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Mexico On Alert After Popocatepetl Volcano Spews Ash Near Capital
6.1 Quake Hits Off Russia's Kuril Islands: USGS
Central US to Be Target Of Large Storm With Flooding Rain, Severe Weather Late This Week
Midwest Flood Damages Estimated to Top $3 Billion
Floods Lead to ‘Humanitarian Crisis’ on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation
NASA Study Reveals Astonishing Growth of One Earth's Previously Fastest-Shrinking Glaciers
Spring Snowstorm To Bury Rockies, Northern Plains As Temperatures Plummet
Mother Nature 1, Climate Fear Industry 0
Norway Cruise Ship Passenger Describes Terrifying Ordeal – video
New Zealand's Heavy Rain Moving North, Widespread Flooding, Highways Closed, Prompted State of Emergency Declaration
900,000 Children Orphaned, Separated, or Made Homeless in African Countries
Dramatic Waves at High Tide Send People Fleeing in India
Threat For Flooding, Heavy Snow Renewed Throughout California Through Midweek
Rare South Atlantic Tropical Storm Iba Forms Off the Coast of Brazil
Confirmed Tornado Touches Down South of St. Louis; Baseball-Sized Hail Reported in Texas
These 10 US Cities Had The Highest Snowfall Totals This Winter
Flash Floods Kill More Than 2 Dozen, Injure Nearly 100 As Powerful Storm Slams Middle East
Midwest Flooding Costs Increasing, With $1.6B Damage Just in Iowa
Nebraska – Over $640 Million, Missouri Declares State of Emergency
Floodwaters Threaten Millions in Crop and Livestock Losses
As Many As a Million Calves Lost in Nebraska – video
Over 200 Million People at Risk of Flooding, 13 Million Ready to Major Flooding…
Flood Disaster Declarations in Minnesota, Mississippi, Kansas, Texas, Washington, Nebraska
NOAA: 'Unprecedented' Flooding to Continue, Worsen Through May, Issues Dire Warning
Miserable Northeast Coastal Storm Kicks Off Spring With Rain, Interior Snow and Wind
U.S. Farmers Face Devastation Following Midwest Floods
Arizona Saw Record-Breaking Cold, Snowfall, Floods and Storms This Winter
Cyclone Idai: ‘15,000 People Still Need To Be Rescued’
Two Russian Volcanoes Have Left Their Mark on Snow Cover in Recent Days
Nebraska Flood Likely to Be Latest in String of U.S. Billion-Dollar Flood Disasters
Puerto Rico Power Fully Restored 18 Months After Hurricane Maria Wiped Out the Grid
Hailstones 'as Big as Eggs' Batter a Chinese County For 20 Minutes, Destroying Cars And Homes
Devastation from 2 Catastrophic 2018 Atlantic Hurricanes Was So Intense, Their Names Will Never Be Used Again
Entire Missouri Town Evacuated As Historic Flooding Rages On Throughout The Central US
Historic Midwest Flooding Likely to Cost at Least $1.3 Billion in Nebraska Alone
Potential 'Bomb Cyclone' Eyes Northeastern US With Rain, Flooding And Heavy Spring Snow
Humanitarian Crisis Escalates, Mozambique City Could Be Submerged – Hundreds Have Been Killed Across 3 African Countries
Massive 'Inland Ocean' in Mozambique From Tropical Cyclone Idai Seen Before-and-After Satellite Imagery
Australia Braces For Twin Cyclones as State of Emergency Declared in Northern Territory
Supermarkets Run Out of Water as Cyclone Veronica Heads to Western Australia – HOLLY NOTE: This is really unusual for hurricanes to hit the western side of their country, but then again, nothing weather-wise is normal these days. 'Canes most often target Northern Territory as Cyclone Trevor is currently doing, or else to the east, in Queensland.
It’s Happening – The Most Dangerous Volcano In North America Just Erupted And Shot Ash Nearly A Mile Into The Sky
Complete Failure at Oroville Dam
Aleutian Flights Affected By Erupting Volcanoes in Russia
HEAT IS ON UK Weather Forecast – 20C SCORCHER This Week Following ‘Mad March’ Snow, Flooding and 99Mph Gales
Weather Patterns Go Crazy: Nebraska Flooding Has Broken 17 Records And Farmers Are Being Absolutely Devastated ET
Cyclone Idai: Mozambique President Says 1,000 May Have Died
Historic Flooding: 3 Dead, Entire Towns Cut Off – 3 States Are Under States Of Emergencies As Flooding Forces Evacuations
Nebraskans Are Due For Even More Flooding
Record Breaking Flood Levels Wreck Road – video
1 Dead, 2 Missing As Extreme Flooding Hinders Rescues Across Midwest
Spring, Early-Summer Temperature Outlook: Warm in Northeast, Northwest and Cooler Than Average in Southwest
History of Earth's Single Supercontinent, "Pangaea" – video
Australia: Tropical Cyclone Trevor Forms, On Track To Target Northern Queensland This Week
More Tornadoes, Severe Storms Ravaged Areas From Ohio Valley Through Lower Mississippi Valley
Historic Blizzard Blasts 100-Mph Winds Across Central US, Turns Deadly – HOLLY NOTE: Thank you to everyone who emailed and called asking if we were OK. In addition to some ripper winds, an inch of much-needed rain fell steadily, soaking in instead of running off. However, 40 minutes due north of us in Colorado Springs, it was quite different. They got their hair ripped off in 100mph wind gusts. They also experienced road closures, cars stranded overnight, power outages, thousands of flights cancelled and a big dumping of snow.
Stranded Colorado Springs Woman Says Storm 'Went From Virtually Nothing to Armageddon'
84,000 in Colorado Still Without Power
Denver International Airport Recovering After Blizzard Shut Down Runways – HOLLY NOTE: Winds were so vicious they broke the doors on DIA's main terminal.
Blizzard By The Numbers
'No Safe Evacuation Routes': Towns Inundated, Dam Fails – 1/3 of Community Flees as Heavy Rain and Melting Snowpack Raise Concerns
River Flooding to Persist Well Into Spring 2019 Over Central US
'Came Down Out of Nowhere': Tornadoes Hit KY, Indiana
Tornado Season' Opens in Germany - Dozens of Homes Destroyed as Violent Twister Hits Town On Belgian Border
Winter Storm Ulmer to Become a Major Plains Blizzard With Heavy Snow and High Winds
Plains Blizzard, Winter Storm Ulmer, May Bomb Out and Smash All-Time Low-Pressure Records
Montana Endures One Of Nation's Most Exceptional Cold Winters On Record
'What Next? Biblical Plagues?' Blizzard Kills 1,850 Cows in Washington State, Farmers Reeling
5.5 Earthquake Jolts Hawaii
Storm Gareth: 2,000-Mile Wide ‘WEATHER BOMB’ Engulfs Britain With 80Mph Winds
The Forever Stream of Failed Climate Predictions Continues To Cause Never-Ending Embarrassment For Experts, Politicos & Pundits
New Global-Warming Report Reveals Polar Bears Thriving
Rest Assured, AOC Isn't The Only One Making Those Bogus Climate Change End-of-World Predictions
140,000sqkm Jump In One Day – Sea Ice Extent (Global Antarctic and Arctic) – Day 70 – 2019
Incredible Drone Footage Shows Perfectly Intact House Surrounded By Total Devastation Following Deadly Alabama Tornadoes That Killed 23
Blizzard to Bombard Central US as Bombogenesis Takes Place This Week
Dangerous Storms To Aim For Texas, Oklahoma To Arkansas
Ferocious Winds To Cause Damage, Create Difficult Travel Across US Plains at Midweek
Weekend Severe Weather Threat to Include Potential For Tornadoes In Central, Southern US
Wind Gusts Over 70 MPH To Topple Trees, Cut Power Across The Midwest, Northeast This Weekend
Death Valley Flooded: America’s Driest Location Swamped by Surprising Flooding
Louisville Zoo Closed For 2
nd Day After Sinkhole The Size of a Football Field Forms After 3.4 Earthquake in Tennessee
Extreme Avalanche Danger in Colorado: Roads Closed; Cars Buried
Alabama Tornado the First EF4 in U.S. Since 2017; Deadliest Since Moore, Oklahoma, EF5 Tornado in 2013
Death Toll Could Climb Today; More Storm Surveys Planned
170 MPH Winds Left a Track Almost a Mile Wide
Chopper View of Tornado Damage in Lee County, Alabama – video
Trump Directs FEMA to Give Alabama the 'A Plus Treatment' – Up to 1,000 Buildings Destroyed
4.5 Earthquake Strikes Western Colorado
Late Winter Snow Slams Northeast US, Canceling Flights And Shuttering Schools In Major Cities
Colorado Temperatures About 30º Below Normal Monday
California Faces Flood Risk, Burying Mountain Snow As Atmospheric River Returns By Midweek
Colorado Avalanches Close Down Sections of I-70 in Eagle and Summit Counties
6-Year-Old Boy Among 23 Killed By Tornadoes That Ripped Through Alabama and Georgia, Destroyed Hundreds of Homes and Left 40,000+ Without Power
…Deadliest Tornado Since 2013
Wildfire Emergency in Victoria: Firefighters Watch Weather As Blazes Threaten More Homes
'Just Stay Away': Firefighters To Work Through The Night To Protect Towns
Avalanche in Colorado: Plume of Snow Covers Cars on I-70 – video
March Roars in Like a Lion With Rain, Snow, Bitter Cold
First Time in 123 Years It Never Hit 70º in February
Peru Hit By 7.0 Earthquake
Weekend Snowstorm To Precede Blast Of Frigid Air in Colorado Rockies, Denver
Sunday-to-Monday Storm to Bring Snow, Ice, Rain And Then Arctic Blast to Northeastern US
Experts On High Alert After Dead, Sick Dolphins Wash Ashore On Calif. Coastline
Sunday-to-Monday Storm to Bring Snow, Ice, Rain And Then Arctic Blast to Northeastern US
‘Atmospheric River’ Spawns Massive Flooding In California, Turns Town Into ‘Island’ as Thousands Told To Flee
Flooding Turns 2 California Towns Into an 'Island' as Russian River Tops 45 Feet
State Warning: Catastrophic Volcanic Eruptions In California Are ‘Inevitable’
UK Is Burning: Anomalously Hot Winter Sets Countryside Ablaze
Video of Deadly 131-Car Wisconsin Pileup Released
AccuWeather’s US Tornado Forecast Shows 4 States Face The Highest Risk This Year
One of the Strongest Arctic Outbreaks of Winter Is Ready to Surge into the Lower 48 in Early March – Temperatures May Fall 40º Below Normal
Thousands of Californians Evacuated as Heavy Rain Floods Russian River, Triggers Water Rescues, Mudslides
Sierra Nevada Braces For Up to 8 Feet of Snow And Winds in Excess of 100mph as Huge Winter Storm Barrels Across the West
Global Warming? Los Angeles Experiences Coldest February in 60 Years
Phoenix, Arizona Shatters 122-Year-Old Temperature Record
Despite Green New Deal Push, Climate Change Not a High Priority For People in 2019 – HOLLY NOTE: Of the 18 possible priorities, climate change is near dead last.
Hurricane-Force Winds Cause Blizzard Conditions And Widespread Power Outages in Michigan
Severe Tropical Cyclone Pola to bring rain, gusty winds to Fiji and Tonga after flooding American Samoa
Lake Erie Wins The Same Legal Rights As People, Thanks to Ohio Voters
Iceberg 30 Times Size of Manhattan About to Break off From Antarctic Ice Shelf
Dramatic Moment Huge Blocks of Ice Barely Miss Onlookers When They Are Suddenly Forced Onto the Shore of Lake Erie By Powerful Winds
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Hints That People Will Need To Be Prevented Through Forced Sterilization From Having Kids In Order To ‘Stop Climate Change’ From Spreading – HOLLY NOTE: Ditto the comment under $ & $EN$E. It's no coincidence that all the crazy is coming from AOC – Antithesis Of Christ.
Should Lake Erie Have The Same Rights as a Person? Toledo Is Voting
Tornado in Columbus, Mississippi: First Tornado Death of 2019
‘I’ve Never Seen Anything Like This:’ Numerous Accidents Reported After Winter Storm Produces Blizzard Conditions In Central US
Winter Storm Quiana Knocks Out Power to 400,000+, Shuts Interstates, Strands Travelers
Tennessee Flooding Leaves 1 Dead And Prompts a State of Emergency
Lower Mississippi River to Keep Rising Well Into March as Region Gets Brief Break From Rain
Toxic Green Snow in Polluted Russian Town Forces Residents to Wear Masks and Sparks Environmental Protests
Huge 100ft Sinkhole Appears After Earth Tremor in Montenegro – Residents STUNNED
Super Typhoon Wutip Is One of The Strongest Typhoons For February
7.5 Quake Hits Peru-Ecuador Border Region
Winter Storm Petra Shuts Down D.C., Snarls Traffic; Deaths Confirmed in Kansas, New Jersey
Major Snowstorm to Bury Arizona, New Mexico and SoCal Mountains
'Snownado' Touches Down On Navajo Reservation
Mount Etna Volcano Eruption Sends Ash Clouds Over Sicily, Causes Flight Disruptions
Winter Storm Petra Is Spreading a Mess of Snow and Ice Across the Midwest and East
FEET of Snow To Bury, Shut Down Travel In Southwestern US Late This Week
Tropical Cyclone Oma to Batter New Caledonia Into Midweek, New Zealand And Australia On Alert
California Has Gotten 18 Trillion Gallons Of Rain In February – And There Is More On The Way!
More Than 200 Million In Path Of Major Winter Storm Sweeping Northward Across the US
Earthquake in Bolivia Reveals Vast Underground Mountain Range BIGGER Than Anything on Earth's Surface
How Earthquake Patterns Could Let Us Know When the ‘Really Big One’ Is Coming
Snow, Difficult Travel To Threaten Four Corners States and US Plains Early This Week
Soaking, Wintry Storm To Overtake Eastern US at Midweek
Australian River Swells To 37 Miles Wide Due To Floods
Popocatepetl Volcano Lights Up The Night Sky of Mexico – video
El Niño Is Here: What You Need to Know
Polar Vortex May Have Killed a Significant Amount Of Harmful, Invasive Insect Species
Record-Breaking Snowfall Cloaks Moscow
Weird Weather: Seattle Is Beating Denver In Snowfall This Season
Climate Disasters Cost $650 Billion Over 3 Years — Americans Are Bearing The Brunt: Morgan Stanley
A Giant Atmospheric River Is About to Dump Loads of Rain on California’s Snowpack, Threatening Floods
5 Delta Passengers Injured in Severe Turbulence, Flight Made Emergency Landing in Reno
Scientists Monitoring Rising Magma at Yellowstone Supervolcano
Yellowstone's Steamboat Geyser Is Gushing at a Record Pace
Erupted 5X Already in 2019
Seattle Experiences Snowiest Month in 50 Years as Northwest Once Again Slammed With Snow
1,600 Dairy Cows Die in Washington State Blizzard – Farmers Scrambling to Save Others
Newborn Saved…
Trees Snap, Roads Turn Treacherous as Winter Storm Unleashes Ice, Snow From Boston to Chicago
US Geologist Reveals How Fast-Shifting North Magnetic Pole Will Affect Humanity
100 Million In Northern US Are Under Some Kind Of Winter Warning, Watch Or Advisory
Winter Storm Maya Will Hammer the Midwest, Northeast With Snow, Ice Through Wednesday
Midweek California Storm To Bury Sierra Nevada Under Yards of Snow, Bring Flooding Risk
Winter Storm Brings Rare Snow to Maui
7 Feet in 7 Days: Tahoe Resorts Buried Under Snow, Forced to Close
Earth's North Magnetic Pole Sprints Toward Siberia
Spring Forecast
2018 Officially Ranks as 4
th Hottest Year On Record for Earth
Seismic Blasts, Explosions And Mysterious Booms Baffle Residents of Atlanta, Los Angeles, Brooklyn, Harahan and River Ridge (Louisiana)
University of Alabama Scientists: 'No Evidence' Climate Change Causes Extreme Cold
Next 2 Storms To Bring Mostly Rain With Patches Of Ice, Snow In Northeastern US
Cataclysmic Polarity Shift – Is U.S. National Security Prepared For The Next Geomagnetic Pole Reversal?
Northern Australia Floods: 2 Found Dead As Waters Grip Townsville
‘Unprecedented’ Flooding Overtakes Australian City After Over Three Feet of Monsoonal Rain
Flood Victim's Biggest Concern Is Getting Eaten By a Croc
New Volcanic Eruptions: Karangetang and Merapi (Indo.), Planchon-Peteroa (Argentina-Chile), Shiveluch (Russia) – 4
th Eruption of Steamboat Geyser in 2019 (Yellowstone)
Brazil's Dam Disaster Toll Rises: 121 Dead, 226 Missing
After Mocking “Chemtrails” For Over a Decade, Global Elites Suddenly Announce Geoengineering Plan to “Dim The Sun” With Aerial Spraying
Polar Vortex's Bitter Cold Could Cost US Economy $5 Billion, Though The Worst May Be Over
New Jersey Nuclear Reactor Shut Down By Polar Vortex
2018 Natural Disasters Statistics: Volcanic Activity Resulted In More Deaths Than Previous 18 Years Combined
HISTORIC COLD TURNS DEADLY: Brutal Polar Vortex Blamed For at Least 8 Deaths, Including 18-Year-Old Student Found On Campus
'Frost Quakes' May Be Hitting Chicago As Temperature Drops To Record-Breaking Lows
'I Have Never Seen Such a Thing’: Stories Across the US From the Coldest Weather in a Generation
How to Protect Your Pets In Extreme Cold – video
Frigid in Chicago Must Mean Global Warming
Dangerous Deep Freeze Descends On Several States As Wind Chills Drop To Incredible Lows
Real Time Chill Map
Australia Is So Hot Right Now Snakes Are Seeking Refuge in The Worst Possible Places

The MEGA Cascadia Earthquake is OVERDUE and Could Strike the US West Coast at Any Moment – Creating Huge 30 Metre-High Tsunami Waves Within Seconds – Prepare For This Apocalyptic Event
Here's The Real Connection Between The Brutal Polar Vortex And Global Warming
Severe Rains In Saudi Arabia Turns The Desert Into Raging Rivers
Indonesia Flood, Landslide Death Toll Hits 70
‘Polar Vortex’ Will Have Nearly 90% Of US Below-Freezing
Trump Mocks Global Warming In Tweet About Historic Midwest Freeze
Rare Tornado Ravages Havana, At Least 3 Dead, More Than 170 Injured
PG&E Files For Bankruptcy After California Wildfires
IsraelI Rescuers Aid Slow Search Through Brazilian Mud As Death Toll Rises
Polar Vortex To Blast Midwestern, Northeastern US With Extreme Cold To End January
Alligators Are Purposefully Freezing Themselves in North Carolina Swamps
Mount St Helens Lava Dome Is Rising At 5 Meters a Day, Preparing The Next Eruption
Massive Sinkhole Opens Up Between Condo Buildings in Southern California
Tehran Sinking At Alarming Rate Due To Water Pumping And Drought
Most Americans Unwilling To Spend $10 Per Month To Fight Climate
After the Storm: Dangerous Stretch of Subzero AccuWeather RealFeel® Temperatures to Grip Northeast
Real Time Wind Chill
2 Dead, Damage Apparent After 6.7 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Chile's Coast
Anxiety in Alaska as Endless Aftershocks Rattle Residents
Damage from EF2 Tornado Reported in Wetumpka, Alabama
Tornado Damages Florida Air Base Hit By Hurricane
Judge: California’s Recent Wildfires Were Caused By PG&E Negligence…Not ‘Climate Change’
PG&E Bankruptcy From Calif. Wildfires Could Mean Price Hikes, Unpaid Fire Lawsuits
Difference Between Snow, Sleet, Freezing Rain, Graupel (Snow Pellets), and Hail – video
Blizzard to Dump Up to 40 Inches of Snow in Northeastern US as Dangerous Ice Storm Takes Aim Farther South – More Than 100 Million in Its Path
California Storms Leave at Least 6 People Dead
Giant Ice Disk Forms In Maine River, Drawing Comparisons to UFO
Earth’s Ecosystems Are On a Collision Course With Extinction: Insect Populations Have Declined By Up To 98% In Some Areas Of The World
Brutally Cold Weather To Follow Blockbuster Weekend Snowstorm
Blockbuster Storm To Bring Heavy Snow, Ice And Fierce Winds In Northeastern US This Weekend
NASA Satellite Imagery Reveals Shocking Proof Of Climate Engineering
California Set To Seize 1,100 Miles Of Coastline
How One Heatwave Killed ‘a Third’ of a Bat Species in Australia
6.8 Earthquake Rattles Near Sola in Vanuatu
Antarctica Is Losing SIX TIMES More Ice a Year Than It Was in the 1970s
Winter Storm Gia: 13 Dead, Thousands Without Power, Roads Closed
Arctic Cold Could Fuel Another Snowstorm From Rockies to Plains, Midwest and Northeast Late-Week Into Next Weekend
Seismic Activity Soars 360% in Canary Islands Since 2016
Reports: More Than 300 Flights Canceled in Washington, DC, as Nation’s Capital Receives Largest Snowfall of the Year So Far
California Braces For Mudslides, Flooding As Storm Onslaught Continues This Week
Europe Blanketed In Snow Following The Deaths Of 21 People In Winter Whiteout
Eastern, Central US to Face More Winter Storm Threats, Polar Plunge After Calmer New Week
'Diamond Dust' Ice Crystals Seen in Hokkaido, Japan
Earth’s Magnetic Pole Is On The Move, Fast. And We Don’t Know Why
Large Waterspout Spotted Over Cancun Waters, Mexico
Snowstorm to Blanket 1,000-Mile-Long Swath Of Midwest This Weekend
Onslaught of Storms To Soak California With Rain, Snow
Weather Quirk Makes Russian City a Frozen Hellscape
SOTT Earth Changes Summary - December 2018: Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs
Rivers Rising After Record Rainfall in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay - Almost 20 Inches in 3 Days, 7 Inches in 80 Minutes
Earthquake Reported in Mississippi Delta
6.4 Temblor Strikes Coast of Japan
3.4 Earthquake Rattles Northern Oklahoma
Incredible Volcano Erupts BLUE Lava – Here’s Why, According to Science
The 'Little Ice Age' Hundreds of Years Ago Is STILL Cooling The Bottom of Pacific, Researchers Find
Month Later, Alaska STILL Shaking With Aftershocks From 7.0 Quake
Rivers Around World Turn Blood Red
US West Coast Stormy Siege With Flooding Rain, Mudslides and Yards of mountain snow to Continue into Midweek
Wind, Mudslides Slam West Coast Triggering 300,000 Power Outages, Rescues
Heavy Snow In Central Europe Traps Hundreds in Alpine Villages; 3 Deaths Linked to Storm
Geologists Find Evidence of Quake Documented By Prophet Amos – Bible Says It Ripped Apart Solomon's Temple, Described in Detail By Josephus
Nearly Buried, But Corgi Doesn't Give Up – video
Snow, Ice to Create Difficult Travel Conditions From Texas to Oklahoma into Thursday Night
3 Rivers Turn Blood Red In Malawi And Indonesia Shocking Baffled Residents
Indonesia on Tsunami Alert After New Cracks Found On Volcano
Bali Volcano Eruption: Mount Agung Woke Up Shooting Ash 2,300 Feet Into Air – Is It Dangerous?
CO2 Claim Of Global Warming Empirically Falsified
Here's Why 'The Child of Krakatau' Is Still Extremely Dangerous
Dozens of Dead Birds Found On Road in Amarillo, Texas
Out-of-Control Firenadoes Rang in The New Year in The Netherlands
Finland Hit By Record Gusts As Winter Storm Causes Large Power Outages
Climate Change -- Who Stands to Gain?
Global Revolt Against Climate Change Policies
China's War on Air Pollution Has Had a Sinister Side Effect No One Saw Coming
Mysterious Anomaly Under Africa Is Weakening Earth's Magnetic Field
Storms Bring Icy Start to 2019
2018 Leaves Its Mark In The Rainfall Record Books Across Eastern, Southern US
The REAL FAKE NEWS Exposed: ‘97% of Scientists Agree on Climate Change’ Is an Engineered Hoax… Here’s What The Media Never Told You
Greenpeace’s Ocean Plastic Pollution Scare – Biggest Lie of 2018
Earth's Crust Is Swallowing 3 Times The Amount of Sea Water As Previously Thought