Government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases:
If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.
—Ronald Reagan, 1981

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Thousands of Small Internet Businesses Could Be Forced To Close
House, Senate to Battle Over Food Stamp Work Requirements
Janus Ruling Could Cost Unions Hundreds of Millions
As Membership Continues to Decline, an Epidemic of Embezzlement Plagues America's Unions
Venezuela Hyperinflation Index Reaches the One Million Mark
Treasury Secretary Mnuchin Says He's Expecting a 'Big' GDP Number
GOP Leaders Propose Massive Surge in Low-Skilled Foreign Guest Workers
China Think Tank Warns of Potential ‘Financial Panic’ in Leaked Note
Trump Announces His Plan to Crack Down on Foreign Investment - And It's Much Less Harsh Than Expected
American Money Flowing Back Into America
Seattle’s Nation-Leading Streak in Home-Price Increases Now Tied For 2nd Longest on Record
Trillion Dollar Inheritance: The World’s Biggest Family Fortunes
Trump Promises "Things That Will Shock You" On Trade, Slams "Wacky Jacky" Rosen
Bitcoin Tumbles To $5k Handle But "By No Means A Funeral For Crypto"
Another Round of Firings at Beck’s The Blaze
Socialist Bernie Rakes in More Than $1Million for the Second Year in a Row
New Milestones in Jobs Report Signal a Bustling Economy
Congress Has Acted; Now, States Need To Fix Their Tax Codes, Too
Trump's Forecast of 4% GDP Growth – Nearly DOUBLE Pace of Q1 – Close to Coming True as Americans Spend Tax Cut Proceeds
TAMMY BRUCE: California's New Water Law Is Nothing But (More) Taxation In Disguise
Canadians Boycott US Products, Cancel Vacations to America
Free Money Calculation: Fed Will Give $36.93 Billion of Taxpayer Money to Banks
The Fed Is Hiking Rates Wednesday, But Here's What Else You Need to Know
Trump Criticizes OPEC Again For High Oil Prices; 'Not Good!'
An Unlikely Winner From the AT&T-Time Warner Merger: CVS Health
Higher Minimum Wage Increases Poverty in Poor Areas
Seattle Mulls Repealing Controversial 'Head Tax' on Employees
Canada's "Fool Trade" on America – HOLLY NOTE: It's past time when Americans knew how screwed we've been 'enjoying' for decades this major imbalance of trade. Trump calls it out and Deep States hate it.
Kudlow: Canada's Trudeau Stabbed Us in the Back – video
National Trade Council Adviser Peter Navarro: ‘There’s a Special Place in Hell’ for Justin Trudeau After Trump ‘Stunt’
Angela Merkel: Trump's G-7 Tear 'Sobering and a Bit Depressing' – HOLLY NOTE: Another unhappy player sad to not be able to rake her paw through America's candy jar any longer. It would be sobering to realize you can't keep taking advantage of unfair trade deals. Again, Trump isn't seeking t punish any country – just make the G7 playing field level instead of tilted in favor of every country and to America's detriment. After Obama and his apology tour, it must be a shock for world leaders to encounter a U.S. president with courage, resolve, backbone and business savvy whose not afraid to put America first for a change.
Justin Trudeau Trolls Trump With Framed Photo of His Grandfather's Canadian Brothel
Crypto Carnage Continues: Bitcoin Plunges Below $7,000 After Korean Exchange Hack
$3 Billion Payoff: 101 Utilities Cut Rates, Credit Trump Tax Cuts
IHOP Officially Changes Name to IHOB – International House of Burgers
Bill Maher Is 'Hoping For' an Economic Collapse So He Can 'Get Rid of Trump': 'Sorry If That Hurts People'
American Wealth Surpasses $100 Trillion!
Pelosi Scoffs at Strong US Consumer Confidence Figures
G7 Leaders Set To Clash With Combative Trump Over Tariffs, Trade
European Union to Hit US With $3.3 Billion In Tariffs Next Month
China Offers to Buy Nearly $70 Billion of U.S. Products to Fend Off Trade Tariffs
THANK MINIMUM WAGE ACTIVISTS: McDonald’s Will Have Self-Serve Order Kiosks In All Stores By 2020
$3 Billion Payoff: 101 Utilities Cut Rates, Credit GOP Tax Cuts
Total Jobless Claims Running At Lowest Level In 44 Years
Almost Half of San Francisco Bay Area Residents Want to Leave
US Economy Suddenly Looks Like It's Unstoppable
Sour Pelosi Poo-Poos Booming Economy: ‘Strong Employment Numbers Mean Little’
JOBs FOR MAY: +223,000, Unemployment Drops to 3.8%: The 5 Most Important Numbers From Friday's Jobs Report
U.S. Imposes Steel and Aluminum Tariffs on EU, Canada, and Mexico – HOLLY NOTE: Isn't interesting that our trading partners are furious when Trump acts on promises that they must trade fairly and stop putting the screws the U.S. Yes, everyone likes a 'handout' at our cost – literally. Trump isn't punishing these countries, just making it fair trade, which it hasn't been for over 40 years.
Related: U.S. Trade Deficit by Country, with Current Statistics and Issues – HOLLY NOTE: How do you feel about
-$810 BILLION loss in 2017 alone. Now multiply this by 42 years. This is just one area where America is hemorrhaging money.
Trump Threatens NAFTA After Imposing Tariffs on U.S. Allies to Punish ‘Unfair Competition’
Kudlow on Trade War Fears With US Allies: This Is More Like 'a Family Disagreement'
Report: US Oil Output Jumps To Record High In March
Lessons From Europe on Welfare, Dependency, And Self-Reliance
ANZ, Deutsche Bank and Citigroup Face ‘Criminal Cartel’ Charges
MAY 31
Pruitt: ‘We’re Going to Be Energy Dominant and Energy Independent’
Soros Acknowledges Europe's Existential Financial Crisis, Offers Solution, Guess Who Benefits?
Social Security Pays Benefits To Hundreds Of Dead People
China Steals CNN Script After Bold Stance By Trump on Trade; "Extremely Mercurial White House..."
MAY 29
Oil Could Soon 'Spike' Toward $100 a Barrel
Realted: How to Calculate Gasoline Price From Crude Oil Price
MAY 28
Jury Says Samsung Must Pay $539M for Copying Parts of iPhone
The End of Stimulus? (And The Start of The Crash?)
MAY 24
Trump Says He Will Propose New Tax Cuts Prior to November
Trump Says ‘Historic’ Rule Change Means Taxpayers Will No Longer Be Forced to Subsidize Abortions
The Coming Jobs Apocalypse
HOW TO DESTROY A MAJOR CITY: One Week After Passing Massive Head Tax, Seattle Democrats Consider Huge Property Tax Increase
MAY 23
Trump to Propose New Tax Cuts Prior to November
MAY 22
MORE DIRT on the Hundreds of Millions in Taxpayer Dollars Being Stolen From Fake Somali Muslim Daycare Centers And Transported to Somalia
Martin Armstrong: By 2020 or 2021 You’re Going to See a Currency Reset
MAY 21
"60 Minutes" Takes Aim at Google's Search Monopoly – video
Average Price of Gas Jumps to $3 Gallon
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MAY 17
40% in U.S. Can't Afford Middle-Class Basics
MAY 15
Seattle Votes to Tax Businesses to Help Combat Homelessness
Report: Harley-Davidson Laying Off Hundreds of American Workers, Sending Jobs to Thailand
Google Employees Revolt, Refuse to Work on Clandestine AI Drone Project For Pentagon
Trump to Demand Congress Cut $15 Billion In Spending ‘Rescission’ Package
Oil Prices Near 2014 Highs as Iran Tensions Keep Market on Edge
Democrats Are Running Left on Economics. Here Are Their 5 Most Brazen Proposals
U.S. Job Growth Rebounds; Unemployment Rate Falls to 3.9% – a 17-Year Low
White House to Request $11 Billion in Spending Cuts
Peeing in Trash Cans, Constant Surveillance, and Asthma Attacks on the Job: Amazon Workers Tell Us Their Warehouse Horror Stories Over Fears of Not Meeting Targets
The Sanders Plan to Impoverish Americans
APR 30
Donald Trump to Farmers: We’re Going to Let in Migrant Guest Workers
Sprint, T-Mobile Agree to Merge to Form $146 Billion Company
The End of Our Empire Approaches
Marathon to Buy Andeavor for $23.3 Billion, Creating Largest U.S. Refiner
Companies Are Beating Earnings Estimates at Historic Clip: Chart
APR 27
Amazon Raises Price For Prime Service To $119
Widely Quoted Expert on Student Loans Doesn't Exist
Bernie Sanders’ ‘Jobs’ Program Would Undo Our Real Economic Progress
APR 26
Mass Exodus From California, New York, Other Liberal States Due to GOP Tax Plan: Report
Jeff Bezos Booed By Amazon Workers
APR 25
What's Behind Turkey's Decision to Repatriate Its Gold From US
Countering Political Islam's Economic Warfare
APR 24
14 States Hit Record-Low Unemployment
Booming Economy Leads to Record-High Spring Break Air Travel
Iran Dumps the US Dollar: ‘The Dollar Has No Place in Our Transactions Today’
Bernie Sanders Wants to Guarantee Everyone a Job. He Has No Idea What It Will Cost
Bernie Sanders Says Minimum Wage Hike to $15 Would Reduce Federal Assistance By $7.6 Billion a Year – PolitiFact Says FALSE!
Opinion: $15 Per Hour Minimum Wage Is Bad Policy For 3 Reasons
Brent Batten: Rep. Rooney Has Idea to Limit Congress Terms: $1 Salary
Nice Work If You Can Get It! Google CEO Sundar Pichai Will Receive Payout Worth $380 MILLION This Week 
APR 23
The Economy Is Cooked
Emmanuel Macron to Trump: Don't Wage Trade Wars Against Your Allies
Canadians Just Set New Record For Borrowing Against Their Homes
APR 19
Millennials Pile Up Debt to Keep Up With Their Friends, Survey Finds
42% of Americans a Risk of Retiring Broke
It’s Clear ‘White Flight’ to Suburbs Isn’t Reason Cities Struggle
APR 18
IRS Gives One-Day Reprieve on Taxes After Major Computer Breakdown
5 Ways the New Tax Code Will Be Better
Hoyer: Democrats Will Look to Raise Taxes Once Back in Power
…Call for Trillion Dollar Tax Hike
President Trump Says No Deal on TPP
APR 17
Trump: Economy ‘Starting to Rock’ From Impact of Tax Cuts
Food-Stamp Usage Drops Half-Million in Month
Trump: Tax Preparers Won’t Be Happy With Next Year’s Simplified Tax Forms
Northwest States Do Best, Southeast Worst in New Social Capital Measure
Fiscal Nightmare of Extravagant Unfunded Pensions for State and Local Bureaucrats Looms
APR 13
Number of People Receiving Unemployment Benefits at 44-Year Lows
Apparent Trump Reversal on TPP Trade Deal Stuns Both Sides
Trump Orders Review of Postal Service Amid Amazon Accusations
Pentagon Refuses Delivery of Most Lockheed Martin F-35 Jets in Latest Dispute: Report
USDA Vows to Protect Agriculture Industry From China Tariffs
WH Mulls Letting States Require Drug Tests For Some Food Stamp Recipients
Related: 'Fake Pee' Is In Demand, and Now States Want to Ban It
RUBLE RUBBLE: Russia in Financial Free-Fall as Syria Backlash Sees Market Conditions ‘Like a Volcano’
APR 10
US- China Trade Talks Break Down After US Rejects "Frustrated" Beijing's Offer To Cut Deficit
China CAVES to Trump Economic Pressure, Vows to Cut Tariffs on US Autos
Dow Set to Surge…
Trillion-Dollar Deficits Come Roaring Back Under Trump
Oklahoma Teachers Walk Out, Saying $6,000 Raise Not Enough
Bankers Tell House GOP to Pass Senate Banking Bill
Americans Face Highest Pump Prices in Years
GOP’s Tax Cut Isn’t a Gift to the Rich, Analysis Finds
Campus 'Snowflakes' Are Piling Up in the Workplace
Home Buying Market So Brutal, Some Home Buyers Make Offer Sight Unseen
Conservatives Fear Trade War Could Cripple Tax Cuts Message
Economy Adds 103K Jobs in March, Unemployment Steady at 4.1%
'Rip-Roaring' Job Market Adds Another 241K in March
Trump Is ‘First President to Fight Back’ Against China, Kudlow Says
Study: 1 in 6 Favor 50% Tax Hike on Wealthy Even if It Means Less Money for the Poor
EPA Revision to Obama-Era Fuel Standards Could Save Car Buyers Thousands
Cryptocurrencies Have Become Terrorist Tool, Says Russian Security Chief
Trump Reportedly Wants a NAFTA Overhaul Deal Within 2 Weeks
$21 Trillion Dollars Is Missing From the US Government – HOLLY NOTE: For any of you who have Coast To Coast AM memberships and missed the April 1st interview, it's must-hear material. Investment advisor Catherine Austin Fitts discussed the state of our economy. She shared evidence that since 1998, beginning with Bill Clinton's presidency, $21 trillion started to go missing from the US government. Fitts recently unveiled this new website presenting all the documentation related to the missing funds specifically from HUD, where she used to work, and the DOD, which she refers to as "undocumented adjustments" to balance the books. She stated that for the last 20 years "the federal government has violated....constitution and federal finance laws related to its reporting." She's advocates that the constitution must be enforced and the government be held accountable for these unlawful acts. She also detailed how every day Americans are going to be left holding the financial, what will happen to their pension funds and personal finances and what's in store for all government assets, which will be auctioned off for pennies on the dollar. This is another reason for the strong push to remove all firearms and exactly why we have the Second Amendment.
4 Times Keith Ellison Is Asked If Dems Will Repeal Tax Cuts, 4 Times He Evaded the Question – video
Walmart Is Looking at Buying PillPack, an Online Pharmacy, For Under $1 Billion
Bitcoin's Market Value Should Fall By More Than a Third Before Year-End, Swiss Researchers Say
China Hits 128 U.S. Products With Steep Tariffs, Sparking Renewed Fears Of Trade War
'Arrogant’ EU Trade Bloc to Collapse Like Soviet Union After Brexit Warns Academic
Rising Rates Sounding Alarm Bells for Debt-Laden U.S. Consumers
Trump To Construction Workers: I'm Keeping My Promise
MAR 29
4 Lawmakers Offer Bill to Permanently Ban Earmarks
Trump: "Amazon Pays Little or No Taxes, Puts Thousands of Retailers Out of Business"
New-Age Economy Can't Grow When It Relies on an Outdated Power Grid
Trump Eyes $1.5T Infrastructure Investment, Hiring Up to 414,000 Additional Workers
Haley: US Won't Fund More Than 25% of UN Peacekeeping Budget
What the Massive US Military Budget Pays For
10 Most Tax-Friendly States in the U.S.
MAR 26
U.S. Holds Biggest Oil and Gas Lease Sale in History, Finds Little Interest in Gulf of Mexico
Gunmaker Remington Files For Bankruptcy
The US Is Said to Have Sent China a To-Do List to Solve Trade Frictions
MAR 23
Trump Signs $1.3 Trillion Spending Bill into Law Despite Being 'Unhappy' Over Lack of Border Security Funding – Will "Never Sign Another Bill Like This Again"
Funding for Border Wall in Spending Bill Divides Conservatives and Establishment Republicans
President Trump Imposes New Tariffs On China Over Continued US Intellectual Property Theft – HOLLY NOTE: It's pretty rich that china wants to retaliate when our President is the only one who's had courage to take on their continual theft of hardworking, inventive Americans. $600 billion a year is no small thing.
Related: How Much Has the US Lost From China's Intellectual Property Theft?
China Fights Back: Targets 128 American Products
Dow Closes More Than 700 Points Lower As Trade Fears Spark Plunge
MAR 22
Sen. John Kennedy on the Omnibus: ‘This Is a Great Dane-Sized Whiz Down the Leg of Every Taxpayer’
Fed Will Hike Rates 4 Times In 2018: Economist
China Is One Signature Away From Dealing The Dollar a Death Blow
MAR 21
Buried Liabilities Haunt The Infrastructure Debate
Here’s How Much Hillary’s Trump-Hate-Fest Tour of India Is Costing Taxpayers
Investors in Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies Face Hefty Tax Bills – According to IRS, Anything Purchased Using a Digital Currency Is Liable to Be Taxed as a Capital Gain
The Real Reason Toys R Us Is Closing That No One Wants to Talk About: Birthrates
MAR 20
Republicans Look to Unveil A Spending Bill As Government Lurches Toward Another Shutdown
A New Housing Crisis Emerging?
Californians Fed Up With Housing Costs and Taxes Are Fleeing State in Big Numbers
The Great California Train Wreck
Bitcoin Battered to Fresh Lows After Twitter Joins Crypto Ad Ban
The Suddenly Hot Job Market For Workers Over 50
Ultimate Indicator Shows US Never Recovered From The '08 Great Financial Crisis
US Cashes In on History’s Biggest LNG Boom Ever
MAR 16
Trump to Combat Movie Piracy By China, Saving the U.S. Economy $600B Annually
Irish Prime Minister Tells Trump: Irish Companies Are Bringing ‘Good Jobs to America’
MAR 15
Massive Food Stamp Fraud Uncovered
Hiring Surge For Pilots in the U.S.
Toys R Us Is Closing All Of Its US Stores
Comparing the 25 Most Notable Cryptocurrencies
Cryptos Crash: Bitcoin Back Below $8k Into "Mystery Dip-Buyer" Territory
MAR 14
Trump and Mattis Just Uncovered Trillions of Missing Dollars from Budget
Opponents Aim to Keep Internet Sales Tax Out of Omnibus Spending Bill
MAR 13
GOP Hopes Tax Cut Bill is Sweet Spot in Western Pennsylvania: Saccone and Trump Jr. Tour Candy Shop That Gave Out 80 New Jobs Thanks to Tax Cuts
U.S. Grants $200 Million Military Sale to Qatar Despite Secret Spy Op on American Citizens
Climate Activists Pick Taxpayer Pockets to Take Down Big Oil
MAR 12
Home Depot Pledges $50 Million to Train 20000 Skilled Laborers, Military Veterans Wanted
Job Growth Just Had Another Huge Month
The Impending US, European Union Trade War Has Been a Long Coming
Canada's Finance Minister Spins Trump Trade Tariffs as a Sign of the 'Strength of Our Relationship' with the US
New Peril For Moderate Dems: Voters Happy With Trump's Economy
NYT Corrects Piece About Couple's Tax Increase Under New Law to Admit Their Taxes Would Go Down
'Made in America' Makes Its Comeback
Crypto Carnage Continues - Bitcoin Below $9000
WH: Mexico, Canada Could Receive Tariff Exemptions
Manufacturing and Construction Are Expanding and Ready to Take on Infrastructure Package
US Customs Agencies Seize $1.2B in Counterfeit Imports as Illegal Goods Market Continues to Grow
American Steelmakers Say China is Dodging Tariffs by Sending Steel Through Vietnam
China IS in NAFTA, Here's How
Make Your Choice: Change By Pain Or Insight
China’s Holdings of U.S. Debt Down 10%
President Trump’s Debt Increase is Half Obama’s Debt Increase at Same Time in Their Respective Presidencies
Trump Slams Canada, Mexico: "Tariffs Will Only Came Off If New, Fair NAFTA Is Signed"
Trump: Steel and Aluminum Industries Are 'Dead,' Time For Change
It's Not a "Conspiracy Theory": Here's How Central Banks Actively Suppress The Price of Gold
Poll: Nearly 60% of Americans Say Imposing Tariffs on Chinese Steel, Aluminum Is Crucial
Here are the US Exports That Could Get Slapped With Retaliation By Other Countries
In 2002, President Bush Imposed 30% Steel Tariffs; This Is What Happened Next
Furious World Responds to Trump Tariffs, Vows Retaliation
Trump: "Trade Wars Are Good And Easy to Win"
U.S. Jobless Claims Plunge to 49-year Low of 210,000
U.S. Has Record 12th Straight Year Without 3% Growth in GDP
Conservative Groups Urge Congress to Oppose Online Sales Tax Bill
The US Government Lost $1.2 Trillion In 2017
FEB 27
Trump Squeezes Boeing for $1.4B on New Deal to Replace Reagan-Era Air Force One Jets
Conservatives Release Blueprint for Trump to 'Eliminate' Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac
Gold Rush Vol. 2: Why is Russia Buying More Gold?
FEB 22
Jobless Claims Plunge to 222,000, Second-Lowest Mark in Decades
America Faces Looming Retirement Crisis If Our Policymakers Fail To Act
FEB 20
EU Warns It Will Retaliate If Hit By U.S. Trade Curbs
L.A. County’s Homeless Problem Is Worsening Despite Billions From Tax Measures
FEB 19
Trump Seeks To End Mandatory Heating Assistance Program For Low-Income People – HOLLY NOTE: Shouldn't people be allowed to donate to organizations of their choice?
FEB 16
Rand Paul: Is Our Military Budget too Small, or Is Our Mission too Large?
The GOP Tax Cut Gamble: Republicans Bet the House Majority on the Trump Tax Cut
FEB 15
Stocks Are Ready To Rally For Fifth Straight Session, Shrugging Off Inflation Jitters
Obama Said We Can't Drill Our Way to Energy Independence. Actually, We Did.
How Silicon Valley's Housing Boom Is Creating a Homeless Crisis – video
The IRS Is Coming For Your Passports
Banking Crisis, Bail-Ins And Money Holdings: Lessons from Cyprus...
Banking Crisis, Bail-Ins And Money Holdings
Financial Meltdown and the Confiscation of Bank Savings: The UK-EU Bank Depositor “Bail-In” Scheme
How Safe Are Your Deposits If Your Bank Fails? Read About The Bail-In Option
FEB 14
GOP Rep Unveils 'Crumbs Act' to Make Bonuses Tax-Free, in Swipe at Pelosi
Trump Plans to Replace Food Stamps: Here’s How – HOLLY NOTE: This welfare program has ballooned way beyond what was ever considered. When the program began in 1969, a mere 2.9 million needed it. At the end of 2017, over 42 million people partook. What does this say? Is the program being scammed? The USDA says fraud has been cut to just 1%. Has the bar been abolished for who can receive? Or is America overall poorer? In 2016, the EBT (food stamps) program cost $71 billion, which means $70 million of that was fraud. [Last summer in the grocery store, the check out clerk was obviously irritated waiting on the woman in front of me. Asked her why and she replied that the customer was using her EBT card to buy landscape plants.] The big bill is not because Puerto Rico was obliterated last year by hurricanes because they've been on a separate food program since 1982. Something to ponder.
Trump Plan Cuts CFPB’s Budget By One-Third
Insider Trading Is Still Rampant on Wall Street, Two News Studies Suggest
FEB 13
Trump Releases 2019 Budget With $3 Trillion In Cuts – HOLLY NOTE: This is decades overdue with both parties to blame. Instead of streamlining and consolidating agencies where they perform the same jobs, there is much overlap with agencies not even sharing findings with each other. Instead of looking where agencies could be cut to become cost-effective, especially Democrats that love big govt., added more government employees sucking the taxpayer dry. Hey, it's easier than assessing productivity and cutting the fat. Each agency covets its own territory so not to be on the chopping block. It's not surprising that it took someone outside the Swamp – a businessman used to running lean and mean – to pierce this fetid pig of govt. waste. On a personal note, Stan and I knew who and what we voted for in 2016. While Trump's challenges – some true, most fiction – have been laid bare and hyped by unabashedly biased media, we voted for the man who'd get this country back on track. Increasingly members of both parties promote their own best personal electable agendas. Wouldn't the Founding Fathers just have a cow… This country is in the ditch. It's going to take a strong, committed president – without party affiliation though Trump ran on the Republican ticket – with amazing backbone to get done what must be done and bend when necessary. The Obamas and Clintons claim they were broke when then entered the White House, yet emerged multi-millionaires. Trump, when elected president, said (paraphrased) to the American people, 'I'll work for free for you.' People tend to forget this selfless act. We need this maverick who has the business courage to wield the sword while shielding America – to MAGA. Outside Jesus, he's our last best chance or this country will become fully socialist.
Trump Infrastructure Plan Gets Cold Reception – HOLLY NOTE: We can spend over $7 TRILLION on wars in the Middle East, but can't cough up 1/4 that amount for our own country? This is where we get on board with Libertarians. Balance the budget by cutting back excessive 'entitlement' programs that gobble up over 60% of the budget, eliminate government agency overlap, cut back on foreign aid and spend $$ on America's infrastructure, which in turn creates millions of jobs. We should step away from being the world's police, protector, benefactor, financier and babysitter. Let someone else pick up that cross and bear that burden of lives lost and draining financial burdens. Any takers? Doubtful.
Trump Proposes Cutting All Federal Funds for NPR, PBS
Full Text of Trump's Infrastructure Plan
Trump's 2019 NASA Budget Request Puts Moon Ahead of Space Station
Virtually Nobody Is Reporting Crypto Profits To The IRS
If This Correction Is Over, It Will Be Unique In Leaving Most Individual Stocks Unscathed
Businesses Ignore Climate, Cyber Threats At Their Own Peril
Amazon Is Cutting Hundreds Of Corporate Jobs, According To New Report
FEB 12
President’s $1.5T Infrastructure Plan to Shorten Permitting, Invest in Rural Areas, Train Workforce
Shortest Shutdown in History: Congress OKs Deal to End Gov’t Freeze, After Night of Drama Over Busted Budget Caps
…Includes 54% Military Spending in Federal Budget
Budget Deal Shows High Cost of Bipartisanship
DHS Staffers Advocating for ‘Buy American, Hire American’ NAFTA Reform Told to ‘Stand Down’ in Leaked Docs
Senate Announces 2-Year Budget Deal But House Could Stall Over DACA
Right Revolts…
Senate to Vote on Two-Year Budget Today
IRS Overpaid Nearly $3.5 Billion in ObamaCare Tax Credits in 2017, Can’t Recoup Money
For Cryptocurrency, Online Criminals Prefer Availability to Anonymity
50,000 GM Factory Workers to Get $11,750 Profit-Sharing Checks
Poll: Americans Increasingly Supportive of Tariffs to Protect U.S. Against Globalization
After Wild Market Swings Yesterday, Dow Closed 567 Points Higher
House Passes Bill to Avoid Friday Shutdown, Sends It to the Senate
What The Crypto Crash & Stock Market Plunge Have In Common
Bitcoin Plunges to $7000 In Worst Start to Year Ever
Trump Cuts Business Free
Trudeau Threatens to Leave Nafta Rather Than ‘Take Any Old Deal’
White House Plan Giving Restaurant Owners More Control Over Tips Under Fire
What to Expect From the Jerome Powell Era at the Fed
Congress Closed America's Infrastructure Bank. Reopen It
California City to Experiment With 'Universal Basic Income'
Government Set to Borrow Nearly $1 Trillion This Year, an 84% Jump From Last Year
Colombia Opens Shelter for Venezuelans Fleeing Economic Crisis
Cryptos Tumble After India Says It Will "Take All Measures to Eliminate" Their Use
Demystifying Everything You Need to Know About Cryptocurrency
Two-Thirds of UK Pension Funds Are in the Red - $300 Billion Shortfall Revealed
Customer Lawsuits Pummel Spanish Banks
JAN 30
6 Traders Arrested for Manipulating the Gold Market
Blockchain Bait and Switch
JAN 29
World's First Cryptobank Raided Last Friday Owner Confirms
Bernie Sanders Struck Dumb When Asked If Glad People Are Getting Tax Cut Bonuses
Mainstream Media Ignores Pelosi’s ‘Crumbs’ Comments About Bonuses
US Savings Rate Hits Crisis Lows Amid Soaring Credit Card Debt
JAN 26
250 Companies Offering 'Trump Bonuses,' Up 525%
Home Depot Adds Name to List of Companies Giving Out Tax Cut Perks for Employees
Survey: 64% of Small Business Owners Believe Trump’s Policies Have Helped Their Business
Liberals Are Ripping Tax Reform Bonuses. But They Celebrated $40 Under Obama Tax Cut.
Wasserman Schultz Joins Pelosi in Mocking Size of $1K Cash Bonuses Linked to Tax Cuts
SCOTTeVEST CEO: We Advertise on Fox News Because Viewers Are ‘F**king Idiots’ and I'm "Getting Rich Off Them"
Goldman Shows What a Market Crash Will Do to the Economy
JAN 18
Apple to Invest $350 Billion in US; Create 20,000 Jobs, Open New Campus
Will Pay $38B in Taxes to Bring Cash Home Stashed Abroad
…Giving $2,500 Stock Awards to Rank and File Employees
Apocalypse: More Companies Hiring, More Americans Keeping Their Own Money
Dow Spikes 322 Points, Closes Above 26,000 for First Time
Counterfeit Cash Circulating in 11 States: Here’s How to Spot It
Ripple Co-Founder Loses $44 Billion on Paper During Cryptocurrency Crash
Bitcoin Sell-Off Deepens…
California's Homeless Problem Revealed In One "Incredible" Video
JAN 16
Dow Surpasses 26,000 in Record Time
Drowning in the Money River: Why the 99% of Us Are Falling Farther Behind
California Proposes Dodgy State-Run Charity Scheme to Offset New Fed Tax Changes
Bitcoin Investors ‘Should Be Prepared to Lose All Their Money,’ Market Watchdog Warns As Cryptocurrency Plunges 20%
JAN 12
Due to Tax Cuts, Fiat Chrysler to Move 2500 Jobs From Mexico to Michigan, Invest $US1B in Plant
In Wake of Tax Reform, at Least 2 Million Americans Have Already Been Paid Bonuses or Had Pay Boosted – List of Companies
Sen. Ted Cruz Asks Democrats to Join Him on Bill to Make Middle-Class Tax Cuts Permanent
Whispers of $80 Oil Growing Louder
Gas Prices Tiptoe Higher but Downward Trend May Be Coming Soon
USA National Gas Price Heat Map – HOLLY NOTE: Type in your city or zip code to find the best price in your area.
Major Missouri County Employer Closing Its Doors - 850 Jobs Impacted
After Min Wage Hike, Huge Restaurant Chain Eliminates Key Position in All 570 Locations
IRS Paid $20 Million to Collect $6.7 Million in Tax Debts
JAN 11
Walmart Is Raising Wages And Giving Bonuses, Citing Tax Cuts
Poll: View of Economy Is at Record High
California's Governor Brown Raises Prospect of Pension Cuts in Downturn
World's Biggest Hedge Fund Hires World's Best Female Poker Player
JAN 10
Social Security Proposes "Immediate and Permanent Reduction" In Benefits
Trump Endorses Return to Pork-Barrel Spending Projects
Japanese Automakers to Build $1.6 Billion Plant in Alabama
Stock Market Best Start of Year Since 1987!
Economic Engine Roars Back to Life: U.S. Small Biz Confidence Record High
Jamie Dimon Predicts 4% GDP Growth
Trump Admin Approves $133 Million Missile Sale to Japan
WaPo Admits: Trump’s First-Year Job Numbers ‘Very, Very Good’
Trump Warns Farmers That Democrats Want to Raise Taxes, Regulations – HOLLY NOTE: Trump is the first President in 25 years to accept the American Farm Bureau's invitation to come speak.
A Financial 'Bomb Cyclone' Is Coming for the States in 2018
New Department of Labor Report Reveals Rampant Embezzlement By Union Employees Around U.S.
Free College Would Make Higher Education an Extension of High School – HOLLY NOTE: Aren't they there now with the safe spaces and Care Bears?
A Curious Thing Happened When Ontario Hiked Minimum Wages By Over 20%
"It's Historic Euphoria": 5 Trading Days Into 2018, The S&P Has Already Hit 4 Year-End Price Targets
Trump Follows Through on Threat, Slashes Aid to Palestinians
Trump Takes Second Swing at Pakistan, Shows $250 Million Cut Was Only the Beginning
Trump Keeps His Promise: Blacks and Hispanics Do Better with Him Than Obama
We Hear You: Tax Cuts, the GOP Establishment, the Job Outlook, and the Trump Economy
Cash Windfall from Trump's Tax Law May Fuel Corporate Dealmaking Boom
The Best Time of the Year to Buy Everything
Disaster Aid Becomes Hostage to Funding Fight
Trump Proposes Massive Expansion of Offshore Drilling
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