard Prof: 20 GOP Electors Could Flip – Anti-Trump Group Providing Free Legal Counsel to Republicans Poised to Ditch President-Elect
Colorado Electors Make Last Bid To Prevent Trump Presidency
Russian-Origin Cyber Firm Challenges U.S. Universities to Secure E-Voting Systems
High Hopes For New EPA Leader Pruitt 
Drain the Intelligence Swamp!
Danney Williams May Not Need A Paternity Test To Know If Bill Clinton Is His Father
Why Do Liberals Keep Calling Trump a Racist?
Murfreesboro, Tennessee Residents Evacuated After Spill On I-24 Highway
Woman Who Let Paralyzed Husband Get Eaten Alive By Maggots and Rot To Death to Serve Just 4 Years In Prison
DEC 13
Clinton Campaign, Top Democrats Call for Intel Briefing, Commission Ahead of Electoral College Vote
Completed Wisconsin Recount Widens Donald Trump's Lead By 131 Votes
‘Total B.S.’: Russian Election Hack Blasted as ‘Fake News’ – 'It's the Democrat Party Trying to Change the Outcome of the Election'
Washington Post-CIA Connections Destroy Post’s “Election Hack” Claim
Donald Trump and The Art Of Getting It Done
Conway Turns Down Press Secretary Role – Puts Family First
Hillary Begs For Benghazi Lawsuit Dismissal While Plaintiffs Blast "Special Favors" For "Political Elite"
Obama Admin Staking Iran Deal Legacy on Doomed Bid to Sell Tehran Aircraft
Obama's Final White House Christmas Card Doesn't Mention Christmas
Bill Would Allow Government to Locate People With Tracking Devices
Area 51 Land Grab: Nevada Family in Battle with Federal Gov't Over Mine
Law Enforcement Officials Warn Obama: Locals May Turn On Anti-Pipeline Protesters
Abrasive Behar: Time for Trump to ‘Step Down’ — Before Inauguration!
Judge Napolitano on Why Comey Should Be Investigated – video
Texas Dem Pushes Student Cards be Used for Voter ID
Globalism vs. Nationalism – The New Civil War
Musician Builds Tiny Homes for the Homeless — City Promptly Seizes and Destroys Them
Denver Mayor Orders Police Not To Confiscate Blankets And Tents From Homeless
Teen, 18, Found Guilty of Raping and Sodomizing 82-year-old Disabled Woman Faces Up to 122 Years in Prison
DEC 12
DHS Says Georgia Hack May Have Been Rogue Employee
Hillary’s Historic Billion-Dollar Failure – FinaL Tallies Show Clinton Obliterated Campaign Fundraising Records, And Was Crushed
Recounts Bring Stein Publicity That Eluded Her On The Trail
WI Recount: An Exercise In Manual And Automated Futility
Hillary’s Latest Lame Excuse For Losing
Michigan Recount Exposes Clinton Electoral Fraud: Half of Detroit Votes Show Signs of Tampering – HOLLY NOTE: Digging prompted by non-winning parties produced dirt – on their side. Ouch! I'm not even sure how much Americans can trust these "final" election maps by county. Take this one produced by the New York Times, the Washington Post or the Denver Post. All showed Pueblo County, which has voted moderate Democrat for a long time and still voting that way. However, when checking the 2016 Pueblo County General Election Official Results 11/22/2016, it clearly shows that Trump beat Hillary 46.11% to 45.61%. How many other counties does the NYT and WaPo have wrong? Oh yeah, Jill Stein who's raising a ruckus on the recount and wasting millions? She got 1.2% of the votes.
Republican John Kennedy Wins US Senate Race in Louisiana
Towns Nationwide Face Nuclear Safety Issues, Shuttered Plants, Waste Stockpiles, Lost Jobs
VA Hospital Left Deceased Veteran In Shower Room For 9 Hours
2 Georgia Cops Shot While Serving Search Warrant
New York Times Pioneers New Feature: 'This Week in (White) Hate'
Obama Blames U.S. Intelligence For Missing Rise of the Islamic State
Related 2012: White House Admits Obama Skips Most Intelligence Briefings
Related 2014: Obama Skipped 62.5 Percent of Intelligence Briefings This Year
Related 2016: CONFIRMED: Obama Skipped Intel Briefing After Americans Killed in Benghazi
From Immigration to Infrastructure, Big-City Mayors Draw Up Wish List For Trump
Is Donald Trump Already The President?
Trump Shifts Tone on China, Promises to Improve Relationship
'Haven't Played By The Rules': Trump Accuses Chinese of 'Massive Theft of Intellectual Property'
‘Mad as Hell’: State of Georgia Accuses DHS of Hacking Into Their System
Obama Urges Soldiers to Question Trump’s Authority, ‘Criticize Our President’
Reid Calls For Limits To His Own Methods As Divisive Tenure Draws To Close – HOLLY NOTE: Reid is the one that changed the long-standing requirement of a 60% majority in the Senate to a simple majority of 51%, thus passing into law really onerous legislation. Now that they've lost control of the Presidency and both houses, his move is going to bite the Dems in the backside. Karma's a tough master.
Good Riddance Harry Reid
Rule Change Pushed By Harry Reid Could Allow Trump To Get All Of His Appointments Confirmed – flashback
'You Can Bet They Never Took a Knee': Admiral Gets a Standing "O" Publicly Calling Out Colin Kaepernick in His Pearl Harbor Speech
I'm a Democrat But Clinton Staffer Jennifer Palmieri's Twisted Logic Is Exactly Why We Lost
Black Lawyer: Free Anyone Charged With Murdering Whites
CNN Documentary: Republicans Are Racists For Opposing Obama – HOLLY NOTE: Suppose CNN is skipping over the part about how utterly horrible Obama's policies are for America.
Bang for Your Buck: Best Handguns Under $500
Less Snowflakes, More Grit
Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe Said Thursday His Family's Pet Chicken Named Hillary Died Right Before The Election
Assessing the Obama Legacy: Using His Own Mileposts, The President Has Failed
Trump Instead Picks Skeptic To Head EPA & Dismantle Econom-Killing Climate Agenda
Michael Moore Calls For Protesters to 'Disrupt' Trump's Inauguration
Cavuto To Obama: Fox Didn't Win An Election, You Lost It – video
WaPo Appends "Russian Propaganda Fake News" Story, Admits It May Be Fake
'Melania Was Slut-Shamed': Megyn Kelly Defends Her and Gets Booed – HOLLY NOTE: A perfect example of 2 Timothy 3:2-3 End Time signs: "For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, unloving, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal…"
Pope Warns 'Sin' of Spreading Disinformation, Smearing Politicians
Massive Manhunt Underway For Shooter Who Killed Georgia Cop, Injured Another – HOLLY NOTE: 1 police killed every 61 hours
Federal Judge Halts Recount, Sealing Trump's Michigan Win – Republican Chair McDaniel: "Jill Stein, who received only 1.07% of the vote in Michigan, is not legally entitled to hijack the will of voters and drag them into an arduous and expensive publicity stunt"
Michigan Recount Uncovers Serious Voter Fraud in Detroit – VOTES COUNTED UP TO 6 TIMES – and NOT for Trump
More Winning: Trump’s Favorability Rating Up 17 Points – Right Track Number Best in 4 Years
Facts About VP-Elect Mike Pence
Knife-Wielding Student, 16, Lunges at Terrified Nevada High School Classmates Before Being Shot By Cops 
Virginia Tech Snowflakes Unveil Definitive List Of Top 50 Microaggressions That Offend Them
Donald Trump: Time's Person of the Year
Sheriff Clarke: Liberal Media Created Fake News With ‘Hands Up Don’t Shoot’ Lie 
Wisconsin Recount Nets Trump 26 Votes
Michigan Appellate Court Tells State Board To Reject Stein Recount
65 million Hillary Voters Urged To Refuse Paying Taxes
Anchor Fired for Backing Trump Goes Public On Double Standard
Researchers Baffled By Nationalist Surge
Pipeline Protesters, Battered By Blizzard, Vow To Stay
Marine Corps F/A-18 Hornet Crashes Off Japan
America’s History of Paying Ransom to Iran
Proof That The Elite Really Do Want A Global Society With No Possessions, No Privacy And No Freedom
Remembering Pearl Harbor, 75 Years Later
How December 7 Changed Fate of the World
Lessons of Pearl Harbor
‘Treated Like a Slave’ — Innocent Cop Beaten by Fellow Cops Who Mistook Him for a Criminal
Election Recount Adding To Trump's Winning Margin
Half of Detroit Votes May Be Ineligible For Recount
Limbaugh Sounds Alarm As Trump Meets Al Gore
Website Labeled 'Fake News' Threatens to Sue WaPo
Black Activists Launch Monthly Fee System For Whites To Pay Blacks
Dem Senators Won't Condemn Keith Ellison's Anti-Semitism
White House: 'Embittered' World War II Veterans Should Get Over Pearl Harbor
Biden to Run in 2020 When He'd Be 78
Ending Multicultural Madness
Father Morris Reacts to Trump's 'America First' Approach – video
Obama Becoming Increasingly Powerless As World Allies Fall To Populist Uprisings
Jon Stewart: ‘Real People Paid a Price’ Under Obama
The Clintons Have Done Enough Damage: Steven Strauss
Judicial Watch Asks Court to Unseal Videos of Depositions in Hillary Clinton Email Case
Ohio Firefighter Shot After Battling House Fire, Reports Say
Former Marine to Colin Kaepernick: ‘Go Play in Cuba’
Fake 'Privatization' Battle Brewing Over the VA
Judicial Watch Files Lawsuit against DoJ Over Criminal Investigation of Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich
House Passes ‘Russian Propaganda Fake News’ Bill; a Major Threat to Alternative Media
Concealed Gun Permits Surge Over 15 Million, Fight on for More
'Everybody Gets a Damn Trophy': Louisville's Women's Hoops Coach Rails Against 'Participation Trophies'
Tim Allen Slams ‘Microaggressions’ on College Campuses – video
'It Was Heartbreaking': Death Toll Grows To at Least 33 In Calif. Warehouse Blaze
Keith Ellison's Coronation as DNC Chair Is Over – HOLLY NOTE: Anyone who thinks blacks should have their own designated chunk of America, and has been linked to Louis Farrakhan, the Nation of Islam and CAIR has no business heading the DNC, which is just a couple of steps away from the Presidency. For further info on this, listen to Hal Lindsey's Dec. 2 message "Castro and God's Judgment"
Related: Keith Ellison Once Proposed Making A Separate Country For Blacks
The Increasingly Diverse United States of America
Pelosi: Dems Don't Want 'New Direction'
Democrats Dancing With Insanity
Green Party Withdraws Pennsylvania Recount Case
Jon Stewart Goes Off: Obama ‘Terrible for Press Freedom;’ Left’s Race-Baiting ‘Has to Stop’
Feds to Explore Different Route for Dakota Pipeline
4 Quit Oklahoma Facility After Veteran with Maggots in Wound Dies
USS Colorado, a Virginia Class Submarine, Christened in Connecticut – HOLLY NOTE: Meanwhile, the USS Pueblo (Colorado), a U.S. Navy intelligence ship, was captured by NKorea in 1968 and remains in their hands.
At Least 9 Dead, 25 Missing in Massive Fire at an Oakland, CA Rave
Trump Names Gen. James Mattis As Defense Secretary: Report
The Party Of Obama And Its Bitter Reckoning
ISIS Threatens Donald Trump, Major World Leaders With 'Assassination,' Report Claims
Trump VA Moves Already Hint At Major Shakeups for the Department
'Trees for Troops' Program Gives Back To Those In Uniform
Report: 200 Shootings of Police Officers in 2016, Over 25% Fatal
Why the Progressives Want a Recount They Know They Will Lose
Sweeping Legislative Attack On Gun Clubs, Ranges & Everyone Who Uses Them Threatens A Wide Swath
WH: Obama Supports Registering Women For Military Draft
Clear, Concise Breakdown of Trump's Policy Proposals and Public Opinion
Columbia U Prof: Stop Calling All White People Who Disagree With You 'White Supremacists'
Himes Elected Chairman of New Democrat Coalition
Greg Gutfeld: Obama Slams Fox News (and Rings the Division Bell, for the Last Time)
California Homeowner Association Tells Wife of Deployed Marine to Stop Flying American Flag
White House Bans Smoking In Public Housing Units Just Before Obama Leaves
Rush to Regulate: Obama Steps on the Gas With Costly Rules
Trust in Mainstream Media Dips to Record Low: Here’s Why
Calexit Secession Plan Possible, But Faces Huge Hurdle
'Straight-A, Religiously Devout' Boy, 14, 'Shoots His Mother and Brother, 8, While They Slept
Land of the Free, Home of the 33,000 Violent Street Gangs
Plans Started To Restore 'Creepy and Cooky' Addams Family Historic Home
'We've Suffered A Great Loss' Murder of Washington Officer Sparks Overnight Standoff; Barricaded Suspect Killed
Trump Launches Thank You Tour in Cincinnati Today
Report: 15 Electors Will Refuse to Vote For Trump
These Numbers Should SHUT UP Liberals About The Electoral College Once And For All
Obama Finalizes Regulation To ‘Ban The Box’ on Hiring Job Applicants With Criminal Records
Evidence that Andrew Breitbart May Have Been Murdered to Conceal #Pizzagate
Over 2000 Veterans To Form Human Shield At Dakota Pipeline Protest
GOP Open to 'Risky Proposition' of Putting Petraeus at State Dept.
Why 63 House Democrats Voted To Oust Nancy Pelosi
Hillary Seeks Volunteers For Michigan Recount
Frustrated Dems See DCCC Overhaul As Step Toward Electoral Success
NOV 30
Air Force: Hypersonic Missiles From China, Russia Pose Growing Danger to U.S.
Good Grief! at Least 2 More Years of Harridan Pelosi
Gen. Petraeus Now Pushing Gun Control
US Could Be Gearing Up For Potential Space Wars
Gingrich: Stein Represents 'Nut Wing of American Politics' – video
10 Reasons Left-Wingers Cut Trump Voters From Lives
Soros, Democracy Alliance, Dark Money, and Violence
CNN Anchor: Americans Should Wear Hijabs To Show Solidarity With Fearful Muslims
7 Major Weapon Systems Held Up by Congressional Gridlock
America’s Election and Europe’s New Order
Playboy Model Faces Up to 6 Months In Jail for 'Body-Shaming' Photo of 70-year-old Woman Changing In Gym
NOV 29
Race to Finish: 1 New Obama Reg Every 147 Minutes
Recounts, Amendments, and Blame: The Left in Denial
HOLLY NOTE: Upon hearing the news that the 3 states Dems pinned their hopes on to overturn the Trump victory didn't pan out, he emailed: What's better than watching Hillary lose? Watching Hillary lose TWICE! England's Piers Morgan echoed this thought: "The only thing Hillary is going to achieve by backing Jill Stein’s shameless recount stunt is to make herself a TWO-TIME loser and drag America’s reputation as a democracy through the mud. How very Clinton of her! Trump Officially Wins Michigan's 16 Electoral Votes – Board of Canvassers Certifies 10,704-Vote Victory
Wisconsin Commission Rejects Stein Request For Recount By Hand
Stein Files New Recount Lawsuits in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin
Pennsylvania State Department Says Stein Missed Recount Deadline
Wisconsin Officials OK speedy Recount, Defend Tally
Jill Stein's Recount Effort Gets 12 Times More Coverage from ABC, CBS, NBC Than Her Entire Campaign
Texas Elector To Resign Instead Of Voting for Donald Trump – HOLLY NOTE: As the sender of this news item commented, "he signed up to do one job: Mash the button and vote.
Obama’s Spinelessness and Trump’s Courage on Castro
Limbaugh: Dems to Impeach Trump With Voter Fraud At Top Of List
The Democrats’ Real Strategy In Launching Recounts
Semiautomatic Rifles and Handguns Legalized for Hunting in Pennsylvania
WaPo Names Drudge, Zero Hedge, & Ron Paul as Anti-Clinton 'Sophisticated Russian Propaganda Tools'
Here’s Why “Fake News” Sites Are Dangerous
Complaints Grow Over Whites Turning Dakota Access Protest Into Hippie Festival
Cuban-American Reporter Calls Out Kaepernick on Castro Praise
Woman Who Held Children Under Water to Force Them Into Sex Sentenced to 90 Years
NOV 28
'SORE LOSERS'! Hillary Joining Stein Recount – Big Question: Where Did Green Party Get $5.9M for Bill?
Trump Hammers Hillary with Her Own Words Amid News That Team Clinton Will Take Part in Vote Recount
Judicial Watch Asks Federal Court to Find Government Misconduct in Clinton Email Scandal, Force Release of Documents
Podesta Group Admits Undisclosed Foreign Government Advocacy
Alex Jones' Emergency Warning To Donald Trump – video
Conway Resumes Romney Opposition, Says Trump Loyalists Feel 'Betrayed'
KT McFarland Appointment Confirms New President Will Prioritize Threat of ISIS
Trump Says He Lost Popular Vote Because ‘Millions Voted Illegally’
What a Difference An Election Makes
Veterans Protest At Massachusetts College That Removed US Flags
Huge Lines to Buy Guns on Black Friday
What's 'Doomsday Plane' Doing Flying Over U.S.?
Fidel Castro's 'Invasion U.S.A.' Is Dead!
Progressivism’s Bigoted Past (and Present)
Democrat Strategist: "We Don't Need White People Leading The Democratic Party"
Obama Could Run for Congress in 2018 — and He Might Be The Democrats' Best Hope
Pizzagate Expose' – A Who's Who" Podestas, Weiner, Clintons, Obama & More language warning – video
Welcome Aboard Trump Flight 1600 – video humor
Congressional Hawks Rush to Intensify War in Syria (No Fly-Zone)
49ers QB Kaepernick Booed In Miami Over Castro Comments
NOV 25
Texas Defending the Lone Star State Against Federal Overreach
Lands Activists Urge Trump To Revoke Obama’s National Monuments
Republican John Kennedy Expected To Win Runoff For Louisiana U.S. Senate Seat
Despondent Lefties Call for Trump-Hillary Recount
Jill Stein Raises Enough Money To Force Wisconsin Recount - Michigan & Pennsylvania Up Next
Wrong Choice for Ed Sec? DeVos: Funded Pro-Muslim, Anti-Israel Curriculum; Affirmative Action Pimp; Guess Who Her Brother Is
Black Lives Matter Activists Plan to Disrupt Black Friday Shopping
#BlackLivesMatter Reveal CHILLING Plan: ‘It’s Open Season For Killing Cops And Crackers’
Chants at an Anti-Police Rally: 'What's Better Than 14 Dead Cops? 15 Dead Cops!'
60 Law Enforcement Officers Fatally Shot This Year, 20 In Ambushes, Report Says
This Thanksgiving, Be Thankful For Cops
Community Paints Blue Stripe In Middle Of Road To Honor Cops
Holiday Price War Intensifies as Wal-Mart, Target Pursue Amazon
1 Shot Dead Outside of South Jersey Mall On Black Friday
1 Killed in Shooting Over A Parking Space in Nevada
Ten Firearms Deals for Black Friday
Best States For Concealed Carry — Ranked Worst To First, Not Surprisingly, D.C. Comes in Dead Last
Abducted Jogger Found Alive Bound On Side Of Interstate
Crazy Kaepernick Can't Quit – Praises Castro
From Populism to Fake News – The Psyop Continues
WaPo Spends Thanksgiving Lamenting Over Fake News and the Russian Scare
'The Five' Reveal Their 'Turkeys of the Year' – video
NOV 24
Trump Shares Message Of Unity on Thanksgiving Eve – video
Obama Appointee Blocks Obama’s Signature Labor Reform – Judge Grants Temporary Injunction Against Overtime Regulations
Trump Taps DeVos to Lead Education Department
Gov. Nikki Haley Named Trump’s U.N. Ambassador
Dear Liberals, Start Practicing The Empathy You Preach - Michael Goodwin
Frantic Media Becoming ‘Unglued’ Over Trump: Just 2 Weeks into the Transition, CNN and Mainstream Press Are Cursing, Flipping Out
US Issues Travel Advisory For Europe Over Terrorism Concerns
Fireball Spotted in Night Sky Over Florida
Three of the Most Absurd Campus Reactions to Trump’s Win
Police: Couple Planted Fake Bomb Hoping To Shoot Officers
Archaeologists Think They Found Pilgrims' Original Settlement
A History of Thanksgiving In America
Rush Tells The Real Story of Thanksgiving
How Thanksgiving Went from a Day Of Prayer to a Day of Feasting
NOV 23
Politics in the Matrix: Trump Won't Prosecute Hillary Clinton – HOLLY NOTE: We don't necessarily agree with the author's assessment of Pompeo. You can't discount someone for one issue. Trump may be a friend of Monsanto or not. We certainly don't support that company as well-documented on this website and in Garden Gold showing how to have a terrific garden without using Monsanto's poisons. You have to look at the whole picture, as we did with Trump. Rappoport is correct that "Politics in the Matrix is a tap dance and a shuffle. Deals and compromises are made all the way along the line." That's called negotiation, something at which Trump excels. Trump is likely the President in decades to hold fastest to the Constitution, American founders' ideals and putting America first – something that politicians and Presidents have ignored for 5 decades especially since Obama.
Reality Check: Could Faithless Electors Change Presidential Election? – HOLLY NOTE: People wanted change from Obama. Dr. Charles Krauthammer observed, "There is wreckage in the Democratic party." People voted their disgust. After 8 years Obama leaves behind a loss of 10 senators, 14 governors, 31 state houses and 63 house seats. Democrats are at the lowest ebb in the House since the 1920s. Out of 3,143 counties, Hillary Clinton won just 300. For
Hillary Campaign Urged To Challenge Election Results
Obama Grants 79 More Commutations to Federal Inmates, Pushing Total to 1,023 – More Than the Last 11 Presidents Combined
…Set Single-Year Clemency Record
'Calexit?' Supporters for California to Secede Take First Steps: Report – HOLLY NOTE: OK, so they yap; they won't go. It's just an empty promise – a way to grab headines – like looney celebs promised to leave America if Trump were elected. They didn't. California won't. California is so far in debt funding every crazy ambition that they need the rest of our 49 states to fund their sorry broke butt. So they're going nowhere, just a lot of hot air. I'd given this story my rare brown bear laughing on his back image except the California Home to Fruits, Nuts and Flakes theme is already chronicled in a 2013 book. They should have waited till now for a ton more ammo. You need to read Amazon's description of this book. I would have typed the description, but was laughing too hard to hit the right keys.
Obama Gives Out His Last Medals of Freedom to Stars Including Trump-haters Robert De Niro, Bruce Springsteen, Ellen Degeneres and Tom Hanks
– HOLLY NOTE: Not a conservative in this group of 21. Aaaah, par for the course, in Obama-speak, so to say.
Lord Monckton: The Leftists System Is Political Satanism – video
Benghazi and Hillary's Defeat
U.S. Says Won't Tolerate Pressure From China On Fugitive Families
Cops: Man Used 7-Eleven Cooler As A Bathroom
NOV 22
'Nightmare' Scenario: Bus Driver Arrested in Crash That Killed at Least 6, Injured 23 Others
Trump Promise Is An End Of Nation-Building
…Unveils His Priorities For First 100 Days in the White House – HOLLY NOTE: Trump outsmarts lamestream, slanted media broadcasting via YouTube straight to the people so they can't distort, change and unfairly report his messages. Journalists no longer report news. They present op-eds. Case in point: Yesterday CNN did a split screen of Trump speaking on an unrelated issue along side a photo of the Kennedy assassination implanting a very ugly subtext. As I penned Nov. 14, countries are P.O.ed that Trump puts America first for a switch. Despite his wealth, Trump is not owned by globalists like Hillary. Correction: She isn't owned by them; she IS ONE OF THEM. It's way past time, that we have a leader that sees being Nationalist is not wrong, nor does it mean we are racists as some MSM intentionally distort. Other countries' ire stems from the looming shut-off valve of them sucking dry America's financial teat, not taking them to raise any longer. JFK, was assassinated 53 years ago this Thursday. He put America's interests first and attempted to withdraw from the claws of global elites. For that effort, it got him murdered. Pray for Trump and his family. It would be beneficial to listen to both topics of the newly linked Video of the Month. – video
McFarland on Cabinet Picks: Grownups Are Now Back In Charge – video
Trump Meeting with The New York Times Back On
Feds Seek Help Spying on 'News Articles, Blog Posts'
Police across U.S. Alarmed At Rash Of Unrelated Shootings
Judge Tells Newly Sworn US Citizens To Leave If They Can't Accept Trump
Trump Won't Pursue Charges Against Hillary: "She's Been Through Enough"
After Trump’s Election: ‘There Are Two Americas Now.’
Record-High 77% of Americans Perceive Nation as Divided
Capitol Dome Restored To Former Glory – an Amazing Feat – video
Best Place To Commit A Crime in America? Yellowstone National Park
NOV 21
4 Cops Shot in 24 Hours in 4 Cities, 2 Shootings Called Targeted
The GOP All Star Team:Trump Holds Meetings with top Republicans While Building Next Administration
Arizona's Presidential Electors Being Harassed, Urged Not To Cast Vote for Trump
Sessions Nomination Brings Hope Of Reversing Islamic 'Stealth Invasion'
However… Related: Asylum Seekers in Australia Get Ticket to US – HOLLY NOTE: This is a bit of a puzzle. Many of the refugees that come to Australia are Muslim, just taking a short boat ride from Indonesia. What's mystifying is that Australia is roughly equal in size to CONUS, but with a vastly different population. Australia has just 24M people and we have 325M. We already have over 13-1/2 TIMES their population. Another wonderful Obama deal made with the Aussie PM.
City Renames 2 Holidays Deemed Culturally Insensitive – HOLLY NOTE: This is just nuts. Pretty soon Christmas is going to be renamed Some Guy Got Killed Day. Gee, let's think who Good Friday might offend…
The Coldest Handshake: Obama and Putin Photographed in Brief, Very Frosty Exchange At Peru Summit - Amid Angry Clashes Over Syria And Russian Support for Trump
Obama's 8 Years Of Failure with Iran
Trump Supporters Must Not Go To Sleep
Trump Family To Move To White House When School Ends
Jon Rappoport: Monsanto’s Ally Pompeo To Head the CIA: Bad Move, Donald
Black Lives Matter Funder George Soros Helps Elect Liberal Prosecutors With $7M Payout
Parents of Fallen Soldier Booed On Plane, Father Says
Anguished by Trump, Lena Dunham Flees to Posh Arizona Resort, Asks Rocks for ‘Guidance’
'SNL' Offers Liberals Sanctuary in 'The Bubble' – video
NOT THE ONION: Obama Praises ‘Scandal’ Free Administration – HOLLY NOTE: Obama must still be using crack. NOV 18
Don't Remain 'Silent': Obama To Anti-Trump Protesters: March On – HOLLY NOTE: This is so sad and typical of Obama to put his and the Dem agenda ahead of what's best for America. Additionally, it's always been protocol that every President, while in other countries, never bash former Presidents. Not until Obama was this broken. Immediately upon being elected and continuing through this week, he has bashed George W. Bush, never accepting any blame – one sign of a mature individual. He just bashed Trump while in Germany. Obama never quits doing the wrong thing.
Obama Sets Record, Slams Washington with 527 Pages of Regulations
…Tears Up Drilling Permits to Stop Gigantic Energy Boom in Colorado
Electoral College Voters 'Deluged' With Death Threats – Hillary Backers: 'Hateful bigot, I Hope You Die ... I Will Put a Bullet in Your Brain'
College 'Snowflakes' Overwhelmed By Grief After Trump Win – 'Predictable Consequences Of Entirely Politicized Environment In Higher Education'
Sean Hannity: Toughen Up, Crybabies -- Trump Is Your Next President
Why We Are Still In ‘The Danger Zone’ Until January 20, 2017
Flynn Accepts National Security Adviser Job
Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions Accepts Attorney General Position
Rep. Pompeo Accepts Position of CIA Head
Report: Trump to Pick Mike Huckabee as Ambassador to Israel
Japan's PM Shinzo Abe Says He Has 'Great Confidence' in the President-elect after Becoming First Foreign Leader To Meet Him
Rep. Tim Ryan Challenges Pelosi
Boston Globe Columnist: I Don't Want Trump To Succeed. I Want Him To Fail Spectacularly. – HOLLY NOTE: Taking cues from Obama? Nice. Columnist puts personal interests before Country.
Soros’s Coup Against America-The 7 Step Plan to Destroy the US
JW Probe: Secret Service Loses Guns, Badges, Laptops, “Other Equipment”
SF Teachers' Union Offers Lesson Plan Calling Trump Racist, Sexist
After Election, the Woman Investigating Clinton Foundation Crimes, Found Dead – HOLLY NOTE: Ole Bill is looking a little worse for wear. Photo is unretouched.
New Documents Show Clinton Conflicts Of Interest
Fake News and the Election: Why Facebook Is Polluting The Media Environment With Garbage
Bored Teen Shoots into Neighbor's Home While Streaming Live on Facebook
NOV 17
Dems Now Want a Permanently Deadlocked Supreme Court
Obama’s Ode to Globalization – President's Pompous Nearly Hour Long Speech Could Be Distilled into “I Hear You, But I Don’t Care.”
Left-wing Pundits ‘Hope Someone Kills Trump’
Voters Don’t See Anti-Trump Protests Going Anywhere
Farage and Trump on ‘Freedom and Winning’
MSM Exhibiting a Temper Tantrum: Their List of “Fake” News Websites Includes: Breitbart, Infowars, Zerohedge, Twitchy, The Blaze
Gutfeld: Trump Targets Media Bias – video
Steve Hilton Blasts Obama's 'Crude Nationalism' Remark – video
169 House Dems Send Letter to Trump Asking Him to Replace Bannon
6 Members Of Austin-Area Communist Group Arrested For Attacking Trump Supporters
Many Americans Now More Confident in Trump, the Economy
Jimmy Kimmel Lie Witness News - President Obama Runs for Third Term Edition – video OF DAY
Train Collision In Florida Causes 4,000-Gallon Fuel Leak
WaPo Op-Ed Calls on America To Get Rid of States – HOLLY NOTE: Don't you wonder what drugs these people are on?
Students Hold 'Sh*t-In' for Gender-Neutral Bathrooms
NOV 16
Pence Purge: VP-elect Removing Lobbyists From Trump Transition Team
Ted Cruz Considered by Trump for Attorney General
Trump Aims To Ease Asian Allies' Qualms When He Meets Japan's Abe
House Lawmakers to Nix Obama Admin-Backed Sale of U.S. Planes to Iran
Report: Hillary 'Physically Violent' After Losing
Report: Majority Arrested in Portland Anti-Trump Protests Didn't Vote
POLL: 70% Voters Do Not Believe Media Honest And Truthful
Ryan Nominated for 2nd tErm As Speaker, As Pelosi Rule Faces Potential Challenge
The Inclusion Delusion – video
'Suck It Up, Buttercup' Bill: Iowa Lawmaker Targets Postelection Campus 'Hysteria'
Obama Takes One More Overseas Vacation on the Taxpayers' Dime and Spends It Taking Cheap Shots At American Voters
An Arrogant and Lazy Presidency
The Basket of Deplorables vs. the Soufflé of Adorables
Jimmy Kimmel's Lie Witness News - Trump White House Edition – video 
'My Life Goal Is To Assassinate Trump'
NC Parents Featured on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Gave Away Their 5 Adopted Children After Getting Dream
NOV 15
DEFCON Nuclear Threat REDUCED to Safest Level Following Donald Trump Victory
'The People Have Spoken': Obama Says Dems Should Reflect On Loss
Krauthammer: Barack Obama's Legacy Destroyed by Overreach of Liberal Ideology, Complete Repudiation of Socialism
Obama Suggests Clinton Didn't Work As Hard As He Did, "Romance" Over?
Obama Can’t Help but Campaign for Himself
Michelle Obama 'Ape In Heels' Post Causes Outrage – HOLLY NOTE: What shocking disrespect for FOTUS
'Corrupt' IRS Still Persecuting Tea Party
Soros Bands With Donors to Resist Trump, 'Take Back Power' – HOLLY NOTE: The best thing is, is that he's 86; he can't be a pain forever. However, he has a son in his mold.
Judge Jeanine: This Wasn't an Election, It Was a Revolution – video
House Dems Want to Postpone Leadership Elections for Soul-Searching
Guns Win Big on Election Day: Most Anti-Gun Candidate In Modern History Loses, NRA Spending Pays Off
Exchanging Fake Greek Columns for Real Ones
Has George Soros Committed Treason?
USA, USA, USA - The 4th 'Best' Country In The World
Trump Election Should End DOJ’s Police Takeover
College Crybabies Need Maturity 101
Wanda Sykes Booed Off Stage After Anti-Trump Remarks 
Cavuto: What a Difference A Week Makes – video
Davi: Donald Trump Can Revive Reagan’s ‘Informed American Patriotism’
Soros Son ALEX SOROS Found Participating in Far Left Anti-Trump Protest-Riots
Woman Live Streams Herself Berating Iowa Police Wearing Black Bands in Honor of Fallen Officer – HOLLY NOTE: One would like to think this woman is on drugs. At least it would be an excuse, however inadequate, for her outrageous behavior. In case you miss it, there is a language warning for this video. Police dealing with people like this and those nutty rioters all deserve a pay raise. Forget a bar of soap for her mouth; go straight for the Clorox.
NOV 14
RNC Chairman Reince Priebus To Be Named President-Elect Trump's Chief Of Staff
Possible Trump Defense Secretary: ‘Paid Anarchists’ Are Infiltrating Anti-Trump Protests
Media Still Struggles With The Difference Between a Protest and a Riot
Trump's Interview on 60 Minutes – video
Trump Will NOT Accept the $400,000 President’s Salary
We Need Leadership, Not False Unity
Electoral College Landslide: Donald Trump Pummels Clinton, Projected to Win 306 Electoral Votes
Voters Target Electoral College Members To Switch Their Trump Ballots, Elect Clinton
Why We Have an Electoral College: Trump’s Popular-Vote Loss Doesn’t Make His Election Any Less Legitimate
No, the Electoral College Won’t Make Clinton President Instead of Trump
Muslim Immigrant Details Why She Voted for Trump, Labeled a Traitor
Hillary Supporters Beat Boston Trump Supporter – Break His Nose, Eye Socket
Hillary Supporter Holds ‘Rape Melania’ Sign at DC Protest in Front of Trump Hotel
SNL Holds Funeral For Hillary Clinton’s Political Career
Top House Dem Priority: Saving Pelosi … Again
Weepy Bureaucrats Deal With Trump Victory By Abusing Sick Leave
Hey, You Know Who Might Make A Great Homeland Security Chief?
Trump Has Already Reached Out to Two Critical Allies to Repair Relationships That Obama Abandoned and Obliterated. – HOLLY NOTE: These stories haven't garnered nearly enough attention compared to their importance.
Netanyahu Hails Donald Trump as a ‘True Friend’ of Israel
'Theresa Is My Maggie': President-Elect Donald Trump Phones May to Say He Wants to Revive Close Bond Enjoyed by Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan
Man’s Epic Rant About Liberal ‘Cry-Babies’ Who Lost To Trump – video
Who’s Laughing Now?’ Compilation of Media Talking Trump Is the Cherry on Top – video
5 Things to Watch For with Trump’s Pentagon
NOV 11
'Professional Protesters’ Riot In Streets Over Trump Election
‘Die Whites Die’: Anti-Trump Rioters Vandalize NOLA Monuments
O'Reilly: Is Civil War Brewing in the USA? – video – HOLLY NOTE: In this O'Reilly states the obvious, but something protesters need to hear: "If you hurt someone, destroy something or promote anarchy, then you become a danger to the republic. That kind of stuff needs to be punished quickly."
Catholic Mom Trump Supporter: ‘My Voice Does Not Deserve to Be Shamed’ women for Trump
After 2 Days of Counting Votes, Arizona Goes to Trump: Electoral Vote – Trump 290, Clinton 228
Plot Twist: CNN Now Saying That Donald Trump Will Win The Popular Vote – HOLLY NOTE: For live results go here
The Trump Revolution – How Donald Trump Brought Populism to Washington
America First – Analysis: The Foreign Policy of Donald J. Trump
Watters' World: Trump Predictions Edition – video
Judge Jeanine Pirro Slams Anti-Trump Protests in Explosive Interview – video
Anti-Trump Protester Calls For Violence on CNN
'Theresa Is My Maggie': President-Elect Donald Trump Phones May to Say He Wants to Revive Close Bond Enjoyed by Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan
NH Woman Attacked By Man Claiming To Be Vampire, Cops Say
'Time to 'Come Together': President Obama Welcomes Trump to Oval Office to Talk Transition of Power – HOLLY NOTE: Let's hope there's not a repeat of when the Clintons handed over the White House to the Bushes. Clinton staff left $14-20K in ''damages, theft, vandalism and pranks" and graffiti and other messages that were ''especially offensive or vulgar.'' This image is the only one I could find; the rest have been scrubbed. You can read the GAO June 2002 220-page report here: White House Vandalized In Transition, GAO Finds
Trump Reveals Policy Goals: "Building That Wall", End "War On Coal", Repeal Obamacare, Dismantle Dodd-Frank, VA Reform, Upgrading Transportation & Infrastructure, More
2016 Veterans Day Free Meals, Discounts, Sales and Deals
Lee Greenwood- God Bless the U.S.A. – video
Donald Trump's Plane Gets a Water Cannon Salute at LaGuardia Airport – video
A Stay of Execution!
Shock Video: Black Mob Viciously Beats White Trump Voter – language warning
Canadians Don’t Want America-Fleeing Liberals: They’re talking About Building Their Own Wall to Keep American Immigrants Out – HOLLY NOTE: We don't blame you Canada. We don't wish our nuts on you, like Cher promising to leave the planet. Looks like she has her feathers strapped on for her flight to Neptune. Cher feathers
Other Celebs Who Said They’d Leave Country If Trump Won (Yet None Ever Keep Their Promise)
Sorry Snowflake But It’s Not Over…
Bernie Sanders Doesn't Rule Out A 2020 WH Run – HOLLY NOTE: What, is he planning on working from the Pearly Gates? He'd be 80 when first taking office.
Who's Laughing Now? The Trump Joke That Will Haunt Barack Obama – video
'The FBI is Trumpland': anti-Clinton Atmosphere Spurred Leaking, Sources Say Hillary 'Is the Antichrist Personified'
Michelle Obama and Melania Trump Pictured Together at WH Meeting as Donald Trump Considers Administration Appointments – HOLLY NOTE: Won't it be nice to have a First Lady again, reminiscent of Jackie Kennedy, that exudes elegance, grace, dignity and taste. Additionally Melania's quite bright. Besides being an accomplished businesswoman, model, devoted mother and wife, English is the 5th language she speaks fluently. As for President, we look forward to Trump who has an innate, infectious sense of optimism like Reagan. Reagan just made one feel that anything is possible for our Nation and for its people. Jan. 20 can't come soon enough!
NOV 10
Tantrums Over Trump
Intense Demonstrations Break Out Across – US Over Election, Dozens Arrested
Trump Election Raises Big Questions for ObamaCare, Immigration, Supreme Court
The People Revolt, Trump Wins – HOLLY NOTE: This is brilliant! – video
Meet President Trump's Possible Cabinet
Death of a Dynasty That Was Rotten to Its Core: After 40 Years of Sex, Lies and Scandals, the Clintons Will Leave Public Life in Crushing Humiliation
Hollywood’s Embarrassing Reaction to Trump’s Victory
White Evangelicals Voted Overwhelmingly for Donald Trump, Exit Polls Show
Largest Evangelical Turnout in History Helps Donald Trump Defeat Pro-Abortion Hillary Clinton
Kellyanne Conway Breaks Glass Ceiling – First Ever Woman to Run Successful Presidential Campaign
Joseph Farah: Praise God! America Has A Chance
Gutfeld: Celebrities' Hysteria Validates Trump's Victory – video
The Working Class Won The Election
It Wasn't Sexism That Lost it for Clinton; She Was a Terrible Candidate
The Truth About Hillary's #1 Aide Huma Abedin – STAN NOTE: Boy, we dodged a bullet! – video
Chaffetz: Investigation into Clinton's Email Server Will Continue
White House Won't Rule Out Pardoning Hillary Clinton
WikiLeaks: This Isn't Over Yet
Obama Defying Electorate, Still Surrendering Sovereignty to UN
Analysts Weigh In on Likely Trump Pick for Defense Secretary
BALLOT MEASURES: California Votes To Legalize Recreational Marijuana, Colorado Voters Back Assisted Suicide
'PRESIDENT-ELECT DONALD TRUMP: Unlikely Coalition Defies Odds To Pull Off Stunning Upset In Historic Election – Won 81% Of Evangelical Vote
A Loud Cheer For The Silent Majority That Lifted Trump To Victory
Kellyanne Conway: People Wanted Change With Trump, And They Got It
Donald Trump Wins Presidency, Delivers Gracious Victory Speech: I Will Be President For All Americans – video
Full Text Of Donald Trump's Victory Speech
Trump Campaign Manager Does Not Rule Out Special Prosecutor For Hillary Clinton, Says Discussion To Come 'All In Due Time'
From England: I Was Right. Trump’s Triumph Has Crushed the Lefty Luvvies, Useless Pollsters, Multicultural Mafia and Gender Nazis Who Refuse to Listen to Regular People. So, From A Brexiteer, Thank You America
Celebs Who Said They'd Leave U.S. If Trump Won
More States Poised To Legalize Recreational Pot
WikiLeaks Comes Under 'Unrelenting' Cyber Attack That Prevents It From Releasing More Emails Linked to Hillary Clinton Scandal on Election Day
Ballots Switch To Hillary Before Voters' Eyes – Obama Sends Out DOJ Monitors To 28 States
Impact of "Taking a Knee": NFL Monday Night Football Game Sees Lowest Ratings In 9 Years
Donald Trump: We Have To Build Up Military, Save Second Amendment, Remember Supreme Court
Trump Pitches Overthrow Of Status Quo As Clinton Embraces Obama’s Legacy
'I Want to Make America GREAT' Trump Hailed As He Vows to 'Drain The Swamp' of Corruption
Your Complete Guide To Election Day And Night: What To Watch For And When
Podesta Email Exposes Ariana Huffington "Using Huffpo To Echo Hillary's Message Without Any Perceived Conflicts"
"I'm a Christian, a Conservative, and a Republican in That Order." —Mike Pence – video
Patriots for Trump: Brady, Belichick Come Out for Don
Just in Case, Impeach Hillary Plans Ready
No Matter Who Wins: The Case Against Hillary Clinton Is Alive
Woman Who Claimed That She Was Assaulted By Donald Trump at Age 13 FABRICATED Her Story
Calling All Christians to Vote!
Trump Biggest Lead Yet in Most Accurate Poll, 24 Hours until Election Day
Anti-Trump Voters 'Game' Election By 'Trading Ballots' – '10s of Thousands of Voters' Sign Up On 'Vote-Swapping' Exchanges
Here Are the 46 Senators Who Voted to Turn Your Gun Rights Over to the UN
NYC: Undercover Journalist In Full Burka Allowed To Vote as Huma Abedin
ISIS Threatens to 'Slaughter' Apostate Muslims Who Vote in US Elections
Voting from Space: How Astronauts Do It
Ever Trump – America Has An Opportunity To Go in a Different Direction
15 States Will Decide Election
How Does the Electoral College Work?
How the US Election Works? What Time Will the New President be Announced? Why Are Swing States Important? What to Watch For in Tuesday's Tight Race For Senate Control
Almost 100 Veterans Running For House, Senate Seats Tuesday
Orlando to Buy Pulse Nightclub, Turn It Into Memorial
Woman 'Shoves' Another Woman to Her Death In Front Of Moving Train in NYC Subway
20,000 Fans Sing America's National Anthem at the World Finals Professional Bull Riders Event – video
WikiLeaks: DNC and CNN Colluded On Questions for Trump
FBI's Decision Stands: Comey Says Clinton Email Review Finished, Guidance Not To Prosecute Remains
NYPD and NY FBI Caught in Ongoing Cover-Up – Comey Caves Again
'You Can't Review 650,000 New Emails In 8 Days!' Furious Trump Blasts Comey after Houdini Hillary Escapes 2nd Email Investigation
Clinton Underground Child Sex Scandal – Part 1
Hillary's Huge Scandal List Explodes to 25
'Questionable' Conduct At Ohio Polling Station, Official Says
College Speaker Calls Out Hillary Clinton At Her Own Rally – video
2 National Tracking Polls Have Trump Up – Donald Leads Hillary By 1 And 5 Points in Latest Surveys
Hillary Threat: 'Avalanche' of Property-Rights Losses
Clinton Foundation Barely Spent Any Money On Real Charity
…Admits It Didn't Notify State Department Of $1 Million Qatar Gift
7 Things You Need To Know About The Clinton Foundation
WikiLeaks: Clinton Adviser Admits That Some Donors Giving Money to the Foundation 'Had Bad Intentions'
WikiLeaks: Foundation Paid For Chelsea's Wedding
'ETHICS GUIDELINES' IGNORED? WikiLeaks: Clinton Donors Received Special Treatment from State Dept.
God Help Us - Should Hillary Be Elected President! No One Can Be Ready For The Evil That Will Come Upon The World
Cal Thomas: The Single Best Word That Defines Hillary Clinton
Virginia Gov. Pardons 60,000 Felons, Enough To Swing Election
‘Twas the Night Before the Election
Civil War? Rule of Law Hangs by a Thread
Election-Chaos Fears Have Preppers Stockpiling Survival Food
Father Abducts His 2 Young Sons and Shoots Them Dead Before Turning Gun On Himself In Tragic Murder Suicide
WikiLeaks: Jennifer Palmieri and Clinton Camp Caught Hiding 55K Emails
Impeachment Already on The Table If Hillary is Elected
'Avalanche of Evidence' May Now Bury Hillary
WikiLeaks: “Spirit Cooking”: Clinton Campaign Chairman Invited to Bizarre Satanic Performance
Obama Worries Black Vote Not Solid Enough for Clinton
California Man Finds Dozens of Ballots Stacked Outside Home: 'All Different Names, All At One Address. 80 People Can't Fit In That Apartment'
Fox News Outage on DirecTV Channel 360 from Coast To Coast. HOLLY NOTE: This happened two days ago as well. Every other channel was available on DirecTV, just not Fox News. It's now 9:30 am and it's been out since at least 4 am. Just saying, it's pretty strange that the only conservative news channel is unavailable right before the election.
Melania Rocks Eastern PA: ‘Make America Great Again Is Not Just Some Slogan’
NRA Executive VP and CEO Wayne LaPierre Warns What Will Happen If Hillary Clinton Is Elected – video
WikiLeaks: Speechwriter Warned Hillary Clinton Not to Push Gun Control Day After San Bernardino Attack
I’m a Woman, I’m Voting for Trump, And It Wasn’t Even a Close Call – HOLLY NOTE: My thoughts exactly. College-educated, white female and voting for Trump was a no-brainer. We're all-in as the alternative for our Country is just too hideous. I came out early for Trump and penned this editorial Jan. 11th and mailed it to him: Dear Mr. Trump. My position stands. Since writing this piece, Mr. Trump has come out with excellent policy-specific plans for America. He is America's last best hope. As Dr. James Dobson warned three days ago, the U.S. is at a 'point of no return'. Dobson is concerned about Trump's present and future, not his past.
No, Mr. Obama, it's Not Sexism That's Turning the Tide Against Hillary Clinton - Betsy McCaughey
Peter Kadzik Gave John Podesta a 'Heads Up' on Clinton Email Developments at DOJ
Judge Jeanine: Clinton Is Becoming Unhinged – video
WSJ: FBI Criminal Investigation of Clinton Foundation Includes ‘Secret Recordings’
21 Times Obama Violated the Constitution
America in Decline Part IV: Crime
52 Police Officers Have Died in the Line of Duty in 2016 So Far
Montana Supremes Strike Blow For Property Rights
'Chained Like A Dog': Missing Woman Found In Container, Man In Custody
Texas Teacher Charged for Punching 2nd Grader in Face
Poll: Trump Takes 3-Point Lead in Virginia… 15-Point Swing in Past Month!
Trump Now Has Over 50% Support
Sources: 99% Chance FIVE Foreign Intel Agencies Breached Clinton Server
Bret Baier: FBI Sources Believe Clinton Foundation Case Moving Towards "Likely an Indictment"
PAY FOR PLAY? Clinton Foundation Probe 'High Priority,' Sources Say
WiiLeaks: Justice Department Lawyer Tipped Off Clinton's Team On Email Hearing
WiiLeaks: Collusion Between Clinton Campaign, State Department and New York Times
Intel Exposes Hillary As Saudi Arabian Operative – video
Assange: WikiLeaks Did Not Receive Clinton Emails From Russian Govt.
Source of DNC, Podesta Leaks 'Comes from Within Washington'
Under Fire: Farrakhan Compares Hillary Clinton to Hitler in Sermon
Trump Shocks Media and Destroys Narrative… Says He Needs God’s Wisdom
Pastor Held In Iran: Trump Helped Support Family Financially
Hillary: Impose Gun Control by Judicial Fiat
Hillary’s Champagne Socialism
The Fix Is In: NBC Affiliate Accidentally Posts Election Results A Week Early: Hillary Wins Presidency 42% to Trump’s 40%
Deported Crystal Meth Dealer Complains America Divided His Family
Colin Kaepernick Hosts Black Panther Party-Inspired Youth Camp
Ambushed: 2 Iowa Cops Shot In Their Cars
LA Times: Trump Vaults To 6 Point Lead
ABC News/Washington Post Tracking Poll: Donald Trump Leading Hillary Clinton
Hillary's Secret Server Was Hit with 10 Hack Attempts in 2 Days
FBI Dump Suggests Marc Rich Won Bill Clinton Pardon with Cash
Clintons Practice 'Politics of Personal Enrichment,' Pence Says
Rick Richman: The Story of Obama's Ransom Payment to Iran Gets Worse
Democrats Sue Trump For 'Voter Intimidation' in 4 States – Claim Volunteers At Polling Sites Will Intimidate Minorities
New Polls Show Continued Momentum for Trump: 'Strong Enthusiasm' For Hillary Collapsing
States Allowing You to CHANGE YOUR VOTE in Light of Hillary’s Federal Investigation
Miley Cyrus Ripped for Calling Hillary 'a Total Goddess' – HOLLY NOTE: Throughout Miley's many incarnations, one can only feel sorry for her parents. They must be in a perpetual state of embarrassment.
Google Search for the Words “Pathological Lying” Produced A Photo of Hillary
James Dobson Warns: U.S. at 'Point of No Return'
13,210 Syrian Refugees So Far in 2016; Up 675% from 2015; 99.1% Are Muslims
America in Decline Part II: Foreign Policy
October Gun Sales See Massive Spike, Set Yet Another Record
Feds to Award $200 Million in Grants to Feed and Educate Children – in Other Countries
HBO Hits New Low With 4-Minute Orgy Scene
Clinton Takes In More Islamist Money
CNN Fires Donna Brazile After WikiLeaks Showed She Gave Clinton Debate Question in Advance
WikiLeaks: Brazile Leaked a SECOND Debate Question to Hillary's Campaign
25 Black Church Leaders Concerned About Hillary Clinton's Positions on Abortion, Religious Freedom
FBI Probe Raises New Questions About Clinton's Credibility
Trump Warns Clinton Election Would Trigger ‘Crisis’ Amid Email Probe, As Polls Tightens
Tech Billionaire Thiel Says Trump Movement 'Not Going Away'
Michigan Mother Says Clinton Debate Cheat ‘Should Be Automatic Disqualification’ – ‘It Actually Made Me Vomit’
Schoen Shocker: I'm a Democrat, and I Worked for Bill Clinton, But I Can't Vote for Hillary...
The Presidential Race Has Changed Because The Awful Truth About the Clintons Is Sinking In
Scandal Proves Hillary Learned Wrong Lessons from Nixon and Watergate
Desperate Hillary Goes Nuclear as She Warns of Trump's 'Hair-Trigger' Temper, Brings Missile Silo Officer to Ohio Rally, And Remakes Famous 1964 'Daisy' Ad
A Vote for Hillary Is A Vote for Islamic Terrorism
Clinton's Inner Circle Knew 5 YEARS AGO That Anthony Weiner Was Sexting An Underage Girl - But Did Nothing About It
The FBI's Clinton Investigation Is Wider Than Assumed
How America’s Elections Are Hacked, Missing Link Discovered – video
WikiLeaks: Podesta Emails Reveal What Obama Administration Really Thought Of Top Generals
Constitutional Law Expert: Comey Did NOT Violate Law By Announcing Email Investigation
New Poll: 45% Say Clinton Email Scandal Worse Than Watergate
Married Police Lieutenant 'Made Up a Rapability Scale For Female Drivers and Asked The Young Officer He Was Training To Rate Them'
More Than 50 People Shot In Chicago Over The Weekend
'Cult Leader', 52, Who Had 2 Children with 14-Year-Old Girl After Her Amish Parents Gave Her to Him as a 'Gift' Is Charged With Abusing Her 5 Younger Sisters
OCT 31
FBI Found 650,000 Emails on Laptop Despite DOJ-Blocked Foundation Probe – As federal agents prepare to scour roughly 650,000 emails to see how many relate to a prior probe of Hillary Clinton's email use, the surprise disclosure that investigators were pursuing the potential new evidence lays bare tensions inside the FBI and the Justice Dept. over how to investigate the Democratic presidential nominee. The FBI had searched former Rep. Anthony Weiner's computer while looking for child porn, but the warrant didn't give authority to look for material related to Mrs. Clinton's email arrangement at the State Dept. The new investigation shows the FBI in sharp internal disagreement over matters related to the Clintons, and how to handle those matters fairly and carefully in the middle of a national election campaign. MORE
Resignation Letters Pile Up on Comey's Desk…
Ex-FBI Official: Clintons Are a 'Crime Family'
Crimes of Mena: Billions of Dollars' Worth Of Cocaine Entered the US Under Clinton's Nose – flashback
Final HUMA-liation? Clinton Aide Abedin Reportedly Pleads Ignorance Of How Emails Got On Her Shared Laptop
How Podesta's Gmail Account Was Breached
Fmr U.S. Atty: Comey’s Hand Forced by ‘Seething’ Anger from Rank and File
Clinton Takes on FBI Director in Latest Email Flap
Donald Trump’s Pathway to Victory Expands as FBI Reopens Criminal Probe of Hillary Clinton’s Illicit Email Server
FBI Fallout: More than 3 in 10 'lEss Likely' To Back Clinton Amid Investigation, Poll Finds
Hillary To Be Indicted After Election: Trump Responds To FBI Investigation – video
Clinton's Emails Reveal Ambassador Stevens' Death Most Likely Orchestrated by #CrookedHillary
Election Officials Just Caught Throwing Away Trump Ballots
Trump: 'I Am Your Voice' – When was the last time anyone in government ever listened to us? No we don't like everything Trump has said. He has rough edges, but working around the construction industry for years, I've heard a lot worse. So have many others. As a university educated white woman – those pegged least likely to vote for Trump – I see past the offensive remarks and look to what's best for our Country. People are jumping the bandwagon, slapping on fake outrage. Stan and I are voting the issues and overlooking human flaws that we all have. Some folks have forgotten that Presidents during America's young formative years were all novices. They weren't politicians. They came in with clean slates with no agendas except to make America great. Like Trump. Being bought or owned by special interests, lobbyists, foreign countries and corporations? That was never a worry. We need that clean slate with America's, not special interests or the global elite's vision at the core. We see America on a continued, accelerated downward slide if we put into office someone as morally bankrupt as Clinton 2.0. Friends, this IS America's most important election. It's do or die time. – video
Clinton and Trump Even in Latest ABC/WaPost Poll; Turnout Critical
If You're on the Fence in This Election, Hear Pastor Jim Garlow Explain Why the Nation's Future Is at Stake – video
How To Protect Your Vote! – video
The Difference – video
Tim Macy: Hillary Clinton’s 5 Point Plan to Destroy the 2nd Amendment
Chuck Norris: Gun Owners Need To Vote
Interesting Facts About Gun Control 
Gun Owners of America Voter Guide
If Hillary Wins, We'll Have A Potential Blackmail Target in the White House
'Pay to Slay': Hillary Link to Baby Body-Parts Biz Revealed: Fugitive Pair Selling Human Tissue Aided By Clinton State Department
Donald Trump Reveals What Changed His Mind on Abortion and Led Him to Become Pro-Life
Sheriff Clarke: America's Survival Depends On Donald Trump – HOLLY NOTE: It's a shame America doesn't have more men on the police force on David Clarke. We've heard him interviewed numerous times. His support of Trump aside, Clark is straightforward, experienced, cogent, patriotic and oozes common sense and excellence in morality.
Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Transgender School Bathrooms Case
Poll: National Anthem Protests Leading Cause For NFL Ratings Drop 
Against Hillary's Malevolent Matriarchy: What Feminists Can Learn From Melania Trump
Fears of 'False Flag', National Guardsmen in Multiple States Get Call-up for 3:30 AM Saturday - Multiple Military Convoys Departing Multiple Bases Throughout USA – HOLLY NOTE: To this we can add that during Thursday with countless military transport planes flew overhead. In a month we might see a couple off in the distance, but there had to be at least 30, maybe more, in a 6-hour period plus one of those deep-throated military choppers. It drove the dogs nuts. Barked their faces off. In all our years in this house, we'd never seen such a display, not even when the AF and Army were practicing before Afghanistan and Iraq invasions. One has to wonder, what are they getting ready for…
Some Standing Rock Sioux Want Pipeline Activists To Go Home As Violence Escalates
Obama’s Golf Weekend with Tiger Woods Cost Taxpayers More Than $3.6 Million – HOLLY NOTE: It can't be soon enough for Obama to take his little stick and go play elsewhere.
Mother of Jailed Sailor Reacts to FBI's Letter to Congress – video
Woman Auctions Her Virginity – HOLLY NOTE: Have we truly been reduced to this? – video
OCT 28
Trump Wins By Landslide-Polls 100% Manufactured-Cliff High
Scandals, ‘Politicization’ of FBI Date Back To Hillary Clinton’s Tenure As First Lady
More Reports Of Trump Votes Flipped to Hillary – Election Officials Dismiss Concerns
WikiLeaks: Companies That Paid Hillary for Speeches Also Poured Millions Into Clinton Foundation
WikiLeaks: Team Hillary Feared Clinton-Cosby Comparisons
WikiLeaks: Hillary’s Supporters Bickered Over Church Appearance
McAuliffe-FBI-Hillary ‘Payoff’ Scandal Explodes: Clinton Headlined Fundraiser For $500,000 Donation To Wife Of Agency Boss
Have the Russians Hacked Hillary Clinton’s Eyes?
‘Nervous’ Journos Cry Uncle, Beg Trump To Stop Exposing Media Fraud
Judge Napolitano: What Happened to the FBI? It's Been Corrupted By Obama And His Team
Erica Garner Blasts Clinton Campaign Over Discussions Staffers Had About Her Father’s Death in WikiLeaks Emails
WikiLeaks: 'Make Soros Happy' – Inside Clinton Team's Mission To Please Billionaire VIP
Yes, There Is a Coup on in America
Yes, There Is a Coup on in America
Dates That Destroyed America
Obama Threatens To Veto Defense Bill Because It Protects Religious Groups
Univ. of Northern Colorado Students Forced To Use 'mandatory' Gender-Neutral Language
The Destruction of Our Nation and the Ballot Box
Oath Keepers CALL TO ACTION to Spot, Document, and Report Vote Fraud or Intimidation on Election Day, 2016
WikiLeaks: Dump Reveals Direct Connection To Paul Ryan
All Defendants In Oregon's Bundy Standoff Acquitted; Attorney Taken Into Custody
OCT 27
WikiLeaks: "F**king INSANE': Close Clinton Aides Shocked By Use Of Private Server
'YOUR GREATEST CHAMPION': Trump Touts 'Deal for Black America' As Clinton Jabs His Business Practices
'HRC Is That Bad': Chaffetz Says He'll Vote For Trump After Withdrawing Endorsement
Trump Leads in Florida
Alex Jones Comments On The Gravity Of How Much Trouble We Are In – video
Phone Numbers by State to Report Voter Fraud
Voter ID Laws by State
Vote Stand App Lets You Report Voter Fraud (for iOS and Droid)
Justice Clarence Thomas: ‘We Are Destroying Our Institutions’
Nixon Could Only Wish He Got Clinton's FBI Treatment
26 WikiLeaks Bombshells on Hillary You Need To Know 
WikiLeaks: Memo Reveals Complex Clinton Financial Dealings
WikiLeaks: Hillary Clinton’s Emails The World Needs To Read
Obama Knew: Obama BlackBerry Allowed Clinton Emails
Obama's White House Kept List of Muslims For Top Jobs
Martin Luther King Jr’s Niece Alveda King: Christians Have a Responsibility to Vote Pro-Life
U.S. Death Penalty Support at 60%
Cops Root Out Maine Roadblock: Man Dressed as Tree
OCT 26
Trump 2-Point Edge in Florida, Up 4 in Ohio, Pulls To 3 in Penn.
Tea Party-tied Group Calls For Delay In Speaker Vote As Ryan Faces Unrest
Obama Steers Clear As North Dakota Pipeline Protests Veer Out Of Control
Christian Family Loses Gay Cake Case
Poll: Respect for Police Near All-Time High
Gregg Jarrett: The Perpetual Cloud Of Dirt And Scandal That Hovers Over Hillary Clinton
131 Black Men Murdered by Black Lives Matter: Obama Cheers On The Country’s Greatest Force Killing Black People
Voters in Texas Say Machines Changed Trump Votes to Clinton-Kaine
Obama Cuts $2.6B From Veterans, Approves Internal Order of $4.5B For Muslim Refugees
WikiLeaks: 'We Need to Clean This Up. He [Obama] Has Emails from Her' – Clinton Scramble After Obama Claimed He Only Learned of Clinton’s Private Email System From News Reports
Trump: Obama Is Now 'Caught Up' in Clinton's 'Big' Email Lie
WikiLeaks: Emails Expose Clinton Hypocrisy On Obama Economy – video
WikiLeaks: Clinton Campaign On Private Server — 'They Wanted To Get Away With It'
WikiLeaks: Emails Show Clinton Camp Scrambling Over 2015 Threat Of Biden Run
WikiLeaks: Hillary Ready to Write Executive Orders for Her Donors
If Hillary Wins, We’ll Have Chosen Our Leaders For The Rest Of Our Lives
Trump Acknowledges 'Blacks for Trump' Supporters – video
WikiLeaks: On Hillary Huma Abedin Says, "She Is Still Not Perfect In Her Head"
WikiLeaks: 65 Reporters In Cahoots With Hillary
91% of U.S. Media Coverage Hostile to Trump
WikiLeaks: Hillary Plotted Fake ‘Grassroots’ Campaign Using Celebs to Con Youth Into Voting for Her – "It Should Feel Almost Like 'We Got Together And Decided To Do This On Our Own'"
WikiLeaks: ‘Corrupt Ruling Power Factions’ Are Going To Win The Election
WikiLeaks: Podesta Email Reveals That Facebook COO "Wants Hillary To Win Badly"
WikiLeaks: Email Lays Out Clinton Attack Plans for Cruz, Rubio, Trump
Clinton 'Fixer': Hillary's Affair With Vince Foster 'an Open Secret'
Are the Obamas, Clintons andBushes Going To Seek Refuge In Countries That Don’t Extradite to the US If Trump Wins?
Press Tyranny In Maine: Complete News Blackout of Somalian Crimes
OCT 25
Trump Supports Line Up 12 Hours Before Rally
Trump Draws 20,000 in Florida
Kaine Draws 30, Not 30K, Just 30 in Florida
The Clinton Foundation’s 3 Strategies Designed to Steal the Election
Twerking Hillary to the White House – HOLLY NOTE: Some things just hurt the eyes – and the imagination
Madonna, You Can Get Off Your Knees
And Miley, You Can Stand Up
Demystifying Election 2016
Clinton Strategist Say Clinton Support In Full Collapse
New York Professor With Solid Track Record Of Presidential Predictions: 87% Chance Of Trump Win
Judge Jeanine: There Are 2 Systems Of Justice in America – video
Democrats Could Be Prosecuted for Trump Rally Violence
IRS to Give Account For Targeting Conservatives
Why Donald Trump Should Sue Hillary Clinton
EPA Hiring 15 ‘Diversity and Inclusion Specialists,’ Will Pay Six Figures for Each: Hires Would Cost Taxpayers Up to $2.1 Million Per Year
OCT 24
Podesta Email Exposes Dem Playbook For Rigging Polls Through 'Oversamples'
How WaPo's Latest Poll Gave Hillary A 12 Point Advantage Over Trump
LEAKED CLINTON INTERNAL DOCUMENT: Discourage Trump Supporters with Bogus Polls and Declaring Election Over
Rigging the Election - Video 2: Mass Voter Fraud – video - language warning
WikiLeaks: Plot to Discredit Clinton Email Investigation
WikiLeaks: It Wasn’t “THE RUSSIANS” Who Hacked Podesta, He LOST His Cell Phone
Wikileaks: Hillary Clinton Had Gun Control Supporters Planted In Town Hall Audience
WikiLeaks: Hillary Clinton’s Claim of Russian Espionage ‘Immediately Disprovable Whopper
WikiLeaks: ‘Corrupt Ruling Power Factions’ Are Going To Win The Election
Trump Analysis – Fact Check the Fact Checkers
Trump "Truthers" Versus Hillary's "Hysterically Hyperventilating Hypocrites"
Trump Says He Disagrees with 'Rules of Hillary' on Abortion
Here's The 30 Seconds After The Last Debate That CNN Would Rather You Didn't See – HOLLY NOTE: Bet his really chapped CNN – the Clinton News Network – video
Trump Lays Out Agenda For First 100 Days
28 Things Donald Trump Promises to Do as President
20 Reasons to Vote for Donald Trump
Why I Am Not Voting for Hillary
Why the Latest Round of Gov't Regulations Should Have Consumers Worried – video
What Are The Chances Voter Fraud Will Occur In This Upcoming Presidential Election? – video
Voter Fraud – video
How WaPo's Latest Poll Gave Hillary A 12 Point Advantage Over Trump
Hillary’s MASSIVE MELTDOWN "If That F - - - Ing Bastard Wins, We All Hang From Nooses! – video
5 Things We Must Do to Preserve Our Nation
13 Killed After Bus Slams Into Rear Of Semi-Truck On California Interstate
Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump: The Supreme Court
Pentagon Recovers Cash Bonuses Paid To California Soldiers For Going To War A Decade Ago
Teen Girls Beat 62-Year-Old Man
California Man Given 1,500-Year Jail Sentence For Raping Teenage Daughter
National Anthem Singer Kneels And Reveals Black Lives Matter T-Shirt
OCT 21
Roasted And Burned: Trump, Clinton Get Personal At Charity Dinner
Donald and Hillary's Al Smith Dinner Speeches Were Riotous!
Clinton May Have Revealed Sensitive Info At Debate
Pentagon Officials Furious…
Rasmussen Poll Has Trump Up By 3
'IF I WIN': Trump Defends, Clarifies Wait-And-See Approach On Election Results 
Palin: 'Silly Media Sheep' Overhyping Trump's Elections Quote
Authorities Reportedly Warn Election Officials About Russian Hackers Faking Fraud
Straight Line to Voter Fraud? Soros-Connected Company Provides Voting Machines In 16 States
Here's What Voter Fraud Looks Like In 23 States
Election Expert: Voting Machines 'Programmed To Cheat' – And Have
Related: See Bev Harris' Black Box Voting Website, Get Her Book for FREE
Wikileaks: Hillary Got $12 Million for Clinton Charity As Quid Pro Quo For Morocco Meeting
Bill Clinton Receives 'Expensive Gifts,' Is Personally Paid By Clinton Foundation Sponsors
Globalism: The Monster In The Presidential Campaign
An Establishment In Panic
Laughing at Gays Hurled to Death by ISIS, THAT’S Who Hillary Clinton Really Is
Oh, That War on Cops: 46 Police Officers Have Been Shot To Death in the U.S. So Far This Year, A Staggering 55% Increase Over 2015.
FBI Director: We Need More Data On Police Shootings So Law Enforcement Can 'Change The Narrative'
Laws Are For the Little People
The Obama-Clinton Banana Republic – The Nation’s Core Values Would Continue To Suffer Under A Clinton Presidency
The Post-American Nightmare Dawns
High School Teacher To His Class:'To Be White Is To Be Racist, Period'
OCT 20
Intense Final Debate: Candidates Give Closing Pitches, as Trump's Refusal To Say He'll Accept Nov. 8 Results Causes Stir
The Fear of a Rigged Election Is Not New
Remember When Gore Refused to Accept the Election Results?
Debate Check 3: Eight Hillary Lies Debunked: Clinton Tells Tall Tales on Second Amendment, Immigration, Clinton Foundation, More
Win, Lose or Draw?
A Frightening Preview of Hillary’s America: Dark and Unaccountable
Email: Clinton’s ‘Forceful’ Gun Position Had Some Democratic Caucus Members ‘Freaking Out’: Internal Emails Label Her Gun Control Stance As Most Aggressive Ever – HOLLY NOTE: After seeing the accompanying photo of Hillary in the previous article, I wondered just how many purely ugly outfits she's worn. She's taken wardrobe disfunction to new heights. If you had $200K to spend in a given year on clothing like Hillary has, you'd think she could come up with more flattering pantsuits. Here are a few samples…
Trump Blasts Hillary on Abortion: She Thinks It’s OK To ‘Rip The Baby Out of the Womb’ Up To Birth
Hillary Clinton Defends Aborting Full Term Babies in 3rd Presidential Debate – HOLLY NOTE: If you're unfamiliar with this procedure, see this: Late-Term Abortion Worker Explains Stabbing Babies’ Skulls in Undercover Video
WikiLeaks: The 6 Most Damaging Clinton Revelations So Far
New Bill Clinton Sexual Assault Accuser Goes Public for the First Time
Wikileaks: Clinton Staffers Scramble After Report Of Bill’s New Mistress
Wikileaks: HRC Doesn't Know What Planet She's On
The Difference – video
Time For A Coup? Faith In The Military Soars As Trust In Media, Politicians Plunges
Obamacare, and What (Else) Is Leading Americans to Revolt
OCT 19
7 Clinton Policy Priorities That Would Devastate America
Clinton Campaign Advisers: Don't Mention Israel Among 'Dem Activists'
Democratic Heads Roll After Video Shows Agitators Planted At Trump Rallies
Podesta Leaks: The Obama-Clinton E-mails – HOLLY NOTE: Strange bedfellows… "lovers" who detest each other
Clinton Extreme Meltdown From Surprise Question – Screams, Thrown Water, Obscenities – HOLLY NOTE: This isn't the first time we've heard of her bizarre behavior. Yesterday MSM discussed how Hillary's State Dept. staff would great her in the morning only to be met with "Get the f**K out of my way!" People said they hated working for her – worst job in D.C. Further discussed was her EXTREME hunger for power, wealth and control.
Drudge Headline: Hillary Fixer Breaks Ranks: Arranged Sex Trysts For Her! With Men And Women
The Truth About Benghazi, Episode 16 – HOLLY NOTE: If you were Hillary, you might say about the 4 dead Americans in Benghazi, "what difference does it make!" Every life matters. – video
Democrat Confesses To Rigging Elections ‘For 50 Years’ 
4 Million Ineligible and Dead Voters on Voting Rolls – video
Voter Fraud USA
INDIANA: Thousands of Registrations Altered

Hillary Off Campaign Trail for 'Drug Holiday'?
In Defense Of Pro-Trump Christians
Viral Sermon Hints At God's Hidden Purpose for Trump
Knockout Strategy for Trump in Round 3 – Donald 'Needs To Attack, Attack, Attack'
Everything You Need To Know About Final Trump-Hillary Debate 
Congressional Republicans Want To Talk Tehran, Not Trump
Witches 'Exert Mental Influence' to Force Donald Trump to Quit the Presidential Race
Black Lives Matter Infiltrating Public Schools: Teachers Engage In Week-Long Protest To Promote a Movement Built On Race Hatred.
OCT 18
'QUID PRO QUO': Top State Dept. Official Offered Key Posts for Altering Clinton Emails, Say FBI Files
Sununu: 'Quid Pro Quo' Allegations Are 'Absolutely Damning' - video
Trump Leads GOP Calls For Kennedy To Be Removed
Mention of 'Shadow Government' in Hillary Email Probe: 'There Was a Powerful Group of Very High-Ranking State Officials'
Julian Assange in Mexican Stand-Off With Hillary Campaign
Hillary Campaign Good With Accepting Foreign Agents' Cash
Doctor: Hillary Memory Lapses Present National Security Crisis
Bill Is 'Having A Hard Time,' Chelsea Is 'Livid' and Hillary Is 'P***ed': Clinton Family Rocked By Wikileaks - Donors and Friends Furious at What Candid Aides Said About Them
Warning That Gun Prices To Skyrocket If Hillary Wins
The Danger of a Biased Media
Rigging the Election - Video I: Clinton Campaign and DNC Incite Violence at Trump Rallies - video - language warning
Trump: I'll Meet With Putin Before Jan. 20 If I Win - GOP Nominee Tells Savage Tensions Worst Since Cold War
Pro-Trump Evangelicals Pilloried By Left And Right
Melania Trump: Donald Trump Was 'Egged On' into 'Boy Talk' 
Billy Bush Officially Leaves NBC in Wake of 'Access Hollywood' Tape
Retired Four-Star General Admits Leaking Top-Secret Info To Media
Obama, Holder to Lead Post-Trump Redistricting Campaign
Why is BO Threatening Russia with WW3 Right Before the Election?
The U.S. Has No Defense Against A Russian Nuclear Attack. Really. – flashback
College Football Player Stands Alone To Honor US
OCT 17
Republican HQ Firebombed in North Carolina: Governor Calls It 'Attack On Our Democracy'
Top 36 Hillary F-Bombs, Flip-Outs And Eye-Popping Tantrums: 'They F---ed Us, Bill! We Need To Get Rid Of These Assh---s'
Drudge Warns: Impending Hillary Sex Scandal
CAUGHT ON TAPE: Bill Clinton 'Equal Opportunity F*cker': "I've Got Good Taste"
Judge Jeanine: Will You Have a Place in Clinton's America? – video
Wikileaks: Hillary Health Scramble
Hillary Planned Obama 'Hit' For Cocaine Use In '08 Campaign
What Each Candidate Has Planned For the Second Amendment – video
10 Big Facts A Voter Must Ignore To Support Hillary
The Real Reason 'Mainstream Media' Protect Hillary
Hillary Plot To Steal Tea-Party Vote from Trump
Communist Party USA Pushes Landslide for Hillary
Wikileaks: ‘Clinton’s Advisors Agree to Take Foreign Lobbyists’ Money, Forget to Tell Her’
Wikileaks: Clinton Email: Facade Of Peace Talks Better Than Nothing
Former US Atty Declares Jim Comey is a 'Dirty Cop' – video
California Cop Offers Trump His Handcuffs for the Crooked Clintons – video
Missiles Fired at US Warships in Red Sea, No Casualties
Firefighters Rescue Tucson Man Stuck In His Own Home's Chimney
Emergency: US, Russia Entering State Of War – video
OCT 14
Data Suggests Millions of Voter Registrations Are Fraudulent or Invalid
Clinton 'Does Not Recall' Ordering Destruction of Emails From Personal Server In Testimony
Gregg Jarrett: Sad and Infuriating – FBI Director’s Tortured Interpretation Of The Law
FBI Agents Dismayed By Failure To Charge Clinton – video
TTrump Repeats Call To Jail Clinton
Christian Leaders Decry Clinton Camp for 'Christophobic' Behavior
Obama Expands His Executive Power Beyond Earth
Lawlessness from Above
Obama Given Pricey Gifts From Foreign Leaders
Counterassault: Trump Launches Blistering Attack On Media, Accusers
Major Media Build A Universe for Hillary
The Corrupt Democrat-Media Complex Seeks Clinton Victory
Trump: Our Campaign Is 'Existential Threat' To Establishment
hank God For Trump - The Mask of Crooks is Finally Off
Wikileaks: Assassination of Scalia Could Bring Down the Clintons and Democratic Party
Fox Poll: Clinton's Lead Over Trump Grows To 7 Points
Former Senator Spills Beans On Hillary’s Anti-Gun Strategy: 'She Wants To Shut It Down' And Has Plan Lined Up
Wikileaks: Emails Reveal Clinton Camp’s Scramble To Craft, Defend Server Story
Donald Trump Trounced Hillary Clinton In Second Debate, But... Our Culture Is In The Toilet
Paul Ryan Sabotages His Own Party With Trump Tape: GOP Commits Suicide to Destroy Trump
By Way of Deception Thou Shalt Lose Your Empire
Paul Ryan Could Be Your Next President
Bloomberg’s Multi-State Assault on the Second Amendment
Wikileaks: Emails Show Team Hillary Worried About Her 25% Gun Tax Endorsement
Sign of Surging Sales: Gun-Related Background Checks Break Monthly Record
Gun Sales Up 406% in Sacramento County
Gun Sales, Concealed-Carry Permits Spike After Cascade Mall Shooting
Do White Lives Matter? In America Today, There's Some Things You Just Don't Say. I Will Say Them
Houston 911 Operator Hangs Up on 1000s of Calls
OCT 13
Rasmussen: Trump's Back In Lead!
'Vast Majority' of Career FBI, DOJ Agents Wanted Clinton Charged
Report: NBC Planned Pre-Debate Trump Leak
Clinton Campaign Mocks Catholics, Southerners, ‘Needy Latinos’ In Emails
CNN Orders Blackout On Clinton 'Son'
TRUMP UNDER FIRE: GOP Nominee Demands NYT Retract Article As New Sex Assault Allegations Emerge
More Dead Voters, Fraud Cases Discovered In CO
Hillary Campaign Staffer: Ripping Up GOP Voter Forms 'Fine'
LA TIMES: Race All Tied Up
WikiLeaks: Hillary Rigged Election
Clinton Bashes Trump Over Russia Praise, But Emails Show She Praised Putin
Bill Clinton: Trump Base ‘Standard Rednecks’
Judge Napolitano: Can the Media Reveal Stolen Truths?
Cops Face Discipline For Trump Hats
Paul, Trump and Sanders Show Elite Control of Society Has Fractured
Ann Coulter: Casting Call for Another Anita Hill
Jimmy Kimmel Children's Book for Hillary Clinton - Donald Trump Parody – video
Trump and Hillary: Time of My Life – video
Messing Around With The Electoral Map Might Be The Only Fun Thing To Happen This Campaign Season
2 Boston Police Officers In 'Extremely Critical' Condition After Shooting
4 Men Arrested In Attack On Alabama Teen Who Said 'Blue Lives Matter'
Russia's Lavrov: "So Many Pussies" On Both Sides Of U.S. Presidential Campaign
Obama Flaunts Erection to Female Reporters
Obama Backs Activists as N.D. Pipeline Protest Spirals Out Of Control
OCT 10
Trump Holds Pre-Debate Appearance With Bill Clinton's Accusers
Trump Launches Rape Bomb on Hillary at debate: 'Bill Clinton Was Abusive To Women. She Attacked Those Same Women'
Trump Promises Special Prosecutor for Hillary
Why Trump Will Prevail
Trump Big Winner Over Three Opponents
Only One Way for the FBI to Regain Its Lost Reputation
Trump Seizes On Clinton’s Lincoln Point: ‘Honest Abe Never Lied’
Laura Ingraham: We've Been Waiting For This Moment – video
Judge Jeanine Pirro: I Still Support Donald Trump – video
NBC Suspends Billy Bush For Role On Trump Tape
Hillary’s Confessions To Goldman Sachs: Leaks From Secret Speeches: Politicians 'Need Both a Public And a Private Position'
Clinton Called For 'Open Trade And Open Borders' In Private, Paid Speeches
If You Think Donald Trump’s Comments Are Vulgar, Check Out Hillary’s Potty Mouth – VERY vulgar language warning, lots of examples
Bill Clinton’s Victims Defend Trump: Hillary ‘Protects A Rapist,’ She Should Drop Out
'For Sale Or For Rent?' 'Clinton Cash' Author Details How Bill And Hillary Went From 'Dead Broke' To Multimillionaires
WikiLeaks Releases Hillary Clinton Emails And Promises More To Come! – video
It's an Omen: Fly Lands on Hillary Clinton’s Face
Controversies Raise Stakes Of Second Presidential Debate – video
FLASHBACK: Three Explosive Details About The Clinton-Lewinsky Affair
SHOCK VIDEO: Clinton Accuser Juanita Broaddrick Relives Brutal Rapes
Women Strip Naked In Bizarre Protest To 'Show' Donald Trump Should Not Be President
The Republican White Togas at Work for the Queen of Sleaze
Best-Ever Tweet on Hillary?
URGENT: Ben Carson Just Exposed the TRUTH about the Trump Tape, Issues Dire Warning to American Voters!
No Time For The Vapors On Rude Language
Fifty Shades Of Hypocrisy, Anyone?
Evangelicals Stick With Trump, Focus On Defeating Clinton
Meet the Man With a Taco Truck For Trump
Long Island Train Derailment: 33 Injured, Services Suspended
1 Dead, 8 Injured In Michigan Strip Mall Shooting
War on Cops Continues – 3 Shot, 2 Dead in Palm Springs
ICE Officials: Illegals Being Allowed to Vote
Voter Fraud 'Much More Widespread' Than Virginia, Pennsylvania
White House Coordinated with State Department, Clinton Campaign On Email Issue, Documents Show
Warning: Dems and Their Media Believe Election Already Bagged and Tagged for Hillary
Russia? Look Who’s Really in Bed With Moscow – Hillary Campaign Chief, Clinton Foundation, in Deep on International Money-Laundering
Hillary Blaming Donald Trump for the Weather: ‘Thar She Blows’
Stunner! Latinos Now Boarding Trump Train: 'The Values Of The Democrat Party Were Not At All The Values That We Held Dear'
Florida Governor Says State Won't Extend Voter Registration, Rebuffing Clinton Campaign
18 Years of Hillary's Medical Problems in One Convenient List
‘Ruling Class’ Privilege: Clinton Pursued Government Contracts For Chelsea’s Best Friend
5 Things Hillary Clinton Has Done That Will Make You Question Her Sanity
What Hunters and Anglers Should Know Before They Vote
Real Empowerment – NRA Video On Rape & Women Protecting Themselves – video
The Clintons Want Nothing To Do With A Young Black Man Who Calls Bill His Father
Obama Releases Dozens More Cocaine Dealers – Tosses In Gun-Law Violators, Meth Operators
Does Obama's Personal History Of Narcotics Use Influence His Pardon Policy?
Obama Administration Becomes Target of Russian ridicule
Why Environmentalism Became Both a Religion and a Con Game
Obama Hails Paris Agreement As It Crosses Threshold For Implementation
The Sun Is Setting on America as Founded
Muslims Demand Army Change Its Dress Code To Include Turbans And Beards
Judge Napolitano: Case Exposes Hillary's 'Secret War' – MUST READ
Judge Napolitano on Bill Clinton's Criticisms of ObamaCare – MUST SEE – video
Bill Clinton: Hillary is 'F---ing Over the FBI. How Stupid Is That?'
Young Intern Massaging 'Slick Willy's' Feet Recalls Ex-President's Emailgate Outburst
David Brock in 'Money-Laundering Scheme To Elect Hillary'
Sailor's Mom Calls Out Double Standard: Son Is Going to Jail, But No Charges for Hillary?
Trump, Taxes And Liberal Hypocrisy
Government Destroys Tea-Party Leader For Opposing Obama
Big U.S. School District 'Submits To Islamic Supremacy'
Feds Blow $700K to Find Out What REALLY Happened On The Moon
Agenda 2030 in Action: Rural Cleansing in Idaho and Montana
Snooze-Fest Turns Slug-Fest – Fiery Words Drive VP Debate: Kaine, Pence Trade Blows Over 'Insult-Driven Campaigns'
Another Debate, Another Biased Moderator: Quijano Dumps on Trump, Pence
Quijano Lost Control… – video
Pence: 'Millions More People In Poverty' Under Obama
Kaine Interrupted Over 70 Times
Neutered? In VP Debate, Tim Kaine Promises To Be Hillary’s ‘Right-Hand Person’
Related: Duke University Launches ‘Safe Space’ For Men To Consider Their ‘Toxic Masculinities’
Frank Luntz Just Delivered the Numbers for the VP Debate… And It’s VERY Bad News for Hillary
Focus Group: 'Kaine Is Interrupting Too Much'
Illegal Voters Uncovered in Philly Are ‘Tip of the Iceberg’
DAMNING VA REPORT: Hundreds of Vets Died Waiting For Care in Phoenix
Military 'Absolutely Disgusted' by Obama's PC Assault
The Best Reason Yet To Say No to Hillary
Tim Kaine Sponsors Radical Pro-Abortion Bill to Overturn Every Single Pro-Life Law Nationwide
Dobbs: The Clinton Cartel Emits The Foulest Stench Of All
The Problem with Obama’s Account Of The Syrian Red-Line Incident
Internet Enraged By Assange / Wikileaks Standown / Trolling of Public
Wire: Yahoo Secretly Scanned Customer Emails for NSA, FBI
Obama's ICE Can't Enforce Immigration Laws But It Can Surveil Gun Shows
Gitmo Moving Day? Taxpayer $$ Helped US Shop For Terror Housing
WikiLeaks' Julian Assange Again Vows 'Significant' Election-Related Leak
Newt Gingrich: The Elite Media IS Hillary Clinton. They Are Terrified of Trump
Military Veteran Defends Trump, Blasts Media For Twisting PTSD Comments
Half of Trump’s Supporters Don’t Trust The Vote Count, New Poll Finds
What to Expect If Election Is Stolen from Trump 
Stephen Moore: How Hillary Plays The Class Warfare Card
All Eyes On Pence, Kaine Ahead of Tonight's VP Debate
Media Hypocrisy 'Laid Bare' Over Trump Taxes
FBI Agreed To Destroy Laptops Of Hillary Aides With Immunity Deal
Election Corruption Threat Watch: IRS Continues To Target Political Opposition
New Poll Shows Clinton Down In Crucial Swing State
27 Countries Destroyed By Hillary Clinton
Bill Clinton Enters Presidential Race With Rape Scandal, Long-Lost Son
Gun Sales Set Records in September
Feds Push Police To Scan License Plates At Gun Shows
Obama's Plan To Bring 110,000 Additional Syrian Refugees into U.S. in 2017
Court Rules States Have To Accept Syrian Refugees
Obama Urges Congress To Act On Paid Sick Leave
Obama: Republican Voters Think I'm 'the Antichrist'
Americans Split on Whether Religious Freedom or LGBT Rights Are More Important
'This Is Killing Me': 100-Year-Old Woman Fights Eviction in San Francisco
Judge Jeanine: Do You Want Political Correctness Or Truth?
DHS Rushing to 'Steal' Americans' Sovereignty Ahead Of Election
Report: 1,000+ Illegal Voters in Virginia
America's Last Election?
Chart Predicts Trump Will Win, Unless the S&P Rallies in October
Bill Clinton Accuser Kathleen Willey: Hillary Was Complicit In His Sexual Misconduct
Bill Clinton’s ‘Executive Suite’ Is A 5,000 Sq.Ft. Private Pad Above $165M Library
Massages, Red Wine, And Other Secrets From a Bill Clinton Intern
‘Clinton Death List’: 33 Spine-Tingling Cases
Judge Napolitano: List of Clinton's Potential Crimes Is So Long 'It's Almost Laughable'
Judge Jeanine Slams Hillary: 'You Don’t Support Women, You Destroy Them'
Giuliani and Christie Call Trump a 'Genius' for Avoiding Paying Taxes For Almost 2 Decades - Tax Returns Published in the NY Times Were 'Illegally Obtained'
‘October Surprise’? Wikileaks’ Assange Plans Tuesday Video Appearance After First Canceling Due to ‘Security Concerns’
Minority Students Wear KKK Costumes To School
Hijabi Women Furious Americans Don't Smile At Them On Airplanes
Man, 59, Busted On Lewdness Charge For Wearing Saran Wrap Bikini On New Jersey Beach
UN News Agency Scrubs Tweet Calling on Americans Abroad to 'End Trump'
Reuters 'Tweaked' Latest Poll (Again) to Show Clinton Lead – Those Sampled: 44% Dems, 33% Reps – Actual Result Trump +2.5%
Dems 'Laying Groundwork' To Torpedo Conservative Media
Clintons’ Payments To Email Technician Match Up With Tax Deductions
New WikiLeaks DNC Dump Reveals Government Positions for Sale to Highest Bidder
Trump Polls Supporters About Bringing Up Clinton Scandals In Next Debate
Trump Yard Sign Thief Offers Shocking Surprise – video
Madness Swirls At House Judiciary Committee As Comey Attempts To Justify Hillary Innocence
FBI Investigating More Dead People Voting In Key Swing State Of Virginia
Obama Telling Refugees: Just Vet Yourselves
So That's Why Hillary Thinks Everyone Is A Racist! – video
Liberal, Hollywood Millionaires Scramble To Build Luxury Bunkers For ‘Trumpocalypse'
It’s a Movement=> Trump “Think Different” Posters Splash Streets of Hollywood
Abuse at Pueblo Center For Disabled, Staff Blames “Paranormal Activity”
Father-of-two, 33, Is Hunted Down And Shot Dead 'in Road Rage Attack' While Driving to The Hospital to Visit His Wife And Newborn Son
End the VA Suicide Hotline’s Busy Signal
More Than 100 Injured, 'Multiple Critical Injuries' After NJ Transit Train Crashes into Station
Witness: Woman Pinned Under the Concrete, At Least 1 Dead
Russian Hackers Targeted Nearly Half of States' Voter Registration Systems
Reps: Clinton Aides Who Got Immunity Deals Directed Email Scrubbing
The Legend of Saint Comey: FBI Chief Passes the Buck on Immunity for Clinton's Aides
Obama Overruled: State-Sponsored Terror Lawsuits Approved, Kaine Skips Vote – HOLLY NOTE: Kaine has zero backbone and followed in Obama's footsteps who couldn't or wouldn't take a stand and voted "Present" in the US Senate 129 times. This means he actually was present for a vote, but took no position and Hillary's Kaine follows suit. Is this who you want for VP or someone whose actions have meaning. Obama chose to stand with his Muslim brothers today and got stomped.
Judge Napolitano: Trump Utterly Failed To Address Perception Clinton Is Not Trustworthy, He Was Not Prepared – video
Dem Lawmaker Wears Hillary Pin During House Hearing On Clinton Email Probe – HOLLY NOTE: So much for being fair and balanced!
Trump Turns Away 12,000 At Florida Rally – Equals ALL of Hillary's Events Since July
You Won't Believe the Crazy Things People Said to Watters' World About the Big Debate
Wash Post Page One Thursday: Awkward Questions For Hillary About Bill's Women
Bill Clinton Rape Accuser Juanita Broaddrick Lashes Out at Chelsea Clinton After Former First Daughter Calls Dad's Sex Scandals a 'Distraction'
Rap Sheet: The Women Who Claim to Be Victims of Bill and Hillary Clinton
Drops Twitter Bomb on Chelsea: 'Your Father Was, And Probably Still Is, A Sexual Predator' – HOLLY NOTE: And we want him loose in the White House again?
Donald Trump Zones in on Populist Contrast with Hillary Clinton Post-Debate: ‘Follow the Money’
Trump Raises $18 Million After First Presidential Debate
Crooked Hillary Question Of The Day
Project Fear: Michelle Obama Tries to Scare America into Supporting Hillary Clinton
Mall Shooter Not a U.S. Citizen – Voted In 3 Elections
Gary Johnson Has Another Aleppo Moment
On Trial: Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore
The Phonies That Are the Bushes
California Felons Now Allowed To Vote From Jail
8 NY Councilmen Sit During Pledge of Allegiance at City Hall
Obama Urges Military to Listen to Colin Kaepernick Protest
Police: 14-Year-Old Killed Father Then Shot 3 At South Carolina School
MILE-HIGH HERO: Sheriff Clarke jUmps Into Action on NC-Bound Flight
Photos: What’s That Under Hillary’s Pantsuit During Last Night’s Debate?
Professor Who Has Correctly Predicted The President For 30 Years Says Trump Will Win
Trump Crushes Hillary on NAFTA and TPP
2003 Clip Backs Up Trump On Iraq War Opposition – HOLLY NOTE: If you were one of the 84M that watched the Monday night debate, you saw moderator Lester Holt repeatedly insist Trump backed the Iraq war. Trump stated he never did and here is the clip to back him claim.
Here's What The Devil's Been Doing Lately
Rush: Hillary Was 'a Witch With a Capital B'
Poll: Just 36% Think She's Healthy
Big Banks Own The Clintons
Voting For Hillary Equals More Muslim Killings Of Americans
James Comey, FBI director: Cheryl Mills Immunity Was 'Not Irregular'
Comey Grilled On Immunity Deals In Clinton Email Probe – video
'Confidential' Aide: FBI Email Probe Reveals Clinton Device Manager
Navy Launches Investigation Into Sailor Who Didn't Stand for National Anthem
The Election and the Future of America
Michael Savage Reacts to Being Pulled From Radio Following Hillary Health Segment: ‘Pure Sabotage’ – HOLLY NOTE: Steve Quayle has warned for better than a decade that this day was coming when talk radio was going to be censored and hosts would pay the price for speaking truth. We listened to Dr. Savage frequently as he presented a different perspective on the news than other day-time talk radio personalities. This is further evidence of media bias.
UN Panel: U.S. Owes Black People Reparations for History of Slavery
IPAWS (FEMA) To Hold National Test of the Emergency Alert System (EAS) September 28, 2:20pm EDT
Woman Discovers Burglars Having Sex On Her Couch – 'I Pick Up My Broom, I Wanted To Hit That Man So Bad'
Clownpocalypse Spreads to Florida, Virginia and Colorado
Trump Scorches Hillary on 'Stamina' – 'Fight Night' Of Epic Proportions In Fiery Race for White House
Lester Holt Spins Debate For Hillary 6 Huge Ways, Plays 'Gotcha' with Trump
NBC's Lester Holt Emerges From Debate Bruised And Partisan
8 Examples Where ‘Fact-Checking’ Became Opinion Journalism
Top 5 Zingers
5 Takeaways From Wild Debate
Ahead of Debate, America’s ICE Officers Endorse Donald J. Trump – First Time Ever This Union Has Endorsed Any Candidate – HOLLY NOTE: And why wouldn't they when Trump has been the only President or Presidential candidate of either party to tackle this hands-off issue. ICE is sick and tired of doing their job only to be told by Obama to either stand down and let illegals flood in, or carry out the President's jaw-dropping "catch and release" policy. If you want to stem the tide of more illegals from around the world stampeding through our porous border in front of legal immigrants who come to the U.S. the right way, vote Trump. 
Fraternal Order of Police Union Endorses Trump
Here's the Clinton Campaign Spin On Her Narrowing Poll Numbers
Wall Street Wakes Up To Possibility Of Trump Win
CNN Journalist Admits They Censor News for Hillary Clinton
Dead People Are Voting Already!
Lawmakers Vow Override Of Obama’s 9/11 Victims Bill Veto
Remedy for Washington Gridlock, Presidential Lies
Rayquan Borum Confesses To Shooting And Killing Unarmed Justin Carr At Charlotte Protests
U.S. Murders Up 11% In Biggest Spike Since 1971 – Led By Chicago
Feds Spend $149,921 for LGBT Students to ‘Feel Comfortable’ in Engineering Class
Charlie Daniels: What In the Hell Has Happened to Our Country?
6 Injured After Shooting in SW Houston Shopping Center, Gunman Now Dead
Deceiver in Chief? Evidence Obama ‘Put In The Fix’ for Hillary in FBI’s Email Investigation
Obama's Colossal Email Lie Final Test for Tarnished MSM
October Surprise: FBI Reveals Smoking Gun That Implicates Obama in Clinton Email Scandal
Loss of FBI Reputation Irredeemable: James Comey Will Resign
'Fact Checking' the Candidates at the Debate: Whose Job is It?
NYT Endorses Hillary, Calls Her 'Realist,' 'Bipartisan'
Americans Need Guts - Not Hillary's Political Garbage
What Happens When You Can't Trust the FBI and the Department of Justice?
Donald Trump Speech 9/24/2016 A Devastating Hillary Clinton -HUGE Rally in Roanoke, Virginia, Said to Be His Best-Ever Speech
Dilbert Creator Switches Endorsement From Hillary to Trump
Poll Shows Trump Closing In On Clinton In Key Battleground State of Pennsylvania
Google Accused Of Interfering With Conservative, Tea Party Websites
Growing Number Of Race Riots Leave A Dark Mark On Obama’s Legacy
Barry's Legacy Tells the Story
Walmart Workers Refuse To Make 'Racist' Cop Cake
'Lurking Clown' Busted In Kentucky Woods
Police: Teen Filmed Boy, 3, Smoking Pot
Tea Party Super PAC Endorses Donald Trump
Students Get Death Threats After Posing As Trump Wall
The Nuclear Option: Hillary Clinton Has Fought the War on Terror — And Failed
Soros-Linked ‘October Surprise That Will End Trump’: The Campaign To Register 8 Million ‘Global Citizens’ To Vote
Farrakhan to Obama: Let Trump Do Want He Wants, You Failed Inner City Blacks
Egyptian Leaders Praise Trump, Blast Clinton After El-Sisi Meets with Candidates
GOP Sent Armed Marshals After Hillary Clinton’s Tech Guy
Man Pleads Guilty to Plotting to Help Islamic State Group Behead Popular Conservative Blogger
Gutfeld: We're Destroying Ourselves Without ISIS' Help – video
70% of Charlotte Rioters Were From Out Of State
Charlotte Violence Sparks Gun-Buying Spree
Students Forced to Change ‘American BBQ’-Themed Campus Event After School Says Name Is ‘Offensive’
Poll: Kaepernick Most Disliked Player in NFL
Poll: 44% Likely to Turn Off NFL If National Anthem Protests Continue
School Allows Boy to Run for Homecoming Queen After First Rejecting Request
Violence Engulfs Charlotte: Riots Erupt for 2nd Night Leaving 4 Officers Hurt, Man Critically Injured
North Carolina Governor Declares State of Emergency – video
Governor Calls Out National Guard As Charlotte Police Shooting Protests Continue
Black Guy Calls White Cops and White People F**king Devils Yet His Brother Was Killed By A Black Cop And Charlotte, NC Also Has A Black Police Chief – video
Limbaugh: Riots New Normal Under First Black President
Fox News Poll: Trump Narrowly Tops Clinton In Battlegrounds Nevada, N. Carolina, Ohio
The Un-Armed Forces Medley – video
House Committee Orders Reddit To Preserve Hillary Email Technician's Posts
Hillary Refuses To Take Neurocognitive Test
Former Haitian Senate President: Clintons Exploited Haiti Earthquake ‘to Steal Billions of Dollars from the Sick and Starving’
When Former Florida Governor Charlie Crist Calls Hillary 'Honest,' Crowd Erupts In Laughter, Then Boos
Trump More Trustworthy Than Hillary In New National Poll
Trump: Hillary Isn't 50 Points Ahead "Because She Is Terrible" – video
Still the Unscreenable Muslims Flood into U.S.
Speaker Ryan Accuses The Obama Administration Of Coddling Iran With Unprecedented Cash Ransom Payments
The Most Conservative And Most Liberal Cities In America
CBS Investigative Panel Pins JonBenet Ramsey's Death On Her Brother
Brother To Sue…
Sources: Bush 41 Says He Will Vote for ClintonHOLLY NOTE: Desperate attempt of the elite to keep only the elite in office – even if they have to cross party lines. How frightened they must be at the prospect of Americans taking back America.
'Smoking Gun' Found In Hillary's Email?
Hillary Cancels Another Local Fundraiser "Without Reason"
Mystery: Now Hillary's Eyes 'Go Crazy'
Reuters Poll: Voters Downplaying Hillary Clinton’s Health Concerns
Clinton Email Wiper Appears To Have Asked Online How To Hide 'VERY VIP' Info
Side-by-Side Comparison Between 2016 Presidential Candidates on Key Issueses
ELECTORAL SCORECARD: 2016 Race Tightens In Key Battleground States
Political Insider Warns: 'Hold On To Your Seats!' - 'Something Shocking Set To Rock Presidential Race'
Professor Demonstrates How To Hack A Voting Machine
RIOTS HIT CHARLOTTE: At Least 12 Cops Injured In Protests After Officer-Involved Shooting Death Of Black Man
3% of Americans Own Half of U.S. Guns
Never Again – video (22)
The Lie Behind Gun Free Zones – video
Gun Rights Debate Returns To Washington Courtroom
GOA Praises Missouri Republicans for Overriding Gov. Nixon’s Veto and Establishing Constitutional Carry
U.S. Says Some 360,000 Refugee Spots Pledged at United Nations
Hey, UN Corruptocrats: Spare Us Refugee Sanctimony
GOP Helps Advance Another Obama Judicial Pick
Obama in 'Frenzy Mode' To Impose New Regs
Obama Praises, Pushes World Government
History Teacher's Lesson Includes Stomping American Flag In Classroom
Polls: Trump '1 State From Winning Presidency'
The Evolution of Trump from Fop to Front Runner
Obama to Highlight 'Global Achievements' In Address
Nobel Secretary Regrets Obama Peace Prize – flashback
Hayes: WH Giving A False Sense Of Security – video
Naive Clingers – video
Judge Jeanine: You're the One Creating Division, Hillary – video
Hillary in for New Walloping with 'Clinton, Inc.' – Movie That Digs Deep into Her Psychology – and Bill's – Hits 1,000 Screens Sept. 30 – video
69 Eye-Opening Facts About Hillary's VP Pick
Equipping and Training: 4 Tips for Getting Good With Your Concealed Carry Weapon
Man Arrested For Assaulting Multiple Victims With Stolen Crucifixes
Poll Shows Trump Skyrocketing as Clinton Falters in Black Community
Bill Clinton's Longtime Pal: Hillary 'Losing Her Mental Capabilities': 'I Wouldn't Trust Her With Matches In The Kitchen'
Assange Charges Upheld; He Releases E-mails Confirming Clinton Corruption
What Is the FBI Hiding?
America’s Electronic Voting Machines Are Scarily Easy Targets
PROVED: Gun-Free Zones are Targets of Choice
Two Naval Destroyers To Honor World War Ii Veterans Decorated With Medal of Honor
3 Surfers Bitten By Sharks At Florida Beach
'Make America Great Again' Branded As Hate Speech On Canadian Campus – HOLLY NOTE: Then we are haters for putting Americans first, for a change. If we can't stand strong, we can't help the countries that most need aid and then where will they be. How can people be this short-sighted.
Hillary Clinton Campaign Systematically Overcharging Poorest Donors
What Is Wrong With Hillary?
Hillary Talks to the Dead—Lies to the Living
Trump Vows To Ramp Up Aggression In Terror Fight, ‘Bomb The S–’ Out Of Extremists
Obama's '110,000 Refugees' Only Half The Story
Michigan Shock Poll: Hillary Clinton Leads Donald Trump by Just 3 Points
…Lead in Colorado +4
Missouri Lawmakers Override Veto of 'Stand Your Ground
Arizona Driver Targets Officers, Faces Attempted Murder ChargesHOLLY NOTE: I saw this, repeatedly, 3 days ago and each time it was no less shocking. I should have put it up then. To try to kill our Men/Women in Blue, is not on. They are the thin blue line between normalcy and chaos – especially sheriffs. This video of some idiot intentionally driving into cops in Phoenix is beyond the pale. One officer sustained serious head injuries after literally flying through the air. Another officer had his leg broken. Police could have killed this guy, righteously, yet only tazed him.
New York Police Officer Attacked By Man With 11-Inch Meat Cleaver
Donald Trump Lets Jimmy Fallon Mess Up His Hair – video
World’s Largest Porn Site Just Asked Obama to Pardon Edward Snowden
NJ School to 2nd Graders: Allah Loves Cleanliness
18-Year-Old Sues Parents Over The Childhood Photos They Posted to Facebook
Black Lives Matter Activist Changes Tune On Police Following Robbery
Lawsuit: Girls Exposed To Transgender Twerking & Grinding
Guess Who's Not Coming To Dinner With Dems – Christians, Whites Leaving Obama-Hillary Party In Droves
Colin Powell: Bill Clinton Still 'D--King' Bimbos
Colin Powell: I Repeatedly Warned Clinton’s Staff Not To Connect Me To Her Emails
Signs of Electoral Earthquake In Latest Polls: From Ohio to Colorado to Maine, Trump surging, Hillary Collapsing
L.A. Times Tracking Poll: Donald Trump Up 6 Points
Trump Up By 5: New Poll Shows Clinton Losing Long-Held Ohio Lead
Hillary Stage 3 Of Neuro-Degenerative Disease
Chaos Has Never Been Closer: “Obama May Suspend Election” If She Is Too Sick
I Am Not Deplorable
Gutfeld: By Hiding Everything, Hillary Reveals Everything
Obama Raises Refugee Goal To 110,000, Infuriating GOP
Feds to Spend $4.6 Million to Give ‘Emotional Wellness’ to Refugees
Is the Sun Setting on America?
State Senator Refuses to Stand During Pledge of Allegiance in ‘Solidarity’ With Colin Kaepernick
School Superintendent Says Betsy Ross Flag Is Symbol of ‘Hostility’ and ‘Hate’
Man Mailed Dead Animals, Harassed Couple After Not Being Chosen For Job
Hillary's IT Man Ignores Subpoena, 'Thumbs Nose at Congress,' Other Witnesses Pleas 5th
Mind Control Vs. Freedom
Benham Brother on Hollywood’s Sexual Revolution: ‘If You Do Not Bow You Will Be Persecuted’
Watters' World: NFL Players and the National Anthem
Katie Couric Sued for $12M For Defamation In Anti-Gun Documentary
'Harbinger Man' Warns: America 'Accelerating' Toward Doom
ABC to Air New Drama That Explores a World Where U.S. Leadership is Obliterated
Gen. Flynn: Are Vets, Cops, Border Agents in Hillary's 'Basket of Deplorables?'
Medical insider: Hillary Has Brain And Lung Tumors, Must Drop Out Of Race – video
Democrats 'Meeting In Secret' To Pick Hillary Replacement
Maybe Kaine Thinks You Are Not Too Bright
City of Alexandria Stonewalling Investigation Into Illegally Registered Voters
FBI Director Comey Refused To Testify On Clinton Emails
Remembering Monica and Mr. ‘Sensual’
Conspiracy Theorists Think Hillary Clinton Has a Body Double. She’s Not Alone.
Media Blackout Blue Lives Matter Celebration Event
Democrats Sue To Get Trump Off Minnesota Ballots
Three Reasons Trump Is Surging In The Polls
Clinton: Yeah, I’m Sorry I Said That Half Of Trump Supporters Were Deplorable...Sort Of
Judge Jeanine: Your Apology Isn't Going To Work, Hillary – video
If Trump Supporters Are A “Basket of Deplorables”, Then Hillary’s A ‘Basket Case’
Navy Veteran Takes On Hillary Clinton: “You Corrupted our National Security”!
Non-citizens Are On The Voter Rolls
It's Time for the Gun-Toting, Bible-Clingers to Reclaim America
The Resegregation of America
Murder Rates Rose in a Quarter of the Nation’s 100 Largest Cities
U.S. Lawmakers Call Out State Dept. Backdoor to Gun Control
Obama Ignores Senate - Promises Paris Climate Deal will be Ratified
Obama Legacy: Assault on the Bill of Rights
Woman in Iconic WWII Times Square Kiss Photo Dies
Hillary Has Another Medical Episode – This Time at Ground Zero – Leaves Ceremony Early
Gov. Mike Pence: I Was ‘Taken Aback’ and ’Speechless’ About Hillary Clinton’s ‘Deplorable,’ ‘Irredeemable’ Comments About ‘Millions of Americans’
The Senate Could Impeach Hillary Clinton Today
Security Vet: 'Smoking Gun' Email Should Put Hillary In Prison: Clearly Marked Classified Info Sent Through Nonsecure System
Never Ending Scandal
Trump Woos Social Conservatives At Value Voters Summit With Vow To Scrap Johnson Amendment
Leaked Memo: George Soros Foundation Seeking to Expand U.S. Online Voting
Thousands Of Empty Seats At Latest Hillary Speech Signals Beginning Of The End For Campaign
The Coming Bloody Revolution in America – flashback
Video Shows Man Steal Wad Of Cash From Bra Of 93-Year-Old Woman In Wheelchair
71% Doctors Say Hillary Health Concerns Serious 'Could Be Disqualifying'
Dear America: Was Hillary Wearing an Earpiece During the Presidential Forum?
'Sees Us As A Threat': Leaked Emails Reveal Tension Between General, White House
Clinton Email Compromised in Hostile Cyberattacks
Pelosi on Clinton Emails: 'Let's Just Move On From This'
Votes of Thousands Who Haven’t Proven Citizenship Could ‘Swing’ Kansas Elections
Incident in Hangzhou: Obama’s Humiliation In China Is A Sign Of Global Disdain For The President
US Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson: 'What Is Aleppo?' – video
Here's a Hint: "Aleppo: Key Battleground In Syria's 5-Year Civil War – video
THIS is Aleppo
How Russia Could Spark a U.S. Electoral Disaster
Texas News Site Cherry-Picks Data To Slime Cops
The Deep (Left) Pockets of Black Lives Matter
Gun-Wielding Woman Saves Husband From Armed Robbers
Hotter Than Hot! Never-Trumpers Skewered
Democrats Set a Nuclear Trap for Trump
Why Should Obama Declare Martial Law
The Incredible shrinking Man – #NeverTrumper – Glenn Beck
Muslims Scream, 'F--- America!' After Conviction For Food-Stamp Fraud
White House to Maintain Nuclear “First Strike” Policy
Here’s the Real Reason Trump’s Outreach to Blacks Scares the Left
Big Oil Is Backing Hillary
Comey Defends FBI's Holiday Weekend Release of Hillary Docs: 'We Don't Play Games'
Obama Administration ‘Stunt’ Would Force States To Fund Planned Parenthood
Obama Picks 1st Muslim to Sit On Federal Court
How Obama Transformed the U.S. Court of Appeals
Phyllis -- A Laborer For Liberty
Mom, Daughter Charged With Incest After Marrying in Oklahoma
US Made $1.7 Billion Transfer To Iran In Foreign Cash, Treasury Says
Move The Federal Government Out of Washington – (Prepping the public for what's fait accompli)
Hillary Clinton Says Husband Bill Should Not Have to Resign From Foundation Until After Election
Hillary May Have Parkinson's – video
Corruption? What Clinton Corruption?
88 Former Military Leaders Write Letter Backing Donald Trump For President
Poll: 9 Weeks Out, Trump Tops Clinton: CNN
Congress Moves to Block Obama Admin’s ‘Ransom Payments’ to Iran
The Deep (Left) Pockets Of Black Lives Matter