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1st Heat Wave of the Year on Tap For Many Cities in Mid-Atlantic This Week
Sawgrass Fire Scorches 32,000 Acres in Florida Everglades, Continues to Grow
Incredible Photos of Volcanic Eruption Were Captured From the International Space Station
1st Tropical Storm of Season, Alvin, Forms Unusually Late in East Pacific
European Heat Wave Shatters Record in Germany
Geothermal Mudpool That Burst Into Rotorua Woman's Backyard Could Become Permanent Feature – HOLLY NOTE: On our first visit to New Zealand's North Island, we saw steam rising from people yard's that lived within 300 feet of Lake Taupo. It was a tad unnerving… Rotorua is about 40 miles from Lake Taupo as the crow flies.
Volcanic Alert Level Raised to 2 at New Zealand's Whakaari – White Island
White Island Looking 'More Likely' To Erupt - Volcanologist
Major Eruption of Italy's Stromboli Volcano, Captured on Infrared – video
Ulawun Volcano Erupts In Papua New Guinea, Sends Residents Fleeing
Meteorologist Ph.D. Calls Out House Dems' Plan To 'Spread Lies' on Global Warming
France Heatwave: Paris Region Closes Schools
Colorado’s Snowpack Is 40 Times Normal After Rare Summer Solstice Dump
Sign Of The Times? Weather Patterns All Over The Planet Are Going Absolutely Nuts ET
‘Triple Whammy’ Threatens UN Action On Climate Change
Tremors Felt in Australia after 7.3 Earthquake in Indonesia's Banda Sea
Derecho Tears Through Midwest, Causing Damage for More Than 1,000 Miles and Killing at Least 3
Lightning Strike Sparks Epic Brush Fire Off Oklahoma Highway – video
Severe Weather Dangers To Target Northern Tier Of Central US This Week
Dangerous Severe Storm Outbreak To Continue Into Monday Over Central US
Colorado Got Almost 2 Feet of Snow on the First Day of Summer
5.6 Earthquake Strikes Northern California Saturday Night
U.S. Sets Wet Record
Severe Weather Dangers To Target Northern Tier Of Central US By Midweek
Barns Housing 16,000 Birds Damaged By Powerful Winds – video
Central US: Multi-day Risk of Severe Weather, Tornadoes To Resume on Friday
Final Storm In Series To Unleash Severe Weather, Tornado Risk In Northeastern US
PG&E to Pay $1 Billion to Governments For Wildfire Damage
Related: PG&E May Cut Electricity for a Week During High Wind and Fire Danger, Here's How to Be Ready
Here Comes The Sun -- And It's Sticking Around For a While Tomorrow
Pope Francis and the Climate Change Confusion
1,000 Quakes Hit Southern California -- How Nervous Should We Be?
Stormy Forecast: Damaging Wind, Large Hail
Rounds of Severe Storms, Flash Flooding To Culminate With Tornado Threat In Central US
Southwest Storms Slated For a Late Start This Year – video
Deadly 5.8 Quake Injures 130+; 4,500 Evacuated
Two Strong Shallow Earthquakes Hit Southwest China, At Least 12 Dead
Another Earthquake Shakes Ohio Near Lake Erie
Severe Weather Churns Up Tornadoes, Unleashes Powerful Winds Across Central US
Greenland Lost 2 Billion Tons Of Ice This Week
Flight Attendant Slams Into Ceiling As Extreme Turbulence Causes Plane To Violently Move Up And Down – video
No Break In Sight For Rain-Weary Central US With More Downpours, Severe Weather On The Way
Repeating Downpours to Create Dangerous Flooding Risk From Ohio Valley To Mid-Atlantic
'Like a Horror Film': Vast Swarms Of Flies Plague Russian Villages
Big Cooldown To End Lengthy Warm Spell In Pacific Northwest Later This Week
Federal Officials Warn The Upcoming Wildfire Season Could Be Even Worse Than Last Year
Island Hawaiian Reappears 6 Months After Hurricane Wiped It Out – video
Second Strong Earthquake (Hits Kermadec Islands - Third For The Region in 8 Hours
Mexico's Popocatépetl Volcano Erupts Firing Ash To 32,000 Feet (9.8 Km)
READY TO BLOW Volcano Alert in AUSTRALIA as Expert Warns Melbourne Could Be Hit By Massive Underground Eruption Sending Torrent Of Lava Through The Streets
Warmist Doomsday Cult Trying Yet Another Re-Branding; NY Times Asks, "The End of Snow?" – HOLLY COMM: This is pretty hard to swallow when Colorado statewide has 735% higher snowpack.
Related: Colorado Snotel Sites Are Reporting Extreme Snow Pack Values, One Location Has Over 52,000% ABOVE Normal
Yellowstone Volcano: USGS Reveals The Terrifying Odds of a Major Eruption in Our Lifetime
China Flood Death Toll Hits 61, While 350,000 Are Evacuated
Seasonal Snow Cover Up By 25% For The Indian State of Himachal Pradesh
Chile's Coast Hit By Powerful Shallow 6.5 Earthquake
UK Floods: Homes Evacuated In State Of Emergency And Travel Disrupted
Saturated Ground Causes Massive Construction Collapse – video
Bali's Agung Volcano's Strong Explosion This Morning Sends Ash 30,000 Ft High
The Moment a Giant Landslide Buried a Road In China Has Been Caught of Camera – video
Carlson And Patel: If Climate Change Is Our World War II, Who Are The Real Villains?
Southern High Plains to Face Return Of Severe Storms Late Thursday
San Francisco Endures Stifling Temps As Rare June Heat Wave Spreads Across West
2 Dozen Dead As Downpours Strike Southern China; Little Relief Expected For Rest Of June
World Entering 'New Climate Regime' of Extreme Heat Waves
French Town Teeters on Edge of 300-Foot-Deep Hole
Brazilian Amazon Rainforest Is Losing Trees at an Alarming Rate – Lost 285 Sq. Miles. Just Last Month – video
India Heat Wave, Soaring Up to 123 Degrees, Has Killed at Least 36
Lightning Kills Over 100 Sheep in India's Kashmir
Hailstones The Size Of Grapefruits Batter Countries Across Europe
120º in the Shade?! Record-Breaking, 'Dangerous' Heat Wave Bakes Western U.S.
Worst of Flooding Is Over For The Central US, But Still Some Hurdles To Overcome into July
Brutal Hailstorms Hit Germany, Severe Damage Reported, Several People Injured By 2-1/2-Inch Ice Balls
6 Million People Could Be Impacted, 300,000 People Evacuated in India as Tropical Cyclone Vayu Approaches – Strongest Storm in 20 Years to Make Landfall

Von Karman Vortex Spotted Near Southern California – A Swirl Off The Coast Grabbed The Attention Of Weather Geeks
Southern California Earthquake Swarm Takes An Unexpected Turn, And That’s Reason To Worry 
'Since When Does Ohio Get Earthquakes?' History Shows They Do. 4.0 Earthquake Shakes Near Cleveland
Los Angeles Locals Quite Used To Tar Oozing Up From The Depths On La Brea – video
Despite Wet Year, Wildfires Spring Up Across the West
NOAA Forecasts Near Record 'Dead Zone'
Hawking Predicted Earth’s Destruction, None Can Escape: Is Considered As The Main Threat To Humanity
Extinct Russian Volcano May Have Woken Up And Could Trigger Catastrophic Eruption 'at Any Moment'
Mississippi River Hits Dangerous Flood Levels, Stalls Barges and Roadways While Affecting Farmers
PG&E Cuts Power In Northern California To Reduce Wildfire Risks
This Week: East to Keep Relatively Cool as a Heat Wave Hits the West
Rapidly Growing Wildfire Forces Evacuations, Burns Thousands Of Acres In Washington State
Bullhead City, Arizona was a Retiree Paradise. Then Came a Biblical Plague of Flies.
Ladybug Swarm Is So Massive It Appears on San Diego Weather Radar
Drone Footage Shows Just How Bad The Flooding Is in Arkansas – video
Tropical Disturbance May Douse The Southeast -- But That's Not All Bad News
Australian Taxpayers Outraged After Their Government Agrees to Pay Global Warming Wizard Al Gore $320K to Conduct ‘Climate Training’ for Low-Information Liberals – HOLLY COMM: This is counter-intuitive to American ears… the Liberal Party of Australia is their conservative wing.
FEMA Conducting "Shaken Fury" Drills
Popocatepetl's Largest Eruption In Years, Sends Ash Column 37,000 feet Over Mexico
1967 National Geographic Article: Sunspots Control Earth's Climate, Not CO2
Biden Unveils $5 Trillion Climate Plan – HOLLY COMM: Have you noticed that every plan Democrats unveil costs trillions?
AOC's Green New Deal: $93 TRILLION or just $49 Trillion if you're feeling optimistic.
Price of presidential hopefuls Bernie Sanders-Kamala Harris'-Julián Castro-Tulsi Gabbard-John Hickenlooper-Marianne Williamson-Andrew Yang Medicare-For-All? $32.6 TRILLION.
Marianne Williamson wants us to fork over $100 billion in reparations. Hence the tag 'tax and spend Democrats.'
Just wait for the Free-Stuff Primary to get an even bigger ear-full.
Hundreds of Small Earthquakes Hit Parts of Southern California
Italy’s Mount Etna Spews Lava In New Phase Of Eruptions
Tropical Threat May Brew In Gulf Of Mexico, Send More Downpours Into Central US This Week
Taste of Fall To Sweep Into Northeastern US on Monday
It's June and Colorado's Snowpack Is 437% Of Normal: What That Means For Flood Season
MAY 31
Microburst 'Rain Bomb' in Australia Captured on Camera
Another Twister Leaves Destruction In Texas During Record-Breaking Stretch Of Tornadoes – video
June 2019 Temperature Outlook: Above Average in Southeast, Northwest and Below Average in Parts of West, Plains
EF4 Tornado Debris Found 50 Miles Away – and That's Not Unusual
Hurricane Season Starts Saturday, Here's What You Should Expect
MAY 30
Large Areas of the Central US Are Under Water -- And the Threat Isn't Going Away
'It Was a Whiteout': 1 Killed in KY; Tornadoes Rip Through TX
Severe Threat Continues in Ohio Valley, Mid-Atlantic and Southwestern Texas Thursday, But There's an End in Sight
El Salvador Earthquake: Tsunami Warning After 6.8 Tremor
After Quiet Years, Tornadoes Erupt in United States
500+ Reported In May
Record Cold, Snow, Flooding and Tornadoes: Why the Midwest and Plains Have Been Most Extreme Weather Regions in 2019
Wildfire Forces Hundreds to Evacuate in Florida
Late-Week Pattern May Stop Tornado Siege, Lessen Heat in Southeast and Bring Milder Temperatures to the West
MAY 29
Kansas Tornadoes Prompt Emergency, Flatten Homes and Injure at Least a Dozen People
Tornado Damage So Bad They're Using Snow Plows To Clear Debris – video
After 13 Straight Days Of Devastating Tornadoes, 39 Million Are Still Under Severe Weather Threat
Tornadoes Remain a Danger As Severe Weather Onslaught Continues Across Central US
Severe Thunderstorms and Flash Flooding to Threaten From Southern Plains to the Mid-Atlantic Wednesday
Mississippi River Flood Is Longest-Lasting In Over 90 Years, Since 'Great Flood' of 1927
Oklahoma Flood: Every County Is Under State Of Emergency
Heat Wave Tightens Grip on Southeast US as Dozens Of High Temperature Records Fall
MAY 28
Tornadoes Leave Trail Of Destruction Across Ohio, Indiana
More Than 5 Million Without Power…
Storm-Ravaged Central US Braces For More Tornadoes, Flooding Into Tuesday
Is This The New Normal?
More Than 300 Earthquakes Rattle White Island, NZ – No Link to Volcano Activity SO FAR
Cleanup Continues After 11 Million Pounds Of Boulders Crush Stretch Of Colorado Highway
Egypt Intensifying Efforts To Stop Locust Advance
Huge Early Snow Storm Hits Australia - Nearly 10 Inches Falls In 24 Hours
Climatologist Dr. Tim Ball Exposes Human Caused Global Warming Hoax – video of week
Heat Wave Sets All-Time May Records Across South
Japan Heat Wave Kills 5 People, Hospitalizes Nearly 600
MAY 24
Memorial Day Weekend Forecast Includes Potential Record Heat and More Storms
NOAA Predicts Near-Normal 2019 Atlantic Hurricane Season
POURING IT ON: How Climate Change Intensifies Heavy Rain Events
Birth of an Underwater Volcano: "This Thing Was Built From Zero In 6 Months!", And Other Science-Hype
World Leader’s Ignorance About Climate Change Continues Despite Simple, Obvious Evidence
CO2 Data Manipulation
AOC: Only a 'Sea Sponge' Would Believe '12 Years' Doomsday Remark: But More Than 2/3 Of Democrats Took Her Catastrophic Claim Literally
‘We’re All Pretty Worried’: 8 Million Salmon Killed in a Week By Sudden Surge Of Algae in Norway
MAY 23
'It Was a Direct Hit': Monster Tornado Tears Through Jefferson City in Missouri Causing 'Catastrophic Damage' and a 'Mass Casualty Event' As Twisters Across The State Kill 3 And National Guard Goes In
Rescues Underway After Tornado Slams Mo. Capital, Governor Asks For Prayers
Oklahoma Towns Evacuated After Runaway Barges Break Loose, Threaten To Hit Dam
Storm-weary Residents Of Central US to Face More Violent Weather In Advance Of Memorial Day Weekend
Triple-Digit Heat To Challenge Long-Standing Records In Southeastern US Starting Friday
Entire Town Forced to Evacuate From Wildfire
Small Tremors Along The West Coast Could Lead To 'Big One'
MAY 21
Earthquake Warning:  Earth's Rotation Is Slowing And It Will Lead To Major Tremors
Severe Weather Brings Flooding, Multiple Tornadoes Across Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri – 5' Of Water In Homes, Roads Closed
Rounds of Heavy Rain To Threaten Parts Of Central US With River Flooding, Travel Disruptions
Warming Temperature Measurements Polluted by Bad Data, Research Confirms
Andrea: First Named Storm of the Season in the Atlantic
Memorial Day Weekend Heat Wave Could Smash May Records in the Southeast
MAY 20
Dangerous Tornado Outbreak, Major Flash Flooding Expected Today in Texas, Oklahoma
Several Injured as Tornadoes Rip Open Homes And Flip Vehicles
Central US on Alert For Renewed Risk Of Severe Storms, Tornadoes Early This Week
Severe Outbreak Possible Monday for Southern Plains – video
Storm Chaser Reed Timmer Survives Wild Close-Up Encounter With Powerhouse Tornado – video
Hundreds Of Wildfires Surrounding Mexico City Causing Chronic Air Quality Problem For Residents 
6.3, 6.0 and 6.3 Earthquakes Hit New Caledonia Within 13 Hours
Lethal Viral Necrosis Hits Parts of Florida and Is Killing Grass Lawns With Nothing To Prevent It or Stop It 
What the Storm Prediction Center's Thunderstorm Outlook Means
Florida's Worst Nightmare: Red Tide Arrives Early 
What Will Happen When Earth's North And South Pole Flip? – video
MAY 17
Weather Forecast: Tornado Alley To Wake, Storms Threaten 18 States
California's PG&E Issues Extreme Weather Warning: We Suggest Customers Prepare For Outages That Could Last Longer Than 48 Hours
Wettest 12-Month Period On Record Leaves US Nearly Drought-Free Amid Rampant Flooding
"Water Is What's Killing People:" Hurricanes Could Drench Florida In Catastrophic Flooding.
Yellowstone Eruption: Huge Geyser Erupts After Laying Dormant for YEARS
North Korea Suffers Worst Drought In Decades
Fresh Heavy Snowfall in Mid-May Hits California
Massive Explosion of Mexico's Popocatepetl Volcano Caught on Video
6.2 Earthquake Shakes El Salvador, Nicaragua
Scientists Have Found a New Way That Volcanoes Form
MAY 16
Severe Weather To Ramp Back Up Across Central US Late This Week
California Monster El Niño Storm To Bring Up To Three Feet Of Snow
Major Earthquake Warning:Us West Coast Earthquake Warning As Cascadia Subduction Zone Surges
New York City Adding Rain Gardens To Help With Storm Water – video
Greenland Glacier Reverses Course, Scientists Stunned – video
MAY 13
Central US Put On Alert For Severe Weather Outbreak Later This Week
Winterlike Weather Pattern To Grip Northeast, Breed Snow Some Areas Early This Week
6.1 Earthquake Shakes Panama Area Near Costa Rica
Heavy Rains, 'Incredible' Flooding Blamed For 2 Deaths Across Southeast From Storm System
Tornadoes, Thunderstorms And Hail Batter 40 Million Americans As Severe Storms Sweep Through the Plains, Midwest, and South
Violent Storms To Keep Pulsing Through South-Central US Through Midweek – video
Evacuations Ordered Following Levee Breaches Along Mississippi River North of St. Louis
Tornadoes Have Hit 6 States With Unusual Frequency in 2019, and 1 State Has Seen 4 Times Its Average
A Tectonic Plate May Have Peeled Apart—And That Could Shrink the Atlantic Ocean
Ice Age Farmer Report: Zharkova Warns: PREPARE for Grand Solar Minimum – video
7.2 Earthquake Hits Papua New Guinea [Update]
California Utilityís Plan To Prevent Wildfires Includes Shutting Off Power To 5 Million People
Ravers Get Hypothermia At Snow-Hit French Techno Festival
Haboob Hits Sydney the Day Before as Towns Further North Were Warned By BOM of Damaging Winds
Then It Arrived: Apocalytic Sandstorm Changed Day Into Night in Mildura, Australia – HOLLY COMM: A girlfriend in Queensland I talked with Monday night said that dust storms are becoming so frequent there, people are storing clothing, towels, bedding, etc. in sealable tubs. They are tired of having to rewash everything before it can be used. Lynette lives coastally over 1,200 miles north of Mildura, so this isn't a localized event.
Rare Early May ARCTIC COLD BLAST Engulfs Europe, Bringing Severe Hail Storms, Heavy Snowfall And Gale-Force Winds
Deadly Heat Wave To Worsen This Week As Recovery From Cyclone Fani Continues
Severe Weather To Strike The Southeast Saturday
Flooding From Michigan To The South Damages Homes, Sends Mississippi River To 157-Year-High in Davenport, Iowa
Flooding In Iowa Breaks Record While Waters In Davenport Continue To Rise – video
Global Cooling: California Snowpack at 188%
Cyclone Fani Kills Dozens in India and Bangladesh
What If A Mega-Tsunami Hit The East Coast Of The United States?

Onlookers Capture Breathtaking Photos And Video Of Monstrous Tornado Roaring Through Field in Romania
Over 800,000 Evacuated As Life-Threatening Cyclone Fani Bears Down India
AccuWeather 2019 US Summer Forecast
'We Took a Direct Hit': Death Toll Climbs in the South – "I've Never Seen It This Bad In My 43 Years," Says Mayor
Most Powerful Electrical Storm On Record Detected
Death Valley Hits 109 As Scorching Temperatures Sweep Across Southwestern US
Late-April Snow To Blanket 1,200-Mile Swath From Montana to Michigan This Weekend
Deadly Cyclone Kenneth Wallops Mozambique As Life-Threatening Flooding Persists
NYC Considering Banning HOT DOGS And Other Processed Meats Over Climate Change
Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: Climate Events Across The Planet – video
Hailstorm Kills 18 In Uganda
Death Toll Climbs to at Least 16 as Second Powerful Earthquake Rattles Manila, Philippines
Water From Rooftop Pool Plunges 600 Feet Down Manila Penthouse During Temblor – video
Iran Facing Worst Locust Attack In 40 Years
'I Thought I Was Imagining It': 2 Earthquakes Strike Off Coast of Vancouver Island
Western Australia Records Coldest April Day Ever – video
Passover Snow Falls on Mt. Hermon for First Time in 21
st Century
Devastating Floods Leave Millions In Iran Facing Humanitarian Crisis
Almost Two Million Previously 'Hidden' Earthquakes Have Been Detected in South California Near the San Andreas fault - With One Happening Every 174 SECONDS
Colombia Landslide: At Least 17 Killed And 5 Injured
Southeastern US Remains At Risk For Severe Weather, Tornadoes
US Easter/Passover Weather Outlook
Lake Eyre, Australia's Largest Lake, Is Filling and Transforming From a Parched Desert to a Massive Waterway – HOLLY NOTE: Lake Eyre that covers nearly 3,700 sq. miles, sees a major flood every decade, but only refills about 4 times in a century. It is the most amazing event. Flowers whose seeds lay buried burst into color, toads that have been in hibernation come out of their stupor. Somehow, when its nearly dry 7 species of fish manage to survive.
Landslides Have Killed More Than 1,000 People This Year
Summer 2019 Temperatures Could be Hotter Than Average Along Both Coasts and Cooler in the Central U.S.
115 Million People in the Path of Severe Weather That Will Sweep the U.S. Into the Weekend – 110,000+ in Texas Currently Without Power
Increased Activity At Mauna Loa Volcano: Scientists Are Monitoring Now
Volcanoes DID Cause The Biggest Mass Extinction Ever That Killed 95% Of All Life
6.1 Earthquake Jolts Taiwan, Injuring 17 – HOLLY NOTE: With the absence of notable earthquakes lately, plate stress is building.
Death Toll Rises To 8 As Tornadoes Cut Swath Of Destruction Through South
Tornado Survivor Doesn't Remember Being Being Tossed onto Front Yard – video
Severe Outbreak With Potentially Strong Tornadoes This Weekend
Large Earthquake Activity + Yellowstone Seismic Unrest - Global EQ Update – video
The Person Who Set the Stage for Entire Deception of Human-Caused Global Warming (AGW) – Stephen Schneider
Rarely-Seen 'Upside Down' Lightning Captured By US Storm Chaser
Historic Floods In The Midwest Have Farmers Worried About Their Future – video
Petrifying Waterspout Spotted Off Coast of Puerto Rico – video
Series 4, Part 5B, Where to Go And How to Survive the Pole Shift and Ice Age – video
Intense Spring Storm To Deliver Blow To 200 Million People in U.S. This Week
From Blizzards To Tornadoes To Extreme Temperature Drops, A Wild Weather Week Ahead
Hail Up To Softball Size Smashes Cars in Texas
Swarm of NZ Quakes Triggered By Major 'slow Slip' Event – Officials urge Kiwis To Get Prepared
Geologists Discover New Yellowstone Supervolcano Hotspot
Firefighting Aircraft ‘Increasingly Ineffective’ Amid Worsening Wildfires
Severe Thunderstorms Expected Across Parts of the South Through This Weekend
Mount Agung Erupts in Indonesia, Spewing Out 2,000-Meter High Column Of Ash
Cyclone Idai Was The Deadliest Storm To Strike Mozambique In At Least 3 Decades
California In 'Exceptional' 100-Year Earthquake Drought, Study Says
Nebraska Receives Hay Donations From People Around the U.S.
Slow-Slip Earthquake Event Off East Coast Monitored By Scientists
Arctic Ocean Getting Warm; Seals Vanish and Icebergs Melt – 100 Years Ago – flashback
Rain, Wind And Mountain Snow to Blast Through US West Coast Late This Week
Red River Already In Flood Stage, Expected To Get Higher – video
AccuWeather's 2019 Atlantic Hurricane Season Forecast – video
Storm to Spread Rain, Ice And Snow Into Eastern US to End This Week 
April Snow Falls in Charlotte, North Carolina, For Only 2nd Time In Over 100 Years
Unprecedented Floods Hit Iran, Up to 70% of Annual Rainfall Average In Just 1 Day
Iran's Death Toll Jumps to 62
Their Dams Are 95% Full': Iran Braces For More Flooding
Huge Waterspout Spotted Near Tourist Hotspot in the Canary Islands – video
'Breaches Everywhere': Flooding Bursts Midwest Levees, and Tough Questions Follow
The Sun Is Going To Sleep – Last Grand Solar Minimum 400 Years Ago – video
UN Report: Extreme Weather Hit 62 Million People in 2018
Maryland Farm Owner Blames Winter Weather For Dead And Hungry Horses
South Central US to Face New Severe Weather Danger Wednesday, Thursday
Floods Wash Away Homes in Peru
Rescuers Struggle to Reach Nepal After Freak Storms Kills 28, Injures Hundreds
Coldest Night In 20 Years For Australia’s Southeast