the 'Death of America' Squad

At the risk of being accused of racism, there is one inescapable fact here that needs to be addressed. This 'club' of 4 freshman Congresswomen who collectively refer to themselves as The Squad are all non-white, radical beyond belief and who make 'normal' centrist Democrats look conservative.

They are rabidly anti-Israel, hate America, too, and want to change our wonderful country into something unfathomable — socialism. Three are Muslim and have no idea what AOC is except an attention-tart.

Two days ago in an interview AOC announced not only does she want to get rid of Customs and Border Protection, she wants the entire Dept. of Homeland Security dismantled. So no borders except open, citizenship for all who are here illegally, and literally FREE everything for everyone. Clearly these people are disengaged with reality. One could almost feel sorry for Speaker Pelosi – almost.

Submitted by Mason Benoit