We must guard against the overreaching hand of big government
trying to take away our freedom
—Steve Forbes

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Two Tiered System Of Justice: Top FBI Officials Escape Prosecution, While Others Pay Heavy Price
McCabe Sues AG Barr As New Acting DNI Is Named & Europe’s Role In Coup Attempt Is To Be Declassified – video of week
FBI Forgot to Remove Search Words in Redacted Rybicki Transcript – Now We Know Obama DOJ Prevented FBI from Obtaining Weiner Laptop  Kellyanne Conway: Trump Wants ‘Everything’ Investigated in Jeffrey Epstein Death
Why China Does Not Want Trump to Win 2020 – video
Modesto, California Denies Straight Pride Rally Permit
In Shameless Pandering Multiple 2020 Candidates Bizarrely Tweet Out Claim That Michael Brown Was Murdered
Knives Account for 3 Times as Many Murders as Rifles Do, According to the FBI
Verbal Diarrhea: Take a Look at Jake Tapper's Face as Beto O'Rourke Tries to Tell Him All Trump Voters Are Racist
Walmart Orders Violent Video Game Displays Removed After Mass Shooting
Rep. Crenshaw, Who Lost His Eye in Afghanistan, Slams Anthem Protest By U.S. Fencer: 'Delusional' If You Think That's Sacrifice
5 Burger King Employees Fired After Legal Immigrant Police Officer Served Food With a Pig Drawn on It
Rosanna Arquette’s Stupid Apology For ‘Shame’ of Being White
Disgraced Lance Armstrong Says He 'Blew The F-----' Doors Off Mike Pence' on Bike Path in Massachusetts
40 Places Millennials Are Moving
Miley Cyrus Makes Out With Kaitlynn Carter as She Announces Split From Husband Liam Hemsworth After Just 7 Months of Marriage
Countries With the Most U.S. Retirees
Somali Refugees Accused of Plotting ISIS Attack Sought U.S. Citizenship
NORAD Intercepts Two Russian Bombers Off Coast of Alaska, Canada, 2
nd Time This Month
Hero Firefighter Stops Armed Man Inside Missouri Walmart As Nation Reels From Mass Shootings
Dan Bongino: Newly Released FBI Papers on FISA, Steele 'Devastating'
Patrons Scatter as Florida Man Drives Golf Cart Into Walmart
New Bruce Ohr Docs Show FISA Warrant On Trump Aide a 'Fraud,': Graham
Rep. Jordan: DOJ Was Out To Get Trump – video
Democrats Guilty of ‘the Ultimate Hate Crime’
Hollywood Pulls Ads for Movie About Liberal Elites Hunting 'MAGA Types’ After Last Week's Mass Shootings – Opens Sept. 27
Mark Steyn: NBC Universal’s ‘The Hunt’ Is The Left’s Ultimate Hate Fantasy
It's Time to Restore Our Judicial Branch
Former Miss Iraq: Ilhan Omar 'Does Not Represent Me as a Muslim'
Muslims are Telling You Their Plans–Infiltrate American Government
Boulder Man Who Posted ‘Hunting’ Guide For Jews, Muslims Arrested
Sebastion Gorka: Joe Biden Stands in the Blood of the Dead of El Paso and Dayton – audio
The Ideological Roots of 'The Squad' in Academic 'Postcolonial' Theory
Democrats Hate Trump More Than They Hate Racism
Sparks Fly as Hannity, de Blasio Debate 2020 Dem and NYC Mayor's Support for Green New Deal – As a presidential candidate de Blasio's polling at a mighty 0.3% and has only 26% approval rate among New Yorkers. He desperately needed to be seen on Hannity, but is so low-ranking, he could slither under a snake.
Gregg Jarrett: 'Clueless' Strzok Doesn't Have a Case To Get His Job Back – video
What Really Happened After Australia's Gun Ban (Is It Time To Ban Doctors?)
1 Year After Australia Banned Personal Firearms:
Australia-wide, homicides up 3.2%
Australia-wide, assaults are up 8.6%
Australia-wide, armed-robberies are up 44%
In Victoria, homicides-with-firearms are up 300%
Figures over the previous 25 years show a steady decrease in homicides-with-firearms (changed dramatically 12 months after gun ban)
Figures over the previous 25 years show a steady decrease in armed-robbery-with-firearms (changed dramatically 12 months after gun ban)
Dramatic increase in break-ins and assaults of the elderly
At the time of the ban, the Prime Minister 'Little Johnny Howard' said "self-defense is not a reason for owning a firearm."
On that note, we have a good friend Downunder with whom we catch up every week. When we talk about deteriorating conditions in both of our countries, she says with a laugh, "Well, I have 2 dogs and a straw broom." She was a victim of a 6-year-long stalker, both on the Internet and in person that bled her nerves raw and has what she describes as "bogans" living right next door. (Classic definition of 'bogan' is a low-ender, potty-mouthed, uncouth and often unbathed, booze-swilling, prone to violence over discourse, has no sense of neighborhood decorum, and what Americans would have called before it got all P.C., "white trash." A straw broom won't do much for her protection.
Chaffetz Says Kavanaugh Investigation Is Yet Another 'Fishing Expedition' By House Dems
They Want to Own Your Conscience
4 Dead, 2 Injured in Machete-Stabbing Spree in Southern California, Suspect Nabbed
Monica Lewinsky Produces Season of ‘American Crime Story’ About Clinton Sex Scandal – Who Is the True Survivor of a Habitual Sexual Abuser
Elijah Cummings Calls Trump Attacks on Baltimore 'a Distraction' – HOLLY NOTE: The public has seen recently that parts of W. Baltimore are awful, with trash dumped on streets and around hundreds of abandoned houses and rats all over. Cummings, whose wife being investigated for new ethics violations, accused of using their charity for "self-enrichment" and he who's had 20 years to fix this area of Baltimore and has done nothing with residents begging him to do so, Cummings is the one trying to distract. Trump gave this city $16 Billion last year alone. What did that $$ go? Obviously it's not a $$ problem, but a something else, with many good people who have little hope for a fix. When people like Cummings have no excuse or standing, they attack.
Dedicated to Those Who Serve, Leaving Their Families Behind Everyday to Serve Others – HOLLY NOTE: To date, in this year alone, 70 police have lost their lives protecting us PLUS 14 canine officers. So once in a while we take our local police donuts or give them gift cards for pizzas – an always give them a 'thank you'. – video
Trump, Melania to Visit El Paso And Dayton Communities Today
On National Purple Heart Day, Here Are 8 Things You Need to Know
Military Suicides Reached An All-Time High In 2018, Pentagon Says
Protesters Gather Outside Mitch McConnell's Home. One Calls For Senator To Break His Neck
Trump Trashes Filthy-Mouthed Beto O'Rourke, Tells Him to 'Be Quiet' Ahead of El Paso Visit – HOLLY NOTE: O'Rourke's looking desperate as he's polling at a mere 2.5% after from a high of 9 back in April. Broadcasters that aired his vulgar, swear-ridden rant of 2 days ago must have a shorter finger now from hitting the "bleep" button so many times.
Dayton Shooter May Be Antifa's First Mass Killer
KERNS: We Don’t Have A Gun Crisis; We Have A Young, Angry Male Crisis
Driver Who Killed 5 In Crash Had 'Second Largest Level' Of Marijuana Seen By Medical Examiner In Living Specimen: Report
Truck Driver, Volodymyr Zhukovskyy, Responsible For Marine Motorcycle Club Crash That Killed 7 Was High At The Time
McConnell's Team Responds After Ocasio-Cortez Asks 'Are You Paying For Young Men To Practice Groping'
ONE PERCENT Joaquin Castro Posts Names, Employers Of Trump Donors – HOLLY NOTE: America is no longer a free nation when people of one political party seek to intimidate and silence those of another. Between the beatdowns MAGA hat and t-shirt wearers have experienced, ‘death camps for Trump supporters’ fliers posted in New York, public heckling, being refused restaurant service or asked to leave, human decency has gone out the window.
Texas Dem Castro Outed His Own Donor In Bid To Shame Trump Supporters
'Fox & Friends' Slams Texas Dem For Posting Names of Trump Donors: 'Totally Out of Bounds'
America Drowning in the Left's Lies About Trump – HOLLY NOTE: As Rush Limbaugh accurately stated this morning, the more vitriol Progressives and Democrats hurl, the stronger and broader President Trump's base grows. People are tired of and see the true intent of Obama's mantra that we have to settle for 2% or less economic growth (Trump blew that out of the water!), America's best days are over, manufacutring in the U.S. is gone for good, (wrong again, it's coming home – bigly) and that big government is necessary because we are too stupid, too ill-equipped to make informed decisions. That's why they are hell-bent on importing so many illegal aliens because most don't speak English, often can't get work and then take jobs from the least educated Americans; therefore bigger entitlements, bigger government are necessary. No, mandatory. Under Trump Americans ARE taking back our country one vote at a time.
'Bingo': Biden Says He Is 'Going To Come' For Assault Weapons
You Can 'Major' In Social Justice At This Nearly $70,000/Year California College
New Poll Says Kamala Harris Has ONE PERCENT of Support Among Black Democrats
These 2020 Dem Presidential Candidates Polling at 1% or Less: de Blasio, Bullock, Williamson, Booker, Gillibrand, Yang, Castro, Gabbard, Steyer, Klobuchar, Ryan, Hickenlooper, Bennett, & Delaney
Murder Rate Rises 55% in New York City Under de Blasio…
…Up 5% in First 7 Months Of Year
Beto O’Rourke ‘Open’ to Australian-Style Mandatory Gun Buyback Proposal
Related: Australia’s 1996 Gun Confiscation Didn’t Work – And it Wouldn’t Work in America
Trump Calls for Red Flag Laws
Sen. Lindsey Graham Announces Bipartisan Deal on ‘Red-Flag’ Gun Laws
Trump: ‘I’m Just Wondering Did George Bush Ever Condemn President Obama After Sandy Hook?’
Unhinged Beto O’Rourke on Trump: ‘Jesus Christ, of Course He’s Racist’
Stop Scapegoating — Trump Didn't Cause El Paso Any More Than Elizabeth Warren Caused Dayton
Typical Mass Shooter a White Male? Think Again
Federal Lawsuit: Joe Biden’s Brother Accused of Defrauding Rural Healthcare Company
Liberal Professor Warns: Google Manipulating Voters ‘on a Massive Scale’ — Some 15 MILLION Votes – HOLLY NOTE: Dr. Epstein testified in this Senate hearing that there is no recourse to stop Google's interference because they're using proprietary tools to accomplish this voter fraud. If you want the extended version of this hearing, go here. – video
Trey Gowdy Calls Secret Document 'Game-Changer' – 'People gEt Hanged For Stuff Like That'
Rand Paul Has Part of His LUNG Removed After Complications From a 2017 Assault When His Left-Wing Neighbor Tackled for 'Blowing Leaves Into His Yard While Mowing'
Baltimore's Undeniable Truths: America's Inner Cities Need Our Help – video
'Most Hated Mayor' NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio 'Ordered His NYPD Security Detail to Move His 24-Year-Old Daughter Chiara Out of Her Apartment'
Related: NYC’s First Lady: I Was a Bad Mom – flashback
Todd Starnes: CNN, Democrats Use El Paso Massacre To Take Cheap Shots at Trump
Hannity: Media Ignoring Gun Violence in Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit – video
TRUTH IS THE NEW HATE SPEECH: Facebook Blocks Gateway Pundit Article on El Paso Shoot
Trump Condemns ‘White Supremacy,’ Calls for Mental Health and Gun Reforms After Double Mass Shootings
Trump on Mass Shootings: 'Hate Has No Place In Our Country'
Mayor Pete Says ‘White Nationalist Terrorism,’ NRA to Blame For Shootings
Howard Kurtz: 'Horribly Unfair' for Media to Blame Trump For Mass Shootings
Don't Shoot Yourself in the Foot – Revisited
The Entire 2020 Pack Is Running WAY to the Left of Obama — Sad!
Mexico Says It Will Take Legal Action Against US Over El Paso Shooting
Feds Probing AOC’s Chief Of Staff Saikat Chakrabarti After Sudden Resignation
Kevin McCarthy: ‘Defining Moment’ When Democrats Raised Hands for Health Care for Illegals; Left Abandoning America’s Homeless
Mother Jones - Mass Shootings Database, 1982 - 2019  – HOLLY NOTE: Dating back to at least 2005, the FBI and leading criminologists defined a mass shooting as a single attack in a public place in which 4 or more victims were killed. Then Obama lowered the qualifying victim count to 3 or more in 2013. This database includes some 20 incidents with 3 victims, chronicling 115 accounts over the past 37 years. Sunday morning, we heard Dayton, Ohio's mayor claim theirs was the 250
th mass shooting this year. Huh? Some people when citing stats are including those wounded even if it were a bullet 'graze'. Inflated numbers make a better case for gun control.
Bumbling Biden Too Old for Comannder-in-Chief?
Joe Biden Keeps Tripping Over His Words in May – Then… – video
Biden Stumbles Through First Debate
Biden Stumbles Over Statistics, Phrases, And Titles in Second Debate – Then Yesterday…
Confused Biden Offers Sympathy For Victims in ‘Houston,’ ‘Michigan’
Five Simple Questions That Blow Apart The Official Fake News Narrative About The El Paso Wal-Mart Shooting – HOLLY NOTE: Actually 3 Mexican nationals were killed. News didn't report if they were here illegally or not.
Obama's Disastrous Presidency Leaves Dem 2020 Field a Mess
Trump Withdraws John Ratcliffe From Consideration as Director of National Intelligence – video
At Least 7 People Shot in Chicago Park; 1 Killed, 3 Others Wounded In Separate Shooting
Meet the Folks Working to Kick Chicago Out of Illinois
How Do Civil Wars Happen?
‘Witches’ for Marianne Williamson Launch ‘Occult Task Force’
U.S. Attorney Announces Results Of Efforts To Reduce Violent Crimes
Resurfaced Video Shows Elijah Cummings Calling Baltimore 'Drug Infested,' Likening Residents to 'Zombies' – HOLLY NOTE: Under Cummings' leadership, Baltimore has not improved, but gotten worse.
Federal Prosecutors Indict 90 Members Of Alleged Drug Crews In Baltimore in Effort To Stem Violence
U.S. Attorney Robert Hur Holds News Conference On Baltimore Crime – video
Baltimore on Track To Have 358 Murders By The End Of The Year – Could Exceed the Tally in New York – a City With 14 Times As Many People
How Democrats Destroyed Baltimore And Other American Cities, Too
Smelling Rats in Baltimore
Trump Orders Navy To Rescind Medals Given To Prosecutors Who Failed To Convict SEAL Eddie Gallagher
Political Correctness: Tool of Totalitarianism
Thank You, Representative Ilhan Omar
Tulsi Gabbard Said At Debate That Trump Is Supporting Al Qaeda – HoLLY NOTE: Of all the wackadoodle moments last night, this stood head and shoulders above the rest. This was an extra dollop of crazy when it was released yesterday that Osama bin Laden's son – heir apparent to Al Qaeda leadership – has been killed. Last night's debate was a special edition of lies, extreme leftist propaganda and impractical nonsense.
Feds Arrest “Florida Man” Mohammed After Threat to Kill Trump
'Deep State' Working Behind Trump's Back to Save Iran Nuke Deal
Judicial Watch: New Docs Show FBI Agents Went To Comey’s Home to Retrieve Memos
Who Do You Believe? 2 Conflicting Headlines, Both From Respectable News Agencies:
DOJ Declines To Prosecute James Comey On Inspector General Referral For Leaking Classified Info
James Comey's Next Reckoning Is Imminent — This Time For Leaking
Doug Schoen: Second Democratic Debate -- Two Big Winners, Two Big Losers And One Big, Unanswered Question
Senate Confirms 13 Trump Judges While America Watched Democrats Debate
Tulsi Gabbard Just Humiliated Kamala Harris In Front Of 10 Million People – HOLLY NOTE: Kamala Harris is gaining a number of self-inflicted black eyes. Tulsi outlined some of Kamala's more egregious actions. This is in addition to: Kamala Harris in Deep Weeds – Lies About Listening to Snoop Dog and Tupac While Smoking Pot and Kamala Harris Is Rapidly Gaining a Reputation As The Most Dishonest Senator
Court Files Shed Light on Kamala’s Awkward Donation From Donald Trump
Biden Poses With Wayward Son Hunter and New Wife Before Detroit Debate"Hunter Biden, 49, married Cohen, 32, in May after only knowing each other for 10 days — and three weeks after he broke up with Hallie Biden, the widow of his late brother Beau."
Democrats Just Purged White Party Staffers, and It's a Bigger Deal Than Anyone Wants To Admit
Yesterday's Federal Ruling Put An End to the Russiagate Conspiracy Theory
In the Debate on Healthcare, the Democratic Candidates Admit ObamaCare Isn't Working
Lara Trump: 'People Are Sick' of Racism Accusations
Loughlin’s Daughters Kicked Out of USC Sorority in Wake of Scandal
20,000 Peter Strzok-Lisa Page Emails Get a Second Look
Hypersonic Weapons Threaten To Render American Military Power Useless
Colorado National Popular Vote Foes Aim For 2020 Repeal
Crazy Versus Crazier: There Are No Moderate Democrats
Doug Schoen: Detroit Democratic Debate's Key Winners And Losers (Plus One Terrible Trend)
Dan Gainor: Debate Drama -- Marianne Williamson Scores With Attacks on 'Dark Psychic Forces,' Google Goes Nuts
Every Democrat Running For President Opposes A Bill To Stop Infanticide, Just 10% Of Americans Agree
Tim Ryan Called Out For Not Placing Hand On Heart For National Anthem At Dem Debate – On social media, El Captain Crunch wrote, "Tim Ryan pulling a standing Kaepernick. Well at least Beto didn't take a knee."
Voter ID Coming, Investigations Deep & Wide, Watch The News – video
Chris Wray’s FBI Continues To Cover For Team Comey’s Russia Shenanigans
Limbaugh: 75% Chance Michelle Obama Joins Race For President
The Ilhan Story Deepens – audio
The Patriotic Tribute from The American Rodeo "Why I Stand" – video
Kimberly Klacik Says Many Baltimore Residents Feel That They Have Been Forgotten – Even Though… – video
'President Gave $16B in 2018 ALONE to Elijah Cummings's District in Federal Grants': Donald Trump's Aide Lynne Patton Asks What Baltimore Has Done With Its Financial Help – HOLLY NOTE: Ms. Patton makes an astonishing amount of sense, cutting through the nonsense.
Lawrence Jones Investigates What's Really Happening on the Streets of Baltimore – video
Limbaugh: ‘Absolute Truth’ By Trump on Dem-Run Cities Is The Reason for Media’s Outrage
77% Black Births to Single Moms, 49% For Hispanic Immigrants – HOLLY NOTE: This goes to yesterday's commentary that Elijah Cummings was poor a decade ago, harboring massive debt, due to child support to his first wife and kids from 2 other women he didn't marry. Now suddenly he's rich after he and his current wife opened a 'charity'. Draw the straight line. In just 6 years, the number of absentee black dads rose by 5%. See next item.
72% of Black Children Are Born to Absentee Fathers
Is Obama Canceled? Former President Also Trashed Baltimore, The Gem of the Chesapeake
Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren Defend Al Sharpton After 100% Accurate Attack By Trump
Greg Gutfeld on the Trump-Cummings Feud: “If Trump’s a Racist, He Sucks at It”
The New Segregationists – Nolte: Media Bans Criticizing People of Color – USA 2019: ALL Criticism Is Racism
Rob Reiner: ALL Trump Supporters are Racist – What Can You Expect From a "Meathead"
Trump Announces 7 Pardons Or Sentence Commutations
Journalist Attacked By Antifa: 'Criminal Cartel' Wants Violent Revolution, Should Be Designated As Terror Organization
Trump Supporters Egged, Milkshaked While Holding ‘Free Hugs’ Sign in Seattle
Mary Fanning & Alan Jones On The US Port Security Crisis - Part 1 – video
Veteran Dem Strategist: Gillibrand ‘Talks About Almost Nothing’ But Being a Woman – Gillibrand 'Has Gone Absolutely Nowhere' 
Related: Why Gillibrand Is the Most Vapid Clown in the Car
Russia Meddling Should Be Treated As a Threat, Not a Political Football
Trump Permanently Authorizes 9/11 Victims Fund
3 Dead, 15 Injured in Gilroy Garlic Festival Shooting; Gunman Also Dead
GOP Strategist Calls Elijah Cummings’ District ‘Most Dangerous’ in America – HOLLY NOTE: People in his district who he's 'represented' for 23 years are rightfully angry that Cummings cares more about illegal immigrants. This video shows block after block of boarded up, abandoned housing and trash-filled streets. These still images that a Maryland resident took don't begin to convey how appalling these living conditions are. Another resident stated, "He [Cummings] hasn't done even one thing for anyone I know of.… Why is this man over there taking care of people at the border? We hungry. We need a place to stay." In Cummings' district, homicides are up 18% from last year and non-fatal shootings are up 31%. Three years ago, Bernie Sanders likened W. Baltimore to a Third World Country. Now because it's expedient for Democrats to trash Pres. Trump, Nancy Pelosi and presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren defend Cummings and unload on Trump as racist. It's shocking people have to live this in America. As an aside, Cummings' wife Maya Rockeymoore, who was elected chairwoman of the Maryland Democratic Party in December 2018 is being investigated for new ethics violations, accused of using their charity for "self-enrichment." Interestingly, Cummings was heavily in debt due to "hefty child support payments to his first wife and two other women he had children with [and didn't marry] — but his financial situation has improved considerably over the past decade."
Trump Called ‘Racist’ For Saying Baltimore Is ‘Rat’ ‘Infested.’ But PBS Aired Documentary Confirming Trump’s Comments.
Baltimore Resident Sides with POTUS: Cummings ‘Hasn’t Done Anything for Us’
Related: Bernie Sanders Blasted Baltimore as ‘Third World Country’ and ‘Disgrace’ in Past Comments
Democrat Baltimore Mayor Caught On Camera Complaining About ‘Rats, Dead Animals’ Last Year Donald Trump: Al Sharpton a 'Con Man' Who 'Hates Whites And Cops'
After Elijah Cummings Attack, Trump Blasts Pelosi over ‘Failing’ San Francisco
Todd Starnes: Trump Is Right – Baltimore Mistreated By Elected Dems, Residents Deserve Bette
Per Pest Control Company Orkin: ALL of the Top 10 Most Rat-Infested Cities Are Controlled by Democrats:

  1. Chicago
  2. Los Angeles
  3. New York
  4. Washington, DC
  5. San Francisco
  6. Detroit
  7. Philadelphia
  8. Cleveland, OH
  9. Baltimore
  10. Denver

Beware Soros-Funded Hijacking of U.S. Census – How the Presence of Noncitizens (Illegal Immigrants, Temporary Visitors and Green Card holders) Caused 9 Seats in the House to Switch Hands
Rand Paul: Maybe Ilhan Omar Would ‘Appreciate America More’ if She Visited Somalia
$12K A Day: How White Liberals Profit From Pushing ‘White Privilege’
Ivanka Trump Is Slammed By Liberals For Giving Her Daughter a White Dog – HOLLY NOTE: We really didn't want to post this because it is THE DUMBEST THING EVER.
THERE - IS - NO - SHAME: Senate Intelligence Report Finds 'Extensive' Russian Election Interference – HOLLY NOTE: And now for the BEST of the story… It wasn't till halfway through this regurgitated piece that it finally admits: "But the committee found no evidence that any votes were changed or that voting machines were manipulated." Pathetic that MSM (should be renamed MMM – Mainstream Media Mob) tries to breathe new life into the $25 million Mueller-Russian boondoggle literally the day after it was revealed the Democrat-driven investigation WAS A TOTAL BOMB. Media will climb on board - riding in the saddles of Pelosi Progressives and try to give this story life until November 3, 2020. They have no shame – or truth – or platform other than HATE The President.
'HANNITY' EXCLUSIVE: Trump Rips Probe In Wake Of Mueller Hearing
Now They Tell Us: Story Says Mueller Was Hands Off, Short on Stamina – HOLLY NOTE: As per Rush Limbaugh yesterday, he observed that Mueller had very little to do with the investigation itself, probably didn't even hire the 19 Democrat, Hillary-donating lawyers. It was likely Andrew Weissmann's doing and that Mueller was appointed to give the witch hunt a bipartisan 'face' and credibility with a war hero heading it. This 'investigation' was fully packed with Democrats and Mueller being a war hero decades ago has nothing to do with his 'missing in action' performance of the last 2 years. It's hard to know if Mueller's aware of his mental incompetence, or if this late in life he just didn't care to be involved and handed over the reins; or if, even though a registered Republican, he hated Trump so much he played along. Bottom Line: Mueller should never have accepted the special counsel job as he will be more remembered for this dereliction of duty than for being a war hero.
Who Has The Most Egg On His Face After The Mueller Hearings? Adam Schiff – HOLLY NOTE: Schiff has been such a divisive drilling force throughout Trump's presidency, endlessly blathering on about collusion, obstruction and impeachment that he could be a screwdriver in his next life. Drilled Till He Died, read his epitaph. Schiff cares more about ripping on the president for 2 years than getting anything done in Congress.
Mark Levin Reactd to the Mueller Hearing – video
The Robert Mueller IMPLOSION: It’s Time for Barr and Trump to Prosecute the Deep State Traitors, or the American People Will Never Regain Any Faith in the Justice System
WaPo Only Fact-Checked GOP Lawmakers During Mueller Hearing
So Who Were The Democratic Party 'Faves' In Jeffrey Epstein's Little Black Book?
Summer Brings Recall Fever to Democratic Governors
House Leaves For 6-Week August Recess – HOLLY NOTE: This is how much Democrats care about the crisis on the border and 'kids in cages' – leaving for 6 weeks without passing an immigration bill.
Waters Campaign Pays $30K More to Daughter, Ignores Other Debts
Resistance Inc., Impeachment Isn't Going Away – The impeachment debate is not about what Trump has done, is doing, or might do. It is about whether he and the social forces he represents are entitled to rule.
List: 96 House Democrats Calling For Impeachment
Firm Played Key Role In Russia Probe – Mueller Says He Is 'Not Familiar' With Fusion GPS, The Firm Behind The Steele Dossier Upon Which This Witch Hunt Was Built – HOLLY NOTE: Mueller appeared clueless, befuddled, incapable, ineffectual, inarticulate, who asked "please repeat that question" over 30 times and frequently uttered, "where are you reading from?," "please refer to the report" and "I'm not going to address that". Question is, who was pulling the strings? Throughout the hearings, Dems continually praised Mueller and thanked him for his service, sucking up, hoping for a crumb of impeachment bread. We'll see how they feel now that their 'bread' has collapsed into a gooey flat rat mess. Mueller looked very uncomfortable throughout – like baby waiting for his next diaper change.
Democrats Were Desperate For Mueller To Hurt Trump With His Russia Collusion Testimony: 5 Bg Takeaways
Debbie Lesko Accuses Mueller Of Using 'Regurgitated Press Stories' To Compile Obstruction Case
GOP Lawmaker Presses Mueller Into Admitting He Held Trump to a Different Standard – video
Gutfeld On The Mueller Hearings – video of day
Winners And Losers From Robert Mueller's Testimony
Anti-Trump Harvard Prof Calls Mueller Hearing ‘Disaster’ That Helped President
'Precisely Your Purview': Matt Gaetz Rejects Mueller's Claim That Steele Dossier Was Beyond Investigation's Scope
Liberal Celebs Melt Down Over Mueller Testimony
Lefty Fox News Anchor Chris Wallace Rips Democrats, Robert Mueller Over 'DISASTER' Hearing
'Relief and Joy' in Puerto Rico as Governor Announces Resignation
San Juan Mayor, Carmen Yulín Cruz, May Replace Him – HOLLY NOTE: The U.S. gave Puerto Rico tens of billions in aid after Hurricane Maria while PR Democrat Cruz continued to blast the President for lack of assistance. It turns out that not only did much of this cash aid go into the pockets of corrupt PR officials. Though physical supplies were sent quickly to them, much didn't reach the people. Literally tons of water and food was sent, but later discovered, undistributed, left to rot on their docks, on tarmacs, in parking lots and in warehouses. Cruz was absolutely rabidly ugly to Trump, denoucing him when it was her own corrupt people at fault, and their fued hasn't mended. Now she may be PR's next governor.
ABC News Correspondent Says 'Impeachment's Over' After Mueller Testimony
'Optics' of Mueller Hearings Were a 'Disaster' for Dems, NBC Host Admits
Liberal Filmmaker Michael Moore Blasts 'Lame Dems' After 'Frail Old' Mueller Testifies; Says 'Trump Must Be Gloating In Ecstasy'
Epstein Found "Nearly Unconscious" In Prison Cell After Possible Suicide Attempt
Judicial Watchdog Submits Congressional Ethics Complaint Against Rep. Omar for Potential Perjury, Fraud
Rep. Schiff Has Done 419 TV Interviews Pushing The Russian Collusion Conspiracy
Is Ilhan Omar a ‘Failed American Experiment?’
Wray: FBI Has More Than 1K Investigations Into Chinese Efforts to Steal U.S. Intellectual Property
‘We Have To Get The Word Out’: Trump Says 20 Democrats Are Worse Than ‘The Squad’
Prosecutors Reveal New Child Sex Allegations Against Key Mueller Witness
Resurfaced Video: Ilhan Omar Said Americans Should Be 'More Fearful Of White Men', Called for Profiling and Monitoring All Caucasian Men
The Circus Continues With a 5-Hour Gill on The Hill
Mueller Makes Last-Minute Request Ahead Of Testimony, And Republicans Aren't Happy About It
Mueller and Comey: A Cozy Relationship
Sen. McSally Rips Ocasio-Cortez's 'Uninformed And Dangerous' Call to Get Rid of DHS, Investigate White House Border Policies
Stupid Politically Correct Decisions from Our Public Schools
Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló Expected To Resign
The Ill Wind Of Ilhan – audio
Comey’s Cyber Spy in White House Stole Classified White House Material — Is Now Working for CNN
Veteran Climbs Flag Pole, Fixes American Flag at Navy SEAL Monument – HOLLY NOTE: Quite an uplifting sight in contrast to people jerking down the American flag and replacing it last week with one from Mexico in Aurora, CO. – video
ILHAN OMAR SUPPORTERS Caught Threatening, Attempting “to Dox a Somali WhistleBlower” Who Revealed Ilhan’s Crimes
Two Underground Entrances Located on Epstein’s ‘Orgy Island’ – What Was Going On There?
New York Police Slam Videos Showing Officers Pelted With Objects, Drenched With Water: 'Reprehensible'
Giuliani Shreds de Blasio Over Officers Doused: ‘He’s a Disgrace’
Woman Violently Beaten While On Vacation in Dominican Republic – video
Democrat Candidate Admits She Lied About Saving Victims Of Terror Attack
Few Venezuelans At Risk of Deportation – Only 584 of Nearly 67,000 Recent Venezuelan Overstayers Have Been Deported
Tlaib Isn't 'of Color' – HOLLY NOTE: As long as we're discussing words being misused, here are 2 more: Xenophobia and Homophobia – as well as most any other word Liberals attach the ending of 'phobia' to like Islamaphobia. Phobias are irrational fears, not tag lines. We'd be willing to bet that most people tarred as homophobes or xerophobes have zero fear of gays or strangers. Instead we are tired of the LGBTQs who constitute just 4% of our country turning it and our values on its ear in the name of inclusion. It matters not a person's skin color or ethnicity, but similarly we don't want to lose our culture and see revisionist history instituted so that America disappears in the onrush of illegal immigrants. Many refuse to integrate especially when they don't learn English and instead, try to make our country into the one they just fled.
Wayne Allyn Root: The Definition of a Racist
Who Is Racist Now? – audio
Ilhan Omar Claims Trump Wants All ‘Black’ and ‘Brown’ People ‘Deported’
Highly Biased House Judiciary Committee Chair Has Already Made Up His Mind Ahead of Mueller Hearing: Trump Is 'Guilty' of Crimes
Brilliant Stephen Miller Destroys anti-Trump Chris Wallace: “I Am Profoundly Outraged…”
'Destroying The Democratic Party' – Trump On The 'Squad': They Are Not 'Capable Of Loving Our Country'
Colorado Congressman Weighs in on CSU 'America,' 'American' Controversy – HOLLY NOTE: Saturday morning Colorado Springs talk show host, Jeff Crank, stated repeatedly he is "DONE with CSU." Jeff is a CSU graduate as is his wife. They also spent tens of thousands to said one of their sons there and he said every 2 months this Fort Collins university hits him up for alumni donations. He also shared that CU (Boulder) used to be the hallmark of Colorado liberalism, but now the two colleges have switched roles. Hopefully, as more people become similarly disgusted with ridiculous progressive policies that discourages saying America or American in our own country, they too, with withdraw financial support as has the Crank family.
Political Sciences & Law Professor on The Inconvenient Truth About the Democratic Party – video of week
10 Things Democrats Want to Take Away
Regular New York Times Columnist Admits Migration Spikes Economic Inequality, Damages Middle Class
What The Green New Deal Is Really About — And It’s Not The Climate
Ilhan Omar: 'Racist' Trump 'Wants Every Black/Brown Person Deported And Muslims Banned' – HOLLY NOTE: You'd think the Crazy Squad would be embarrassed by the scope and depth of their relentless lies.
Omar Wants to Allow Life Insurance Coverage for Suicide Bombers – video
FACT CHECK: Did Ilhan Omar Vote Against A Bill Denying Insurance Payments To The Families Of Terrorists? YES.
Sen. Menendez Accused Of Consistently Obstructing Trump Nominees In Foreign Relations Committee
Millennials Are Flocking To These US Cities, Study Shows
Stephen Miller: ‘The Squad’ ‘Detests America as It Exists’
YouGov Poll: ICE Nearly Twice as Favorable as Left-Wing ‘Squad’
Iowa Man Allegedly Smuggles Migrant Teen, Rapes Her While Wife Watches
The Q Squeeze
Washington State's Man’s Stash Of Child Pornography Would Take 75 Years To Watch, Authorities Say
Socialist Bernie, Paying 'Poverty Wages,' Campaign Workers Complaining and Fleeing
Omar: End ‘Capitalist System.’ Guarantee Jobs, Housing, Medicare and Abortion for All – HOLLY NOTE: Is this what happens when we take in foreigners who don't share our values or love our country?
Trump Wins Big in Emoluments Lawsuits: 2 Down and 1 to Go
Pro-Trump Miss Michigan Who Refused To Try On Hijab Stripped Of Title Over Twitter Posts – Report
Karl Rove: AOC Is the Gift That Keeps Giving"Rep. Ocasio-Cortez is not a serious legislator but an unusually shallow poseur, the product of social-media culture. She offers slogans cribbed from the latest socialist bull session; wild utterances that receive enthusiastic nods from “woke” Democrats and looks of astonishment from much of Middle America. There are reasons why AOC, “The Squad” of her running buddies on the House’s far-left fringe, and their operatives are characterizing some less-liberal Democratic representatives as akin to 1940s Southern segregationists, threatening them with primary challenges, and even castigating Speaker Nancy Pelosi as a racist. They’re convinced the shock value of their attacks and radical ideas will give their movement dominance over the Democratic Party and the country." MORE
Remains of More Than 20 Americans Killed In Bloody WWII Battle Return
Rush Limbaugh Is 'Ticked Off' By Overblown Outrage Over 'Send Her Back' Chant, Announces $1.5 Million Donation – video
Students Say Obama Immigration Quote Racist…When They Think It’s From Trump – video
Illinois Trump Supporter’s Truck Smashed and Vandalized, ‘Antifa’ Painted on the Back
SHOCK DATA: Trump Has Raised More Money in Liberal-as-Heck California Than Most Democratic Candidates
‘One Squad Under God:’ Trump Releases Patriotic Video With a Message – click embedded video
Ilhan Omar's Ex-Husband And Alleged Brother Is a Glamorous, Globe-Trotting Brit
…Omar Stonewalling Hometown Paper On Marriage Controversy, Editor Says
List Lengthens of Things You Can't Say Anymore:
Colorado State U: 'Avoid' Using 'Americans,' 'America'
We Should Stop Saying “People of Color” When We Mean “Black People” – HOLLY NOTE: How many times do we need to change language to suit new trends? First blacks were Negroes, then blacks, then colored people, then minorities, then African-Americans (not all blacks are from Africa), now people of color, which now pertains to every non-white. It is entirely too taxing to keep up with the latest P.C.-speak. Everyone needs to chill and quit being 'offended' at every turn because you can't please everyone and people are making careers of getting feathers ruffled.

To the point, read this L.A. Times 2019 op-ed from a black woman, The Term ‘People of Color’ Erases Black People. Let’s Retire It. Maybe we should stick to the color designations of that old hymn "Jesus Loves The Little Children," Red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight, Jesus loves the little children of the world. (We're sure he didn't purposefully leave out Hispanics, but the author obviously couldn't make another syllable fit the poem's meter.) Clarence Herbert Woolston penned those lyrics some time in the late 1800s – when people had more things to do than think up new ways to be offended. NPR says "Salvador Vidal-Ortiz summed it up well in the Encyclopedia of Race, Ethnicity and Society: 'People of color explicitly suggests a social relationship among racial and ethnic minority groups. ... [It is] is a term most often used outside of traditional academic circles, often infused by activist frameworks….'" And judging by what the freshman Congresswomen are doing – and loudly – they are infusing 'people of color' with activism and agenda-driven politics.
“Racism”: It’s Not What It Used To Be
Berekeley Bans Gendered Words as 'Manhole' Becomes 'Maintenance Hole'
Trump Slams Progressive Congresswomen At Fiery 'MAGA' Rally in North Carolina – HOLLY NOTE: President Trump delivers one of the best synopses of why Americans can't stand The Squad. – video
8,000 in Attendance…
Trump Criticism of Omar Prompts Chants of ‘Send Her Back’ At Event; Rep Quotes Poet In Response
House Overwhelmingly Votes To Kill Rep. Al Green's Resolution To Impeach Trump 332-95
RNC, Ripping 'Deafening Silence' Over Desecrations, Sends 73 American Flags To Top Dems
Third Wildcat Impeachment Bid Leaves Nancy Pelosi With Egg All Over Her Face – She Can't Even Control The Al Green Faction of Congress
Is Trump’s Pro-America Message Resonating With Voters? – video
Why Trump Matters to Women
The Left Is Following Communism’s Playbook For Revolution
Trump Draws Blood From the Four Horsewomen of the Apocalypse
A Word to the Squad on America: Love it or Leave It
Victor Davis Hanson: America Does Not Have Be Perfect To Be Good (Despite What Radical Progressives Tell Us)
5 People, All With Ties to Cuba Arrested in Pueblo for Unlawfully Growing 250 Marijuana Plants
Streets of San Juan A 'War Zone' As Protesters Call For Governor To Resign
WOW! Watch Term Limits Advocate SHREDS Congress! – video
RONNA McDANIEL: Trump 2020 Campaign Booming With Women Voters
Dem Rules Pelosi Out Of Order After Speaker Blasts Trump Tweets, as Chair Leaves In Frustration
Pelosi Storms Off amid Boos from Members
Poll: Nearly 9-in-10 GOP Voters Support Trump 'Go Back' Comments
'The Squad' Has Message For Pelosi, Dem Unity Appears Short-Lived
White House Calls Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Group ‘the Squad That Hasn’t Done Squat’
GOOD NEWS! Ocasio-Cortez Gets New 2020 Challenger: a Republican Immigrant From Jamaica – HOLLY NOTE: There is hope on the horizon for removing at least one of these 4 malcontents. Alternately, they could be whisked back to the 80s. With those giant chips on their shoulders, they'd have no need for then fashion-mandatory shoulder pads.
The 4 Noisy Horseladies of the Apocalypse
New Poll Shows AOC Unpopularity Could Cost Dems Big In 2020
California and Colorado Sick of Their Radical Left Politicians:
Calif. Residents Move To Recall Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom – video
Recall Petitions Approved For 2 Democratic State Senators as Colorado Republicans’ Recall Effort Kicks Into Gear
Petition to Seek Recall of Colorado's Gov. Jared Polis Submitted
New Poll Shows How Every Dem Running for President Is Out of Touch with Americans
Trump Admin Tackles Rising Anti-Semitism – Day-Long Confab Brings Senior Admin Officials, Experts Together To Combat Jew Hatred
Trump Calls On House To Rebuke Freshman Foursome Over ‘Filthy, Hate-Laced’ Remarks About America – HOLLY NOTE: These people really aren't Americans. They are foreigners-at-heart dressed up as Americans, partaking of our largesse. They are, in reality, American-haters. So if they hate us so bad, why don't they just leave and go bash some other country. Why? Because nobody else would have them.
Geraldo Rivera on Trump's Controversial Tweets – video
Judicial Tyranny: Federal Courts Now Have ‘Veto’ and Limitless Power Over Presidents and Congress
The Number One Reason China Wants to Occupy America with Hundreds of Millions of Colonists
Lindsey Graham: AOC and Her Democrat ‘Squad’ Are Anti-American Communists
Ilhan Omar, in Bizarre Clip, Jokes About People Saying ‘Al Qaeda’ in Menacing Tone
Ill-Wind Ingrate lhan Omar Delivers Heated, Profanity-Laced Attack on President Trump – video
Trump Signs Order To Make American-Made Goods More American
Ocasio-Cortez Continues Twitter Spat With Trump, Links GOP to White Supremacy
Trump Accuses Democrats of Hating Israel With a 'True and Unbridled Passion'
Trump Is Right: Democrats Should LEAVE America If They Hate What America Stands For… Turn In Your Passports and GTFO
U.S.-Iran Tensions Rising
How Democrats Try to Hijack Elections – Pick A State, Any State, And Sue Until It’s Blue
Which States Do The Dems Think They Will Flip in 2020?
Roger Stone Weighs in on the Epstein Case – video
Labor Secretary Alex Acosta Resigned Amid Jeffrey Epstein Fallout
House Dem Blasts 'Juvenile' AOC, Chief Of Staff, As Feud Among Liberals Hits New Level
More Democrats Turn On Them…
Limbaugh on Citizenship Question, Dem Division, Betsy Ross Flag Flap – video
Ingraham: 'Left' Trying To Destroy What It Means To Be American
Trump Announces Executive Action To Count Non-Citizens – video
4 Reasons the Left Is So Invested in the Census Debate
Coast Guard Crewman Leaps Aboard Narco Sub, Bangs On Hatch During High-Seas Chase
Trump to Lean on Social Media Giants to Curb Censorship
Democrat Ocasio-Cortez Wants to Kill the Homeland Security Department
Rove: Ocasio-Cortez Suggesting Getting Rid of DHS Is Moronic, Naive – video of day
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Wants To Eliminate DHS – HOLLY NOTE: 17 years after 9/11/2001 that saw the deadliest terrorist attack in U.S. history where almost 3,000 people were murdered – Homeland Security has thwarted 104 Islamist terror plots or attacks. That doesn't include those 10 months between Sept. 2018 to today. It is jaw-dropping the AOC would dismantle the very agency that keeps America safe. There are no words to convey how ill-informed and short-sighted is this inept Congresswoman. The U.S. would be better served had she continued to mix and serve cocktails. video
AOC Drops Race Card on Pelosi as Bitter Feud Between House Rookie, Speaker Boils Over
Second Judge Rejects Justice Department Request To Change Census Lawyers
Acosta Defends Role In Jeffrey Epstein Deal, Says Original Charges Offered No Jail Time
Obama DOJ Officials Knew Their Spy Warrant For Trump Official Would Be Controversial And Second-Guessed
RUSH LIMBAUGH: The Democratic Party Will 'Fall Apart' If Biden Is Nominated
British Ambassador to America Calls It Quits After His Anti-Trump Texts Were Leaked
Giuliani About Kamala Harris: ‘If You’re in Favor of Open Borders, You Must Be in Favor of Open Doors at Your House’
Ilhan Omar Launches Ad Hominem Attack After Tucker Carlson Says She's Enraged By America
Nadler: We Will Be Investigating Trump ‘Torturing Children’ at the Border
The Democrats' Civil War Has Begun
WTH? Florida Woman Arrested For Urinating Into Ice Cream Bucket, Spitting on Ice Cream – HOLLY COMM: Someone on Facebook had the best message on behalf of all Americans for people that are licking, spitting, poking fingers into and now peeing in ice cream: "Go back to eating Tide Pods and leave our ice cream alone?"
A Tale of Two Attitudes:
Hockey Coach Who Went Viral For Pro-National Anthem Message: 'I Take Pride In My Country'
‘Hide Your Kids! Hide Your Wives!…We Got the Key to the MotherF***ing City!’ Trashy US Women’s World Cup Soccer Champs Utter Profanities All During NYC Parade
Former Puerto Rico Education Secretary And 5 Others Arrested In Corruption Probe – HOLLY NOTE: Remember when the U.S. was accused of not getting aid to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria? Meanwhile 6 officials were busy feathering their own pockets to the tune of $15.5M. This is the same U.S. territory that accused President Trump of not getting disaster aid quickly to them when tons of sent water and food was discovered, undistributed, left to rot on their docks, on tarmacs, in parking lots and in warehouses.
Related: FBI Agents Raid San Juan, Puerto Rico City Offices In Fraud, Obstruction Investigation – flashback
Jason Chaffetz: Battle Looming Over FBI Surveillance Abuse – Will IG Report Become Classification Cover-Up?
Michael Flynn’s New Brief Shines Sunlight On Prosecutor’s Tactics
Tucker: Rep. Ilhan Omar Attacks The Country That Took Her Family In – video
Democratic Megadonor Ed Buck Now Facing Allegations Of Human Trafficking, Revenge Porn
Nike Wants Rapinoe & Her Team on Mt. Rushmore – HOLLY NOTE: And people in hell want ice water.
Epstein Booted From Mar-a-Lago iN Case More Sickening Than Weinstein, Cosby: Best-Selling Author
The Jeffrey Epstein Sex Scandal Has Some Of The Biggest Names In America Shaking In Their Boots Right Now
The Heart of Darkness: The Sexual Predators Within America’s Power Elite
Report: Epstein’s Lawyers Offer Plea Deal to Divulge Names in Exchange for 5-Year Sentence
Mitch McConnell’s Democratic Challenger, Amy McGrath, Checks all the Far-Left Boxes – "I am further left … I am more progressive than anybody in the state of Kentucky.”
Florida Principal Reassigned After He Told Parent He 'Can't Say the Holocaust Is A Factual, Historical Event'
Rep. Ilhan Omar Plagiarizes Les Misérables to Diss the USA to Kids
Cortez & Sanders Propose a Bill to Declare Climate a National Emergency
As MSM Talking Head Warns President Trump Is On The Verge Of Igniting Civil War In America, The Future Of America Looks Downright Sinister If The Democrats Have Their Way
AOC Sued Over Blocking Twitter Users, Following Appeals Court Ruling on Trump
Democrats Demand Documents From Trump Businesses About Foreign Payments
The National Emergency We Didn't Know About: Here Are The Details On California’s Sex Education
10-Year-Olds Say They Were Suspended After Asking To Be Excused from LGBT Lesson
Jeffrey Epstein Is Going To Jail. Could Bill Clinton Be Next?
Court Documents: Trump Banned Epstein From Mar-A-Lago For Alleged Assault On Underage Girl
Prosecutors Move To Seize Epstein’s $75 Million Townhouse
Banned Discovery Channel Documentary Exposes: Highest Government Officials are Part of Pedophilia Ring – video flashback
Mayor Pete Makes Dragging Christians A Campaign Theme
Trump Campaign Consulted Swing Voter Justice Kennedy About Supreme Court Picks, Book Reveals
Burgess Owens Says Democrats Should Be The Ones To Pay Reparations
Report: Ilhan Omar Embellished Story About Elderly Black Woman Arrested For Shoplifting
Report: The Crowded Democratic Primary Is About To Get Another Candidate
Michelle Obama Blasts Trump Supporters as ‘Not Reflective of the Country,’ Forgets Trump Is Literally Representative of the Country
New Shirt Takes a Direct Shot at Kaepernick and His Hate for the Flag
BEST NEWS OF THE DAY: Democrat Eric Swalwell Will Drop Out Of 2020 Presidential Race – HOLLY NOTE: Evidently his constituents are tired of his over-the-top Ocasio-Cortez-esque rhetoric focused on how he'd change America. Dems are going so far into Socialism, toe-dipping Communism, Americans are waking up and saying, We want none of this! Let him go back and change diapers as he bragged. Eric Swill is the first anti-America Dem to fall. May he the first of hmmmm, another 23.
Rep. Peter King: ‘Severe, Serious Abuses’ By FBI, CIA That Led To Mueller Probe Will Be Revealed
Trump Gets Highest Job Approval Rating Of Presidency: Poll
AOC Fires Back After Pelosi Blasts Far-Left Dems’ ‘Twitter World’
In Campaign Reboot, Biden Tries To Put His 36-Year Senate Career Off-Limits
Nolte: Democrats Just Had Their Worst Week in 47 Years
Welcome to the Democrat Freak Show
Georgia Deputy Killed, Search on For Suspects Considered ‘Armed and Dangerous’ – HOLLY NOTE: This is the
65th police officer's 'in-line-of-duty' death, in addition to 9 K9 members.
Foul Play Suspected In Death Of 36-Year-Old New Media Personality Joe Hagmann
Kamala Harris Wants To Gift $25K of Taxpayers’ Money To Black Families Earning $125K To Buy Houses
Biden: Russia Election Interference Wouldn’t Have Happened ‘on My Watch and Barack’s Watch’ – HOLLY NOTE: Oh, but it did as you were still in office during the 2016 elections. Duh.
Jeffrey Epstein Arrested for Sex Trafficking of Minors
Antifa Protesters Harass Trump Supporters in the Nation’s Capital, Shout ‘F**k the Cops’
Antifa Has Rules and Guidelines For the Free Press
Detroit Music Festival Sets Ticket Prices Based On Race
USA Women Win Soccer World Cup, Then Toss USA Flag on Ground & Dance Atop It – video
Navy SEAL Found NOT GUILTY of Murdering ISIS Fighter
Trump Campaign Announces $105M Fundraising Haul, Blowing Past Dem Candidates
Trump's Salute to America: A Guide to the DC Fourth of July Celebration
Harvard-Harris Poll: Immigration Overtakes Health Care As Top Issue For Voters
Immigration – 42%
Health Care – 38%
Terrorism / National Security – 23%
Economy / Jobs – 22%
Environment / Climate Change – 20%
Guns – 17%
National Debt – 16%
Sanders Slips In Polls, Raising Doubts About Campaign
Hickenlooper Finance Director Bolts to Beto
5 Key Aides Leave Hickenlooper's Presidential Campaign
Arizona Governor Says State Will Pull Incentives For Nike Over Betsy Ross Shoe Decision
Supreme Court Rules Against The Citizenship Question’s Inclusion
Trump Bemoans 'Very Sad Time For America'
Poll: 2/3 of Americans Back Citizenship Question on Census
Florida Democrat Says Those 'Making Fun' Of Members Of Congress Online Should Be 'Prosecuted' – HOLLY NOTE: Rep. Wilson blames President Trump for people losing respect for Congress. No, Congress did that all by themselves with their approval rating at 19%. Their approval starting to sink during the Bush years, really hit the skids during Obama's terms and has actually made progress during Trump's presidency. So Wilson is all wet.
11,467 Colorado Parolees Can Now Vote
The Left's Endgame Is Not Chaos. It's Worse.
Trump Delivers Stern Warning To Iran After Calling Off Retaliatory Military Strike
Omar Launches Bid To Protect World's Terrorists From 'Tyrannical Regimes'
Trump Mulls Federal Action To Intervene On Homelessness In Cities
A Nervous Tom Perez Tries To Shift Democrat 'Narrative' on Free Health Care For Illegals
How About Democrats Pay Reparations To Everyone Who's Not a Democrat?
Julián Castro: Trump Has Been ‘Total Failure and Disaster’ on Immigration – HOLLY NOTE: Actually President Trump has been more engaged and pro-active on illegal immigration than any previous president. The fault lies strictly and only with Congress who have stalled, resisted and roadblocked at every turn. No sooner than the President got legislation through to address the problem, some leftwing America-hater, scampered straight to the 9
th Circuit Court of Appeals and got it blocked. Border patrol agents, DHS leaders and those in the Senate and the House who would have our borders protected have begged Congress to get rid of the Flores Settlement, enforce the Trafficking Protection Victims Act, fix asylum laws that raises the threshold of 'credible fear', and fix our broken immigration system in addition to passing border wall funding and they DO NOTHING. So Castro, you who wants open borders, would decriminalize breaking through our borders, provide drivers licenses and FREE healthcare for illegal immigrants, take a good look in the mirror. You can only be bested in stupidity by Beto O'Rourke who…
Beto O’Rourke Campaigns in Mexico – HOLLY NOTE: You have to ask why would he do this when non-Americans can't vote. Then, not to overlook the latest Dem candidate to board the anti-America train…
Trailing and Failing Cory Booker Outlines Plan to 'Virtually Eliminate Immigrant Detention' Through Executive Order
Where the Democrats are Trying to Take Us
Democrats are Officially the Party of Derangement
Remember When Don Lemon Said Kamala’s Not an American Black – She's 1/2 Eastern Indian, 1/2 Jamaican and Her Jamaican Ancestors Were Slave Owners
Trump Says He Thinks 2020 Opponents Agree With His Approach To Trade With China
North Carolina City Suing Legal Immigrant Marcus Lemonis Would Rather Go to Jail Than Take Down His American Flags – video
Bilderberg Group Insider Drops Bombshell Revelation…Who Is Really Behind The Green Agenda?
At a Loss - Joe Hagmann Passes Away June 29 at 36 – video
Trump Meets Kim Jong Un in DMZ, Becoming First U.S. President to Enter North Korea – video
AOC Says Ivanka Trump Not ‘a Qualified Diplomat’ In Tweet About First Daughter’s Involvement at G-20 – HOLLY NOTE: It’s as though AOC can’t have the spotlight removed from her for single moment. Unlike this person with a bartender background, Ivanka is an international businesswoman, has spoken to women's group in many foreign countries empowering them to succeed in business as well as being a pioneer for women’s rights and a daycare advocate. She was also at the forefront of the US Embassy being moved to Jerusalem. Ivanka is a world traveler and deeply experienced at interfacing with global leaders. Ivanka conducts herself both at home and on the global stage with dignity, integrity and intelligence. On the other hand, many of AOC‘s photos show her with her mouth open 4 inches wide spewing more useless nonsense. AOC is best known for making outrageous statements and jerking the Democrat party even further to the left and into socialism. Instead of being the Democrats darling, she’s going to end up being the hairy wart on the end of their collective nose.
Ex-WH Press Secretary, Sarah Sanders Hits Back At Dem After Ivanka Trump Dig Over G-20
US Attorney General Declares Emergency For Public Safety In Rural Alaska, Freeing Up $10.5 Million To Support Police
Supreme Court Stokes DACA Fight for 2020
Antifa Protesters Attack Conservative Journalist Sending Him To The Hospital