Government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases:
If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.
—Ronald Reagan, 1981

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Tax and Spend Democrats:
Democrats Are Already Plotting To Raise Your Taxes After 2020
Biden Vows To Repeal Trump Tax Cuts on 'Day One' If He Captures White House
Bernie Sanders Details Plan To Cancel $1.6 Trillion in Student Debt
Liz Warren Sees Your Slavery Reparations, and Raises You GAY REPARATIONS! – HOLLY COMM: If ever there could be a cold day in hell, this might be it if taxpayers acquiesced to this.
O'Rourke Proposes 'War Tax' To Support Veterans
…Defends His 'War Tax' Amid Criticism
If You're in the Middle Class, Joe Biden Wants to Raise Your Taxes
Home Depot Co-Founder: Bernie Sanders Is The 'Enemy Of Every Entrepreneur'
2020 Democrat Jay Inslee Pledges to Cut Oil and Gas Subsidies and to 'End' Fracking – HOLLY COMM: This might be the best signal to liberal Coloradans to pull their heads out of the sand. Inslee's plan would impact Colorado's economy by over $31 billion. According to Forbes, fracking saves Americans $180 billion annually on gasoline so this yet another ignorant, ill-conceived Democrat idea.
The Dow Is Posting Its Best June Performance Since 1938
So Which Party Do YOU Want in Charge?
Supreme Court Rebuffs Challenge To Trump's Steel Tariffs
Anti-dollar Trade Makes Outlook For Gold Much More Bullish
Mexican Senate Overwhelmingly Ratifies USMCA 114 - 4
Maryscott Greenwood: Canada’s Trudeau Wants 2 Things From US This Week – He Should Get At Least 1 Of Them
No, Kamala Harris, Unemployment Isn't Low Because People Are Working 'Two Or Three Jobs.' Here's What The Data Says. – HOLLY COMM: Pocahontas and AOC also tried this same spew. Consider the sources. Harris Lies About Listening to Snoop Dog and Tupac While Smoking Pot and Kamala Harris Is Rapidly Gaining a Reputation As The Most Dishonest Senator. How many articles do you want on Elizabeth (Pocahontas) Warren and her decades-long claim to be Native American? And Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez… Every day she blows out a new cloud of fake news, hyperbole and outright lies. What's sadder, in an effort to cover for their colleague, she forces fellow Democrats to lie as well. Lies upon lies.
5.8 Million Individuals Drop Off Food Stamps Under Trump
Trump Tariffs Working: Apple to Move 30% of Production OUT of China Due to Tariffs
FULL LIST: US Companies Leaving China
Trump Administration Threatens Layoffs In Fight To Eliminate Major Federal Agency
Rare Miami Forest Poised To Be Bulldozed For Walmart Development
Millionaire Gets Food Stamps to Prove Eligibility Loophole
Markets Surge As Trump Confirms Xi G-20 Meeting Amid Trade War
LEWIS: American Prosperity Is Rolling Forward — Despite Impeachment-Obsessed Democrats
Trump Warned America's Exploding National Debt Was Dangerous. Now He's President, And The Debt Is Still Growing
UMich: Inflation Expectations Plunge To Record Lows But Buying Conditions Soar
AOC Thinks a $4500 Raise For Do-Nothings Is “Not Even Like a Raise” – HOLLY COMM: Apparently a $174,000 yearly salary is not enough for their minimal 'work:' 131 days in the House, 165 days in the Senate.
2019 'Pig Book' Finds Government's Pork Addiction Getting Worse
America’s New Workforce Trend: Refusing To Retire
Are We Heading Into A Recession? Some CFOs Think It Could Happen Soon
75 Conservative Groups Oppose ‘Any Carbon Tax’ Days After Mitt Romney Was Reportedly ‘Looking at’ One
US Underlying Producer Prices Increase Solidly in May
Sex Work Would Be Broadly Legal in New York Under New Bill Introduced Monday
What Happens When Everyone Gets a ‘Free’ Lunch? Money Problems
Global Recession Fears Grow As Factory Activity Shrinks
How to Solve The Student Debt Crisis
What Trump's New China, Mexico Tariffs Mean For Your Portfolio
MAY 30
Nancy Pelosi STOPPED AGAIN From Passing $19.1 Billion Spending Bill Without a Vote
The Left Doubles Down on Defense Cuts
Walmart, Of Course, Tops The List Of The 20 Most Popular Stores In America
‘Bond King’ Gundlach Believes Bond Yields May Have Bottomed For Now
Widest Curve Inversion Since Financial Crisis
The Dollar Underpins American Power. Rivals Are Building Workarounds
Retail Apocalypse: These Big Retailers Closing Stores, Filing For Bankruptcy
MAY 24
Senate Passes Disaster Aid Bill After Deal With Trump
Trump Says He May Send USMCA Deal To Congress Soon, Triggering Deadline
Majority Of Americans Approve Of Trump's Handling Of Economy, Credit His Policies: Poll
MAY 21
Stephen Moore vs the Swamp – Part 2
Heritage Foundation Blueprint Would Balance Budget While Cutting Taxes, Stressing Defense
Ford Slashing 7,000 Jobs, 900 This Week
Xi Sends Trump A Message: Rare-Earth Export Ban Is Coming
Dressbarn Is Going Out Of Business, Plans To Shut All 650 Stores
Money Mistakes of the Poor & Middle Class (Plus Solutions)
MAY 15
Colorado Marijuana Sales in March Hit Highest Monthly Total Ever – HOLLY COMM: As a local radio show host pointed out yesterday morning, Pueblo (the city, not where we live) is gaining unenviable notoriety as being the drug capital of Colorado. This is a sorry situation. While pot tax $$ bring nice benefits, it's also attracting undesirables. Colorado's homeless population has grown because they'd rather panhandle for dope instead of a decent meal. Second, it's attracting an wanted out-of-state criminal element. In our little quiet unincorporated town of Pueblo West, large-scale pot busts have been made over the past several years. Cubans and Mexicans come up to Pueblo County and rent homes as their pot growing facilities. Cops were alerted due to the unusually high electricity usage for the size home, not to mention the smell. Large grow areas were also discovered in our neighboring San Isabel Mountains. This cash cow is more like a whole herd and it's not going away. CO legalized pot sales Jan 2014. From then through the first 3 months of 2019, Colorado sold just shy of $6.5 billion of pot. That netted the state treasury just a little under $400 million.

This graph from Colorado's Dept. of Rev. tells it all. Mistakenly, we though it was primarily medical marijuana people were using. Nope, it's mostly the 'get high' stuff. Then there's illicit drug use as a potent End Times Sign… ET Revelation 9:21 Not only is America not turning away from this activity, a great deal of the Country is embracing it. Now Colorado has legalized psychedelic mushrooms.
First-of-Its-Kind CBD Food Truck Comes to Colorado
MAY 14
Trump: We'll Know in 3 to 4 Weeks If China Trade Talks Are Successful
From Tequila to TV Cameras — Here Is a List of US Goods China Is Targeting With a 25% Tariff
China’s ‘Self-Destructive Nuclear Option’ In Trade War: Selling US Treasury Bonds
MAY 13
China Is Raising Tariffs On $60 Billion of US Goods Starting June 1
Dow Drops More Than 450 Points At The Open
Gold Surges Back Above $1300
Ocasio-Cortez Jokes About Her ‘Tax The Rich’ Approach, Then Compares the GOP to a Fictional Beet-Farming Paper Salesman
Someone Explain To Alexandria How Rich People Get Rich
MORE WINNING: GM Announces $700 Million Investment In Ohio, Hiring 450 Workers
Trump Economy Is Roaring -- Biden's Attempt To Take Credit For It Is Economic Plagiarism
China Says It Will Take ‘Necessary’ Countermeasures If US Raises Tariffs Friday
Federal Reserve's Junk Bond Warning Crashes World Markets
12 Million Americans Out of Workforce as DHS Approves 30,000 More Foreign Workers
Pro-American Lawyers Ask Judges to Block ‘Deep State’ Cheap Labor Pipeline
Trump’s Base: Mandatory E-Verify to Protect U.S. Jobs, Wages ‘Critical’ for Any Immigration Deal
Small Businesses Booming, 84% See Another Good Year
U.S. Says China Reneged on Pledges In Trade Talks
Winning: Jobs Go Boom! U.S. Created 263,000 Jobs in April, Unemployment Falls to Lowest Level Since 1969
Vice President Pence Says The Fed Should Consider Lowering Interest Rates Because Of Low Inflation
Democrats on Border Crisis: Help Migrants, Not American Wage-Earners
College Lobby: Congress Should Help Illegals Get U.S. Graduates’ Jobs
Trump's 3.2% Economic Growth Puts Bush And Obama To Shame
Democrat Beto O’Rourke Proposes $5 Trillion in New Taxes to Combat Global Warming – Lib Group Says It’s Not Socialist Enough
Voting for Dollars
Countries Around The World Are Bringing Gold Home
Wealthy Elites Freak Out As Homeless Hordes Take Over West Coast Neighborhoods
Pope Joins Soros In Funding Immigrant Caravan Invasion Of US Southern Border
Stocks Close At All Time High; Oil At 6 Month High
NY Times Confesses: Most Taxpayers Got a Tax Cut Under Trump
Just 16 Years Until Social Security Trust Funds Run Out
Trustees Say Social Security and Medicare Face $59 Trillion Long-Term Deficit
Elizabeth Warren Unveils Plan To Cancel $640 Billion in College Debt in One-Off Amnesty She Says Would Be Paid For By Tax On Ultra-Wealthy
Warren's Plan Would Be a Slap In The Face To All Those Who Struggled To Pay Off Their Loans
Wayne Peterson's Financial Survivalist Newsletter, April Ed.
It's 2016 All Over Again. Or Is It?
50,219,667 Tax Return Filers Paid $0 or Less in Income Taxes
9 Apocalyptic Lies Fed To Americans About The Republican Tax Bill
Trump Says Federal Reserve Is Holding Back Stock Market, Economy
In 1 Chart, How Your Taxes Are Spent
Newt Gingrich: We All Pay Hidden Taxes – Let Me Tell You About Them
Elizabeth Warren Outlines The Next Part Of Her Plan To Destroy The Economy
House Democrats Suggest Megabanks Are the 'Right Size To Downsize'
Shadow Banking Is Now a $52 Trillion Industry, Posing a Big Risk To The Financial System
Walmart Responds To Bezos: "How About Paying Your Taxes?"
What Beto O'Rourke Gets Wrong About The Middle Class And American Wealth
Vice President Mike Pence Backs Trump’s Call To Lower Interest Rates, Citing Low Consumer Inflation
Gasoline lIkely Going Sky High On West Coast, But Rest of US May Not Even See $3 This Summer
Oops: Maxine Waters Grills Banks On Student Loan Crisis Even Though Feds Took Over in 2010
"It Belongs To The People, Not The Bankers" - Italy Moves To Seize Gold From Central Bank
Trump Says ‘We’ll Know Over The Next 4 Weeks’ If a China Trade Deal Happens
Foreign Labor Force Growing at Nearly 3X Rate of Native-Born Americans
US Weekly Jobless Claims Drop To The Lowest Level Since 1969
Job Layoffs Surge 35% To Highest Level To Start a Year In a Decade
After Stressing Need to Present a Budget, House Dems Fail to Get One Done
Dimon Defends Capitalism: ‘Socialism Inevitably Produces Stagnation, Corruption And Often Worse’
Chart Shows Market Rebound Is Second Best Ever During a Growth Period … Behind The 1998 Tech Boom
Sears, After Going Bankrupt, Is Opening New Stores For Home Goods
Jamie Dimon Says Risk of Cyber Attacks ‘May Be Biggest Threat to the US Financial System’
Democrats Want Corporations To Turn Over Wage Data
Wayne Peterson's Financial Survivalist Newsletter, March Ed.
NCAA March Madness to Cost Employers $13.3B in Lost Productivity, Firm Says
Solyndra's Loss Of Taxpayer Millions in Obama-era Loan Now Seems Forgotten 10 Years Later, Expert Says
– HOLLY NOTE: Solyndra wasn't Obama's only 'green' boondoggle – just the most recognized. Check these failed investments that cost taxpayers $2.2 Billion:
Solyndra – Solyndra alone when it collapsed, cost American taxpayers $627 million. (Fremont, Ca.)
Abound Solar (Loveland, Co.)
Beacon Power (Tyngsborough, Mass.)
Ener1 (Indianapolis, Ind.)
Energy Conversion Devices (Rochester Hills, Michigan/Auburn Hills, Mich.)
Evergreen Solar, Inc. (Marlborough, Mass.)
Mountain Plaza, Inc. (Dandridge, Tenn.)
Olsen’s Crop Service and Olsens Mills Acquisition Co. (Berlin, Wis.)
Range Fuels (Soperton, Georgia)
Raser Technologies (Provo, Utah)
Spectrawatt (Hopewell, New York) and
Thompson River Power LLC (Wayzata, Minn.)
New Poll Shows a Third of New Yorkers May Have to Move Due to the Cost
Federal Reserve Signals No Interest Rate Hikes in 2019
These Jobs Aren't Worth The Cost Of Their Degrees
Democrats Push To Bring Back Earmarks, Raise Lawmakers' Pay – HOLLY NOTE: Yep, they need more $$. Kidding! As it is, their starting salary is $174,000. On average Representatives work only 138 days out of 365, while Senators work about 162. Their approval rating still sits at a paltry 20. So yeah, they deserve yet another pay raise. Still kidding. Last thought: Remember when shortly after AOC was elected and she whined and moaned that she couldn't make the move to D.C. and afford an apartment? Then 'miraculously' she moved into an expensive and exclusive area that barred poorer people.
Can a Facebook Post or Tweet Make Your Insurance Cost More?
Study: $15 Minimum Wage Would Cause 400,000 New Crimes Per Year
The Democrats' $100 Trillion Agenda
Another Democratic Presidential Candidate Calls For Destroying Us Economic Crown Jewels
With Hickenlooper Running for President, He's Empowered Environmentalists and Targeting Colorado's $31 Billion Oil and Gas Industry
Taxifornia Barely Made Budget In February, As Personal Income Tax Falls Short
US Consumer Price Growth Slowest Since Sept 2016 As Auto, Drug Prices Slump
Sterling Plunges After Theresa May’s Brexit Deal Suffers Surprise Legal Setback
Trump to Request $8.6B in Wall Funding, Setting Up Congressional Showdown, Sources Say
Trump’s ‘Hire American’ Policy Delivers Fastest Wage Growth Since 2009
Ocasio-Cortez: Be 'Excited' About 'Being Automated Out Of Work,' Tax Corporations at 90%
50% of Californians Say They Will Leave as State Leads in Outmigration – HOLLY NOTE: I It's OK by residents in California and New York – two of the most Progressive states in the U.S. – when they demand all the freebies UNTIL they have to pay for them.

Now half of California – or about 20 million – wants to leave the state and New Yorkers are in the process of same. The biggest problem with their outmigration is that they come to beautiful states that are conservative – or only slightly liberal. Over 4 decades, we've watched Californians move to Colorado and change it from a conservative-to-moderate state to one nearly overwhelmed by liberals. If you think this is an exaggeration, listen to Michelle Morin's podcast, "The Leftist Takeover of Colorado."

This started ramping up in the late 70s when the cost of Calif. housing went crazy. Now Colorado is experiencing the same housing shortage that spiraled California's prices into the stratosphere. Our little unincorporated area in southern Colorado has doubled in population since we moved here in 2001.

Colorado's entire population is about 5.5 million – nearly double that of when I first moved here. California's is about 40 million – many who are illegals. If even 25% of those who want to leave the state come here, those nearly 4 million would about double our population and complete the radical change of this beautiful state.

I coined the term "Californicates" decades ago before it ever became a 'thing' and ultimately a TV show because they are totally screwing up Colorado by moving here. Stupid is as stupid does. So our point of view… if you want to come to Colorado, come, but don't make us into the mess you voted for in your home state and abandoned. Learn from your mistakes.

It's tragic and short-sighted that whether it's people who move here from socialist countries or within America from very liberal states, they then begin to vote for and implement those same socialist values that destroyed the areas they came from.
As Residents Flee New York's High Taxes, State Uses Intrusive Audits to Get Cash From Defectors
Related: Cuomo: Warning Signs In $2.3 Billion Deficit
Mayor Calls For 400 Firefighter Layoffs So City Can Afford Voter-Mandated Pay Hikes For The Rest
Major Catastrophe Coming To America!! You've Been Warned – video
Deadbeat Nation: 37 Million Credit Card Accounts In The U.S. Are “Seriously Delinquent” Right Now
90% of Big Manufacturers High On Trump Economy, Set 4.4% Growth Target
Manufacturers See Two Years of Record-Breaking Optimism
Trump Close to Closing Trade Deal With China
Winning! Trump’s Visit To Vietnam Brings $15 Billion Dollar Boeing Contract And Thousands Of Jobs To U.S.
Fiat Chrysler to Add More Than 6,000 Jobs in Michigan
Newsrooms That Rushed to Report Tax Refunds Were Smaller This Year Go Silent on IRS dAta Showing Refunds Have Increased
#MAGA: Rate of Hispanic Poverty Record LOW!
US Economy Grows Faster Than Expected in the 4th Quarter, But Annual GDP Misses Trump's Goal
White House Claims Victory On 2018 Economic Growth, Aims Higher For 2019
Cuomo, NY Democrats Try To Undo AOC's Damage To Amazon Deal
PG&E Likely Started The Camp Fire And Expects a $10.5B Impact To Its Bottom Line, It Tells Regulators
Facebook and Google Will Be Punished With Giant Fines in the UK If They Fail To Rid Their Platforms Of Toxic Content
J.C. Penney to Close 24 More Stores: Sales Fall As Department Stores Struggle – HOLLY NOTE: As online sales increasingly rev up, they are killing brick and mortar stores. B&M's provide a vital cog in the purchasing wheel for those that need to sniff it, feel it, touch it, see it, try it. This is especially important for women whose bodies come in a million shapes and varieties. We need to try on clothes and shoes. Color: Everyone's desktop monitor, tablet and smart phone display color differently. If you're trying to match specific colors, it's essential to see it in person. Also, especially important for heavy items, do you want to pay shipping for furniture and appliances? Don't you want it delivered for $50?
ECONOMIC APOCALYPSE: Ocasio-Cortez's 'Green New Deal' To Cost Up To $93 Trillion, $650,000+ Per Household, Study Says
Chase Bank Denies Service to Conservatives
Democrats Downplay Job Growth, Demand 'Moral' Economy
That’s Not a Crash, THIS Is a Crash! Sydney, Melbourne Await “Housing Bloodbath”
Maduro Closes Border With Brazil To "Protect The People"
On Venezuela, Bernie Sanders Proves Socialism's Choking Immorality
No End In Sight For Nationwide Wave Of Teacher Strikes
Cities And States Are Scaling Back Their ‘Green’ Ambitions As Costs Skyrocket, Opposition Grows
The Wealthiest And Poorest County In Every U.S. State
Survey Shows Millennials, Baby Boomers Feel Home Ownership Is Harder Now
Boeing Wins US$43 Million Contract To Build 4 Orca Robotic Super Subs
Amazon Nixes Deal to Bring HQ, 25K Jobs to Big Apple After Hostile Reception From Left
1.4 Million Households No Longer Need Food Stamps Under Trump, Report
The Bipartisan Spending Binge Is Now Worse Than Under Bush and Obama
This Will Terrify You!! World Economic Collapse – video of day
Amazon Pulls Out Of Plan To Build HQ2 in New York City Amid Political Opposition
JPMorgan Will Be The First Major US Bank to Launch Its Own Cryptocurrency
'Unbelievable': RetaiL Sales Collapsed By The Most Since 2009 in December
Gavin Newsom To Scale Back, Not Abandon, California's High-Speed Rail – HOLLY NOTE: The Governor says he refuses to return $3.5 billion to the President for abandoning the originally designed bullet train run between L.A. and San Francisco. Newsom is only building a small fraction – 20% – of the system from Merced to Bakersfield. Also the money allocated by Obama would be returned to the Federal government, not Trump.
U.S. Will Hurtle ‘Down the Tracks to Fiscal Ruin’ If Progressives Win in 2020
Trump’s ‘Hire American’ Policy Delivers Record Wage Increases to ‘Job Switchers’
Klobuchar: Unemployment Is TOO LOW, Government Should Import More Workers
Dem Congresswoman Mocks Trump's Economic Achievements, Faces Backlash
Reporter to Jeffries: If You Can See Trump's Tax Returns, Why Not Pelosi's as Well?
The House Is Set To Vote On Trillion Dollar Spending Bill Tomorrow. No One Has Read It
Beware This Valentine’s Day: Romance Scams Cost Americans $143 Million Last Year
The Radical Left Is Going To Ban This!! Warning – video
Billionaire Kochs Back GOP/Dem Plan to Outsource Middle Class American Jobs
Federal Debt Tops $22 Trillion for the 1
st Time – HOLLY NOTE: That's nothing. AOC wants to add $82 TILLION more over a decade: $32.6 TRILLION for Medicare-for-All and $49.1 TRILLION for her Green New Deal. Let's not lose sight that Obama added ~$10 TRILLION of debt in just 8 years – more than ALL previous presidents combined and he didn't muster even half the economic growth and prosperity that Trump has fostered – and he's not done yet.
Latest Round Of Trade Talks Begins In Beijing With Deal In Doubt
Salvini Calls For Elimination Of Italy's Central Bank, "Prison Time For Fraudsters"
Higher Household Product Prices On The Way
NJ Voters Furious As Governor Murphy Prepares To Sign 'Rain Tax' Into Law
Green New Deal: Air Travel Stops Becoming Necessary – Build Trains Across Oceans, Rebuild Every Single Building in the U.S. - MORE – HOLLY NOTE: Take a look at the bullet points in this proposal. It is truly a disconnect from reality.
What Will The Green New Deal Cost Americans? – video of day
Steyn: AOC Plan Is As Serious As It Is Comical – video
AOC's Green New Deal Proposal Is One of the Stupidest Documents Ever Written
Venezuelans WARN Americans: Stay Away From Socialism at All Costs!
Ford Investing $1 Billion, Adding Jobs at Chicago Factories As It Makes Cuts Overseas
AI and Robotics Threaten 1 in 4 Houston Jobs, Brookings Study Finds
A Survival Guide For 2019 – How to Safely Navigate the 'Year Of Instability'
Jobs Surge By 304,000, Smashing Estimates Despite Government Shutdown
China Agrees To Buy 5 Million Tons Of Us Soybeans A Day After Talks in Washington
Bernie Sanders Proposes 77% Estate Tax For Billionaires
29 Republicans Vote With Democrats To Boost Federal Salaries 2.6%
Do People Care That The US Will Add $12 Trillion To The Debt In 10 Years, Or Am I Wasting My Time Writing About It? – HOLLY NOTE: If hare-brained Alexandria Ocascio-Cortez gets her way, she will add nearly $82 TRILLION of debt with her $32.6 TRILLION on Medicare-for-All and $49.1 TRILLION on Her Green New Deal.
The Price of 'Forever' Stamps Just Went Up
Jeff Bezos Gives a Pitiful Amount of His $160B (Net) Fortune – Just .0906% – to Charity
Trump Exults In 1,000 Media Layoffs Due to 'Fake News and Bad Journalism'
Critics: Trend to Raise Minimum Wage Will Cost Potentially Millions of Jobs
25,000 Workers Strike At Mexico Border Factories
WaPo Fact Checker Gives Ocasio-Cortez ‘Three Pinocchios’ for Minimum Wage Claims (Updated)
Adviser: Warren Will Propose ‘Wealth Tax’ She Once Shied Away From
Yet Another Union Gives Up On Preventing Its Members From Quitting
Applications for US Unemployment Aid Fall to a 49-Year Low
Over in Davos, Plutocrats Rub Their Hands Together At Ocasio-Cortez's 70% Tax Proposal
The Top 26 Billionaires Own $1.4 Trillion — As Much As 3.8 Billion Other People
Bill to ABOLISH IRS Enters Congress!
Related: See H.R.25 - FairTax Act of 2019 – HOLLY NOTE: This has to mean that they're eyeing a VAT – Value Added Tax system again. This is a nightmare beyond description, especially crippling small businesses with endless paperwork. We lived under this in Australia and while abolishing IRS sounds like happy times, there are no free rides and this is one of the best examples.
Forget the Trade War. China Is Already in Crisis
Bankrupt, Eh? Insolvency Filings Soar In Almost All Canadian Provinces
IRS Will Pay Tax Refunds During Shutdown, Easing Pressure for a Deal
Ocasio-Cortez Struggles to Explain How to Pay for $40 Trillion in Programs
Is This Downturn A Repeat of 2008?
December Jobs Report Shows Surprising Strength Adding 312,000 Jobs
Record 156,945,000 Working
Hispanic Unemployment Lowest-Ever
De-Dollarization Spreads: Why These 5 Nations Are Backing Away From The Buck
The Government “Can’t Find” $20 Trillion, While Pension Funds Are Tanking
Bokhari: The Terrifying Rise of Financial Blacklisting
2019 From a Fourth Turning Perspective
Beware: The Worldwide Debt Monster Is Rearing Its Ugly Head
Most Ridiculous Gov't Waste of 2018
Jerry Brown Blasts ‘Rural Areas’ for Not Liking Gas Tax That Disproportionately Harms Them
Joe Moribito on the Economy and Why the China Trade Deal Is So Difficult – HOLLY NOTE: (meat of the interview begins 10:55 min in)
Trump Hails 'Big Progress' Towards China Trade Deal
Dow Closes Higher on New Year's Eve, But Suffers Biggest Annual Decline Since 2008