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This Terrifying AI Generates Fake Articles From Any News Site
Bolton: China Continuing Cyberattacks on Government, Private Networks
Strange Events Worldwide!! More Blackouts Coming! – video
German Laser and Hypersonic Weapons Soon to Be Reality
Why Are These 32 Symbols Found In Caves All Over Europe – video
‘Britain’s Atlantis’ Found Off Norfolk Coast – After Being ‘Swallowed By The Sea’ 8,000 Years Ago
As Amazon’s Alexa Passes 100 Million Units Sold, It Will Now Be Always-On And Always Recording And Storing All Conversations In Your Home
AI Listened to People's Voices. Then It Generated Their Faces
'Low-Cost' Renewable Energy Is Breathtakingly Expensive
WhatsApp Pledges to SUE Users Over Off-Platform Misbehavior
30 Years After Tiananmen: Is Communist China Crushing the Effort to Secure America’s Electric Grid?
Data Breach: Quest Diagnostics Says 12 Million Patients Affected
Labcorp Discloses Data Breach Affecting 7.7 Million Customers
Instagram Breach Exposes Personal Data of 49 Million Users
DIGITAL ARMAGEDDON - Source Code for Top 3 US Anti-Virus Makers Reportedly Stolen. ALL Critical Infrastructure Now Vulnerable – HOLLY COMM: We don't know it this has occurred or not. Please see Anti-virus Vendors Named in Fxmsp’s Alleged Source Code Breach Respond for a rebuttal.
How to Block Robocalls On Your Iphone With This New Feature
Euthanasia Expert Invents Death Pod With ‘Die Button’ That Kills Victims ‘Within Minutes’
Meet Ai-Da: World's First Humanoid Robot That Is Able To Draw People From Life Prepares For Its First Art Exhibition
Spraying Stem Cells Up The Noses of Mice Has Restored Their Sense of Smell
MAY 31
Why Are 96,000,000 Black Balls on This Reservoir? – video
MAY 30
Turbine Buckles, Collapses on Oklahoma Wind Farm – HOLLY COMM: As commented 2 weeks, not only are wind turbines noisy, they kill a million migratory birds evry year including bald eagles and are a health hazard to people. The land surrounding them has to be cleared of everything. Access to the property around windmills is usually restricted, even to the landowner. Turbine blades can measure 350 feet long and weigh over 36 tons – each. If one fell, it would decimate everything underneath. On average, 1 out of every 100 blades breaks off. In winter, heavy sheets of ice can build up and then fall or be thrown off. When they slough, they effectively become ice daggers.
Vestas Wind Turbine Fails & Crashes – video
MAY 29
Dr. Mercola Warns On The Impending 5G Apocalypse
MAY 24
Are 5G Networks A Danger To Our Health And Safety? – video
MAY 22
5G Apocalypse: The Extinction Event Film Reveals How 5G Is An Assault Weapon Meant To Destroy Humanity
MAY 20
5G Phones Are On Their Way: Galaxy S10 5G, Huawei Mate X, OnePlus 7 Pro and More
Chcck For Existing and Planned Cell Towers in Your Area
MAY 17
Researchers Develop New ‘Miracle Superglue’ That Can Heal Potentially Fatal Wounds in Second
MAY 16
World's Most Mysterious Text Is Finally Cracked: 600-Year-Old Voynich Manuscript To Reveal Astrological Sex Tips, Herbal Remedies And Other Pagan Beliefs
Russian Farmer Unearths The Remains of 2,000-Year-Old Nomadic 'Royal' Buried Alongside a 'Laughing' Man and a Haul of Jewelry, Weapons And Animal Sacrifices
MAY 14
California Descending To Third World Status With Planned Electricity Blackouts For Up To A Week
Cooke: Xcel’s Green Energy Con Job Collides With Reality, Ratepayers Still The Big Losers – HOLLY COMM: In another fit of stupid, our governor Jared Polis has has entered into a private race with CA's Gov. Newsom to see which state can go greenest fastest.

Our neighbor runs Comanche, owned by Xcel – largest coal power plant in the state. It has 3 units, 2 of which are going to close in an effort to go to renewables. All 3 coal units are fitted with equipment that reduces emissions, but this isn't good enough. One unit is slated to close in 2022 and the other in 2025, to be replaced with solar and wind turbines. Evraz Steel Mill is Comanche's largest commercial account and runs 24/7. It can't run on solar at night. Because it already uses so much energy and wants to open another facility, if Comanche can't provide the necessary power, Evraz will move, axing 1,200 jobs. Topping if off, Xcel sold the public lies saying our utility bills will go down, but it's just the opposite. The Commission admits the customers will be paying for those shutdowns. We have never been in brown- or blackouts here, but Excel has said on the down-low that now they will be coming. It's looking like Colorado is California's younger sister – minus the ocean.
Here’s How To Review All The Recordings Alexa Has Of You And Your Family
China Stole NSA Hacking Tools And Used Them Against US: Report
Hebrew University Researchers Create Embryo Stem Cells From Skin Cells
A Mystery Frequency Disrupted Car Fobs in an Ohio City, and Now Residents Know Why
NEVER Return a Robocall: Scam Calls That Ring Once Charge Sky-High Rates If You Call Back
Is This U.S. 2017 Patent to Deflect Asteroids, Nuclear Missiles and Strong Solar Prominences A “Gift” From Friendly E.T.s?
Employees Who Listen to Amazon Alexa Requests Can Access Customers' Home Addresses
Synthetic Speech Generated From Brain Recordings
Paul McGuire Talks to Anthony Patch About Science In Relation to Prophecy, Including Transhumanism, Pt. 2 – video
Putin VERY Sinister Submarine: Latest Devastating Weapon in Russian Leader's Arsenal Is Bristling With Deep-Sea Spy Drones and Nukes Capable of Taking Out an Entire City
China Exploits Fleet of U.S. Satellites to Strengthen Their Police and Military Power – Beijing Reaping Benefits From Sensitive Equipment, Despite U.S. Law, Aided Indirectly By the Carlyle Group and Boeing
Paul McGuire Talks to Anthony Patch About Science In Relation to Prophecy, Including Transhumanism, Pt. 1 – video
Wal Thornhill: Black Hole or Plasmoid? – video
Wal Thornhill: On the Black Hole’s Non-existence – video
Brain Stimulation Reverses Age-Related Memory Loss
Genes Which Prevent Four Million People Gaining Weight Discovered, In New Hope For Slimming Medicine
Facebook Latest Privacy Assault – Uploaded Email Contacts of 1.5M Users Without Consent
The US Is Investing in AI for High-Powered Satellite Imagery Analysis
Researchers Just Demonstrated Nuclear Fusion in a Device Small Enough to Keep at Home
Scientists Test Gene Editing on 2 US Cancer Patients
Scientists Say Our Brains Will Connect To Computers Within Decades To Form an 'Internet Of Thoughts' That Will Provide Instant Access To Information
SpaceIL's Beresheet Set To Try Again
Facebook Accidentally Shipped THOUSANDS of Oculus Touch Controllers With Joke Labels Such as 'Big Brother is Watching'
Mysterious Safety-Tampering Malware Infects A Second Critical Infrastructure Site – HOLLY NOTE: I wrote in Prophetic Perils: End Time Events Revealed that the Russians had already penetrated our infrastructure as they left behind malware sold on their black market and pushed by Russian gangs. Experts theorize that they'd left it within the utilities possibly for use at a later date. This isn't a one-off scenario. In 2013, 151 hack attacks from Russia, China, others and ISIS were reported. From then, they've only ramped up. Hackers aim not just to take our power grid down, but that of other Western nations. It would be a wise investment to have a source(s) of alt. power as detailed in Dare To Prepare.
Scientists Put Human Gene Into Monkeys to Make Them Smarter – Planet of the Apes Here We Come!
Thousands in Switzerland Opt to Get Chipped
Unfortunate Ending For Israeli Moon Landing Attempt
Amazon Employs Thousands Of People Just To Listen In On Your Alexa Device
‘Vacant Land Myth’: Hundreds Of US Localities Are Resisting The Spread Of Green Energy
New Human Species Found in Philippines
Newly Identified Bacteria Feeds On Methane In The Atmosphere
How Do You Stop Robocalls To Your Landline? 
Researchers Claim to Have Designed Quieter Airplane Toilet, Claim 'Kids Won't Think They're Going to Get Sucked Out'
House Votes To Reinstate Obama-Era Net Neutrality Rules
A Y2K-Like Bug Could Cause Problems For Your GPS Soon
Iran Commits 'Major Cyber Assault' on UK Infrastructure
EMP Attacks Could Cripple America, Warns the White House… and Nobody Is Doing Anything to Defend the Nation’s Electrical Infrastructure
DHS Admonishes America Public to Prepare to be Without the Grid for 6 Months – video
Coal Advocates Warn The US Grid Is Growing More Vulnerable
Scientists Plead To Stop Creation Of Killer Robots: We're at 'the Brink of a New Arms Race'
Test For Detecting Radioactive Material Passing Through Ports From Further Away Using Lasers Could Boost Security And Help Prevent a 'Dirty Bomb' Attack
Elon Musk's Starhopper Prototype Gleams on the Launchpad in Stunning Aerial Photos Ahead of Its First Test Hop
Homeland Security Warns of Worrying Flaw That Could Let Hackers Easily Take Over Cardio Defibrillators After They've Been Implanted and Rewrite Commands
More Than One Reality Exists, Shocking Study Says
FCC Opens 95GHz to 3THz Spectrum for ‘6G, 7G, or Whatever’ Is Next
Congress Was Warned Of This Very Real Existential Threat To America So They Shot The Messenger: One Missile Could Bring Down Our Entire Nation
Facebook Blames Server Issue For Worst Outage Ever
Apple Launches Major Ad Campaign Touting Privacy Practices
Inside DARPA’s Ambitious ‘AI Next’ Program
In-Car Monitoring: Surveillance Tech Will Make Your Car Less Private
America Precariously Close to Losing Battle With China For Control of Undersea Global Internet Data Grid As Huawei Tech Flexes Muscle
Scientists Build World's First 'Time Machine' Defying Laws of Physics
The US Navy and Its Partners Are 'Under Cyber Siege' From Chinese Hackers and Are Hemorrhaging National Security Secrets
Are You Ready For The Blackout!? Millions Of People Need To See This! – video of day
End Of Humanity Is Here!! Brain Implants Being Promoted By Elites! – video
China Is Overtaking the U.S. as the Leader in AI
DARPA Thinks AI Could Help Troops Telepathically Control Machines
Don’t Use a Debit Card at the Gas Pump
Report: Home Assistants with 'Moral AI' Could Call Police on Owners
You Give Apps Sensitive Personal Information. Then They Tell Facebook.
As 'Antichrist Technologies' Are Unveiled at an Alarming Rate, Imagine What They'll Be Able to Accomplish Combining 'Deep Fake' AI With Voice-to-Skull Tech!
China’s CRISPR Twins Might Have Had Their Brains Inadvertently Enhanced
Google Says Not Disclosing The Microphone In Its Next Home Security Device Was an 'Error'
China Has Unveiled Its 'First Female AI News Anchor'
AAAS: Machine Learning 'Causing Science Crisis'
GE, Boeing, T-Mobile Among Latest Victims Of Chinese IP Theft
Can We Build AI Without Losing Control Over It? – video
Physicists Have Finally Solved a Fundamental Mystery Concerning The Insides of Atoms
China's New Technology For a Space Debris Clean-Up Could Be a Cover to Damage US Satellites, Pentagon Warns
Power Grid Serving 65 Million May Be At Risk in East, Midwest
Trump to Sign Executive Order Promoting Artificial Intelligence
7 Ways To Stop Robocalls Now
Trump Is Reportedly Expected To Ban Chinese Telecom Equipment From US Networks
China Is Worried an AI Arms Race Could Lead To Accidental War
Apple Releases Fix for FaceTime Bug
Canadian Politician Ponders Whether or Not the Earth is Really Round
Oak Island Artifacts Showcased Online
Disturbing Video Footage Reveals How Tasers Can Actually Set a Person on Fire
Russian Navy Has New Weapon That Makes Targets Hallucinate, Vomit
How to Keep the FBI From Accessing Your FamilyTreeDNA Results
NASA / DARPA's Future War Weapons (ppt)
Mystery Power Outage Zaps Electrical Devices in Canadian Co-Op Parking Lot, Stumping Electricians, Locals
China Has Developed The World's First Hypersonic Railgun That's Capable Of Destroying Targets 124 Miles Away And It 'will Be Ready For Warfare By 2025'
Users Flock to Facebook Even As Scandals Grow
Data From 2.2B Accounts Lands On The Dark Web
Creepy Gadget That Translates Thoughts Into Speech
Israel Can Build Robots To Wipe Out Cybercrime: Ex-‘Israeli NSA’ Chief
US Military Eyes Tiny Nuclear Reactors for Deployed Troops
Apple Just Shut Down FaceTime Group Calls Due to a Huge Security Flaw
MassPrivateI: Walgreens, Nestle, Coors and More Use Iris-Tracking Cameras To Spy On Shoppers
Russia and China Building Super EMP Weapons
Are You Prepared For The Blackout!!? This Video Could Save Your Life – video
Google-Facebook Duopoly Now Commands 80% Of Ad Market
Is Big Tech Merging With Big Brother? Kinda Looks Like It
Former Facebook Engineer Wants To Help Companies Unlock the A.I. ‘Black Box’
Uncle Sam Wants Your DNA: The FBI’s Diabolical Plan to Create a Nation of Suspects
Big Brother Digital License Plates Coming to a State Near You
‘The Goal Is To Automate Us’: Welcome To The Age Of Surveillance Capitalism
Hotel Fires Half Its Robot Staff For Sucking At Their Jobs
I See You: In First, Israeli-French Team Finds Neurons That Respond To All Faces
Humans to Download Their SOULS onto Microchips So They Can ‘Live FOREVER’
240 Year Old Doll That Can Write – video
China 'Has Taken The Gloves Off' In Its Thefts of U.S. Technology Secrets
Twitter Allows Death Threat Tweets For Trump Supporting Children To Be 'Shot On Sight' As MSM & Leftist Lunatics Push America Closer To Breaking Point And Civil War
Facebook and Twitter Are Consulting With Designated Terrorist Group CAIR About Whom Should Be Banned
Employment Scams #1 Riskiest Scam Type for Military Spouses & Veterans
Everything You Need To Know to Sack Super Bowl LIII Scams
Whatever Happened To Science?
CERN Lays Out Plans For Even Bigger $24 Billion Super-Collider 
How to Stop Tech From Tracking Your Every Move: The Phone Settings YOU Need to Tweak to Stay Private
Feds Admit They Can't Protect Electrical Grid From Terror – New Report Warns Survival Systems 'Outmatched' By Potential Attack
Can Nuclear Power Plants Resist Attacks of Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP)?
Trump Must Build Missile Defenses to Defeat Existential EMP Threats
Federal Panel Warns of National Blackout in EMP Attack
New ISIS Threat Tells Jihadists to Bomb Electrical Infrastructure
Scientist Explores the '7th Sense' — the Link Between the Immune System and the Brain
20,000 Satellites for 5G to be Launched Sending Focused Beams of Intense Microwave Radiation Over Entire Earth
This Is THE Most Important Video You Will Ever See!! A Warning to Millions Americans! – video of week
Google Chrome Flaw Patched 3 Years After Initial Report
Darknet Keeps Exploding Child-Porn Epidemic a Step Ahead Of Prosecutors
In 2019, Your Tattoo Could Get You Arrested
Day 1: No Internet, No Cell Service, No Electricity – What Do You Do To Make Sure You Are a Survivor Instead of a Victim