We must guard against the overreaching hand of big government
trying to take away our freedom
—Steve Forbes

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POTUS Tells Dems to Stop 'Ridiculous Bullsh•t' in Fiery First Rally Since Mueller Vindication
14,000 Inside + 20,000 Others Stand Outside to Hear President Trump
Presidential Approval +50%
AOC's Approval 23% – Blames FOX, GOP, Dark Money Conspiracy – and Democrats
Judicial Watch Sues for Records of Communication Between James Clapper, John Brennan and CNN
Trump Goes Public: Will Release FISA Warrants – 'i Think Brennan's a Sick Person. There's sometHing Wrong With Him'
Trump: Schiff 'a Disgrace to Our Country'
Schiff Doubles Down on 'Collusion' Claims
Dan Bongino: Explosive New Revelations Surface About Brennan – video of day
None Dare Call It Treason: President Trump Must Fight Fire With Fire and Hold the 'Coup D'Etat' Leaders Responsible For Their Crimes Against America
WAYNE ALLYN ROOT: It’s Time to Turn the Hunters into the Hunted
3 Soros Campaigns to Further Advance the Left’s Radical Agenda
Robert Mueller Used Triangulation To Promote And Protect the Deep State
Ocasio-Cortez Erupts in Unhinged Rant After Criticism of Her Green New Deal
Heroes: Chicago's Embattled Police Are Fighting Back
GOP Launches Path To Nuclear Option Rules Change in Senate Cutting Down on the Time Democrats Can Obstruct Presidential Nominees
Chicago bills Smollett for Eye-Popping Amount, Actor's Legal Team Demands Apology
This Veteran, Who Supplied Water to Firefighters, Went to Prison for Digging Ponds
House Intel Republicans Demand Chairman Quit Over Claims of ‘Evidence’ For Russia Collusion
President Tells Hannity He'll Declassify Damning FISA Docs, Calls FBI Actions 'Treasonous'
Fox News Host Rips Eric Swalwell for Continually Claiming Steele Dossier Is Factual
Rand Paul: 'Source' Says John Brennan Pushed Discredited Steele Dossier
Internal Email Appears To Show Damage Control At State's Attorney's Office
40 Years After A Partial Nuclear Meltdown, A New Push To Keep Three Mile Island Open
FBI Now Probing Why Jussie Smollett Charges Were Dropped
How Jussie Smollett Managed To Slip Away From Punishment
Hannity Says Judge Jeanine Will Be Back On Air This Week Following Suspension
Rep. Ilhan Omar's Staffer Calls Anti-Semitism a 'Right-Wing Force' Despite Dem Being Accused Of Bigotry
Trump Signs Executive Order to Study Risks Of EMP Attack – HOLLY NOTE: It's very encouraging that the WH is finally looking seriously at this life-threatening issue. There is a TON to be done before this problem is rectified and government usually moves very slowly. Donald Trump, is once again, the only President who tackles tough issues.
Read the E.O.
Rahm Emanuel Calls Jussie Smollett Charges Being Dropped ‘a Whitewash of Justice' – Used Hate Crime Laws to Advance Career, ‘Is There No Decency in This Man?’ – HOLLY NOTE: This is likely the first and only time we'd agree with Rahm Emanuel.
Chicago Police Superintendent Furious Jussie Smollett
Charges Dropped Based on Community Service of Just 2 Days With Gay Group
Cook County Prosecutor Who Dropped Hoax Charges Says He Believes Smollett Is Guilty
George Soros Spent $408k on Kim Foxx, Whose Office Prosecuted – and Dropped – the Smollett Case
Smollett Allies Asked State Attorney Kim Foxx to Intervene Leaked Texts, Emails Show
Senate Test Vote Over Green New Deal – Epic Fail 0-57; Most Dems Vote 'Present'
Report: FBI Still Investigating Smollett for Federal Mail Fraud
Senator John Kennedy: “Some of My Democrat Colleagues Have Two Speeds, Hostile & Smart Ass"
Howard Schultz Rips AOC's Green New Deal as 'Fantasy', Trump ObamaCare Purge
Sen. Kennedy: President Trump Should Release All Documents on FBI's Involvement In 2016 Election – video of day
I'm Very Worried About The President!! Please Pray! – video
Grassroots Effort to Recall Colorado Gov. Jared Polis Due to Liberal Overreach Supported By Nearly 30,000
Sign the Petition
New Scandal Rocks Academia’s Commanding Heights; Duke Must Pay $112 Million for Research Fraud
Tennessee Veteran Returns From Deployment To Find Squatters Had Taken Over His Home
Pedophiles Demand To Be Included in the LGBT Community, Say They Should Be Respected And Tolerated Like Everyone Else
Bride Reportedly Asks Guest to Leave Wedding For Wearing Military Uniform And Medals
In Stunning Reversal: Charges Against 'Empire' Actor Jussie Smollett Dropped
Google Flipped Seats, Shifted Millions Of Votes To Dems In 2018 Midterms, Researcher Finds
‘Not. Guilty. Move. On!’ 5 Conservative Christian Reactions To The Mueller Report
Stunning! Former CIA Chief John Brennan Now Says His Months of Attacks on Trump “May Be Based on Bad Information”
How Much Did the Mueller Investigation Cost Taxpayers? $31 - $35 Million
Mueller Madness: The Media Pundits Who Got It Most Wrong
Freedom Center Founder Compares Arrogant Dems To The Serpent in the Garden of Eden.
Hillary Clinton Desperately Tries to Change the Subject After Mueller Report Collapses Her BIG LIE
Rush: Will the Coup Ringleaders Ever Face Justice?
Mueller Report Is 'Bad News' for Democratic Leadership Who Spent 'Two Years Lying to Americans'
EPIC! Trump Campaign Sends List of Russian Collusion Liars to TV Producers
Adam Schiff Should Step Down Today, Says Kellyanne Conway
Schiff Brushes Off Calls For Resignation: 'I Am More Than Used To Attacks By My GOP Colleagues'
No Holds Barred: The Growing Sewer of Hate of Ilhan Omar
Ill Wind Omar Tells Muslim Group To 'Raise Hell' Over Discrimination
The Allegiances of Ilhan Omar
Slimeball Avenatti Couldn't Scrounge Up Lawyers to Represent Him in $20M Extortion Scheme Case
Donald Trump Jr. Continues Victory Tour, Says: The Leader of the Tinfoil Hat Brigade, Adam Schiff, Has the Same Credibility as Michael Avenatti
Rush: The Differences Between Us and Democrats
University of Colorado Denver Politics Course Removes White Authors from Curriculum
NJ Hires The First K-9 Officer Team To Patrol Schools Full-Time
Dems Risk 'Backlash' if They Don't Move On from Mueller's No-Collusion Findings, Says Former Clinton Adviser
Comey in the Crosshairs: Republicans To Investigate The Investigators Who Pursued Trump
EPIC MELTDOWN: Celebrities Lose Their Minds After Mueller Exonerates Trump
No Holds Barred: The Growing Sewer of Hate of Ilhan Omar
Ilhan Omar Tells Muslim Group To 'Raise Hell' Over Discrimination
The Allegiances of Ilhan Omar
Probe Finds No Trump Campaign Collusion With Russia, No Conclusion on Obstruction: Barr Letter
House Judiciary Chair Warns of DOJ ‘Cover-Up’ Over Mueller Report, Says Dems Will Keep Probing Trump – HOLLY NOTE: Several months ago it began to leak that after 675 days of investigation and $25.2 million spent by a team of Mueller appointed hard-left lawyers, 40 FBI and Intelligence analysts, 500 witnesses, 500 search warrants and 2,800 subpoenas they found NO collusion, NO obstruction of justice. At that point, Democrats panicked and pivoted to Plan B of carrying on their own investigation. Now after nearly 2 years of touting that the Mueller investigation would 'hang' Trump, impeach him on these 2 pretexts, they are denouncing the Mueller Report saying it's fake and a cover-up because it doesn't back their narrative and course of action to get rid of the President. Any thinking person sees what Democrats are doing and you'd think they'd get tired of embarrrassing themselves.
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Read Attorney General William Barr's Summary of the Mueller Report
Mark Levin on "The Great Scandal in U.S. History" – video
Steve Hilton: The Real Consequence of the Russia Lie - The Destruction of Confidence in America's Democracy and These Are The People Who Told It
Trump Is About to Win The Battle Over His First Veto
Byron York's 5 Things That Didn't Come Out of the Mueller Report – video
Warning.. Confiscation Coming To The United States! Plan Revealed! – video
Missouri Just BANNED ALL Federal Gun Control Laws – video
Amazing! She Is Only 11 Years Ol "America First Project" girl – HOLLY NOTE: OMGosh, wish I'd had this young lady's poise and informed knowledge at her age. What a beautiful little rock star! She has mighty aspirations including joining the Army, becoming a photographer, a police officer, private detective, judge, astronomer and President of the United States IF the Country needs her. – video
Hundreds Protest Outside Ilhan Omar CAIR Speech
Related: Levin: ‘Why Don’t The Media Honestly Tell Us About CAIR?’
The Vast Attempt to Undo the 2016 Election Has Failed
Dan Bongino: Ep. 942 The Most Disturbing Video I’ve Seen in Awhile. – video 
Trump Didn't Call Neo-Nazis ´Fine People.´ Here's Proof.
18 Statistics That Prove That America Has Become An “Idiocracy” 
How to End Our National Nightmare — Probe Hillary Clinton Again
AOC Slams GOP Bid To Bring Her ‘Green New Deal’ to a Vote
Hickenlooper Offers Something Different in Crowded Democratic Field: A Detailed History of His Sexual Conquests – HOLLY NOTE: 'Loopy' is definitely oversharing. This is the same former Colorado governor, now running for prez., that revealed this week he took his mom to a porn movie during college.
Clinton, in Newly Revealed Emails, Discussed Classified Foreign Policy Matters, Secretive ‘Private’ Comms Channel With Israel
McCabe, Page Texts Reveal Trump Mockery, FISA Fears, and a Nasty Dig at Gowdy
VP Pence Gets Ovation at Hispanic Evangelical Summit; New 'Life Manifesto' Unveiled
The World Has Seen What Bernie Sanders' America Would Look Like, And It's Not Pretty
Sanders Campaign Unionizes. What Happens If The Workers Want To Strike?
‘Damn Socialism, Why Are You Chasing Me?’ Chinese-Americans See Ghost of Communism in Democrats’ Leftward Turn
These 25 Cities Are Losing More Residents Than They Are Gaining As Population Declines
What're the Chances of Felicity Huffman & Lori Loughlin Getting Prison Time?
Related: 'When Calls the Heart' Is 'Retooling' After Lori Loughlin's Exit
Beto the Bizarre:
…Tried to Prank Wife With Baby Poop and Tell Her It Was an Avacado
…Ate Dirt After Losing to Ted Cruz
…Put the Soles of His Feet Where People Eat
…Continual Pit Drench Earns the Nickname Sweato Beto
How Trump Is on Track for a 2020 Landslide – Economic Models Point to a Trump Blowout
Will Democrats Finally Admit the Obama DOJ and FBI Lied to the FISA Court?
JW Puts Under Oath Bengahzi/Clinton Email Scandal Witnesses – video of day
Alexandria 'Idiot' Cortez too Hot For Online Sale… Payment Processor Bans Clothing Mocking AOC
Ocasio-Cortez Cites SPLC to Blame Trump for Abetting White Supremacy
3 Ways 2020 Dems Want to Remake the Supreme Court – "All The Options Are on the Table."
Former Iraqi Navy SEAL Interpreter Receives U.S. Citizenship – video of day
2020 Democrats Heed AOC Call to 'Pack' Supreme Court
Glenn Beck: If Trump Doesn't Win "We Are Officially at the End of the Country As We Know It" – video of day
Mark Meadows: US Ambassadors Conspired with DOJ to Take Trump Down
Shocking Video: Rampant Anti-Semitism in US Mosques
California Rally Against Ilhan Omar
Republican Shames Ilhan Omar: 'SuperJew' CIA Officer Slain In Somalia Died For You
Former DIA Officer Who Spied for China Hated Trump
206 U.S. Organizations Funded By George Soros
Second Top Gillibrand Aide Quit Over Sexual Harassment But Was Kept On Staff
Ocasio-Cortez, Chief-of-Staff Removed as Governors of Justice Democrats PAC
Biden, 76; Bernie 77. How Old Is Too Old?
Firearms Registration Act Introduced in Pennsylvania
Warren Calls for Abolishing Electoral College
Robert Mueller Pursues New Trump-Russia Collusion Leads Despite Talk Of Probe Winding Down
Alexandria Ocasio Cortez the ‘Villain’ in Amazon Deal Collapse: Poll
Minnesota Democrats Reportedly Want Ilhan Omar Out — She Blames Trump
Wow. Anti-Semite Linda Sarsour Is “Triggered” By Those Who Piled on Ilhan Omar for her Anti-Semitic Remarks
Poll: Half Say Trump IS Victim of 'Witch Hunt'
Senate Blocks Resolution To Make Mueller Report Public
YING MA: Nail Polish? If There’s Not Enough For Everyone, No One Gets It
Fox News Poll: Capitalism Buries Socialism Bernie
Expect It To Get Much Worse!! Prepare Now! – video
Sore Loser Democrats Get Away with Questioning the Integrity of Elections
Where's the Outrage?
Challenge to National Popular Vote Must Wait Until Compact Becomes Active
Missouri Bill Would Require 'Every Resident' Aged 18-34 to Possess an AR-15
Former Obama Officials Ordered By Judge To Answer Questions Over Clinton Emails
AOC Mocks God: "What Good Are Your Prayers When They Don't Keep Pews Safe?"
BOMBSHELL: DNC Billionaire and Hard-Left Donor George Soros Tied to Anti-Trump Dirty Dossier Hoax
Trump Jabs 'Last In His Class' John McCain for Role In Disseminating Dossier
Beto O'Rourke Apologizes For Joking His Wife Raises Their 3 Children 'Sometimes With His Help', Admits He Walked Away From 2 Arrests and Is 'Mortified' His Teenage Fantasy Fiction About Killing Children Has Resurfaced
Reuters Admits They Sat On Bombshell Beto O'Rourke Story For 2 Years
Pentagon Mismanaged $2.1 Billion in F-35 Stealth Jet Parts; Trump Had Tweeted in 2016 the Program’s Costs Were "Out Of Control."
We Cannot Bury Our Heads in the Sand about Ilhan Omar
Trump Backs Call For Mueller Report to Be Made Public: ‘Play Along With The Game!’
Bush Center Video Excludes Americans from America
Trump Issues First Veto of Presidency
SHOCKER: Peter Strzok Said Mueller Never Asked If Anti-Trump Bias Influenced Russia Investigation Decisions
Judicial Watch Files Ethics Complaint Against Adam Schiff
There's a Miasma of Corruption Around The Obamas, Even Now
Texas Democratic Party Chairman Unable To Name One Beto Accomplishment – video
Beto O'Rourke: 'I'm Just Born' to Run For President – Here Are His Real Views:
Anti-Border Wall
Voted Against ICE
Voted Against Kate's Law
Voted Against Trump Tax Cuts
Supports Nationalized Health Care
Voted For late Term Abortions
Voted Against Sanctioning Iran
Called Law Enforcement "The New Jim Crow"
Wants To Removed Existing Border Fence / Wall
Beto O'Rourke Takes Heat For Website's Different Messages in Different Languages
EXCLUSIVE: Mask RIPPED OFF Ocasio-Cortez and Her EVIL Puppet Masters – video of day
Lights Out—For Socialism
Trump: Former Speaker Paul Ryan Blocked Subpoenas Of Democrats That GOP House Wanted To Investigate
Omar Went to Istanbul for Conference With Left-Wing Activists, Appeared Alongside 'Abortions Beyond Laws and Borders' Group
Democrats Aghast Over Ill Wind Omar Are Seeking Primary Challenger
Not a Good Week for Hollywood Elite:
Hallmark Cuts Ties With Lori Loughlin After Admissions Scandal; Fate of 'Heart' Uncertain – HOLLY NOTE: We were saddened to read about this scandal as we always looked forward to her Hallmark Chrismas movies and watching 'When Calls the Heart', where she was mayor of fictional Hope Valley. Don't know if 'the mayor' will meet with an accident or voted out of office. Regardless, the program won't this Sunday night.
Sephora ENDS Its Partnership With Lori Loughlin's Daughter Olivia Jade
Kyle Richards' Husband Mauricio Umansky Sued For Fraud in $32M Malibu Mansion Deal... After Home Sold for DOUBLE the Price One Year Later
Smollett Pleads Not Guilty to 16 Felony Counts of Lying to Police in Alleged 'Hoax Attack' That He Blamed on Trump Supporters
Families of Sandy Hook Victims Allowed To Sue AR-15 Manufacturer, Judge Rules
McConnell Tees Up Vote on Green New Deal
Rashida Tlaib Gets Behind Academic Boycott of Israel
12 GOP Senators Vote With Dems To Block Border Emergency
AFL-CIO Shreds Green New Deal: AOC’s Plan Could Cause ‘Immediate Harm to Millions’
Ocasio-Cortez Blames Pipeline That Hasn’t Been Built Yet for an Oil Spill – HOLLY NOTE: No wonder Glenn Beck calls her "a dim bulb".
Reps. Ilhan Omar And Rashida Tlaib Should've Been Punished For Their Anti-Semitism
Ilhan Omar Is Throwback to Days of Segregation, When Racists Openly Roamed Halls of Congress
Senate to Vote on Bill Ending Border Wall National Emergency Today
Democrat Ilhan Omar Doubles Down – Attacks Trump’s Humanity Again!
Trump vs. California Immigration Suit Heads to Appeals Court – HOLLY NOTE: Once again, this will play out in that notoriously liberal bastion of 'justice' where Progressives run when they want to promote their agenda through the bench. There was a day when 'justice for all' meant something, but with courts like the 9
th circuit, the DOJ decreeing that Hillary Clinton would NOT be charged over the email scandal, and the politicizing of the Supremes (think Chief Justice Roberts who literally "invented out of whole cloth a new definition of taxation that contravenes long-standing precedent" and changed his vote in favor of ObamaCare, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg who called Pres. Trump a 'faker.' Justices are supposed to be apolitical at least as far as the public arena goes. Judicial fairness and objectivity may be a thing of the past.
Adam Schiff: Impeachment Still Possible Even if Mueller Clears Trump
H.R.1 -- the 'For the Democrats' Act
California Audits DMV for 100,000 Voter Registration Errors That Enrolled Illegal Aliens and Minors
10 Colorado Counties Declare Sanctuary Status Against Democrat-Pushed Gun Confiscation Law
Democrats and CNN Collude to Rig Elections
North Carolina Sued Again Over Transgender Rights
Top 10 Places Californians Call Home in 2018
"Unusual" Crime Wave Near Fresno: Goat Theft/Sex Crime! – disgusting photo warning
From the Isn't This Rich Files:
Pocahontas Has Zero Sympathy For Parents Who Committed Fraud In College Admissions Scam
CNN's Don Lemon Ties Donald Trump To College Admissions Cheating Scandal – HOLLY NOTE: This is really 'special' since the scheme began in 2011 when President Trump was just a businessman with no political aspiration. CNN's 'reporting' is over-the-cliff fake. No wonder CNN is being sued for $275 million for false reporting of the Covington Catholic boy / Indian Affair.
Trump Orders Emergency Grounding of Boeing 737 MAX 8 Planes in US
Manafort Sentenced

New York DA Announces Fresh Manafort Indictment – HOLLY NOTE: DA Cyrus Vance commented that 'no one is above the law.' He neglected to mention Hillary Clinton. Vance specifically kept this indictment secret waiting for the Federal charges to drop. While Pres. Trump could pardon Manafort on the Federal charges, he can't do anything about the NY indictment. It's suggested government, one way or another, wanted their 'pound of flesh.'
Lisa Page Says Obama DOJ Ordered Stand-Down On Email Case: GOP Rep
Emboldened AOC, Freshman Pals Omar, Tlaib Test Speaker Pelosi’s Grip on House Power
Loughlin Daughter’s Damning YouTube Video Resurfaces Amid School Scam
AOC Won't Say If She Will Adhere To Her Own $80,000 Office Salary Cap
CLOSER LOOK: Who is Rep. Ilhan Omar? – video of day
Public Univ. PAYS for Students to Protest W.V. Campus Carry Bill
'Crappy White People' TA: UGA 'Put Me on Permanent Probation' But 'I Declined' (UPDATE)
Related: Course Uses 'Pyramid of White Supremacy' to Teach Diversity – flashback
Report: Attorney General Barr Gave Mueller Permission to Indict Trump’s Three Adult Children and Jared Kushner
Leftwing Nutcase Cher Calls for All Men to be Circumcised and Show Papers or Penis
These 10 Cities Have the Most Aggressive Drivers in the Nation
Felicity Huffman, Lori Loughlin Among 50 Snared In Elite College Cheating Scam, Authorities Say
Ex-Obama Official Tells Dems What To Expect After Shift Left
Pentagon Investigating Army Two-Star General for Retaliation Against Green Berets
Mayor de Blasio: NYC Will Have ‘Meatless Mondays’ in All Public Schools
Kevin McCarthy Reacts to Ill Wind Omar Controversy – video
Rep. Rashida Tlaib Follows Anti-Semitic Instagram Account
Human Rights Advocate Calls On DOJ To Investigate Ilhan Omar’s Terror Ties
Former Greenpeace Official: Green New Deal Is Completely Crazy – video of day
JUST IN: Jeb Bush Super PAC Hit with Massive FEC Fine For Accepting $1.3 Million in Illegal Donations From Chinese Corporation
POTUS: ‘Seductive’ Socialism Would Send Country ‘Down Tubes’ in Decade
Radical Dem Rep. Rashida Tlaib Declares Victory Over US in Chicago CAIR Speech, ‘The Muslims Are Here!’
Rep. Omar’s Comments Are Worse Than You Think
FTC Will Soon Decide If Americans Get to Keep Their Freedoms, Or Cede Them to China
The Plague of the Good Little Girls in Congress
The Nuclear Option: Fake Scientist Bill Nye Joins Real Socialists to Push Green New Deal
"Oh My God, Right at the President!": SUV Almost Hits Trump's Motorcade
ABC News' Terry Moran: 'Reckoning' For Media, Democrats If Mueller Finds No Collusion
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Reagan Used ‘Racist’ Caricatures to Divide Americans – STAN NOTE: This eternal bobblehead doesn't ever stop talking trash.
The Brains Behind AOC – video of week
Judge Jeanine: The Joke's on You, Speaker Pelosi – video
Ocasio-Cortez Owes Back Taxes From 2012 – Ignored Notices, But Wants Americans to Pay More
Democrats Block Motion Condemning Illegal Aliens Voting in American Elections
Trump May Charge Allies Up To 600% More For Hosting US Troops
Trump's Budget Will Include $750B For Defense, Money For Border Wall
25 of New Mexico's 33 Counties Declare '2nd Amendment Sanctuary' Status
Latest Excuse For Ilhan Omar’s Behavior: It’s Her Inexperienced Chief of Staff’s Fault
Omar Wants More Refugees To Join Her In Congress To Transform America
Beto Drops F-Bombs, Snaps At Staff
The Experiment
Jeanine Pirro Says Evidence Shows Omar Beholden To Sharia, Not Constitution
Paul Manafort Sentenced To 47 Months In Prison On Bank And Tax Fraud Charges
Hate Resolution Passes As Dems Face Backlash Over Omar’s Anti-semitic Remarks
David Duke Calls Ilhan Omar ‘Most Important Member of U.S. Congress’
UPDATE: Watered-Down Anti-Hate Resolution Passes
Radical Muslim Congresswomen Now Blame Islamophobia For The Outcry Against Omar’s Blatant Anti-Semitism
Ben Carson to Step Down From Trump's Cabinet, Says President Isn’t Racist
AOC Slapped With Ethics Complaint
CNN Botched Another Russia 'Scoop'
Ominous And Eerily Accurate Prediction About How America Would Be Undermined And Destroyed - We Were Warned Of The Current Battle Between Good And Evil More Than 50 Years Ago
AOC Spokesperson Simultaneously Collected Salary From Campaign and Justice Democrats – Overlapping Money Another Sign of Close Proximity of Campaigna nd Left-Wing Group
Democratic Presidential Candidate John Delaney Embraces Capitalism, Spurns Socialism
Americans Choose Security Not Insanity
'People of Color' Is a Marxist Phrase. Let's Stop Using It.
Bernie Sanders Fills Ranks With Anti-Israel Advocates Tied to Anti-Semitism Scandal – HOLLY NOTE: Since Sanders is Jewish, what can he be thinking turning his back on his own heritage?
Continetti: If Democrats Don’t Condemn Omar, ‘Door Is Wide Open’ for More Anti-Semitism
House Dems Revolt Over Stalled Bid To Condemn Anti-Semitism, New Wave Rallies Behind Accused Bigot ET
Newt Gingrich, on 'Hannity,' Says 'Nasty' Liberal Dems Engaging In 'character Assassination' On Trump, Associates
Census Bureau Quietly Seeking Immigrants' Legal Status: Report
Investigation And Impeachment? 'not So Fast,' My Friends
GOP Senator Says She Was Raped By Superior Officer While Serving In Military
US Growth To Slow ‘Considerably’ in 2019: NY Fed
6 Things To Know About the 'ISIS Bride' Case of Hoda Muthana
Trump Fires Back at DNC after Fox News Excluded From 2020 Debates
Ohio Dropped From Dem Super PAC's List Of 2020 Target States As Party Moves Leftward
Dem Allies of Accused Bigot Ilhan Omar Seek To Water Down House Measure Condemning Anti-Semitism – HOLLY NOTE: Yet they're pretty good at getting their hate-on for Trump.
It's On: Republicans Already Maneuvering To Succeed Trump in 2024
Former Federal Prosecutor Trey Gowdy: New House Investigations of Trump Are 'All About 2020' – video
The Deep State Has Begun Their Final Approach - "The Purge" Has Arrived
Trump: Dems Have Gone 'Stone Cold CRAZY' With Investigations
NSA Phone Surveillance Program Likely To End
POLL: Trump at Highest Average Approval Rating Since October
Ocasio-Cortez Rants in Defense of Omar — and Against ‘White or Male’ Colleagues
The Dud That Will Blow Up Washington – Why Robert Mueller's Report Will Be Only The Beginning
Linda Sarsour Attacks ‘White Feminist’ Nancy Pelosi Over Resolution Condemning Anti-Semitism
‘People Are Starting to Realize Just How Dangerous the Socialist Agenda Really Is,’ Says Former NY Lawmaker
Is This Legal? Official Copies Of The Mueller Report Are Being Sold Online, And The Release Date Listed Is “March 26”
New Senate Bill Would Legalize Marijuana Nationwide And Erase Possession Charges
AOC’s Chief of Staff Ran $1M Slush Fund By Diverting Campaign Cash to His Own Companies
…Moved Campaign Donations 'Off The Books': FEC Complaint – HOLLY NOTE: This is rich when AOC has so often railed against 'dark money.'
Socialism Destroyed Black America
AOC's 'Green New Deal': Ideology Masquerading as Realism
Emerging Narrative For Green New Deal: It Doesn't Matter What It Costs
An Ill Wind Blows Over Ilhan: House Dems to Introduce Resolution Condemning Anti-Semitic Comments Amid Omar Scandal – HOLLY NOTE: Ill Wind Omar ran on cancelling student debt, banning private prisons, increasing the number of refugees admitted to the U.S., and cutting military funding. Ironically she supports the End Racial and Religious Profiling Act. Once in office, she implemented a bait-and-switch platform. Her nasty anti-Semitism has revealed itself in multiple comments, interviews and tweets. Ill Wind has become a one-woman torpedo against Israel while cozying up to that vile organization CAIR, Council on American-Islamic Relations, that apologizes for terrorist groups and is connected to Hamas. If she manages ever to shut her face regarding Jewish people and Israel, Ill Wind's already been exposed for what she is – an anti-Semitic racist.
Biden's Betrayal of SEALs should Doom Presidential Run
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez 'Supports' Impeachment, Says Trump's Finances Should Be Focus Instead of Russia – HOLLY NOTE: Of course they are now that Mueller's $40 million witch hunt will likely be exposed as his biggest boondoggle. On Dems' relentless investigation, Greg Gutfield says: "All of these actions are to deaden the pain of 2016. They keep trying to find a different drug and none of these drugs are working. First it was the drug of collusion. That didn't work. Then you had Covington. That was a drug. Cavanaugh was a drug. Smollett was a drug. The BuzzFeed 'bombshell' among all the other bombshells was a drug, but none of these street drugs are taking away the pain of 2016. So they can't stop."
House Dems Making It Clear That They Are On A Witch Hunt With Document Demands From More Than 80 Trump Associates
Chicago Could Soon Have As Many As 5 Democratic Socialists On City Council
Chicago Named THE Most Corrupt Big City in the US – Again, Report Finds – HOLLY NOTE: While Illinois rates as the 3
rd most corrupt state, no surprise here, Washington D.C. grabbed 1st place.
Chief Justice Roberts’ Recent Votes Raise Doubts About 'Conservative Revolution' on Supreme Court
Hillary Smiles When Introduced As ‘Duly Elected President’ At ‘Unity’ Event
Sanders Promises to ‘Transform America’ in Presidential Bid – HOLLY NOTE: Bernie Sanders took a page out of Obama's book and campaigned over the weekend on transforming America. We all know how horribly that turned out.
Related: How Obama Made Good on His Promise to Fundamentally Transform U.S.A. – flashback
Related: 6 Reasons Why Obama Is the Worst President in History
Lifestyles of the Rich And Socialist: Bernie Sanders Has 3 Houses, Makes Millions – HOLLY NOTE: Yet for this curmudgeon, Bernie looks like every day he's having a bad day. Maybe some Metamucil would help?
NBC/WSJ Poll: Voters Don't Want Socialist or Very Old President

President Trump Addresses CPAC 2019 – full video
Trump CPAC Remarks Called Nazi-Like By CNN Analyst Echo Biden Speech in 2011
Over 60 Trump-Related Documents To Be Requested From WH, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler Says
Candace Owens at CPAC: The Democrats Are the 'Party of Slavery, Jim Crow, KKK'
Rashida Tlaib Paid Herself $17,500 From Campaign Funds After The Election in Possible FEC Violation
‘I Also Fly & Use A/C,’ AOC Tweets After Report Alleges ‘Green' Deal Hypocrisy
Co-Founder of Greenpeace RIPS Ocasio-Cortez: “Pompous Little Twit… You Would Bring About Mass Death”
The Mouth That Won’t Stop Chattering… Democrat Socialist Ocasio-Cortez Accuses ICE of Rape
Former ICE Director EXPLODES! -- Blasts Ocasio-Cortez for RANK LIES on ICE -- "I'm Sick of This"
Adam Schiff Calls in Felix Sater to Testify Before Congress on Russia — Longtime Clinton Pal, Democrat Insider and Lackey Behind Junk Buzzfeed Report
UH OH: Wife Of NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio Can’t Account For $850 MILLION Given To City Mental Health Program
WaPo Admits Inaccuracies in Its Reporting About Covington High School Students 45 Days AFTER Original Story and ONLY AFTER Student Files $250 Million Lawsuit
Drugs, Sex Work And Gambling Embraced By 2020 Dem Hopefuls
The Democrat Party: A History Of Anarchy, Part 4
Firefighters Rush To Rescue American Flag As Flames Engulf Hopewell Moose Lodge – video
Report: Arizona High Schoolers Punished for Wearing MAGA Clothing on 'USA Day'
Trump To Sign Executive Order Requiring Colleges, Universities To Support Free Speech On Campus
Cowboy Gets Call from Trump, Thanks the ‘People’s President’ for Putting America First
Dem Darling Blasts Bipartisanship, Vows To Make List Of All Who Vote With GOP – HOLLY NOTE: Think in lockstep or else. So who's the real Nazi?
Jordan, Meadows Refer Cohen To AG Barr For Alleged Perjury At Oversight Hearing
Tlaib Addresses Feud With Meadows Over ‘Racist Act’ 
'Developing Propaganda': Read Democratic Socialists' Plans To Go All In For Bernie Sanders
Sen. Elizabeth Warren Slams Israeli Corruption With Netanyahu’s Indictment
If I Were The Devil (Paul Harvey's 1965 Warning To America Comes True) – video
Trump Adviser Asks Supporters To ‘Put Socialism On Trial’
Brothers Accused Of Helping Stage Smollett Attack Say They 'regret' Involvement
Omar's Stance On Venezuela Defies Dem Leadership, Western Governments
NO DEAL: Trump Exits Nuke Negotiations After NKorea Won't Budge; Says 'Sometimes You Have to Walk'
THE HIT LIST — The American Cities Russia Will Target With Hypersonic Nuclear Missiles
Undercover Investigator Exposes How Absentee Ballots Are Key to Stealing Elections
Cohen: I Threatened Schools into Not Releasing Trump’s Marks – HOLLY NOTE: Oh puleasssse… Is this the best you got? A straight line is continually drawn between university education and how it lacks practical application to a person's career. Most have little-to-no coupling, including mine. Who gives a Fig Newton about his grades because Trump has excelled beyond most Americans' wildest personal expectations? And this is a story? So it follows that Millennials are burdened with nearly a TRILLION bucks worth of college debt. Back in the day, we went to universities we could afford, worked while attending and emerged, degreed, with no debt. Hard to have sympathy or want provide taxpayer bailouts for Millennials' unwise choices. Did they think their debt would magically disappear when handed a diploma?

In Cohen's testimony, he says about his family, "there's nothing I wouldn't do to protect you." And this includes lying his buns off under oath. He's off to prison in 2 months and will be the new 'pretty boy' desirable of all the gay blades therein, so he has nothing to lose by lying again under oath, except his virgin backside. The only thing more hated by prisoners than pedophiles is a snitch and a snitch Cohen is. Cohen stated that "Lying doesn't make me a liar. Doing bad things doesn't make me a bad person." Really? Most think it does.
Jim Jordan Questions Why Admitted Liar Michael Cohen Is Testifying Before Congress Against Trump
Tucker: Washington Never Tires of Being Shocked at What a 'Bad Man' Trump Is – video
Kamala Harris Calls For Decriminalizing Sex Work, Insists Trump Is Racist
Former Federal Prosecutor: America Is Growing Into A “Civil War” – “I Vote & I Buy Guns”
House Passes Bill Expanding Background Checks On Gun Sales
Many Staffers Defending Klobuchar Did Not Work in D.C. Where Abuse Occurred
Why Does Gallup Hate Reporting Conservatives' Overwhelming National Majority?
The Resistance is Everything They Accuse Trump of Being
China Infiltrating U.S. Education System in Propaganda Coup
Trump and Kim Start Vietnam Summit With Dinner
5 Chicago Police Officers Died By Suicide Since July. Is The Department Doing Enough?
With President Trump 8,000 Miles Away, His Disgraced Ex-Confidante Bids to Bury Him on the Hill
I'm SO Sorry: Convicted Felon Michael Cohen Grovels To Senators For Lying To Congress As He Starts 3 Days Of Testimony
Evangelical Leader Looks To Oust 'pro-Hamas' Ilhan Omar
YouTube Attacks Navy Veteran – Terminates His Channel After He Exposed Nathan Phillips As A Fraud
Payments to Ocasio-Cortez Boyfriend Spur FEC Complaint from Republican Group
Ocasio-Cortez Tried To Slam a GOP Senator For Quoting Mussolini And Totally Wrecked Herself
Bill Maher's Red States/Blue States Lecture Once Again Shows Why Trump Won The 2016 Election
UCLA Students Support Concentration Camps For Trump Supporters
Bernie and the Jets: Socialist Hero Sanders Demanded the Use of a Private Plane at the Cost of $100K When He Campaigned for Hillary, Claim Her Bitter Ex-Staffers
Dem Colorado Governor Would Sign Bill Circumventing The Electoral College
Chicago Police Say They Have More Evidence Jussie Smollett Staged His Own Hate Crime – HOLLY NOTE: Smollett needs a personal aid to keep his stories straight. First the 'attack' was because he's black and gay perpetrated by 2 white guys who turned out to be two black men that were friends of Smollett. Then he said drugs made him do it. Now the $3,500 he paid his 'attackers' was for fitness training. One thing fabricators often do is keep switching up their stories. Now Robin Roberts who interviewed Smollett on ABC, says there were “a lot of red flags” in his story. Smollett boo-hooed, dabbed his eyes and asked, "Why would I lie?" Well, he is an actor… Conveniently, Roberts never brought up the "red flags". Now that it looks nearly certain Smollett lied repeatedly and effortlessly, Roberts is trying to cover her backside. FK Donald.jpg
TMZ Reports on the Probable Inspiration For Smollett's Staged Attack
Study: Green New Deal Would Cost Up to $94 Trillion
Green New Deal $93 Trillion Price Tag Would Pay for 3.7K Border Walls
Rush Limbaugh: Democrats Too Afraid to 'Push Back' Against AOC
Gingrich: McCabe-Rosenstein Plot 'One of the Great Scandals in American History'
Ready for Hillary One More Time?
The Democrats' 2020 Census Goal: Turn Purple States Irreversibly Blue
How the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact Might Unleash a Violent Civil War Following The 2020 Election… Which Is Exactly What Democrats Want
PayPal CEO Admits Partnership with Far-Left SPLC to Blacklist Conservatives
Spike Lee Attacks Donald Trump at Oscars Without Saying His Name
Plan B for Rebel Republicans: Wound Trump So He'll Lose to a Democrat in General Election
CNN Publishes Obama Official’s Civil War Conspiracy: Calls for Military, State Rebellion If President Trump Refuses to Accept Defeat After 2020 Election
Ocasio-Cortez Lashes Out at Critics
Alexandria Ocascio-Cortez and the Antichrist
The Green Apocalypse – video of day
Trey Gowdy Slams Adam Schiff For Seeing ‘Things That Nobody Else Can See’ About Collusion
Trump Does 360 on Syria Strategy, Reinstating Original Plan, Calming The Pentagon, Reassuring Allies
Federal Judge Rules Male-Only Military Draft Unconstitutional
“We Want Them Now!” President Trump Demands Deep State Turn Over ‘Missing’ Strzok-Page Texts and DNC Server
Kamala Harris’ G-Grandmother Owned Slaves – video (skip lengthy commercial to 1:20)
Tom Fitton: How Many Aliens Voting in Our Elections are "Too Many?" – video
FBI Official Admits To Infiltrating Trump Campaign - Just Don't Call It Spying
Chicago Cops Fume Over Jussie Smollett Dragging City 'Through The Mud'
Smollett, Unpunished, Returns to 'Empire' Set After Posting Bail
Don’t Let Liberals Jussie You!
Sheriff David Clarke “Not Buying” Pay Rise as Jessie Smollett’s Only Motive
Sheriff David Clarke: Keep Hate Alive!
2020 Democrat Candidates Are Now Supporting Reparations For Slavery
To the Leftists Dragging John Wayne's Dead Body Through the Streets: Now Do Che Guevara
She Hates America, But Serves on the House Foreign Affairs Committee
Coup Pt 2: Former US Attorney Says Dems Will Probably Impeach
Rep. Eric Swalwell Faces Mockery After Trump Tower Selfie, Petty Tweet
More Snowflake Lunacy: Calif. College Calls the POLICE...Over Cartoon Frog Pepe
Snowflake Alert: Anti-Trump Protesters Say Snow Plow Driver Targeted Them and Drenched Them with Slush — Call Police
NY Post Sums Smollett Up in 1 Word
Smollett Charged In Criminal Probe
FBI’s Top Lawyer Believed Hillary Clinton Should Face Charges, But Was Talked Out Of It
Preparing to Storm America’s Castle
Roseanne Barr Calls Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a ‘Bug-Eyed Bitch’ Who Is Costing “Hundreds of People Decent-Paying Jobs”
Democrats Call Climate a National Emergency While Ripping Trump’s Border Wall Declaration
Billboard in Times Square Mocks Ocasio-Cortez for Amazon’s NYC Retreat
Ways to Resist the Deep State
Jewish Model Elizabeth Pipko Talks About Working on the Trump Campaign
Dan Bongino: The Coup and the Coverup – video of day
Barack Obama Might Not Get His Hideous Library in the Public Park
Trump Signs Space Force Directive
‘Breadlines’ Bernie Brags He’s Forcing the Dem Party Radical Left
‘Empire’ Cuts Jussie Smollett’s Scenes
Jussie Smollett Once Pleaded No Contest to Providing False Info to Authorities
Warren Proposes ‘Free’ Child Care Paid by the Wealthy & Fairy Dust
Poor People Not Allowed in AOC's Luxury Apartment Complex
Bookies Still Favor Trump Even After 12 Enter 2020 Race
The Full Horror Of Jussie Smollett's Botched Plot Starting To Scare Progs
State Fines Couple $4.1 Million For Gate On Own Property
Sell Montana to Canada For $1 Trillion To Ease US National Debt, Petition Says
Nick Sandmann Files $250 Million Lawsuit Against Washington Post
McCabe Says McConnell, Ryan, Others Approved of His Trump Probe
Trump Fills Out 2020 Re-Election Team
Rod Rosenstein to Leave DOJ in Mid-March
John Whitehead: It’s Time To Fight for America and Take It Back From the Corporate Tyrants, the Lobbyists and the Deep State Traitors
Let's Declare Maxine Waters and Democrats Crazy – Politicos More Concerned About Welfare Of Illegal Aliens
Motive Revealed In Smollett Case: Actor Concocted Hate Crime After Racist Letter Failed To Impress
Kamala Harris Waiting for the Facts to Comment on Smollett Case After Initially Calling It a 'Modern Day Lynching'
‘TREASON’: Rep. Chris Stewart Lambastes Andrew McCabe For Push To Oust Trump
Tucker Carlson: Why The Left So Desperately Wanted To Believe In Jussie, And Not in America
Smollett Case The Latest In Long Line Of Hoax Racist Attacks
List of Hoax ‘Hate Crimes’ In The Trump Era
Civil Rights Activist Wants Smollett Arrested: ‘Must Be Brought to Justice for Lying’
Childish Media - This is America – video
Bernie Sanders and the Socialism Movement, Pt. 1, Pt. 2, Pt. 3
Asymmetrical Warfare And 4GW: How Militia Groups Are America's Domestic Viet Cong
"He's Back" - Bernie Sanders Officially Enters 2020 Race – HOLLY NOTE: Sanders would be over 84 when leaving office and he's already showing deficits in his ability to reason and think critically.
RICH LOWRY: Reprehensible Rookie Rep Disgraced House, Slandered America
CBS's Lara Logan Says Media Is 'Mostly Liberal' and Its Coverage of Trump Is a 'Distortion' of Real Life
Lara Logan Interview – video of day
Trump 'Not Mentally Well,' Should Be Removed Under 25
th Amendment, Former Bush Ethics Attorney Says
What to Do About the Rebirth of Socialism: Where It Came From And How To Stop It
Hypnotizing the World: Omar Has Ties to Radical Anti-Israel, Anti-American Group
Explaining the Left, Part VI: Do Leftists Believe What They Say?
Gavin Newsom's Keeping It All In The Family
Military Exercises in Downtown Los Angeles - Training or Real Military Operation – HOLLY NOTE: This video is being taken down faster than you can say 'jack rabbit'. Many people who wish to draw viewers to their YouTube presence give this warning "WATCH BEFORE IT'S REMOVED." In this case it's legit. You wanna see, go do – quickly. – video
Andrew McCabe: The Full 60 Minutes Interview – video
McCabe's Shocking Claims Prove The Bloodless Coup Rolls On
2 Cabinet Officials Were 'Ready to Support' 25th Amendment Effort, Ex-FBI Lawyer Says
McCabe: ‘I Believe I Was Fired Because I Opened a Case Against the President of the United States’
Rush Limbaugh: Spending Bill Was Effort By Some Republicans to Saborage Trump
Elizabeth Warren Endorses Use of 25th Amendment to Remove Trump From Office
Elizabeth Warren Confronted Over Heritage Controversy At Latest 2020 Stop
McCabe, Rosenstein to Be Hauled Before Senate Over Reported Trump Ouster Talk, Top Republican Vows
UNCONFIRMED: Empire Star Jussie Smollett 'REHEARSED Hoax Attack With Two Nigerian Brothers Who He Paid $3,500 to Assault Him With Bleach and a Noose While Yelling Racial and Homophobic Slurs' – HOLLY NOTE: Should it be found that Smollett set up this alleged attack, lying to cops about a crime is a Class 4 felony. Smollett first claimed two white men attacked him yelling, “I mean, who says ‘F-g--t Empire n----r, this is MAGA country, n----r, ties a noose around your neck, and pours bleach on you?" The people that were in custody were two black men from Nigeria, one of which purportedly worked on Empire. They say Smollett hired them to orchestrate the attack and showed cops an Ace Hardware receipt for the noose rope. Before even getting the facts, MSM spent 101 minutes, 22 seconds on this story: ABC 52 min., 38 sec.; NBC 34 min., 57 sec. and CBS 13 min, 47 sec. The reason this quickly got so much air time is that it supports the racist Trump supporters narrative. Smollett's story started to fall apart when after getting beat, bleached and noosed, police noted he was still able to hold onto his Subway sandwich. Smollett is also trying to walking back the story claiming he didn't say "This is MAGA country", but it's on tape in this ABC interview. Police requested Smollett's phone. It took Smollett 13 days to turn over his phone records, not the phone, to police. Instead he gave them a highly redacted PDF of his calls. Cops said this wasn't good enough.
Cops Reveal Men in Video Are Jussie Smollett’s Friends
Elizabeth Warren Presidential Campaign Death Watch, Part Ii: The Hecklers
Smollett Could Face Up to 3 Years in Jail if He Filed False Police Report
Here Are All the Politicians Who Rushed to Judgement on the Smollett 'Hate Crime'
Joe Biden Tells Europe That America Is ‘An Embarrassment’ – HOLLY NOTE: Maybe Biden will do an Obama Apology Tour.
Another Skeleton Crawls Out Of Ilhan Omar's Closet
Dave Janda – Globalists Win if MAGA Supporters Walk – video of week OR
McCabe Says He Ordered The Obstruction of Justice Probe of President Trump
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Returns to Work at Supreme Court
Trump Declares Emergency on Border, Eyes $8B For Wall As He Plans to Sign Spending Package – HOLLY NOTE: Angry Dems are trying to frame Trump's declaration a 'precedent' when clearly it isn't as shown by 58 prior national emergencies.
Trump Plans to Allocate $8 Billion to Fund Border Wall, Source Says
Jussie Smollett Said Attackers Were White But The Two Suspects Are Black
D’oh: Only 1 State Passes US Citizenship Test, DC Fails Big
US Citizenship Test - Could You Pass?
Pelosi Warns Democratic President Could Declare National Emergency On Guns
Schumer Blasts McConnell Over ‘Cynical’ Call For Vote on Green New Deal
Ilhan Omar’s Iran-Contra Rant Lifted from Al-Jazeera — Parroting Soviet Talking Points
8 Days in May: New Revelations About Intrigue To Remove Trump
McCabe Confirms Talks Held At Justice Dept. About Removing President Trump
Devin Nunes Says Andrew McCabe Has It Backwards: The Real 'Terror' Came From the FBI, DOJ
James Woods to Warren: 'You're Done. Pack Up Your Teepee'
BOB WICKERS: This Dangerous Alliance Should Worry Voters About Kamala Harris
HUH? Arkansas Swears In All-Female ‘Boy Scout’ Troop
Democratic Debates Could Feature As Many As 20 Candidates
William Barr Confirmed As Attorney General
Extremist Organizations in US
Disgraced Ex-FBI Boss Says He Was Behind Special Counsel Push; Confirms 25th Amendment Plot
Former Air Force Counterspy Defects to Iran
GOP Advances Rules Change To Speed Up Confirmation of Trump Nominees
HR 280: The Concussion & Education Awareness Act – Undercover Citizen Tracking
Angry Americans Demand DNC Pay Back Money Spent On Russia Collusion
Menendez Threatens To Call Police On Reporter Asking About Green New Deal: Report
Trump Reportedly Installed a $50,000 Golf Simulator Inside the White House – HOLLY NOTE: What the WaPost, CNet, AOL and other left-leaning publications conveniently omit is that President Trump paid for it with his own money.
Fox News Poll: Capitalism Buries Socialism
Rats, Public Defecation, & Open Drug Use: Our Major West Coast Cities Are Becoming Uninhabitable Hellholes
House Passes Bill To End US Support For Saudi War in Yemen
Omar Fires Back at Trump After He Said She Should Resign Over Her Anti-Semitic Tweets
NORAD Defense Test in DC Today, 4-6pm EST
Union Leaders Warn Green New Deal May Lead to Poverty: 'Members Are Worried'
Senate to Vote on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal
Ocasio-Cortez Spent the Weekend Lying About the 'Green New Deal' and the Washington Post Is Too Scared to Say So
Gavin Newsom Ditching California High-Speed Rail Shows Why 'Green New Deal' Is Doomed
Trump Offers First Thoughts On Border Deal
New Study: Voter ID Laws Don’t Deter Turnout or Fraud
Warren Keeps Reminding Us of Native American Controversy
Unprecedented Gun Confiscation Hits US as Thousands Of Guns Seized from Innocent Citizens
New Mexico: 29 of 33 State Sheriffs Stand Against New Gun Control Laws
What Trump Is Trying To Save Americans From
Kamala Harris in Deep Weeds – Lies About Listening to Snoop Dog and Tupac While Smoking Pot
Related: Kamala Harris Is Rapidly Gaining a Reputation As The Most Dishonest Senator – flashback
At Least a Dozen Newspapers Drop Syndicated Cartoon Over Vulgar Anti-Trump Hidden Message
New Email Docs Hint at Secret Contacts, a Dubious Proposal and a Director’s Delusion
Stocks Surge as Senate Intel Committee Confirms "No Collusion"
Schiff Vows To Continue Investigation Into Trump Finances, Russia Links
Related: Mueller Blew $40 Million to Find Out There Was No Collusion
Beto’s Little Crowd Propped Up by Groups & Bribed with a Band
Ocasio-Cortez Disavows the Green New Deal’s FAQ After It Becomes a Mockery
Ocasio-Cortez's Plan Is So Bad She Has to LIE in Order To Get It Passed, Like Obama Did With ObamaCare
VIDEO: Students All About Ocasio-Cortez's 'Green New Deal'...Then Find Out What's In It
Beto O'Rourke Speaks Spanish in El Paso as Supporters Wave Mexican Flags
Former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke Backs Democrat Ilhan Omar
Why the Left Can’t Tell Honest Working Class Dirt from Blackface – And the Bizarre War on Mary Poppins
The Democratic Party: A History Of Anarchy, Part 1
Kamala Harris Will Run on Reparations for Slavery
Mick Mulvaney: Government Shutdown 'Still on the Table'
Trump Divides Democrats With Warning of Creeping Socialism
Trump's New Approval Rating Jumps to 52%
House Democrats Plan Vote to Criminalize Private Gun Sales This Week
Democrat Vows to Call For 3
rd Vote on Impeachment, Dividing His Party
Major Events Coming To American Cities!! Strategic Relocation – video of week
Vanessa Tyson, Meredith Watson Say They Are Willing To Testify In Fairfax Impeachment Hearing
Matt Golsteyn Breaks Silence on Charges Over Killing of Taliban Bomb Maker – video of day
90% of Americans Want Public Mueller's Report Made Public
Senate Panel OKs 44 Trump Judicial Nominees
Gillibrand Introduces Bipartisan Bill To Allow Transgender Military Service
Nadler: 'We Mean Business' on Gun Control; 'It's Not About Mental Health'
The Devil's Slip Is Showing
What if the Deep State Wins? Survival in a Post-Trump Heavily Centralized Socialist Police State
Back in the spotlight: Joy Behar Once Wore Blackface for 'African Woman' Halloween Costume
Steve King Pushes To Make English The Official Language of the US
The Remarkable Back Story of Trump's 2020 Re-Election Campaign Manager – audio of day
Virginia Dems Blowing Up with Scandals: Fairfax Accuser Goes On Record Alleging Sexual Assault
Vanessa Tyson's Full Statement on Allegations Against Justin Fairfax
VA Lt. Governor Privately Said 'F*** That B****' About Accuser, Then Publicly Called for Respect, Report Says
Flowchart of Virginia's Line of Succession For Governor, Lieutenant Governor, And Attorney General
Kimmel, Fallon Avoid Ralph Northam Controversy in Late-Night Monologues; Both Have Histories Using Blackface in Skits
The Invasion of the US Has Begun
Covington Catholic Teen Sues 54 News Outlets, Lawmakers And Celebrities
Media’s 9 Worst ‘Fact Checks’ of Trump’s State of the Union
Pelosi-Backed Gun Bill Would Easily Put You In Jail
SOTU: Dem Congresswomen Cheered Harder For Themselves Than For War Heroes, Child Cancer Survivors
SOTU 2019: Biggest Moments From Trump's Address – video
Or If You Missed It, Here's the Full SOTU – HOLLY NOTE: It was so terrific, have watched it twice.
Trump Calls on Dems to Break Gridlock, Help Achieve ‘American Greatness’
Hannity: We Are Reaping the Benefits of President Trump's Agenda for America – video of day
No Mention of Emergency Declaration In Trump Border Wall Pitch
Liberals Cheer Pelosi’s “F*** You” Clap-Back at President Trump During State of the Union
Socialist Crackpot Bernie Sanders Scowls As President Trump Proclaims “America Will Never Be a Socialist Country!”
Peggy Noonan Says Rep Looked 'Sullen, Teenaged' During Speech, Gets Response
Fact Check: Stacey Abrams Is Wrong, Democrat Plan Opens Border to All Child Traffickers
Feds: No Impact From Foreign Meddling In 2018 Election – HOLLY NOTE: So maybe now Mueller can stop his witch hunt.
How to Get Your Child To Just Say No to Socialism
Progressive Groups File Third Lawsuit to Block Noncitizen Voter Cleanup in Texas
Rep. Gomez Kept SOTU Tradition: Immigrants Coming Illegally to U.S. Get Invites
Tucker: Pelosi Issues Her Decree On Ethics Of Border Walls – video
Why Many Americans Are Praying for Trump
Elizabeth Warren Claimed ‘American Indian’ Race on State Bar of Texas Registration Card
Warren ID'd Self as 'American Indian' in 1986 'I Am Sorry For Furthering Confusion on Tribal Sovereignty'
Everything You Need to Know About the 2019 State of the Union, Tonight, 7pm Eastern
Poll: 70% GOP Voters Want Trump to Address Illegal Immigration in SOTU
White House Announces Trump’s Guests For SOTU
Tree of Life Survivors To Attend…
Democrats Troll Trump With SOTU Guests
Trump’s Backing Fuels ‘Resistance’ On Issues Democrats Traditionally Support
The Mystery of Pelosi's Favorite Bible Verse: Not in Bible
Staggering Sum Ocasio-Cortez's Sweeping National Economic Transformation Would Cost Taxpayers
MS-13 Member Busted For Broad-Daylight Subway Fatal Shooting: Cops
Double Standard Charged in CNN Hit on Trump UN Pick, Former Fox Host – HOLLY NOTE: We've listened to Heather Nauert for years on Fox and most recently as the State Department spokeswoman. She is smart, well-informed on issues, articulate and knows how to control a room when MSM goes off the rails – something they don't like. 
Comey: 'Zero Chance' Hillary Clinton Gets Prosecuted For Emails
Unreal: MSNBC Commentators Blame Trump for Northam’s Blackface Controversy
Mystery of Pelosi's Favorite Bible Verse: Not in Bible...
US Foster Care Supplies 88% of Sex Trafficked Children, Study Finds
Virginian Democrat Gov. Ralph Northam Now Says Racist Photo Isn’t Him, Won’t Resign – HOLLY NOTE: Northam now says he doesn't think that was him in the disgusting photo. How can you not remember something like that. Or was it that he didn't pose for that particular photo, but was dressed in that vile garb anyway. It seems politicians' live-by motto these days is "If you can lie, try!" On racism, in view of the growing trend of revisionist (fake) history, Democrats say they didn't form the KKK. However, left-leaning PBS documents otherwise. "At the time of Ulysses S. Grant's election to the presidency, white supremacists were conducting a reign of terror throughout the South. In outright defiance of the Republican-led federal government, Southern Democrats formed organizations that violently intimidated blacks and Republicans who tried to win political power. The most prominent of these, the Ku Klux Klan, was formed in Pulaski, Tennessee, in 1865."
"Unforgivable" - Trump Slams Racist, Late-Term-Abortion-Supporting Democrat VA Governor
CNN Falsely Labels Northam as 'Republican' During Segment on Blackface-KKK Yearbook Photo Flap
Joe Biden Endorsed Segregation In 1975, Calling It 'Black Pride'
Americans ‘Don’t Want Politics in Football’ — They Want the Game
CBS Rejects Pro-Flag, Anti-Kaepernick ‘Just Stand’ Super Bowl Ad
Top Senate Armed Services Republican Warns U.S. Military Supremacy Has Degraded
Elizabeth Warren Introduces Bill to Ban U.S. First-Strike Nuclear Option
The Chuck Schumer Scandal That Hasn’t Gotten The Attention It Deserves
TSA Worker Plunges To His Death In Apparent Suicide At Orlando Airport
Snopes & AP Suddenly Quit As Facebook Fact-Checkers; Issue Cryptic Statements
Democratic Candidate in 2020 Calls For $100 Billion in Reparations to Blacks For Slavery – HOLLY NOTE: Sometimes you just have to let pictures speak for themselves.
As Promised, Trump To Withdraw From Landmark Cold War-Era Arms Treaty With Russia
Ralph Northam’s Medical School Yearbook Page Shows Men Dressed in Blackface, KKK Robe – HOLLY NOTE: IIt was beyond abhorrent that Virginia's Democrat Governor was on board this week with a bill that would allow women to terminate a pregnancy up until the moment of birth – or even after birth. Now this. Now the Dems are calling for him to step down. As bad as this racist stunt was 35 years ago, Northam claims he has moved away from that sentiment, apologized. However, his remarks a couple days prior show he's accepting of and excusing infanticide. Surely murder trumps a terrible photo, but where were Dems on calling him out for supporting infanticide? No where.
Freedom! South Dakota Becomes Latest State to Pass ‘Constitutional Carry.’
Trump Order Asks Federal Fund Recipients To Buy U.S. Goods
Rep. Ilhan Omar: ‘I Almost Chuckle’ When People Call Israel a Democracy
A Lawless Government
Louis Farrakhan Calls For Separate State For Black Americans, Says That's 'What God Wants' – HOLLY NOTE: In his dreaming and scheming, Farrakhan didn't mention which state he wants.
Prisons Across the U.S. Are Quietly Building Databases of Incarcerated People’s Voice Prints
339 Arrested in 3-Day Human Trafficking Sting in California
Officials: 33 Arrested For Sex Trafficking In Super Bowl Sting
Wisdom of Phyllis Diller
Lawmakers Want To Ban US From Using Nuclear Weapons First – HOLLY NOTE: This is reminiscent of Bill Clinton's 1997 first strike policy. This meant that the U.S. instead of "launch on warning" could only retaliate after "absorbing a first strike". George W. Bush reversed this PDD and now several Democrats aim to put it into effect again. Imagine watching a missile soaring overhead armed with a nuclear warhead and America is hogtied against firing back until nuked. Where else would such a rabidly stupid PDD (Presidential Decision Directive) originate from other than a Democrat. Wonder if they'd change their tune if that first strike were aimed at the Capitol?
Related: Putin Just Said Russia Has 'Unstoppable' Nukes — Here Are the Areas in the US Most Likely to Be Hit in a Nuclear Attack
Pennsylvania Admits To 11,000 Non-Citizens Registered To Vote
New Age Guru Marianne Williamson Throws Her Aura Into The 2020 Presidential Ring
Gay Couple Wed By Ginsburg Arrested For Rape
Fox News Signs Former Republican Congressman Trey Gowdy as a Contributor
Mark Hamill, Jim Carrey, Anti-Trump Celebs’ Hypocrisy Exposed in ‘Walls Across America’ Video
New Mexico Woman Says She Keeps Getting Pee-Covered Bologna From Stranger
Poll: Voters Want BOTH Political Parties To Move Right – video
Constitutional Crisis: Colorado Dems Pass Bill To Eliminate Electoral College
Speaking of 'Poppycock': Anyone Who Thinks Big Government Socialism Is An Answer Has Lots Of It
Police Seek Removal of Nancy Pelosi From Office – video
Calif. Board of Trustees Scraps Pledge of Allegiance Over 'white Nationalism' History – HOLLY NOTE: This is part of the planned dismantling of America.
Main Core: Govt. “Threat List” Names At Least 8 Million Americans Who Will Be Detained When Martial Law Is Imposed
CNN Hid Images and Video of Roger Stone's 72-Year-Old Wife Being Dragged Out of Home
Bracken: Covington Gives a Glimpse of Civil War Two
Attorney General Nominee: Red Flag Laws Are “The Single Most Important Thing We Can Do In the Gun Control Area to Stop Massacres”
Failed Georgia Governor Candidate Stacey Abrams Will Deliver SOTU Response
Home Depot Co-Founder on Rise of Socialism: "It Comes Right Out Of The Universities"
Obama Delivers Speech To Boeing After $10M Donation Made To His Presidential Center
Roger Stone: Mueller Thinks He Will Remove Trump and VP Pence and Replace Them with Nancy Pelosi – video
Democrats Target Former Starbucks CEO – video
Pardoned Ranchers Who Inspired Oregon Occupation Win Back Grazing Permits
Joe Scarborough: I’ve Never Heard Trump ‘Say Anything Close To Being’ Racist Behind Closed Doors
Las Vegas Shooter Sought "Infamy" By Inflicting "Maximum Damage" According To FBI
PART I – The Presidential Declassification Counter-Punch: Understanding The Process…
Pelosi invites Trump for State of the Union on Feb. 5
Feds Refuse to Unseal Documents on FBI Deep State Raid of Clinton Foundation Whistleblower that Implicate Mueller
Tucker Carlson Calls Mueller ‘a Threat To Our Democracy’
ANALYSIS: To save America, Trump Must Declare a “New American Revolution”
Retired NYU Professor Explains Why College Students Prefer Socialism
Starbucks Howard Schultz Tells Anti-Gay Marriage Christian Stockholders To ‘Sell Your Shares’ And Go Invest In Another Company
Howard Schultz Slams “Un-American” Socialist Ocasio-Cortez — Is Heckled at NY City Book Signing
5 Police Officers Injured In Houston Shooting, Officials Say
Gillum Joining CNN as Political Commentator
Houston Police Union President GOES OFF on Far Left Hacks Spreading Hatred of Police: “We Are Sick and Tired of Having Targets On Our Back”
Time’s Up For Inactive Voters: Miss 2 Federal Elections, And You’re Out – HOLLY NOTE: In Australia you are required to vote or be fined $50.
U.S. Charges Chinese Telecom Giant Huawei With Fraud, Stealing Trade Secrets; Violations Go 'To The Top'
Bill Targets Marcus Whitman Statues
Whistleblower: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Is “Deathly Ill” And In A “Medically Induced Coma” – Fears “Massive Unrest” Once Public Finds Out The Truth
What Will It Take To Make You Understand And Accept That They Hate You?
Texas' Top Elections Officer: 95,000 Non-Citizens Found on State's Voter Rolls – HOLLY NOTE: If a person can't even understand the word 'here' in English, how can they be expected to vote? We really need to have English as our national language.
Trump Vows To Build Border Wall: 'Negotiations With Democrats Will Start Immediately'
Democrat Kamala Harris Kicks Off WH Run Slamming Border Wall, Pushing 'Medicare For All'
Willie Brown Admits It: Kamala Harris Slept Her Way To The Top
RNC Unanimously Pledges ‘Undivided Support’ For Trump, Stops Short Of Explicit 2020 Endorsement
British Paper Takes a Knee After Getting Nearly Everything Wrong In Melania Article
UK Telegraph Apologizes, Pays "Substantial Damages" to First Lady
America's Corruption Club
U.S. Proposes Arms Control Talks With Russia as Cold War-era Weapons Pact Nears Collapse
O’Rourke Still Feels ‘Exhaustion’ After Failed Senate Bid, 2020 Decision Could Be Months Away – HOLLY NOTE: If he doesn't have the stamina at 46, then he shouldn't run for president. Look how many stops and rallies Pres. Trump held right up to the day of the election – sometimes 5 in a day. He always landed on his feet running, sleeps little and works longer hours than any head of state we've seen. If Trump is the Energizer Bunny, O'Rourke is Low Energy Jeb 2.0.
Creepy Views Galore: What Is Ilhan Omar Doing on the House Foreign Relations Committee?
The Murders in Indian Country
Donald Trump Announces Decision to Temporarily End Partial Government Shutdown
Tom Fitton: ‘Air Pelosi’ – What You Don’T Know About The Lucrative Travel Our Leaders Enjoy On Your Dime
Senate Rejects Trump Immigration-Shutdown Bill, Also Defeats Dems’ Option Without Border Security
McCarthy Blasts Pelosi For Giving House '3-Day Weekend' Amid Government Shutdown
Real Women Don't Need a Women's March
Dan Bongino: Hey, Ocasio-Cortez, Sanders, Venezuela's Socialism Has Been a Disaster. What Say You?
Chaos in the House: PelosI Knows The Freshman Caucus Is Out Of Control
Donna Brazile’s Cryptic “President Pelosi” Tweet And Rumors Of Plot To Assassinate Trump
Gay Is the New Black: Buttigieg – The First Openly Gay Candidate to Run For President
Radical Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Wins Seat On Powerful House Panel Set To Investigate Trump Administration
Virginia Considers Cameras To Issue Tickets On Alternate Routes Around Toll Road
Roger Stone Arrested: Colorful ex-adviser to Trump Campaign, Indicted By Team Mueller On Obstruction, Lying, Tampering
HR 204 – The American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2019: The One Bill That Needs To Become Law In 2019
Whistleblower Evidence Shows Kamala Harris Covered Up Illegal Wiretaps
“I Hate To See The President Do This… ” – Mark Levin
Putin Imprisoned U.S. Marine to Foment Partisan Division In American Politics: Intel Official
7 Important Stories You Missed While The Media Obsessed Over MAGA Kid
Trump Delays State of the Union
Laura Ingraham Rips President Trump's Decision…
Pelosi ‘Doesn’t Want the American People to Hear the President’s Message’
Sen. Graham Slams Nancy Pelosi For Being 'Sbsurd, Petty, And Shameful' – video
Senate Set For Vote On 2 Different Bills To Reopen Government
Native American Activist Nathan Phillips Has Violent Criminal Record And Escaped From Jail As Teenager
Nathan Phillips, aka Nathan Stanard, the Native American Drummer Dude Who Got in the Face of Catholic High School Kids, Was NOT a Vietnam Vet – video of day
Demonizing Catholic Schoolboys
President Trump Takes Aim At Liberal 9
th Circuit; Nominates Huge Roster Of Federal Jurists
The Ultimate Irony of the 'Native American Elder' and the MAGA Hat Kids
Levin: Nancy Pelosi, Radical Authoritarian
BuzzFeed Expected To Slash 250 Jobs
Democrat Presidential Hopefuls Court Al Sharpton, Ignore Controversial Past
Supreme Court Agrees To Hear First Gun Rights Case in a Decade
America’s Favorite Valentine’s Day Candy Is Unavailable This Year
Pelosi Dis-Invites Trump to Give SOTU – First Ever
Trump Accepts Pelosi's Invite to Give the SOTU to United Congress – Ball's in Her Court – HOLLY NOTE: What a strident left-winger she will expose herself to be if she says "NO!" (The rest of cluey Americans already see what she is.)
Schumer and McConnell Reach Apparent Deal That May End Shutdown
Corsi Adds Jeff Bezos To Mueller Extortion Lawsuit
Trump Tells Sarah Huckabee Sanders ‘Not To Bother’ With Press Briefings
I Wasn't Going to Share This About Our Tone-Deaf Senators But…
Trump to Renominate 51 Expired Judicial Nominees
This ‘Black Israelite’ From Brooklyn Sparked The Covington Controversy
Jim Carrey Posts Painting Of Covington Catholic Teens With Label ‘Baby Snakes’
Nathan Phillips Vietnam Veteran (Native America at the center of the Covington drama) Status In Question
Jack Morrissey, Film Producer, Apologizes For Wishing Covington Boys 'into the Woodchipper, MAGA Hat First'
Michael Cohen Tell Trump Anecdotes In House Testimony — Nothing More
Michael Savage: ‘American Dreamers Have The Right To Dream First’
Everyone Who Takes on Trump Ends Up Crushed
Everything You Need To Know About The Plan… – video
White House Forging Ahead With State Of The Union Planning
Hoyer Says 'Sure' When Asked If Trump Can Deliver SOTU, Despite Pelosi's Objections
Pelosi-Democrats Are Immoral, Not Walls
No More White Babies So Muslims Can Be Imported Says Leftist
The Real Russian Agent – What a Special Counsel Report Might Look Like
Former Top FBI Lawyer: Yes, Hillary Should Have Been Indicted For Her ‘Appalling’ Mishandling Of Classified Info
Journalist Fired After Wishing Death on Covington Catholic HS Students, Parents: Report
GQ Writer Regrets Tweet Calling for Covington Students to Be Doxxed
Violent Threats Against Covington Catholic High School, Students Under Investigation
Covington Catholic High School Closes Today
Trump Defends Covington Catholic Students, Says The Media ‘Smeared’ Them
‘Disarm America Movement’ Gunning for Your Second Amendment Rights
Key Democrats Out To Stop House Members From Living In Offices
Why Are 2 Huge Prison Barges Headed to Gitmo
Alyssa Milano: 'The Red MAGA Hat Is The New White Hood'
Tucker Carlson: Covington Story Was Not About Race But About People In Power Attacking People They've Failed
Maryland Certifies Country's First New Socialist Party In Decades
Donald Trump Jr. Accuses New House Intel Chief Of Drip Campaign In Russia Probe
Notre Dame to Cover Over Christopher Columbus Murals Painted In 19th Century to Make Leftists Happy
DUMBEST POSSIBLE: California Legislature Bans He/She Pronouns
Angelica Hale Earns 2nd Golden Buzzer on America's Got Talent: The Champions – video
Facebook and Twitter Are Consulting With Designated Terrorist Group CAIR About Whom Should Be Banned
How Many Elephants in the Room? – HOLLY NOTE: The interesting sub-text is how much we've adopted other countries' idioms. Though we frequently heard Australians say someone had 'lost the plot', it originated in Britain. Since 1986, that Aussie saying has been adopted 'fullstop' – another Aussie saying.
11-Year-Old Angelica Hale Earns 2
nd Golden Buzzer on America's Got Talent: The Champions – HOLLY NOTE: This will happy-up your day! – video
Jimmy Carter: Jesus Would ‘Approve’ of Gay Marriage, Some Abortions
Man Accidentally Plays Porn Through Speakers At Girlfriend's Sister's Wedding
'Like, The World Is Going To End In 12 Years If We Don’t Address Climate Change' Says Ocasio-Cortez
Ocasio-Cortez Says a World That Allows For Billionaires Is Immoral
Man, 27, Arrested After Allegedly Threatening To Kill Women Because He’s a Virgin: Report
Pence Slams BuzzFeed 'Obsession,' Decries 'Disappointing' Pelosi Rejection of Trump Border Funding Compromise
Undeniable: DEMS OWn The Government Shutdown After Refusing POTUS Trump’s DACA Deal
President Trump Gets Slammed by Pelosi & Others for a Reasonable Offer
Trump Made Pelosi, Dems 'Look Like Fools' Last Week, MSNBC Host Admits – HOLLY NOTE: Correction! Pelosi and the Dems made themselves look like fools.
Democrats Dismiss Trump's Political Concession, Demand More
Trump's Path To Revolutionizing America's Courts
Conservative Heavyweights React to President Trump's DACA Offer
Gabbard Blasts Trump For Televised Proposal To End Shutdown; Says Negotiations 'Shouldn't Be Done' on TV – HOLLY NOTE: Of course not, because the American public sees what obstructionist hypocrites Democrats are. It's a replay of Pelosi's embarrassment when exposed on national TV in the Oval Office with Schumer, President Trump and VP Pence while making the same statement.
Trump Rips ‘Radical Democrat’ Pelosi: ‘So Petrified of the Lefties … She Has Lost Control’
Rep. James Clyburn: No Border-Security Negotiations Until Trump Ends Shutdown
Media Hoax: MSM Falsely Claims Catholic Students Harassed Native American
BuzzFeed Fabricator, Er Uh, Reporter, Jason Leopold, After Rebuke By Mueller, Unable To Explain Discrepancies
…Admits 'Lying, Cheating And Backstabbing'
CNN And MSNBC Floated Impeachment Nearly 200 Times Over Disputed BuzzFeed Report
Dueling MLK Day Parades Divide Houston
Senators Push Bill To Guard Americans' Data After Facebook, Equifax Scandals
Push for 'Otto Warmbier Way' Outside North Korea’s UN Mission Picks Up Steam
Dueling MLK Day Parades Divide Houston
University of Georgia TA: ‘Some White People May Have to Die’ for Blacks to Advance – HOLLY NOTE: Bet Martin Luther King would be disappointed in this man.
Women's March Protesters Call For Trump to 'Drop Dead,' His Children to Be Caged
What Became of MLK’s Dream?
The Fakest News: Mueller Blows Up BuzzFeed ’Collusion’ ’Bombshell’ – Buzzfeed Sticks Head in Buzz Saw; Other News Groups Pile On
Related: BuzzFeed: Trump Ordered Michael Cohen to Lie to Congress About Russia Business Plans
…9 Reasons We Knew It Was Fake News
Dems Silent…
CNN’s Toobin: BuzzFeed ‘Bombshell’ ‘Reinforces’ View ‘Media Are a Bunch of Leftist Liars’ ‘Willing to Lie’ to ‘Get’ Trump
Next Lie: Nancy Pelosi Accuses WH of Leaking Afghanistan Commercial Flight Plans
Trump to Make 'Major Announcement' Today, 3PM Eastern on Shutdown, Border
Citing Impasse, Trump Cancels US Delegation To Davos After Postponing Pelosi's 3-Nation Tour
CNN’s Acosta: ‘Childish’ Trump Canceled Pelosi’s International Trip During Shutdown
Shutdown Standoff Escalates as Pelosi Digs in on Delaying Speech, Trump Says Dems 'Hijacked'
Despite Pelosi's 'Concern' Over Security, DHS Secretary: Secret Service Ready for SOTU – video
After Homeland Says They Are Ready for SOTU, Pelosi Shifts Tactics – Says Paychecks, Not Security, Are Concern
5 Ways Trump Can Turn Pelosi's State Of The Union Ploy Into A Communications Victory
Ted Cruz: Pelosi Terrified Of Trump Speaking Directly To Americans During State of the Union
Women’s March Loses Support As Racism, Anti-Semitism Cloud Original Agenda
Trump: New, Cutting Edge Missile Defence System Call for 20 New Ground-Based Interceptors in Alaska
Democrats ‘Totally Unhinged’: Trump Says Left ‘No Longer Care What is Right' for US
Government Shutdown Lessons - We Could Take a Chainsaw To So Much Of Government – HOLLY NOTE: Yet the Democrats aim is to greatly expand this bloated entity – America's largest employer.
House Democrats Are Urged to Denounce Omar of Minnesota for Her Anti-Israel Rhetoric
Laura Ingraham: Ocasio-Cortez Must Be Taken Seriously. Is America Ready to Be Ruled By These New Progressives?
Nancy Pelosi's SOTU Power Play Is Starting To Look Tattered – HOLLY NOTE: Rand Paul just brilliantly suggested that if Pelosi continues trying to shut down the President's SOTU message, let's host it in the Senate.
Hope vs. Change: Why Some Democrats Are Turning on Obama's Legacy: "More and More Voices Seem to Be Saying Obama Was a Bad President." – HOLLY NOTE: They are finally acknowledging what most conservatives saw all along, starting from his apology tour right on through his 8-year horror story. We wrote several years ago that in the rear view mirror, Obama would be seen as an awful president. It's coming to light sooner than we thought Somebody ought to jerk that Nobel Peace Prize straight out of his sweaty, stinking fingers. It's quite extraordinary to see this piece appear in the lefty Vanity Fair.
Beto O'Rourke Questions Relevance of Constitution, Principles 'Set Down 230-Plus Years Ago' – HOLLY NOTE: These ultra-left wingnuts are planting seeds to dismantle our country. You watch, just like AOC's outrageous statement advocating Medicare-for-all (costing $32.2 TRILLION), is now parroted by other Democrats. Doncha just love an Irishman whose dad said he should adopt a more Hispanic-sounding name than Robert Francis O'Rourke so he could more easily mix it up with Mexicans.
Beto Bombs Bigly In Long Interview With The Washington Post
Demolishing America
Solutions For Survival Of The United States In The 21st Century
EMERGENCY!! Threat On Donald Trump’s Life FOILED By Authorities! – video
FBI Tried to ‘Re-Engage’ Dossier Writer After It Started Anti-Trump Probe
“Der Spiegel” Associates US Ambassador in Germany with Neo-Nazis
Today's Democrats: Anti-Christian, Anti-Israel, Anti-God
CIS Sues SDPLC Demanding They Stop Referring To Them as a 'Hate Group'
Pelosi Urges President Trump to Delay State of the Union – HOLLY NOTE: This has nothing to do with security as she and her sidekick Schumer would like nothing better than him dead. Her motivation is more likely fear of Trump having a massive platform to lay out his reasons, instead of in dribs and drabs, but in one cohesive, clear message on the border crisis.

Remember on Dec. 11
th when the President invited the barf twins of Pukey Pelosi and UpChuck Schumer, along with the press, to the White House and they had a televised conversation about funding a wall and border security?

They were caught with their pants down and a panicky Pelosi said that it was a conversation that should be held away from the public. While Democrats would have rebuttal time after the Jan. 29
th SOTU, there is no way they could undo Trump's presentation especially when this left-leaning publication CNBC writes: Most Voters Believe There's a Border Crisis
‘Something to Hide’: Federal Judge Blocks Citizenship Question On 2020 Census
This Is The Dysfunctional Government We The People Elected
‘I will Not Be Bullied’: AG Nominee Barr Defends Mueller’s Russia Probe
Bisexual Senator Loves The Constitution Yet, Shuns The Author
"Donald Drains The Swamp!" Kids Book
Conspiracy to Destroy The Trump Presidency Is Far Worse Than We Knew And Will Continue
Are Trump’s Accomplishments Being Forgotten With Government Shutdown? – video
The IRS Is Recalling 46,000 Workers To Handle Tax Returns
A Major Event Is Coming To The United States!! Be Prepared – video
CNN Analyst Accuses Webb of 'White Privilege' Before Learning He's Black – video
Surprise: Genius Behind Man-Hating Gillette Ad Is A Radical Feminist
Activists Jump Nancy Pelosi’s Mansion Wall With Illegal Immigrants, Demand Entry To Her Home
Los Angeles Teachers’ Strike Fueled by Radical #RedForEd ‘Propaganda’ Movement
Youngest Legislator in America’s Philosophy? God, Guns, and Babies
Ohio Governor Sworn in on a Stack of 9 Bibles
Democratic Governor Dick Lamm's Insightful Plan To Destroy America – HOLLY NOTE: We posted Lamm's message June 13, 2018 and it's apparently making the rounds again. At that time my accompanying commentary said, "You owe it to yourself to read this 2005 speech from Democrat former Colorado Gov. Lamm. We are well on the way to fulfilling the steps he outlined on how to destroy America. You wouldn't catch a Democrat today talking honestly like this!"
Arizona Foster Care System Revealed as Pedophile Ring: Former Foster Child Tortured for Years Sues for $15 Million
3 Police Officers Have Been Shot Dead Across the US in a Week
Stacey Abrams: ‘I Wouldn’t Oppose’ Non-Citizens Voting in Local Elections
Comedian: ‘You Can’t Even Call a Moron, a Moron Anymore; You Have to Call Them Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’
10 Most Absurd Things The Left Calls Racist – video flashback
Identity Politics = White Genocide
The Commies Are Here!
Lindsey Graham Urges Trump to Reopen Government For 3 Weeks Before Declaring a National Emergency
F.B.I. Opened Inquiry Into Whether Trump Was Secretly Working on Behalf of Russia – HOLLY NOTE: This was a totally incendiary article and if someone only looked at the headline and read just the first several paragraphs, they wouldn't have seen their reluctant admission. It wasn't till 9 paragraphs later, the failing New York Times admitted there was absolutely no basis for this inquiry as it found nothing. That's Fake News at its best. Imply, infer…lie. President Trump was furious over the NYT fiction piece. This is what he said, "I think it's the most insulting thing I've ever been asked. I think it's the most insulting article I've ever had written, and if you read the article you'll see that they found absolutely nothing. If you ask the folks in Russia, I've been tougher on Russia than anybody else, any other ... probably any other president, period, but certainly the last three or four presidents."
MORE DEEP STATE CRIMES: Rod Rosenstein and FBI Director Wray LIED TO TRUMP and Congress– Said He Was Not Under Investigation
ANDREW McCARTHY: Russia Probe Has Always Been About One Thing
Nunes: FBI’s Trump ’Russian Agent’ Probe Revenge for Comey Firing
Trump: I'm in the White House, Democrats Are On Vacation
Two Anti-American Muslims Elected To Congress and Immigration Solutions – HOLLY NOTE: This article brings to light that 2 newly elected Congresswomen are working against the Constitution to bring in Sharia Law, then one of them can remarry her brother!
30 Democrats Fly to Puerto Rico on Chartered Jet, Meet With 109 Lobbyists, See 'Hamilton' Despite Shutdown – The senator pictured, Bob Menendez, is the same one that's been involved in a plethora of questionable activities.
Related: Here's the List of Players That Includes Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – Pretty Swank Benefit for a Freshman Congresswoman
Could Fewer Elections Save America's Representative Democracy? – HOLLY NOTE: Possibly, but if there were fewer elections we wouldn't be drowning in endless campaigning and verbal rocket grenades. However, term limits certainly has its appeal – especially since Congress does so little work. Earning a hefty salary of $174,000 – $193,000 a year while working just 138 days out of 365, has its appeal for America's deadbeats, known as politicians.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Has Completely Lost Her Mind: Wants to Spend $32.6 TRILLION on Medicare-for-All and $49.1 TRILLION on Her Green New Deal – HOLLY NOTE: It took the U.S. 240 years to accumulate about $22 trillion of debt with Obama adding nearly $10 trillion himself – more than all previous presidents combined. Now AOC would explode it by nearly $82 TRILLION in a decade. Spoken like a true elitist with zero concept of money and finances, and a bulls-eye on fuzzy math.
Related: Ocasio-Cortez’s ‘Green New Deal’ Would Cost 8,000 Times as Much as Trump's Border Wall Request
'Swamp' Reigns During Mueller's Trump-Russia Probe
Another In-Kind Contribution: Hollywood Liberal Says ‘F**k’ Every Person Who Voted For Trump
Petition to Impeach Vulgar Trump-Hating Loon Rashida Tlaib has 174,000 at Least 190,000 Signatures
…Sign the Petition
America in 2019 - Nobody’s Talking About This! – video of week
The Greg Gutfeld Show - Saturday, January 12 – HOLLY NOTE: If you need a good laugh, watch Gutfeld's opening monologue. – video
Boston Mayor’s Office to Force Doctors to Identify and Document Patients Who Own Guns
Feinstein And Friends Quietly Introduce a Major Gun Control Bill During the Shutdown
Cuomo Vows Passage of Stronger New York Gun Laws in First 100 Days of 2019
(Another) California Cop Gunned Down Responding To Crash; Suspect Dead
Judicial Watch Seeks To Question Top Obama-Clinton Officials on Clinton Email Issue, Seeks Depositions of Susan Rice And Ben Rhodes on Benghazi Talking Points Documents
In Surprise Announcement, U.S. Says Troop Withdrawal From Syria Underway
The Communist Takeover Of America – 45 Declared Goals – Goal 17: Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks. – HOLLY NOTE: Like many churches, schools have been taken over. This is not conspiracy theory, but fact. I published secret documents in Prophetic Perils: End Time Event Revealed that describes the scheme and are playing out.
The Democratic Party Is Running On Fumes (And Trump Knows It)
'The Rock' Bodyslams 'Snowflakes' In Eye-Opening Interview
President Trump Talks to the Press Before Border Visit: "I Didn't Smash the Table, Didn't Throw a Tantrum… It's Another Lie… Ask VP Pence, Ask Kevin McCarthy Who Were in the Room" – HOLLY NOTE: Stan and I've never seen such divided opinions and agendas in America. This morning we mulled is there any coming together again for our country? Moreover, we view what's happening in America played out on God's much smaller stage here, His BIG message that there is truly a fight of good v. evil. It is the Bible's prophetic message coming to fruition and transpiring around the world. On a human level, this is tragic and sad, depressing even, because it could have been different, but we know that He will correct this chaos soon. We encourage all Christians to pray for our President, his administration, their families, that good wins out. Stan and I pray individually and together every single day for them, for America. – video
Pompeo Delivers Blistering Rebuke of Obama Foreign Policy, Says Era of ‘Self-Inflicted American Shame Is Over’
Delivers Blistering Rebuke of Obama Foreign Policy, Says Era of ‘Self-Inflicted American Shame Is Over’
Trump Set To Visit Southern Border In Texas, As Ongoing Federal Shutdown Continues
Donald Trump Walks Out of White House Meeting with Chuck and Nancy
Government Shutdown Won’t Affect Food Benefits in February
Young Female Police Officer Dies in Hail Of Bullets On Way To Work
If You Don't Fund Judges, Don't Complain About Backlogs
Chelsea Manning Again Tweets 'F--- the Police' on Law Enforcement Appreciation Day
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Trashes ICE Agents Days After She Voted to Fund ICE
Ocasio-Cortez Suggests Illegal Immigrants ‘More American’ Than Trump Supporters
Rep. Mo Brooks: Ocasio-Cortez ‘Somewhat Nutty,’ Has ‘Low Respect’ in DC by Both Parties
Our New 'Most Dangerous of Morons'
Tenn. Dem Steve Cohen Implies Trump’s ‘Audience’ Is ‘Similar’ to Ku Klux Klan
China’s Moon Landing Boosts Trump’s Space Force
Rare Penny Found in Boy's Lunch Money Could Fetch Up to $1.7 Million
All Hell BROKE LOOSE When Trump REVEALED The SHOCKING TRUTH About James Mattis – video
‘Security Crisis’: Trump Calls on Dems to End Shutdown, Protect Border
…Takes Swipe at Pelosi in Address to Nation: Some Politicians Say a Wall Is Immoral – Yet Have Walls Around Their Homes
CREEP SHOW: Pelosi and Schumer Freak Out Viewers… Blank Stares, Scowls and Crazy Eyes Consume Dem Response – HOLLY NOTE: This tone deaf duo said there is no crisis at the border and it's more secure than ever. They must have missed or ignored these facts.
The Deep State Plot to Start World War III
Poll: Plurality Agrees with Trump’s ‘Border Crisis’ Description
Kellyanne Conway Just Put Jim Acosta In His Place...And It's Awesome
Trump to Deliver Prime-Time Address, Travel to Southern Border Amid Shutdown Standoff
All Major Networks to Air…
Democrats Move to Block ‘Mega’ Pro-Israel Bill, Prolong Gov’t Shutdown
Mitch McConnell’s Complicity with Democrats
Democrats' Green New Deal Is Not Really About Protecting the Environment But Liberal Plot for the Largest Government Expansion in U.S. History
Foul-Mouthed Dem Tlaib Unleashes Antisemitic Tweet
Rashida Tlaib Is a Threat to National Security: Jesse Lee Peterson Rips New Breed of 'Lowlife' Radicals Out to Destroy America – HOLLY NOTE: How concerning is it that Democrats are electing so many radical nut-jobs.
Judge Jeanine Pirro to Rashida Tlaib: Do What You Were Elected to Do, Stand Up For Your Country And Your Constituents – video of day
Trump Supporter Carrying 'Keep America Great' Banner Arrested at Warren Event
Gaffe-a-Minute Ocasio-Cortez's Defense: People Are More Concerned About Being ‘Factually Correct’ Than About Being ‘Morally Right’ – video
Trump Stands Strong on Shutdown: ‘I Was Elected To Protect Our Country’
Lindsey Graham Says Trump Won’t Budge: ‘We’re Never Going to Have a Deal Unless We Get a Wall’
California Admits It Has No Idea Whether Non-Citizens Voted in Last Primary
Preview of the CHAOS to Come in 2019 and 2020… If You Dare to Glimpse Reality
The Steele Dossier Was Planned As Hillary's Insurance Policy
77 Military Tanks Head to Southern California
Reagan: Mitt Romney, Son of Flake
Mitt McFlake and Fencing
Ballot-Harvesting Gets Just a Little Harder in California, Thanks to Judicial Watch
Mueller Memo’s Key Takeaways: No Collusion, Flynn is a Good Man
It’s Time: Trump Should Declare a National Emergency, Build the Border Wall, Activate the Military Police and Arrest the Deep State Traitors
NAACP Blames ‘White Supremacy’ For Portland Earthquake Signs
Newly Elected, Anti-Trump Rep Vows Dems Will 'Impeach the Motherf***er' in Shocking Rant
…Same Palestinian Lawmaker Rashida Tlaib Has Israel Eliminated on Office Map
Articles of Impeachment Against Trump Already in Motion as Democrats Take Over House
Nancy Elected Speaker of the House… Again – Cruises to Victory with 220 Votes
Newly Empowered Dems Waste No Time Going After Trump In New Congress
Nancy Pelosi’s First Act as Speaker of the House: Forcing Americans to Fund Abortions – HOLLY NOTE: This is rich when Pelosi, at her installation as Speaker, called the House to order "on behalf of the children."
Mississippi Unveils New State License Plates with 'In God We Trust'
Oil Spill Continuing for 14 Years Could Become Nation's Worst Environmental Disaster
Reiner: Congress will Rid Us of ‘Lying Malignant Narcissistic Cancer’
The Democrats Who Voted Against Pelosi For Speaker
Trump Mocks Warren With Parody 2020 Bumper Sticker
Pompeo: US ‘Will Not Stand By And Watch’ Iran Develop Ballistic Missiles
Radio Host Michael Savage Hit With Death Threats, Heads to Secret Location
US Issues Travel Warning
Trump Posts New 'Game of Thrones'-Themed Meme About Border Wall
Fleeing High Taxes More People Are Moving Out Of New Jersey Than Any Other State, with New York Hot on Its Heels
Trump Job Approval Steady or Rising: Rasmussen 47%
, Fox 46%, Economist/YouGov 45%, Harvard/Harris 44%, Reuters/Ipsos 43%
An Inside Look at the Social Decay That Is Eating Away At America Like an Aggressive Form of Cancer
Gidley: Democrats Refused to Listen the DHS Secretary Nielsen During White House Meeting – video of day
Dems Take House Pushing Massive Government Expansion, Taxes, Freebies As Party Lurches Left
The Truth About Democratic Morality
Pelosi's Daughter About Her Mother: Pelosi Will ‘Cut Your Head Off and You Won’t Even Know You’re Bleeding’
Donald Trump's Crackdown on Deportation Deadbeat Countries Yields Immediate Results
DREAMers Tell Of Going Ballot-Harvesting in California to Flip the House Blue
It's Not About The Wall -- It's About Trump
Crenshaw: Dems Willing to Compromise Security to Deny Trump Border Wall Campaign Vow 
Trump Administration Sets Record For Lowest Number of Regulations
Israel and the US Officially Quit UNESCO
It’s War: Rand Paul Hits ‘Big Government’ Romney, Calls Trump an ‘Actual Conservative’
Mitt Romney Rebuked By His Own Niece and GOP Boss Ronna McDaniel, Trump for Scathing Op-Ed
…Damages His Political Brand Even Before Taking Office
Puerto Rico's Hurricane Maria Mass Migration Confirmed by New Census Bureau Data
Check All the Democrats (and Socialists) Who Plan to Run for President
Jill Abramson, Ex-New York Times Editor, Rips Paper's 'Unmistakably Anti-Trump' Bias
James Woods Rings In the New Year by Expertly Trolling Transgender Movement – Tweets: “When Historians Dissect the Fall of the American Empire, This Will Be the Cover Photo” 
Chelsea Manning Outdoes the ‘Abolish Everything’ Crowd, Wants to Eliminate Office Of President Altogether – HOLLY NOTE: You have to wonder if she/he was brain damaged during her stint in prison. Just kidding, but this statement is off the rails.
Trump Prods Pelosi to Reach Agreement on Border Wall And End Government Shutdown
The Left Will Make 2019 a Dark Year — Dennis Prager: Progressives' Goal Is 'to Weaken, Disable And Impeach the President' at ANY Cost
Mark Zuckerberg’s 2019 Resolution: More Political Censorship on Facebook
Trump Invites Congressional Leaders to White House Amid Shutdown
Clinton Crime Family’s 50 Organizations – Most You’ve Never Heard About
Labor Lawyers, Businesses Hope For Reversal of Controversial Obama Rules
The Top 10 Democrats for 2020
Trump Digs In, Lashes Out Amid Shutdown Standoff
Federal Workers Are Suing the US Government Over the Shutdown
GAO: IRS Had 4,487 Guns; 5,062,006 Rounds of Ammunition
Related: Why Are Federal Bureaucrats Buying Guns And Ammo? $158 Million Spent By Non-Military Agencies
Related: Government Agencies are Stockpiling Body Armor, Tactical Gear, Ammo
Related: US Postal Service Joins in Federal Ammo Purchases
Related: Firearm Sales for the Last 20 Years
Dan Bongino’s Frightening Assessment of the Republic
New State Laws For The New Year: California Limits Gun Rights, Minimum Wages Increase
Kim Jong Un Says He's Willing To Meet Trump At Any Time, In New Year's Message
In Sad Effort to Look 'Relatable', Painful to Watch, Fauxcahontas Swings Beer and Announces Her Election Candidacy Intentions – video
Elizabeth Warren Dodges Question on DNA Disaster
When Truth Becomes Hate Speech, It’s Time to Worry
Hating Trump in 2018: The Top 5 Most Incredible Liberal Media Quotes of the Year – HOLLY NOTE: Last night a 38-year veteran journalist said that he's never witnessed what passes today for journalism. He said that they used to report news objectively, not inject their opinions, let alone pen fiction and op-eds that masquerade as news. He continued saying that today erroneous news items and headlines
Dossier Fails The Test Of Time; Trump-Russia Collusion Claims Now Called 'Likely False' – HOLLY NOTE: This is on Congress for wasting $30 million in taxpayer dollars on this boondoggle.
The 5 Most Insane, Unhinged and Dangerous Liberal Actions of 2018