DEC 30
Putin Says Russia Will Not Expel 35 US Diplomats After Obama Retaliation
UN, Obama Further Radicalize Palestinians
Syria Ceasefire: New Realities On Ground Before Trump Takes Office
Trump Could Reset Ties With Russia's Putin in 'Grand Bargain' Involving Terror Fight, Syria
China’s Military in 2016: Missiles, Intelligence and the SCS
DEC 29
Google Refuses to Ban Searches That Link to Jihadi Cleric’s Hate-Filled Sermons
Iraqi Troops Resume Mosul Fight After 2-Week Lull
Terror Setback: Airstrike Takes Out Mosul's Last Functioning Bridge
'Worse Than a Nuclear Bomb': Collapsing Mosul Dam Would Send 45-Foot Tidal Wave Hundreds of Miles
Police Seize Over 2,400 Pounds in Australia's 'Largest Cocaine Bust'
Superstitious Villagers In Peru Shocked at Birth of a Calf With 2 Heads
DEC 28
Syrian Refugees Celebrate Christmas By Torching Homeless Man
Russia Accuses Obama of 'Putting a Mine' Under Trump by Arming Syrian Rebels
DEC 27
Taiwan Warns Beijing Threat "Growing By The Day" As Chinese Carrier Conducts Drills
Germany’s Descent into the Maelstrom: Muslim Migrants Watch ISIS Videos In Asylum Home
Hamas-linked CAIR’s Hooper: US Muslims Suffering From “Mental Health Issues” That Cause Them To Fake Hate Crimes
DEC 26
Plane Crash Ups Syria-Tied Russian Deaths to 310
Berlin Plans ‘Center Of Defense Against Fake News’ Ahead Of Elections
Kim Jong-un Bans Christmas, Makes Citizens Worship Grandmother
China's 1st Aircraft Carrier Sails into South China Sea
Russia Says Mass Graves Found In Eastern Aleppo
DEC 23
Philippines' Foul-mouthed Duterte Back On The Offensive As More Innocent Lives Are Taken
Britain's Prince Charles Says Anti-Immigrant Populism Echoes Nazis
Man Stopped Raping Woman To Take Call From Victim's Boyfriend And Order Food
China Says It Will Cooperate With Trump But Warns on Taiwan
French Mayor To Be Charged With Hate Crime For Decrying “Replacement” of White People: "91% of the Children Are Muslims"
Paris Declares War on Rats – Animal Rights Activists Aren’t Happy
DEC 22
German Crisis a Warning to America? Crime Surges, 'No-Go' Zones Proliferate As Islamists Move In
Huge Fire Whipped Up By Strong Winds Engulfs 140 Buildings in Japan
Mexican Cartel Hunters Escort Santa’s Toy Delivery
Chinese Lawyers Sue Government over Smog ‘Airpocalypse’
Revealed: Mercedes Vehicles Use 54% More Fuel Than Claimed
Geert Wilders Warns "Political Revolution Is Brewing In Europe"
DEC 21
At Least 36 Dead, 72 Injured After Massive Explosion Rips Through Fireworks Market Outside Mexico City
Berlin Truck Attack: Tunisian 'Sought Over Market Deaths'
Austrian Women Get Alarms To Prevent New Year's Eve Rapes – German Documents Reveal 1,200 Sex Assaults By Refugees in 1 Day
Iran Brutalizing Aleppo, Executing ‘Most Atrocious War Crimes’ of 21st Century
NKorea Prepares Ballistic-Missile Sub For Sea Worthiness
A Few Initial Short Thoughts on the Murder of the Russian Ambassador to Ankara
DEC 20
Anti-Islam, Anti-Migration Wilders Widens Lead in Dutch Polls
Desperate for Alcohol, 49 Russians Die Drinking Bath Lotion, State of Emergency Declared
Lukas Graham Singers Ready to Help Host "Christmas for the Christmas-less" 
Giant Rats Eat 3-Month Old Baby While Her Mother Binge Drinks
Professor Claims King Arthur's Camelot Really Did Exist
DEC 19
At Least 9 Dead, 50 Hurt In Truck Attack At Christmas Market in Berlin
Assassin Kills Russian Ambassador to Turkey at Photo Exhibit
Rebels Burn Syria Evacuation Buses
Israelis Raise $100K in 2 Days To Aid Syrian Kids
Pentagon: China Threatened to Bankrupt Defense Contractor
Saudi Arabia Switches From Islamic Calendar to Jesus Birth Date-Based Gregorian
Notable People Who Died in 2016
Australia's Projected Annual Deficits Worsen By $7.5 Billion
DEC 16
Kerry Appeals to Russia to End the ‘Massacre’ in Aleppo
ISIS Has 3 Surface-To-Air Missile Launchers in Syria, US Officials Say
Germany: Muslim Migrant Accused of Sexually Assaulting Boy 68 Times Calls It “Love Affair”
German Probe: 2,000 Muslim Migrants Assaulted 1,200 Women in Cologne New Year’s Eve
Germany to Deport 50 Afghans, Pro-Refugee Group Says
Iran Vows Nuclear Retaliation for U.S. Breach of Deal – Provocative Moves Met With Apathy By Obama Admin
Real Life Hunger Games: New Russian Reality Show Allow Contestants to ‘Fight, Rape and Murder Each Other’
Britain Will Face $62B Bill to Leave EU
Mystery of the 'Amazon Stonehenge': 1,000-year-old Stone Circle Suggests Ancient Civilizations Were Sophisticated
Australian: The Bank Lent Me $2M So I Spent It on Strippers and Cars
Satellite Photos Spot Secret NKorean Prisons Where Thousands Tortured
Insulated, Brainwashed NKoreans Have a Bizarre View of Reality
DEC 14
Tens of Thousands Caught In Crossfire As Aleppo Cease-Fire Collapses, Threatening Evacuation Plans
Drone Footage Shows Devastation Of Deserted Eastern Aleppo – video
Report Says ISIS Is Manufacturing Arms On Industrial Scale
ISIS Launches Counterattack in Syria
Iran Threatens America Over ‘Violation’ of Nuclear Deal; Orders Nuclear-Powered Ships
Sweden: Migration Board Ignores New Asylum Policy And Prevents Attempts To Deport Muslim Migrants
Cannibal’s ‘Cousin Casserole’: Ukrainian Man ‘Killed His Aunt, Uncle And Their Son And Made Them into a Stew’
Death Toll in Philippines Drug Crackdown Nears 6000, 30,000 Murders Expected – graphic
…Cancels Visit of UN Rapporteur on Extrajudicial Killings
DEC 13
Reports of Children Burned Alive and Mass Executions in the Street As Aleppo Falls to Syrian Army
Women in Aleppo Choose Suicide Over Rape, Rebels Say
Putin Trolls the West: 'I've Been Reading Your Instructions to NGOs to Destabilize Russia'
Iran Warns of "World War, The Destruction Of Israel", If Trump Tears Up Nuclear Pact
ISIS Seizes Big Russian-Syrian T-4 Air Base
Tens of Thousands of Australians Turn Down Work To Stay on the Dole
Swiss Near Adopting EU Immigration Curbs Without Quotas
25 Cities On The Brink Of Disaster: "Don't Be Here When Things Get Violent, Unsafe, & Fragile"
DEC 12
Life Under Socialism: Venezuela Confiscates 5 Million Toys from Single Company to Give to Poor Children for Christmas
Cubans Going Hungry So Tourists Can Eat Well?
Angela Merkel Says Germans Need to “Integrate” With Multiculturalism
Canada Celebrates 150th Birthday, Makes National Parks Free All Year Long
Inside the Modern Day MI6
SKorean President Park Impeached
Aleppo Battle: UN Says Hundreds Of Men And Boys Missing
Netherlands Trial: Geert Wilders Guilty Of Incitement
Amnesty International Attacks Democracies, Forgives Islamist Tyrannies
Danes Perform Teeth & Bone Tests to Determine Ages of ‘Child Migrants,’ Find 74% Are Adults
England to Start EU Divorce By End of March
Russia Tests Nuclear-Capable Drone Sub
No Trash Collection for Up to a Month Over Christmas
Pakistan Flight Crashes With 47 People On Board
Yemen Conflict: UN Official Accuses World Of Ignoring Crisis
64 Feared Dead As Boat Sinks Off Yemen
Rebels 'Withdraw From Old Aleppo'
Argentine Judge Rules Woman Can Marry Her Own Stepdaughter
Moderate Right Wing Ascends in Europe
‘Kick Them Out of Our County’: Geert Wilders Shares Shocking Vid of Migrants Rioting in The Netherlands
Tony Blair Sees Dangerous Times Ahead For Western Democracies
Brexit Architect: ‘Crybabies’ Protesting Referendum Outcome Won’t Block EU Departure
Showdown Looms: Iran Vows To Fight Trump Over Landmark Nuke Deal
Europe's Populist Wave Encounters First Test With Votes in Italy and Austria
Colombians Protest Over Rape, Killing Of 7-Year-Old Girl
Aleppo Cemeteries Run Out of Room for the Dead – HOLLY NOTE: Wonder if former Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson has figured out "what's Aleppo?" 
Arafat Poisoned By Political Rival, Palestinian Investigation Finds
New White House Report Reveals Spread Of War on Al-Qaeda to 6 New Countries
NGOs Smuggling Immigrants into Europe on Massive Scale – In 2 Months, at Least 39,000 Africans were Sneaked into Italy with Full Consent of European Authorities
Isolated British Muslims Are So Cut Off From the Rest Of Society That They See the UK as 75% Islamic
Afghan Refugee Arrested For Rape, Murder of Top EU Official’s Daughter
Migrants Sexually Attack Girls at City Hall Youth Party
All Around The World, Nationalists Are Gaining Ground
China Flight-Tests 10 DF-21 Missiles
Castro and God's Judgment – video
2017: Cycles and Food for Thought
Germany Submits to Sharia Law
Full Size Titanic Replica to Become Centerpiece of New Chinese Resort
Mexico Workers Unearth 650-Year-Old Temple at Supermarket Demolition Site
UN Votes To Tighten Sanctions Against NKorea
4 Simple Reasons Not to Trust Iran
Aleppo Battle: UN Alarm As 16,000 Civilians Flee Government Advance
Atlanta Muslim Hero Awarded for Trying to Save Friends
German Court Gives OK to Islamic ‘Shariah Police’ Patrol
Fatah Unanimously Re-Elects Abbas As Party Leader
Canada 6th Freest Country In The World, United States Drops to 23rd
Sweden Evicts Disability, Dementia Groups to Make Way for Migrants
NOV 29
Plane Carrying Brazilian Soccer Team Crashes In Colombia, Killing At Least 75
Media Silent as House Passes Resolution for Syrian No-Fly Zone — Provoking War with Russia
Egyptian Archaeologists Discover 7,000-Year-Old Lost City
Erdogan Threatens Europe With New Wave Of Refugees
Castro-Loving Justin Trudeau Snared in Ethics Scandal
NOV 28
Exuberant Cubans In Miami Flood Streets, Celebrate Castro's Death
Inside Fidel Castro's Life of Luxury And Ladies While Country Starved
Twitter Savages Canada PM Over His Castro Grief
Mass Graves Discovered North of Acapulco
Italy’s Minister of Interior: Surrender Your Homes To Migrants or Face Jail
'Cannibal' Student Googled 'How to Sell Your Soul to the Devil'
Putin Aide’s Wife Sparks Uproar With Holocaust-Themed Skating Routine
NOV 25
Turkey Threatens EU With Migrant Surge
Police Stop Bus Carrying 120 Live Cobras
Australia, Too, Witnessing Attacks Against Police: ‘Lone Wolf’ Threat Sparks Life Call For Cop Killers
NOV 24
Moscow: If EU Parliament Resolution To Counter Russian Media Implemented, Retaliation Will Follow
Iran's Ayatollah Khamenei Warns US on Sanctions
Archaeologists Discover City And Graveyard Dating Back To Around 5300 BC Near Sacred Site of Abydos
NOV 23
Putin Moves His Missiles In New Threat To Europe
Russia Responds to NATO Advance With Missiles In Its Europe Enclave
Muslim Migrants Burn Own Housing Over Lack of CHOCOLATE
Plan to Tax Food to Reduce 'Climate Change'
NOV 21
UN Criticizes Australia's 'Punitive Approach' to Boatpeople And Warns Of Rise In Hate Speech
Train in Northern India Derails, Killing At Least 119, More Than 150 Injured
Angela Merkel to Run for 4th Term
Canadians Offer To Let the West Coast Join Canada
Flight from Toronto to Pakistan Forced to Land in UK After Passengers Block Toilets
NOV 18
Putin's New Hypersonic Nuke-Capable Missile Could Reach the West Coast in 12 MINUTES
Mexican Mayor Arrested After Hundreds Massacred and Cooked in Network of Ovens, Following Breitbart Report
Philippine President May Impose Martial Law
Talk Radio Station Broadcasts Emotional Voices Of Iraqis Trapped By ISIS in Mosul
Rights Group Decries 'Abusive' Detentions By Yemen's Rebels
Kerry Discusses Renewed Bombing in Aleppo with Russia
Hezbollah Has U.S. Armored Personnel Carriers. How Did They Get Them?
NOV 17
Russia, Iran Mull $10B Advanced Weapon Systems Deal
Demonstrators in Athens Protest Against Obama's Visit
Obama in Europe Urges 'course Correction' On Globalization
Canada Renews Funding to UNRWA Providing $25M to UN's "Palestinian Refugees" Agency, Despite Well-Documented Ties to Hamas
Visual Tour Through Colombia's Ancient Lost City That's 650 Years Older Than Machu Picchu
Woman Ordered Raped to Settle Family Honor Case
NOV 16
No. 1 Threat To The Trump Presidency May Be NKorea's Nuclear Plans
NKorea Begs China To Stop Calling Kim Jong Un Fat
France, U.N. Tell Trump Action On Climate Change Unstoppable
Shadowy Hamas Official With Ties To Iran Tapped To Lead Gaza
ISIS Massacres Hundreds as Iraqi Army Battles in Downtown Mosul
NOV 15
The Story Behind Justin Trudeau and Donald Trump’s Unlikely Bromance
Putin, Trump Speak By Phone, Agree To Work To Improve Ties
Australia's PM John Key Misses Trump's Call
Christmas Lights Now Banned As 'security' Threat – Move Called 'Attempt to Appease' Muslims, 'Very Dangerous Strategy'
Pentagon Officials Told Russians ‘No Evidence’ U.S. Korean War POWs Taken to Soviet Union
Russian Economy Minister Ulyukayev Charged With $2M Bribe
Europeans Agree on Defense Plan Days After Trump Wins WH: Trump Criticized NATO Members for Defense Spending Levels During Campaign
11 Arab Countries Accuse Iran Of Sponsoring Middle East Terror
NOV 14
We Are Living In A Future War Today! – video
Putin Issues International Arrest Warrant For George Soros … Dead Or Alive
Leaked Memo Shows How George Soros Planned to Overthrow Vladimir Putin and Destabilize Russia – flashback
Vladimir Putin to George Soros: Thank God We Kicked You Out of Russia – flashback
Russian Flotilla Now Off Syrian Coast
NOV 11
Iran Cheats On Nuke Deal Again, Could Push US to Void It
Netanyahu to Russian PM: Red Line Needed On Iranian Nukes, Bases in Syria
Nuclear Modernization, Cyber Security Top Trump Defense Priorities
Sydney City Square Renamed for Being ‘Too White’ – HOLLY NOTE: Apparently all the crazy isn't in America
NOV 10
The Kremlin Says a Victory for Clinton Would Have Sparked WWIII and Electing Trump Saved The World from Armageddon
Russian Carrier Group Could Launch Syria Strikes This Week
Poland Urges Trump to Keep US Troops on NATO's Eastern Flank
'8 Dead', 50 Hurt In London Tram Carnage
Gunmen Kill 36 Nigerian Miners In Zamfara State
French Privacy Row Over Mass ID Database
Mass Graves In Iraq Reveal Islamic State Horrors
Canada's Immigration Website Crashes During US Vote
Italy Becomes Leading Destination For Migrants
Australia's Same-Sex Marriage Bill Voted Down
Scotland to Intervene In Brexit Case
UK MPs Report Claims Many Political Islam Movements Share British Values
Merkel Orders EU to Turn Back Boats Full Of Muslim Migrants
Home Invader Shot In Buttock With Bow And Arrow
Syrian Conflict Is ‘Between Cold War & WWIII’ – Assad to UK Media
UN Investigating US Airstrike That Killed 32 Civilians in Afghanistan
German Interior Ministry: Send Them Back to Africa: EU Should Intercept Asylum Seekers At Sea
UK Police Arrest Nearly 50 At Anonymous Protest in London
NATO Puts 300,000 Troops on 'High Alert' In Readiness For A Confrontation With Russia As Fears Grow Putin Is Preparing To Attack the West
Putin's New 'Super Tank' Leaves West Totally Outgunned
230 Bedford Prison Rioters Take Over 2 Wings
Turkey’s ‘Kurdish Obama’ Is Now in Jail
Globalists Attract Fewer than a Dozen Supporters to Their Anti-Brexit, Anti-Trump London Protest
3,800-Year-Old 'Tableau' of Egyptian Boats Discovered
Military Leader: Iran Sending Elite Fighters Into U.S., Europe: IRGC Commander: 'IRGC Will Be in the U.S. and Europe Very Soon'
Russia Holds Large-Scale Nuclear War Games
North Korea Preparing For Another Ballistic Missile Launch, Sources
Switzerland To Curb Immigration And Says It Will Not Be Pressured Into Sacrificing Sovereignty
Britain's White Flight: Report Reveals How Racial Segregation Has Risen 'Strikingly' in 10 Years - With Numbers Of Whites In Some Areas Down By Up to HALF
War / Riots in European Cities. Merkels Europe on Fire – video
Migrant Battle on the Streets of Paris: Large Gangs Of Men Armed Fight Each Other After Calais Jungle Camp Is Destroyed
Migrants Run For Their Lives as Mob of 50 Neo-Nazis Rampage Through German City 'Hunting' Asylum Seekers
In a First-Ever Rebuke of its Kind, Russia Loses Bid for UN Human Rights Council Seat
Most Extravagant Wedding Ever? Russian Oil Tycoon's Daughter Marries in Lavish Ceremony with Private Jets, 10Ft Cake and a $600,000+ Bridal Gown
Members of Somali Sex Gang Who Groomed, Raped and Subjected British Schoolgirls as Young as 14 to 'Violent And Horrible' Abuse Jailed 32 Years
Russia-US Plutonium Deal No Longer In Force After Putin Signs Bill
ISIS Targets Children In Mosul With Teddy Bear Bombs
Islamic State Just Wants to Watch the World Burn
‘Why Don’t You Go To Your Iraqi Caliphate?’: Anti-Migrant Message Appears On Italian Church
African Migrants Storm Fence At Spanish Enclave In Bid To Break into EU
'We Are Losing Control of the Streets' – Merkel's Germany Descends Into Lawlessness
Canada Keeps 2017 Immigration Goal, Lowers Refugee Target
Jihadist Syrian Rebels Launch Aleppo Offensive Against Assad, Russia
2 Killed, 37 Injured in 'Poisonous Substance' Attack on Aleppo - Russian MoD
Half of Russians Fear Syria Could Spark World War III
Putin Strikes Aleppo While America Focuses on White House Elections: Russian Forces Will Win The City for Assad
Russia Calls Washington’s Bluff, Moves to Finish Syrian War
OCT 31
US Orders Families Of Consulate Workers In Istanbul To Leave
Bill Would Ban Refugees From Settlement in Australia, PM Gives 'Unflinching and Unequivocal Message'
More Migrants Pitch Tents on Paris Streets – Numbers Increase By 1/3 After 'Jungle' Shanty Town At Calais Destroyed
Tolerance and Humanitarianism Will Not Solve Europe’s ‘Migration Crisis’
Human Shields: The New ISIS strategy in Mosul
The Face Of Hunger in Venezuela Reaches Even the Smallest Creatures
OCT 28
The Dark Agenda Behind Globalism And Open Borders
Ruins Of The Biblical City Where Goliath Lived Have Been Found
Mysterious Giant Celtic Cross Spotted By Drone Growing In Irish Forest
Congress: Cuba to Share Critical U.S. Congress: Cuba to Share Critical U.S.
Former Contestants on Australia's 'The Bachelor' Fall In Love After Meeting On The Show
OCT 27
Russia Beefs Up Baltic Fleet Amid NATO Tensions: Reports
Britain, U.S. Sending Planes, Troops To Deter Russia
Russian Warships, Likely Headed To Syria, Withdraw Refueling Request in Spain
OCT 26
US Official: Russia Might Shoot Down US Aircraft in Syria
UN Says 2016 Will Be Deadliest Year Ever For Migrants Crossing The Mediterranean
How the US Election Will Affect Australia – They Fear Either President Will Bring Recession – Part 3
People Risk Their Lives During Typhoon For Perfect Selfie – video 
OCT 25
Mexican Gov’t Faces New Corruption Scandal After Accused Governor Disappears, Avoids Arrest
Mexico Fights Illegal Immigration On Its Own Southern Border
How the US Election Will Change Australia - Part 2 – HOLLY NOTE: Understand this is written from the viewpoint of a country ever more influenced by Chinese economics and surrounded by Muslim countries. Their angst is easy to grasp, though we have no doubt that Trump will stand by steadfast allies among which Australia is tops. Trump intends to put America first for a change. If we don't take care of our Country and our people, and stem the flow of bleeding trillions every year, we can't help anyone else. All those outstretched hands will go unfilled. Instead of both political parties' policies to beggar us, spending trillions we don't have and placing our indebted future in China's clever hands bowing and scraping to every nation on his Apology Tour, which, instead of ingratiating us with other countries only earned their scorn, Trump promises a turnaround. Trump will "drain the swamp in Washington DC" of our crooked, self-interested politicians and this has Congress and other nations freaking because it's never been done. Slack, career politicians see their gravy train derailing. Foreign nations would rather love the enemy they know, Hillary, than embrace, Trump, America's last best chance of nation survival. We could bear looking at and listening to that screeching cow IF we thought she had America's best interests at heart. Instead, she's about maintaining the elite; power, control and feathering her own nest. Nothing more. We want America back. screeching cow
Iran to Add U.S.-Made Aircraft to Its War Fleet
Yazidi Children Screamed and Cried Outside the Door While ISIS Fighters Raped Their Mothers
OCT 24
An Australian View of U.S. Presidential Candidates – Part 1
ISIS Creates Hell On Earth By Setting Oil Fields On FIRE [Photos]
OCT 21
EU Sanction Madness and Merkel’s Blatant Hypocrisy
Mining Giants Face Homicide Charges Over Brazil Dam Disaster
China's Manufacturers Now Producing Copies Before Original Products Are Even Launched
US Blames Northern Lights on Russia, Imposes Sanctions, Threatens War
OCT 20
Iran Seeking ‘Many Billions of Dollars’ in Ransom to Free U.S. Hostages
Russia Taunts US With Biggest Military Offensive Since the Cold War
10-Ship Pincer Move on the English Channel
Canada's Obama, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Wants To Spend $2.6 Billion In Other Countries For Climate Change – HOLLY NOTE: Sad to see there's "another Obama" in this world.
'Broken Promise:' Critics Question Trudeau's Electoral Reform Plan As Liberals Celebrate 1st Year In Office
US, SKorea Tightening Alliance to Counter Nuclear Threat from North
Another NKorea Intermediate Range Missile Fails After Launch
UN Picks Powerful Feminist (Wonder Woman) for Visible Job (Mascot)
Saudi Arabia Executes One Of Its Princes Over Shooting Murder
Iraqi-led Forces Clash With ISIS in Push To Free Christian Town
NSW Government to Sell Ausgrid for $16bn to Australian Conesortium
Corpses 'Exploding' In Decrepit Venezuelan Hospitals
OCT 19
ISIS Moves To Syria Where Erdogan Still Aims For Aleppo
Russia Introduces Aleppo Statement at UN
U.S. Expects Islamic State To Wield Chemical Weapons In Mosul Fight
Iran Launches War Drills Amid Accusations U.S. Breaking Nuke Deal
Federal Judge Who Suspended 'El Chapo's' Extradition Gunned Down In Front Of His Home
Merkel Expects "No Wonders" From 4-Way Meeting on Ukraine
Yemen Ceasefire Set To Last For 72 Hours
Saudi Arabia Executes Prince for Murder: Official Media
6 People Found Alive With Severed Hands in Mexico
Youngest Couple Ever Convicted of UK Murder: 'I've Felt Like Murdering for a Just Sort Of Happened'
OCT 18
Brit Anger as Ex-Deputy PM, Clegg, Leads Plot to Delay Brexit, Says Keeping Britain Shackled to the EU for Longer Would be a 'Good Thing'
Battle for Mosul: Giant Explosion Rocks Battlefield as ISIS Suicide Car Bomb Detonates
North Korea Warns Uk To Stay Out Of Military Drills
Putin Answers Questions from Russian Journalists Following the BRICS Summit in Goa
Putin's Paranoia: Fear And Loathing Inside the Kremlin
WikiLeaks: Ecuador Cut Off Julian Assange's Internet Access
Bigamist Who Was Jailed When Second Wife Learned on Facebook He Had Married Again Hangs Himself After 3rd Wife Kicks Him Out For Having Another Fling
Convicted Pedophile Teacher, 40, Who Was Jailed For Touching 2 Boys Is Sent On Tour with a Children's Cricket Club
Secret Tombs Uncovered in Mayan Pyramids Could Unravel Secrets of the Mysterious 'Snake Kings'
OCT 17
SABOTAGE ATTEMPT? WikiLeaks: Unknown 'State Party' Severs Assange's Internet
Going Viral=> Rumors Julian Assange Is Dead – Wikileaks Posts Deadman’s Keys
Cryptic Wikileaks Tweets Don't Mean Julian Assange Is Dead
Global Elite Want "Julian Assange/Wikileaks Silenced" & to LEAVE Ecuadorian Embassy – video
‘Why Do They Bomb Us?’ 13Yo Aleppo Girl, Brother Killed In Latest Rebel Shelling
US & UK Fire ‘War Crimes’ Accusations At Moscow As Rebels Shell Aleppo Civilians
Russia and the West: Where Did It All Go Wrong?
European Powers Seek EU Condemnation of Russia over Syria
Fire Engulfs German Factory Of World’s Largest Chemicals Producer BASF, 4 Injured
Russia Slams 'Unprecedented' US Threats Over Cyber Attacks
N. Korea Threatens US With Preemptive Nuke Strike, Promises More Tests – N. Korean Official
9 Safest Places In The World To Survive A Third World War 
50,000 Immigrants Stranded in Greece
Mass Immigration Ruins Streets Of France
OCT 14
Russia Prepares For War
World War 3? Barack Obama Could Take A Major Step Toward War With Russia On Friday
Russian TV Warns Of Nuclear War Amid U.S. Tensions: 'Every One Of You Should Know Where The Nearest Bomb Shelter Is'
Romania: Lawsuit Launched to Stop Bucharest Mega-Mosque
Refugees or an Occupation Army?
Teachers in 'Trojan Horse' School Who Fed Pupils a 'Diet of Islam', Segregated Assemblies, Ignored Sex Ed Allowed Back Into Classrooms By High Court
'I'm a Muslim, I Never Lie': Moment Married Man, 30, Who Thought He Was About To Meet a 12-year-old Girl For Sex Snared By Vigilante Parents' Group
Venezuela, Iran, USA and Narco-Terrorism
OCT 13
Navy Launches Tomahawk Missiles At Rebel Sites In Yemen After Attacks on U.S. Ships
Syria Conflict: Russian War Crimes Claim 'Rhetoric' Says Putin
China Urges Australia To Be 'Cautious' on South China Sea
OCT 10
Missiles Fired From Yemen Fall Short of US Warship: Navy
Do We Really Want War With Russia?
Russia "Gently Reminds" US Its Missiles Are Ready To Fire – video
Russia's Missile Deployment In Kaliningrad Ups The Stakes for NATO
US Taxpayers Made Millionaires Out Of Afghan Gangsters, Warlords And Connected Class
US Further Eases Iran Sanctions After Nuclear Deal
Activity At North Korea Rocket Site Triggers Fears Of Fresh Missile Tests
Copycat: Threatening Clowns Seen in UK, Following US Trend
Russian MoD Pondering Re-Launch Of Military Bases in Cuba and Vietnam – Deputy Defense Minister
Breaking: Russian General Konashenkov Warns US Against Attacking Syrian Forces – video
Russia Posts Provocative Tweet Warning Us On Syria, Mocking Earnest
Russia Claims Nuclear War Could Be Imminent As It Evacuates 40 Million People in Drill And Warns That 'Schizophrenics from America' Could Attack
How Nuclear War With Russia Will Start – video
2 Arrested in Scheme to Send Russia U.S. Military Tech
Russia Calls for Emergency UN Security Council Meeting on Syria
France, Britain at UN Call For End to Aleppo 'Bloodbath' – 275,000 Civilians Are Under Siege
Lavrov: Russia Ready To Support UN Envoy’s Proposal To Allow Al Nusra To Exit Aleppo With Arms
In Duterte's War On Drugs, Local Residents Help Draw Up Hit Lists
‘We Can Live Without’ US Aid – Philippines Defense Minister
European Commission Tells British Press Not To Use 'Muslim' to Identify Terrorists
Finland Scrambles Jets After 2 'Possible' Russian Airspace Violations
Saudi King Could Be Killed By His Son, Says Shadowy Iranian General
Colombian President Wins Nobel Peace Prize
Things Are Happening At An Alarming Pace in Syria: “Putin Gears Up For War”
U.S. Scrambles 3 Nuclear Command-And-Control “E6B” Aircraft — No “Drills” Scheduled According to USSTRATCOM
Historic Keepers Cottage Snapped Up By Powerful Chinese Billionaires Before It Even Went To Auction
White Ghettos Blight South Africa
Female Prison Worker Who Sent Naked Pictures and Sexy Letters to Inmate Lover Who Murdered His Girlfriend Ends Up in Jail For a Year - And They Still Want To Marry
Fighting Breaks Out As Hundreds Of Migrants March Towards The Hungarian Border To Plead For Entry to the European Union
Nearly 600 Passports Vanish in a Year
6,000 Migrants Saved From Boats Off Libyan Coast In 1 Day - Exactly 3 Years After Sinking That Claimed 366 Lives And Alerted The World To The Migrant Crisis
U.S.-Russian Ties Crumble Under Weight of Syria, Nuclear Pact
Putin's Syria Playbook? To Recapture Soviet Glory in the Middle East
US Officials: Russia Deploys Advanced Anti-Missile System To Syria For First Time
Russia Suspends Weapons-Grade Plutonium Deal with US
China Rising: Challenges for Australia as China and the US Struggle for Supremacy in Asia
NKorean Missile Advances Expose Japan In Two-Decade Arms Race
Oromia: Stampede at Ethiopia Protest Leaves 52 Dead

Brexit Begins: Theresa May Takes Axe to EU Laws
Conservative Saudi Arabia Sees Skyrocketing Divorces
White House Wants New Racial Category for Mideast, North Africa
Mexico Is Worried About Influx Of African And Asian Immigrants
Russia Warns Against US Attack On Syrian Forces
3rd World War ‘Is Taking Place in Syria’
Russian MoD: We’re Ready For Syria Dialogue with US, But Threats Against Our Military Unacceptable
US Ending Talks With Russia On Syrian Crisis: Kerry
Bright Future Awaits Iran-Europe Nuclear Ties
‘Kill the Worthless Dog’: Saudi Princess ‘Abuses’ Paris Decorator, Twitter Users Enraged
Thailand Cracks Down On Migrant Workers As Anti-Immigration Feelings Rise
Iran Deepens Infiltration of Latin America
Pope Labels Alternative Media a Weapon of Destruction
Places You Should Visit Before Natural Disaster Strikes
DEFCON Fails To Raise the Nuclear Threat Level – video
Ahead of MH17 report, Russia Says If Plane Shot Down, Ukraine Pulled Trigger
Over 60 Topol, Topol-M, Yars Missile Launchers Taking Part In Russia's Large-Scale Drills
Former Iranian Minister Brags Their Ground Forces Are 5 Times Larger Than US Army
Russia and Iran: United in Syria Civil War, Divided in Peace
Pakistan Says India Risks ‘Self-Destructive War’ By Escalating Kashmir Tensions
The UN Just Officially Announced A Global Communist Takeover, The New World Order Reconvenes
Transgender Man Gives Birth to OWN BABY in World First 
Monumental Forgotten Gardens Of Petra Rediscovered After 2,000 Years
'The Jungle' Migrant Camp in Calais, France, to Shut: Hollande
High Hitler: How Nazi Drug Abuse Steered The Course Of History
The New Cold War: Risk of Nuclear Attack Rises – video
Top US General Warns Syrian 'No-Fly' Zone Means War with Russia
Russia Accused Of Supporting ‘Barbarism’ Over Syrian Conflict
Russia Pulls Out its Portable ICBM Launchers – video
NWO? US Police Chiefs Meet with World's Top Cops in The Hague
'Unacceptable': French President Vows To Shutter Squalid Refugee Camp
How The US Should Respond To China’s ‘Secret’ Weapon
‘No Way Back, Sweden Will Never Be What It Was’: TV Ad Urges Swedes To ‘Integrate’ With Migrants – NOLLY NOTE: Shouldn't it be the other way around?
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