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Current Flu Map – HOLLY NOTE: Its spread jumped tremendously in the last 2 weeks with Colorado and Georgia experiencing high levels of flu. Since the CDC's map runs about 2 weeks behind, it's a good guess that influenza is covering a much larger area of population both in severity and scope. Dr. Marc Siegel just reported on Fox News this morning that many of the carvaners who are now being released into America have respiratory infections, strep, mosquito-borne diseases, Dengue Fever, TB, hepatitis and flu. These are very serious health issues, not a matter of unsympathetic. (Did you see last week's news about the thousands of Hep A cases in Kentucky, Louisiana and of course, California?)

Siegel also stated to not blame Border Patrol Agents for the deaths of 2 caravan children. The first died of sepsis, not dehydration as news media falsely spread. Dr. Siegel said the second child likely perished from influenza, based on symptoms. Siegel emphasized that it is impossible for the Border Patrol to screen everyone thoroughly because so many illegals are flooding through the border. Just this last month, 5,000 unaccompanied children and 25,000 family units crossed into the U.S. illegally and many have health problems. They are traveling through Mexico where influenza is now infecting up to 20% of the entire Mexican population. Like the CDC's data, WHO's info is running 2 weeks in arrears so it's likely worse that the map shows.
INVESTIGATION: 3 Days Before Dr. Bradstreet Was Found Dead in a River, U.S. Govt. Agents Raided His Research Facility to Seize a Breakthrough Cancer Treatment Called GcMAF
What The War Over ObamaCare Is Really About
So Many Kids Sick, 1 Colorado Springs School Had to Cancel K-3
rd Grade Classes For The Week
Big Pharma Lawsuit: Drug Companies Worked Together To Raise The Price Of Drug
Kentucky's Hepatitis A Outbreak Exceeds 3000 Cases: Here Are The Counties Most Affected
Louisiana: Outbreak of 25 Hepatitis A Cases; Get Immunized
Popeyes Launches 'Emotional Support Chicken' Carrier at Philadelphia Airport
Holistic MD Who Founded Florida Marijuana Institute Found Dead Of Alleged Suicide
Transgender Miss Universe Contestant Insists ‘Having a Vagina Does Not Make Me a Woman’
Ocasio-Cortez Tries To Raid Pentagon's 'Undocumented' Funds To Cover Medicare For All
Ebola Count in DRC Hits 500 in Growing Outbreak
As Judge Rules Obamacare Unconstitutional, Democrats Seethe, Republicans Stay Mum
Boys Can Have Periods Too, Children To Be Taught In Latest Victory For Transgender Campaigners
Latest Flu Map – HOLLY NOTE: Interesting that states with the largest number of illegal immigrants also have the greatest degree of influenza.
More Than 40% of Americans Refuse to Get Flu Shots
Aerosol Flu Vaccine With Live Virus To Be Sprayed On All Americans? It's Already 'Approved for Deployment' in Australia
Chemtrail Pilot Blows the Cover Off of OPERATION INDIGO SKYFOLD
Polio-Like Disease Spreads; Record Number of Cases Reported as Children Suffer Paralysis
484 Confirmed Cases of AFM since 2014 – HOLLY NOTE: It's odd that this disease surges in 2 year intervals and is highest in September.
Latest Flu Map
Suicide Rates Are Rising Across the US and the Numbers Are Not Subtle – HOLLY NOTE: As we near Christmas, the suicide rate tends to rise. If you have a neighbor who lives alone, a holiday invitation would never go astray.
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255
Remarkable Vaccine Research Event Has Occurred: Reanalysis of CDC Data on Autism Incidence and Time of First MMR Vaccination
Report Finds UN Employs 3,300 Pedophiles, Responsible for 60,000 Rapes in Last 10 Years
Congo Ebola Outbreak Spreads to Cities, Threatens Rwanda
PBS-NOVA "The Nuclear Option" (2017 Documentary) – video
‘Game Changer’: China Agrees To Crack Down on Fentanyl After Pressure From Trump
Measles Are Coming Back Around The World
500 British Kids Get Emergency Vaccinations After Measles Spreads From Israel
Denver City Council Passes Ordinance To Create Safe Injection Site – HOLLY NOTE: Another 'brilliant' Colorado idea… (Note the dripping sarcasm.) Pueblo County in another bit of genius opted, like San Francisco, to have free clean needles for drug addicts. All this has accomplished is to have dirty needles found in area parks and other places where kids play. Like the legalizaiton of marijuana, it has attracted an unsavory bunch of people, including illegal pot growers and a ton of homeless.

A week ago, an illegal alien from Mexico, Margarito Yepez-Sanchez, was sentenced to 3 years in the Federal Penn for growing nearly 14,000 marijuana plants here. FYI, 6 pots plants are all that any individual can have unless they are a licensed grower. His grow site was on 12 acres of Federal land in the San Isabel National Forest, just minutes away from us. It's not UNcommon for Cubans coming from Florida to rent nice homes in our area and use them as grow houses. Even though 2 years ago numerous arrests were made, it hasn't stopped the Cuban influx.

One grower rented a million-dollar home on Liberty Point overlooking Lake Pueblo and caused $50,000 worth of damage. Growing pot requires significant amounts of water. Moisture got into the drywall of the growing rooms and produced enormous quantities of black mold. When new owners were in the midst of remodeling, the mold was uncovered. So if your state is considering legalizing pot and other drugs, it definitely has a downside.
Mom Dresses 6-Year-Old Son As Girl, Threatens Dad For Disagreeing
FDA Finds 'Disturbingly High' Levels Of Metals In Kratom
New Generic EpiPen Not Any Cheaper
Paralyzing Polio-Like Virus Outbreak Confirmed in 31 States, Officials Report
The Migrant Caravan of Diseases – HOLLY NOTE: This is particularly concerning when more American parents are choosing not to vaccinate their children. While the U.S. has wiped out many of the diseases named in this article, American children will have no natural immunity to them.
Anthem Among Health Insurers Refusing to Pay ER Bills, Doctors Say
Over a Million Children Under The Age of Six Are Currently on Psychiatric Drugs in America
Paying for Medicare for All
UN Working on Making Abortion And Assisted Suicide a Universal Right That Would Be Mandatory In Every Country
Flu Map – HOLLY NOTE: A friend of our who lives in Pennsylvania is just now getting over the flu. He says that on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 the worst, this influenza was an 8.5.
Did Your Dog Give You Stomach Flu? Norovirus May Spread From Pets To Humans
The United Kingdom’s Cautionary Socialized Medicine Tale
Flu Map
Single-Payer Health Care
Mandatory/Forced Vaccinations a Blatant Violation of the Nuremberg Code
“AUTISM YESTERDAY” Autism is Reversible – HOLLY NOTE:
The man who made this doco, J.B. Handley, has a son, now 16, with autism. His case was 'severe' and he is now functioning quite well. J.B. authored How to End the Autism Epidemic, which is very informational and encouraging. Handley discusses in detail how to best help and in many cases 'cure' this disease, which he documents is most often brought on from vaccinations. There is a TON of free information on his website. – video of day
U.S Updates Physical Activity Guidance For First Time Since 2008
Excessive Social Media Use And Constantly Posting Selfies DOES Turn People Into Narcissists, Researchers Warn
At 319 Confirmed Cases, Congo Ministry Says Ebola Outbreak Worst in Nation's History
HIV-Infected Man Accused of Raping Scores of Teens
Radiation WARNING: 5G-Ready Cities Expose The Population to Untested Microwave Pollution
Related: Hundreds of Birds Dead During 5G Experiment in The Hague
'Remarkable' Decline In Fertility Rates
Blue Wave: Los Angeles Typhus Cases Hit 100 as Rat-Infested Slums Spread Disease
Here’s Why, Despite It All, Israelis Live Longer with an Average Lifespan of 82.2 Years – HOLLY NOTE: This could have prophetic implications for the timing of Rapture – how long is a generation?
30 Now Ill, 10 Dead, in NJ Virus Outbreak
As Overdose Deaths Soar To Record Highs, FDA Approves New Painkiller That's 1,000X More Powerful Than Morphine
Detoxing From Heavy Metals Saved a Man’s Life When All Else Failed
Moms Are Wearing Babies’ Umbilical Cords as Jewelry
Health Care Costs Could Plummet in Trump's Medicare Price Revamp with Pharmaceutical Companies
Republicans Tried to Kill ObamaCare. Now They Embrace Protecting Pre-existing Conditions.
Electrical Stimulation Breakthrough Helps 3 Spinal Injury Patients Walk Again

Ebola Outbreak Warning: Child Killer Is Back – Virus Now RAMPANT in Africa
World Health Organization: 93% of Children Are Breathing Toxic Air
World-fIrst Vaccine Trial May End Gluten-Free Diets
Woman's Halloween Costume Becomes A Medical Emergency When Her Vampire Teeth Get Stuck in Her Mouth
Fukushima Update 2018 (It's All Dead!) – video of week
URGENT: LifeSite Is Under Attack (UPDATED)
Related: Convicted Gay Sex Offender Uses Scare Tactics to Shut Down Website On Truth About Homosexuality 
Dr. Sharon Goldberg Testifies at Michigan's 5G Small Cell Tower Legislation Hearing – video
Adenovirus Outbreak Claims 9
th Child At New Jersey Facility
Trump Unveils Most Aggressive Action To Target Drug Prices
Pharma Lobby Blasts Trump's 'Socialized' Drug Pricing
Netflix Uses Facebook to Market ‘Hand Masters: The First International Masturbation Game’ – language and image warning
Rainbow Teeth Is 2018's Weirdest Beauty Trend
Alabama Supreme Court Upholds Personhood of Unborn Babies, Judge Calls for End to Roe
US Fertility Rates Are Collapsing Across The Country, And No One Knows Who to Blame
Some Parents Outraged After Drag Queen, Jessica 'LWhor, Speaks at School Career Day – HOLLY NOTE: No, these aren't Halloween costumes.
SUED! Drag Queen Story Hour
Parents Overwhelmingly Vote For School Trustee Opposed to 'LGBT
Trump Admin Considers Defining Person’s Sex as ‘Male Or Female’ Based on Biology: Leaked Memo
Why the Transgender Movement Is About to Implode On Itself
Democrats Peddle ‘False Narrative’ on Republican Health Care Views, Says Tillis – GOP WILL Cover Pre-Existing Conditions
Officials: 75,000 ObamaCare Consumers Affected by Data Breach
American Women Can Now Get Abortions by Mail
'Gosnell' Dropped from Many Theaters Despite Incredible Box Office Performance
The Emptiness of the Sexual Revolution
Will Flu Vaccines Work Better in 2019?
Insects Invading Virginia and Pennsylvania Could Be 'Most Destructive Species in 150 Years'
Resistant To Many Antibiotics, Salmonella in Raw Chicken Makes 92 People Sick, CDC
This ‘Abortion Doula’ Is Thrilled About Helping to End Thousands of Pregnancies
Twitter Locks LifeSite Out of Account For ‘Hate’: Fact-Based Post on Rise in Gay STDs
Female Cyclist Who Lost to Trans ‘Woman’ Blasts ‘Definitely’ Unfair Competition
Top 6 Preservatives That Extend Shelf Life, But SHORTEN Human Life
Pharmacist Refuses Medicine to Complete a Miscarriage For Married Michigan Woman, 35, Whose Twins Had Died Inside of Her Because 'He's a Good Catholic'
‘Gosnell,’ Like Its Namesake, Faces a Media Blackout – Reviews Withheld and Ads Rejected For Fear of Facing Up to What ‘Abortion Rights’ Mean in Practice
2018-2019 Flu Season Has Started
Florida Reports 1
st Child Death of the 2018-19 Flu Season
Cases of Rare, Polio-Like Condition Increasing Across U.S. in 2018
As FDA and CDC Warn Pet Owners About Bacteria and Antibiotic Resistance After Exposure to Cell Phone and WiFi Radiation
Men Without Chests Threaten Our Culture and Civilization
Woman Removed From Flight Bound for Cleveland Due to ’Emotional Support’ Squirrel
Flea-Borne Typhus Spreads Across Los Angeles ET Luke 21:11
Mysterious Drug Pricing Group Reveals Who Is Running It — But Not Donors
A Fatty, Sugary Diet Can Damage Your Memory, Attention And Mood In Just 4 Days, According To New Research
5-Year-Old Girl Allegedly Assaulted in School Bathroom by ‘Gender-Fluid’ Boy
How Self-Absorbed Are We? Selfies Responsible for Over 250 Deaths ET 2 Timothy 3:1-4
Baffling: Medicare for All PAC Launches in US While Canadians Flee Their Country For Healthcare
How 'RuPaul's Drag Race' Helped Mainstream Drag Culture — And Spawned a Brand Bringing In Millions ET 1 Corinthians 6:9-10
Primary School in London Makes 6-Year-Olds Write LGBT Love Letters
Rads on a Plane – New Results
More Than 50 Colleges Endorsing The First Ever Holiday Of Zieselves, Xerselves, Eirselves
Clapping BANNED at university 'to Avoid Triggering Anxiety' in Students, Told to Do Jazz Hands Instead
Yemen Cholera Outbreak Accelerates To 10,000 Cases Per Week: WHO
Risk of Ebola's Spread From Congo Now 'Very High,' WHO Says
Overdosing on the Job: A Growing Epidemic ET Revelation 9:21
Washington State Druggies Will Get Pass for Possession of ANY Drug If Busted With Less Than 2 Grams – flashback ET
Scientists Look To Non-Addictive Treatments For Chronic Pain
Trump Declares Rules On Pre-Existing Illnesses 'Safe,' Despite ObamaCare Lawsuit
Drinking More Water Really Does Ward Off UTIs
Cost of Lifesaving Heroin Withdrawal Drug Soars By 700%
Study Estimates 1 In 2 Women And 1 In 3 Men Set To Develop Dementia, Parkinson's Disease, Or Stroke
SODOM AND GEMORRAH: Texas School Petition Wants Boys To Be Able To Wear Makeup And Express Themselves In A Safe Environment
DRC Ebola: WHO Warns of “Perfect Storm” as It Faces 7
th Largest-Ever Outbreak ET Luke 21:11
At Least 80,000 People Died Of Flu Last Winter in U.S., CDC Says – HOLLY NOTE: This might be due to the flu vaccine itself, which was only 25 - 36% effective.
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Trump Administration Cancels FDA’s Aborted-Baby-Parts Contract
Monkeypox: Contagious Disease Confirmed As Having Spread in UK For First Time As 3rd Case Discovered in Blackpool ET Luke 21:11
‘This Is A Safe Space’: Colorado Children’s Hospital Removes Gender from Patient Wristbands
Planned Parenthood Forces Cancellation of ‘Gosnell’ Screening
Excessive Drinking Killed Over 3 Million People in 2016
Are All Pharmaceuticals Designed For Population Control?
Alert: 134 Pro-Vaccine Bills Are Active In 35 States
Number of Gay, Bi Men Living With HIV Jumps 70% in Georgia
Ireland To Offer Free Abortions As Ban Is Officially Repealed
Transgender Kids in the UK: Number of Girls Jumps 4,415%, Number of Boys Rises 1,151%
Why Is Bill Gates Warning About Global Pandemic Disease X?
Drug Overdoses, Suicides Push Life Expectancy in U.S. Behind Other Developed Nations ET Revelation 9:21
Scholar: ‘Kinky People’ Should Be A Protected Class
Sesame Street Writer Says Bert And Ernie Were a Homosexual Couple Based – Sesame Street Denies His Claim – HOLLY NOTE: Spare us. We bet kids have spent zero seconds wondering about Bert and Ernie's sexual orientation until some stupid 'adults' brought the subject up. These are PUPPETS! If gays want more acceptance, they should stop centering everything on homosexuality. It seems when introduced to new people they feel compelled to inform, "Hi, I'm Steve, I'm gay." (Or Steve who is now Eve.) Do straight people ever do this? It's more than a little awkward finding the right response. People are more than their sexuality
Simple Spit Test Could Predict Heart Attacks And Strokes
'No Evidence' Cholesterol Causes Heart Disease
Cancer Spreads from Organ Donor to 4 People in 'Extraordinary' Case
Targeting This Key Bacterial Molecule Could Reduce The Need For Antibiotics in UTIs
Anne Hathaway Tells Crowd to ‘Tear This World Apart’ During Speech Blasting ‘Cisgender Privilege’
Feds Spend $142,974 Studying Elderly LGBT With Alzheimer’s
Wealthy Elitists Literally Living Off Blood Transfusions From Children … Modern “Vampires” Are Real
Is Transgender The New Anorexia? New Study Suggests So
81% of Family TV Comedies Show Kids Being Exposed to Sexual Dialogue
Kids Tutored In ‘Pleasure’ Despite STD Epidemic
Professors Argue Its OK to Euthanize Patients to Harvest Their Organs
I Was Adopted Through a Faith-Based Adoption Provider. LGBT Groups Want Them Shut Down.
Sessions: 72,000 Died from Overdoses Last Year–‘Highest Drug Death Toll’ in US History
CDC Preps For Nasty Flu Season – HOLLY NOTE: Don't we hear this every year?
Second Monkeypox Case Recorded In England: Report
The REAL Cost of a Single-Payer System – video
Billboard's Claim Raises Texas Hackles – HOLLY NOTE: This is the best illustration of how the health industry pushes abortion on black women. Heard about this issue for at least a dozen years, but hadn't seen tangible evidence, but then again, I hadn't looked. 'Self-care' would be education on birth control for not becoming pregnant until the time is right, not murdering their babies as a remedy.
Related: The Politics of Race and Abortion: Is the Pro-choice Movement Ready? – flashback
Transgender 'Social Contagion' Study Now Threatens Academic Freedom
Judge Doubts ObamaCare Can Survive
Japan Acknowledges First Radiation Death from Cancer Among Fukushima Workers
San Francisco Bans Plastic Straws While Hypodermic Needle Caps Litter Its Streets
A Potential Boom Is Coming In Anti-Aging Drugs
FREE New Documentary Series Explores 9 Diseases And The Breakthrough Herbs That Can Heal Them
15 Male Ground Zero First Responders Have Breast Cancer
Why Masculinity Is Good, Not Toxic
Outrage Is Growing Over ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ for Children That Is Popping Up Across America – Is This What Children Should Be Exposed To?
Delaware Woman Dies of Rabies in the State's First Fatal Case Since 1941
Want to Live Longer? Lift Weights: People With Weaker Muscles Are 50% More Likely To Die Early, Study Suggests
ObamaCare Continues To Hobble Choices And Solutions
Man Loses Left Arm After Contracting Flesh-Eating Bacteria Infection From Sushi
Whooping Cough Is Making a Comeback
STDs Set New Record in USA ET Luke 21:11
CDC Warns Gonorrhea, Syphilis and Chlamydia Nearly Untreatable ET Luke 21:11
N. America's 1st Sex-Doll Brothel To Open

Shocking Trend: Pet Owners Abusing Their Own Animals To Get Drugs – HOLLY NOTE: This makes me sick to the bottoms of my feet. Can not post an accompanying news photo… It is the grip of the devil that can make people behave to abdominally. ET

Health Officials Worried About Containing Latest Ebola Outbreak
Slimming Pill PROVEN to Beat The Middle-Aged Spread: Major Study Reveals ‘Holy Grail’ of Diet Aids Making Weight-Loss 3x More Successful
Lacy Bras For Men Are Now a Thing – And You Can Also Buy Matching Knickers – HOLLY NOTE: Arrrgh! What happened to the days when men were men…
Bizarre Condition Allows Man to Turn His Legs 180 Degrees and Walk Backward
71% of Americans Support 'Medicare For All' In New Poll
Healthcare Is a 'Moral Right,' Says Dem Candidate Who Didn't Always Offer It To His Own Employees
Dangerous Parasitic Disease Caused By 'kissing Bugs' Has Sickened 300,000 Americans - And Doctors Warn It Is Spreading Across the US
In This KC-Area District, Boys And Girls Will Share Gender-Neutral Restrooms
Teenagers Who Question Their Biological Gender Often Have Friends Who Have Become Transgender, Scientists Find
Outbreak Alert: Rare ‘Flesh-Eating’ STD Reported In England
Study: More ‘Ecosexual’ Professors Are Having Sex with Trees
Doctors Are Fleeing Medical Practice And Changing Careers In Record Numbers As “Health Care” System Implodes
Netflix Cancels Series by Comedian Who Said ‘God Bless Abortions’
E-cig Vapor Disables Key Immune Cells In The Lung And Increases Inflammation
CHILD ABUSE: Kids Are Being Advised To Freeze Reproductive Tissue Before Puberty If They Show Signs They May Want To Become Transgender
Medical Website Indulges Trans Community With New Term For Female Genitalia
E! Orders Bisexual Dating Show Hosted By Drag Queen
Out of Wedlock Births Declining in US After Decades of Increase
California Moving To Mandate Abortion Pills On Campus
Bed Bug Outbreak Hits British Cities
More People Died From Opioid Overdoses Than By Guns Or Car Crashes In 2017, Preliminary Data Shows
CDC: Sleeping in Contact Lenses Can Lead To Permanent Vision Loss
'Falling Stars Challenge' Is a Morbid New Instagram Trend
Liberals Demand the PGA Tour Ban Metal-Headed Golf Clubs
China’s Vaccine Scandal Explodes As One Million Doses Now Found To Be Maiming Chinese Children… Total Cover-Up By The Media
The Price of Porn
In This ‘Oklahoma!,’ She Loves Her and He Loves Him
U.S. Opioid Crisis Deadlier Than Global Terrorism in 2017, Say Feds
Trump Declares Opioids From Mexico, China 'Almost A Form Of Warfare,' Tells Sessions To Sue Drug Makers
Trump: ObamaCare to Be Gone ‘Pretty Soon’
Christian Baker Vindicated By SCOTUS Back in Court for Not Baking a Gender Transitioning Cake
76 People Hospitalized After Overdosing On Deadly Synthetic Marijuana; 1 Person Arrested
Viral: 2-year-old Indonesian Boy Smokes 2 Packs A Day, Gets Addicted After Smoking Discarded Butts On The Street
China Vaccine Scandal: Total Number of Faulty Vaccine Doses Up to Nearly 1M
‘San Fransicko’ Announces ‘Poop Patrol’ to Clean up Revolting, Feces-Covered Sidewalks
Measles: At Least 107 Cases Confirmed Across 21 States
Trump Signs Law Reducing Suicide Lifeline To 3 Digits
SCURVY ALERT: Disease Makes COMEBACK in West Due to Poor Diet
Key ObamaCare Lawsuit To Be Argued Just Ahead Of Midterm Elections
FDA Adds More Brands To Recall Of Tainted Blood Pressure Medication
Full Recall List Here
57K Un-Vaccinated Kids Could Cause Texas Measles Outbreak, Says Physician
REPORT: Poisonous Dust From 9/11 Attack Has Given Almost 10,000 New Yorkers Cancer
V.A. Facility in D.C. Resembles '3rd World Hospital' – 'If It Was a Restaurant, It Would Have Been Shut Down'
VA Employees File Grievance Against Veterans Affairs Over Trump Administration Executive Order
The Problem with Gay Marriage
Norway to Test Free Heroin For Drug Addicts
The First Human Trials of This Experimental, Cancer-Killing Drug Could Change Everything
Could We Finally Cure Depression?
Court Orders EPA to Ban Pesticide Harmful to Brain Development
Congo Trying to Stem Ebola Outbreak With Experimental Vaccine
Shocking Statistics Reveal Genital Mutilation Is Quietly Sweeping America; Half a Million Girls Have Been Permanently Maimed
Study: Getting Chubbier Makes You Forget
Working Nights Hikes Cancer Risk For Women
Brow Beatdown: Salon Workers Whack Customer With Sticks After Botched Wax Job – video
Lyme Disease Is Now In All 50 States: 'Low risk' Florida and California Have Become New Hot Spots For The Tick-Borne Illness As Rates Soar Nationwide
Schools Draft In Drag Queens to Teach Children How to Switch Gender
33 Reported Dead In Congo Ebola Outbreak
Company Caught Hauling Away Boxes of Babies Killed in Late-Term Abortions Up to Birth
Article in The Atlantic Tries to Normalize Abortion as an 'Inalienable' Right
Bernie Sanders Thanks Koch Brothers for Making Case for ‘Medicare for All’
Stem Cells To Be Transplanted Into Brains Of Parkinson’s Patients In World-First Trials
Dementia Now Striking People In Their 40s As Mercury From Vaccines Causes Slow, Degenerative Brain Damage
Denver Man Just Back From Congo Isolated For Possible Ebola; CDPHE Said Testing “Is Negative”
FDA Warns Against Painful Side Effects From 'Vaginal Rejuvenation'
Magazine Coaches Women on How to ‘Relax’ During an Abortion
Bernie Sanders' 'Medicare for All' Bill Estimated at $32.6 TRILLION, Study Says
Chick-fil-A's Canadian Expansion Sparks Pro-LGBTQ Protests
Abortion Views In All 50 States: Map
Judge Forces High Schoolers To Share Showers With Opposite Sex
Tick-Borne Disease Soaring
Nuclear Watchdog Warns of Uranium Leak At South Carolina Fuel Factory– video
Breastfeeding in Public Now Legal In All 50 US States
Ultrasound Waves Applied To Brain Could Be Treatment For Dementia—Free of Side Effects
For First Time, a Female Ebola Survivor Infects Others
San Francisco Is a Sh*thole – America's Biggest Public Toilet 
Related: Poop. Needles. Rats. Homeless Camp Pushes SF Neighborhood to the Edge
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Hot Cheetos and Takis Under Fire After Snacking Teen Needs Gallbladder Removal
The Unique Complex of Protein And Fats Found in Human Breast Milk Kills Over 40 Types of Cancer
Tourists Going To France Urged Pack Condoms Amid Chlamydia Epidemic
Feds: Backyard Flocks Sicken People In 44 States
Pepperidge Farm Voluntarily Recalls Goldfish Crackers on Salmonella Risk
Flowers Foods Issues Voluntary Recall on Mrs. Freshley’s, Other Brands of Swiss Rolls and Captain John Derst’s Old Fashioned Bread Due to Salmonella
Outrage in China Over Thousands Of Faulty Vaccines For Children
'Like a Busy Emergency Room': Calls to Suicide Crisis Centers Double Since 2014
Salmonella Outbreak in 26 States Linked To Raw Turkey
McDonald's Tainted Salads Have Now Sickened 163 People in 10 States
Boy's Rare Condition Turning Skin Into 'Stone,' Causing Him To Become 'Entombed Within Himself'
Ritz Cracker Products Recalled Amid Fears Of Salmonella
'Chaos' as VA Implements Executive Order Limiting Union Official Time
5 Years Overdue, $1 Billion Over Budget, Colorado VA Hospital Finally Opens Understaffed
LGBTQ Totalitarianism in Boston: The Destruction of the St. Patrick's Day Parade
The Complete Guide to Anti-Inflammatory Foods
Instagram Censors Meme Saying Planned Parenthood Kills More Blacks Than KKK
Planet Fitness Gym Bans Women for Refusing to Shower with Transgender Men
US "Super Spy" Program May Explain Mysterious Diplomat Brain Injuries
Warning Issued as 'Extremely Contagious Virus' Rips Through the US
Christian Doctor FIRED for Saying Gender Is Determined at Birth – the Anti-Science Assault on Biological Reality Goes Ballistic
IT BEGINS: Lesbians Are Now Protesting Transgenders as LGBT Goes to War With Itself
Morally Bankrupt Michelle Wolf Salutes Abortion: "Get One!" – video
Sex Robots Fueling Massive Rise In Sex Addiction, Expert Warns
FDA Approves First Drug to Treat Smallpox in Case of Terror Attack
More Than 500 Fall Ill After Visiting Tennessee Zipline Attraction
Meth, ‘the Devil’s Drug,’ Is Back And Killing More People Than Ever
Deadly Parasitic Worm Coming To Europe Due To Third-World Migration
Bill Gates Invents Human Microchip with Wireless ‘On/Off’ Birth Control Switch
Marvel Announces 2 Openly Gay Heroes Coming To Movie Screens Soon
The Left’s Sick Celebration of Abortion
Lawsuits Alleging Roundup Caused Cancer Can Move Forward, Judge Rules
Fatty Foods Don't Cause Heart Disease, Bread And Pasta Do
Transgender Women Face a Far Higher Risk of Heart Attack
CMS Slashes Budgets Again for ObamaCare Nonprofits
‘Thank God for Abortion’ Float Appears in New York City Homosexual Pride Parade
Pedophiles Believe They Should Be Part of the LGBT Community
Elizabeth Warren’s Claim on Number of Medical Bankruptcies Greatly Overstated, Study Shows
STUDY: Fossil Fuels Contribute to ‘Petro-Masculinity’
Woman Sues Background Check Site After Husband Uses Site To Catch Her Cheating
Bizarre Diplomatic 'Sonic Attacks' Reaching Epidemic Proportions
Abortionist Caught Strangling Baby Who Survived Abortion
Italian Scientists' Evidence Seized After They Prove Vaccines Cause Autism
Parents Outraged as Pennsylvania School District Forces Students to Watch LGBTQ Videos Then Denies Parents Request See It
Johns Hopkins Hospital Complex Evacuated…Hazmat Situation, Possible TB
More Doctors Admit to Diagnosing Healthy Patients with Cancer to Boost Profits
Australia Passes Law To Fine Parents Who Don’t Vaccinate Their Children
Woman, Declared Dead, Found Alive in Morgue Freezer
Ten Year Old Drag Queen Celebrated By The Left
Roe v. Wade Film Begins Shooting amid Mounting Protests and Backlash

Recall Drive for California Vice Mayor who Wants ‘Straight Pride American Month’
Science Magazine Celebrates Mass Slaughter of Human Beings, Refuses to Say It Was Evil… Sounds Just Like The Depopulation Eugenics Pushers Today
Paris Makes Rainbow Crosswalks Permanent in Honor of Gay Pride
40 Schools in England Ban Girls From Wearing Skirts to Accommodate Transgender Students

Does Air Pollution Cause Diabetes? That’s The Absurd Question American Tax Dollars Paid To Answer
Trump Causes Liberal Meltdown By Saying That Abortion Rights ‘Could Very Well End Up With the States at Some Point’

This Billionaire Claims He Can Make Illnesses 'Optional'
Amazon to become your Big Pharma drug dealer: PurchAses Online Pharmacy For Nearly $1 Billion
Powerful, "Disturbing" Rendition of "Sounds of Silence" – video