Sun Activity Making People Sick in Philippines

April 19, 2018

This morning we received the following message from Larry Taylor who co-hosts with Stewart Best on Night Shadows. Larry writes:

Stan & Holly:

This is a close friend, Pastor & family in Philippines ! Requesting help/information to combat some type of strange radiation-like anomaly making everyone sick there. Something like Atlantic Anomaly?

Larry W. Taylor.

Hi Bro Larry,

We are really suffering from the heat/radiation from the sun these days. Not like anything I have experienced before. Seems to drain us of energy and results in very little getting done.

Asked the Lord if I was sick or if it was the sun and He said it was the sun.

Just wondering if Sister Darnette has some kind of herbal recipe for a tea or something that might be an "energy-giving" tonic that we could try and make over here. We can get a lot of herbs here and maybe it would help us.

Just a thought.
Blessings to you both,
Bro Ian

Ian and Evelyn Taylor
Christian Life Missions
'Shiloh', Burgos, Philippines
P.O. Box 109, Laoag City 2900, Ilocos Norte, Philippines

NOTE: Stan has addressed on radio programs lately that the Sun is behaving oddly. Even though we're in Solar Minimum, usually without sunspots, last month the Sun sported a massive spot 12-1/2x the diameter of Earth.

MYSTERY SOLVED: After reading Ian's message, Stan found that the UV count in the Philippines is "off the chart!" 11+ is the highest rating, yet these graphs show it at 14.

Also, Spaceweather reported yesterday that the neutron count over the US is higher than any other place in the world.