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What Are We Teaching Our Sons?
Meghan Markle 'Flees to Canada' 24 Hours After She And Harry Quit Royal Family
Prince of Wails! Charles, William 'Incandescent With Rage' Over Megxit
PIERS MORGAN: The Queen Must FIRE Their Royal Hustlers: Deluded Meghan and Harry Should Be Stripped of Their Titles Before This Pair of Grasping, Selfish, Scheming Kardashian-Wannabes Bring Down The Monarchy – HOLLY NOTE: We liked Ms Markle when she was on Suits, but a little 'royalty' has gone to her head and now she's a flaming socialist bent on defying the monarchy. Most Americans don't give 2 rips about The Royals, but this is everything to them. The British monarchy traces its roots back to 1066 when William the Conquerer was declared King of England. Doubtful one American can break it up, but she can surely sow a lot of unhappiness.
'So Long Peasants!' Merciless And Messily Democratic Social Media Explodes After Meghan And Harry Say They Are Stepping Down From Royal Roles
SARAH VINE: Whatever Happened to the Enchanting Prince Harry and Meghan Markle We All Fell in Love With? Immune To Their Privilege, Wrapped Up in Themselves and, Sadly, Throwing in the Towel So Soon...
Queen Asks Staff To Find Solution With Sussexes, Harry and Meghan
Prince Harry And Meghan: Where Do They Get Their Money?
New ‘Saved By The Bell’ Reboot Will Feature Transgender Teen as Main Character
Not Pushing Back Fuels LGBT Tyranny
How the Left Manipulates Language to Defeat Conservatives
Jussie Smollett Confirmed To Not Ever Be Returning To 'Empire' Following Alleged Hate Crime Hoax
Talk Stream Live's 50 Most Power Hosts of Talk Radio
Hollywood Needs To Change Its Messaging On Fatherhood
The Best-Dressed Men at the Golden Globes 2020 – HOLLY NOTE: If this person in the middle (rated 5
th) is well dressed… Guess I'm old-fashioned, but liked it better when men actually looked like men, not like an albino peacock carrying an evening bag.
Globalist Media Calls ‘Defend American Labor’ Sign Hung on Overpass a White Supremacist Banner
Lori Loughlin Hires Prison Coach To Teach Her Survival Skills
Ricky Gervais' 2020 Golden Globes Monologue – Takes a Bite Out of Hollywood and No One Was Safe – video
DIY-Deficiency: 2 In 5 Adults Can't Fix a Single Household Problem Without Google
When the Liberal Media Embraces Unethical Experts
Marvel To Get First Transgender Superhero
Ten Insane, Completely Irrational Things Millions Of Americans Believe As We Enter The 2020s
Heterosexual Couple Are Among First To Enter Into 'More Modern' Civil Partnership After They Won Supreme Court Case To Change Law Because They Felt Marriage 'treats Women As Property'
First Trans Person to Obtain Legal 'Non-Binary' Sex Status Changes Back to Birth Sex in Blow to LGBT Movement