Government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases:
If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.
—Ronald Reagan, 1981

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Trade Wars and China
Time to Consider Bitcoin
Dow Jones Soars 1,086 — BIGGEST POINT GAIN EVER — Day After President Trump Says It’s a Good Time to Buy!
Wells Fargo May Have Outsourced Hundreds of Americans’ Jobs This Year – HOLLY NOTE: Another WF scandal exposed.
US Retailers See Strongest Holiday Sales in 6 Years
Wayne Peterson's Financial Survivalist Letter
Trump Warns Fed Against Rate Hike While The World Is 'Blowing Up Around Us'
US Automakers Surge On Report China Will Lower Vehicle Tariffs from 40% to 15%
Study: Elite Zip Codes Thrived in Obama Recovery, Rural America Left Behind
IMF Warns Storm Clouds Gathering For Global Economy
China Breaks Unexplained Silence on Trump Trade Deal: 'We Are Confident In Implementation'
Obamacare Enrollment Sinks 11% — Negative Nellies Say Historically Low Unemployment Is at Least Partly to Blame
Job Growth Falls Short of Expectations in November: 155,000 Payrolls Created Vs 198,000 Estimate, Unemployment Holds at 3.7%
Millennials Blamed For Killing These Businesses
OPEC, Russia to Cut Oil Output, Despite Trump Pressure
Why Bitcoin May Become Virtually Worthless: Finance Professor
Trump’s China Trade Truce Cheered By U.S. Business Leaders
Trump to Hold Off on Tariff Hikes Against China, Negotiations Continue
Dow Gets 617 Powell Pop, Best Three Days Since 2016
Trump Furious Over Plans For Plant Closures And Layoffs, Threatens to Cut All Federal Aid to GM
GM Offered Employees Buyouts Before Layoff Announcement: Report
Cryptocurrency Is a Globalist Scam For Total Control Over The World’s Money, With Total Transactional Surveillance ET
What Americans See as US Economy’s Main Threat
Obama Made The Big Banks Rich And Now He Wants a 'Thank You'
Gas selling for under $2 per gallon in These States
Trump’s Approval Rating On Economy Ticks Up To New High of 53% – Every President's Best Rating From Ronald Reagan Through Barack Obama Only Hit 45%
Drug Companies Snub Trump By Hiking Prices
Pelosi Angers Left By Proposing Supermajority Requirement For Raising Income Taxes on the Middle Class
In China the Next Great Global Financial Meltdown is in the Works
Massive Amounts of Dollars Must Be Fed into System or It Blows Up – video
List of Major Retailers' Hours For Black Friday Deals
These Stores Will Be Closed on Thanksgiving
Amazon Wants to Open 3,000 Automated Amazon Go Stores With No Cashiers
Record High Business Optimism, Need For Employees At 45-Year High
New Congress Must Keep Its Foot on Trump's Economic Gas Pedal
Anaheim's 'Living Wage' Initiative Is Expected To Pass. A Business Advocate Calls It a 'Tragic Outcome'
Amazon Hiring 300 For Colorado Springs Warehouse-Fulfillment Center
Trump Says He's Open to Raising the Corporate Tax Rate to Pay for Middle Class Tax Cut
U.S., Mexico, Canada Ministers to Sign Trade Pact Nov. 30, Official Says
US Christmas Sales This Year Predicted To Surpass $1 Trillion For The First Time
How Boeing Is Absolutely Crushing Airbus
Under Trump, the Number of Americans with $1 Million in Their 401k's Soars
Mad Maxine Waters Will 'Grind Down' Trump's Business-Freeing Deregulatory Efforts: Jeb Hensarling
Amazon's Second Headquarters Bringing 50,000 New Jobs
New York Times SHOCKER: ‘Best Time’ for American Employees in Maybe 50 Years
ABC News/Washington Post Poll: 65% of Americans Say Economy Is in Excellent or Good Shape, Compared to Just 38% as Obama Left Office and Only 27% Before 2014 Midterms
What Will Happen to Your Wallet if Democrats Flip the House? – video
Trump’s Proposed 5% Cut Would Be a Win for Taxpayers
Microsoft Is Getting Ripped Off By China, Losing $10B in Profits
Will Your Retirement Efforts Achieve Escape Velocity?
Payrolls Smash Estimates With Gain of 250,000, Wage Gains Pass 3% For First Time Since Recession
October Surprise: U.S. Added More Than 1,000 Manufacturing Jobs a Day, Best Since 1998 – HOLLY NOTE: Remember when Obama told us that manufacturing in America was gone forever, get used to it? He must have used shovels to get that much egg on his face.

US Treasury Yields Jump After Better-Than-Expected Jobs Report
US Stock Futures Rise After Better-Than-Expected Jobs Report And Trade Optimism
Trump Has Reportedly Asked Officials to Draft A Possible Trade Deal With China
18 Midterm Election Tax Measures to Watch For at the Polls
Stocks to Surge 8% to New Records in Final Two Months Of Year, Market Bull Predicts
Minnesota Dem Brags About $2 Billion Tax Hike
Wages and Salaries Jump By 3.1%, Highest Level in a Decade
Dow Rises 200 Points After Trump Says Trade Talk With China’s Xi Went Well
The US Has the Only Economy in the World That Is Doing Well
Trump Isn’t Taking Credit for the Best Thing He’s Done for the Economy
Gold Buying By Central Banks Hits Its Highest Level in Almost 3 Years
Canada's Economy Expands for 7th Month on Oil Extraction
Texas Voters Are Upbeat About the Economy, UT/TT Poll Finds
Consumer Confidence Soars — And All The Democrats Go, Gulp

Top US Economist Stephen Moore Agrees with Trump: “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet” – “We’re Going to See a BIG, BIG Rally”
Trump's New Tax Cut Plan Probably Waits For 2019: Lawmaker
The UN Gets $10 Billion a Year From US Taxpayers; Cuba Thinks That’s Not Enough – HOLLY NOTE: The U.S. already contributes more than ALL other nations combined.
US Economy Grew at a 3.5% Pace in the Third Quarter, Faster Than Expected
Trump Promises 10% Tax Cut For Middle Class, Catching Allies Off Guard
‘Remember Who Started It’: Obama Takes Credit for Trump’s ‘Economic Miracles’ – HOLLY NOTE: That's rich coming from Obama who nearly killed small businesses, who told Americans not to expect anything higher than 2% growth when Trump hit 4.2% in his first 18 months in office, and it was Obama who slapped on so many regulations that it strangled business growth while simultaneously tying up established companies in red tape and Obama who said manufacturing was never coming back to the U.S. Trump has removed more regulations than any president in history. In Obama's administration, companies fled America; in Trump's admin they're coming back in droves. Unemployment under Obama could do no better than 4.7%. Under Trump it's already at 3.7%. It was Obama that simultaneously slaughtered good paying full-time jobs and replaced them with crappy part-time positions.

Under Trump, there are more job openings for skilled labor than there are people to fill them. Unemployment for blacks, Hispanics and Asians is the lowest in history. For women, unemployment is the lowest in 65 years. For young people, it's the lowest in 52 years. The number of people working is now the biggest in the history of America. Trump made the biggest tax cut in a generation – 10% coming next week as well as done away with the death tax. Trump also is making us energy independent signing the Keystone and Dakota pipeline legislation. Trump required other countries in the UN to pay their fair share rather than the U.S. paying way more than all other countries combined. And last, Trump revamped detrimental trade agreements of TPP and NAFTA to be more fair to America rather than us continually getting ripped off. So Obama, YOU didn't build this economy. Trump did.
Ford Starts US Production of the Ranger Pickup for the First Time in Years
Democrats Will Impose Massive Tax Hikes If They Win Congress – Raise Tax Rates on Families and Businesses, Bring Back the Dreaded AMT, and Re-impose the Death Tax
Related: Democrats Release Tax Hike Plan
Trump Running Govt Like a Business; Asks Cabinet to Cut Next Year's Department Budgets by 5%
'Economic Security Is National Security'
Trump to Withdraw U.S. From Postal Treaty, Squeezing China
Monsanto And Bayer Are Moving To Create A Monopoly On Marijuana
U.S. Job Openings Hit a Record 7.1 Million, Exceed Number of Unemployed Americans – HOLLY NOTE: These job openings require skilled workers and are not a reason to open our borders to illegal aliens. It instead, further makes the case for vetting legal immigrants that are welcome.
U.S. Is World’s Most Competitive Economy for First Time in a Decade
Stock Market Has Best Day In 7 Months
Feds Collect Record Income Taxes in 2018
These 70 Stores Will Be Closed on Thanksgiving
Trump Says The Fed Has ‘Gone Crazy’ After The Dow Tumbles 830 Points In One Day
$15 Minimum Wage Movement Sets Sights on McDonald's
NJ Sets Possible Date For Marijuana Legalization - And A Tax – HOLLY NOTE: On the pot issue, Colorado taxes pot highly, along with additional fees and licenses imposed. It breaks down like this: 2.9% sales tax on medical marijuana, a 'special' sales tax of 15% on retail marijuana and a 15% excise tax on retail marijuana. It is a cash cow for CO. In the first 8 months of this year, Colorado's state govt. raked in $178 million. From 2014 to 2018, they will have collected as estimated $1.4B.

Supposedly this hefty pot (no pun intended) is used for a lot of lofty purposes like education and public health via a school health-professionals grant, the Good to Know campaign, a Healthy Kids Colorado survey and some substance-abuse-prevention efforts, construction of affordable housing, and to local governments. Other tax revenue goes to law enforcement, public safety, transportation and some to fill state budget gaps. But who's keeping track?

In line with that thought, one or more of Colorado's State Treasurer candidates running this year claimed that a lot of this money was completely accounted for and disappearing into politicians' pockets. Their campaign promises were to prepare a complete pot tax accountability spreadsheet. If Colorado is encountering these issues you can bet this money pit / black hole is hitting others states as well. Do other states know where their collected marijuana $$ go?
Market Meltdown: New Warnings That Correction Is Unstoppable
Middle Class Erosion: 33 Million Americans Will Not Travel During The Holidays Because They Can’t Afford To Do So
Why Is The Media Warning A Recession Is Expected “By The End Of 2020” That Will Be “Worse Than The Great Depression”?
Why Ron Paul Thinks the US Is Barreling Towards A Stock Market Plunge Of At Least 50%
US-Mexico-Canada Deal Targets China With 'Poison Pill' Provision
Amazon Is Doubling Down On Its Private Label Business, Stoking 'huge Fear' In Some Sellers – HOLLY NOTE: Maybe Amazon needs to change its name to Behemoth…
Unemployment rAte Falls to 49-Year Low to 3.7%
Here's Where The Jobs Are — In One Chart
Mexico, Canada Trade Deal Gives Trump China Leverage
CNN, Axios Suggest Trump Trade Tactics Working
These 2 Companies Plan to Expand Workforce by 20% Thanks to Tax Reform
Trump: US Is Entering 'Manufacturing Renaissance' – HOLLY NOTE: Remember when Obama said manufacturing in America was gone for good, we'd better deal with it?
Related: Then Trump Sets Record of 40,000 Manufacturing Jobs in One Month
New York Times Finally Admits How Obama Screwed Up The Economy in 2016 – HOLLY NOTE: Was this yet another 'bomb' Obama left Trump like Iran, ObamaCare, North Korea that he left to try and blow up the Trump presidency?
BIGGEST DEAL IN HISTORY: US and Canada Reach New Trade Deal – USMCA – to Replace NAFTA
Trump: Why Are We Subsidizing Saudi Arabia's Military?
CIBC, A Huge Canadian Bank, Was Offline All Day, Proving Again The Dangers of a Cashless Society
Poverty, Crime And Human Feces: The Worst Cities In America Are The Ones Being Run By Democrats
Final Reading on Q2 GDP Confirms 4.2% Gain, The Fastest, Strongest Rise in 4 Years
Fed Raises Key Rate To Range of 2% to 2.25%, Keeps Forecast For 4 Hikes in 2018
Do They Know Something We Don’t? Corporate Insiders Are Selling Stocks At The Fastest Pace In 10 Years
Why Are So Many People Talking About The Potential For A Stock Market Crash In October?
Manufacturing Booming in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Carolinas
What Comes Next – Previews of the Coming Reckoning
Trump's Tax Cuts Already Paying For Themselves
Largest U.S. Public Pension Fund Looks to Hand Over Control to Chinese Official
Don't Fall Into These Medicare Traps – They Could Cost You Thousands
Democrats Vow Massive Tax Hikes If They Win
‘Truth in Accounting’ Awards 10 States “F” Grades
Dow Hits Record, Surpassing January Level, As Apple Rises And Trade-War Fears Simmer Down
Trump Blasts OPEC, Sending Oil Prices Lower: ‘Monopoly Must Get Prices Down Now’
Billionaire Ken Langone: 'This Economy Is Booming,' And Trump Deserves a Lot Of Credit For It
Liberal Millennials Not Buying That Booming Economy Is Due to Obama, Admit It's Trump's Doing – video'
Amazon Is Planning To Open Up to 3,000 Cashier-Free Stores By 2021, Report Says
Capital Expenditures Surge to 25-year High, R&D Jumps 14% as Companies Spend Tax Cut Riches Freely
Trump to Announce $200 Billion In New China Tariffs Monday
Eliminating ‘Most Problematic’ Federal Regulations Saves Taxpayers $1.3 Billion This Year
"We've Reached Never-Never-Land" Austin Fitts Warns Americans Face "The End Of Financial Security"
Trump Rolls Back Anti-Franchising Regs – Proposed Rule Would Reverse Obama's Union-Backed Joint-Employer Standard
Teachers Getting Help To Buy Homes in California's Hot Housing Market
Turkish Lira Plunges As Ankara Prepares Non-Performing Loan Bailout For Local Banks
Boom Times: 72% Blue Collar Are ‘Optimistic About Future,’ 67% ‘Happy’
House Passes Three-Bill Funding Package
Republicans Advance Bill to Make Trump Tax Cuts Permanent
Are You in the American Middle Class? Find Out With This Income Calculator
A Generation Plans An Exodus From California
Small Business Optimism At 35-Year High
House Republicans Unveil Plans To Make GOP Tax Cuts Permanent
US Stocks Gain as Confidence in the Economy Grows
US GDP Growth Expected To Reach 3.5 in 3Q: Kevin Hassett – video
Why Trump’s Grade On The Economy Is Stuck at a B – HOLLY NOTE: "Stuck at a B?" Life should always be this rough! That's terrific! People often forget that Obama cut the full-time work week to just 29 hours to make the full-time employee stats look better, said manufacturing jobs were permanently out of the U.S - get used to it, and most importantly, the majority of jobs creation he took credit for were part-time, entry level positions – not jobs where people could earn a sustainable living. Funny how Progressives omit this crucial info.
Obama Debunked By Kevin Hassett Chairman CEA For Taking Credit For Trump's Booming Economy – HOLLY NOTE: If you want to know how, where and how much the Nation's economy has improved, this excellent short video is good news, informative and actually fun to watch. We could all use a bit of encouragement, right? Sept. 12 is the National Day of Encouragement – video of day
WINNING: US Adds 201K Jobs in August – More Than Expected; Wage Growth Hits Post-Recession High of 2.9% – More Than the Expected 2.7%, Unemployment Stays at 3.9%
WINNING: Unemployment Claims Plummet to 49-Year Low, As The Trump Economy Continues to Break Records
Bernie Sanders Takes on Jeff Bezos: Amazon Wages are 'Absurd
If Democrats Retake The House, The Same Folks Who Oversaw The Great Recession Will Be Back
White House Boasts Of Economic Boon: ‘Policies Are Lifting Up Hardworking Americans’
Trump Blocks Pay Raise For 1.5 Million Federal Workers, Calls For No Increase Next Year
Conservatives Win 'Biggest Victory' Against Unions Since Supreme Court Decision On Forced Dues
New Estimate of GDP: 4.2%!
Blue-Collar Workers Increasingly Optimistic Under Trump
Gillum Wants 40% Corporate Tax Rate Hike – HOLLY NOTE: Isn't this proof Liberals are tone deaf? Trump lowered taxes and the economy shot off like a rocket. And Dems want to throw it into reverse?
Trump Says Canada Badly Wants In New NAFTA Deal As Friday Deadline Looms
Colorado Voters To Decide Whether To Ban Oil And Gas Drilling in Most Of State
US and Mexico Reach Trade Deal, Paving The Way Toward Replacing NAFTA
Stocks Soar, Market Breaks Records
Youth Unemployment Hits 52-Year Low
Your Credit Score May Have Just Gone Up. Here's Why.
Texas Exports More Oil Than Imports For First Time
Here's a Map of the 46 Sears and Kmart Stores Closing in November
Trump to End 'War On Coal' With Rule Replacing Obama-era Clean Power Plan
Germany Calls For Global Payment System Independent of the US
Futures Fall On Trump Legal Fallout As S&P Bull Run Hits Record
Bank Of England Chief Economist Warns Of Disruptive AI Threat In "Fourth Industrial Revolution"
Ocasio-Cortez Visits Former Employer. They Just Went Out Of Business Because Of Policies She Supports.
The Tax Cuts Gift
Trump 'Not Thrilled' With Fed Chair Over Interest Rate Increases
Economic Freedom Improves Lives, Yet Another Study Finds
Tesla in Turmoil: JP Morgan Predicts 30% Stock Plunge
U.S. Steel to Invest $750M at Indiana Plant Thanks to Trump Tariffs
Michael Barone: Either Trump Is Delivering On His Economic Promises, Or He's Very Lucky
Whistleblower Makes Shocking IRS, Insider Trading Allegations
Chelsea Clinton: Legalizing Abortion Created Trillions in Economic Growth
Americans Agree ‘Made in America’ Is More Than a Slogan, It's a Way of Life
Jobless Claims Unexpectedly Fell and Inflation Ticked Down, Suggesting Strong U.S. Economy
Trump Predicts GDP Growth Could Soon 'Be in the 5s'
Missouri Voters Overturn Right-To-Work Law
2.8 Million People Drop Off Food Stamps Under Trump
John Stossel: Are Looney Liberals And Smug Celebrities About To Put An End To Tipping?
CNBC Survey: 59% Approve Trump’s Handling of Economy, Most Say U.S. Will Win Trade War
China Warns Against Blackmail As Trump Considers Higher Tariffs
Here's Everything Wrong With Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Delusional Tax Reform Ideas
Improving Economy In US Could Predict Next Baby Boom
Mystery as Russia Liquidates US Treasury Holdings
Burned-Out Millennials Quitting Lucrative Jobs To Live Their Best Life
WINNING! Trump Touts Booming Growth As Economy Roars At Fastest Pace In Years to 4.1% – HOLLY NOTE: Pres. Trump shared in his press conference today that 1 percentage point equals approx. $3 Trillion added to the economy + 10 Million new jobs.
BP Bets Big on U.S. Shale in $10.5B Move – Raises Production By Nearly 20%
MARC THIESSEN: Trump's Tariffs Could Make Him Free Trade King
Oil Prices Could Skyrocket As Saudi Arabia Bans Exports Through Red Sea Straits After Their Oil Tankers Were Bombed By Iranian-Backed Yemeni Rebels
Wipeout! Facebook Sheds $100 Billion In Market Value On Fears About User Growth
WINNING! Trump Secures Concessions from EU to Avoid Trade War: Europeans Agree to Lower Tariffs, Import More U.S. Soybeans
…Will Import More U.S. Liquified Natural Gas…
Ivanka Trump Shuts Down Fashion Brand 'to Focus On Politics'
Tech Stocks Set To Fall Thursday With Facebook On Track For Biggest Drop Ever
Yesterday: Facebook Plunges 20% As Revenue, User Growth Disappoint
Southern California Home Sales Crash, A Warning Sign To The Nation
Call Kurtis: Safe Boxes May Not Be Safe After All
GOP Pushing For Bill to Make Individual Tax Cuts Permanent
Trump Officials Announce $12 Billion Bailout Plan For Farmers
Currency War Erupts, Threatening To Ripple Across Global Markets
California DMV Worker Slept on the Job For 3 Years, Audit Says and Never Got Fired
Here's Why Americans Are Moving To These States
Nike Is About To Give 7,000 Employees Raises
Tabloid New York Daily News Hit with Massive Layoffs
Donald Trump Set to Take Federal Reserve from 'Rothschild’s Control' – HOLLY NOTE: While this may be very good for Americans, this may be be good for Trump's health.
New Report Shows Every Congressional District Benefits From Tax Reform
Donald Trump Set to Take Federal Reserve from 'Rothschild’s Control'
‘Pig Book’ Spotlights 232 Earmarks Amid Pork That Wastes Taxpayers’ Money
EU Resists Trump’s Zero-Tariff Trade Offer, Prepares New List of Sanctions to Add Pressure
Trump Signs Executive Order Establishing Paid Apprenticeship Programs with U.S. Companies for 3.8 Million Workers
New York Times Profiles George Soros, Fails to Note His $3 Million Investment in Company
Trump ‘Not Thrilled’ With Fed Rate Hikes: ‘It Puts Us at a Disadvantage’
New Jersey Lawmaker Proposes Tap Water Tax Considers Getting Paid Less Than $15/Hr. Violence
The White House's Next Move On Drug Prices
The Great Dollar Dump: Russia Liquidates US Treasury Holdings
China Is Investing 9 Times More into Europe Than into North America, Report Reveals
New Trump Pledge Aims To Help Workers Worried About Jobs
Charles Nenner – Gold to Enter New Bull Market, Depression then Hyperinflation Coming
Chicago Mulls 'Universal Basic Income' Testing, 'Direct Cash Transfers to People' – HOLLY NOTE: Here we go again with Progressives trying to back-door Socialism. First Stockton, CA, now Chicago.
Obama: We Are Going to Have to Consider a Universal Income – video
Amazon on Track to Capture Nearly HALF of US Retail Market By The End of 2018, Research Shows
Trump Pulled Out of the Paris Climate Accords, But the U.S. Is Spending Billions to Implement It
Trouble Ahead for the Housing Market – We're Starting to See Rising Supply & Flat/Declining Prices
Jobless Claims Plunge to 214,000, Lowest Since May
Trump Declares Victory After NATO Meeting: Says Members Committed to Pay More
Trump's Tariffs Are Unlikely to Cause a Recession Because They Are Leaving the Most Important Part of the Economy Alone
Americans Going On Vacation For The First Time in Decades
Trump's 4% NATO Target Is a Righteous Rebuke to NATO Freeloaders and to Russia
House Democrat: ‘China Declared Trade War,’ Not Trump
EIA: U.S. Shortly to Become “the World’s Leading Producer of Crude Oil”
Federal Government Studies Sex Life of Coked-Out Quail; Sen. Rand Paul Angry
Kylie Jenner Set to Become World’s Youngest Self-Made Billionaire
Trump: Pfizer Is ‘Rolling Back Price Hikes’ on Prescription Drugs
Trump WH to Dump Obama-Era Rule Allowing Unions to Siphon Medicaid $$$
Trump Administration Announces Plan for Tariffs on $200 Billion in Chinese Products
Employers Start Using AI to Set Raises Based on "Predicted" Performance
Trump Prepares to Tackle Dicey Spending Issue at NATO Summit
Employment Boom Forces Republicans and Democrats to Rethink Economic Policy
California City to Be First in Country to Test Monthly Payments to Residents – HOLLY NOTE: How long will this last when Stockton attracts every deadbeat in the state wanting their free $500?
America's Top States for Business 2018: The Full List
Texas Rebounds to Become America's Top State for Business in 2018
Pentagon Finally Says How Much It Saves By Canceling 'War Games' With South Korea
Profit Growth Set to Boom Again By More Than 20%, But Company Forecasts Will Dictate Market's Direction
U.S. Labor Shortage Is Reaching a Critical Point
GOP to Attack Unfunded Federal Mandates Next Week
The Sino-Mexican Influence in America's Backyard
Supreme Court's Janus Ruling Will End Cash Cow For Liberal Activists: Experts
Trump to NATO: You've Got to Pay Your Bills – video

Blue-Collar Wages Rising in Red-Hot Economy
San Francisco Mandates California’s First $15 Minimum Wage
Leaked Bill to Blow Up the WTO
Canada Slaps Retaliatory Tariffs on U.S. Goods
Gas Taxes Rise Sunday in 7 States as AAA Projects Record Travel for July 4